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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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death outside of his home in the sleepy and normally safe city of pleasanton. jody hernandez is live where he is still hospitalized. does the pd have any leads at this point? >> reporter: jessica, pleasanton police say they're getting a lot of tips and say they're also working some strong investigative leads. they believe as many as eight teenagers were involved in a brutal attack that left a father of two in critical condition here and his family torn apart. >> he's a great dad. he's, you know, strict and kind and loving. you know, we don't let our kids -- we know where they are at that hour of the night. >> reporter: agnes lamont says her husband was severely beaten after simply trying to do the right thing. 51-year-old david lamont is in a coma after police say he confronted what they believe was a group of teenagers making noise outside the lamont's pleasanton home around midnight on friday. >> it's just so, so horrible and
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so cruel. and the fact that they just left him there to die, it's just, i can't even understand this. >> reporter: agnes lamont found her husband bleeding and unconscious in the street. he's been hospitalized in a coma ever since, with his wife and two teenage daughters at his side. >> we're just praying so hard that he'll make it through this. >> reporter: while the family prays he'll pull through, they also want the people responsible caught and brought to justice. >> anybody that saw anything, anybody that can help in any way, there were a lot of people involved in this. people know what's -- they know what's going on. somebody may -- please, please, please tell the police. the pleasanton police department. >> reporter: pleasanton police say two witnesses saw a dark colored suv driving away from the scene. they say they're working hard to
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identify some suspects and are hoping to make some arrests very soon. meanwhile, david lamont remains in critical condition here at the hospital. his family says they're absolutely devastated. they say he just doesn't deserve this. reporting live in castro valley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we're following developing news in the east bay. you can see the smoke from the bay bridge. a church in oakland went up in flames. not just a place of worship but a church which united several parts of the community. the fire broke out around 3:00 this afternoon. see the video here from our nbc chopper. it shows firefighters attacking the fire from both sides and on the roof. let's bring in nbc bay area's h sheryl hurd with the latest. >> reporter: this church is almost 100 years old. one firefighter is experiencing dizziness but expected to be
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okay. as you can see, fire trucks are still on the scene making sure the hot spots are out. the fire, though, is out but the calls started coming in around 2:30 this afternoon. the zion first church of god and christ has been here for 97 years to be exact. it started out as a house and grew into a huge church. firefighters were concerned the fire would spread. they worked quickly to contain the fire. a lot of folks telling me this afternoon that they were home at the time and they saw the flames. >> they pulled the gate off because the gate secures the building. the gate fell back. when they fell back, as soon as they hit that window, all of a sudden flames shot up. i mean, shot up and the flame was so intense it went up the pole and hit the transformer. the transformer blew and all the wires came down. we all just jumped back. >> we do the jobs and other things like that that people need for complete resource. we're a resource center.
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so they're going to be missed. >> reporter: a lot of people telling me this afternoon that they heard a huge explosion. that was the transformer that caught fire and exploded, cutting power to dozens of people here in west oakland. as you can see, if we can come back out here live, pg&e is here trying to repair that transformer and trying to get power to the folks who are without power right now. the red cross is also here making sure that the people in need get the help and the cause of the fire right now is still under investigation. reports live in west oakland, cheryl hud, nbc bay area news. pg&e executives are getting sued by one of the utilities -owned shareholders. a san mateo county woman who's been a shareholder more than 23 years filed that suit. it accuses executives of diverting funds that should have been used for expenses. settlements and fines. after the san bruno explosion
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that instead she claims went to executive bonuses. the suit is filed as a shareholder derivative lawsuit which means it's filed on behalf of pg&e and its shareholders. that billion dollar stadium is expected to be a pasparkling jewel for the 4 9ers but not so fast. they don't have enough parking. stadium camera, time lapse footage. the stadium needs thousands more parking spaces. to get them it could mean bulldozing part of a nearby nature preserve in order to relocate soccer fields. nbc bay area's chase cane joins us with the controversy. >> reporter: nothing has been decided yet but the thought is to pave over those soccer fields. when you do that, the soccer fields need a new home and if that is this natural area, well, supporters there say that will cost 300 trees. that's equivalent of stripping
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away a full third of their nature preserve and just throwing it away. clipping, planting, preserving. volunteers work almost daily at the natural area. >> this is a very special place. >> reporter: but what's just on the horizon could mean big change here. levi's stadium still needs another 5,000 parking spaces for next season and to compensate the city of santa clara could give up these soccer fields. fields which could find a new home at ulistack. >> it kills it essentially. we're going to have crowds here every day if there are soccer fields here. we're going to have flood lights which will drive off the animals. it won't be a viable location anymore. >> reporter: naturally, volunteers wouldn't like giving up a third of the preserve, but neither do frequent visitors like isabelle. >> i mean, yeah, probably bring more money because they can park here and go to football, but how about the nature? i mean, we have to start thinks about the nature.
