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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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down for up to 52 houró and it is all in the name ther9 gate bridge district wants to put in a median barrier toprevent head-on collisions. and if you have ever driven down the bridge'sñi center lanes, yo and if you have ever driven down the bridge'sñi center lanes, yo know how scary the ride can be. it's beautiful. "át)áh#irst visit to the golden gate bridge, but while admiring it from vista point, driving across the san francisco icon made themt( a little uncomfortable. >> we were in the center lane and i just thought while wew re driving, it was like if something happens, you're just going to hit a car head on. there's no -- nothing to stop you, so it's kind of scary.qr definitely scary. >> reporter: right now all that divides traffic driving in opposite directions are?7v plas tubes.w3 @(t&háhp &hc& but not forc long. a golden gate bridge district committee has approved a plan to purchase and install a moveable median barrier designed to çó."k
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prevent crossover head-on clithss like the one that happened in 2008 that left a marin woman paralyzed. ofc serious crossover accident, but we're kindfá o rolling the dice, and i think it's really important that we have that solid barrier between those lanes to prevent that from happening in the future. >> reporter: ift( the project gs finalt( approval tomorrow, the e foot wide,çó three foot tall barrier will be be put in next year. installing it will require them to shut down the golden gate >> it will be our turn to have a closure not to exceed 52 çóhour. >> ifñ@ht savesñi oneçó life, i protects a family from having to go through a trauma, it's worth pn/ >> reporter: theseq touris)ññ think so, too. they hope their next visit toko san francisco will include a safer ribigate.oss the golden
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>> i'd hate to be here on the down.r i feel sorry for those people, .ìáhp &hc& idea. >> reporter: we're back here live.fb(p(t&háhp &hc& now, we are told 36 people have died in accidents on the bridge since 1970.w3 16 in crossover collisions. the bridge district hopes that putting in a medianjf barriç wil make a big difference. the final vote we are told will take place tomorrow morning, and if it is e1approved, we could s the installation and the bridge shutdown take placet( in late october or early november of next year. reporting livee1 at the bridge, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. more details now on the possible temporary closure of the golden gré$bridge. if that bridge is closed to install the barrier, it will be justqñiq the sibr)ár' its history it's been closed. three times because of bad weather. the first closure was on december 1st, i]1951, when it w closed for three hours because of wind gusts up to 69t(c milesk
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hour. july 113th, 1975, closed an hou and a half for a construction project. also closed because ofw3 weathe in december of w31982, wind gst up to 70ñi miles an ro)r closedt for two hours. a year later windp, gusts up t5 miles per hour closedcfj$u$e bre for aboutqc 3 1/2 hours. that was december 3rd, 1983. now, the bridge was also clozñi on may 24çóxdth, 1987, for six hours. i was there for this one. this time it was the bridge's 50th anniversary walk. >> i remember that. police are searcug for clues andko?hp family is recoveg after a 10-year-old girl was shot in herlp hayward home whil. it happened around 2:00 this e1 h%g parents didn't call 911 for more thani] five hours. nbc bay areaok arturo santiago live int( hayward with more oni& this story.jf any idea why yet? >> reporter: not quite xdyet, b crime sceneçó investigators did ago. since then there have been a number of people going in and
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out of the home. hayward police say they havec a lot of work tojf do on this and they have begun by interviewing the parents of that 10-year-old girl whoçó was shot. seve( shots were fired. a car int( thejf driveway was h numerous times as was ant( outse wall of thexd home. and alp 10-year-old girl who wa sleeping in the front bedroom was hit by one of theokñi bulle. neighbors arec nowlpq on edge. >>xd yeah. my mom, my dad, my family. it's scary. >> it could hapáwñ tot( my housc anybody's house, and for a horrible. very horrible. >> reporter: police say titjf shooting happened at around 2:00 in thefáxd morning on the xd270 didn't report it untiáá just after 7:30 a.m. >> they did clearly state onxd e shot and they did say itfáw3 happened a couple hours earlier. they knew it happened a couple hours earlier.
