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tv   Today  NBC  September 11, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> grace katherine scalante. good morning. the waiting game. >> sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough. >> president obama pursues a diplomatic path while laying out the case for military action in syria. we're live at the white house. america remembers on the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 tack attacks. the nation honors those lost as we take you inside the mogollpr made. and breaking tradition. the key official that is the church getting ready to allow
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priests to marry. that is "today" on wednesday, september 11th. good morning. welcome to "today." 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. this is a solemn day in our history. the nation is remembering 9/11. >> there have been moments of silence that have been commemorating 9/11. there is a memorial in shanksville. >> we are all asking where our lives are. >> and we will continue with that coverage in a moment. we will begin with new developments on the crisis in syria. president obama telling the nation he is willing to hold off on air strikes for now. nbc's peter alexander has the
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story from the white house this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning. today, you said congress will not vote on anything in terms of authorizing strikes in syria. the president asked them to delay that after a prime-time speech that offered more of a reset. it could be weeks or months before possible strikes as the president explores the diplomatic option first. it was one of the most critical moments of the obama presidency. >> these things happen. >> president obama insists failing to act after the use of chemical weapons could set a dangerous precedent. >> over time, our troops would face the chemical weapons on the battle field and it would be easy to obtain the weapons and use them.
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>> reporter: facing overwhelming opposition and a last minute diplomatic offer, the president hit the pause button. presenting himself as military action. but the argument of the threat of strikes has led to new talks. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian counterpart in geneva tomorrow. >> it is too early to know if this is going to succeed and the assad regime needs to honor the commitments. >> this comes on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11 and 12 months since four americans were killed in benghazi. the president addressing americans skepticism about another conflict overseas. >> this nation is sick and tired of war. my answer is simple. i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. >> reporter: touting american exceptionalism and the burdens
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are heavy of leadership. >> when would modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death and thereby make our own children safer over the long run. i believe we should act. >> reporter: will the president's words change minds? even he doesn't seem to think so. hours before the address, president obama conceded to republican senators on capitol hill. he said polls will not change. i'm good, but i'm not that good. on the other end of the world, bashar al assad strikes on the back burner. today, savannah, 9/11 is also his 48th birthday. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> david gregory is the moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> there was something unusual if not surreal. when we see the commander in chief address the people, it is a moment of urgency or following a moment of action like the killing of osama bin laden.
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this speech had no such moment and in some ways it felt dated. >> i would agree. it felt out of sequence as the policy has been up until now. the president had a speech set to try to build the case in the public and congress for military strike. he instead comes out and says i don't want to do anything right now. the speech was about delay. that is the strange part. i think it under cuts his own goal of trying to build support and build a moral case for a strike. >> and it would cause this moment of pause as peter alexander was the russian proposal to have assad turnover chemical weapons. does he have any assurssurance assad will comply? >> there is a glimmer of hope. the light at the end of the tunnel is the administration will find itself in position with the threat of force, you
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could actually have the goal achieved to deter and degrade assad chemical weapons cache and have them removed all together. so many difficulties with that and trust issues with that and putin, who took an offhanded comment by secretary of state kerry and say this is a diplomatic opening. >> there is another question here, let's say assad turns over the chemical weapons and stepping back over that so-called red line. what is to stop him from saying, i'm back on the right side of the red line, but i'll escalate the attacks on my people using conventional weapons. >> it is an important point, matt. i was monitoring twitter. there were others saying does it bother anybody that we would
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count the deaths of 100,000 with conventional arms. there, the moral case wasn't effectively made. there is another point, too. if he were to get rid of the chemical weapons, there is no punishment. that is what the red line is about. if you remove or move the chemical weapons around, that changes the administration. he may be in the position to get away with that. >> david gregory, thank you very much. coming up tomorrow on "today," leon panetta will weigh in. and this debate over syria is coming over as the nation honors those lost is years ago. president obama and vice president biden and their wives held a ceremony at the white house. in the meantime in new york, the names of the victims are being read aloud at ground zero. willie is with us. >> good morning, guys. the site of the twin towers hallowed ground for many.
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for more than a decade, it has been a nonstop construction site. we got an inside look at the september 11th museum. work did not stop as we began our tour. >> the first look. the two steel that are part of the columns of the north tower. >> the first of the series of powerful reminders of suffering and survival. >> pretty well in tact. >> still in one piece. the survivors staircase. the escape route responsible for saving as many as 25,000 lives. and still under wraps, a 36-foot beam. >> the last beam to be removed from the recovery period. it is covered in graffiti of remembrance and messages from first spoerresponders. >> the sacrifice of first
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responders can be seen in the wreckage of engine 21. >> we are standing where it is relatively undamaged. you look at the nose of the fire truck and it is burned out. >> also found in the debris, steel girders in the shape of a cross. >> it is really about rebirth. this museum, part of the most important job is to preserve the history of not only what happened on 9/11, but how we responded. we use artifacts to tell that story. >> next to the museum in the memorial plaza, twin reflecting pools in the footprints where the twin towers once stood. they are ringed by the names of the 2,983 victims. and rising above it all is one world trade center. the tower reaching 1,776 feet into the new york sky is expected to be completed early next year. workers putting on the finishing touches. >> this thing is lowering.
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>> apparently it is in right now. >> on may 10th, they set the spire in place. matt joined some of the workers that morning. an expressive elevator ride and nine ladders. >> if you don't like ladders, you can't come here. >> to get an incredible view of the new day dawning over ground zero. >> that was quite a climb for you, matt, that day. no question about it. it is nice to be down there and see progress made on the site. there has been so much controversy of the look of the things and how long it has taken. there is real progress. as i said, the museum, which is breathtaking, will open next spring. >> that is good news. >> so much rebuilding. thank you, willie. >> natalie has the other top stories of the morning. good morning, guys. powerful explosion this morning in benghazi, libya on the one-year anniversary of the attacks that killed four americans.
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today's car bomb blast caused damage to the foreign ministry building in benghazi and the bank. windows in the buildings in the area were blown out. a former tsa screener at los angeles international airport was arrested overnight accused of making threats. the 29-year-old man was recently suspended from his job and resigned early tuesday. he is then accused of leaving a suspicious package at l.a.x. headquarters and phoning in threats of evacuation of terminals. a search of his apartment led to issues relating to 9/11 anniversary. two shared the stage tuesday in philadelphia. former florida governor jeb bush honored former secretary of state hillary clinton for her career in public service. she was given the liberty medal and said she was overwhelmed by
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the tribute. some surprising remarks from the vatican official from celabacy and priesthood. we have michelle with the latest. >> reporter: this can be a touchy subject. the secretary of state for the vatican and archbishop told the vatican that this is not dogma, but tradition. it is open for discussion and you can, quote, think about modifications, end quote, as long as it serves the good of the church. it is one of the biggest challenges facing pope francis in unity and the shortage of priests. pope francis himself remarkably spoke on the subject last year before he was pope. saying he supported maintaining celibacy for the moment, he said. adding an eastern right churches
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that married priests are still very good priests. natalie. >> all right. michelle in london. thank you. wall street in what is moving the markets. mandy drury joins us. >> apple stock, natalie, is sharply lower down 5% as we speak. some feel it is a victim of its success. the expectations are so high for apple's groundbreaking technology. you know the wow factor on a regular basis. we got two phones. the 5 s and then the 5 c. there was a lot of disappointment that the china mobile, the largest mobile phone company was not announced. the stock was above $700 a share in september of last year. back to you. >> thank you, mandy. in tennessee, take a look at this.
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a strange visitor the other day. the black bear through downtown gatlinburg. trying to get in the convention center there. cross the street in the crosswalk there. the family caught it on a cell phone before the bear then took off. i like the fact that people seemed to be milling about and not minding if the bear is behind them. >> the bear did not jay walk. >> he was waiting for the cross town bus. >> mr. roker, it is hot and steamy. it is hot than steamy in the west. the pacific northwest, it will be hotter in seattle than it will be in phoenix. seattle's high is 89 degrees. 17 degrees above normal. portland, 18 degrees above normal. right now, we're looking at the high of 72 in denver. billings, 81. sunshine in san jose. 77 degrees. we have a front that will be bringing in strong thunderstorms from chicago all the way to northern new england. behind the second front, that will drop temperatures in the
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northeast in the 60s. we are expecting the heat to continue in the southwest. more showers and thunderstorms and a possibility of flash flooding in the four corners. we will get to the local forecast in just 30 seconds. ♪ ♪
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that's your latest weather. >> we have a new interview with diana nyad as he takes on skeptics for raising questions about her swim from cuba to florida. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. after answering questions from fellow swimmers in a 3 1/2 hour conference call, she spoke publicly about her record swim and vigorously defended it. >> reporter: during an interview with nbc news, diana nyad said categorically that her swim was done honorably with no cheating whatsoever. >> i did the swim with my own
7:17 am
body and my own mind fair and square. squeaky clean. >> reporter: she also denied any suggestion she might have clung to or climbed aboard a boat to rest during her grilling voyage. >> i was in the open sea the whole time. >> reporter: reports that she went hours without feeding during the swim were incorrect and the reason she wore a mask and protective suit part of the time was to protect against jelly fish and said her swimming speed increased during the middle of the voyage after she was picked up by fast moving currents. >> don't i deserve a little luck after i've had so much bad luck? i had at least the persistence to keep trying until finally we got luck on our side. >> reporter: she is not surprised questions are being raised about the details of her swim given it's historic nature. >> when you set a huge world record like this. you have to vet it. you have to ask every question.
7:18 am
you have to put the swimmer under a microscope. >> but now that questions are being answered, she hopes people can focus on her success, an inspirational message. >> live your life in a bold, fierce way and don't give up and you'll never have to look back for regrets and you might even make your dreams come true. >> now, one of the par gatt participants says there's still data to be collected. nyad said she is transparent and all the notes will be made public. back to you. >> did you say a 3 1/2 hour conference call? how many questions did they have. >> diana nyad said it went on and on and on. one of the people on the boat, her navigator said he had so many questions it's insane. more to come. >> she thought the swim was
7:19 am
long. >> yeah. >> let her rest already. it will be 53 hours later and they'll still be asking questions. >> thank you, mark. we appreciate it. >> coming up, new video of george zimmerman being detained by police during a domestic dispute with his estranged wife. what triggered it. >> and bullet proof school supplies. are they giving parents a false sense of security? but first, this is "today" on nbc. hey lena, what ya looking for?
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count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. the time is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. the nation pausing remembering those killed during the attacks on 9/11. that includes the san francisco fire department marking 12 years since the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and ona1 the pentagon. also being remembered, victims aboard united flight 93 bound for san francisco that ultimately crashed that day in pennsylvania. place just moments ago at all 43 san francisco fire stations, included a bell ringing, a moment of silence and the reading of the firefighters killed that day. other ceremonies are planned today throughout the bay area and all across the nation. we recommend you go to
7:27 am to learn more about all the different events. in the meantime, crews still working, gaining some serious ground on the brush fire burning on mt. diablo. the latest numbers showing the so-called morgan fire. now, good news here. 70% contained. they have also revised the total number of acres burned down to 3100. that's down about 100 acres. yesterday, all evacuation orders were lifted in the area. cal fire now expects to have the fire fully contained as early as friday. good news there. more good news. it is friday, mink we are closer to the weekend and it is beautiful outside, right, christina? >> it is going to be so nice out there. good morning to you. a little bit of a gray start here in the city by thep9ñ bay. all these low clouds spooning inland need a cooler day, about 10 degrees cooler in livermore. down from the mid-90s yesterday. 79 in san jose. hard to beat that and 66 degrees in san francisco. getting into the rest of the
7:28 am
week, temperatures are going to slowly creep up for your level off come this weekend. the last full weekend of summertime. get it while it is warm. we'll send it over to mike inouye. a little gray over toward the oakland coliseum as you past the high stp#%u high rise back towards 98. the map shows the eastshore freeway slowing. a new crash at pan knoll valley road. are northbound rhodes made worse by a crash at fair oaks.
