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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 15, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," a deadly house fire takes the lice lives of three people. also, two children found dead in a southern california hotel room. the suspect is their mother. she's now in custody and has a bay area connection. and rescue efforts continue in colorado. a race to save the many victims who have had their homes completely wiped out. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at the golden gate bridge and a little bit of pinkalicios sky in the distance. anthonslaughter is in for rob, and we have a chance of rain in
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the forecast. >> yes. >> over the next seven days. >> next weekend it looks like we could be talking about a few showers. not going to be heavy downpours and torrential rain, but definitely any little drops we can get definitely help, especially with all the wildfires we've had this past summer. take a look at the temperatures. it's in the 50s across the board with a few 60s. 60 in sunnyvale and oakland. the big story has been the blustery winds. we have a system that's sitting offshore that will move inland, not going to bring any rain but will kick up winds. that's why we don't have any fog this morning. winds really anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. especially in san francisco. later today 67, we'll do it in san francisco. 71 in oakland. 73 in fremont. 78 in shows and 75 in santa cruz. the warm spots are lovivermore, concord. showers in the forecast for next week and we'll talk about that coming up next. >> thank you very much. new this morning, fire officials say three people are
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dead this morning after a home caught fire in pittsburgh. crews responded to a report of a blaze at a home in the 200 block of dimaggio avenue around 12:30 this morning. fire crews were able to knock the fire down within a half hour, but even that was not fast enough for the three people who were inside the home. those three people died in the fire, and the coroner has not yet released their names, their ages, or even whether they're male or female. >> started banging on my door. i came outside thinking he wanted something else. i was like, man, what's going on? he's like it's a fire. it's a fire. come outside your house, come outside your house! i rushed for my son and i run out the door. >> firefighters say second home may have also been damaged in this fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. also new this morning, all lanes of southbound 880 in oakland are once again open after a deadly crash involving a motorcycle which blocked traffic for nearly two hours this morning. a chp officer tells us the crash
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was reported at the 98th avenue on-ramp around 1:35 this morning. the alameda county coroner says the motorcyclist is a 35-year-old. investigators are not yet releasing other details about the crash or the victim. the biggest rescue operation since hurricane ka tina, believe it or not. this morning colorado's search and recovery teams are continuing their efforts to pull survivors from areas literally washed away by floodwaters, but as they work there is growing concern there is more rain on the way. nbc's jay gray has the latest from boulder. >> reporter: this morning the rush continues for emergency teams working to pull stranded survivors from areas turned into islands by the floodwaters. >> search and rescue getting people out that are affected that need to come out, evacuations, things like that. >> reporter: hundreds have been airlifted to safety. >> we painted sos on the
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driveway this morning in big orange letters, and not an hour later. >> reporter: many, like lisa bolden, pulled from communities erased by raging waters. >> people's entire lives, everything that they own, just fell off of the mountain into a river and down. >> reporter: a group of 85 fifth graders trapped for days during a field trip -- >> i missed you guys. >> reporter: are finally back together with their parents. >> parts of it were really scary, and the trails were basically rivers. >> reporter: but as families are reunited, first responders warn hundreds are still unaccounted for. >> we're assuming that there may be further loss of life or injuries. we have to assume that. >> reporter: while their search and rescue effort continues to push into areas hardest hit by the storms. jay gray, nbc news, boulder, colorado. a woman with ties to san jose is accused of an unthinkable crime. police say her two children were found dead in a southern california hotel room yesterday,
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and she is now under arrest in connection with their deaths. santa ana police have not officially released the children's identities or their ages, but sources close to the investigation say a 7-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy were killed. crime scene investigators found their bodies in a bathtub filled with water inside a third floor room in a santa ana hotel. >> i'm on the fourth floor along with my fiancee, actually, and didn't hear a thing, nothing. >> reporte >> police say the 42-year-old mother was di straut as she told them where to find the children after she crashed her car in a parking lot six miles from the hotel. the mother is from scottsdale, arizona, but her last known address is in san jose. police won't disclose how the children died until a coroner's investigation is complete. new information this morning on a car crash that took the life of an east bay teenager. police now say a second vehicle was involved somehow and the driver of that car is cooperating. the crash happened just after