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this is the only thing that we got here. it's just not fair. >> reporter: even those with no connection to ulistack don't think it's a hot idea. howard gibbons follows the 49ers with passion but also to follows his tax dollars. >> not too old of a soccer field. they built it not too long ago. there's that big investment of building that lot. >> reporter: sure, the 49ers could pay the millions to relocate the field, but where to is the million-dollar question. >> essentially lly what they'r asking us to do is give them -- and they're saying that's not problem, you'll still have your head and your feet left. >> reporter: the 49ers are trying to stay out of this saying they want to be a partner in what happens. the real decision lies with the santa clara city council. they'll begin discussing exactly what happened with the soccer fields, parking, the whole situation at their meeting tomorrow night at 7:00. we're live outside levi stadium,
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nbc bay area news. >> a lot of polarizing opinions. parking isn't the only issue the niners are dealing with. just ahead, new details about aldon smith. why the 49ers star has left the team and what his road to recovery could look like. that story in about five minutes. and oakland city council member tries to get a curfew on the books two years ago and failed. now a freshman council member is attempting it again. galo is proposing a curfew ordinance for children under the age of 18. the curfew would keep kids off the street from 10:00 at night -- the curfew in oakland is controversial because some believe it doesn't help stop violent crime at all. >> what we're proposing is not only to have a curfew in place but at the same time if i pick you up, then i want to be able to take you or the law enforcement can take you to either a parks and rec center that's open, a church that may be open, or one of these
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non-profits that we spend millions of dollars investing in. >> are they going to patrol the hills like they patrol the flats? are they going to treat everyone the same? what are they going to do? are these young men going to get into the system by having a simple ticket and not going to court and a warrant comes out? are these young men going to have other opportunities. >> that curfew proposal will go before the rules committee on thursday. a tragic morning at an east bay middle school. investigators are trying to determine how a mother hit and killed a boy riding his bike. she was dropping off her own kids this morning in byron at excelsior school. a student there was wearing a helm when he was his and dragged by the suv. school officials are dealing with counseling for the children. >> the children are very sad. the whole school was brought together. the principal spoke to the school. told all of the students what happened. again, extremely sad. the young boy was very popular
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and well known, and then we had counseling per grade level. >> the woman did stop when she realized she hit something and has been cooperating with police. the chp does not anticipate any charges will be filed against her. we should add, a candlelight vigil for the 12-year-old boy will be held tonight at 7:00 at the timber point elementary school in discovery bay. the man accused in the deadly labor day crash near the san jose airport made his first court appearance today. 24-year-old danny coleman of east palo alto was charged with vehicular homicide. he was arrested last friday. investigators say coleman was driving a silver mercedes and it slammed into a toyota carrying two women. they were on their way to work at san jose airport restaurant. today's arraignment was continued to coleman is back in court next week. still ahead at 6:00, a big boost to fight crime. the troubled bay area neighborhood getting some help from the feds. carpoolers targeted by criminals? how one early morning routine
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turned into a violent confrontation. i'm marianne favro in santa clara. san francisco 49er aldon smith says he's taking an indefinite leave from the 49ers. coming up we'll hear from his coach and rehab expert. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in nbc bay area weather center. incredible first day of fall. live outside at our palo alto cam. fog off to the north. we're going to talk about very gusty winds in the forecast and what it means for all of us coming up in a few minutes. unbelievable.
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shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm.
