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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 20, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good friday morning. coming up on "early today," president obama warns a minority republicans in congress could throw our economy into a crisis by shutting down the government. majority votes to cut food stamps. eaking news overnight. a dozen people shot in chicago, including a 3-year-old child. we will have the latest on that. plus the pope rocks the catholic world with his views of the real mission of the church. coca-cola offers an apology for this message. and flooding continues south of border.
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good morning. i'm richard lui. the next 11 days are going to be bumpy. that is how long we have until the government runs out of money . using words like crazy and shutdown. tracie potts joins us from washington. >> we're not seeing negotiations yet. we don't have a lot of time to work with. what we will see today, richard, is a vote on whether or not to pull the money out of president obama's health program to try to keep the government going until ten days before christmas. the latest budget battle puts paychecks, veterans benefits medicare, student loans and even food stamps at risk. >> beyond cataclysmic. >> reporter: they warn that those that could lose food stamps are jobless. >> this is cruel, even heartless. >> stripping the money out of
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the president's health program. >> i will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund obamacare. >> any bill that defunds obamacare is dead. dead. >> reporter: republicans are linking health care to passing a budget. if there is no budget in 11 days the government should shut down. coming next month, raising the debt limit to pay america's bills. republicans say not again. >> republicans have no interest on defaulting on our debt none. we just want to find a way to pay it off. >> and the answer is no we will not negotiate. >> reporter: washington, cruising toward a crisis. now today we're expecting to see key republicans essentially huddling together in a strategy session to talk about how they want to deal with the debt that budget issue in less than two weeks. richard? >> quite a storm brewing there. tracie potts in washington, d.c.
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now a breaking story we're following you in chicago. a 3-year-old boy is among a dozen people shot overnight. the child took a bullet to the head and is in critical condition at this time, so are two others according to officials. police say someone opened fire in a group in a park. ten ambulances arrived on the scene and police believe the shooting is gang related. south of the border now, mexico, where thousands of people including many american tourists, are trapped. after the coast was hit by a tropical storm for the second time in five days and the damage is remarkable. hurricane manuel triggered a landslide on the coast. tons of mud and rock slammed into the city center. at least 97 people have died with that number expected to rise. now to the resort town of alcapulco. that took the first direct hit. many tourists are stranded
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there. the state department says it is trying to book them trips home. it is expected to bring heavy rain to texas this weekend. we will have more on that forecast in a moment. comments from pope francis are sending shock waves around the world and may signal a new era for the catholic church. the pontiff spoke of his vision in a jesuit magazine, saying we cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive method saying we need to find a new balance. otherwise even the moral edifice of the church will fall like a house of cards. this interview followed a press conference in july when during a flight he said about gays who am i to judge? pope francis says when god looks at a gay person does he endorse existence with love? the pontiff's remarks are in different with his predecessor john paul ii and benedict xvi.
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as officials form more ideas of motives for aaron alexis' rampage, more stories emerge. the 39-year-old civilian worker hit the ground saying glass shattered right by her head. she knew she had to leave. that's when she saw her friend 61-year-old vishnu pandit the grandfather shot in his left temple but laverne said she felt him breathing. she held him, prayed for him and said we don't want you to go. they helped laverne out, making it to an intersection of the complex. that's where these photos were taken, laverne performing cpr on her friend but he was already dead. that's one of the many stories coming out after the days of
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that catastrophe. conducting the 2007 background check that allowed alexis access to the navy yard the same firm that checked edward snowden. on thursday severe thunderstorms were responsible for two deaths and multiple deaths across indiana. south bend broke rainfall records. in boulder, colorado dry and receding water levels marked a massive clean-up. light dusting of snow. this time bill karins we're not talking about snow in alaska. it's here in the lower 48. >> we're getting there for the higher elevations. cascades and sierra. not yet. as far as this weekend goes say
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good-bye to summer technically and physically. beautiful day in the northwest. hope you bottled it up got outside and enjoyed it. probably the best warmest, sunniest day you're going to have for a while, until next spring. temperatures in the 80s. even san francisco was 80 and sunny. it was gorgeous. this first big frontal system is draping along the coast going from north to south. it's going to make slow progress today. decent weather up the i-5 corridor up to the puget sound. as the front approaches so will the clouds and eventually light rain. after this front goes through, the problem is we start our onshore flow weather pattern, cooler weather with showers. we won't get a ton of rain out of this front. bring the umbrella with you. most places less than a tenth of an inch. quarter inch at most. i'll fast forward just for seattle, what we're looking at in the days ahead. those 80s are long gone. >> that's the seattle we know. >> that's the se
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and in check with the clouds. mt. shasta, california, rain your way. >> southern california not your time. could have a washout weekend, southeast. we're not talking about anything like that. why benching a .400 hitter. you won't believe who is behind this suv that hit a man crossing the street.