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7:00 on friday evening on hillcrest avenue year sterling hill drive. a 17-year-old antioch teenager died after he was thrown from a vehicle that crashed into a tree. a 19-year-old man in that car remains in the hospital in serious conditions. antioch police say both cars were speeding at the time on the same street, but they're not saying that the two cars were racing. there was no collision and alcohol does not appear to be a factor. el cerrito police are asking for your help. they're looking for a man who assaulted a woman near the b.a.r.t. station. they released a sketch of the suspect. here it is. the woman told investigators she was attacked wednesday evening as she walked and texted on the ohlone greenway. the man reportedly punched her in the head several times, then tried to pull her off the path. someone who lives nearby heard the woman shouting, yelled at the man causing him to run off. that man is described as hispanic in his 20s about 5'5" tall with stubby facial hair. dozens of people gathered in
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san jose on saturday to raise awareness about cyber bullying. the parents of amanda brownwell organized this rally in honor of their daughter who tried to commit suicide at her high school in 2008. she survived that attempt but she was severely disabled and died just a few months ago from her injuries. her family started an anti-bullying campaign in their daughter's name. >> we have to think about how we treat each other. it's up to us adults to be an example, and that's the only way we're going to be able to make a change. >> amanda's father says it's important for parent to be on the lookout for signs of bullying. he says open communication and keeping a close eye on cell phone and computer usage are some of the best ways to discover bullying early on. much more ahead on "today in the bay," including caught on tape. the explosion that rocked a football game in fresno. what blew up landing several
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people in the hospital. also, the urban farmi ing fallout. how the quest for fresh eggs led to hundreds of helpless and abandoned birds. plus, are you feeling lucky? one of the biggest powerball jackpots in history, get your tickets ready. we'll tell you what the winning numbers are coming up next.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live at foster city, and you can see some of the low clouds there making things a little hazy. if you hear some rattling outside, we did have a little wind last night. a scary scene caught on video. three people now recovering from injuries after a food truck explosion at a high school football game in fresno. the truck's propane tank exploded just before kickoff sending debris flying. witnesses as far as a mile away reported seeing it and hearing it. a vendor who was trying to warn people to get back was thrown several feet and completely
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knocked out. another vendor suffered burns and a bystander's face was cut by the debris. football fans were briefly evacuated but the game eventually went on as scheduled. that's scary. an emergency drill at at&t park with 600 employees evacuating the park. >> an emergency has been reported in the building. while this is being verified, please proceed to the nearest exit. >> the ballpark workers showed up on a nongame day yesterday just to practice what they do in the event of an emergency. the scenario was a report of gunfire just outside the park. there was even a dummy to represent a wounded victim. a giants spokesperson says all workers were doing their usual pregame preparations when the alarm sounded. >> we talk about this every day. safety and security is obviously a number one priority for us, but to be able to test it is even that much more important. >> this is the park's first
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major safety drill since 2007. it was done in conjunction with the state office of emergency services. a man with a long career in bay area public service was honored last night. former state assemblyman and oakland mayor elihu harris was recognized at a tribute ziner held at 0ekd's merritt college. our very own cheryl hurd shared the emcee duties with willie brown. harris served as oakland's mayor from 1991 to 1999. it was also the launch of a scholarship fund in harris' name. congresswoman barbara lee was among the hosts. the jackpot was estimated at a whopping $317 million and that translates to a cash payout of about 176 million bucks. let's check the numbers, folks. winning numbers, 1, 17, 25, 37,
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and 44. the powerball was number 20. i haven't heard a gasp in the studio, so it wasn't any of us. players we caught up with just before the drawing all had a quick answer when they asked them what they would do with all that money. >> i would spend my time like washing oil off birds' wings and sitting in hospitals and holding hands with people who were dying and alone. do things that really matter. >> my mom is saying she wants a sports box for the giants. >> i want to buy a house in mexico. >> me, too. so far it doesn't look like anyone hit the jackpot, but there are some folks who matched five numbers. at least one here in california. the next jackpot is currently estimated at $400 million. still ahead on "today in the bay," a frightening moment at the america's cup on the san francisco bay. could the crew manage to get this boat back onto water? and if you're thinking about buying that house in mexico, not a good weekend to do so. we have two tropical systems