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in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. the 49sers are dealing with two losses today, losing a game and a teammate. troubled star aldon smith has left the team indefinitely following a dui arrest last week. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us at team headquarters in santa clara with more. marianne? >> reporter: aldon smith will
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not play or practice with the 49ers for a while. he's going to focus on getting treatment for a substance abuse problems. experts say that treatment could take months. >> i want to apologize, you know, to the team and the organization, my family. everybody i let down. >> reporter: and apologetic aldon smith, star linebacker with the san francisco 49ers announced last night he will go on indefinite leave from team to get help coping with substances abuse. the announcement came right after he made five tackles against the colts sunday, a game two days after police arrested smith on suspicion of driving under the influence and possessing marijuana after he crashed his truck into a tree in the silver creek area of san jose. the team placed smith on the reserved nonfootball injury list. >> they were very supportive of aldon, as we are of all our players, all of our coaches, our personnel. >> let it be known this is a problem, and it's something that i will get fixed.
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everything in my power to make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: positive progression, a drug and alcohol rehab facility in san jose, executive director katie mcdowell applauds smith for admitting he has a problem. she says that's the first step toward recovery. now she says the hard work begins. >> what i find in almost every case, there's some kind of unresolved emotional trauma. >> reporter: she says rehab can take 30 to 90 days, sometimes longer. she admits smith will face big challenges when he transitions back to a world where alcohol plays a huge role. she says success depends on an addict's motivation. >> if they're just doing it to get out of trouble, then i'm not saying it's not going to work, but it's a lot -- you'll get a lot better results if it's something that you want to do. >> reporter: and smith will face the added challenge of tackling his addiction and staying sober in the national spotlight. smith is expected to remain here in the bay area while he seeks
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treatment. back to you. >> marianne, while we have you, any response from the league office regarding smith? at some point they might step in and punish him. is that true? >> reporter: the nfl has not issued a formal response to this, but it is true that the nfl can still suspend him if that happens, it will likely happen later this season or possibly next, later this season or possibly next season. but you'll have to remember that it's most likely that the nfl will let this case play out in the courts before it announces any decision. reporting live from santa clara, marianne favro, back to you. three men questioned seeing if they're behind the robberies of a half dozen commuters in a carpool line at the hudson street near college avenue pickup area in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. witnesses tell police at about 9:00 in the morning the armed thieves walked up demanding purses, wallets, smartphones and
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backpacks. some of the commuters managed to run off but were shaken. as are local businessowners. >> of course it's scary. as a person, i worry about my business. i hope nothing happens to me. nothing happens, you know. but this is a good neighborhood, and so far has been robberies all the time, lately. >> cops say men drove off in a silver honda civic. santa clara valley medical center is asking for the public's help in identifying a patient. valley med officials say this patient is unable to identify himself and didn't have an i.d. when he was initially checked in. he's about 5'10", and about 155 pounds. gray hair as you see here and a full beard. he's of hispanic descent. san francisco police arrested two men they say they saw in extremely graphic videos of dog fights. the two are from san francisco. police are also looking for more
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suspects in the case. the videos show at least four bystanders cheering the dogs on. the video off of one of the suspects' cell phones. the dogs are involved in a dog fight. these are two of them. police are looking for those dogs as well. the fight happening at a housing complex in the hunters point area some time back in march. investigators found out about the dog fight while investigating a separate incident. campus police at san francisco state may soon be adding stunguns to their gun belts. the university confirmed its police force trained with stunguns earlier this month, a recent decision by the csu chancellor to approve stunguns throughout the csu system. officers at csu and san jose state have been using the guns for at least five years. san francisco police officers, however, aren't allowed to carry them because of opposition from the city's police commission. that severe flooding that swept through parts of colorado and the devastation of superstorm sandy, well experts at stanford say it's something
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we should be getting used to. extreme weather. research from stan ford finds that severe thunderstorms along with destructive rainfall, hail and tornadoes will increase with global warming. weather disasters aren't just deadly but expensive and the biggest cause of catastrophic loss. it's predicted the u.s. will see 2 1/2 added storms per spring by the end of the century. it's a lot of drama and it's already the longest ever america's cup final. that's now treating the bay area to a comeback story unlike any other in the history of this 162-year-old event. race 16 was the only race today because of low wind. now, it finally got going, team oracle usa was flawless on the course. and they won their fifth consecutive race which, of course, now will extend this series. both teams now have eight wins. >> the beauty of sport is that you can win if you go out and
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win the race, and that's what we're about. we can win this cup. i can take as many as i want, but for us, we know we can win this cup if we win the next few races. >> here's how it shakes down. team new zealand just needs one more win and they win the cup. team oracle, team usa needs through more wins. the next races are tomorrow, presuming jeff ranieri allows them to race because of the rain or because of the wind. >> let's check in with jeff ranieri to see what the weather god deems. >> well, you know, my prediction here it seems like team oracle does well in the blustery conditions when the wind gets whipped up, you guys. we have that coming our way for tomorrow. much, much windier weather developing at the coastline. also right in throughout the bay. small craft advisory in place. looking at winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. also winds inside the bay 1 to 3 feet. again, choppy out there on the waters. there shouldn't be a problem for the boats tomorrow. there may actually be some wind restriction issues, though, over the next two days.
