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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> to have an african-american adorn any instrument in california for the first time in the history of this state is unusually significant. >> reporter: our other -- >> that was stephanie reporting live from the bay bridge. we wanted to show you another live picture of the bay bridge. the new name will not effect this side of the bridge, only the western span. we asked will you call it the willy brown bridge. we have done an online poll. 2% of you will say yes and 98% say no. you can give us your results and your answer on our website. you can tweet us at nbc bay
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area. you can call us. vote 1 for yes, 2 for no. several streets were closed in san jose as police chased five robbery suspects. five robbers entered a house this morning in the foothills. the sheriff's department, along with sjpd were able to track down four of the five men. that fifth suspect is still on the loose. >> i was probably there for like 45 min before i left. they were blocking off the streets. sheriffs coming through. fire department came through. >> a large area of east san jose was blocked off. schools and homes in the area were on lock down. we're learning more about the shooting death on the campus
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of a university. the district attorney says wince low and a friend were trying to retrieve a stolen truck. that's when the two men were confronted with a man with a gun. the shot hit winslow in the back. >> there's a person that's been killed. my client has had a stellar record and been employed for 45 years and no prior criminal history is now incarcerated. >> police are looking for the person who abandoned the man at san diego state university. cal fire investigators say they now know what caused the fire at mount diablo.
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jodi hernandez joins us from the fire line with the very latest. >> reporter: cal fire just announced within the hour the cause of the morgan fire was target shooting. we do know that that fire started not far from where we're standing along morgan territory road. we talked to one woman earlier in the week who saidhe heard gunfire. a spark from target shooting ignited the fire that has left much of mount diablo charred. long-time residents are trying to take in the new landscape left behind the morgan fire. >> pretty bare and black. it is just different, very stark.
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it is unfortunate. it's turned into a big charcoal. >> reporter: a mountain that was once overgrown with brush and trees changed in a flash. >> it's an area that hadn't burned since 1977 and then 3,000 acres of it became a moon skap. >> reporter: not only did the fire wipe out vegetation, but it also killed wildlife. >> 3,000 acres burned. a whole bunch of the tarantulas were killed in the fire. that's a big hit on that species. >> reporter: fire crews are working to repair and save the hillsides which are at risk for mud slides once the rainy season
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starts. >> we're going to repair bulldozer lines so water doesn't start cascading off the mountain. >> hopefully the mud slides won't be so intense they create another tragedy of some sort. >> reporter: we're back here live. residents are going to have to live with the impact of this fire for months and years. this fire was started by a target shooter. they're encouraging anyone who engages in an activity that may cause a spark to be careful. this story now coming up as generated a lot of attention. you might recall earlier this week an east bay fire crew went out to help with the morgan fire. their fire station was robbed when they left.
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piles of home baked goods now decorate the kitchen of fire station 7 in walnut creek. one resident gave the fire crew his ipad. >> we have had a steady stream of people coming to this station throughout the county offering their helping, their support. >> it was remarkable. on monday when it happened, the firefighters were shocked someone would break into their fire station. two weddings were taken and two jewelry owners are offering to replace them. a popular jersey shore spot is hit again. this time by fire. it started at the frozen custard shop at the boardwalk at seaside park. the flames have spread to other
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businesses and an amusement park called fun town pier. high winds are fueling the flames and making matters much worse. construction crews are using heavy equipment to try to stop the fire from spreading. get ready for the newest batch of bay area millionaires. twitter is going public. it has local real estate brokers drooling with anticipation. this is a huge move. how did they announce it? >> they announced it with a tweet. this is what the bay area and wall street has been waiting for. tweeter filing papers to go public and sell stock. we'll learn about how much money twitter is making and how much it plans to price stocks. facebook has been very hot
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lately. we'll keep you posted on twitters ipo plans. one stock that has done well lately is google. google is growing by announcing to lease an office in sunny vale that will hold 1,000 employees. it's stock price above $900. if you're searching for a loved one, there's an app for that. coming up tonight, we'll take you inside a bay area startup with a new way to track your kids. you may be surprised by the hollywood connection. >> thank you. a man who changed the film and recording industries has died today. ray dolby was born in portland,
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oregon and moved to the bay area. a company representative says dolby has alzheimer's and was diagnosed with leukemia. he was 80 years old. now you can be a detective. coming up, i'll show you how a new app on your smartphone can help you help federal agents catch child predators. that story coming up. >> in tonight's bay area proud, a young bay area girl has become quite the entrepreneur. how her simple lemonade stand has grown into a movement to save other children. >> that humidity stuck around for today, but we had increased sunshine at the golden gate bridge. we'll talk about how hot those temperatures will go coming up
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the hunt for child predators is expanding tonight. federal agents just got thousands of more eyes and you could be one of them. we are live at the homeland security office in san jose to explain how a new app is making it easy to enlist the public's help. >> reporter: you can download the free app. it gives you a list of the top ten child predators in the nation. one of the predators homeland security investigators need is kevin. he's wanted for possessing child pornography and sharing 100 images of child exploitation.
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the new app is the first of its kind for federal law enforcement. >> we only have so many eyes. having the public look at these suspects, they can definitely help us find them and get them apprehen apprehendsed. >> reporter: the app shows pictures of suspected child predators that have been not been identified. investigators say they will have staff monitoring the phone calls and e-mail tips that come in 24/7. a man who was shot more than 20 times by san jose police may be getting a big payout from the city. in 2011, police converged on a
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san jose and shot a man who say was brandishing a gun. it was a toy gun. he survived and sued the city. today san jose officials agreed the pay him $5 million to settle his lawsuit. what's the old phrase? think globally, but act locally. a little girl from the north bay is fighting against childhood slavery. >> many children are forced into slavery. it can be a hard concept for an educated adult to grasp. tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: vivian is very honest about what she's afraid of. roller coasters are one thing. this little girl from fairfax is busy teaching what one person is capable of.