7:29 am
7:30 am
back now at 7:30 on a wednesday morning. it's september 11th, 2013 and that is the view of one world trade center as the nation pauses today and reflects on the attacks on this country 12 years ago today. good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker, matt lauer, and natalie morales. >> a rossen investigation discovers mistakes that have tens of thousands of homeowners paying for costly flood insurance they don't need. >> in the wake of recent school shootings, some companies are now selling bullet proof supplies. everything from white boards to backpack inserts. why that is raising concern among school administrators and parents today. >> we're going to begin this half hour with new developments
7:31 am
in the public dispute between george zimmerman and his estranged wife. kerry sanders is in lake mary, florida this morning with the story. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. detectives here are reviewing videos from various sources to piece together exactly what happened. police say they believe a husband and wife involved in a divorce likely let their tempers get the best of a deteriorating situation. >> turn around. >> lake mary police approached george zimmerman. >> walk back me. >> as if he were an armed suspect. they responded to a 911 call from his wife shellie. he was threatening her with a weapon. >> he is in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps staying step closer. he is just threatening all of us with his firearm. and he's going to shoot us. >> george zimmerman who claimed his wife was the aggressor back
7:32 am
pedalled down the street hands in the air. >> get on your knees. >> police approach. you can see one officer has her weapon drawn. george zimmerman, acquitted in the second degree murder of 17-year-old trayvon martin put up no resistance. he was detained but not arrested. in the 911 call, shellie zimmerman claimed her estranged husband hit her father in the face. >> my punched my dad in the nose. my dad has a mark on his face. >> george zimmerman and his wife planned to split up household items when their encounter became heated. in this home security camera video released by police, you can see shelli zimmerman using her ipad to record george. police believe the two fought over their belongings and the ipad was smashed. detectives are trying to retrieve the footage from the broken ipad. >> the video we have so far is
7:33 am
inconclusive. that's why the ipad video is, at this point, the key piece. >> police say that if they can retrieve that ipad video it may best explain what happened and if charges are warranted. meantime, attorney mark o'mara who represented george zimmerman in the criminal trial tells nbc news he does not represent him in his divorce and has no comment. shelli zimmerman's attorney did not return calls to nbc news. >> kerry sanders, thank you. let's get a check of the weather. mr. roker has moved behind us here. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by quaker. nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker. quaker up. >> and we have a world war ii veteran. your name, sir. sid, it's good to see you. god bless you for your service. how old are you? >> 94. >> you look fantastic.
7:34 am
thank you for being here. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. for today, we have a risk of strong storms today stretching from the upper new england area all the way into chicago. some of these storms could be strong with a lot of wind, hail, and heavy rain. we're also looking at more wet weather through the southwest. beautiful weather through the mid-atlantic states into the southeast. the heat continues now in the northeast. temperatures in the low 90s and portland, oregon today. 95 degrees. that's meanwhile, we have a cooldown here in the bay area. al, good morning to you. the time now, 7:34. i'm meteorologist, christina loren, taking a live look at what's lefti the low clouds here in san jose. just a thin marine layer. temperatures are going to be really nice. 79 degrees. that's the forecasted high right here in san jose. today, 85 for livermore.
7:35 am
right around 66 in san francisco. taking you into the end of the ñ week. you are so close now. 92 by friday. temperatures slowly creeping up. we cool down for the weekend. and don't forget, get that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable, online. matt. >> al, thank you very much. now a surprising new trend when it comes to your child's school supplies. these are products designed to help kids learn and also keep them safe. they could raise eyebrows. mara has more on this. good morning. >> good morning, matt. well, backpacks and white boards are all pretty basic school supplies, right? not always. these are some that are now bullet proof. a number of manufactures are bringing protective gear normally reserved for military and law enforcement into the classroom. >> very light weight. >> they're the newest trend in back to school gear. armored accessories. in the wake of recent school shootings from the tragedy in newtown to a gunman opening fire
7:36 am
in georgia, a number of bullet proof school products are hitting the market. from $109 clipboards to entire classroom door protectors from $1,500 to 200 $9 protective white boards. >> armor manufacturer hardwire llc makes gear for the military but the ceo a parent himself, said he had to sknchts it was an emoti emotional switch for me. >> reporter: one of the top sellers, the bullet proof white board. don't let the size or the colors fool you. this unassuming classroom accessory can stop major fire power. >> if you find yourself in fight mode as a last line of defense this is the fire extinguisher for gunfire. >> for many parents it's a welcomed trend. >> the delaware mom wants to make sure her daughter's school
7:37 am
bag does more than just carry books. buying her a bullet proof backpack insert. >> i feel more confident. she has one more tool that can ensure her safety. >> even when you know the likelihood of something terrible is very low. but you know if something were to happen you'll be extra protected. >> while most of these products are relatively new, companies like hard wire say they're telling well among families and schools. the university of maryland eastern shore spent almost $60,000 for 200 armored white boards. one for every classroom. >> i feel safe and other students feel safe as well. >> but school safety experts say just because students feel safer doesn't necessarily mean they are. >> they meet the emotional security needs of some parents and some educators but it really sets parents and kids up with a false sense of security and d
7:38 am
distracks from the more practical things we should be doing. >> they encourage schools to focus on controlling access to the building and having frequent crisis drills but advocates for the products say if all the things should fail, teachers and students need a way to protect themselves. so they're saying this is a last line of defense. critics say why militarize schools. >> it's impossible to imagine it's come to this. thank you very much. >> coming up next, if faulty government maps that could be forcing you to buy flood insurance you don't need. >> on trending this morning, leah remini opens up about her >> on trending this morning, leah remini opens up about her google, what is glossophobia? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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really? yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us. anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ ooh, strong grip! ow! in a pwow!ct world every man would look like johwow!amos. and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. we're back at 7:42. this morning on rossen reports, americans forced to pay for insurance they may not need. all because of government mistakes. today jeff rossen is on the story this morning. good morning to you.
7:43 am
>> hey, savannah, good morning. i'm going to try to save you money here. we're talking about flood insurance. if you live in a flood zone and you want to get a mortgage for your house, you have to buy it. in some cases that will cost you thousands of a year and that's fine but why are homeowners that don't live in flood zones forced to buy it? our investigation uncovered sloppy government mistakes costing americans big money. we see it all the time. unrelenting storms. water washing homes out. if you live in a flood zone, the government says you have to buy flood insurance. >> that's a flood zone there. >> reporter: why were nancy and mike told they had to buy it when they went to refinances. their house sits up on this hill. no real risk of flooding here. >> we were slapped with this huge flood insurance payment that we didn't expect. >> $25,000 over the course of your mortgage. >> correct. >> could you afford that?
7:44 am
>> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: still, their bank said they're in a flood zone based on the official maps made by fema. but our investigation found some of those maps used around the country are way out of date and riddled with errors. the heath's map was from 1981. more than 30 years old. >> according to the map there's a brook that runs right through the center of your house. >> there's no brook. >> i don't see any water. >> i know. unbelievable. >> reporter: and they're not alone. 10s of thousands of people nationwide have been put in flood zones by mistake. errors that trigger hefty insurance payments. >> i just felt that the maps that we were using were so wrong. i shouldn't have to pay out. >> as a u.s. senator, is this acceptable to you? >> absolutely not. >> the new york senator went head to lead with fema when it put this community on long island in a high risk flood zone
7:45 am
using inaccurate data from an entirely different county to save money. >> and people who knew they would never be flooded were going to be charged 10 or $15,000, these are middle class hard working people. not get a mortgage, lose their homes. >> reporter: he threatened legislation and only then did fema change the maps. we wanted to ask fema, why are they using the old inaccurate maps anyway but the agency declined our request saying in a statement that it works with communities to develop the maps and people can appeal them and only.3% of homes do each year. >> they have to revamp the whole program. it's one big mess. >> what is congress doing to fix this? >> what we're trying to say to fema is stop. stop and come up with a better way to do this not using wrong maps to include people in flood insurance who are never going to have a flood.
7:46 am
>> reporter: and experts say there's another problem with the system. since 2011, the flood map budget has been cut in half. until washington finds a solution, home owners like the heaths maybe left drowning in unnecessary insurance payments. >> is this fair to homeowners. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> that family fought back against fema and won, getting their house taken out of the flood zone. what can you do if you're told you have to pay flood insurance. here is the take away for you. you can file an appeal with fema if you think there's a mistake made. check with local officials to see if they have data that proves you're not at risk for flooding. if not, hire a local land surveyier to check your property. you can save big money in the long run. we have a lot more information on our website right now including links about how to appeal with fema directly. all you have to do is go to our website and click on
7:47 am
the rossen reports section. it's all right there for you. a lot of people want to use that. >> flood insurance is so expensive. worth checking it out. >> 25 grand over the course of a mortgage for that family. it's crazy. >> thank you so much. coming up, we'll take a turn, sharon osborne reveals her premarriage fling with jay leno. we'll have the story behind it after these messages. (pop) (balloons popping)
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when we join you in a couple of minutes with trending today, don't be so quick to blame the internet. the surprising thing that causes the most interruptions at your office. >> a man coming out of surgery discovers he is married to the prettiest woman he's ever seen. they'll join us in a few moments. >> we'll go for a ride with ron howard and the cast of his >> we'll go for a ride with ron howard and the cast of his action packed woman: everyone in the nicu --
7:52 am
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>> the time is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. one of those stories that kind of makes you mad here. disturbing discovery by some contra costa firefighters, returning home after battling nonstop against aky? mt. diabl fire. while they were away, someone broke into the station 7 in walnut creek. the burglar pried his way past a locked door stealing personal belongings, including wedding rings, watches and ipads. the firefighters stunned. somebody actually came into the fire station and stole from us after we helped people. it is devastating. police believe the burglary happened sometime on sunday night. then, early monday, somebody tried to break into station 3 on roth more parkway but a firefighter woke up and scared that burglar away. walnut creek police right now are5 investigating.
7:57 am
>> let's take it outside. christina loren is saying it better when she says get ready for the warm. it is going to be a nice, sunny, warm afternoon. we are looking at the live picture. low clouds span inland. they, indeed, have. your hr by hour changes for today. we are starting out at 62 eggs did. by lunchtime, 75 degrees. perfection for your outdoor lunch plans. rounding up the day at 79. 83 in gabjoy, 66, staying nice and comfortable even in san francisco. getting into the rest of the week and weekend. temperatures are going to climb up to 92 degrees and we cool off saturday and sunday. let's check your drive. >> north 101 just north of 680, things have bogged down here. look on our maps how far down it goes. from 680 up to fair oaks, an earlier motorcycle crash. a new one at bowers and american parkway. jammed for 101. 280, very slow. 85, going to fix up some of the slack. south 880 slows past eighth
7:58 am
street. the slow continues to the dumbarton bridge. ♪
7:59 am
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♪ i love matt lauer but my husband, craig, is my matt lauer. >> one, two, three. >> hello from columbia, south carolina. >> where are all the husbands and the kids? >> we left them at home. >> you don't care. >> did you get that? >> nicolas brought the california heat with him to new york city. >> how are you doing? >> give you a lug right now. >> where's birthday girl? >> thank you very much. thank you. ♪ we're back now at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 11th day of september, 2013. we're spending a little quality time with the people gathered here on a muggy morning in new york city on this wednesday morning. i like when you said my husband is my matt lauer. so your husband is an old bald guy?