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that's something to watch out for. if you're headed there as a spectator, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. catch the action free at pier 27 and 29. there's also viewer right at marina green. so let's get the weather for the rest of us out here on the land. you're going to be able to see an awesome day coming our way. cooler for tomorrow. we'll start off chilly inland. temperatures in the mid 50s. also clear skies. by 11:00 a.m., plenty of widespread sunshine. 60s for the most part. let's take you outside to the high definition view. here's a look at fremont. gorgeous shot tonight of the east bay hills. developed in part of the calavarison hayward walls. our biggest concern is how dry they are. developing gusty winds over the next 24 hours. fog is at the coastline right now. this is going to be getting sparked off by two different sams interacting. here's what to expect. increasing wind for tomorrow. winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. wind-whipped waves 8 to 11 feet. headed to the coastline, it's time to sit near the shore.
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watch the waves very closely. you're not advised to get in the water tomorrow with some strong rip currents. also throughout wednesday, that's when it looks like this wind will be peaking out for us. 17 to 40 mile per hour gusts possible. throughout thursday, they'll stay windy generally for the most part with rough surf at the beaches, but it's going to start to wind down most certainly as we head throughout friday of this week. at least a two-day event here of strong winds for the bay area. so should be good enough, according to the weather god, thank you so much, guys, for the america's cup tomorrow. >> you earned the title. >> thank you. still ahead, a night out on the town winds up in court. the tab trouble for a major bay area tech company and a questionable expense report. and the happiest place on earth making some people unhappy. disneyland making a controversial change for disabled visitors. also -- >> i could not have believed that discrimination so explicit would happen in the bay area. >> a major retailer, that's paying up after losing a discrimination lawsuit. how the woman at the center of
6:23 pm
it is responding.
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a silicon valley software maker could be headed to court over a huge unpaid bill. allegedly racked up by one of its employees at a san francisco strip club during last year's oracle open world conference. the new century theater says jose sanchez charged more than $30,000 in, quote, unspecified services. on a company credit card. oracle has refused to pay it. the gentleman's club says the credit card sanchez used was issued by oracle, so oracle is responsible for the debt. oracle so far has issued no comments. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. a local woman fired for wearing a religious head scarf has won a cash settlement from her former employer abercrombie & fitch. hani met with reporters today after winning a $48,000 payout. the equal employment opportunity commission filed the lawsuit on
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her behalf. >> i'm really happy with the settlele and with the judgment. i'm happy to see the judge was able to see i was wronged and wrongfully terminated. it's been a roller coaster the past 3 1/2 years. i'm really happy it's been settled. >> this stems from in 2010 she was fired from hollister store. the store's parent company abercrombie & fitch changed its policy to allow head scarves and says it's glad to put the matter behind it. khan is a recent college graduate and now looking for work. still ahead at 6:00, back off the bicyclists. details of a new law that would fine drivers for not allowing enough space on the road. and i'm janelle wang. one last push to end the terrorist siege at a popular mall in kenya. the latest on the attack and more on the accusations that americans are involved. that's next. and i'm scott budman in los altos where the decision could be made to make the childhood home of steve jobs a protected landmark.