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for $199 a month. ♪
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you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live out at the bay this morning. looks nice and calm, but that was not the scene yesterday as oracle team usa captured its second win of the america's cup yesterday in a race that included a near capsizing of team new zealand. team usa crossed the finish line 52 seconds ahead of the kiwis to finish race eight and win it in the only race of the day. race nine was postponed at midway point because of the high winds. team new zealand had a scary moment when their boat nearly capsized during that race. they were able to save it and to continue. as it stands now, team new zealand needs just three more wins to capture the cup but oracle needs nine more victims. raising begins today at 1:15 on
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the nbc sports network. that was really scary. thousands of people are expected today for one of chinatown's biggest events in san francisco, the autumn moon festiv festival. it's held along grant avenue between california and columbus. the autumn moon festival has been celebrated for more than 1,000 years in asia. some describe it as chinese thanksgiving and marks a time to reflect upon the bounty of summer harvest and, of course, the full moon. the festival runs from 11:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening. cooler temperatures and higher humidity have helped firefighters in the east bay, and this morning that big fire on mount diablo is 100% contained. the so-called morgan fire was no longer actively burning. firefighters though did spend the day putting out hotspots. nearly five square miles have burned since the fire broke out last sunday. the flames forced the evacuation of 100 homes and prompted air quality warnings in three different counties. investigators say it was started by people who were target shooting in the area.
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and now anthony slaughter has a look at our weekend forecast. boy, those winds certainly did kick up for the kiwis out there on the bay. what about today? >> winds ever actualare actuall stay blustery from 15 to 30 miles per hour in the afternoon. a very telltale sign of what's headed our way. temperatures back into the 60s today. bayside, 70s and inland that will be some of the warmer air back into the 80s. right now inland valleys are mild, 59 in livermore. 60 in oakland. 59 in san francisco. again, it's all about the wind today. those winds will continue to gust up to about 15 to 30 miles per hour, especially at the coast, and then the open water expect for those gusts to be a little higher, maybe up to 35 to 40 miles per hour especially in the inlent but that's typical across the bay area. i want to turn your attention to the tropics. you may have heard there are two tropical systems hanging out, one in the pacific, that is tropical storm manuel.
7:19 am
winds up to 70 miles per hour and riding along the western coast of mexico. another storm in the atlantic, the gulf of mexico, ingrid, up to 85 miles per hou now, both of these systems are expected to impact mexico as we head towards the next 24 to 48 hours. now, the system in the pacific, that's going to ride up along the coastline up towards guadalajara and eventually affecting puerto vallarta. ingrid could make landfall as a category 2 hurricane with maximum winds up to 100 miles per hour. mexico really taking a one-two punch here not only from ingrid but also have manuel. if you have any traveling that you're going to be doing not only over the next couple days but perhaps into the next week or two weeks, this is going to be devastating for mexico. not only are they talking about 12 to 18 inches of rain, all that rain has to go somewhere. of course, with this being very mountainous terrain, it's going to be life-threatening.
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if you have family or friends down there, you want to give them a heads up, try to get them out of there as we head towards the next couple days. we are tracking showers in our forecast. this is going to head our way in the next seven days. by friday in saturday of the upcoming week, a few showers are likely. this will be the most rain at least our chances of rain that we have seen since back into april. you notice as we get towards friday and saturday, that rain starts to push in perhaps as far south as mountain view and as far south as fremont and livermore. this will be something we're watching friday into saturday. still a few days away. for today, no rain in the forecast. very comfortable 67 in san francisco. 78 in san jose. 84 in livermore and that's where some of the warmer air is back into the east and south bay. again, there's a shower chance i was telling you about that moves in for friday and saturday and moves out quickly. definitely the potential for a few showers, maybe a tenth of an inch, quarter of an inch in the north bay. not a whole lot but definitely enough to at least get the ground wet and that is good news
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at least considering how dry it's been this past summer. chris, back over to you. >> we'll take any amount of rain. thank you very much. still ahead on "today in the bay" -- >> there is always a percentage of the population you get feels they're in over their head. >> urban farming has exploded in recent years. we'll give you an in-depth look at what animal rescue groups are calling an alarming problem. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days!