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call the police rightçó away. like i don't know how they didn't call the policeñr right >> reporter: police are alsot( shootingt( was random or if the home was targeted or mistakenly targeted. >> we know these cowards came out in the middle of the night and firedfá aimlesslyt( at this home. we would love to have the public's helpt( if they havec a information. >> reporter: now, the good news in all of this is that the 10-year-old girl is expec÷w to be é@okay. an officer talkewác to her befo she was taken away in an and he says she was in good spirits. arturoq+l4ñ santiago, nbc bay area. tonight we know a cy3%mq killed %$ woodside was former amazon cfo joy covey. itjf happened yesterday afterno on skyline boulevard.ñi police say she was riding downhill when she crashed into a xd elk trees7 road.
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coveyú-qs amazon's cfo from áñ6 to 2000. sheñi grew up in san mateo, studied at stanford and at harvard. most recently she served on the board of trusteesxd was san francisco base national resource defense council. she was 50 years of age.w3 uber, lyft, and sidecar are now legal in california.fáq% @(& they pick up passengers for axd fare, but there have been hr(t&háhp &hc about _ today the california public utility it's commission kq cf1 o unanimously votedfá to place so rulesrúzez the ride share companies. hem to applyq t.?ú-m on the drivers, trab ou trainñi them, and inspect their cars. they must also insure their drivers. >> this is recognition we are operating in a safeok manner, tt the puc has acted to ep courage safel22 and to encourage innovation and consumerxd choic and, you know, only a yeari] ag it wasçó a very different
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9ñ we're thrilled they have moved quickly and decisively to innovations. >> sidecar says they alreadyt( e in compliance with most of the regulations and consider the one that allows them to t.rrñ wells fargoçóçó is doing second round of la3w2eju in two months. they're cutting nearly wo#2,000 again. the unit was just hit with thousands of layoffs in august. wells fargo says not as many people as expected3w are refinancing their mortgages. áuátj from all over the nation were given 60 days' notice and wells fargo says it's in the company for them. thec fbi is asking for your help tonight. they're looking for this man, and they call him the cotton ball bandit. these pictures show the man during the heists. you can see he wears a brown beanie with a cotton ball on top. the fbi says he's robbed seven the beginning of the year. there's a $2,500 reward for any
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information that leads toxd his arrest. now to follow-up on the ramon.ting and standoff near sac you saw the story unfolding yesterday during the 5:00 p.m.c newscast and into the 6:00.t( the suspect has been identified he was booked on five counts of attempted murder and is tx7 jf on $2.5 shooting took place. he shot at sheriff's deputies and the property manager who were evicting him from his foreclosed home. the property manager wasq invp the leg and remains in theçó hospital. authorities eventually used tear gas to force him out of the home. rents ares)v high, many attribute it to the tech boom for driving the represents up. some fear the high rents are driving off the nontechies, specifically artists. shows us howñr one unusual asi] becomec the latest cash sul at this. >> reporter: most time it's not much añi compliment to describe
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theatrical performers a mechanical, butc artist frankxd( garvey's fellow actors don't seem to mind the description. >> samee1ñi ambition i had as a dramatist was morei]xd fulfille when i built my own actors. >> reporter: 25 years ago garvey created a small performance space in san franciscofá south the marketfá district and fille it withfá his homemade robotic ( creations. >> twojf devices here are charis whose names arec inspired by th ben hur movw%k >> reporter: over the years garvey has stagedt(ñiçó perform het( calls robotic cabaret in t space which in past lives served as añi garage and a speak okeas. >> weñi built every struck tourn here. >> reporter: but following a rent dispute with hisñi landlor garvey now z5 until the end of october to moveuf out, robots a all, and with san francisco's high rents, he isn't sure where >> we've been facing the of the san francisco gentry if ication along with all
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artists in this town. we are poor artists, and we can't afford this3w town. >> reporter: according to san francisco's art commission, rising commercial and home rents are drivinw1jf more artists out the city. the commission recently learned of 40 artists in the south of market studio being displaced by new development. >> theçójf artists certainly ha been priced out of san francisco long ago, but i worry a lot about what that means for the k&1qui fabric of san francisco. >> reporter: the commission recently upped its $1.9 million annual cultural grant to help artists stay in the city.çó garvey, whoñi survived throat cancer last year, says>(# may have tot( destroy his creationsf he can't find themñixd a new ho ending this long-runningt( roboá cabar cabaret. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area. still ahead, sayidgñ good-be to a san jose landmark. also a shooting spree on one of the bay area's busiest ñi highways. the clues highway patrol officers are looking at to find thislp sniper.c plus --lp >> i'm scott budman.