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after three tense days, the standoff at a shopping mall in kenya appears to be coming to an end. >> meanwhile, there are accusations that several americans may be among the terrorist group that launched that deadly attack. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here. >> the terror group al shabaab is making the claims but u.s.
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officials say there's no confirmation of that. it's 4:30 in the morning tuesday in nairobi. when the sun comes up, kenyan forces plan to finish their sweep of the mall hoping to officially end this deadly standoff. panic on day three. security forces, paramedics and reporters run for cover after hearing loud explosions and gunfire coming from inside the upscale mall in nairobi. authorities say the terror group al shabaab set mattresses on fire to distract kenyan security forces. but by the end of the day, the kenyan government said it had the upper hand. >> the hostages, almost all of them have been evacuated. >> reporter: but authorities are unsure how many hostages may still be hiding inside. so they continue a floor-by-floor search for any remaining victims and possible gunmen. on saturday, video captured the moment when members of al shabaab stormed the mall with guns blazing, killing at least 62 civilians including a handful
6:31 pm
of westerners. al shabaab is a somali terror group linked to al qaeda. in recent years have recruited about 50 americans to train overseas. most of them young somali men with u.s. passports. many of them from minneapolis which has a large concentration of somali americans. >> about 15 of them have been killed. the other 25 we're not certain if they're still over there f they've come back and exactly what they're doing. >> reporter: little has been known about al shabaab, but now it appears the world knows who they are. >> what shabaab has demonstrated is that a highly coordinated attack by a relatively small cell of people can be incredibly lethal and deadly. >> al shabaab carried out the attack for retaliation of the invasion by kenyan troops in somalia where the terror group is from. british, french and canadian civilians are among the 62 confirmed dead and at least 5 americans were her including a uc berkeley graduate. she is expected to be okay. janelle wang, nbc bay area news.
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>> terrifying moments. thank you, janelle. the president and first lady are in new york tonight on the eve of the speech before the united nations general assembly. president obama's address tomorrow is expected to heavily concentrate on the syrian crisis and also touch on the violence in kenya. nearly 200 heads of state will be at the u.n. for one of the most highly anticipated general sessions in recent history. many are looking for signs that president obama may share words or handshake with the newly elected president of iran. the two have so far traded letters. the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who returned to their home during the nation's recession may be coming back to the u.s. the numbers are on the rise again after their biggest drop in 2009. a study by the pew research center found 11.3 million undocumented workers were here in the united states in 2009. by march of 2012 that number climbed to 11.7 million. in 2007, before recession, the number peaked at around 12.2
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million. $1 million to fight crime in san francisco's bay view district. that's what the department of justice gave the d.a.'s office. the goal of the grant is to help victims of crime and prevent those victims from committing crimes themselves later in life. community leaders welcome news about money today. >> a grant that gives us bay view rez dsidents and most importantly our children an opportunity to heal from the violence we face day-to-day. >> district attorney says violent crimes are three times more likely to occur in that bay view neighborhood. san jose police have two homicide suspects in custody tonight after a long search. sjpd arrested 26-year-old hau phah may 7th. they withheld information about his arrest until they arrested 43-year-old thierry truong last week, suspected of killing a resident at san jose's alo bar
6:34 pm
last october. police say miranda was shot to death after the three men got into an argument. truong is in a santa clara county jail for murder. pham is also in jail for an accessory after the fact. a 13-year-old legal fight regarding lead paint in california homes is wrapping up. ten cities and counties are represented in this case. they include santa clara, san mat mateo, san francisco and oakland. they accuse the paint industry of allowing the toxic paint to be used in homes. the industry accuses public officials of a smear campaign. they say all lead paint was removed years ago. both sides presented closing arguments today. a federal judge now has 90 days to make a decision. bicyclists got some breathing room today from governor brown literally. he signed a bill requiring california drivers to stay at least three feet away when passing riders on bikes. their goal is to better protect cyclists from aggressive drivers. the new law states if drivers can't leave three feet of space, they have to slow down and pass only when it's safe.