8:01 am
>> that's what you said. >> did you say that? >> i said that. >> i'm allowed to say that, not you. # >> your husband is bald with a big nose. >> that's nice. i walked right into that. nice to see you. >> i'm matt lauer along side savannah guthrie and al roker. >> the stars of the video that seem to be everywhere yesterday. a man waking up from surgery to a beautiful woman by his bedside and to his everlasting delight turns out it was his wife. we'll meet him and the woman behind the camera coming up in a few moments. >> and the woman that wrote the book on mean girls is taking a revealing new look at teenage boys. you might be surprised what they have to say when it comes to bullying, dating, social media and their parents. >> this is really i think a lot of people, parents who don't have boys but have girls, will be fascinated to hear. >> first a check of the morning's top stories. natalie is at the desk. good morning, everyone, the new effort to control syria's
8:02 am
chemical weapons through diplomacy is off to a difficult start. russia is blocking the u.s., france and great britain as they try to craft a united nations resolution that would force syria to turn over its chemical weapons. russia objects to any mention of military consequences and blaming the syrian regime for a chemical attack last month. although president obama announced last night he is putting off military action in syria, he is keeping the threat of military force on the table in case diplomatic efforts fail. in a televised primetime address the president said the use of chemical weapons against syrian rebels violated the world's conscience. the president also taking part in ceremonies today at the white house and the pentagon, marking the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and observance being held in shangssville, pennsylvania, where ground was broken tuesday for the flight 93 visitors center honoring those who fought back against the hijackers. at the national september memorial plaza in lower manhattan, world trade center victims remembered with traditional reading of their
8:03 am
names. a former tsa screener at los angeles international airport was arrested overnight and charged with making threats against the airport. officials say the 29-year-old man had resigned tuesday from the tsa job from which he was recently suspended and allegedly left a suspicious package at the agency's los angeles airport headquarters which turned out to contain a letter of complaint. he is believed to be the man that phoned the tsa urging officials to evacuate airport terminals. those terminals were cleared but no threat was found. >> the british tourist who lost a leg last month when a new york taxi cab jumped a curve reached another milestone in her recovery. the family of sian green says her condition has been upgraded from fair to good. she's also been moved out of the intensive care unit and has started rehabilitation. the ohio man who confessed in an online video to a fatal drunk driving accident is due back in court today. 22-year-old matthew cordle appeared tuesday before a judge. however, the judge abruptly
8:04 am
postponed that proceeding saying normal court procedures were not being followed. his attorneys said cordle will plead not guilty at his arraignment but will eventually change that plea to guilty. >> a court date today for the montana woman charged with killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff. that story now from nbc's joe friar. >> reporter: they were newlyweds married only eight days when cody johnson disappeared in july. now his wife jordan graham is accused of shoving him off a steep cliff at glacier national park in montana. >> when i first met jordan she was very closed off, very quiet, not a lot of interaction with anyone. >> reporter: court documents say jordan graham told a friend she was having second thoughts about being married, texting dead serious. if you don't hear from me at all again tonight, something happened. the next day her husband was reported missing. she allegedly told investigators he went for a drive with a friend and then a few days later a park ranger says his body was
8:05 am
discovered down a rugged cliff, found by his wife. >> eventually graham revealed more details about her husband's death, telling them it happened at the park during a heated argument. according to an fbi affidavit, due to her anger, graham pushed johnson with both hands in the back and as a result, he fell face first off the cliff. >> did she know that by pushing him she was pushing him off a cliff? and those little gradations in intent are the difference between murder, manslaughter, simple accident, or even her walking free on an acquittal. >> graham's attorney declined to comment in a case that now moves from a national park to a federal courtroom. for today, joe friar, nbc news, los angeles. the u.s. men's soccer team qualified for the 2014 world cup last night with an impressive victory over mexico. that qualifier played in columbus, ohio. the mexican team came out strong
8:06 am
but they never put up a goal and the americans won 2-0. all getting ready for the world cup in brazil next year. it's 8:06 right now. let's go to savannah and matt and al. congratulations. to ours u.s. men's team. >> i don't think mexico qualified yet. but they're a good team. they probably will. that was pretty good. nice to have you back. # >> just over there taking selfies. >> i know. she had to get her selfie. this is important stuff. >> we'll wait for you. let's get a check of the weather. >> that's right. our little guy is awake now. who is this? >> nikki. >> i have a nikki too. >> where are you from? >> bakersfield, californiap. >> how old is he? >> he will be 1 on the 18th of the month. >> who is holding the signs for you? >> these are my cousins. they live here. >> are you under the witness protection program. sorry. didn't want to show. wow. >> playing hooky from work. you know how that is. >> pardon? >> playing hooky from work. okay. shouldn't come down to a tv studio where there's cameras and
8:07 am
somebody might see you back in cali. she is awfully cute. anyway, let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. bal, baltimore, maryland, nbc 11. sunny, hot, 96. savannah is looking surprised that it's going to be that hot. >> 96. it's september. >> have you watched me at all today. >> no, not really. that's when i tweet. >> you take a nap. >> exactly. >> back to the maps, for those of you that haven't been napping, we have showers and thunderstorms through the southwest. they've had a lot of flooding problems. slight risk of strong storms today from new england back into illinois and northern chicago. look at this, savannah. 95 in portland oregon. >> she's no longer listening. >> she's not listening. >> i totally checked out. >> she has a very short attention span. >> i do. i'm sorry. when it's like 90 or something, hot some places, raining others. >> that's what's goi
8:08 am
>> 8:8:07. just 11 days of summertime left. start with a live picture. we are seeing clearing here over the golden gate bridge. you want to keep in mind, though, it will be rather breezy for today. the big news is temperatures are going to be much cooler. that means 85 degrees in livermore. ten degrees cooler than yesterday. 76 on the way to fremont. cool day in santa cruz. for the first part of the day. you'll warm up to 72 degrees by about 4:00 p.m. any time you need weather check out the weather channel on cable and online. >> did you say something. >> no. >> coming up next, leah rememb talking about leaving the church of scientology. >> and we'll catch up with ron
8:09 am
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8:11 am
♪ and we're back. it's 8:11. time for what's trending today and we start with trending stories on usa today. apparently new york state of mind wasn't all that forgiving yesterday. tuesday was election day here in the city and the voters were not in the mood for stories of redemption. they rejected anthony weiner and eliot spitzer. both were in sex scandals and both lost their races in democratic primaries. after conceding, weiner not in the best mood. he was reported to have begin the finger to a reporter for our new york affiliate, wnbc.
8:12 am
the new york post summed it up this way, sleazy come, sleazy go. >> hopefully we won't talk about that anymore. >> let's end that one. >> how often do you get d distracted in the office? they have pretty interesting stats about work place int interruptions. >> so the average is twice as long as the average task. >> exactly. so one of the biggest reasons people get distracted is the person sitting next to them cubical talk. >> i think when e-mail keeps popping up, that's distracting. >> but because of cubicals and
8:13 am
people wanting more workspace that you do end up getting interrupted. >> i think it's far less than the 13 seconds. >> and we're starting to get lower. >> all the cubical chatter. >> leah remini speaking out. the actress opening up to ellen about her public and nasty split from the church of scientology. >> my mother got involved when we were young so it was all we really knew. but overtime my eyes opened and i just could no longer be affiliated with the organization and my family felt the same so we left. my family is stronger and we're together and that's all i could ask for. >> now the actress said she decided to leave after being forced to undergo so-called thought modifications for questioning the lead oefrs the
8:14 am
church and she lost friends because she could not have conversations with them outside of the organization. >> interesting. trending on the search engine bing, wow, sharon osborne's secret fling. a lot of folks trying to get their head around this one. can you guess who it is? when she was 25 she took up with a young comedian, a fellow named jay leno. it happened back in 1978 before sharon married ozzy and before jay met his life. after going public with the news jay immediately called her to reminisce. by the way, jay is three years older than sharon. i don't know what that meant. >> remember the 70s. >> remember our first date. >> remember back then. >> do you think that's shocking? >> i don't know. i guess i wouldn't put the two of them together. >> maybe not. >> i just never thought about it one way or the other. i was kind of shocked. >> i'm still getting over the larry king thing. >> yeah, when larry king dated
8:15 am
jay leno. >> yeah. meantime, how about the man that made wives everywhere swoon. on tuesday we showed you the video. now it's everywhere. it's jason's sweet behavior as he woke up from surgery. he was stunned to zis cover that the beautiful woman at his bedside was his own wife. >> did the doctor send you? man, you are eye candy. whoa. you're the prettiest woman i've ever seen. are you a model? >> nope. i'm going to be right here with you. you eat the cracker. >> who are you? what's your name? >> my name is candice. i'm your wife. >> you're my wife? >> yeah. >> holy [ bleep ]. have we kissed yet? >> keep eating your cracker.
8:16 am
>> it's hard. it's hard baby. it's hard. do we call each other baby? how long have we been married? >> a long time. >> oh my god. i hit the jackpot. let me see your face. let me see your face. your teeth are perfect. turn around. >> no. >> did i get you that ring. >> yeah. >> i must have been really liking you. >> jason mortinson joins us life with his wife. the prettiest girl he's ever seen. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this must be overwhelming. the first question a lot of people have is how is it that you were video taping that moment. >> he had been acting like that for about 20 minutes before i pulled out my phone.
8:17 am
so i finally realized i need to get this on video so that he can see how he acts and so i can show people. >> jason, do you remember any of this? >> no. and i've had surgeries previously and i guess i have been a weirdo during all of them. thank goodness she had the sense of mind to pull out her camera. >> what does your family think about this? they must be amazed at your newfound fame. >> oh, yeah, we're just surprised how viral it's gone so fast. but everyone we have showed it to has just loved it as much as we did. >> well, we all loved it here. there are people, though, who questioned the authenticity of this. a lot of skeptics in this world that say, you know, come on, this seemed fake. but we talked to your surgeon and he said some people can have this reaction when they come out
8:18 am
of amnesia. what do you make of it? >> i heard that some videos are faked but i talked to my doctor yesterday and he said he has gotten like 150 phone calls so i finally gave him permission to tell them that i had the surgery. >> he didn't remember a thing about that when i showed him the video. >> if it takes him this long to wake up out of surgery, is he like this every morning also? >> i wish. >> i know, you're quite the charmer. you made it hard for husbands everywhere. what do you plan to do with that tape? in the moment of a fight or a tiff. >> yeah, bring it out and show it to our kids some day. >> good leverage. >> if he had said nasty things when he came out of that anesthesia would this have been evidence in divorce court as opposed to a viral on the internet? >> it went very well for me. >> jason and candice, thank you for being here. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> and that is what is trending
8:19 am
today. >> all right. let's go to today's cover story now. a new book from the author of the best seller queen bees and wannabes. it was the basis in part for the movie mean girls. well, now she is focussing on the other half in masterminds and wingmen. we spoke to three kids she interviewed that shared what it's like to be a boy these days. >> i'm hard working. >> i'm very athletic. >> i am quite academic. >> as a guy, you always shade your emotions a little bit. >> when my mom picked me up from school, she liked to ask a lot of questions. >> how is school? >> how are you? how was your day? tell me everything. >> nothing too exciting going
8:20 am
on. and usually i don't want to say anything. >> of course you have the athletes, the academics. those are the more social kids that everybody looks up to. >> i would say i'm at least as close with my best guy friends as girls are with their best girlfriends. >> one guy and one girl go on a date and it's very awkward for them. they're in groups now when they go on date night just because it's a little more comfortable that way. >> playing sports, it definitely boosts their reputation. >> if you're really good at a sport, then obviously a lot of people will be really impressed. i see a lot of guys tweeting and posting on facebook. >> they feel like putting someone else down will raise their social status. >> letting a person know that i can take advantage of you and i can make you look so stupid in
8:21 am
front of everybody. >> guys can be mean, but in a different way as girls. like, girls can be verbally mean. guys can be verbally and physically mean. >> guys face just as complicated issues as girls do. and have just as much trouble dealing with those problems. >> she is with us. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me matt. >> they're going to say this is the woman that wrote the book in part mean girls was based on. did you find the male equivalent of mean girls? >> sure and all kinds of different things. the world of boys is complex. we think everything is so simple with boys because they don't tell us what's going on but underneath that is a huge amount of problems, complexities, feelings, that they need to be able to get out. >> let's talk about communications. one of the young men in that piece says his mom picks him up
8:22 am
at school and asks him all kinds of questions and he doesn't really want to share much. they keep a lot inside and a lot of parents brush it off to he's just a boy. is there a danger in that? >> here's the deal. i want parents to think about it from this perspective. the boy gets into the car or gets picked up by the parent in some way and he has been carrying around and being a certain way in school of armor of how he needs to be in school with his peers and if you have a relatively healthy relationship with your kid he wants to relax and decompress and parents say well how was your day today. what did you do? >> so it sounds like an interrogation. >> if you walk in from a hard day and your son says to you, so, dad, how was your day today? did you answer your e-mails? did you get your promotion? why not? rnlt you going to be exhausted and shut down. >> so the boys want to communicate but in a more organic fashion. >> absolutely. that's exactly what they want. they don't want to have constant
8:23 am
talking. what they want is a little bit of space and then they can talk later. >> we heard one young man that has friendships as close with his male friends as girls have with their female friends. >> yeah. >> do they share -- do boys share with their male friends? >> they do but it's complicated. they feel like if they talk about things really scary to them, it feels weak. we have to be able to tell boys and show boys that it's not weak to ask for help. it's a capacity. it's a skill. >> i want to touch on that because i want to look at startling statistics. according to the census bureau for every 100 girls with a learning disability, 160 boys do. listen to these two, according to the cdc, for every 100 girls that commit suicide. 549 boys do. and according to a secret service report 100% of school shooters are boys. this is evidence that a lot of boys are suffering in silence. >> and we can do something about
8:24 am
this. that's the thing. boy versus come to me for years for advice about their parents and girls and their friends and i needed to realize that sometimes i wasn't giving them the advice they needed. i needed to step back and ask the boys. this book isn't just me talking about boys. it's in conjunction with 200 boys around the country day in and day out who helped me go through -- my mom needs to know this. my dad needs to know this. this doesn't work when my dad talks to me like this. this is what break ups feel like to me. they're telling us what is going on with that. >> i'm a father of a 12-year-old boy. my son went to middle school and he got a phone. his first cell phone which opens up the world of social media and texting. what do i need to know about how boys use those tools. >> well, they text. they don't usually e-mail. but at the same time, look, kids have been playing video games for a long time. what i want parents to realize is that social networking that they're doing on video games is
8:25 am
actually where they're learning how to act and treat each other. so by the time they get their phone their values are pretty set but you need to tie it to your concrete values of what your boys should be acting like in real life. >> one part of me, though, wants to check on the texts. >> you can do that. >> and the other part wants to say i trust you because i think trust is empowering. >> i agree. so for a middle school kid, absolutely know their password and check it and as they show you that they are responsible then they can do this. what i also want to say to parents is, i did this book -- but i didn't think boys would read this book for parents. so i created a book for boys, an
8:26 am
>> replica handgun made for the safe. in both cases employees were herreded into freezers. no one was hurt in either robbery. let's check out the morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> it's looking really slow a lot of places. here we had an early slowdown, and it's sticking around for 880 there. look at the maps. it is just red all the way from 238 up into downtown.