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> you wake up to a screeching sound, not your car alarm, not your alarm on your phone, but the rootster living next door. a number of city folks turned urban farmers is growing, and critics say this backyard movement seems very pastoral but it also means many chickens are getting dumped and they want it to stop. >> reporter: they're the sounds of a city. but listen closely, and you may
7:24 am
hear something that doesn't seem to belong. the sounds of your neighborhood. it's a farm within the city. from the oakland hills -- >> it's a little green acry around here sometimes. >> reporter: to the city's east and west sides. this farm is owned by alison lindquist, also the head of the east bay stpa. >> they do the egg farm. >> reporter: she loves her chickens. >> it's the classic buck, buck, buck. >> reporter: all 50 of them. >> urban farming has picked up a lot of steam in the last four or five years. >> really started booming in 2009. >> reporter: around the same time saw a boom. they created the website to support people raising chickens in their backyards. it began in 50 members in 2007 and year after year continued to grow. this year hitting 200,000 members with 1 million unique site visits every month. the question is, does more
7:25 am
chickens mean more problems? >> there is always a percentage of the population who feels they're in over their head. >> reporter: critics say the boom has resulted in a growing number of abandoned birds. while animal shelters we spoke with said they don't track the number of surrendered chickens, even they agree the problem has been rosters. >> hooves and paws animal rescue says it has 50 chickens from shelters and routinely gets requests from northern california, including the bay area. >> it's crucially important -- >> reporter: kim is executive director of animal place. she says the problem of deserted chickens is growing out of control, especially with rosters. >> five years ago i pretty much got no calls on rosters. and now five years later we're getting dozens of them. dozens of them a month. >> welcome to our chicken coop. >> it's not just rosters.
7:26 am
a hen's egg production slows after about three years, and the concern is -- >> where do those chickens go? >> i know a couple folks who are also responsible urban farmers. they have a few chickens. when they reach end of peak laying, they plan on humanely butchering them for food. >> reporter: the people we spoke with said that's the exception. >> what's that? do you have any eggs for me today? >> caller: the benson's urban farm sits just under highway 34. their three chickens don't lay eggs just as much about they all have names. >> i don't eat anything that has a name. i'm sorry, i just can't. >> reporter: they say raising chickens is like raising any other pet. they need attention every day. >> they really do require daily interaction. if they run out of water, they'll be dead in 12 hours. >> i don't think a lot of times people are prepared for the responsibility that goes along with owning any pet. >> reporter: preparing people in the city for those responsibilities is what city slicker farms is devoted to. the nonprofit is surrounded by liquor stores in the middle of
7:27 am
west oakland. >> we can help with the education because it actually does take work to raise a chicken. there we go. >> reporter: and the time to prepare, said lindquist, is now. the boom really took off a few years ago. hens that started laying eggs then, may be slowing down now. lindquist wants to get out ahead of what could be a big problem. >> it's a reality with any trend as it continues to grow that we need to have our eyes wide open. >> reporter: for those on the fence about the birds -- >> you might want to rethink chickens. stick with a turtle or something. >> reporter: stephanie chuang, nbc news bay area news. >> we've already been forbidden in our house. we'll let you know where secretary of state john kerry landed. and the world's largest food distributor admits now it was storing food in sheds for years across the u.s. and canada. our investigation goes international. what it means for your food safety. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. looking live from our san francisco -- at san francisco from our emeryville am camera. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter in for rob may e da this morning. what is this little squish of fog? >> it's the rain layer. it's not going to be the best beach day because the fog is right up against the coast. santa cruz, it's not going to be an abundantly sunshine day but temperatures will be warm. 75. 67 in san francisco with a blustery wind. america's cup going to be battling some winds up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. oakland, 71. san jose, 78. our warm spots will be back into the east bay low to mid-80s from concord to livermore, down
7:31 am
