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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 14, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. looking live at san francisco. we can see the fog keeping things cool there. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter, who has a forecast that's probably a little warmer than that picture would lead to you believe. >> temperatures are going to
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warm up after we get rid of the fog. a lot of that fog is causing delays in that area. right now we're looking at delays up to about an hour on arriving flights. temperatures not too bad, right around 60 degrees. we do have airport delays at sfo up to about an hour delays, especially on arriving flights. we are going to get rid of it right around 11:00 today. 78 in san jose, 75 in santa cruz. some of our warmer spots low 80s, gilroy 85. we've been telling you, fall about a week away and we've been anticipating some kind of rain and we do have that rain in our seven-day forecast. >> that's very good news to hear. new this morning secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov
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agreed on a framework to secure syria's chemical weapon. they held a press conference today, the third day of negotiations. this includes a timetable for compliance and a method of assessing syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. within a week the syrian regime must provide an account of its weapons. international inspectors will be on ground in syria by the middle of november and by the middle of next year, all chemical weapons, soft materials must be destroyed. >> the world will now expect the assad regime to live up to its public commitments. and as i said at the outset of these negotiations, there can be no games, no room for avoidance or anything less than full compliance by the assad regime.
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>> lavrov added the agreement does not include anything about the use of force or automatic sanctions in the event of a violation. >> and we go to a developing story in colorado this morning. for the third straight day, thousands of people are waking up to severe flooding in the area. there's concern this morning that more rain could be on the rain. nbc's jay gray has details from boulder, one of the hardest hit communities. >> this morning floodwaters continue their attack on colorado, ravaging dozens of communities and pressing rescue teams to find any way to get those in its path to higher ground. >> scary because you never thought that -- you just never think that something like that -- you'd be in that kind of situation, all of a sudden you're trapped, literally just trapped. >> thousands still are in communities cut off by the floodwaters. >> many communities in our western mountains are completely isolated. there is no road access, no telephone information, no power,
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no water, no septic, no sewer. >> reporter: and no way for emergency teams to get in. >> people are working around the clock as hard as they possibly can to get those roadways open to get help in. please know that we're working hard. >> reporter: fighting against unprecedented flooding. many areas overwhelmed by a year's worth of rain in just two days. >> everywhere you go there's just water. >> creeks and rivers unable to hold the floor and water has topped at least a dozen dams. the force of the water ripping away road and swallowing homes and entire neighborhoods. and there is a very real fear it could get even bigger. jay gray, nbc news, boulder, colorado. >> we have new key taidetails a cab driver who was caught by a
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straight bullet. it happened to be where the ohio state buckeyes are staying today. they were checking into the hotel when a cabbie was shot and stumbled bleeding into the lobby. police say two people were shooting at each other but neither shooter was hit. instead the stray bullet hit the cab driver about a hundred feet away. witnesses say they're horrified. >> i was up in the pool area and just relaxing, i hear bap, bap, bap, bap. my first thought was where's my buddy mark? >> dove behind a pillar. advised others to do the same thing. >> reporter: would you come back for pleasure? >> no, no. >> reporter: because of this? >> yes. >> police did detain one person of interest. >> barry bonds says he is ready to start doing his time right now. the slugger wants to begin house arrest immediately. a federal appeals court upheld
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bonds' 2011 obstruction of justice conviction. he was found guilty of misleading a grand jury in 2003 surrounding the steroid scandal. the sentence is one month of house arrest and 250 hours of community service. bonds released a statement saying he's disappointed but has full respect for the judicial system. he said "have i instructed my attorneys to ask the court to permit me to begin serving my full sentence immediately." >> and we are getting a look at some of the men accused of committing a home invasionry robbery in san jose. the santa clara police department said these four men were armed when they forced their way into a home and threatened two women. it happened in east san jose. a fifth person is still on the loose tonight. this morning, i should say.
