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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 23, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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press." coming up on "early today," intense gunfire. overnight more reports of shooting and just this past hour, blasts were herd. terrorists are still holding hostages in kenya. president obama with sobering remarks on america's gun violence. the small screen's hottest stars were out in full force for the emmy awards and we've got the highlights. plus, government shutdown ahead. the countdown continues. rihanna's instagram picture also, rihanna's instagram picture leads to an arrest in thailand. and the flugtag comes to texas. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. bursts of gunfire suggest the
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bloody siege in kenya could be far from over. and just minutes ago at least three large explosions rocked the west gate mall. smoke is rising above the skyline. you see it in the picture on day three of the standoff and hostages are still reportedly inside that mall. at least 68 are dead. 175 injured including u.s. citizens and this morning, investigations into possible american involvement in the plot. nbc's ron allen is in nearby. he filed this dramatic report amid gunfire a short time ago. >> reporter: there's every indication they're trying to bring this siege now entering its third day to an end. we've seen a lot of police and military activity here on the perimeter. we're several hundred yard as way from the entrance to the mall but still able to ex-hear explosions and gunfire which gives you an idea of the intensity of what's going on down there. the government now insists it has control of most of the mall
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and that the gunmen are confined to a very small area and believe there are anywhere from 10 to 15 gunmen and perhaps the ten hostages, as well. the government is saying they have managed to free some of the people who were being held but at this point numbers are very hard to come by exact measurements of what's going on there. the bottom line, though, is that the newest worry, the government has tried to show patience but clearly want to end it as soon as possible. it's a tricky situation, of course, because those innocent civilians are still in there. yes, the death toll has risen to 68, 69 or so and believe there are now 200 injured. and those casualty figures could increase further. just -- i don't know if you were able to hear it, there was gunfire in the distance. that's why i'm trying to get out of the way of this. you can see they're taking defensive positions, as well down the street. a tense situation continuing here in nairobi this morning as they try to bring the hostage situation to an end. >> as you can see a very fluid
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and dangerous situation. also today, president obama begins a week today of meetings with world leaders but sunday he tried to set the national debate on gun reform. the president and first lady met with family members of the 12 people killed at last week's navy yard shooting. mr. obama sent time with the community shaken by the mass violence. he told the crowd tears and words are not enough to end gun tragedies. >> as president i have now grieved with five american communities ripped apart by mass violence. ft. hood, tucson, aurora, sandy hook and now the washington navy yard. these tragedies are just somehow the way it is, that this is somehow the new normal. we can't accept this.
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meanwhile, the nra's wayne lapierre is pushing for more armed guards. on "meet the press" he reiterated comments he made following the newtown shooting. >> the whole country, david, knows the problem there weren't enough good guys with guns. when good guys got there, it stopped. >> a dramatic rescue now in california courtesy of the u.s. coast guard. the rising tide and choppy waters made the trail unhikable and their only option was to bring each woman up in a basket one by one. as you can see it did not go without tense moments. one of the women was swept in the water. but the two others quickly pulled her out of the rough tide. all three hikers are thankfully okay this morning. a night of big wins and sometimes big upsets at the 65th annual prime time emmy awards. nbc's stephanie stanton reports from los angeles.
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>> "breaking bad." [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a week before saying good-bye, the cable series "breaking bad" picked up its first emmy as best drama. >> i did not see this coming. >> reporter: also part of "breaking bad's" big night, a first-time emmy for anna gunn. as best supporting actress. >> whoo. bryan cranston just told me to breathe. >> reporter: but gunn's co-star missed out on best actor. it went to first-time winner jeff daniels of hbo's "the newswroom." >> last time thing i won was a few years ago for "the squid and the whale." i won the best actor over 50 from the aarp. >> reporter: honors for best actress went to claire danes, her second straight win for "homeland." jim parsons won best actor for "big bang theory." and julia louis-dreyfus made it back-to-back wins for best actress in "veep." her fourth career emmy. >> this is such good fortune, it's almost too much to bear. >> reporter: good fortune continued in the comedy series category, "modern family."