towards gilmore. we've been telling you about the rain, the big story we're watching for friday and saturday. >> thank you very much, anthony. new this morning. fire officials say three people died in a fast-burning house fire in pittsburgh. crews responded to the report of a blaze at a home at the 200 block of dimaggio avenue around 12:30 this morning. three people in the home died in the fire. the fire crews were able to knock down that fire within about a half hour. those three people who died, the coroner is not releasing their names, their ages, or even whether they're male or female. >> the neighbor just started banging on my door, i came outside thinking he wanted something else. i was like, man, what's going on? he's like it's a fire, it's a fire, come outside your house! i rushed for my son and ran out the door. >> a second home may have also been damaged in the fire. the cause of the fire sunday investigation. also new this morning, all southbound lanes of 880 in oakland are open again after a
7:32 am
deadly motorcycle crash at the 98th avenue on-ramp around 1:35 this morning. the roadway was shut down for nearly two hours this morning while investigators tried to figure out how 35-year-old jose alfredo curiel crashed. investigators are not yet releasing any other details about the crash or the victim. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today. he departed from switzerland early this morning after reaching an agreement between the u.s. and russia. kerry traveled to tel aviv and then to jerusalem. he and prime minister netanyahu are expected to discuss a deal on syria and developments in the israeli/palestinian peace process. kerry will meet with the foreign minister of france and british foreign secretary william hague in paris tomorrow. new research shows that
7:33 am
people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can find relief through cpap breathing machines. sleep apnea patients use those machines overnight to help them breathe regularly. one air force veteran who suffers from sleep apnea and ptsd says cpap helped him calm nightmares. >> do what you have to do while you're there, and of it gets stored in your brain and once you finally slow down and get back to a more common environment, all that stuff, it's like you find a file on a computer and it just starts downloading. >> doctors say the main drawback to treating soldiers with the mask is just that, it is a mask, and patients sometimes feel like it's smothering them and reminds them of the gas masks they have trained with or used in wars. virts of masks are emerging. some only cover the nose and
7:34 am
some are inserted into the nostrils themselves. celebrity chef paula deen made her first public appearance yesterday months after she admitted to using racial slurs. deen appeared at a cooking show in houston. the first moments of her appearance were filled with tears and with cheers. deen thanked the crowd of about 1,500 for their support. >> as you all know, unless you have been under a rock, i had a little rough patch this summer, but, you know, it was an opportunity to learn. and i just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. >> deen faced an onslaught of negative publicity this summer when tornado watches revealed she had used a degrading term. she has since lost her show on the food network, a cookbook deal, and millions of dollars in endorsements. if i'm not mistaken, the lawsuit that was filed naming her was dismissed.
7:35 am
suzuki is recalling nearly 200,000 cars and suvs because of a problem with the air bag sensor. it's the grand vi tara suvs from 2006 through 2011 model years and the sx-4 cars from the 2007 through 2011 model years. suzuki says because of the mechanical problem in the front passenger seat, the bags can deploy accidentally. suzuki says there have been no reports of injuries. the company plans to notify customers about that recall next month. when we first broke this next story in july and now it's having an international impact. we exposed sysco foods keeping raw chicken and milk in outdoor unrefrigerated storage sheds across the bay area. but the problem goes beyond california. here is investigative report er. >> i come to a fence and i look at it and i'm like this is a
7:36 am
storage shed. >> reporter: big rig driver eric harlan describes his first stop for sysco foods. an unrefrigerated shed. >> it was nasty. i second guessed actually doing it, but i have a kid and, you know, a family to provide for and i was like if i say no, i mean -- >> harlan says he left the job after eight months disgusted by the company's sheds. >> i remember dropping off chicken and beef and, you know, stuff that was perishable items. >> reporter: back in july we showed you how sysco stored fresh meat, milk, and produce on the floor in 14 sheds across the bay area. they were convenient spots where small orders, not profitable enough to be delivered to customers, in a refrigerated truck. we recorded food left for up to five hours in hot weather, food that was later picked up by salespeople in their personal cars and delivered to restaurants and hotels.