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>> no lazy weekend for governor jerry brown who has hundreds of bills on his desk, everything relating to the next time you aren't a limousine to environmental law. in san francisco, activists are offering the governor advice on what he should sign and what he should veto. >> the disruption of the climate patterns on which all human beings depend is the greatest problem that mankind has ever faced. >> governor brown says he is committed to fighting climate change, as he signed a memorandum of understanding with chinat)otect the children. >> don't frack anymore! >> reporter: but the governor's critics say mr. brown needs to get environmental laws in california in order before going global. one of the hundreds of bills on the governor's desk is sb-4.
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it regulates the controversial procedure of fracking. he says he'll sign it. >> doing nothing is the worst approach. doing a comprehensive scientific study of oil drilling, fracking and various technologies associated with it, it's absolutely in the public interest. >> protesters say if he cares about the chiern, they will put a moratorium on fracking, while we should the fill ekt including an raek/warning system and giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses. >> because congress is so slow, i think they need a good push
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and that's what i think this drivers license bill does. >> reporter: the governor isn't as vocal about his position on hundreds of other bills he will either sign into law or veto. >> congratulations. >> no more cheap gas for google. the pentagon took away a major government perk. it's part of a story our investigative unit exposed last year. google has a controversial agreement with nasa to fly its private yet from moffet field. google was also allowed to buy jet fuel there as a discount. until now. the president of the nonprofit corporate aircraft association says the average price for a gallon of fuel is $4.35. but the wall street journal reports that google was paying $3.19, more than 25% less.
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google did not comment. >> coming up, jim harbaugh proves can you go home again. plus a scheduling issue leads to outrage and a lesson on diversity at a local high school. >> what? coming up we head north to explore a language that is slowly dying off in one california county.
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good morning once again. looking live at the golden gate bridge. we can see the tops of the pillars covered with fog. it is going to be a nice mild day around the bay. for one night at least, 49ers' jim harbaugh did not have to worry about the xs and os. his alma mater honored him last night during a pregame ceremony. he helped to cut the ribbon that
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would showcase the new football renovations. then coach harbaugh tossed the coin and won the toss in front of a sellout crowd of course. >> when your high school, especially football coach, asks you to do something, you just do it so i'm here and joining it. >> the 49ers face the seahawks right here at 5:30. >> another high school student body had a very disappointing friday night, not because of football but because of a scheduling snafu. the first dance of the year at lowell high school was on the calendar for yesterday evening but it got pushed back until next friday because of complaints that it conflicted with the jewish holiday yom kippur. some students say they won't be able to attend the dance next week because it's the day before important testing at school. others say there's a bigger message. >> nobody would ever have anything on that day.
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but sometimes it seems like jewish holidays are overlooked. >> the school principal says it was his mistake that led to the scheduling of the dance and he says he wants to be sensitive to everyone's needs. he said any money spent on the dance will be put into the dance schedule now until next week. >> next, a story you have to hear for yourself. why this home-grown lingo may get lost in translation for good. >> and this saturday waking up to lots of cloud cover and even forcing some airport delays. we'll get you into next weekend and we're talking about fall around the corner. we're back after this. [ wind howling ]
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[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you waking up in fremont. the fog is reaching down from
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san francisco, low cloud cover, nice cool temperatures to start the day. anthony slaughter has a look at a forecast that includes just a little bitty touch of fall. >> as we head through this next week, we're talking about a downward trend in temperatures and even some rain in that seven-day forecast. you'll notice lots of cloud cover through the interior valley. by noon we'll get rid of that bayside and inland and temperatures today back into the 70s and 80s but cool at the coast, topping out in the 60s there. we do have airport delays this morning. it's about an hour on arriving flights and it's basically because of those low clouds and foggy conditions that are in sfo right now. otherwise the temperature there is 57 degrees with just a few clouds. we've been telling you really for the past month or so that