8:27 am
same for 580 westbound. now, they'll let up, but right now it's congested coming off the y. earlier crash at eighth street and continuing down towards the bridge. northbound around to the south bay, 101 starting off slow, and continuing to fair oaks and great america parkway. right through the middle, that's a tough drive heading north through 85 where north 58 has a crash. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll have another local news update for you in about half hour. enjoy your wednesday morning. we all have our little tricks.
8:28 am
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8:30 on this wednesday morning. it is the 11th of september, 2013. as we look at the plaza, you'll see flags flying. this is a day of remembrance and a day of hope and the 12th anniversary of 9/11. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side natalie morales, al roker and matt lauer. >> we'll hear the story of first responders that went to the scene of the trade center on
8:31 am
9/11 12 years ago. many of them died. we'll talk about that event with one survivor right at ground zero. >> after those remembrances we'll take a bit of a turn. ron howard as a new movie coming out called "rush." chronicling two formula one drivers. we'll talk to them in a bit. >> first, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you for today we're looking at strong storms stretching from new york and new england all the way into central illinois. wet weather in the southwest. the heat continues not just here in the mid-atlantic states and the gulf coast but also into the specific northwest as well. tomorrow a risk of more strong storms in northern new england and here in t
8:32 am
any weather you need, get that on the weather channel 24/7 or online. now let's head on down to washington d.c. and say hello to uncle willie. i mean new york is the greatest state. everything, you have the ocean, the beautiful mountains, the lakes up north. they make wine and they have a beautiful ladies. anita makes the best lemon pound cake you ever tasted in your life. and a cold glass of milk. and you are in heaven. i mean, heaven.
8:33 am
carroll, ohio has good things, norman mason. loves bingo. i used to like bingo. we played it and it was good fun. i never won much. a lot of money then. >> oh, this is a good one. elcie mae frye. she is from jackson tennessee. nothing but the best little thing and she can play a mean guitar. she'll be on the grand old opry probably an hour and a half. and we have ernest denny. loves country food. biscuits and gravy. sausage. red eye gravy. that will bring you nothing but the best. we have sadie isaacson.
8:34 am
she is from los angeles, california. i'm sure she watches dancing with is it stars because she likes to dance herself. she is 104 years old. we wish her everything good in life. and earl holycross, 100 years old today, loves to play checkers and usually wins. how about that? that's all from washington at this time. and now, back to you guys in new york. >> all right. willard. thank you very much. >> coming up next, the cast of ron howard's new movie "rush" when we come back. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
well, the toronto international film festival is now in full swing and one of the movies that has a lot of people talking is ron howard's "rush".
8:37 am
>> that's right. andrea sat down with the oscar-winning director and three of the stars. lucky girl. >> one of them is chris hemsworth. so you can send me to interview him any time. >> nice to know. >> that man hit the genetic lottery i think. would you like me to talk about the movie. >> is there a movie? >> it is set in the formula one racing world and ron howard said the film has been a labor of love and the labor is paying off because the film is attracting a lot of attention leading up to it's release. >> reporter: "rush" is full of drama, both on the racetrack and off. >> i had that corner. >> you mean, the one that you spun out of and finished facing the other way. i think that corner had you. >> reporter: chris hemsworth stars at james hunt and daniel as louda. they were pierce rivals in
8:38 am
formula one racing. >> it's pathetic. rules are ruls. >> yes and rats are rats. thank you. >> i have been told to avoid you. >> by whom. >> olivia wilde plays suzie miller, james hunt's love interest and later wife. >> you want me to stop messing around and settle down and get married with the next nice girl i meet. they think it would be good for me. >> what do you think? >> sounds awful. >> you got really talented actors. >> they couldn't make it today, i'm sorry. >> reporter: chris hemsworth, perhaps best known for his role as thor had to lose the super hero body to play james hunt. >> i'm james hunt's height but thor couldn't fit into that car but i'll be james hunt's size if i get the part. >> he got the part and dropped 30 pounds. >> there's almost a fourth star i feel like in this movie, at least from the lady's
8:39 am
perspective, your backside shots. >> oh, yeah. was that a double or was that you. >> that was me. thanks mom and dad. >> did you like my teeth. >> yeah, i don't know. >> yeah it was pretty uncomfortable. that was more intimidating than the driving thing. it was like 100 people standing around and get it off. are you going to turn around first or turn the cameras off? no. >> i feel like you and your brother liam are dominating hollywood right now. everyone wants these brothers. >> i have to say i asked his mother the other night at the premiere what does it feel like to have these sons and she said i didn't have them they were created by hollywood scientists. they were just an experiment. >> do you two have a relationship almost like the rivalry in the movie? >> we're competitive in everything else but this business. in this business i think you understand the frailty of it or the inconsistency and a win for you is a win for me.
8:40 am
>> reporter: a pivotal moment in rush is the near fatal crash at the 1976 german grand prix. >> he sent hours in make up to fully capture the extent of injuries. >> sometimes i would step on set and there were extras that did not get that this was the fake make up and they were shocked when they saw me and didn't look me in the eyes. that made me understand what he had gone through. >> the actors said how much they enjoyed working with ron howard saying his heart is just as big as his talent and it seems they aren't alone in sharing their affection for him. >> america loves you. the world loves ron howard. >> i've had, you know, look, not to get too corny, but my whole relationship with the public and sort of growing up involved in
8:41 am
this business is a unique one. i recognize that. not that i've always liked everything every fan or critic had to say or the way they would treat me, but it's been an easy sort of relationship. >> who doesn't love ron howard? and speaking of relationships, i asked olivia wilde, she is getting married and i asked if she was going to invite the cast to the wedding and she said only if they would help her plan it. >> when are they getting married? >> she didn't say. i don't know. i think she has no southwest airlines many jobs right now. >> can i just mention to our viewers that while that entire piece was running the two of you were debating the merits of chris hemsworth with 30 pounds extra or 30 pounds less. >> i said i like his new look. >> yeah. i like him 30 pounds lighter too. it's more of a chiselled. >> what do you think? >> let's try and imagine it had
8:42 am
been a woman in that role if i had been sitting here talking about her butt. >> that's terrible. >> how could you? >> you would have been slapped. >> andrea, thank you very much. "rush" hits theaters next friday and then nationwide on september 27th. >> still ahead, we'll take a turn and have the heroic story of the first firefighters to arrive at the scene of the twin towers. willie geist brings us that story in just a bit. but first, this is "today" on nbc. so what can i get you?
8:43 am
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♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
8:45 am
and we're back on this anniversary of 9/11. they have remembrance beginning with a stirring moment of silence at the white house. >> the president, vice president and their wives marking the moment when the first plane hit the trade center. willie geist, is there. these memories are still so raw. >> it is 12 years but feels like yesterday to a lot of people down there. families reading off the names of the dead. but i will say with the one world trade rising above the city and with the memorial finished and with the museum that's being built underneath there is a sense of hope, rebillire billion rebuilding there.
8:46 am
people were asked, where is the tower? why haven't we rebuilt? and today they can say they are. the tower opens early next year. this museum opens in spring. and i have to tell you i got a little preview of it. it's incredible. it's 110,000 square feet beneath the foundation. you're looking at the spot where both towers stood. many of the pieces of the foundations remain there. they are bringing in artifacts from the hangar at jfk and putting them on display so people can mourn at the memorial, and learn what happened afterward. >> the memorial, the two reflecting pools, so much discussion about the design, what would be included, what wouldn't. there they would be located. i've been down there. it is one of the most spectacular and emotional memorials i have ever seen. >> staggering. you have a 30 foot drop of water into another 30 foot drop of water.
8:47 am
it's a beautiful, tranquil, peaceful place. a lot of hang wringing. you had politicians in new york city, you had families, you had firefighters. and they did such a beautiful job with it. now that it's all said and done people are happy with it. it really is a place you can go and reflect. >> there is something about this day. it is heartening to see not just here, not just in washington, not just the field in pennsylvania, people are remembering. there's something about this moment. even on twitter people are using the hashtag, where were you? it is written in history but it is written on our hearts. >> you were down there this morning. i'm sure you came across some of the guys who were still working down there. >> yeah. >> billion the museum and building one world trade center. i was down there. it was so emotional to meet some of these guys whose fathers built the original world trade center, the fathers who built the empire state building. >> there's reference. this is a construction site of
8:48 am
the museum underground. you have ironworkers down there. it's almost like being in a church. they speak a little quieter. they take such pride when they tell you what an honor it is to be on this job, a job going on for a decade now. >> you had such a unique vantage point. the spire was raised 776 feet. >> it became the tallest in the western hemisphere. the cheers, the sense of pride was palpable. it's an experience i'll never forget. i'm sure you won't as well. willie, thanks. >> thanks, guys. >> but first this is "today" on nbc. mom?
8:49 am
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on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. back now at 8:50. the heroic firefighters of tin house were among the first at the scene at the twin towers collapsed 12 years ago. what they experienced that morning would be unlike any other tragedy they ever faced. take a look. >> i was there so fast. my car was smoking. it wouldn't go any faster than it was going. the only people going in the direction i was going in were all the firemen and cops. i could see the smoke and the buildings and i was like, oh,
8:51 am
this is worse than i thought it was. >> tin house lost six of their own on that day. their story is told on discovery channel's special 9/11 firehouse which is narrated by willie geist. we're joined by john who was on duty. willie good to see you. john, we had a moment of silence across the nation to mark the 12th anniversary and i was stealing a glimpse of you standing on the side and some of the imagines were on the screen and i think it was difficult for you to watch. >> it's always very difficult this time of year. it brings back somber feelings. time to reflect on your own life. it's also an opportunity for me to rejoice because i survived. dealing with the survivors guilt directly afterwards and wondering why i didn't die. i s there and working and in the trade center when the
8:52 am
collapsed and they were all killed and i survived. it is an opportunity for me to rejoice. to be able to be here. every day things -- you get a parking ticket, babies are crying. hurricane sandy. i get to experience it. the guys on the wall, they would give one day to be back here. so when i hear taps and i hear the drums, it brings back bad memories but at the same time it makes me feel happy to be here. to be alive. >> i was going to say there's a bittersweet irony. on one hand it's so hard to remember but what does it mean to you to have the whole nation stop and say, we remember those who fell? >> it's extremely powerful. it's an extremely powerful feeling to know that everyone is thinking about you. everyone's thoughts today are on the firefighters and the rescue workers and the people and what we went through in new york city. i was so proud of new yorkers. we got a bad rap throughout the world. i saw people helping one another with their lives at risk.
8:53 am
they weren't everybody running out the door. everybody was stopping and helping -- women took off their high heel shoes because they wouldn't walk. there was a blind gentleman with a seeing eye dog. his normal way of leaving the building was no longer optional. he had nowhere to go and they grabbed him under his arm and grabbed his dog and i watched them carry him out. i'm proud of the people of new york and the attention of the world is now on us. >> for this special on discovery. a lot of firefighters spoke out for the very first time. why do you think it has been so hard for so many to speak about the horrors of that day? >> like myself, there are probably thousands of stories of what went on that day with firefighters and rescue works and what everybody was doing. for myself, it was easier to speak about it. for others it was easier to keep quite about it. my brother just recently spoke about what he went through on that day. he is also a firefighter and to this day i had never known what
8:54 am
he had gone through. when he spoke about it he broke down and he said i'm never going to do it again. that was the one time i let my guard down and i'm never going to speak about it again. firefighters, we're brave. we have something to protect and we don't wear our emotions on our sleeves. so it's hard for them to speak about what happened that day. >> you mention your brother, something happened with one of your brothers on that day. you had a moment of grief and then relief. let's take a look at the documents. >> i look at the list and my brother's name is on the list. i'm absolutely devastated. heart broken. now my brother is dead. i love him so much and i see this one hydrant and i get down on my knee and i'm taking the water from the hydrant and i'm washing my face and i'm just kind of taking a sip of water and i look up and my brother comes walking right in front of me. i'm like how is this even possible in all of this madness. >> you thought he was gone.