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here in the bay area it's a big dilemma, do you rent or do you buy? a local company has an app that can help you decide.s7 we crunch theñi numbers comingo. i'm jeff ranieri inñi the nbc b area weather center. at this hour. looking beautiful here across san francisco and after a 50çóx gilroy, we're going to see numbers go in the other direction by this weekend. we'll talk more about some cooling weather and also some showers in just a few minutes. unbelievable.
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an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. a san jose landmark has turned out the lights for good. we're talking about tico's tacos. it's served generations of south bay residents for the last 60 years, but the owner says it's time to retire. tico's has a new owner. developer barry swenson has
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bought the property. he plants to put in a new modern restaurant. his team seays the new place should be busy. he's one of the dopp defenders in the nfl and now aldon smith is defending himself against two civil suits. >> tony kovaleski broke the story. >> this is smith's response to the first of the two lawsuits. his formal response. a quick summary, smith's attorney said the 49ers superstar is not responsible for what happened at his home on that june night in 2012. this latest legal move sets the foundation to defend the niners all-pro linebacker. it started as a friday night party. months later this lawsuit. al don smith and former 49
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erdelaney walker accused of charging admission to a party last summer at smith's home, accused of firing illegal weapons, brandishing handguns, and hosting a party where two people were shot. >> mr. smith and his attorneys have their work cut out for them. >> christian piccone has reviewed the civil plant and the response from smith's attorney. >> a is aldon smith at risk her? >> certainly. this is a civil complaint. >> reporter: smith's attorney responded with this legal filing in smith's defense. it says plaintiff ronndale esporlas knew the dangers and ricks he was undertaking when he attended that party at smith's 8,000 square foot home in june of last year. the attorney wrote injuries were caused by persons other than aldon smith. >> my take is there's potential liability for mr. smith. >> reporter: what's your biggest concern if you're defending mr.
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smith? >> the press this case is getting. >> reporter: pic cone says the legal wheels start turning, a process that will likely take several months and could last more than a year. what's your insight based on your experience? >> this case is going forward. this is not going to get thrown out anytime soon. >> reporter: with the pending litigation, smith's attorney has declined any further comment. calls attempting to reach walker have not been returned. now, the civil lawsuits do not name smith or walker as the gunmen responsible for the shooting of the two victims. 14 months have passed since that party at smith's house, and we still don't know who fired the shots that injured the two men. the santa clara county sheriff's department continues to investigate. so far no arrests announced and no charges filed. jan janelle. >> if you have a tip, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. new at 6:00, a peninsula
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city drive to become the most electric-friendly city in the country. new laws are being proposed to require every new house be built with charger-friendly infrastructure. the trio is also requesting the city explore new laws to make sure all new hotels install charging stations. the city is already ev friendly. over the past few years more and more charging stations have popped up and in homes in palo alto. the self-driving car got a little closer to your garage today. while companies like google and tesla talk about and test autonomous vehicles, delphi automotive opened a silicon valley office in mountain view to better study the possibilities. delphi is partnering with a number of silicon valley firms to bring more technology into cars with the goal of maximizing safety in the cars we drive today and letting the cars of tomorrow do the driving themselves. lines are already forming in front of apple stores across the bay area. we have pictures of one in palo