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fall is right around the corner. now we're just about seven days away from the start of fall. again, we haven't had much rainfall this past season really since about april was the last time we had any significant rainfall. but you know what, mother nature's clock is right on time. because we are talking about the potential for showers as we head into next weekend. this is still about six to seven days away so the computer model has a lot of discrepancies that can change fwn between now and then. but the early indications are that we could see at least a couple hundreds of an inch, maybe a quarter of an inch as we get into next weekend. things could change drastically but this is the second day in a row where the computer models are in agreement that some sort of rainfall is going to be moving this way. just a heads up as we start off fall, looks like we are going to be starting off on a wet note. we haven't been able to say we've had rain in the bay area
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since about april. temperatures today will be very seasonal. 78 in san jose, 85 in gilroy. even off to the east bay that's where we'll really see temperatures warm, 85 in livermore, 83 in black hawk. and rye up against the bay, that's where temperatures will really be the coolest because of that on-shore flow, only low 70ss up toward fremont, mid 60s in san francisco. you get on the other side of the bay, though, oakland, you'll be at 71. now, you'll notice on that seven-day forecast temperatures remain seasonal through this upcoming week. here's what i want to bring your attention to as early as friday we could be talking about the potential for a few showers, ma maybe even a thunderstorm or two. these showers are a welcome sight, especially with all the fires we've seen across the bay area. mother nature doing her part to
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help us out. next weekend, dust the umbrellas off. back to you. >> a united nations expert recently warned that half of the world's estimated 6,000 languages will die out by the end of the century and this could include a native tongue spoken in a region just a couple of hours north of san francisco. >> reporter: when off to a place called booneville, you know you're on the road to the middle of nowhere. you might get lost. bring a map. and while you're at it, grab a dictionary because you're definitely going to get lost in translation. can you guys hold on for a minute? i want to put the subtitles on this time. start from where you were beginning again.
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that was funny. >> it's called boontling. it was a local language developed in the 1800s to talk behind each other's back. now one of only two home grown languages left in the united states, it's on the verge of extinction. in english. >> the area is changing. >> we try to keep it alive. >> reporter: but these natives just cannot interest the younger generation in this 160-year-old tradition, even though it's relatively easy to pick up. for instance, ricky chow. >> when the newlywed couple goes
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to bed the first night and the springs are squeaking, it's ricky chow, ricky chow, ricky chow. >> reporter: this is one language that could end up hiking to the dustings. >> such a powerful connection to culture, though. still ahead on "today in the bay," a rare interview with c l carcar carly fiorina talks about women in business and whether she's planning a comeback.
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when hewlett packard forced out ceo carly fiorina, it was one of the nastiest breakups in the bay area history. it happened eight years ago but it still talked about to this
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day. hewlett packard continues to struggle but fiorina is thriving. raj mathai brings us the interview. >> i started out as a secretary in the bay area. i would never have predicted i would become a ceo. i wouldn't have predicted i was a cans are victim. >> reporter: for most of us, there's no such thing as a fairy tale life. >> she was a ground breaker in the fortune 500. that is until she was fired today. >> reporter: that was eight years ago, a lifetime for carly fiorina. >> i honestly during the final two weeks of my time at hp was so of caught off guard by how human and petty certain board members could be. >> reporter: since then the
7:26 am
59-year-old has overcome breast cancer and a failed bid in the 2010 u.s. senate race. >> think about that. >> reporter: nowadays she's still the boss but this time the chairman of one of the biggest nonprofits in the country, good360. they get excess goods from corporations and donate it to charity. >> this is not something i alone do. we have a wonderful organization of people, a great technology platform form, great logistics ability. the truth is most of our corporate programs come together because groups of employees at good360 and the company design them together. >> reporter: was there a lot of bitterness leaving hp in such a scandalous way, at least in the press? was there bitterness? were you vilified unfairly, do you think? >> there wasn't bitterness on my
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part. the board at hp led by two board members who subsequently were fired was completely dysfunctional. the board sadly remains dysfunctional all these many years later. i think it's a lesson that boards actually are incredible organizations in businesses. boards can destroy value. the hp board has destroyed value over time and they're not the only board that's destroyed value. >> marissa myer, sanborn, do they get a fair shake? >> it's always different if you're different and women in roles of leadership are still different, despite all the progress that we've made. and we have made huge progress. it's true only 16% of board members are women in this country. that hasn't budged in 20 years.
