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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking news. two people dead, towns evacuated and a university campus shut down as flash flooding drenches the colorado county overnight. new details just coming in, next. >> and the next step says the cries is in syria continues to unfold. we'll tell you about the high profile talk that has secretary of state john kerry touching down in geneva. >> and only on nbc, was a homicide near the san jose state campus vigilante justice. what one source is telling us what may have happened moments before a deadly shooting. >> i'm meteorologist christina loren. thick fog forcing flight delays out of sfo. we'll let you know what that means for your morning drive and more importantly, i've got your weekend forecast coming up in less than five minutes. >> in addition to the weather we have a couple of crashes to report now. one coming in to fremont, another through san jose. we'll show you the shake-up for 101 and 880 coming up.
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>> let's give you a picturesque look of san francisco, the embarcadero, illuminate forward the sun arrives on this thursday t day before friday for the record, september 12, this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. we have breaking news from overnight in colorado where two people are now dead after heavy rains spark a big time rush of flash flooding. this is in boulder county. one of those deaths appears to be due to a building collapse. the sheriff deputies have not been able to reach the area due to mudslides and rock slides with all of that rain washing everything around. we understand homes have been washed away in the flooding and several towns now under evacuation orders. there are reports of people being trapped inside and on top
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of their cars. the flooding is so bad the university of colorado in boulder has closed its campus for the day due to all of this severe weather and the rain is nonstop. about 400 people have been evacuated from housing on campuses. >> 6:02. the crisis in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland this morning meeting with his russian counterpart to discuss the next step for syria. we have new video of kerry arriving. he is expected to push russian leaders to establish a detailed plan to collect and destroy syria's chemical weapons. syria agreed to surrender its stock pile this week. president obama warned the u.s. is prepared to launch an airstrike against syria if diplomacy fails. >> russian president putin making a direct appeal to the american public in a unique and sometimes strange open end
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column. he published this saying a u.s. strike would only cause more violence. in the letter, putin says there is no doubt that poisonous gas was used in syria, but he's arguing it may have come from opposition forces and not the syrian army. >> 6:03. closer to home the man being held for a shooting on the san jose state campus is scheduled to be in court. his first appearance coming as we investigate claim this is could be a case of vigilante justice. marla tellez joins us live from the courthouse this morning with detail you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect in this case is in for quite a day. first of all he has his first court appearance at the court house this afternoon. that's for his arraignment. he could also be formally charged with a homicide. that has yet to happen as the district attorney's office is still reviewing this case.
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we can tell you that sources tell us the victim, 47-year-old daniel winslow, may have been breaking into cars when he was allegedly shot and killed by 62-year-old craig yuhara. this happened outside the tennis courts which is on san jose state proxt our sources say that he caught winslow in the act of stealing or burglarizing a car. we asked police if vigilanteism was involved. >> i don't have any etails on that. if that is part of the investigation, the investigators will be able to put that together for the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the victim does have a criminal past a rap sheet that includes car theft, animal cruelty, drug possession and carrying a gun. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:30 this
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afternoon. marla tellez, "today in the bay." highway 92 near the san mateo bridge is open after a crash that snarled traffic for hours. you can see the lights. lanes on the highway reopening before 1:00 this morning. about 8:00 last night a big rig hit a disabled car blocking the road. that truck then spilled. the chp tells us there were some minor injuries but nobody seriously hurt. they do not bleefl alcohol or drugs played part in the crash. >> a bill to create an early morning system for e is moving forward. the bill passed and is now headed for a vote by the full assembly wli. if passed it would expand a warning system already in place
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in southern california. during testing it provided a 30-second warning before an earthquake. it's expected to cost $80 million. coming up at 8:65, how one is playing a role. >> a bill regulating fracking is heading to the governor's desk. senate bill would require firms to notify neighbors about planned wells and release information about the chemicals being used. fracking is a practice that involves shattering shale rock by using a combination of highly pressurized water and chemical. the government is expected to sign it. >> they are trying to save two dozen trees from being chopped down. they are asking the city to
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reverse its decision of issuing tree removal permits to the homeowners association. the board wants to remove 32 red wood trees because it says they were improperly planted and could cause damage to the area when they are fully groan. residents contain the removal is unnecessary. the city will hold a hearing. >> 6:07. this is a day like to refero as friday eve. put you in the weekend spirit. talk about another nice one out there. >> it's going to be nice. just because it isn't monday, already makes it nice. you're right, jon. we're so close to the weekend. and temperatures are mild to kick off a thursday morning. throughout this afternoon it's going to be a little on the warm side inland but not until the heat of the day. highs this time of year at about 3:30, 4:00. in san jose we're starting with the 60s. a blanket of low clouds.
