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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 17, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> rib at 11:00 the fbi is looking for answers one day after that mass shooting at the washington navy yard shocked the nation's capital and the rest of the country. investigators are trying to determine what motivated the alleged shooter aaron alexis and how he got access to the secure facility with such ease. good morning. thanks for being with us. good morning, everybody. today we are learning new details about that alleged shooter. 34-year-old aaron alexis, lug his mental state of health. right now what guns he used in that attack. law enforcement officials say aelectric yis used a shotgun and two handguns, but not an ar-15
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assault rifle as previously thought. >> this afternoon we're learning more about how aaron alexis got into the navy yard behind me. officials now say he had a secret security clernsz that he got while serving in the navy and was still using that same clearance as a contractor. that's how he got into the yard. investigators no longer say he used an assault weapon. he had a shotgun he bought last week in virginia and also two handguns he took from an officer. >> with the chaos and tragedy of yesterday's shooting still fresh, the fbi is focussing on aaron alexis who they called the lone gunman. we've learned that alexis was a former member of the navy currently working as a contractor on a computer project at the yard. >> we hope to learn more about how the incident happened. you know, how is this man permitted to have credentials that allowed him to the navy
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yard grounds in the first place. >> the nlgted press said the investigators administration had been treating him for mental health problems, including paranoia. security experts felt that officials should have caught other red flags. >> the one piece that strikes me is what happened in seattle where he used a gun to shoot out the tires in the vehicle where he was arrested, but charges were never filed, and paperwork was lost. >> at the navy memorial the defense secretary chuck hagel was among those placing a receipt wreath for the victims. police say many were civilian employees between the ages of 46 and 73. three of the injured are still recovering at a local hospital. among them is the d.c. officer who was shot in the leg. >> he was doing very well, and i would tell you his spirits are plenty. >> recovering from those physical wounds, but it's the emotional trauma so many experienced and doctors say will take the longest to heal.
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>> the nae has ordered two reviews of security at the navy yard behind me. one will be in death. one will be a quick review. in addition to that is correct the navy yard is closed today. only essential personnel will be let inside while this investigation continues. >> danielle, thank you for that update. be sure to stick with nbc news for continuing coverage of the navy yard shooting. you can also go to nbc bay to get all your latest information. back here in the bay area, san jose police investigating an early morning rash of vehicle break-ins that landed one suspect in the hospital and another one on the run. officials say a suspect stole this chevy suburban that you just saw there. los to 4:00 this morning. then crashed it on pollman avenue. the man is in his 20s and he is now in serious condition.
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officials say several vehicles were hit this morning. >> right now we don't have a confirmed number, but anywhere between five and ten vehicles were broken into. we're still trying to determine how many cars were actually broken boo and how many were tampered with. >> police do not have any information on the other suspects they're looking for. they do remind people to lock your cars and not leave valuables inside or many plain view. also in san jose, officers are on the lookout for a driver who caused this five-car chain reaction crash on 880 overnight. chp says the driver wrecked this blue jaguar near the barry alvarezes rom avenue exit and then four other drivers crashed into this car. the driver of the jag ran off. officers are still searching for him at this hour. it was a scary scene as two residential buildings caught fire in oakland. this one broke out at the building on 24th street at the intersection of market street. this is near interstate 908.
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damage estimates right now topping half a million dollars. the cause of this fire remains under investigation, but fire officials, they tell us they do believe this one may have been electrical. >> my friend, kenny, came and helped me. we got her out. she's screaming, running down the stairs. then kenny says my house is on fire. we ran up to his place. come to find out it's just liken gulfed in fumes, and i almost blacked out. i fell down the stairs. >> the good news, no one was hurt during this fire. >> just moments ago a bay area congresswoman oakland's mayor announced more officers will be hitting the streets. christy myth is life in oakland. the extra officers are thanks to a federal grant. >> yea, good morning. it may not sound like a huge number, but soon oakland will be getting ten more police offic s
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officers -- just moments ago we heard from congresswoman barbara lee who is also here with mayor jean quann and a number of other police departments from alameda county and also modesto. the grant is based on federal need and crime rates, which puts oakland out front. oakland has just 615 police officers down from a high of more than 800 in 2008. so far there have been 69 homicides on the streets of oakland. we spoke this morning with the head of the oakland police officers association about his thoughts, and moments ago barbara lee talked about how important this type of funding is. to really make our case for federal investments to help the
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violence displace too many in our facility. >> this department used to be 837 officers. we're down to 615. a reduction of 200 police officers in the third most dangerous city in america. certainly it's creating a challenging place for people to work, for people to live, and for police officers to police. >> he certainly welcomes the new officers. in march oakland had its first new academy of officers in four years. 38 officers graduated. another class of 36 graduates on friday of this week. the numbers are certainly going up. also, wanted to mention that east palo alto are getting more police, and so are hayward. they're getting two officers. the grant runs for three years, and then they'll have to figure out a way to pay for these
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officers. right now we want to bring you breaking news to take you live to a news conference that's already underway in washington d.c. this is being held by fbi agents. they are giving an update on the ko let's listen in. >> to say a few words. >> i have very little to add. i will try to answer the questions i've been getting from most of the press. first and foremost, our officer is doing well. he is in good spirits, but is he pretty uncomfortable. we expect he will make a full recovery, and he extended multiple times his thanks for the support from the public and also his gratitude for the other law enforcement officer who responded who helped to get him out of the sxblg get him to safety after he was injured.