7:28 am
women are still the most underutilized resource in the world. marissa and cheryl, they're all fantastic. one of the great things about the valley is it attracts tremendous talent and then it gives that talent the opportunity to go for it. you know, to take the risk. fail sometimes, to succeed sometimes. so of course this is a hotbed of great talent and great personalities. >> reporter: what's a typical day for you now? >> well, depends on the day, which is why my life is interesting. but today because i'm out here and a slightly more relaxed schedule this week than normal, today i got up and walked to the golden gate bridged and looked at one of the most beautiful views in the world and thought how fortunate i was that i was able to do that. because three years ago when i was battling cancer, i couldn't make it two blocks.
7:29 am
so every time i can make it across that bridge, i feel very blessed. >> can you watch this interview and others on our web site. >> coming up, the u.s. and russia come up with a plan for syria to hand over its weapons and avoid military strikes. but does it have teeth? plus some out of town college football spectators become spectators of a different kind as a cab driver is shot right in front of them.
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this is "today in the bay." >> good saturday morning. we are expecting some sunshine later on in the day. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter. it is the last week of summer. >> yes, it is.
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we made it through the grueling summer. you know, we have had such a dry season. even summer, spring and winter. there are showers in the seven-day forecast. we'll show you that coming up in just a little while. just want to start you off with our temperatures now, 61 in sunnyvale, santa cool is our cool spot now at 52 degrees. we have clouds causing delays at sfo because of low clouds and foggy conditions. after about 11:00, i would expect those to go away. around the bay, fremont 73, oakland 71 and 67 in san francisco. as i mentioned, we do have showers in the seven-day forecast. it looks like this is probably more consistent type of rain that we haven't seen since winter. this is really, really good
7:33 am
news. >> thank you very much, anthony. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov agreed on a framework for assessing syria's stockpile of chemical weapons. within a week the regime must provide a full account of its weapons and international inspectors will be on the ground by november and by the middle of next year, all chemical weapons, stocks, material and equipment must be destroyed. kerry stressed that any violation would result in measures from the u.n. security council. >> the world will now expect the assad regime to live up to its public commitments. and as i said at the outset of these negotiations, there can be no games, no room for avoidance
7:34 am
or anything less than full compliance by the assad regime. >> lavrov added that the agreement does not include anything about the use of force or automatic sanctions in the event of a violation. >> fans of the ohio state football team were checking into their marriott hotel in oakland when a cabbie waiting for a fare was shot and stumbled bleeding into the lobby temperatu. it happened smack in the middle of the afternoon, right before the football team checked in. within minutes the police arrived searching for the shooter. >> reporter: the ohio state football team and their fans are staying at the marriott in downtown oakland. many of them are telling me that they heard the gunshot. >> i was up in the pool area and just relaxing, i here bap, bap, bap. my first thought was where's my buddy mark? >> his friend was in the lobby
7:35 am
of the marriott hotel taking cover. he also heard the gun fire. >> dove behind a pillar and advised some other people it do the same thing. >> someone fired a weapon in the heart of downtown oakland. a cab driver was shot in the leg. >> we're trying to determine what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: the cab driver suffered a non-life threatening injury and police detained a person of interest. but that doesn't help oakland's image. >> that's not what you expect from a holiday or conference. >> would you come back for pleasure? >> no, no. >>. >> reporter: because of this? >> yes. >> reporter: oakland continues to struggles to clean up its image. new businesses within blocks of today's shooting are trying to stay positive. >> it's very painful when we're really trying to provide for the neighborhood and for oakland in general. you know, we're just kind of
7:36 am
kicked in the butt like every so often. it doesn't help our image, that's for sure. >> reporter: people like baker say they refuse to give in to a problem they say they have no control over. >> this morning a heyward mother says her daughter's first day of school was traumatic and dangerous because of a mixup with a school bus. the 3-year-old girl has autism and her mother says she expected the bus from durham services in heywood to take care of her special daughter. in stead they never picked the girl up from school. >> had to arrange for an emergency contact to pick kaitlin up and take her home. when kaitlin got home, she was safe but you could tell it had been a really rough day for her. >> the mother says her daughter is afraid to get on the bus.