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alto we'll show in a bit. the iphone 50c and iphone 5 s we will go on sale tomorrow. apple stores will open at 8:00 a.m. to handle the rush for the new cell phones. customers can also order the new phones online starting tonight at 12:01 a.m. in the americas cup, oracle team u.s. did everything possible to he can teextend the yet another day. today's race 12 had been postponed twice because of high winds, and team usa took the win in a do or die victory, but in the next race, the teams fell prey to an all too familiar theme. the wind limits were he can seeded again. race 13 moves to tomorrow. team oracle usa needs to keep winning to stay alive. the kiwis need one more win to capture the america's cup. suspense is building every day. we hope you enjoyed the
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weather today because things are changing. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> we have some drastic changes coming our way this weekend and a lot of you probably also noticed that extreme weather shift from the morning hours right into the afternoon. we started with upper 40s and also low 50s down in the south bay and by the afternoon 90 in the valley, 98 in gilroy. for many of you down here in the santa clara valley, a 30 to 50 degree jump in those temperatures by the afternoon. you know, when we're in meteorology school, they tell you a good rule of thumb is 20 to 25 degrees is the most amount of heating you will see in a day, but the bay area, of course, defies that. not only hot air aloft, but the extra component to give us that boost in the weather and to amplify our numbers was that wind coming a little out of the north today right throughout san jose. that's a drying wind for us, and, again, that's what helped to catapult the temperatures and also give us some fog-free conditions. let's get you outside to the high definition sky camera network and also some live video shot here from our crews. you will be able to see not only enjoying san francisco like it's a hot beach day, but also doing
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a little bit of sunbathing. that's somebody out there in their bathing suit today enjoying all of those rays of sunshine. hopefully that was you out there in san francisco getting in a little bit of sun because, again, we are going to undergo some drastic shifts. on friday numbers will mainly start to go down here. at the coastline only mid-60s. and for the interior valleys instead of 80s like today, we will stay with 70s and we'll also notice that cloud cover increasing as we get closer to the lunch hour. so when is that rain going to arrive? a storm system is still positioned well offshore, but as we head throughout the next 36 hours, it's going to get a little closer, and we think as we head throughout saturday at this point, that's in that best chance of showers going to be in the forecast. namely throughout the north bay, that's where you will likely see the best potential. temperatures going from the 90s today inland all the way down to the 70s. we're going to detail more on those rainfall amounts and who could see exactly what coming up a little bit later on, you guys.
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from jackets to shorts by the afternoon. >> i know, crazy. back to jackets. >> and then on to umbrellas. >> thanks, jeff of saving a life while you wait. passengers learn a valuable skill at the airport. plus -- >> only 4% of catholics don't like the pope. i mean, politicians would die for those kinds of ratings. >> the pope gets political in a surprise interview. his holiness confesses about what he really thinks about homosexuality and abortion.
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some southwest passengers got a life-saving lesson today while waiting to for their flights. it's called cpr in motion and it was put on my various emergency departments of the city, including santa clara county ambulance. passengers got trained in hands-only cpr, and they even
6:24 pm
got certificates following this training. the goal is to help prepare as many people as possible to act quickly during an emergency. clear signs tonight that pope francis is charting a different direction for the catholic church, and reaction is divided. this is the pope addressing newly appoint eed bishops of th vatican today. around that same time his surprising interview was being read around the world. in it he veers away from the g doctrines of his recent predecessors. here in the bay area, his words are embraced by some. >> when he talks about gay people, he talks about people who are part of our family, you know, about people who i should be welcomed and embraced and respected and treated with dignity. you know, too much -- too often the church starts by, you know, shaking, you know, our finger at people and saying, this is what's wrong with you.