6:35 pm
the law takes effect in september of next year. fines would begin at $35. the happiest place on earth making a change to its program for the disabled leaving a lot of people unhappy. disabled visitors at disneyland will no longer be able to go straight to the front of the line with the guest assistance card. instead they'll be given a ticket with a return time and shorter wait much like the current fast pass system offered to everyone. disneyland spokesperson says it's in response to the growing amount of disabled tour guides who charge a fee to accompany nondisabled guests to front of the line. some people in groups say it's unfair. others including one man who currently holds a card says he understands. >> i think it's okay. it got abused. they might change it, you know, they'll try it and get the best thing working for everybody. some people need more help than others. >> that new system begins as of october 9th. still ahead here at 6:00, a change could be on the way for
6:36 pm
what you can and can't turn off during your flight. the crucial vote comes this week. plus, what does your desk say about you? what your workspace could reveal about your health. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc weather center. yes, it's monday, but look at this weather we had today. sunny skies. looking amazing in san jose. we're going to be tracking big-time changes including gusty winds. i'll have a timeline on that coming up in a few minutes.
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tech savvy airline passengers may be getting more latitude on when they can use their electronic devices during a flight. an faa advisory panel meets this week to discuss the ban on using e-books and computers during takeoff and landing. they're allowed once the plane reaches 10,000 feet.
6:39 pm
the ban on making phone calls and sending e-mails and text messages is expected to remain in place. once the panel sends its recommendation to the faa, the new guidelines should take effect some time next year. okay. how messy is your desk? a new study suggests sitting at a messy desk could lead to thinking outside of the box. university of minnesota researchers had college students sit at either a messy or tidy desk. the first experiment they filled out questionnaires unrelated to the study. when given the option of an apple or candy bar at the end, those at clean desks were more likely to choose the apple. the health conscious option. in the second study students were asked to come up with new uses for a ping-pong ball. those at messy desks had more creative ideas. researchers say clutter may encourage breaking from tradition. >> maybe you're just in a very small desk and have a lot of things. >> let's clean up our desk here. >> i was going to say. what do we have here, you guys. >> i'm at a very small desk with a lot of things. >> this is your real desk.
6:40 pm
i see a lot of creativity happening here. >> a lot of creativity. >> all right. let's -- >> take it away, jeff. >> let's get outside, shall we? live look at the golden gate bridge camera. little fog rolling on in. we're going to have more, though, on the cooling trend and also some gusty winds in just a few minutes. cooling trend, jeff. i'm not ready for that. let's get to sports here, huh? with the start of the regular season around the corner sharks receive bad news. it's about one of their key players. plus, 49ers season isn't going as planned. but off the field issues are all anyone's talking answer. the latest on the aldon smith saga next from the xfinity sports desk.
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it only took three days a set a record. apple said it sold 9 million new iphones.
6:43 pm
that's almost double the opening week sales of the last generation of iphones. people lined up and waited for hours in cities across the globe to be among the first to buy the new phones. also the first time apple launched two models at the same time. apple's new software ios7 broke a record with more than 200 million downloads making it the biggest launch ever for apple. hp had a garage in palo alto, apple had its house in las altos. it's all silicon valley history. tonight there's an official tote vote. the house that steve jobs grew up in is officially on the path to becoming a landmark. here's the map. it's a small house on a tree-lined street. business and tech reporter scott budman is outside of los altos city hall. a lot of input from the city council and steve jobs' mom. >> reporter: you're right, raj, you hit it right on the head. it's not only a famous house because it is where steve jobs grew up, bu it's connected to a very famous garage where jobs created the apple 1 and launched
6:44 pm
apple computer. if the city hall decides soon, it could be like this very orchard, a protected landmark. it's a quiet street in los altos, but one with an amazing history. this is the garage where in 1976 steve jobs and steve wozniak created the apple 1. jobs lived here growing up. his stepmother, marilyn jobs, still lives here now. >> that's where apple started, so it's obvious it's going to be, you know, history. >> reporter: in fact, the los altos historical commission is considering making the house a protected historical site. >> i think it's a point of pride for the city to know that this association where we're at the center of silicon valley so this would be something that ultimately contributes to the city's character. >> reporter: while we were there, this family from germany stopped in the neighborhood to take pictures with their iphones of the famous garage. >> i get --