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that's trapping in the warmth. the sun is starting to make an appearance. you're going to have to wait for it at the coast and around the bay. hour by hour like this. today in the bay in the 70s inland and bayside around noon at 65 at the coast, 68 degrees in the heat of the day there. we have a lot of action heating up out there on the san francisco bay with america's cup finals back out there again. winds play more of a factor throughout this afternoon. i'll take you through the forecast coming up. right now a look at your drive. >> we'll see how things are shapingp. at the san mateo bridge smooth drive across that span, as you travel westbound that's your headlights, we're picking up a few more headlights. the maps show you it's not a major issue and as jon told you that earlier crash and spill has cleared that was there last night. a smooth drive across the dumbarton bridge. getting there is a problem south in toward union city and fremont. south 80 gums up because just
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before you get to the off ramp that will take to you the dumbarton bridge, you lose two, maybe three lanes now. because of this crash. no details on the injuries but we have an ambulance called to the scene. a lot of commotion on the chp report. that's why you see that slowing. if you can take city street goes for some of the other large roadways. traffic on 880 two lanes out of four through the area. northbound 101 gumming up as you travel up to the montague expressway. another that might be the same report because they are in the same area. that could be a second crash approaching the area north of 880. and already a slower drive off 680 up to mckeys so montague to 680. the rest of your northbound routes are okay. as the morning continues we may see the ripple effect over to north 280. that will be an issue. a live look outside shows you the bay bridge. the backup here because the
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metering lights are on. all of the lanes fill in. the lanes off to the left, the cash lanes in the bottom of the screen. those are the later ones to till up. we have a backup. now coming skyway a new crash so a lot going on. >> coming up the blue waters of hawaii turning brown. we'll tell you how more than 200,000 gallons of sticky molasses wound up getting dumped in the honolulu harbor. why cleaning it up may not be an presidential. >> reporter: good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live on the bay for what's got to be one of the most luxurious yacht races.
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good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at the embarcadero. and some of the ships out there, yachts to be specific. they are all getting ready for a big race. you see that bright light at the end of the yachts? that's our own bob redell out there live. what a shining star we have in him. >> bob is a lot taller. in the south bay a lot slower than it looks from this shot. a little farther north from the 101/680 we have crashes reported. another over as you approach the dumbarton bridge. we'll show you how things are shaping up. >> thank you. major flooding in colorado, it has been very rough out there. two people now dead. and others left stranded. emergency responders there say
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they cannot rescue a lot of the stranded people because there are so many roads blocked. >> secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland meeting with russia's foreign minister. kerry will be testing russia's resolve to enforce syria's promise to surrender its chemical weapons totm international authority. president obama has said that the u.s. is read the pursue action if syria does not keep its word. >> leaders focusing on the national budget. deadlines again looming for congress to try and pass a new budget, then raise that debt limit if there is no decision on the budget the government could eebeffectively shut down october 1. >> no one seems to like the way business is looking at the men's warehouse. >> the company firsting its first report since firing scott zimmer. >> the company says earnings
