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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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that breaking news is in san francisco. a man is dead. and a woman is in the hospital, after a shooting. both victims were inside a car when they were shot. the woman was shot in the arm and leg. she is expected to survive. >> this happened on 23rd and arkansas. officers had to use pepper spray to get crowds to dispurse. one officer was injured and
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taken to the hospital. police don't have information on suspects for that shooting. breaking news out of chicago. a mass shooting on a basketball court. it happened at a popular park just after 10:00 p.m. chicago time. a dozen people were shot, including a 3-year-old who was shot in the face. several of the victims are listed in critical condition. we don't know what prompted the shooting. at this time, no one is in custody. we'll bring you more as soon as it comes into our newsroom. a debate over food stamps in washington, d.c. hits home in the bay area. the house wants to cut billions of dollars from the program. and even though the bill may not get past the senate, just the thought of it has bay area families nervous about how to feed their children. jean elle joins us live in san francisco with their perspective. jean? >> reporter: people who rely on food stamps, as it is, they cannot walk into a supermarket and buy whatever they want because their benefits run out before the month is over.
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tonight, they are worried about the future and how they will get by. >> you buy carefully. what can i afford? cheese is out. fish is out. potatoes. carrots are cheap. >> reporter: 62-year-old thad signed up for california's food stamp program. $200 a month doesn't go very far. >> i've learned to live on potatoes and scraping by. it's no fun. >> reporter: while evans struggles -- >> while unemployment declines, food stamp still increases. >> reporter: members of congress voted to cut the federal nutrition assistance budget by 40 million. these members of congress receive food allowances as part of their job. >> they dine at lavish
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restaurants, eating steak. vodka, and even caviar. >> reporter: a single mom, who didn't want to reveal her identity, says her current benefit of $350, doesn't get her through the month right now. and a reduction will leave her family hungry. >> you know, i stock the pantry and the freezer. and the rest of it, i have to really, really tight with for it to last, even, you know. it doesn't hardly last. >> reporter: she and evans don't want to rely on cal fresh forever. his books are for sale on the internet. and he's weighing in on the debate. >> the senate will vote on the proposed cuts. and food stamp clients are facing an additional cut in november. benefits will be reduced when the stimulus package expires.
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more details about 48 million americans receive food stamps. up from 26 million in 2007. if the plan is approved, 4 million people would be ineligible to receive food stamps. and the bill would require drug testing and disqualify some felons. new tonight at 11:00, too much crime, not enough cops. a $4.5 million grant will put more police on the streets of oakland. for some people, it can't happen quickly enough. that's why they're spending their own money to keep their families safe. cheryl hurd at police headquarters. how does the program work? >> first of all, neighborhood associations have to come together to hire a private security firm. then, a monthly fee. a price some people say they have to pay to feel safe in
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oakland. timothy patrols the oakland hills. >> for people to feel safe in their own backyard. safe in their own front yard. they want to be able to come out and walk their dogs. >> reporter: but people aren't feeling safe because oakland needs more police officers. >> there's been break-ins while people are sleeping. loitering, prostitution, drug dealing. >> reporter: and a fatal shooting back in april. that's go bob wright's attention. >> the police aren't going to show up for an hour or two. and they're not responding to burglar alarms. >> reporter: people are willing to pay $20 a month, to hire companies to patrol their streets. come to their homes in a timely manner and respond to alarms. that's something that oakland police don't have the manpower to do. on tuesday, oakland received $4.5 million to hire ten officers for three years.
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city officials admit they need more police. >> we need 900 officers in oakland. and we're doing everything we can to put our money behind our mouths. >> reporter: until they get the 900 officers, companies will grow. >> folks want to have an extra set of eyes on the street. that's where we come into play. >> reporter: tomorrow, oakland police will be hiring its second class of police officers this year. that may seem like good news. but as you can see, the trend is to hire private security to pick up the slack. evicted from his home, held on bail. mike gonen faces five counts of attempted murder. sheriffs deputies say he shot at them and the property manager as they tried to evict him from his foreclosed home. a bullet hit the property
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manager. he is in the hospital tonight. things are much calmer on a south bay highway. last night, chp officers say someone opened fire on passing drivers. tonight, there were extra patrols along southbound highway 101, just north of the mckee road exit. they say the shooter used a beebe gun. but they don't know who the shooter is or why he or she did it. fortunately, no one was hurt. a live look at a bay area icon that could close for an entire weekend for the first time ever. today, a golden gate bridge district committee approved plans for a movable median barrier. installation and the closure will not take place until late next year. so, you'll have plenty of notice. happening now, here and around the country, people lined up to be the first to get ahold of the newest iphone.