8:55 am
>> i had contacted my family and i spoke with my mom and she said i'm glad you're alive. i'm glad you made it. she said but your brother is down there. i was ready to leave. my day was done. i survived. this was a good opportunity to get myself checked out. as soon as i heard my brother was missing i went right back into the trade center. i didn't feel right going home knowing that he was there. even if he was killed, i needed to find him. with all of that going on and the trade center and everything everywhere for him to walk in front of me at the same place at the same time, it wasn't consequence. he was put there. >> willie in telling the story, helping these men and women tell the story, what surprised you? >> you know, we talked about these firefighters as heros sort of in the abstract now. it's almost become trite to say they're heros but you stop and watch what they did, the story like johns and the guys in his house, they look up and the sky is literally falling. the sky is black. bodies are falling out of the
8:56 am
sky and they ran in. they ran in when everyone else was running out and that is real honest to goodness super hero m heroism. >> can't be said enough. john thank you so much. willie, thank you. you can see 9/11 firehouse tonight at 8:00 eastern and pacific 8:56. i'm laura garcia canon. breaking news going on in alameda where police have just lifted the lockdown for two schools. within the past half hour. one person reported shots fired in the area of island high school on ralph memorial parkway. that school was on lockdown, but just moments ago police cleared the scene. want to check the forecast
8:57 am
now. >> thank you, laura. good morning to you. temperatures today the coolest day of the week. we're talking about 85 degrees inland. 77 degrees bayside, and 67 at the coast. getting into this weekend, temperatures will be nice and comfortable. it's the last full weekend of summertime. hope you have a fantastic wednesday.
8:58 am
♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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9:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on this wednesday morning. it is september 11th, 2013. i'm willie geist with al roker and natalie morales. obviously this is the 12th anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. coming up, east coast time, we'll be honoring the -- 9:03 was the time the second plane hit the south tower. >> that's right. >> that significant moment. >> we can all remember where we were at this moment. so many people around the country and around the world can pause and remember exactly where they were on this day. you know it always comes back to the victims on this day and nice tributes of course everywhere and, in fact, ground zero this
9:01 am
morning, they're reading the names as they have. even the daily news, they do the special section as they do every year with all the names too. important to remember the lives lost. >> we were on the air when the second plane hit and you just remember thinking life as we know it has changed before. >> yes. >> you were just down -- >> yeah, i just came back. i was there all morning. it's 12 years later, how present that day is. when you get down there it comes right back to you. that's not to say there's no progress being made. the one world trade, the building will be finished by the beginning of next year. the memorial is beautiful if you haven't been down there, you ought to visit it. i got a look at the museum being built underneath the memorial. it's 110,000 square feet. it's this massive space and you walk along what were the foundation of the two towers and they have the artifacts. >> and the burned out front of that when you pointed that out on the air. it take yours breath away.
9:02 am
the cross was left remaining of the world trade center towers. >> one of the pieces of steel we just saw which i hadn't seen before, it's incredible. it's a beam just bent in a little bit and i said what is that piece of steel and joe daniels said that is the exact beam that american flight 11 hit between the floors. you can see where a nose of a plane indented that piece of steel and it's hanging in there. go and mourn there and they hope you go and learn a little bit at this museum. it's a somber day and day of morning but there's a lot of building happening there as well. >> you think about this, for a lot of our children, this is history. it wasn't a current event. it was history. >> my kids ask me about this day.
9:03 am
as they continue with the reading of the names, that was the moment of silence at 9:03 eastern time when united flight 175 struck the second tower. if there was any doubt after the first tower was struck that it was a terrorist attack, at that moment it became clear that america was under attack. >> yeah. we were talking about how we talked to our kids about this because my children have asked me about this as well. it's hard but it's important that they know the history of that day and important that they
9:04 am
feel, also, the new hope that has come out of it. >> not to frighten them. >> not to frighten them. >> we have been strong. we're resilient and bad things happen but we come back. >> amazing all that's happened since that day, too. >> you said the museum will be open next year in the spring. >> in the spring. >> something that i think everybody should -- when you come visit new york, i think you have to go online and make a reservation already, right? >> yes. >> good idea to do that. >> it will be remarkable what they have. personal i.d.s. all of these things found and put into a hanger at jfk and now they're being removed and displayed and curated. it's an incredible place. >> we'll talk more about that. other news in new york city last night. >> let's make a real turn here. bring it back to the primary vote. >> you know, it's interesting. on september 11th, 2001 there was also a primary. a mayoral primary. >> here's another interesting
9:05 am
fact. there was a hurricane about 400 miles offshore at the time. a cold front had come through and pushed it off. had that not happened, in all likelihood there would have been a hurricane threatening the east coast and air traffic would have been stopped. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> oh, wow. amazing when you think about it. >> that's incredible. so, you know, we knew this was coming. anthony weiner obviously did not win the primary last night. >> no, bill deblasio got the most votes. he finished in 5th place, anthony weiner. >> at least he wasn't last -- oh, yeah, he was. >> i like how the new york post summed that one up, sleazy come, sleazy go. >> he thought he had good ideas but most people couldn't get past his personal life. he thanked his staff and his volunteers and of course didn't specifically thank his wife by name. she was not there.
9:06 am
a lot of people pointed out. she was in d.c. he also appeared to flip off a reporter as he was being driven away from his concession speech. >> i think we have a picture of it. >> do we have it? >> i think that's the finger. >> keeping it classy anthony. keeping it classy. what a guy. >> that was one of our wnbc reporters. >> going out in style. >> going out in style. [ laughter ] >> do we have that clip? >> we need to have that ready to go any time. laughing at lawrence o'donnell. >> the highs and the lows, right? >> put that in our audio board. >> if they do the lion king 3 or 4 he could be one of the hiennas. >> that was bizarre television. >> that's why we like it. >> train wreck television. >> he's out of your life for now. >> yeah. >> here's another question. this is a -- are we doing the worst word? let's do the worst word. what is the four letter word that no woman wants to hear.
9:07 am
>> well, keeping it clean here people. >> because i'm thinking about something entirely different than i -- >> really? >> younger women don't really want to hear this word. according to the huffington post the word we don't want to hear is ma'am. but it depends where it's coming from. >> sure. >> if it's regional, you know, in the south, yes, ma'am. >> yeah, in the south. >> i get that, that's great. but i think sometimes when you hear ma'am coming from somebody your age or older then you feel like you're 20 years old. >> what should they say? miss. >> lady. >> lady. hey, lady. >> i'm anthony weiner, hello. >> miss would be fine. miss works great. hey, miss you dropped something. rather than -- >> ma'am? >> what about in a store? in a commercial transaction.
9:08 am
thank you, ma'am. >> miss. >> earlier you said you wouldn't mind sweet thing. your kidding? >> or cutie pie. >> those are other words up there, four letter words you don't really want to hear. >> i think i know where you're going with that. >> unless you're 5 years old. >> i went to school in the south and got used to it. yes, ma'am. >> deborah had a niece and nephew coming up. yes, ma'am, yes, sir. >> they get a pass down south. they can say ma'am. >> they get a pass. or young kids. when i hear it from a young kid i think he's raised well or she is raised well. >> what's the cutoff, then? age-wise? >> when it's somebody your age or older. >> like a 25-year-old if he said that to you? >> then i feel a little bit older. >> especially if he's a good-looking 25-year-old. >> yes, ma'am, oh, boy. >> if he said it like that with a southern accent. >> regional. he grew up with that. >> yes, ma'am. we'll take that. >> i don't think there's all
9:09 am
that much to that but some people don't care for it. >> pretty thing. >> lady. lovely lady. >> let's do the weather. how about that? >> okay. let's see what we got for you. we got hurricane humberto not going to effect anything. if it had waited until after 8:00 a.m. to become a hurricane it would have been the latest hurricane ever since they have been keeping records. also have an area we're watching and tropical storm gabrielle moving from bermuda. risk of strong storms from new england and into illinois. wet weather in the southwest. the heat is on in the northwest. portland, oregon today, hotter than phoenix arizona. it is going to be 95 in >> cn@9:09. we do have a good-looking day shaping up. it's going to be about ten degrees cooler on average. part of the reason why our winds
9:10 am
are coming straight out of the southwest, and for us that means that cool ocean air will move all the way inland today. 85 degrees in livermore. down from th mid 90s yesterday. 75 on the way to fremont, and 66 in san francisco. this is our last full weekend of summer. we're going to kick off fall in about 11 days. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up next, america remembers 9/11 as you look at a coming up next, america remembers 9/11 as you look at a live picture of young women are sacrificing so much today coming up next, america remewithout thinking ofook at a livetheir own satisfaction. really? you're sacrificing that gorgeous complexion for this? um... it's the playoffs! enough with the sacrificing. start here... light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, twice the protein and ps 80 calories. it's a home run right? light & fit greek. ♪ dannon!
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[ pop ] some love to pretend. (toy) klip klopping. some tend to the horses. (kid) i'm rapunzel. (toy) song sfx. (kid 2) you be aurora. some act out a scene. (toy) klip klopping. others make up their own. (kid) laugh. whether they klip or they klop or they sit and dream nonstop... (toy) klip klopping. with the new fisher-price disney princess stable (toy) trumpet sound kids aren't just playing, they're discovering a whole new world. only from fisher-price. >> look at the reflecting pool of the 9/11 memorial.
9:14 am
on september 11th, 2001. 3,000 people died. 343 firefighters were among them. six of those lost were part of tin house. the only fire station actually inside ground zero. >> the brothers of tin house brought hope to thousands as they were among the first to go into the twin towers and some of the last to be pulled from the wreckage. >> in the new discovery channel special we introduce you to the men of tin house as they share their stories in that attack on america. >> on the morning of september 11th, the men are changing shifts. suddenly, above them, american airlines flight slams into the tower and igniting thousands of gallons of jet fuel. >> this huge fire ball and debris comes reigning down. >> on liberty street, tin house leads into action. what the men see there defies belief. >> the gentlemen came out of the lobby. he was completely engulfed in
9:15 am
flames. his skin was dripping like wax. >> reporter: 9:02:00 a.m., new yorkers watch in disbelief as a second hijacked plane slams into the world trade center, this time hitting the south tower. >> it's obvious that everybody is going to tie above that point of impact. so for the first time in your career, you don't even make an effort to try to save somebody. >> reporter: at 9:58 a.m., 56 minutes after it was struck by flight 175, the south tower of the world trade center collapses. >> i'm running and i could see the south bridge and i'm saying if i could run fast enough to make it underneath that bridge, maybe they'll find an identify my body. >> reporter: next door, in the north tower, the tin house firefighters climbing the stairs
9:16 am
have no idea the south tower has fall fallen. >> you felt this unbelievable rumble and the north tower started shaking violently. >> couldn't breathe, every time you rub your face the grit would make you bleed. >> reporter: the collapse of the south tower tells everyone the north tower is a ticking time bomb. fire chiefs in the north tower order a may day. >> liberty west and trapped in the rubble. >> my ribs were broken. my arm was snapped. my back was crushed. my head was open. i was bleeding internally. i said please, just go. go, leave me. i'm not going to make it. >> reporter: the personal strain on the men of tin house takes it's toll. 2:30 p.m. he asked for permission to find his wife jean. she had gone to work on the 81st
9:17 am
floor of the north tower. >> i came out. burning debris all around me. i was walking in grey falling snow. it was so silent. >> reporter: he prayed she escaped and went to their home. >> i remember knocking and banging on the door and i became overwhelmed and that's when i came down and i sat on the bench. i said to myself, she's dead. >> reporter: after surviving the south tower collapse, jean potter wandered the streets until she was told to wait for dan at the china town firehouse. >> i said do you have a beautiful red head in here? i saw her standing there. >> we hugged. what a blessing we were given. >> reporter: after 9/11, they began a new life. as the focus of america's grief and pride for the fallen heros of 9/11.