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as they won for the fourth straight win. meanwhile, another win streak came to an end. >> "the colbert report." >> reporter: stephen colbert and company snapped "the daily show" and jon stewart's run as the best series. >> jon never told me how good this feels. >> and the tune also changed for the best series -- >> "the voice." >> reporter: "behind the candelabra," the hbo film about the life of liberace earned best movie or miniseries also steven soderbergh and best actor for michael douglas who saluted co-star matt damon. >> you really deserve half of this, so you want the bottom or the top? >> reporter: stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. well, hundreds of flights were canceled as the strongest typhoon of the season approached hong kong yesterday. typhoon usagi battered the philippines and taiwan before making landfill in china last
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night with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour, chinese authorities have ordered the evacuations of tens of thousands of people. nbc meteorologist bill karins with your monday forecast. tens of thousands. that's really hard to wrap your head around. >> yeah, that was a super typhoon and it was really heading for huge populated areas, too, so we wish them the best had their recovery and a lot of people will be in a lot of need of help over in china and taiwan who got hit by the storm. let me talk about what happened in the west. we saw a pattern change. san francisco got some significant rain on saturday. and temperatures were cool yesterday. and even the desert southwest for the first time really saw significantly cooler weather. so the onshore flow continues in the northwest. look at the seattle, olympia area and bellingham. high waves, up to 17 feet high so stay away from the surf and down towards san francisco and los angeles and in the mountains outside of l.a., ventura
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mountains could see gusty winds out there. not quite a perfect santa ana wind situation but wind gusts on i-5 through the mountain passes and wanted people to be prepared for that. as far as temperatures go, it's a day like yesterday, cooler, l.a., phoenix and las vegas and in the northwest dodging those showers and kind of cool, definitely need the jacket as you head out the d the week should improve in seattle, all the way down i-5. so, betty, it looks like our friends in arizona have been waiting are to the first cold front and they final had it and say good-bye to the 100 foster a while. >> summer is officially over. i spent time in l.a. over the weekend, gorgeous.
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still felt summery there. thank you, bill. the countdown to a government shutdown. we've got the latest on that spending debate. plus, which are the richest and poorest states in america and how does your income compare? we're going to have details in two minutes.
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stories making news on this monday. the looming government shutdown was the main topic of debate on sunday's "meet the press." conservative bill kristol sparred with robert gibbs about the gop strategy for dealing with the debt. >> only one body has actually passed a continued resolution to keep the government open. that's the house controlled by republicans. the senate has done nothing, nothing. one week before the end of the fiscal year this democratic controlled senate has passed no resolutions. >> i think "the wall street journal" summed it up perfect this week and that is kamikaze missions are rarely successful and least of all for the pilots. you can see from your interview
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with the republicans, they have a strategy how to do one bill. and they have no real clue to what the next step is in that strategy. at least 75 people are dead after a suicide bomb attack on a church in pakistan. parishioners were leaving after a morning service when the bomber rushed towards the chump entrance. boston police commissioner edward davis is expected to announce his resignation later this morning. davis who led the boston police during the boston marathon bombing has reportedly received an offer to teach at harvard and being considered for director of homeland security. and oktoberfest in full sight over the weekend. full brass bands playing music, people marching through the streets and of course plenty of beer to go around. bottoms up. now to business and your money. the average price of a gallon of gas has dropped 6 cents in the past two weeks, but san francisco is still paying the most just over $4. charleston, south carolina, the least at $3.14 a gallon. later today, microsoft is
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expected to announce the new surface tablet computers to compete with the ipad mini and google's nexus 7. a report in "forbes" says a german hacker group called chaos computer club and a new member called star bug took just two days -- only two days to crack the new iphone 5s reader. that's incredible. well, disney said riders who arrive with a handicapped will no longer go to the front of the line. abuse of the courtesy led to the change, which takes effect october 9th. and according to the late census information, maryland is the richest state with highest medium household income followed by alaska, new jersey, connecticut and hawaii. and the poorest five states including kentucky, west virginia, arkansas and mississippi coming up all your sports highlights. first, a trivia question for you.
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nfl teams like the giants, redskins and steelers have all lost their first three games. so has any 0-3 nfl team ever made it to the super bowl? the answer when "early today" returns.
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all right, take a look. before the break we asked, has any 0-3 nfl team made it to the super bowl? and the answer is, no.
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yes, i thought it might have been a yes. it is a no. although the 2007 giants who were 0-2 did win the super bowl. now, let's get the latest in sports. nfl week three getting right to sunday night football. shall we? bears versus the steelers. big ben with this pick in the second. major wright runs it in for a 38-yard touchdown. roefrts under pressure loses the ball and peppers with a return ed with a 42-yard fumble return touchdown. the undefeated bears win it, 40-23. the steelers are 0-3. 27-7, colin kaepernick throws an interception to end the game. over to the lions and redskins now. detroit gives themselves a comfortable lead with a comfortable pass, megatron, calvin johnson. and a last-second hail mary by rg3 is -- watch it, watch it -- does he get it?
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no, deflected. check this out. right there in the end zone. lions on top, 27-20. more upsets on sunday. the packers lose the ball. it has been picked up by cincinnati, then dropped, but cincy's terence newman takes it 60 yards for a td. the bengals beat the packers, 34-30 and the giants blanked by the panthers, 38-0. cam newton showing no mercy and eli manning -- get this -- he was sacked a dozen times. here is something you don't see every day. after the titans get a touchdown late in the fourth to edge over the chargers, a failed lateral attempt turns philip rivers into yes, folks, a soccer player, as he kicked the ball, flags fly. the titans win, 20-17. in baseball, mariano rivera gets a rousing send-off at home in the bronx complete with, yep, that is metallica performing his entrance music "enter the sandman" live.