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george kiriyama is live in palo alto. first of all, stop cutting in line. we've been getting complaints. how long have people been waiting out there. >> i think the earliest person was here on monday. she has been here for four or five days. unbelievable. a new phone by apple. this time, two new phones. iphone 5s and iphone 5c. the front windows have been blacked out. the iphone 5c, is the less expensive model. it comes in different colors. then, the premium iphone 5s. there is a line out here, we're across the street. we're going to give you a close-up look of line in video. 30 in line. not as long as previous lines. old habits are hard to break for
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many apple faithful. some of the first in line have been here since monday morning, including many who stood in line for previous apple products. >> it gets boring sometimes. ten minutes before launch, you get a sensation. >> when else do you get an opportunity to camp out in palo alto? >> reporter: the current iphone breaks, you have to get a new one. here's a live look at the line. we're across the street. that's the front of the line right near royal high restaurant. tech analysts are expecting to release as many as with the
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iphone 5. the chinese market are joining the u.k., u.s., australia and japan. that's the latest here. >> right now, the online store has gone offline in preparation for the onslaught of orders. here is the message on the website. the online store typically goes offline before a product launch. the new iphone will begin at midnight. apple may get the go ahead to build its new campus next month. the so-called spaceship campus will house 14,000 employees. one of the bay area's biggest friends under scrutiny. insiders say the district is mishandling your tax dollars. how it is done and what the ceo has to say. we investigate, next. also ahead, the potential
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vaccine that could prevent breast cancer. plus, which cancer patients are receiving the wrong dose of chemotherapy? i'm jeff raineri in the weather center. a major shift in the weather. our storm 400 miles offshore. the timing on the rain when it arrives.
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it's one of the bay area's biggest transit agencies. sam trans says it's facing financial trouble. >> as the investigative unit has learned, the financial picture
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may not be as bleak as we've been told. >> vicky nguyen follows the money. >> for months, we have been reviewing samtran's financial records, after employees came forward to raise concerns about how the district is handling your money. we uncovered several errors. were they honest mistakes? or were they intentional? >> they want you to ask questions. they want you to do what they said. >> reporter: david ramirez works in the department from 2001 to 2012. >> it's only the workers, the grunts, that know what's going on. in my case, i know what's going on. >> reporter: his duties included preparing caltrain's financial statements. he says he left the agency after he was instructed to make
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changes to financial records he believes were illegal. he says the changes were inflated to ask for more taxpayer money. >> we had to increase expenses where there was no expenses. >> reporter: he was asked to make up expenses for services the agency never received, too give the appearance that caltrain needed more public dollars. that's hard to belief. >> hard to believe. but it's done. it happens. >> reporter: from san francisco to gilroy, the trains, buses and shuttles give more than 1 million rides a day. they declared a fiscal crisis. >> every year, we have to scramble to come up with funds. >> reporter: behind the scenes, ramirez says he was asked to move money around without transparency. initially, you went along with
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it, why? >> for me, i was told a sad story. it is in the red. i was like, okay. we're saving for a rainy day. but it's not raining. >> reporter: ramirez says he was told to reverse journal entries. he was told to go back in and reverse those payments so they instead came from an insurance account. it was a way to hide how much money was being paid to cons consultants and coaches. why? why are we doing this? >> reporter: through a public records request, we asked to review the questionable payments. the agency auditors called them errors. >> honest mistakes, happen many year. >> reporter: if it happens many times over many years, and people who did these accounting entries say this is fraud, how do you respond to that? >> we have gotten awards every
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year for our accounting practices. >> reporter: samtran ceo, mike scanlon, flanked by those awards, put on display for this interview. you admitted to it here. >> if there was a mistake that something was paid erroneously out of an account. >> reporter: you insist it's a mistake. when the people who made these entries were told to do so. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and it happened in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. those are mistakes? >> i don't believe that. >> reporter: you said, it happened in all of those years in your own paperwork. >> i don't believe the way you're portraying it. >> reporter: here it is in the auditors report to samtran. $60,000. and $292,000. entries our sources told us were purposely paid out of the wrong accounts. they say it was a series of entries that showed an intent to hide the way the agency was spending money.
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when he says that he was asked to make up expenses, you're saying that didn't happen. >> i do not believe. >> reporter: you're saying he did this on his own? >> i do not believe that. no idea. no foundation for which -- why he's making these wild claims. >> are you going to get fired? >> all of us in finance know something is going wrong. >> reporter: ramirez isn't the only one speaking out. >> a lot of illegal accounting entries are being done. reverse funds or transfer funds around. inside the organization. >> reporter: this certified public accountant asked to be disguised. the employee raised similar concerns after being asked to reclass an expense. he warned this is against the accounting principles. >> i see an ongoing pattern in the finance department. it's wrong accounting practice, in a way that make me feel like it's cheating. >> reporter: how come the auditors don't catch the
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mistakes? >> they only see a sample of journal entries. >> the audit does not provide absolute assurance that the information is correct. >> reporter: we shared some of the questionable accounting with an independent auditor. >> i think from the information presented, it's worthy of an investigation. worthy of looking into what's behind those numbers. >> we hired a second forensic accountant to review the records. >> i think it's important that, you know, if there are errors found, the auditors under possibility will look at that. especially confirmations of allegations made. >> auditors don't look at every transaction. they look at a sample. that's the way audits are done all over the world. there are errors. but in this case, you brought them. thank you.