7:37 am
>> are you storing food in these sheds? >> are we? >> yeah. i'm not allowed to talk, sorry. >> reporter: now we have learned the problem is even bigger. >> i saw the story and i said well, that's going on here. >> reporter: from utah to tennessee, new york to d.c., sources told us about sheds operated by sysco nationwide and it goes beyond the u.s. sources say sysco also used sheds throughout canada. >> they were just all over. >> reporter: many asked to remain anonymous fearing reper suggestions from the food industry but they all confirmed the sheds had been around for years. >> for about a decade that i can recall. it had always been a method of operation. >> reporter: this man worked for sysco in spokane, washington. >> they service western montana, north idaho, and eastern washington and a little bit of northern oregon. >> reporter: he says the sheds there had fridges and freezers, but those were always full. >> most of the time there was
7:38 am
extra cases of frozen and refrigerated food on the floor outside of those refrigerators. >> reporter: and sources say because these sheds were hidden from health officials coast to coast, they were never inspected. >> did you ever have a health inspector? >> no, never. >> how hot was it? >> it gets 105. >> they know that's a violation of basic food safety requirements. to do that intentionally, it really is quite appalling. >> reporter: dr. john ryan is a food safety expert. his company certifies and trains distributors on proper food handling. >> i think they are gambling with public health. as soon as the food gets over a 41 degree level, bacteria is going to double every few minutes. >> reporter: the cbc estimates 48 million people get sick each year in the u.s. from eating bad food. >> people are now paying attention. >> reporter: after our first report in july, sysco said it stopped using the sheds in california and replaced its division president. we again asked for an interview about the sheds we have since uncovered throughout the u.s.
7:39 am
and canada. the company declined, but in a statement to nbc sysco said we have directed operating companies across sysco to cease operations at all drop sites, even those with refrigeration and frozen food storage capability. we deeply regret the concern this has caused, and we pledge that we will use this to both improve our oversight and to lead the industry in improving food safety practices. >> there's mold growing on some of the trailers. >> reporter: former driver eric harlan says the company owes the public more than an apology. he wants to see monetary fines levied to send a message that this is unacceptable. >> they did something wrong. they should be held accountable for it. they cost sysco millions to fix a problem, so be it. that's everyone's safety surigh there. >> sysco did not answer our questions, including how many sheds it used or how long this practice went on. but we have new developments in the state's investigation. inspectors tell us they have
7:40 am
found seven more shed locations for a total of 21 sheds in california. not a single shed was refrigerated or rather registered with the state as required by law. we're told sysco has purchased refrigerated vance tns vn vans food properly. they are closely evaluating distribution information for each shed to understand the extent of the violations. canadian health officials have opened up inquiries into sysco because of our reporting, but the fda has not. the agency's latest comment is that it cannot confirm or deny whether it is investigating. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to much more ahead on "today in the bay." the a's and rangers go down to the wire in their battle for first place, and the giants score a surplus of runs against
7:41 am
the dodgers in a record-setting victory.
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7:43 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> a live look this morning at the coliseum where it's sure to be rocking in a few hours. the 49ers are playing in prime time. the niners taking on the seahawks on sunday night football night in america and you can watch that game right here nbc bay area at 5:30. in texas now, the a's looking to strengthen their lead in the a.l. west against the second place rangers and in the first inning brandon moss doubles down the right-field line, scoring josh donnellson and that's all the green and gold needs. they beat the rangers 1-0, and the a's hold a 5 1/2 game lead in the division. and in southern california,
7:44 am
the giants scored 19, 19 runs against the first place dodgers. they were led by hunter pence with 7 rbis, including a grand slam. the 19 runs are the most by any team in dodgers stadium history. the giants have beat l.a. twice in a row and now look to take the four-game series this afternoon. san jose sharks tickets went on sale this weekend at the s.a.p. center box office, but without the usual fanfare. fans instead say instead of a line around the building to buy tickets, it was just a short wait, perhaps a sign that more people are buying them online. one fan we talked with said they're ready but they won't get their hopes up for a break through season. >> still waiting for that stanley cup, man. i think i will be waiting a long time. but, you know, they're a great team, they're really energetic, really fun to watch. >> the sharks start the regular season october 3rd at home against vancouver.