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again, that would not have happened in every case, but the working relationship with mpd and all of our departments here was critical yesterday. also, we have fwaun and looked further and spent time this morning, and as proud as i was yesterday of the working relationship, the teamwork, and the heroism of the police officers and first responders, i'm even more so today. i have seen things that we have trained for and planned for for years come into place nearly flawlessly. literally two minutes after the call was dispatch. we had officers at the gate arriving on the scene. we had officers who heroically
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went into a buildingfhkçñ witne multiple casualties and pursued and engaged a gunman who was determined to kill as many people as possible and law enforcement officers were not descriminated against as far as the shooter was concerned. the more we look into the officers that responded from all the agencies, did an incredible job, and there's no doubt in my mind that they saved numerous lives by the engaging the way they did. for all the officers, metropolitan police and park police and all of our federal partners that responded in and worked as multi-agency teams. none of our teams went in as a single unit. >> the press conference is underway in d.c. from right now. this is the chief of police for washington d.c. she was praising yesterday's response times saying that officers arrived on the scene within two minutes after getting the call and within seven minutes officers were entering the building where the active shooter was building 197.
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you can log to nbc bay we we are streaming this news conference live. always get the very latest on our website. new to a plea view of an investigative report. as we learn from the crash, sometimes that's not the case. investigative reporter l wr se kershner said the government received 100 anonymous complaints, and from 2007 to 2012 air carriers reported more than 3,300 service difficulty reports about the -- those were reports were to the f.a.a. here's former engineer todd curtis. >> manufactured system you're going to have failures of various types. for example, deploying inverntly, and deploying when you don't want it to deploy,
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deploying not fully, et cetera. >> regulators issued a safety alert for the very same plane model that crashed at sfo. that happened just months before the accident back in july. the deadly accident. more details coming up tonight, and the full investigation coming up at 11:00. an early start for a ripe harvest in the east bay. bob riddell joins us live at a vineyard. chardonnay grapes at 3:00 this morning. >> what do huck fin and video games have in common? that's coming up. meteorologist christina loren live from pier 23 in san francisco. the fastest racing boats in the entire world are getting ready to start that race. the fans are here. the boats are here. will the weather cooperate? might not. we might not find out until right up until that race begins. we'll have a full report and rain in the forecast when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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welcome back. a xwriz morning for workers in wine country. they've been picking grapes since early this morning. like eight hours now. >> you get excited for this time of year, don't you? >> i like wine. i'm from wine untry. >> that's exactly right. nbc's bay area's bob riddell is in wine country. not sure if he is ready for stomping the grapes, but he has more details in livermore on the harvest and how this compares to last year's crop. good morning. >> yeah, good morning. you know, the thought is, the hope is that this year is going to be a good vintage. what makes this year a little bit unusual compared to more recent years is that whineries like mcrail, some of the 50 whineries here in livermore have found themselves having to pick the grapes a little earlier than usual. >> this originates in prance. >> ask the wine maker the toughest decision they must
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make? this is what they'll spit out. >> the picking decision. for sure. wrau. >> mark clairon agonizes over this. >> i do agonize. if you pick it too early, you get vegetative flavors. if you pick it too late, you get sort of that canned fruit kind of thing, and so if you pick it perfectly, then you end up with a delicious bottle of wine. >> while most of us were asleep, workers picked ten tons of cabernet savignon grapes, which is a bit unusual because it's only mid september. the year prior? halloween. >> we had a nice warm summer. cabernet savignon likes a little warmth. two years ago was very cool. the coolest that i can recall in over 30 years of watching the weather. >> do you blame is on climate change, or do you think it's one of those weather things? >> i think it's cyclical for sure. you know, i -- you know, i have
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lived here most of my life, and, you know, we have hot summers. we have cool summers. we have wet winters. you know, dry winters. you know, remember in the 1980s we had, like, seven years of drought. i just think it's cyclical. >> despite the pressure to put out a good vintage that meets up to the high standards, clairon has managed to keep most of his hair. >> i am starting to gray, so -- >> and a positive outlook on what this year's fruit will bare. >> i just feel really good about, you know, how things are shaping up for this vintage. >> wine makers like mark will know many a few weeks whether they got the right flavor. the rest of us john and marla, we have to wait a few years to know whether or not we agree. reporting live near in livermore, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> all right, bob. cheers to you. >> always worth the wait. thank you. i'm guessing there's probably lot eh lot of tired video game fans at work this morning. >> scott mcgrew, they've xbox