9:18 am
>> so they lost six firefighters that day on september 11th. all of these fire houses are such a tight knit group and you can still feel -- it eats him up. it eats him up. it's a really hard day for him. >> they're so much a part of each community there. the communities feel it. obviously not as much but it really makes an impact. >> well, we all of course remember this day, every year, it's every day for all of these families that they're dealing with this loss and their grief and the emotional pain that continues. >> one of the great ironies is they call this the slow house, tin house, because nothing ever happened down there. they fought one fire in the years before that. and in september 11th, 2001 they got the big one. watch 9/11 firehouse tonight on the discovery channel. >> we're back with more of today after this. ♪
9:19 am
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9:23 am
total household income last year. that's the biggest share in 85 years. analysts say the incomes of the top 1% rose almost 20% last year. meanwhile, the incomes for the other 99% rose about 1%. the firm career builder is out with a look at some of the worst mistakes you can make on a resume. it says the most common mistakes are typos. other big turn offs using shortcuts or texting language. for example, employers don't lol when they see that. and don't list your objective the way one person did which is, quote, to work for someone who is not an alcoholic with three duis like my current employer. that's not going to go over well. at least 89 people reported getting sick after eating chobani yogurt made in twin falls, idaho but there's no link between the illnesses and the yogurt. they issued a voluntary recall because they fear some yogurt was contaminated with mold.
9:24 am
>> an important toy recall for parents of young children. monster science growing spiders are being recalled. it contains pretend spider eggs that grow 8 times their size when dropped in the water. young children may mistake the toys were candy and swallow them. if that happens it could be a serious risk to the child. >> and the world's largest ferris wheel is beginning to take shape on the strip. it has been hoisted into place and when it is completed, the 55 story giant will be 100 feet taller than the london eye. it will make one revolution every half hour or so. an unusual move by a soccer team's masseur, rubbed his opponents the wrong way. this was tied 2 a piece when he slipped in behind the goalie and made two back to back saves and he grabbed the ball and ran off the field with referees in hot pursuit. at least he get start massaging
9:25 am
the goalie. >> you know he has good hands. >> there you go. >> thank you so much. coming up, making the most of [ corbett ] it's not every day that you find yourself at the corner of "a little flu shot" and "a world of difference." now through october 14th, when you get any immunization at walgreens, we'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the u.n. foundation's shot at life campaign. together, we can supply up to three million vaccines. it's easy to make a difference at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy. [ female announcer ] hey, ladies. you love it. you've gotta have it. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible.
9:26 am
cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares.® >> good morning. 9:26. i'm laura garcia canon. the nation is pausing this morning to remember those killed in the 9/11 attacks. that includes a san francisco fire department that marks 12 years since the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and pentagon. also, being remembered the victims aboard the united flight 3 bound for san francisco that crashed in pennsylvania. the remembrance ceremonies took place at 7:00 this morning. in all, 43 san francisco fire stations included a bell-ringing, moment of silence, and the reading of firefighters killed that day. other ceremonies planned today throughout the bay area. please head to ]/>nbcbay area.c to learn more about this them. crews are gaining serious ground on the brush fire burning on mount diablo. the latest numbers show the morgan fire now 70% caned.
9:27 am
it also revised the total number of acres burned to about 3,100. that's sdoun about 100 acres. yesterday all evacuation orders were lifted in the area. cal fire says it expects to have that fire fully contained by friday. they've been working hard. we're going to take a quick break, but a look at weather and traffic after this.
9:28 am
>> welcome back. taking a live look at san jose. a little hazy here. a lot of sunshine coming in. temperatures are warming nicely. right now we're in the 60s. just about everywhere. 64 in san jose. 63 in gilroy. bump this up about two and a half hours from now. temperatures are going to be in the 70s. really comfortable day. degrees cooler than when we ended up yesterday. 89 degrees in places like livermore, for example. the remainder of the week into the upcoming weekend, going to be a little bit warm, but, hey, it is one of our final weekends of summer. the last full weekend of summertime, as a matter of fact. temps will be in the 80s. let's check the drive.
9:29 am
good morning, mike. >> that's where things are really jammed. here's 101 north of 680. just before you get to that shot, there's a crash clearing over to the shoulder. look at all the red. 25 miles an hour. all wait up to the second crash that we're continuing to follow right around bourl great america parkway. 208 also around the interchange, and 808 still south slow out of heyward and clear dumont. the earlier crash on the shoulder. also the castro valley y west of i-80 getting on to 880. back to you. >> another local news update in a half hour. have a good one. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
9:30 am
welcome back to today on a wednesday morning, september 11th, 2013. i'm al roker along with natalie morales. willie geist will be joining us shortly. >> that's right. it was an interesting story that caught our eye. toys "r" us in the uk is going to stop labeling boys and girls items and they're going to remove any gender specific tags on -- and references in their store. apparently the u.s. stores have already been doing this. so they say. >> in the u.s. they say they -- they just have sections. >> sections. >> things like that. i guess maybe they online -- >> the trains and car section. >> exactly. >> we were talking about this. i mean, it's high time that we get rid of any sort of labeling because a lot of kids these days
9:31 am
like whatever toys. the rainbow loom thing is the perfect example. my son is into it as much as your daughter. >> yeah. >> nikki has a bunch. >> i say we let them loose at toys "r" us and see what they come out with. >> absolutely. but it's interesting how they do gravitate without anyone ever telling them to certain things. >> they do. i remember going to a -- like a play date, like a thing and they threw out balls and dolls and cars and trucks and it was interesting to see how the babies that were like 6 to 9 months old went for the balls and the cars and the girls picked up dolls. although some girls picked up the cars too. >> i remember when i was much younger just wanting an easy bake oven. >> sure. >> yeah, well, and you still do. >> it worked out for you. >> i can cook anything as long as there's a lightbulb in the oven. >> how about a check of the
9:32 am
weather. >> all right. >> sticky out here. >> sticky and toasty out here right now. we show you for today a list of stor storms stretching from new england to illinois. hot weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow, that second front pushes through. cooler weather will be making it's way in here. by the weekend, temperatures in the northeast will be in the 60s, for a risk of strong storms into tomorrow night could be interesting for folks at the million second quiz here in new york city. >> the time is 9:32. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. let's go ahead and show you live pictures across the bay area. starting here a lot of spectator on the golden gate bridge. it's starting to clear up nicely. we have low clouds there. a nice clear sky overhead. a little hazy. probably having something to do with that fire that's still over mount diablo. should be knocked down, though, by friday. 85 degrees in livermore.
9:33 am
75 in tremont. temperatures looking good for tomorrow. going to warm up at the end of the week. >> announcer: today's common cents is brought to you by bank of america. >> this morning on common cents, making the most of your 401(k). 50 million americans are faced on decisions on how to best use their retirement money. >> there's decisions that can help you build your balance and others that will cost you. what options are best for you? jean is today's financial editor. >> nice to see you. we got good news about 401(k)s. second quarter balances year to year are up 10%. >> yes. >> people have an average 80,000 in their 401(k)s which is a great opportunity. you don't want to blow it. so we have a game this morning. >> okay. >> i'll ask you 401(k) related questions. they're all multiple choice. >> okay. you give me your answers, a, b, or c. question number one, should you invest, if your company will
9:34 am
match? a yes, b, no, c, it depends. >> absolutely. >> free money. >> yeah and it's the best return going. you should also invest if your company won't match because there's nothing easier than payroll deductions into a 401(k). it's just a brainless automatic way to save. >> paying yourself. >> exactly. >> the poker table. >> there you go. all right. question number two. willie is all in. what percentage should you put into stocks and bonds in your 401(k). >> right. >> a, 60% stocks, 40% bonds, b, 70% bonds and 30% bonds, or c, it depends. >> the easy way out. >> you're right. as you age you want to take less risk which means less in stocks and more in bonds. >> okay. so generally stocks riskier than bonds. >> yes, i just answered the next
9:35 am
question. as you get older should you be safer or take risks. a, be safer or take risks. >> safer. >> yeah, who doesn't want to be safer. >> safer with age. >> the next question is about rebalancing. do you know what rebalancing is? >> i do not. >> we should let you answer. rebalancing is essentially where you take that mix of stocks and bonds and you bring it back in line because the market moves. and if stocks go way up, all of a sudden you could have way too much money in stocks. so, that's how you rebalance. so here's your question, how much money would someone who rebalanced regularly have if they started with that $80,000 balance at age 40 and retired at age 65 in 2002. >> okay. >> a, $300,000, b, $359,000, or c, $382,000? >> c. >> al, you are the winner. you can take all of willie's
9:36 am
chips. if you didn't rebalance, just to show you the difference, you would only have the $359,000. so it actually can make a big difference on your returns at the end of the game. >> okay. >> all right. if you're not good at rebalancing, if you know that you are absolutely never going to do it, you want to put your money in a target retirement fund. >> all right. >> okay, next question. it's all about borrowing from your 401(k). if you start with an $80,000 balance, that's the average. you take a $10,000 loan. you pay it off to yourself over the next 5 years, how much will you have at retirement if you never borrowed? >> if you never borrowed? >> if you never borrowed? a, $638,000. b, $682,000, and c, $725,000. never borrowed. it was a trick question. a, you only have $638,000.
9:37 am
but the -- the answer is much more than you would have had if you did borrow. it makes about a $40,000 difference. >> and you get penalties for borrowing too. >> you absolutely do. do we have time for the last one. >> that was our last question. >> bummer. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead, how reorganizing your fringe at home and candy jar at the office -- that's right -- can help you lose weight. right after these messages. to help pay for bennie's expenses... before they earned 1% back on all purchases, everywhere, every time... and 2% back at the grocery store... even before earning 3% back on gas, with no hoops to jump through, they opened a bankamericard cash rewards credit card just in time to open their hearts. that's the magnitude of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ horn honks ]
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so the craving hits and you eat whatever is in grabbing distance. if it's junk food you have blown your diet. now the folks at "fitness" magazine have the secret to organizing your space at home and the office to help you lose weight. >> dawn blatner is with us. why is it so important to organize? >> you can have your environment work for you or against you. i would like to show you how to make your environment work for you. i would like to start at the refrigerator. >> natalie is our guide. >> go to a refrigerator makeover. >> the crisper drawer. no vegetables in there. >> move your produce. if you put it in the crisper
9:42 am
drawer, i call it the r.i.p. drawer. it goes to die. put it in sight. in sight, in mouth. you can put your condiments and water bottles and candy down there. things that are easy to eat, you want at eye level. whole grain pasta and vegetables. those are quick meals through the week. notice the clear containers. >> you can see everything. >> we throw away $1,000 a year of food we forget about and spoiled food. if you use those clear containers, you are likely to eat them. >> i like the veggies chopped up and prepared in snack pouchs. >> grab and go. that is an attractive refrigerator. >> natalie has all of her beer and wine. >> i noticed. that i noticed.
9:43 am
>> okay. >> no judgment. >> mommy time. >> this is my refrigerator. >> that is my fridge makeover. now dining. now makeover your dining room table. stock up on napkins. research shows that if you have manners, you are more mindful. napkins with help you lose weight. >> and the white place mats. >> white on white. this is an optical illusion for your eye. you are more likely to put the right portion on your plate and overdo it. let's set the ambiance. anything to calm you down so you slow down the speed of your eating will help you eat less. >> and get rid of family style. >> go plate your food in the kitchen. bring it to the table. when you are eating and looking for seconds, you will have salad on the table instead of overeating your meal. you have refrigerator made over. you have your dining table made
9:44 am
over. how about work? create a calendar alert. because people who eat meals and snacks on a schedule eat 80 calories less every day than people who eat erratically. stock your drawers with smart stuff. i have a drawer full of meals. if you are in a rush for dinner, you have tuna kits or soups or oatmeal packets. nut butters. >> that is al's snack. >> have individual portions. all of these plastic bags. eating from a plate is a smart idea. it helps you be more mindful. one of my favorite tips for the office, get minty. mouth wash, toothpaste, floss. not only good for the dentist, but signal of doneness so you are not likely to graze and mon munch all day long. >> dawn, thank you. still ahead, what your
9:45 am
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9:49 am
miniwheats cereal. >> this morning on today's classroom, the things your child's tutor won't tell you. >> well, the trend is growing. whether it's one-on-one at home or a group learning center or online some children need the extra help. >> what should you be looking for? reader's digest got the inside scoop. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> let's start with a big question. do our kids really need a tutor? >> well, things are changing a lot. has 5,000 kids that get tutored every night. the reason is because kids are stressed because there's more competition to get into college and school is also harder. so that extra edge actually does help. >> what are they getting from a tutor they're not getting in the classroom. >> the classroom is a group setting and not individual one-on-one and we have kids all the time that say i don't necessarily understand the concept. and so one-on-one tutoring is all about personalized
9:50 am
customized sessions that really help you get to the heart of where your kid is stressed. >> they told readers's digest that parents are hiring them to do things they used to do themselves. like teaching time management, literally sitting and being a homework monitor, making sure the assignments are done. parents are overscheduled, kids are overscheduled so tutors are taking on that responsibility now. >> let's look at this reader's digest inside scoop. one of the interesting points is the goal of tutoring is to get your child out of tutoring. all the tutors tell you that. >> if you're checking the reference which is you always want to do, if you see there's a number of children she has been tutoring for years, that could be a bad sign and you just want to ask, why. there maybe legitimate reasons but you want to see that the tutor was able to get some children on their feet, standing on their own ground academically and moving on. ask how they set children up for success.