7:45 am
still ahead on "today in the bay," we'll talk about some of the bills on the governor's desk and what it means for you if he signs some of them. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together,
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the state legislature adjourned for the year in the wee hours of friday morning, but there was nothing wee nor small about this year's activity. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerson joins us now. more than 500 bills awaited the governor's signature in the last couple days. let's talk about the ones that stand out for you. >> there was something for everybody. a flurry of legislation at the last moment. on issues related to labor, always a hot topic in california. the state passed a new $10 minimum wage which will be eased in over the next 18 months for those at the bottom of the economic strata. ten bucks is ten bucks. it will be among the highest in the nation. the legislature also passed new
7:48 am
rules for domestic workers assuring better working conditions for an eight-hour day and overtime. that's something very new for california. now turn to gun control which is hot, of course, across the nation. legislature passed new bills that tightens california already nation-leading laws on this issue. the state remains by far the bluest in the nation. then there's the driver's license for undocumented immigrants. boy, that issue has been stalled for more than a decade. one reason or another. and by the way, beyond that there were areas where the legislature didn't act. you know, the other side of the coin, kris, substantive pension reform. conservatives are all over the democrats for not doing anything on that. and easing of the california environmental quality act. we call that sequa. businesses were very unhappy about that. opponents are quite upset about some areas where the legislature decided to punt and do nothing. >> there are a lot of times our legislators take a long time and
7:49 am
it seems like for us not for very good reason. however, there are some valid reasons why these things take a while. >> you know, we look back and we say, what are these guys doing here? why aren't they getting it done early in the year rather than later in the year? as you said, there are some important reasons to think about. let's begin with the fact that you get these controversial issues and they're tough to get through. something like the fracking legislation. that's difficult. you have to do a lot of research on that. when you do that research, what happens out of that? well, it takes a while to get it all together. all the specialists have to make it work. a second, you have controversial bills sometimes hanging by a thread, just a thread, because they are just that, controversial. so that means that the legislative sponsor says to a fellow legislator, look, i want to vote for your bill, you know, but i need you to vote for my bill, so how about if i vote for yours and you vote for mine? you know, we may hold our noses about that, but it is a political reality. they call it log rolling, by the
7:50 am
way, and it happens a lot, especially at the very end of the year when everybody is desperate to get their bills through. and third, then there's the matter of negotiations with the governor. you know, they can go to the very end, and in these cases the question of whether the political climate is right, that will have a lot to say about whether the governor signs the bill. the governor can't be on the bad end of too many bills. he can't stand out that much. he has to weigh in carefully as to whether these bills make sense for him. you put it all together and you could begin to see, wow, this is a gcomplicated process. >> there are 500 bills on his desk awaiting signature. how many of those do you think he will sign? >> this is something interesting. we've been watching this during the year, okay? but, remember, of course, in the end the governor is very responsible for what goes on. they've got to be in sync. they have to find some way, and this year they have been in uncharacteristic sync. to date brown has votetoed less
7:51 am
than 2% of the bills that reached his disk. that's far from the 14% in 2011, 12% in 2012. schwarzenegger votetoed as manys 25%. you never overturn a governor's veto, it's the kiss of death. >> is that because of the overwhelming democratic majority then obviously? >> obvious to you and obvious to me. the old saying, is to the victor goes the spoils. well, it's no different in california and there's no question about that. the democrats have, remember, kris, we've been talking about this, this juggernaut, this two-thirds majority in both houses that the assembly and the senate and we have a democratic governor to boot. wow. for these votes, it's the sweet spot. it's sweet reward for all the hard years of hard campaigning work. for the republicans, oh, my gosh, the licking they took this year, you should think it would provide great energy for a
7:52 am
regrouping in 2014. all it takes, kris, even with that powerful two-thirds majority, all it takes is for the republicans to win two, three seats in either house and guess what? they become viable. they become strong. the painful defeats from the past few years, wow, they certainly give reason for the republicans to push harder in next year's elections, yeah. no question about that. thank you very much, larry. we'll see you next week. >> you bet. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," a group of bay area little leaguers will be celebrating a big accomplishment today. we'll let you know where you can get in on the celebration. and this morning waking up to some sunshine, a little bit of cloud cover, not much, and no fog. no foggy delays to report at sfo. we'll get to you the weekend forecast and let you know what the next six days of summer look like. stay with us.