6:25 pm
>> father reese is with the national catholic reporter. he called the pope's interview, quote, absolutely awesome. still to come at 6:00, putting money over human rights concerns. a bay area city makes a decision on a controversial plan to support china. chp officers are trying to find a highway shooter who is targeting motorists during the evening commute. i'll have that story in a live report. when i was in concentration camp, i got that situation where i wasn't able to remember faces of my kids. >> he survived war and captivity in a concentration camp. now he's living a new beginning and bringing his art to the bay area. his story up next. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at
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tonight the search is on for a freeway shooter who is taking aim at drivers in san jose. so far at least nine cars and trucks have been hit. the attacks happened during the evening commute on southbound highway 101 just north of mckee road. nbc bay area's marianne favro is there live with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: janelle, all the shootings happened between 5:45 and 8:00 last night. the chp says five cars were hit
6:29 pm
and -- i'm sorry, nine cars were hit, and there may be even more victims. this is what happened to daniel mewes' range rover last night. he was driving on southbound highway 101 near mckee road just before 7:00. daniel had moved to the south bay from germany just two weeks ago, and this was hardly the welcome he had hoped for. >> it's a bit scary. it's really crazy. >> reporter: he's not the only one. daniel says after his vehicle was hit, he pulled off to the side of the highway where he encountered at least five other motorists who said their cars had been hit. one of them a mom who had a close call involving her baby. >> there was one driver affected who had her baby with her in the car and she was also stopped at the side of the highway with the passenger window shattered. >> reporter: chp officers are now investigating what they believe was a bb gun shooter
6:30 pm
targeting motorists during the evening commute. >> we were able to identify nine victims that had some sort of damage to their car, either their right window and/or paint chips to their$x right doors, , unfortunately, right now we have no leads. >> reporter: and there may have been other victims earlier in the week. an employee at spider auto glass told us a customer came in tuesday and said his window had been shattered by what appeared to be a bb while driving the same stretch of highway 101. amazingly, no one was hurt in last night's attacks. chp officers are out on the highways right now beefing up patrols to look for the shooter. they say so far they have no leads. so they're really hoping that the public can come forward and help them catch this shooter before someone gets hurt. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area. >> thanks, marianne. now a follow-up. the city of san leandro is saying not so fast to a plan to
6:31 pm
raise a chinese flag on october 1st. on tuesday council member benny lee told nbc bay area it was a way to reach out to chinese investors. the outcry from human rights activists was immediate. they interrupted it as a sign the city would overlook human rights abuses for the right price. the plan will be reviewed by the full council on october 7th. mike zuckerberg went to washington and he's talking immigration reform, an issue that's so important to him and the silicon valley tech industry. as you can see in the middle, he was wearing a suit today. he spent part of the day meeting with members of congress on both sides of the aisle. an immigration reform bill has stalled in the republican-controlled house. following up on a story we brought you earlier this week. house republicans he made good on their promise to cut spending on foot stamps, elizabe. the bill passed late today barely 217-210. it would deny benefits for nearly 4 million people next
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year. opponents expect the cuts to fail in the senate. the navy yard in washington, d.c., reopened today for the first time since monday's deadly shooting rampage. for most returning workers it was just a regular day, but building 197 where the shooting happened remains closed. the suspect, aaron alexis, had a history of mental health and discipline problems, and now that is shining a light on the process of getting security clearance. an associated press review finds the government is overwhelmed and doesn't have nearly enough resources to adequately investigate the nearly 5 million americans who have those security clearances. the shooting on monday killed 13 people, including the suspect. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the united nations needs to be ready to take action against syria. he wants a security council to vote to eliminate the country's chemical weapon arsenal. >> the complete removal of syria's chemical weapons is possible here through peaceful means, and that will be determined by the resolve of the
6:33 pm
united nations to follow through on the agreement that russia and the united states reached in geneva. >> a u.n. report confirmed the use of chemical weapons in syria. that report came out this week. syria and russia claim syrian rebels used the weapons. well, from conflict comes prosperity. bay area artist jamal emrich recently staged his first art exhibition in nearly two decades. >> last time was in his homeland of bosnia. buts a kent willhoyt explains, the artist's vision has led him to success in the u.s.ñ/ >> reporter: jamal emrich envisioned this for what seems like an eternity. >> i would like to say a few words about the exhibition. >> reporter: after many years on hold, the artist's work is available for public consumption.