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fell more than or almost 30%. this is the first quarterly report for men's warehouse since firing its founder and ceo. part of the problem may have been the calendar this year. the company says proms came earlier this year that pushed profits from tux rentals into the first quarter instead of the second. shares in apple fell more than 25 dollars as investors continue to worry the iphone v not cheap enough for emerging markets. carl icahn disagrees, buying more apple stock. he says it's a bargain. yesterday we were talking about preorders of the iphone c that start home. midnight continue a. viewer pointed out it sounds as if iphone s would also be available for preorder. they are not taking preorders on the s. there may be people in line a week from friday for the new
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iphone at stores. if you are one of those who absolutely must have the latest iphone you have the iphone 5. the 5c is not improvement. you're not going to be in line to pick up a 5c. we have data on first time jobless claims on paper they look great, under 300,000. two states failed to up grade their computer software. one small, one big. we can assume texas. >> that would be the2ym assumpt. >> bigger in texas. >> 6:16 now. that's right. on a thursday morning strike up the band for the america's cup. team oracle usa hoping chain will do them good, they are looking to get back in the competition. >> today there is bob redell live in san francisco with all of the details plus an inside look at another unique race on
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the bay. >> reporter: laura and jon, most of the attention is on the america's cup final races 6 and 7 taking place later today. the kiwis are leading by five wins. there is another race that involves ships like that, that's the athena, she is 295 feet long, beautiful yacht. so basically you got these people who own these killer boats and they don't know where to race them so come here? >> exactly. they race all over the world. we've got one link to the then you get a full spectrum of sailing. >> you've got seven super yachts, 82 feet this boat south of 300.
6:18 am
how did a 300 food measure up. >> just to keep it even, sort of handicap. >> a handicap. what is it like when you compare us to the ac-72 going four times the speed, they are more tactilp i guess the word, these are what, more graceful. >> the classic style of racing, they go through a lot of the maneuvers. you get beauty and the style. >> they do go out past the golden gate bridge? >> not yet. we've been racing in the bay. >> that would be tomorrow on friday, the third and final race. >> friday is the final. >> people come out to the location of the america's cup park, they can see them. >> duck out at about 11 chirt,
6:19 am
then there is a fries at 5:30. >> what is the prize? >> it's a beautiful antique trophy photograph garows. >> so the super yacht regatta tomorrow and you're going to see beautiful stipes, that mast is just south of -- 198 feet. they have 20 to 40. the america's cup final races today. 1:15, 2:15. remember, team oracle down by five mins so it's one of those days people wonder if they can break the momentum. >> thank you. and bob's always been cool but out by the yacht, the stud factor goes through the roof. >> it looks like a beautiful
6:20 am
morning. >> a look at the forecast. >> he was bobbing along out there. we have wind starting to pick up especially out in the extreme east bay. this is coming off the ocean carrying in the cool pacific air. we have plenty of low clouds spanning all the way inland. this is what we are expecting. if you are out in san francisco, 63 to kick off the morning. and this afternoon it's going to be on the warm i'd. if you are headedysg throughou bring the sun screens and the shade. at the time your tevo, all that rags starts at 1:00 p.m. as we head throughout day this is what we expect. in the mid-60s. we'll see a pretty good amount of cloud cover until 8:00 a.m. thud it should -- this is what we're looking for.
6:21 am
by about noon mostly sunny for the greater bay area and temperatures just about the same. 86 on the way to livermore. 78 right here in san jose. 67 in san francisco. once you cross that bay bridge you'll hid about 76 degrees. i know what you want. that weekend forecast. full weekend of summertime. fall is moving in quickly. we're looking good for your beach plans. let's check your drive. you're my captain mike. >> thank you. i prefer camommodore. these roadways, no major problems except for 101. series of crashes has happened over the last half hour. and now most of them have cleared, the latest is because of this crash at montague. in that a second crash reported.