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our auditors said they were immaterial. >> the errors are small compared to the $120 million budgets. but saying this was just a fractions of entries, designed to hide millions over the years. there's one thing that samtrans and our sources seem to agree on. >> this is the taxpayer money. we need to do our best to protect these funds. >> we have an agency here that has values. and those values are our competence. integrity. and they're being good stewards of the public money. the people who work here, it's in our culture. we do it the samtrans way. >> reporter: our sources raised the district attorney auditors will review the accounts in full details. the morning after our interview with the ceo, they criticized the investigation. we posted that memo, as well as
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our full interview with mike scanlon. you can go to and click on investigations. we will be following up to see what the auditors find. >> great digging. thanks so much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. and you can send an e-mail. i guess it's going to be. the headlines about the rain? >> you're going to try to give away my story here. we're going to see the big-time changes. our storm system, 400 miles offshore right now. not only the possibility of showers coming our way. but colder temperatures. hopefully you enjoyed the heat. maybe you're sick of it. 94 in livermore. san jose at 88. we're going to be dropping in the 70s. sunny beach weather going down
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to 65, as well. let's get you outside to the high-definition sky camera network. we're clear right now. but this time tomorrow night, the cloud cover going to be increasing. what you should know is tomorrow, looks pretty good for most of the day. not a horrible day. temperatures will be cooling off. 80 in san jose. 79 in los gatos. and 76 in palo alto for the east bay. it's going to go down to just below average here. 86, walnut creek. 83 in santa rosa. 74 in richmond. and 75 in berkeley. how about those rainy changes. when do they arrive. let's get a look on the future cast. by friday evening, a few showers develop. extreme north bay. and as we head throughout saturday morning, we'll see showers across the bay area. by the afternoon, that's when
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more consistent rainfall will likely spread some scattered activity here, from santa rosa to san jose. it's not a large storm system. it should start to clear out by saturday evening. fall just around the corner. praise amounts to maybe a tenth of an inch. no doubt, up into the north bay. on the forecast, we'll clear out on sunday. temperatures in the 70s inland and 60s at the coast. by next week, our largest concern will likely be wind on wednesday. the day is saturday. thank you very much. we'll be right back. for a store near you go to
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we know being obese is not healthy for you. obesity and cancer can be a
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deadly combination. doctors say people on chemotherapy by not basing the dose on their size. dosing on size is more important now. 60% of americans overweight. one-third of them are obese. new hope in the fight against breast cancer. researchers at the cleveland clinic are working on a vaccine. they're using our immune system from developing the disease. the next step, for the vaccine is to get permission to test it on women. that could take about two years. once it's approved for trial. researchers say the drug will be about ten years away from hitting the market. sports time, now. ahmad fareed talking about the oakland a's. they did it with a superstar. a great story, coming up next. ready?
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ahmed fareed.
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have a coco crisp. >> have a season. the a's are going to clinch the division title at home, they have to clean up on the minnesota twins. the final home series of the regular season. we'll take you to the coliseum. twins and a's. magic number for the a's, sitting at five. jed lowrie, having a year, as well. three-run home run. his 13th on the year. a's up three. but that lead witled away. chris herman comes in to score. game tied 6-6. bottom of the inning. one on. here you go. coco crisp. deep and gone. 21 on the year for the speedster. a's retake the lead. that was your game-winner. a's win 8-6. the magic number to clinch down to four. giants/mets. bottom five. they didn't need a bunch of runs. madison bumgarner had 199 on the
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season. javier lopez, striking out the righty. goodwin for the giants. 2-1, the final score in queens. now, off to take on the new york yankees.
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the winner of powerball's fourth-biggest jackpot has not stepped forward. and he or she may never step forward at all. the $399.4 million jackpot was one by quick pick at a gas station in lexington, south carolina. that state does not require public i.d. of winners. we may never know. lexington, the population of about 20,000. the rumors have to be going around that town right now. >> the big winner is never in california. >> i know. >> next time. >> next time. we deserve to win the powerball. >> we need to do the office pool. >> i've been rallying for weeks.
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we take my seven-day. and jumble up the numbers. we have a winner in there. >> a lot of 7s. >> and some rain on saturday. i don't know what that translates to in a number. it's coming back here. much colder temperatures. 25 degrees cooler than what we had for today. not a huge storm right now. >> thanks for joining us. "the tonight show" coming up next. >> have a great night, folks.
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and jay checks out new apps. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! thank you very much! hi, everybody! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have everybody here. oh, boy. you know, it's been a pretty rough week in the news. so, let's start out with some happy news, huh? looks like the federal government could be shutting down. yeah! [ cheers and applause ]


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