6:34 pm
>> the exhibition for me so so exciting because a little bit -- it is nice, like some butterfly in your stomach. >> reporter: the same butterflies he felt 20 years ago. >> this is my city there. >> okay. >> like 500 years old. >> reporter: it's been a long journey. for ten years, he worked, raised a family, and carved out a niche as an artist. >> i opened a small restaurant. i had in my home studio. i got two boys, two kids. life was so nice and perfect for me. >> reporter: perfect until his home became the front lines of the bosnian war. >> that was problem. they try to move people from one area to other area, you know,
6:35 pm
ethnic clean territory. spent one year on the front line and was captured and taken to a concentration camp where he spent two horrifying months. >> when i was in concentration camp, i got the situation where i wasn't able to remember the faces of my kids. one year later i prepared exhibition. it was 20 pieces about war, and some people without face. >> a u.s. program for bosnian refugees brought emrich and his family to san jose. >> it's part of old life. we're trying to not think about it the best wasañ spending time with family enjoying life. >> the beginning, you know. for my life, i think that is
6:36 pm
really too much. >> reporter: he found is new outlet for his artistic expression and people willing to pay for it. >> for a long time i didn't have time for something what is my real profession, you know. i had one job, they build old pirate ship, and my job was painting that like 100 years old. >> and finally last but not least, i would mention he makes his own excellent wine. >> this is my two babies. white and red. >> so ask for wine. you will not regret it. thank you very much for your attention. [ applause ] >> thank you for coming, and i hope you will enjoy my painti s paintings, some wall finishing there, and thank you one more time, and cheers. >> cheers. [ applause ]
6:37 pm
>> cheers. >> cheers. >> in san jose, kent willhoyt, nbc bay area. >> what we're trying to do is what a lot of people thought was impossible. >> preventing breast cancer before it starts. a big leap for ground breaking research. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. across the bay bridge looking great tonight. but not only rain on the way, much9t8ñ cooler temperatures, especially across the north bay where we'll drop anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees. more on your storm time line coming up in a few minutes.
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in health matters, there's new hope for breast cancer prevention. a group of researchers is working on creating a vaccine that may be able to help prevent breast cancer. doctors at the cleveland clinic have spent 11 years designing a vaccine for breast cancer. they say why not use our immune system to protect us from developing the disease in the same way we use our immune system to protect us from developing childhood infectious diseases like measles. the next step is to get permission from the fda to test it on women. that could take two years. the drug will be about ten years away from the marketplace. jeff ranieri here. are you cold? >> a little bit. i'm the weatherman but i can't control the thermostat in here. >> go figure.
6:41 pm
>> it's gorgeous. >> yes, it is. hopefully you got outside to enjoy it. >> yeah. >> because it was amazing. a live look at fremont right now and sunny skies as the sun sets. we'll talk more about a 25 degree temperature drop, and, yes, rain on that doppler radar in just a few minutes. >> i don't like to hear that, but hear is what we have at the xfinity sports direction. the 49ers game got a whole lot interesting yesterday afternoon. the koments tracolts traded for richards richardson. the 49ers players are focused on the trade as fans seem to be.
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uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. you've seen the prices rise, housing, red hot here in the bay area, and with home sales hitting a 6 1/2/7y year high to, here comes the question, what's best for you, renting or buying?