6:45 pm
>> reporter: goose bumps? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. >> it's hard to imagine that it all start here from 30 years ago. >> reporter: marilyn jobs says that happens a lot. she just wishes steve jobs was around to see it. >> it's just a shame that he passed away so young, and his children are still young. >> reporter: a story of one family that got to see history, while one woman lives inside it. and, of course, we talk all the time about the legacy of that garage. one more point to mention, one of the original apple 1 computers that was developed in that garage recently went for more than $600,000 on auction. reporting live from los altos, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. speaking of apple, i think someone we know went to three different locations this weekend to find the new iphone. do we know who that is? >> were you the first in line,
6:46 pm
jeff? >> i was not. i want at home enjoying the rain with coffee, sleeping in. i got to the stores and expected them to have some left. i said, do you have iphones? no they looked aet at me like i was crazy, why would we have phones left? i'm still waiting. all right. 83 in santo rosa today. beautiful day across most of the bay area. 79 in los gatos. 83, san jose. 86 in livermore. a little bit of a warmup for today. we're going to undergo cooler changes for tomorrow. it's going to get sparked off by the jet stream diving right across interior california. then the wildcard here is high pressure building off shore. these are two completely different weather systems. mother nature's way of balancing out that atmosphere, that to actually create wind and that's what we're going to see increase as we head throughout the next 48 hours. but that wind is also going to help keep us clear for tomorrow morning by the bay and inland. a little bit of cloud cover at the coastline. chilly to start. you'll definitely need the jacket on the kids as they head off to school. for those interior valleys, low
6:47 pm
to mid 50s. then by 11:00 a.m., we'll keep those sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 6 os. let's take you outside now to the high definition view. you can see in emeryville, we have the marine layer up to about 800 feet. it's not ex-streamly strong right now. not expecting a major fog event for tomorrow morning. and then we'll also take you to the golden gate bridge near downtown san francisco. and you can see a few bands of that fog moving on by right now. looking very scenic and that's just about it at this hour. so let's get you into those temperatures here. across the east bay, we're going to see numbers in the mid 70s including pleasanton at 75. livermore, 77. dublin, 76. castro valley at 74. for the south bay, we went past those, but those numbers will also be reading in the mid 70s. anywhere from palo alto right on down to san jose. so it's going to be very temperate tomorrow. no matter where you go here, for most of the bay, you are going to find numbers in. 0s, throughout santa rosa and oakland. exception to san francisco, to
6:48 pm
the coastline, it will be in the 60s. our next big weather item to watch will be that wind. for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., what up to focus in on on this map, it's a lot going on. looks like a geeky weather map which it primarily is. you want to look at the colors here. that indicates the wind gusts that we'll see at that particular hour. it lines up with the key at the bottom of your screen. tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., winds from 10 to 15 miles per hour. nothing huge. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, colors start to enhance in the north bay, also the coastline. that's where winds could gust as high as 30 miles per hour. winds ramp up tomorrow but they become the gustiest this week as we head throughout wednesday. look at this. the entire greater bay area could have winds as high as 40 miles per hour. the wind gusts by 4:00 p.m. on wednesday. that's what we're concerned about. going to increase the fire danger and be a little more than annoying. we'll also have high dangerous surf at the coast. wind-whipped waves as high as 8 to 11 feet through about thursday with the increased fire danger. then it starts to get back to average by friday, saturday and
6:49 pm
sunday with plenty of sunshine. so little bit of wind the next couple days then looking pretty good, you guys. >> looks beautiful. thank you, jeff. >> sure. >> let's get to sports. pretty ugly yesterday for the 49ers. >> well, jim is here to tell us about it. making an ugly face to make sure he conveys fact it was ugly. >> yeah, i know. i overheard raj whispering that and figured i'd jump in. let's get it going with sports, guys. 49ers, 1-2 after three games. get this. they've been outscored 56-10 the last two games which were losses to seattle and indianapolis. now, they have a short week. thursday night date in st. louis, but there's just one person that's getting all the attention. >> reporter: even before the 49ers put aldon smith on the reserve nonfootball injury list, jim harbaugh had his weekly press conference with the media. and the 49ers are facing many problems mainly on offense, the majority of questions had to do with the health and welfare of
6:50 pm