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stories making news on this friday morning for you, president obama hits the road today for missouri, visiting a ford plant to tap his policies to strengthen the economy, four years after the start of the
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financial crisis. today, the obama administration also unveiling new environmental rules for new power plants. they would place strict limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal and gas. the administration wants the energy to achieve this through new technology. critics arguing the technology will drastically increase the cost of electricity. today is the day die-hard iphone fans have been waiting for. the new phones go on sale. that's the way it looks right now as fans line up. good luck. at a journalist forum russian president vladimir putin said former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi wouldn't have any problems with the law if he was gay. he said berlusconi convicted of tax fraud, went on trial just because he lived with women and if he was a homosexual no one would touch him.
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putin denies gays face discrimination in his country despite anti-gay propaganda law. the police chief in houston has been suspended without pay after he hit a pedestrian in a cross walk with a city vehicle. he says the suspension was implemented because he holds himself to a higher standard. now to money and business for you. a former halliburton employee was charged with destroying evidence following the bp oil spill. that happened three years ago. made in america. president obama meeting with members of its export council says the u.s. is at a point where domestic production is starting to exceed imports. nielsen will be adding ratings information from smart phones and tablets into its data. the details will be released next week. the new ratings data will be incorporated next year. billionaire warren buffett tells cnbc that the u.s. economy
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is continuing a gradual increase that started in 2009. he likens fed chairman ben bernanke to a batter hitting hitting .400 and should stay on the job. by the way, ted williams was the last baseballer to break a .400 season. 60-year-old bottle of scotch is on sale in scottsdale. coca-cola is apologizing to a consumer who purchased a bottle of vitamin water only to find an offensive message on the cap. the words "you retard" were intentionally printed on the cap. it's part of a
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translates to late or delayed. the company says they did not mean to offend anyone. first a trivia question.
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before the break we asked a who is the wealthiest current or former nfl player. that answer is john madden with
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an estimated net worth of $200 million. i saw all those video games. it will probably go on for the next decade or two. let's talk about thursday night football. 14 years is 14 years especially for a chubby old guy so said former eagles coach. the homecoming got brotherly love. donovan mcnabb had his number 5 jersey retired. last night. the game looked like this. michael vick passing. refer that fumble. kansas city overwhelms philadelphia 26-16. in college football number 3 clemson against unranked north carolina state. it was all tigers qb connected twice for a touchdown. also in that game isaiah battle throws a punch, knocking down
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jarvis byrd. got ejected. it's do or die now. usa versus new zealand. pulling the fat out of the fire on thursday. kiwis now up. another nail biter expected today. jub lent players with the champagne then jump into the complex's spa pool. got to clean that after. dodgers sensation celebrated by doing the worm. he does it three times. what do you score? give him a ten? well done my friend. st. louis and colorado rockies, todd helton with the old hidden ball trick. fakes the throwback. got you. that quick out leads to the rockies win 7-6. i'm hungry. what about you here? we'll take you to detroit. foul ball.
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prince fielder can't bring it in. why not -- he's hungry like i am. he grabs a nauchcho from one of the fans and then back to work. a lady with cat-like reflexes, look at this pulls it down. i bet if you drop her off a two-story building she'll turn over and land properly too. reviews are in for james gandolfini titled "enough said." you're watching "early today."