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how do you figure that out? well, it turns out there's an app for that. our business and tech reporter scott budman got a first look. >> reporter: here in the bay area, it's an ongoing debate, rent or buy? with housing prices and sales as hot as they've been in nearly a decade, this app from san francisco's trulia might be a good place to start. >> first, you take your metro. >> reporter: and it will go much deeper than just dollars and cents giving you a sliding scale to help you make your decision. >> for example, mortgage rates are changing. an individual's situation might impact how much of a down payment they put down, which then affects obviously how much you're paying interest on. different people have different thoughts about how much they want to put into renovating or upgrading a home. >> reporter: for real estate agent mark, rent or buy is a constant discussion. >> somebody that wants to rent,
6:45 pm
maybe they've had trouble with a credit history issue, and in their mind they're thinking, well, i can't buy a car now and i had trouble getting a credit card, i certainly couldn't get any realu/0 estate. >> reporter: for trulia, it's about getting personal with people looking for a place to live. and if you're out there hunting, you cans a s s access all the w on the trulia mobile app late they are fall. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> fall is arriving. get your umbrellas out right on cue. >> right now it's so gorgeous. >> i can't believe the change is on the way, jeff. >> i know. i said rain in the newsroom earlier, we had a tour coming through, they put their hands up in the air and they were super excited. >> we haven't seen it in a long time. >> the focus group is about 10 to 13, but they want, it we're going to give it to them. we have adcz developing syste f offshore that will provide
6:46 pm
drastic changes. i want to take you onto the northern branch of this storm system right now near canada, also washington. we're noticing a decent amount of uplift with the frontal system offshore, so to us that's a good indication that we will definitely get some sort of wet weather here as we head throughout saturday's forecast. we're going to have more on that coming up, but i also want to take you to the other thing we're all going impacted by, and that's the much cooler weathe[5á from livermore at 94 to 75 by saturday. san jose also from 88 to 73. and san francisco from sunny, beach weather today, fo75, to 6. tomorrow will be that transitional day. it's not going to be a totally horrible day. it will still be enjoyable. temperatures ranging in the 60s to mid and upper 70s by 11:00 a.m. the key thing you will notice here, cloud cover increasing just around the lunchtime hour, and we think by even tomorrow evening we'll start to see the clouds building up quite a bit at our immediate coastline. let's take you outside to the high definition sky camera
6:47 pm
network. it is absolutely clear in san jose. great air quality with this. pollen in moderate levels. off to the north golden gate bridge, sunny. but by friday that foggy breeze returns. likely by this time tomorrow night, we will start to see the visibility beginning to deteriorate. overall temperatures going down tomorrow about 3 to 5 degrees in the south bay. 80 in san jose, 82 in morgan hill, 85 in gilroy. the east bay out of the 90s for places like pleasantopleasanton livermore. 84 in walnut creek. san francisco, sorry to crash the party here. instead of 70s like today, we're going to go to 68, 74 in richmo richmond, 75 in berkeley, and 79 in napa. the rain will be arriving by saturday. so friday night right now we look dry. maybe a spotty showers in the extreme north bay. then as we head throughout saturday morning, that's when we will start to see the system pushing to the south. a few stray showers early on at about 5:00 a.m., but the coverage looks to pick up with some uplift in the atmosphere.
6:48 pm
by about 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon with areas of scattered rainfall from santa rosa to san jose. it looks like a lot, but right now the overall totals are not now the &háhp &hc&tals are not what you're going to be able to see on the next map is our computer estimates. up into the north bay, that's where we could see trace amounts to maybe 0.1 of an inch and really little to nothing there for the east or also the south bay. so, yes, a few rain drops on saturday, just not a large storm system. the temperature it's drop into the 70s for this upcoming weekend. next week or largest concern will be on wednesday. that's when winds look to pick up. even with 70s in the forecast, our fire danger will be increasing. starting to get busy in the weather scepter. >> thanks very much. a live look now at the coliseum. if you are heading to the a's game you will have to pack a little patience. starting tonight fans will have their bag searched and pockets
6:49 pm
emptied before walking through a metal detector. get there a little bit earlier than you normally would. let's get to sports. i want to know what's going to go off if he walks through that metal detector tonight. >> there would be a lot of bells and whistles going off. they would have to do a full body search. >> you have a lot of change, carrying a lot of change. >> i'd get in about the fourth or fifth inning by the time they were done with me. let's get it going in sports. it's only thursday but all 49ers fans have their eyes on sunday when the red and gold try to rebound from getting torched by seattle. the colts are running and with them trent richardson who they acquired in a trade with the browns yesterday. today the 49ers started preparing to face last year's third overall pick out of alabama. mindi bach now in santa clara with more on the match-up with