9:51 am
>> when it comes to hiring a tutor they say don't hire a teacher from your child's school which is what a lot of people do is they'll schedule after school hour with that teacher thinking get that extra bit of education. >> it's true and this is a surprising one. what tutors said is you want a clean slate for your child. this is about first impressions. tutors and teachers need to talk to make sure the lessons match the school's curriculum. but if the tutor is at the child's school, the first thing they'll do is ask the teacher about that child. the child the teacher sees in the classroom with peer pressure and distractions may not be the time child they'll get one-on-one. if you want an untanted impression, hiring outside of the school is a way to ensure that. >> so, mandy, if i'm a parent thinking about hiring a tutor, what are some of the things i should ask a potential tutor before i make the hire? >> we have 3,000 tutors. so we think about this all the time. three main things. make sure the tutor is passionate about teaching. the second is experience and the
9:52 am
third thing is sometimes kids want the answers. it's not just about the answers. it's about guiding them. make sure the teacher is committed. >> it's important to schedule, even just a little bit of down time to your child? they need that to recharge their brains. >> yeah, i have a 15-year-old. she comes home from school and she is exhausted. the big benefit of online tutoring is it's 24/7. at 9:30 at night, your kid is struggling, they can get online. >> does online work as well as the one-on-one relationship. 9 out of 10 kids say it improves their grade. parent asks that but the reality is kids, they feel natural and the world changed and they use technology every day. it works for them. >> the tutors said be cautious about group settings. they may not get one-on-one attention so you want to ask what kind of individual
9:53 am
attention will my child get. >> thank you so much. good advice this time of year especially. thanks for being here. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up, kathie lee and hoda are getting ready to help you bank on love. >> they'll cash in on that. also trying to keep the summer glow well into the fall. >> looks like we're missing a kathie lee. hopefully she shows up. >> she's making a
9:56 am
>> good morning. 9:56. a disturbing discovery for some contra costa county firefighters battling the mount diablo fire. while they were aware fighting those flames, someone broke into their station seven in walnut creek. the burglar pried their way past
9:57 am
a locked door stealing personal belongings, including wedding rings, watches, and ipads. firefighters are stunned. >> are you serious that this really actually happened? somebody actually came into the fire station and stole from us after we helped people? you know, it's devastating. >> police believe the burglary happened sometime sunday night and early monday. someone tried to break into station three on rossmore parkway, but a firefighter woke up ask scared this person away. police are investigating. sflirchlts we get a little break from the heat today on this wednesday. let's get a look at the forecast. >> hey, thanks, marla. good wednesday morning. temperatures will be cooler. le coolest day of the week. 58234 livermore. 76 in fremont. 66 on the way to san francisco. as we head through the next couple of days, temperatures are slowly going to creep up. we'll be at 87 degrees for thursday. finishing off the week at 92
9:58 am
degrees. then for the last full weekend of the summertime, 87 degrees. 86 on sunday. mike is back. let's check that drive with him. good morning. >> good morning. traffic still here. yeah. south 880 to fremont, still bogged down at mission boulevard and come off dakota and the dunnmarten bridge. we'll focussing 85. 87 and 101 still have a tough drive. all morning long very tough heading up towards 101 for each of those. we're looking at a slower drive south 80 down through hayward and oakland as well. things still bogging down. smoothing out through downtown. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks to much. back at 10:26. the next local news update. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "toda "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody. it is wednesday. it's september 11, 2013, aranced a day to rejoice in the lives we were touched by before they were taken too soon. hoda and i want to welcome you during this difficult day for many of us, especially new yorkers and those of us who lost
10:01 am
someone that day. >> you know it is coming obviously when you live in new york. when you think a dozen years, we talked about every 12-year-old child, 12 or younger did not experience 9/11 and didn't know what it was like and are just learning about it from family and friends. it is funny when you think of your memory. i remember coming into work like everyone was, racing in. and they asked me to go on the roof and do a live shot and there were security concerns and asked me to go down stairs. i remember sitting in makeup for a second and a woman doing makeup was panicky and she said i have a loved one in the towers. we were watching the towers. one fell and i watched her and the phone rang in the makeup room. here back was to me and her shoulders were heaving up and down. she turned around and she said
10:02 am
she's okay. and you know it is funny, what comes into your mind and your memory. for her it was relief and for so many families lost someone. >> i will never forget it for a couple of reasons. i was at home in connecticut. those planes came right over our house. they were flying very low. i was down in our gym. i couldn't believe they were letting the planes fly that low. so i get up to the house and i realize what was going on. we realized that my assistant, taryn, who was almost eight months pregnant with her first child then, her husband, tom, was in the north tower and ultimately was lost with so many. he had been in the world trade
10:03 am
center in 1993 and had actually saved some people's lives during that attack but this time he didn't make it out. and, of course, her child was born. he will be 12 years old in just a couple of weeks. and every time i see that child i remember that day i went in and wrote the song for him called "little baby", little baby is still unborn, too young to cry, too young to mourn. >> 10:03 is the time flight 93 went down in pennsylvania. there is a moment of silence in the country. >> my friend who lost her husband now has a beautiful 12-year-old little boy, but she did marry again and she has a gorgeous little girl now, too. as much as it was painful there is healing.
10:04 am
you can't rush healing. everyone has their own schedule for it. mourning takes a long, long time. god can bring beauty out of ashes, too. >> when you look at the reflecting pools that they have now at ground zero, when you look at that there is something very serene about it. >> hoda, i have not been down. i started to go down three times and i have always turned back. i don't know why yet. >> like you said, healing comes on its own. >> i look at it and it makes me joyful to know something beautiful is being made out of it. i still personally can't. i don't know why. >> there is a museum that will open early next year. it has been sort of in the works for a while now. willie took a tour of it. they have all sorts of things from that day. they have tributes. they have obviously just twisted
10:05 am
metal and things there. and there is also -- they were saying there is a room that you have to actually make a turn to go into, the more difficult things to watch. >> that was always the dilemma, how much do you show of this horrifying day? how sensitive do you want to be to the victims' families? at the same time we don't want to forget this horrendous attack and the physical and human costs that it brought. you know, so i think that is a wise way -- that is very solemnonic. >> if you need a little inspiration, there was a woman and i thought this was terrific, there was an inspirational obituary.
10:06 am
her name was agnes nicknamed pink. and when she passed away they decided to write down wisdoms. let a dog or two or three share your bed. >> thanks to frank letting our dogs out at night we have three. >> never throw away old panty hose. use the old ones to tie gutters, child proof cabinets or hang christmas ornaments. >> there is nothing much uglier than used panty hose. what is a toilet flapper? >> the plunger. >> why would you tie -- >> apparently she knew something we don't know. >> thank you. >> take magazines you have read
10:07 am
to the doctor's office for others to enjoy but do not tear off the mailing label because if someone wants to contact me that is nice. >> invite new neighbors over for thanksgiving, bonus points if they are from another country. >> even if it was a holiday he would be late and he would bring a little old lady. never say mean things about anybody, hoda. she says there are poor souls to pray for. >> choose to believe they do the best they do with your money no matter what your children say they have discovered online. dennis basso is a fashion guy. he is a designer. >> and a bigger than life personality. >> he is. he was there. your buddies were there.
10:08 am
and there was another bunch of people. it was fun for dennis. he rocked. his stuff rocked the run way. >> apparently there was a ppicture posted with you with a message hoda kotb with her own clutch design. >> zip locks work fine. one of my favorite things that you said today was -- first of all the elections in new york are finally over. >> well, sort of. >> two people got rejected, elliot spitzer and anthony weiner. so what would have been a good headline? >> i have a suggestion. are we going to show it? >> there it is. >> it was up there. they are seeing it up at home. anthony weiner came in fifth.
10:09 am
>> right. >> by the way, while he was at his -- >> supposed to be celebration party. >> the girl who was sexting him -- >> the last one that we know of. >> sidney leathers. >> she crashed the party dressed in her best. when asked why she was there she said i feel like it is my obligation. i mean, i will only be 23 years old once. >> what does that have to do with anything? >> she said that anthony weiner should have left the race long ago because he is such an embarrassment. people say i ruined his marriage but he ruined his marriage. >> she is ridiculous. >> she is 23 as you said. we cut her a little more slack than we do for anthony weiner. >> elliot spitzer's race was
10:10 am
tight. diana nyad, we were sort of standing up for her for the 64-year-old woman who finished this 110-mile race from cuba all the way to the keys. >> she swam all the way. and then there were these nay sayers saying diana nyad, blah, blah, blah. >> for three and a half hours she was on a conference call with swimmers that were questioning her. >> she actually spoke. >> why don't we listen to what she had had to say. >> don't i deserve a little luck after i have had so much bad luck on my previous four tries? i had at least the persistence to keep trying until finally we got a little luck on our side. when you set a huge world record like this you have to vet it. you have to ask every question. you have to put the swimmer
10:11 am
under a microscope and make her answer the questions. i did the swim with my own body and my own mind fair and square, squeaky clean. >> good for her. you know, the trouble with anybody that goes through this is we have too many representations of the other, people that swore they never took performance -- we have our lance armstrong situation and all these others. i want to believe diana nyad. >> i do believe her. >> i do, too. people are cynical in this world today because it seems like everybody is cheating. >> there are a lot of people who do that. i don't like people who sit in their big chair and say you did that? prove it to me. why? she is 64. she had boats with her. this is her umpteenth time to do it. it is documented. i thought it was crazy. we have a lot. coming up, the new iphone is
10:12 am
out. >> i finally came into this century and i am already old. >> it's over. there is a new iphone. this one you can put your thumb on it instead of punching in your pass code. >> i don't want to. >> you can buy things. >> what happens when i say why don't you take a picture or take a picture of me? >> i'll have to have you put your thumb on it. >> my head is going to explode. >> i think it is going to be a pain. i don't want my secret thumb print being stored in a device. >> they already know everywhere you have been and everything you have done. thank you nsa. find out what making deposits into the love bank can do for your marriage. deposits into the love bank can do for your marriage. and young women are sacrificing so much today deposits into the love bank can do fwithout thinking of their own satisfaction. really? you're sacrificing that gorgeous complexion for this?
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10:16 am
nothing to say. i have nothing to say. if you have ever wondered what the secret to holding a relationship together some say it is the love bank. >> if you are making more withdrawals than deposits trouble can be come your way. >> here to help us balance the account. so good to see you both. >> you are calling it a love
10:17 am
bank. >> absolutely. >> that's the term we are using. what is the general concept here? >> i think you have your relationship. you have a ratio between positive and negative interactions in your relationship. every day you want to depositt positive interactions and do not want to withdraw through negative interactions. you are sitting with your partner, listening, talking, smiling. that is a positive interaction. >> and even something like teasing is negative. >> teasing can be positive if you are making it fun. the point is more deposits than withdrawals. all couples fight. >> is this going to get you through tough times? >> i think what this encourages people to do is think about their relationships the way they think about money. think about how often we sit down with our partners and decide are we going to buy something, can we afford this?
10:18 am
can we go on that dinner or that date? if you took that time to think about your relationship you would have a much stronger one. >> have you ever sat with a couple at dinner going at each other and they don't realize they are doing it? it becomes part of the conversation. that kind of negativity can take care of your life. >> that is a withdrawal from the love bank. you have to be mindful. if you tend to be critical or you and your spouse spar with each other you have to turn it back and say how can i be pleasant? >> and just think before you say something. we are so spontaneous that we say something without thinking. >> do you think some things are such big withdrawals it is hard to ever turn back? like infidelity? >> anthony weiner made a big withdrawal. that bankrupted the bank. >> and not seeing her through it
10:19 am
and it makes you wonder if it is over. >> couples that are stuck in sex ruts and haven't been intimate in three weeks. >> two months, a year. that is also a withdrawal. that is a great deposit you can make. >> it is true there is all kinds of intimacy. some people can't have sex anymore and yet they are very intimate in their relationship. billy graham once said to me so we continue our romance with our eyes. and i thought there is something to be learned from that, as well. >> it is beautiful. i was reading about this. just as you have like a joint account with your partner i think you have your own individual account with yourself that you need to deposit into. you need to have your friends, interests and hobbies. >> what do you do about a friend? just always, always takes.