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welcome back on this friday morning. we officially welcome in fall on sunday afternoon. have the umbrella with you anywhere from medford north all the way up i-5. still holding on to the heat in the desert areas. vegas, dropped off a little bit. 96 today. phoenix, still in the 100 to 105 range. drop a little bit there saturday. nice, beautiful weather around the areas just away from the coast. l.a. 74. by the time we get to sunday onshore flow, afternoon showers. not a lot of heavy rain. we cool it off there finally in the deserts. enjoyable weather for the southern portion of the west. northern portion, our good run is over. >> it is over. that's why i'm not sure how welcoming i'll be to fall when it comes. to entertainment news, after days we now know the
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winner of the "million second quiz." andrew took home the grand prize of $2.6 million. zac effron after he was leaving peru after a vacation there. after learning he had a brief stint in rehab five months ago. battle of the year will be battling for topt spot in the box office this weekend up against "prisoners" with hugh jackman and jake gyllenhaal. also entering theaters is james gandolfini's final film "enough said." >> you have to see that. >> exactly. he stars as a single dad along julia louis-dreyfus. they say it will leave you with pangs for his too early passing. no doubt. guess what they found here, bill. they're predicting "breaking bad" and "binge biggg bang theory" will be the big winners.
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>> i'm mad i didn't start from the beginning. i need to go back. >> what's great is that we can do that now. ellen degeneres is the most likable woman in hollywood. jennifer lawrence takes second place and stephen colbert knows how to celebrate the possible defeat of obamacare. take a look. >> yes, a victory lap, because obamacare is dead! ♪ >> oh, yeah the twerk keeps moving on. i'm richard lui. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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in the news in "the new york daily news," thief in wheelchair steals purses at midtown hot spots. the nypd is on the lookout for this man, who steals purses before fleeing in his wheelchair. and in "the l.a. times" floyd mayweather/canelo fight was the richest ever. 2.2 million homes paut ss bought the pay per view bout. generated nearly $150 million in tv sales revenue. to stories you might have missed. in syria reports, indicate an al qaeda-linked rebel group has taken control of a town on the turkish border. and a dairy queen manager in hopkins, minnesota, is getting a lot of attention for
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an act of kindness. one of his regulars came in a week ago to order a sundae. this customer has a visual impairment and dropped a $20 bill. a woman quickly picked it up and he thought she would return the bill to its rightful owner. she didn't. this is what he told her. >> i'm not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you. you can return the $20 bill and i'll serve you or you can leave. she goes it's my $20 bill. and i go then you can leave. >> so he took 20 bucks from his own wallet gave it to the man. >> great guy. >> love the guy. he wrote an e-mail to dairy queen and it's a good deed now that's gone viral. >> he will be paid back 20 times. >> definitely get it at some point. once twice, three times a lady. three female baby lion cubs made a mini debut at the oregon zoo while going through their first neonatal exam.
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they underwent exams after officials noticed one fussy cub not interacting with her sisters. >> probably picking on her. >> they will make their public debut. time for a look ahead. a forum on voting rights. attorney general eric holderer speaks about restoring voter rights. >> cuban missile crisis. >> further joint effort in the regulation and exploration of space. i include among these possibilities a joint expedition to the moon. happy birthday to actor gary cole. he is 57. george martin turns 65. actress sophia loren, 79. keep it here for more news weather and sports.
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i'm richard
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we are following developing news. a toddler among 13 people shot in a park in chicago, the latest details from overnight. >> also limo companies petitioning the governor asking him to veto a new limousine safety bill. >> and lining up for the iphone. all over the country people are standing outside waiting to get their hands on the newest offering from the company. why apple co-founder steve wos knee yak is not out there with them. >> a lot getting into the magic. probably enjoying cooler temperatures, a live look outside at your bay bridge. you made it. the finish line is here. it is friday september 20th, this is "today in the bay."


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