the outside linebacker. >> we're very supportive of aldon, as we are of, you know, all of our players, all of our coaches, our personnel. always supportive in house. >> did it let you down, let the team down? >> we've hashed through it, now we're taking steps to -- aldon's taking steps so we support him in that. >> the organization took a fair amount of criticism for allowing aldon to play sunday. do you have regrets about that decision? >> not going to rehash it. the, you know, the decision, we went over it last night. we did what we fell was in the best interest of the team and the best interest of the player, long term. >> see him back playing this year? >> you know, there's a process. we're going to respect that process. >> do you think he'll be out -- [ inaudible ] >> well, you know, like i
6:51 pm
mentioned, there's adversity, there's an ton to stare it in the face and whip it. that's our approach. >> reporter: a league spokesman out of the nfl office in new york says smith is free to rejoin the team at any time this season, though he still faces a possible suspension from the league once his recent arrest has gone through the legal process. in santa clara, mindi bach, nbc bay area. all right. the injuries continue to pile up for the 49ers. also linebacker patrick willis will undergo an mri on his injured groin. he's not expected to play thursday against the rams. cornerback asomugha will have an mri on his right knee. injured in the fourth quarter while taking down colts running back ahmad brad shaw. how about fun stuff? oakland a's. sunday it was filled with hugs and champagne showers as the a's celebrated their second consecutive division title. with only six regular season games remaining, there's still quite a bit to play for. the green and gold still have a
6:52 pm
chance at home field advantage in the playoffs. they are 52-29 inside the friendly confines of the they finish the season on the road beginning tonight in anaheim with tommy malone on the hill against the halos. first pitch scheduled for 7:05. bad news for team teal. torres probably out for a minimum of six weeks after suffering an acl injury in his right knee during friday's preseason game against anaheim. gm doug wilson says the team has not decided whether torres will have surgery yet. if he does elect to have surgery, he's going to miss three to four months. and we were at the presidio golf club in san francisco. guess what we found there? that's right. seth curry. pretty nice stroke right there. third annual thanks usa golf tournament. curry not alone. brought his warriors teammates with him including harrison barnes, andre iguodala was there.
6:53 pm
raises money for children and spouses of active duty military. >> there's a lot of people in the service. we knew what kind of sacrifice they make on a daily basis, so to be able to support their families and open up hopefully, you know, hire educational opportunities for their families, that's a big deal. i know how powerful education is. >> whenever a teammate asks to help out, knowing a guy like seth, it's definitely for a good cause. >> great cause. good to see iguodala immediately being part of his new community. raiders playing right now mile high city, trailing 24-7 to denver. we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00. >> nice to see those guys out there doing something nice. >> absolutely. for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch "sportsnet central" on comcast sportsnet bay area with jim and others tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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well, they're certainly some of the richest guys in the bay area. an in-depth investigation by nbc bay area discovered that you, the taxpayer have been helping subsidize some of their travel all over the world. investigative reporter joins us with a preview of a special report. >> jessica, we're talking about a company called h211, a company owned by google ses's founders and owners. two airplanes and two helicopters they keep parked on publicly aimed party. this 757, for instance. tonight we uncovered details about records obtained from the federal government that shows
6:57 pm
exactly how much fuel h211 bought detect directly from nas the department of defense and used in planes like this 757 to fly to places like liberia, scotland and hawaii. we also learned google's founders pay no personal property taxes to santa clara county on those airplanes that sit out at moffitt. >> this may have been the greatest sweetheart deal in the history of nasa. >> coming up tonight, we will break down the numbers for you for the first time and show you exactly how much government jet fuel h 11 bought over the years. we'll also show you other places around the world where these planes flew based out of moffitt tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area fuse. see you then. >> okay, thank you. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
michael douglas' emmy night tell all about his marriage to catherine. michael douglas moments after his triumph infant win. >> thank you. >> the winningest piece of television tonight. >> where we found kath cath written rin during his surprise shoutout. >> i want to thank my wife for her support. >> what do you think of the chances are that you gois will come back together. >> his crew said for his son. >> i've been told you cannot visit him for two years. >> and the boss behind the candelabra. >> 1 emmys. >> then. >> all the red hot emmy gossip.


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