7:37 am
durham provides transportation for all the special needs students in the school district. the interim superintendent admits this is not the first problem the district has had with this company. >> with another bart strike looming, they have a plan that includes turning bart managers into train operators in the workers go on strike. union reps say although bart managers did operate trains, some of them, it was years ago. they say they're skeptical that they're ready to go because train operators go through four months of training to get recertified every year. bart officials say that if they move forward with the plan, it would be for very limited service. both sides go back to the bargaining table on monday. >> cal osha is looking into an accident that brought traffic to a halt in san francisco's financial district yesterday. window washing scaffolding came loose on a high rise at clay and
7:38 am
battery street. firefighters shut down the street and evacuated three floors of the building. the scaffolding hung from the 31st floor for two hours before a window washer scaled the building and secured that scaffolding. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," we're show you where in the bay area can you buy historic homes for just a buck. if you're thinking there's a catch, of course there is. we'll show it to you. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious. it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight.
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yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. a very sweet start to the day in san francisco where the annual chocolate festival will get under way. if you can't make it today, there's still time to get in on the sweetness tomorrow. >> we all know the price of homes in the bay area are going up and up, but three east bay homes are now on the market for just a dollar. and of course there's a catch. as we show you, the buyers will
7:41 am
need to embrace history. >> reporter: in fremont's historic park, amid groves of eucalyptus and oak, three old timers are showing their years. they date from the 1800s, hauled here in the 1980s to save them from the wrecking ball. >> the hope was to bring them here and create an environmental education center for school kids. >> reporter: the houses carry historic pedigrees. the bettencourt house belonged to an early east bay family, and this was a schoolhouse. >> it was a one-room schoolhouse until the 1930s when it was converted into a single-family homes. >> plans to turn the homes into an educational park floundered because of lack of funds. and the wrecking ball looms in
7:42 am
the future. in one last-ditch effort to save the buildings, they are offering them for sale for $1 each. >> you'll have an opportunity to move it and have it restored later on. >> reporter: the park got an estimate to rebuild the 16 by 20 brown house. >> the cost came to between $600,000 and $800,000. >> reporter: local historians say the home represent an important chapter of the area's history. >> if you lose them, there's no way to replace them. it's impossible to replace the history. >> reporter: preservationist al menard wants them to retain them until they can find a way to restore them. >> there's no way they need that quarter of an acre of land to do their activities. >> reporter: interested parties have until the end of the month to submit an application to the
7:43 am
homes and be prepared to show a lot of love for these forlorn fixer uppers. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," why the next $2 you spend could turn into hundreds of millions by tonight. >> and showing the north bay some love. we do have some peeks of sun finally coming through the cloud cover. your weekend forecast after this. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪
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welcome back here on this saturday. again, one week from the start of fall and that does begin as we head towards sunday of next weekend. i want to start you off with this live cam of our san mateo bridge shot. that's a good indication of what we're looking at this morning, especially as you travel over the golden gate, bay bridge and san mateo. we want to give you a quick heads up of your hour-by-hour forecast today. at the coast, bayside and inland
7:46 am
conditions all socked in with cloudy conditions now. as we head towards noon, we'll see sunny breakouts and inland we'll see the clouds hang on. by this afternoon, though, everybody is looking to see plenty of sunshine from the 60s to the 80s across the board. it's 57 in concord, 60 in livermore and san jose. some airport delays this morning, still running about an hour at sfo because of the low clouds and foggy conditions we're looking at and it's mainly on arriving flights. if you are leaving town, things look good to go. make sure you check your provider in case of all the little wild cards in there. showers are due to arrive next week. some could start as early as friday. i want to show you one of our computer models. this is the gfs long range computer model. this is one of those things that
7:47 am
can change over the course of the coming days, but again, being six to seven days out and we're already starting to see showers show up on the map, a good indication as we head towards friday and saturday of next weekend, we could be talking about the potential of a few showers and some of that could actually accumulate up to about a quarter of an inch. a lot of that heavier rain will stay out of the baier. any lynn bit of rain across the bay area is a welcomed sight because we haven't had any rain since april. san jose a little warmer towards gilroy at 85 degrees. the warmer spots will be off toward the east bay, from walnut creek to livermore, 85 there. 72 in hayward, 73 in fremont, oakland very comfortable. jacket weather in san francisco today at 67 degrees. so for the next seven days, temperatures do remain seasonal.