10:20 am
>> i think that can be very exhausting. when you have a friend who is a real taker. sometimes you have to have a talk with them. you have to have a balanced relationship. relationships that aren't balanced -- >> you think they don't realize it? >> i think they don't realize it. >> some relationships work because one is the giver and one is the taker. >> it has to be everyone is happy and everything is okay with it. back to friendships, in relationships the friendships are so important and you are not always going to have sex. when you have the strong relationship and friendship i think you can withstand some of the hard times. >> thank you for all of the information. >> we hope that did well in the ratings. talk about relationship makers and breakers, can a modern wife live a happy life if she is what if we took all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up at this produce stand in the heart of grape country? it's a fresh-over!
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10:24 am
it is fashion week in new york which brings to mind a question, are you ready? which supermodel was valedictorian of her high school? heidi klum, cindy crawford or tira banks. we are going to answer that question. >> i think i know. >> cindy crawford. >> and can a type a wife give up
10:25 am
control and play second fiddle to her husband. >> it is mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan?
10:26 am
♪ yowithout thinking officing sotheir own satisfaction. really? you're sacrificing that gorgeous complexion for this? um... it's the playoffs! enough with the sacrificing. start here... light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, twice the protein and ps 80 calories. it's a home run right? light & fit greek. ♪ dannon! go cougars! >> it is 10:26 now. good morning. crews are gaining serious ground on the brush fire on mount diablo. the so-called morgan fire is now 70% contained. fire officials have also revised the total number of acres burned
10:27 am
to about 3100. that's down approximately 100 acres. yesterday all evacuation orders were lifted m area. cal fire now says it expects to have the fire fully contained by friday by the weekend. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
>> welcome back now. the time 110:28 brsh taking a look live at the golden gate bridge. a lot of people were out here earlier. -jjtr'g over the bridge. 12:45 today. looking good out there. 56 degrees in san francisco.
10:29 am
only about 83 in gilroy, and 75 on the way to fremont as we head throughout this upcoming weekend, it is the final full weekend of summer. i'll have your full forecast today at 11:00. let's check your drive once more. here's mike. >> it's been a crazy busy one all around the bay, and we've had -- midday we'll see this big rush hour going in toward that midday traffic. it will continue into the city for that midday game. look at the maps. slow still at the coliseum. things can stretch out through the rest of 880 and north 101. it's been a trouble spot up towards 808 and then the merge, and continues up towards great america parkway. back to you. >> all right, mike. as you know, the nation pauses to remember those killed in the 9/11 attacks. this includes the san francisco fire department, which like many other stations across the nation, mark the 12-years since the terrorist attack. the remembrance ceremony took place around 7:00 this morning at all 43 fire stations in san francisco. we'll take you to other local
10:30 am
ceremonies. that's comithr' a half hour at 11:00. we hope to see you then. we are back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we want to play who knew? we are taking a look at fun fashion facts. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store. she is ready to give out $100 for those who get it right. here to help me out in the studio is tv host and fashion lifestyle expert loise roe. we asked a question. which supermodel was a valedictorian of her high school? heidi klum, cindy crawford or tira banks. >> i said cindy crawford. >> you were right, as usual.
10:31 am
>> very smart lady. which brand is behind the first ever pair of blue jeans? >> i want to say levi. >> yeah, smart girl. >> 1872. can you believe that? it's nuts. he was a german immigrant. came to america as a dry goods salesman and made a pair of jeans and killed it. >> still killing it. >> which of the following supermodels is the top paid model of 2013 according to the forbes list? >> i'm going to see a, kate moss. >> a was kate upton. you were wrong twice. >> the correct answer gizelle. >> $42 million.
10:32 am
tom brady apparently got 38. they are doing okay. >> from ohio. what happened in the sex and the city episode when carry bradshaw was asked to modelal in a fashion show? >> i will take a cd. >> okay. excellent. everyone has a story. >> i like when she sings. this is a classic moment. >> we all remember it. she absolutely stacked it. there it is. goner. and then heidi klum who plays herself walks over her and she is deemed fashion road kill forever. >> this lady is from the oregon coast. finish the lyrics to this 1990 madonna hit. ♪ i know a place where you can
10:33 am
get away before the dance floor ♪ ♪ i'll take a cd. >> it's a great day for me. >> let's hear it. ♪ let your body move to the music ♪ >> you have to vogue. >> that was such a -- >> 1990? >> no it wasn't. it was that long ago. also from the oregon coast, when did the first new york fashion week take place? >> 1939. >> no. >> has anyone gotten the money? >> no. >> she sounded so sure. >> the correct answer was 1943. eleanor lambert decided to start the week. >> wonderful lady from south carolina.
10:34 am
authorer lauren weisberger's experience at what magazine inspired the book? >> vogue. >> that was a great movie. >> meryl streep, ann hathaway. >> tell us about your television show. >> at the moment i am filming star pop. >> thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. could you take a back seat to your husband and still survive your marriage? one woman has and she is going to tell us what it is all about. [ baby crying ] shh, shh, shh. ♪ [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever, you raise her spirits. we took away her ear ache, you kept the midnight watch. we reduced his teething pain, you turn up his smile.
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10:38 am
♪ i'll stand by you ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. the word submission makes some blush especially after "fifty shades of gray" became so popular. >> the word means more to one woman who wondered if she could live a happy life while being a submissive wife and loyal to her husband. >> a one year experiment and its liberating results. it's great to see you. >> we should point out you are type a. you like to drive the bus and your husband is a type b personality. >> which sounds like it could be the makings of a lovely marriage
10:39 am
and it was. you have a good marriage. >> absolutely. >> what made you want to make this experiment in your life? >> my faith is so, so important to me. it is one of the areas in the bible that i kind of tried to ignore for so long like a lot of women. i wanted to see could you be biblically submissive. >> the problem is with the word and misinterpretation of the word. tell us what submissive biblically means. >> it doesn't mean door mat. for me what i learned during this year that it is very much being more selfless and putting somebody else first and finding ways that we can show love and kindness. >> tell us particular things you have done that you had to change.
10:40 am
what difficult things did you have to switch? >> i learned how to edit my words. you really want to say something. maybe it is not so good to say that right now. >> maybe a better time. >> absolutely. >> that is wisdom. >> what else did you do? >> i learned to ask a lot more questions. it was so tempting to say we should do this or that. >> like the house. >> we were looking at a house and buying it. i gave him the leeway to say which one do you want. we'll go with that one. >> even though it wasn't the one. >> we should point out your husband is in the military so you have to be in control of a lot of things when he is deployed. that takes a shift. you have to be charles in charge until charles gets home. >> this is about the heart. this is about an attitude. when you are looking at giving towards somebody that giving comes back, too. the more i supported him the more support he gave me. >> a lot of men like to quote
10:41 am
that scripture at their lives. they don't like the one that comes before it, husbands, love your wife. >> biblical submission is voluntary. it is an instruction for the wife to choose to do. men are instructed to love like christ loved the church. >> let's see how many of them are doing that. >> it is really a terrific book. >> thank you so much. are you losing that summer glow? >> i need my zen bronze. glow? >> i need my zen bronze. what you shothe baby's in there? yep. how'd that happen? um... [ female announcer ] some things are hard for kids to digest.
10:42 am
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or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
10:45 am
if the end of summer gets you bummed out because the glow is about to hit the hills we have good news. >> there are ways to keep that fresh face into the fall. >> nice to be back.
10:46 am
thank you very much for having me. >> you can hang on. we need to get rid of all of your expired products. i love this but it is separated at the bottom. >> 2011. shame on me. >> it doesn't have the date. >> it smells funky. >> this smells funny now because this is expired, as well. just the fact that it is brown and yellow on the outside you shouldn't put that on your eye lashes. this package is curling. >> look at the soap. >> it's soap. >> no, no, no. >> this the expiration date, as shiny and new as it looks you should say no and you should never be putting anything orally in your mouth that is expired, too, by the way. >> what are you looking at me for. >> i resent that. the next thing is
10:47 am
exfoliation. exfoliation rules. >> look at that. >> it smells yummy. we are going to put this on gale, my lovely model today. it exfoliates wonderfully well. this is gauze from our lovely -- and then this hydro mask. the body masks stay on for eight to ten minutes. the masks for the face stays on for two to four minutes. this is available at the doctor's office. >> this gets rid of dead skin. >> it beautifully exfoliates. you don't want to leave that on gale. >> and then you have to moisturize. and then these are more moisturizers right here. kathie lee, can i borrow your lovely hand? >> yes. >> you want to see the consistency. >> she has the smallest wrists
10:48 am
ever. i have never seen anything like that. >> you want to hydrate because you are going to start to get dry now. >> let's bronze. >> we can extend the summer glow. we can extend it with the jergens. you exfoliate first and bronze. >> this can be used on face and body. the urban decay has bronzers for the face. we want to think about vitamins. i take a prescription multi vitamin every day. i definitely recommend it. here are some common vitamins and even vitamins for your skin. this evens out your skin tone. it is a fantastic one. my patients love it. i'll give you that one after the segmen >> shet. doesn't wait.
10:49 am
she doesn't wait. >> stop me out the door. >> let's not forget about sunscreen. 77% of the sun rays penetrate through the clouds even on a cloudy day. so the bottom line is we have to put it on year round, regardless of ethnicity. >> use sunscreen. >> oh, my gosh. >> why this "scandal" actress and other women are up to something good. >> you can be too. >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
every year self magazine honors inspirational women making a difference in the world globely, nationally and in their communities. >> when she is not playing quin she volunteers for the lollipop theater network. >> marla is the founder of water first. >> and lucy is the editor in
10:53 am
chief of self magazine. and hoda woman is emceeing your event tonight. >> i have to say it is a spectacular event. you spot light inspirational women and makes you feel like you are doing nothing with your life when you are done emceeing that event. >> she walks the dog. >> that's enough. >> you are a busy actress. you are working with this lollipop theater i was just learning about it. >> it is an organization that brings movies that are currently in the theater to children confined in the hospitals. it is a hollywood experience. we roll out the red carpet and have hair and makeup stylists come in. that is me and my husband. it is something i really believe in. i was a nanny for a long time before scandal. i knew when scandal came about i wanted to make sure i did something with kids and doing what i love.
10:54 am
>> look at marla over here. >> it's so funny. >> you are one of these people, fresh drinking water we turn on the faucet and leave the room and don't think twice about it but it struck accord with you. >> definitely. as we are sitting here hundreds and millions of women and girls are carrying heavy containers of water home for miles to drink. 5,000 children die every day. women and children have no time to go to school and take care of their families. >> the whole time is taken up going to get water. >> people it in their cushy living rooms and go that is awful and they turn away and go about their business. how do you try to get people in? >> i think it is easy when they see the issue and see that it impacts every aspect of a poor
10:55 am
person's life. >> digging a well in any of those villages changes everything. >> an immediate and transforming effect. people have described it to me as god touching the earth. >> lucy, you picked some really cool and interesting people. some famous. there will be some familiar faces tonight. >> hundreds and hundreds of women are sent in and we choose the six causes that really have made a difference. sitting at home in your own kitchen you think how can i make a difference? i think turn a passion into action. the key word is doing. we all think good thoughts. these women do something every day. any little thing, a soup kitchen or food drive, coat drive, bake sale, tell your friends and get involved and jump in. take one little action in your community and you will be a
10:56 am
woman doing good. >> and you are honoring a bunch of people. >> through building schools. and we have a woman who started a charity where a girl be heard, they script their lives. it is a really special event. and i just have to thank you all for doing good and making us feel good just for bringing the spot light to it. >> it was like this little event how many years ago? >> six years ago. thank you for being involved. >> you do bring awareness to breast cancer every year. and you do good. what we can do as a media organization is allow all of us to know about your work and give to your charity and try to do good in our own lives. >> congratulations. we'll see you tonight. so tomorrow ricky gervais
10:57 am
and actor curt cameron with us. >> and singer janel
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm john kelly. >> i'm marla teyez. a somber morning as america remembers 9/11. it's now been 12 years since that devastating terrorist attack. as is the case every year, victims from new york, washington, and rural pennsylvania were honored early this morning. nbc bay area's jay gray is at the world trade center site where close to 3,000 victims were remembered. >> their names read loud by family and friends who only paused at the exact time the


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