6:22 am
it caused all of this jam. southbound 880 also very slow. a sigalert was called for ten minutes. as far as the clearing all lanes now clear. slowdown out of hayward and approaching the area, newark and fremont. all lane cleared. the san mateo and the dumbarton moving smoothly. we'll show you oakland for 880. once you get to the maze slowings then the coal plaza. it's not the upper deck, it's the only deck. that's a nice easy drive. >> 6:22. more than 200,000 cal lons of momah says spilled into the harbor warter. what kind of imagine it's doing
6:23 am
and why the cleanup may not be an option. it's halloween time my frightful fiends,
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6:26 am
killed or threatened by that spill which happened after a molasses pipeline started leaking on monday. now the state says people should stay out of the water in case sharks and eels come into the harbor to feed on the dead fish. the department of health says it has sunk to the bottom of the harbor. >> much more ahead "today in the bay." details on the crisis in syria. we dig deeper into john kerry's talks. that's coming up in a live report. >> and the career change for prince william. what is next for the new father.
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this is in boulder county, colorado this morning. hard to make out from this shot. it is live and happening right now at the scene. they have been having such a problem with massive flooding in that area, the university of colorado is completely shut down today. they have 400 to 500 students displaced. people reporting so much flooding in that area. two people had died as a result. >> moments ago they pulled somebody out of that, they were having trouble because of all of the rain getting to people. they were able to get to one person so a person was saved. and we've got video of that. that reporter there on scene. moments as we said live. we saw that. a person being taken out of the water. again, live tv. >> gives you a glimpse of reporters getting ready out there for their live shots as well. what they are having a problem with is all of the flooding it's happened over a period of about three days. the monsoonal storms making their way through the area. and it actually is rocking the foundations of homes so much
6:30 am
some are collapsing. that's how one person perished. >> some people trapped in cars, they have not been able to get to them because so many roads collapsed. the rain has been nonstop. we'll keep you posted as we continue to get information from our affiliate in denver. >> a lot going on. the next step in the crisis in syria high level meeting being held in switzerland. secretary of state john kerry just arrived in geneva to broker a deal that would put syria's chemical weapons under international control. tracie potts monitoring the meetings from washington, d.c. this is a very big step, tracie, in preventing a u.s. military strike. will it work? >> well, it's really just the beginning. it is a big step but the problem is we've got to get down to specifics and that's why secretary of state kerry has travelled to geneva, he arrived several hours ago, to sit down with the russian foreign minister. each have technical teams with them because now as one senior
6:31 am
state department put thet have to get to the nitty-gritty, how do you security these weapon, how much security is involved, who is going to be in charge of that. where are the weapons, how do you make sure all are included and then according to one report russia wants syria to be involved in deciding where those are disposed of. if they can work all of these things out then it's the beginning of a workable plan. president putin of russia issuing an op end in the new york times directly to the american people urging the u.s. not to strike to forget about the missiles, forget the strikes but the rebels this morning are saying that the strikes are needed to punish the syrian government and new this morning, confirmation from u.s. officials that our cia has been supplying the rebels with weapons though they insist it probably won't tip the balance of the civil war that's going on right now.
6:32 am
>> one to watch. thank you. let's get you back to the breaking news out in colorado near boulder. this is unbelievable scene. rain over the last few day, torrential downpours. you see the car stuck in the water. one car flipped on its top. crews were able to save a person that was trapped inside. it has been difficult because of all of the rain and the ground giving way. >> they are saturated as you can see from the roadway just crumbling below it. and the cars being washed awaxt re accuse teams are going a tough time to try to even reach some of these people. look how the road is gone. >> caved in. the ground giving way. the denver affiliate out there, dwen reporting two people have died because of this rain.