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her mission is tonight's bay area proud. >> look. i'm shaving it. >> reporter: like many 9 year olds, vivian has energy to burn. the kind of kid for whom the phrase sitting down to lunch is often just a suggestion. still it's not just vivian's energy that has gotten her a lot of attention recently. it's her stamina. what other preteen decides to tackle an issue like childhood slavery and stick with it for two years. it was vivians who saw the picture of two brothers holding hands and carrying stones. you were shaking and weeping. >> i was inconsolable. >> reporter: her parents took
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her seriously when the 7-year-old decided to do open a lemonade stand. >> i didn't think it would get so far. >> reporter: she didn't do it for one day, or even one month, or one week. a pint sized world saving celebrity was born. >> i'm so glad i'm helping. it is the best thing in the world. i didn't think it ever would be. i thought getting a stuffed animal would be the best thing, but this really is. >> reporter: she reached her original goal of $100,000 on day 173 with her stand set up in times square. >> you did it. you have reach your goal. you're done. she said is child slavery done? we said no. she said then i'm not done. >> do you want a bottle?
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>> yes. >> reporter: she stopped setting up the stand after doing it every day for a whole year. not because her passion has waned. her goals have grown. her and her family are now bottling megastand lemonade. they have two flavors in 70 stories around the western u.s. they have raised a million dollars to get this operation off the ground. if we have learned anything about vivian, that's just to start. >> i want to help these kids. i want to end slavery. slavery is not good at all. i want to end it. >> any time you have a story like this, you wonder about the involvement of the parents. they are a team. i asked what did vivian bring to the game? he said that child's way of
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never giving up of never thinking something is not possible. vivian is dragging the lemonade stand out to the street just to sell the lemonade. she's cute and charming and passionate. >> let's follow her. in 30 years, maybe she'll be governor of california. let's get a check of our forecast now. >> we did have that humidity lingering around for us today. tomorrow, we'll continue with hotter temperatures. we'll have more on that coming up. with this humidity, we're getting a ton of rainfall up into denver. let's get a look at some video coming in from boulder, colorado. two people have died.
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some of the worst river flooding north of denver. flash flooding roaring throughout parts of denver and the boulder region. this is expected to continue over the next three to four days. back here at home, we have those continued sunny skies for us. cloud cover at the coastline tomorrow. fog for the bay. by 11:00 a.m., it will be close to burn back by the coast. plenty of sunshine and low to mid 70s coming our way. the marine layer is up to 2,000 feet right now. we'll take you into the golden gate bridge. there's a lot of blue sky.
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overall temperatures as we head throughout friday will start to go up a little bit here. not too much for the south bay. 83 in morgan hill. 86 in gilroy. east bay, temperatures trying to get closer to the upper 80s. 86 in livermore. we have had much hotter weather in the past couple of weeks. it is not going to be extremely hot or extremely cool. we'll go with 69 here in san francisco. 82 in santa rosa. we have the america's cup regatta continuing for tomorrow. we'll see wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. you can see here in the forecast temperatures will be in the 60s at that coastline.
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they're going to be raising from pier 27 all the way back to angel island and down to sf. brief warm up for friday. sunday, monday, tuesday temperatures are seasonal. by wednesday and thursday,those mid 80s could be a little bit cooler many tin the forecast. we may have to edit those numbers down when that gets close her. >> if we don't own a yacht, could we still watch it? >> totally. some of them are 300 feet long. they're going to be hard toiss even in the fog. up next, how the america's cup is dangerously close to leaving san francisco for good.
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so far not good for the americans. the defender of the america's cup team usa making big changes on the bay. we have those latest changes and today's results. >> reporter: big changes didn't mean much because the problem for team usa right now is actually the boat. the wind was three times lighter when they started the racing today than it is right now. to put it in profootball terms, we're talking about problems with the defensive coordinator.
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the tactician is like the offensive coordinator. that didn't really matter today. look. day four of the america's cup finals all about the winds of change. light wind on the bay to start. the tactician was replaced with a british gold medallist. picking up after tuesday's postponement, this is a battle uphill. their boat stronger up wind en route to a 47 second victory. -- getting the early lead. a crushing defeat for usa. the kiwis have aa six to negatie
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1 lead in the series. >> we're going to have to be pretty aggressive now and push as hard as we can. >> reporter: what kind of comeback would this be for team usa? think back to 2003 the niners hosting the new york giants. they were down by 24 points. they came back and scored 25 points to win that came. that's the type of comeback we're talking about here at america's cup. prince william has a new job. we're going to tell you about it next.
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the future king of england is retiring from the royal air force after becoming a new daddy. prince william is leaving the british military for a new passion, protecting endangered species. two months after the birth of his son, he sees things differently. >> the last few weeks have been a very different emotional experience, something i never thought i would feel myself. it's only been a short period, but a lot of things effect me
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differently. >> perspective of a new father. william is credited has participated in 150 rescue missions. harsh words for president obama in this highly charged debate over syria. the inferno tearing through the jersey shore. just rebuilt after hurricane sandy, tonight a devastating blow to a famous oceanfront icon. we'll talk live with the governor. no way out. deadly floods overwhelm the state of colorado. it's been a day of dramatic rescues there. tonight the national guard has been called in. and way too close. new concerns about safety after a big rise in reports of planes coming dangerously close in the sky. "nightly news" begins now.


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