7:48 am
you'll notice as early as friday is when we'll start to see those flowers arrive. so it looks like mother nature really right on time with these showers as we head into next weekend. again, about seven days out, it does look like we're talking about the potential for a few showers across the bay area come next weekend. chris, back over to you. >>y can certainly use the rain. thank you, anthony. how does $300 million sound in powerball fever is heating up. people all over the country and here in the bay area are buying up powerball tickets in hopes of winning a jackpot that's estimated to be at least $317 million. the cash payout, more than $176 million. the odds of winning with a single particular is about 175 million-to-1. if no one wins tonight, the
7:49 am
jackpot could roll over to more than a half billion dollars. more details on powerball. as we mentioned tonight, the jackpot is expected to reach $317 million. that's the fourth time this year it will go above the $300 million mark. it is also the fastest powerball jackpot payoff to reach $300 million since the lottery game launched in 1992. coming up, the a's are in a battle for first place, find themselves now in a sticky situation. we'll let you know if they could hold on after a wild comeback from their archrivals. >> there's lots new today in the bay. the bay area is awesome. the peninsula is home to an awesome group of parents. now you share a number of asian traditions, dance, music, story telling. it all culminates in a really
7:50 am
cool lantern parade. you can also head north to marin county for the marin country farmer and market pie baking competition. if apple doesn't do it for you, there's bound to be a variety of others to justify your trip. bring your pie in a disposable tin and all natural ingredients. get the details at marin and for the toy havoc and economic chaos show, your favorite boxed, board and bagged treasures. but there's a special guest this weekend. parker stevenson, remember him? before he was "bay watch," he was crime wash, remember the "hardy boys"? and what's that? yes, that is timmy! that's not lassie, though. i'll be back here monday through
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friday on "today in the bay." mom?
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and a live look outside add coliseum. and just another reminder that you can watch the 49ers big showdown against the seahawks tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area. can you catch the game at 5:30. >> in arlington, texas, a showdown between the first place a's and second place rangers last night. oakland jumped out to an early 9-2 lead but had to hold on as texas came back to make it a 9-8 game. >> in southern california, the
7:54 am
dodgers hosting the giants in game two of a four-game series. hunter pence game the defending world champs a two-run lead. sergio romo pull it is out from there as the giants even up the series at one game apiece. the winning score was 4-2. >> oracle team usa has its back against the wall at the america's cup today. emirates team new zealand needs just three more wins to clinch the title after handily winning both races thursday afternoon, while the americas need to win ten more races to retain the america's cup. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," we have flora in for a visit. she is a cutie. we're going to talk about her and the rest of the pets for adoption at pets in need and a special deal for viewers. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> this morning we have our special friend from pets in need. we are here with flora, who is ready for a new forever home. >> she is ready for a new forever home. >> she's still a baby. she's three and a half months old. she's got a lot of learning and growing to do. she's just a fabulous little puppy. just very easy going and sweet. we think she'd be wonderful for any family. >> sometimes when you bring in these adorable pets, you get phone calls right away, people looking for that particular pet. what you'd like to do is expand it a little bit and if folks are viewers, they can get a deal even if it's not flora. >> absolutely. we thought it would be a lot of fun to give back to the nbc family. we decided that on saturdays and sundays we'll waive the adoption
7:58 am
fee for anyone who has seen the pets in need guest and comes in and mention that they saw the name flora, today it's flora, on nbc. any dog or cat that they fall in love with and want to adopt, we'll waive the fee. >> that means they go home with their vaccinations and spay and neuter neutered. >> absolutely and microchipped. >> thank you so much. that's a very generous offer. >> we want to leave you with a sweet look at san francisco this morning where the 18th annual chocolate festival is happening this weekend. it features the all new chocolate and wine pavilion and more than 35 chocolate vendors. don't take your dogs, though, chocolate is not good for them. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning.
7:59 am
we'll have more local news for you this evening and any time of day, [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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