6:33 am
a body was found floating in water. this is a high end emergency situation and very fluid as they try to corral this. you can't tropical these rains so they are at the mercy of when they can have movement and take care of it. unbelievable how the ground collapsed. >> a look from boulder, colorado, university of colorado is shut down the campus. 400 to 500 students are displaced, nowhere to go. they had that massive rain for three days. before that they had really hot temperatures. it's the monsoonal storm. >> what you can't see is that it's very warm throughout. the humidity levels are up. it's been an active monsoon season. they are getting a break but later on all need is that
6:34 am
daytime heating. more thunderstorms expected in that region. for us quite the contrary. the dry heat as returned. 63 in san francisco to saturday, at 62 in napa, and temperatures down in the south bay mild. that's a ridge of high pressure it's prom pressing what we do have. it's going to stick around at the coast at least on the ocean side. beautiful conditions headed your way. 78 at noon, 86 degrees in the eat of the day. our highs, even sitting the upper 60s because of that mild start. let's find out if the fog or drizzle is impacting your drive. >> no reports of anything from chp. from what we see9t8ñ those low clouds, may be mist, watch the slick roads as well.
6:35 am
no major issues. the biggest is backup at the bay bridge toll .bbñmassa. all lanes to the left as you approach the toll massa. that keeps things moving. we look at the map. the upper 50s and that's not so bad. slowing past cutting boulevard from an earlier crash. the mace moves slicely. it's jammed from 92 at the san man down to the dumbarton. we had 304 lanes blocked for some time. heading down into fremont out of union city. we look over here to the south bay and the northbound routes from 101 bogging down as well. this is the issue, earlier crashes have cleared. the last of them, 680 up to
6:36 am
montague. the lighter traffic keep things. >> we're getting word of breaking news from overnight. police investigating a possible road rages incident that injure was to teens. this happened about 11:00 last night. shot spotter was notified. somebody pulled up to the house in a newerve honda and shot, fired shots at a 17 and 16-year-old. officers have not said exactly what may have led up to the road rage and this incident. both of those teens we are happy to report they did survive or they are expected to survive. we do now have a crew on the way and we'll have a lye live report as soon as we get there. >> a man accused of running naked, attacking people along the way is expected to be in court. he is facing charges of false imprisonment, battery and sexual
6:37 am
battery. he is believed to be the man in this video taken on may 10. on the 16th street b.a.r.t. station. he is accused of attacking a b.a.r.t. employee. >> 6:37. a lot more coming up on "today in the bay." prince william making a career change. just had a baby, now out in the work force. what's next for the future king and his family. >> and the pope gets a new ride. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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new this morning we are just now getting word prince william has left the british military after more than seven years of service. the royal air force said the duke of cambridge completed his last shift as a search and rescue pilot tuesday. kensington palace office says he would now focus on royal duties and was considering a number of options for public service. prince william and his wife and son are expected to move into their official residence at kensington palace in the next few weeks. >> a tough time with all of those diapers. pope francis has a new vehicle. this is a 1984 renault 4, it's a manual shift but it does have a
6:41 am
new engine so that's sharp. the vatican says pope francis does plan to drive the car and use it for little short commutes around the vatican grounds. that would be cool. can't wait to see video of him. >> perfect color. >> it is very appropriate. >> 6:41. coming up an update to the breaking news we're following. two dead, buildings washed away and a university campus shut down as flash floods drench the county. >> new video of a water rescue in boulder. you can see the truck and the car just lost in that. we have the dramatic video. >> the cheap iphone got cheaper. we'll look at business. >> we're about 10 minutes from our official sunrise. you have to wait to see it in san francisco. flight delays and major delays
6:42 am
on the east coast. we'll take you through your full forecast coming up. >> a nice look at the san mateo bridge but delays getting here as well as the dumbarton. a different look for the backup. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box. arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. make it a triple scoop. dreyer's ice cream is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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welcome back everybody. we have an update to breaking news in colorado. two people now dead after extremely heavy rain sparked flash flooding in boulder county. one person died when a home collapsed, but the sheriff's deputies, they have not been able to reach that area0a' due the mud and all of the rock slides happening. we understand homes have been washed away in this flooding. several towns there now under evacuation orders. there is also reports of people being trapped inside and on top of cars. >> sheets of water coming down.