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the all-time leader in saves retires at the end of the season. now, rivera made a relief appearance at the top of the eighth. the fly ball, check this out, the fly ball is caught. oh, yeah. the yanks elude the san francisco giants, 2-1. and a huge celebration for hot-lanta. the braves clinch the national league east for the first time in eight years, and yes, they are extremely happy about that. of in the american league at oakland a's clinched the west title. nascar and the sprint cup, matt kenseth gets his seventh win of the season and becomes the second racer to win his 500th since the king, richard petty back in 1970. for that, he gets the traditional lobster trophy. i think that might be my favorite trophy. just ahead, rihanna's instagram erupts photo. and the rough reviews from lastnight's emmy's.
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welcome back on this monday morning after a weekend of changing weather patterns in the west here's what we'll deal with. starting off with today, a lot like yesterday, the northwest still some scattered showers. a little cool and still going to be a little sunny and actually cooler than we had been in vegas and areas like phoenix. now, as far as the northwest goes, it looks like same forecast for seattle. same for portland too. kind of unsettled early in the week then we clear it out for a nicer pattern at the end. i was mentioning the heat last finally broken in the desert southwest. not exactly cool, betty, but phoenix and tucson and vegas should be back where they should
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be. last week 105 all week so this is more bearable. >> 90s are a cold front. okay. thank you, bill. now to entertainment. tina fey told ryan seacrest that she and amy poehler may be back to host the golden globes this year. >> the question is that is on a lot of people's minds will you be back hosting the golden globes because you crushed the i. >> have you asked amy? >> i haven't seen her. >> she's here and i'm in new york. >> last night, best dressed celebrities, kerry washington looks stunning in marchesa, and sofia vergara definitely looked like an award winner with 100 carats of gems, and they cost $7 million. award winners aside, the show itself got rough reviews. bravo's andy cohen tweeted "there are some very weird things happening at the emmys." billy bush joined in saying "is
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it me, or is this show really, really, really weird?" >> at the movies, "prisoners" took the top spot this weekend raking in $21 million after learning after learning last week that jon gosselin is working as a waiter and living in a log cabin, we hear he may have pulled a gun on a paparazzo, all that ensuring he may be in the public eye a little while longer. finally, while on vacation in thailand, rihanna took an instagram with an endangered animal called the slow loris. you can check it out right there. that photo led to a major investigation and the arrest of two men. i'm betty nguyen, we hope this is just four first stop of the day here on nbc.
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leading the news in the "l.a. times" a global warming hiatus puts scientists on the spot. they're trying to figure why the average surface temperatures hasn't risen despite are suing greenhouse gases. in "the cydney morning herald" a snake on a qantas plane delays 370 passengers. it measured just eight inches. passengers were forced to spend the night in a hotel so the plane could be fumigated. talk about snakes on a plane. and some stories that you may have missed, hillary clinton for the first time is conceding she might run for president in 2016 marking her first major interview since stepping down as secretary of state, clinton told "new york magazine," she's not in a hurry. saying "i think it's a serious decision not to be made lightly, but it's also not one that has
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to made soon." german chancellor angela merkel led the victory. amid a slow unemployment rate but it is not a full sweep, her partner of choice fell short to win the parliament seat. the america's cup is down to the wire. oracle team usa wins four races straight and leads any seal land with just an 8-5 lead right now. races 15 and 16 are later today. thousand to some high-flying action in texas that you just have to see. the annual red bull flugtag has 33 cop tend ers plummeting into water on homemade human aircraft while historically has difficulty, as you see, making flights. none of these teams were giving the wright brothers a run for their money, as you can see. competitors say the main goal is to put on a good show and have a
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lot of fun. >> we should do one. a giant nbc peacock and fly it off the edge. you be the pilot. >> i be the pilot of a sinking plane. sounds like a lot of fun. time for a look ahead and a look back. the u.s. postal service issues a new stamp today. the limited edition forever stamp honors the late american music legend ray charles on what would have been his 83rd birthday. on this day in 1952 richard nixon delivered the famous "checkers" speech on tv defending himself against allegations of financial improprieties. >> pat doesn't have a mink coat, but she does have a respectable republican cloth, and i always thought she'd look good in anything. also want to say happy birthday to actor jason alexander, george on "seinfeld" who is 54 today. rocker bruce springsteen turns 64. and actor mickey rooney is 93. keep it here. thanks for watching "early
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today." have a
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overnight less than an hour ago explosions and gun fire heard from inside the shopping mall where islamist militants are holding people hostage. the latest details next. >> i wanted to let it be known this is a problem and something that i will get fixed. >> plus, 49ers all pro linebacker aldon smith apologizes for his recent arrest, now it's unknown when he will return to the field. and san bruno neighborhood on edge this morning after a gas line break. pg&e crews working to cap it off. we'll have the latest details. >> a live look outside at san francio'


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