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all night. >> yeah. some of them probably haven't stopped yet. good morning. >> the game is expected to sell 20 million copies in the first few months. now, go give you a comparison, that's the same as the total sales of the book "the hunger games." here's some other figures for you. grand theft ool four. huck fin, about 20 million. now, take two interactive shares of that company, down a little this morning. despite the really good sale. people had bid the stock up. otherwise, the market is doing very well today a second day in a row as we begin the first day
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of that. back to you. that nbc babd is always sharp. the america's cup could wrap up today. there are two races on the doak et. the emirates team new zealand wins both, then they'll take the title. >> christina loren is there. will the wr be the wild card for sailors out on the bay? i'm betting it will. >> indeed it will. >> take a look at the cat marchan. the higher you go up in elevation, the less friction there is. hence, the more wind speeds you can pick up. these boats are driven entirely by wind. i would like to introduce you to the regatta director. tell me about the wile card in today's race, the wind? what does that mean for today's
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race? >> san francisco provided with us a wild and rough day out there. huge currents traveling out of the bay, but also coupled with strong winds today and a bit of a front moving through. a wild and woolly day on san francisco bay. >> strong enough to blow to go dogs off kanes i heard earlier. >> that's what we say. blow the sauce off your pie even. >> so, you know, we might not even find out until ten minutes before that race begins. slated to begin at 1:15. of course, if it does happen, the wind is going to make for some heated action out there on the san francisco bay. now, we're not talking heat m forecast for today. quite the contrary. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s at this point at the coast, and your inland cities are warming up into the 70s, but the wind is really picking up out here. we've got a weak disturbance coming through, and it's this weak disturbance that's really kicking up the wind speeds, and
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they're gusty. it's going to be very, very iffy. we're pushing right to the threshold of the 26-mile-per-hour wind speed criteria for today. now, highs are going to be comfortable. we're expecting the upper 70s. we're talking upper 70s for today in places like liver moore where are that's cooler than average. through the next couple of days, we hit the summertime norms yet again. more weather with us. here's the kicker. we actually have showers in the forecast as we get into this upcoming week. the best chance right now looking like saturday, and that could change. stay tuned. i'm tracking the forecast model every time they come through every four hours or so. now, back out here live, america's cup is a beautiful day to be out here on the bay. if the race goes on, we're going to report for you on nbc bay area whether or not it will, but if it happens, what a gorgeous day. you're going to be able to see for at least ten mile visibility. that's perfect. on that note, i'm going to have a little bit more fun, meet a
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few more sailors and second he it back to you, john and marl wra. >> i'm sure those sailors are more than happy to meet you. enjoy the sun and the fellows. >> a little programming note for you right now. days of our lives going to be bumped up an hour today. that will go off at noon. that will be followed by the america's cup races. then bethenny at 3:00. ellen follows her at 4:00, and then the nbc bay area news starting as usual, 5:00. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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why wait? call today. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ >> oakland a's have a heads up. security this weekend will be increased. >> starting thursday all fans will be asked to walk through a metal detection system. this is a directive from the league office for all playoff-bound teams. it's much like the system already in place for nfl and nba games. the a's say arrive early to be on the safe side. their policy on what can be carried into the stadium remains the same. >> my motto, safety first.
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a young boy proves you are never too young. he emptied out his piggy bank for a touching donation.
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>> very special donation. given by a special young boy. >> look at the surveillance video. this kid probably between 8 and so years old entered a greenfield wisconsin police station and left behind a donation just over $10 in coins. >> how cool is that? >> okay. the surveillance camera caught the young boy walking into the police department on friday. left the bag of change at the counter telling the clerk he wanted to donate his money to police. >> that is awesome. >> this is a tight shot of the money. it's in a plastic baggie. he then walked away without giving his name. he didn't even need the credit. there it is. look at that. that's sweet. >> yeah, that's called good karma. kid's heart is this big. >> thank you for being with us. the next newscast is at 5:00 tonight.
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