6:45 am
our newsroom showing a road collapse and cars submerged. we're told a person was pulled from one of those cars. was actually alive but it took a while to try to get to them because the road above is saturated and it collapsed. >> swallowed up in that. the flooding is so bad right now that the university of colorado in boulter has closed, shut down its campus today due to all of this severe weather and the heavy rain. we can tell you about 400 to 500 people have been evacuated from housing on the campus. a lot of people not knowing what to do. >> we'll continue to keep our eyes on that. closer to home, highway 92 near the san mateo bridge now back open after a crash.
6:46 am
lanes reopened just before 1:00 this morning. around 8:00 a big rig hit a disablged car. the truck spilled fuel on the road and that is what forced the there were minor injuries but no one went to the hospital. they don't believe alcohol or drugs played a part. >> a scary scene here, east palo alto police investigating a possible road rages in dhaent injure was to teens. this happened about 11:00. near the village shopping center, somebody pulled up to the nous in a silver honda and shot at a 17 and 16-year-old outside of that house. officers at this point have not said exactly what happened out on the road to lead up to this. we can tell you both are
6:47 am
expected to survive. we have a grew minutes away. new details as soon as they get there. >> investigators will continue to search for what could have sparked this week's wild fire. just before the fire started several neighbors herald what they thought were target practice gun shops. cal fire says a gun shot is one of a million possibilities at this point. right now the fire is 70% contained. >> that is good news. those firefighters battling this back getting it under control. tell bus what weather we can look at heading to a beautiful weekend? >> it's so slos. a lot of people do like the take fridays off. it's going to be rough for travel, we have delays out of sfo about an hour an 10 minutes.
6:48 am
we have pretty strong thunderstormsd8 in the area sou want to check throughout ta day. delays at this hour. talk about what we expect here at home we have a little drizzle. you can see flashes of green on your radar. keep that in mind, give yourself extra time. he is standing by. we'll take through your changes. we stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. low clouds all the way inland that means a comfortable day ahead f. you like yesterday about the same as what we expect for today. mostly sunny conditions, a lot more sunshine on the way side than in the city. if you are coming in from marin county, count on drizzly conditions. 83 in concord, 76 for oakland and 67 degrees in san francisco. here in san jose, 78rs÷ degrees. hard to beat that for the final one of the final days of summertime. we kick off fall is coming in
6:49 am
quickly. for this weekend temperatures are going to be comfortable for your beach hans. i think a lot of people for one last hurrah. >> that's going to be a drama. make sure you watch that. looking here, it's not gra ma put a good steady volume. it's been an issue. this is the grow es stretch. 680 there is another crash. slow from actually up to 880 and montague. we had earlier crashes and that caused this to back up that might have send more over to 280. just start kicking in for the south bay, 87, 85 and 280 start to show the speeds coming into the upper 50s in a typical spot. we're looking to the area for out 880.
6:50 am
it was blocking three out of four dlans. that has cleared to the how woulder but we're just starting to see recovery. 23 tight hayward. that's the pipal effect slow coming off of that castro valley "y." the column see traffic, an easy drive. you pass the high rise, then into downtown without problems with an image provide freeway. we look at the toll plaza. the backup usually we see it,ine meaning ever since that new span opened. we see the lanes going back to the end of the parking lot. that's metty pruch the pattern. >> you would like to learn the pattern. scientists at bay area university could help us know when an earthquake is coming mosts before it starts.