6:50 pm
riardson. >> reporter: the defensive players spent thursday morning studying the running style of trent richardson. but the addition of the talented second-year back won't change much in the way of san francisco's preparation. >> richardson back there or bradshaw or brown, they're still going to have their offensive plays. >> they just may hand it off more than they been. they got a great running back to give it to, and he's strong, he's fast, but he also has got some shiftiness, too, where he can bounce it outside or inside. >> reporter: establishing a rhythm in their own running game will be tantamount for the 49ers. san francisco has seen defenses stacking the box and attacking their ground game differently than last season. still through two games, colts' running backs and quarterback andrew luck all have more rushing yards ban frathan frank. >> they may make us throw the ball, but we've had success before running with the loaded boxes, so, you know, that's not
6:51 pm
an excuse. >> the production and execution thus far has not been where we want it to be. >> frank churning out those yards for us is very important to our success. >> reporter: frank gore has been open about his frustration regarding the 49ers' lack of production in the running game and it's understandable. gore's 60 total rushing yards on 30 carries through the first two games of this season is his worst start to a season since he became the starter in 2006. in santa clara, mindi bach, nbc bay area. the oakland a's on the cusp of their second straight a.l. title. they open a series against the minnesota twins. a's magic number to clinch is five. any combination is add up to the number five and the division is theirs. andrea did beat the security detail and she has more. >> reporter: the a's are coming off a tough loss after josh hamilton hit a two-run shot in
6:52 pm
the ninth inning on wednesday. as this team tries to dwindle its magic number down to four. it has to put that loss in the rear-view mirror, something the a's have done well this season. >> we just take it a game at a time. like yesterday, whether we won the game previously or we lost, it doesn't really matter. because today is obviously a different game. >> we take every day as a new day. that's kind of been the mantra all year is play every game for that day and do your best that day and worry about what your position is at the end of the year. >> every day is a different day and whether we pull out a dramatic win or lose a tough one, doesn't matter, we have another game the next day. we go to the next day and it doesn't matter, win or liz, ose know we have a fresh start every day. >> i think the teams understand that there's nothing you can do about the day before. you just have to come back the next day with the same attitude to win. >> reporter: the a's had success against the twins last time around taking two of three at
6:53 pm
target field. b -- in oakland, nbc bay area. >> thank you, andrea. the giants won today in new york against the mets. that's good. they open a weekend series against the yankees in new york on friday. that's good. this isn't good. finally, dodgers won today, 7-6 in arizona. they clinch the national league west title. last time the dodgers won the west was 2009. giants fans not too pleased about this season. but there's always next year, right, guys? >> there's always next year. >> there's even this sunday, and janelle was asking me what do you think about the 11 1/2 point spread the niners have? >> i didn't know that since i only watch the game nm/b entertainment purposes, terry. 11 1/2 is a pretty big spread. i think the niners are going to paste the colts. i go to janelle for all my
6:54 pm
prognostication. >> thanks, jim. >> back in a moment.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the buses and trains operated by sam transpouds pro 1,000 rides daily. some district insiders say the agency is mishandling your money. we're live in the newsroom with more. >> former employees at the transit district are coming forward to say the agency has been inflating expenses for years to get more of your tax dollars. they say they were instructed to change financial records to hide how sam trans spends public
6:57 pm
money. in recent years caltrain had to raise fares and freeze salaries. but insiders say the financial picture was not as bleak as we were told. >> they didn't want you to ask questions. they just want you to do what they said. >> reporter: so this series of mistakes that your agency initially denied then has now admitted to, is this just bad accounting or is it financial fraud? >> no. i think i'll try again. i've answered this question now three times. there were some mistakes in coding. >> reporter: and sam trans calls them honest mistake. hear more from our interview with the ceo. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to that report. thanks so much. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night, folks.
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miley cyrus hits her critics with a wrecking ball. her bold new interview, now on "extra." i was like born to become who i am like right now. >> inside the mind of miley, behind the curtain, on the private jet. what she confided in britney before her "vma" shock show. >> she is on fire right now. mario's britney exclusive today. what really happened on her choppy chopper ride. >> oh, my god, i'm gonna throw up all over everybody. >> the plans for the kids as she kicks off her vegas show. and what made brit do this? >> oh, my god! dancing dynamo, valerie harper breaks news about her health. >> i don't have brain cancer,


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