7:53 am
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expecting plenty of sunshine later on today. you can see the golden gate bridge this morning, something you usually can't see at this hour. 7:54, we're waking up to clear
7:55 am
conditions really at the coastline. that's a very telltale sign of what is headed our way. a few clouds this morning. yesterday we were really socked in with the fog. 60s and 70s around the bay today. temperatures right now not too bad, 59 in san francisco, same in san mateo, sunnyvale as well, san francisco, and livermore. gilroy at 58 and santa cruz at 52. blustery overnight. 15 to 20 miles per hour even at the coastline. today winds gusting up to 30, possibly 40 miles per hour, especially over the open waters for the america's cup. so they could be dealing with a few more issues there here to date. we are tracking showers in the seven-day forecast. there's going to be a cold front that moves through the pacific as we head towards thursday and friday. now, we're not going to take the brunt of this system. we're really going to take the tail end of it. the tail end of that system will move this way and a lot of shower activity will stay into northern california, oregon, and washington, but here is the thing.
7:56 am
the computer models calling for the potential for showers friday and saturday, but this is more rain than we've actually forecasted since back in april. it's been a long time since the computer models had this much agreeance in showers in the forecast. you will notice if you stop the clock at 5:00 on saturday, a lot of that activity not going to make its way into the south bay. definitely make sure you check back every day. temperatures back into the upper 70s to low 80s. 78 in san jose. 80 in danville. 84 in livermore. 67 in san francisco, and 71 comfortable degrees in oakland later this afternoon. there's the showers i was telling but. those will make their way into the picture by friday and saturday. we have a nice dry week to prepare for this, and of course, check back each and every day for that up-to-date forecast. by friday and saturday we'll have a better idea of what's going to happen. >> thank you very much, anthony. an austrian slack line walker and climber scaled nearly a 900-foot tall tower in central
7:57 am
china. michael used his bare hands and metal strips on the tower's glass exterior to make his way to the top. when he got there, the 23-year-old jumped, then floated down with a parachute. he earned worldwide fame in 2011 by skating 500-footicallies in a national park in france using his bare hands. they didn't win it all, but they will be celebrated like champions by their community today. the belmont little league all-stars went farther than any team had gone in the 50-year history of their league. they made it all the way to williamsport, pennsylvania, in the prestigious little league world series. the party will take place at marina field in belmont. the team will be driven to the field in mercedes-benz convertibles where they will sign autographs and host a barbecue by community leaders. thank you so much for making us a part of our morning. more local news this evening and it's football night in america. hope you join us for that game.
7:58 am
we'll see you next weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday morning the breaking news on a chemical weapons deal in syria. could president obama win without a fight? or is the deal just a stall tactic? with no end in sight to the syrian civil war the question remain, will syria's president assad comply? the view from key members of the senate this morning, plus "the new york times" columnist tom friedman with his analysis and our roundtable on president obama's search for a solution. authors bob woodward and richard wolffe. "washington post" columnist kathleen parker and republican strategist ana navarro analyze the president's decision-making. plus, the fifth anniversary of the financial meltdown, the great disconnect, the dow was up, so were corporate profits


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