6:51 am
new details on how the earthquake warning system would work. >> reporter: good morning. there is a bill considered in sacramento today that would direct the office of emergency services to start working with institutions like uc workly on an early warning system for earthquakes. basically they let california's know that within 30 second, maybe longer an earthquake was coming. it up and down the state and the technology to detect how strong it mitt be and to trigger that. a bill is offered by senator. they can estimate the risk of a quake but looking for a solid way to determine when that might strike. the system has been developing a system but federal dollars aren't there yet for construction of this. one company says the state's
6:52 am
quek nolg isn't fast enough. the is us until 2015. could include grants, bonds and federal funds. estimated to cost about $80 million. >> thanks, christie. >> 6:52. walmart says it will put the apple iphone on kale. >> is it, for these can you get. >> 10 pds less. it will sell the apple 5 c, add at a runt. what do we make of this. the iphone c isn't cheap enough and perhaps wal part agrees or walmart is giving up 10 bucks per phone for the publicity. apple shares are slightly higher
6:53 am
after losing $25 a wear wednesday. down 9% as it report add terrible quarter. disney is going to return the little mermaid to theaters in some places tomorrow. it's kernlging the kids, they play along. they call it second scream live. >> interesting. >> that was an eclectic mix of stories. walmart, and mermaid. >> beautiful stuff. once again, up early with us t bay area band striking up for team oracle. this year's america's cup
6:54 am
sailing race. >> bob is live with all of the details plus a look at another race happening on the bay. good morning. >> reporter: you've got the america's cup finals. good morning. races six and seven later today as team oracle is trying to get some sort of advantage. you have the super got regatta. they go in the 40-moot rain. you've got these here, like this is the smallest of the seven racing. this isis -- as we go down supe yacht road they get larger. harriet quigley. how big do they zbhet >> the largest we have the 295 feet but they do get a lot bigger. >> it's not the one with the red. that's a mere --
6:55 am
>> 180. >> what is it like seeing these beautiful craft out there racing. >> it's very different. very much the classic. >> it's very different. luxury add opposed to beening in the 40 naut speet. >> not going to see the quick ma movering. you've got tail of seeing them out on the bay. >> and this small dig sne. >> that is the 295? >> yes. >> and how many running this boañ> generally, about 20 to 25 that will be full time crews, then 20 to up to 40 while they are racing. >> with the super yacht, these don't come so you calm her to
6:56 am
ter two 7 and you can look at these, unfortunately, you can't door but around 1130 they will go out. tomorrow around 12:30. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> choppy out there. >> get that a lot of drop a mean. >> 6:56. christina trying to tell us what's happening outside. >> good morning to you. you made it to thursday, we're so close to that weekend. a vee of what we expect for today's race. america's cup finals, 63 degrees in the city of later on the winds pick up so each choppier. 3:00, 69, if you can't make it out there stick with us here on nbc bay area.
6:57 am
we'll pear that live. 68 degrees at the coast. today we'll check your drive with like. >> a slower drive, it pulled out my sensors. still slow down past 92 and into union city after the earlier crash kicked things off. now there is recovery close to union city and not so bad once you hit treatment. your somebody vout slowing. we told you about that. there is your south bay. a live look at palo alto shows you the peninsula with no problems northbound past university and all the way past willow. at the other university as you i proch the serve a small drive toward that scott told you about eighty you can see that in my little ger made. i'll send it back to my
6:58 am
daughter. >> a shooting leaves two teens hurt. this may have been a case of road rage. happening on farington way. that is where marla tellez has arrived on scene. she joins us live with all of the details on this investigation. who are the people the police are looking for? >> this is the home on faring on the way where this happened. according to a neighbor it went down about 11:00 when police tell me a 16 and a 17-year-old teens, they were standing in this front yard when a newer hodel honda. a man started firing. the 16 and 17-year-old were hit. the good news is both are alive today. they did survive.
6:59 am
the shooter back into the honda t if youer model andñi took off. he is an hispanic man. the motive appears to be road rage. if you have information you are asked to call east palo alto police. live in east palo alto >> we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> right now i want to take you back live out to the bay. super yacht athena. grace your eyes on this one. she is8 295 feet long, one of seven in the super yacht regatta. bob redell, our captain, has been out there all morning long.
7:00 am
. good morning, breaking news overnight. torrential rain triggers deadly flooding in colorado. one dam has broken. at least three others in danger right now. a major university closed. we're there live. we are not exceptional. that's the message from vladimir putin directly to the american people in a bold editorial in today's "new york times." as secretary of state john kerry arrives in switzerland over a key shut down. prince william makes a big announcement about his plans for the future. we'll tell you what he's giving up and why, thursday, september


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