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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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who happened to be in their way. we'll tell you what they were running from and how police caught up with them overnight. >> and more gun fire as the standoff at an upscale mall in kenya continues. we have conflicting reports who has the upper hand and concerns over remaining hostages and whether they will make it out alive. >> it's a mostly clear start to your tuesday. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. no thick fog means no flight delays out of sfo. we could see rain right here in the bay area. we're going to tell you when your full forecast in a few moments. >> traffic tuesday means driving delays. seeing them at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have another incident for the east bay and the south bay as you head through the hills. >> this is what the upper deck of the bay bridge looks like from as far off in the distance from our san bruno mountain camera. a chak to the camera indicates a little wind out there. christina has a look at your forecast on this tuesday, september 24th, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. it's 6:01. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. jon and laura are off. we have an update in palo alto, east palo alto that is, police searching for at least two suspects who shot at a car full of people overnight. police say they found three victims on university avenue between bell street and runameade, two of them had been hit by gunfire. bob redell joins us at police headquarters. investigators, they have any idea on motive? >> reporter: they could be looking at road rage, gang related or something else. right now they are not sure why this happened. it started around 1:30 this morning, police received a 911 call from three people in a red subcompact, driving down university avenue to say they were being followed closely by two to three people in a white
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camry with tinted windows. as police were heading out to respond they heard at least six gun shots, then the shot spotter that can indicate where shots are coming from indicated the shots were happening on university at michigan about a quarter mile away from the police station. police ended up finding the red car with the window shattered closer to 101. three passengers on the side of the road. you had the 18-year-old girl who happens to be from epa, sitting in the back of the car, she was grazed by a bullet in the left arm. the driver, 27-year-old man from newark was hit. and then the passenger sitting up font who was not hit. >> if it's gang related i can't say if it was road rage because leading up to it they didn't say anything about any sort of dispute or argument between the parties in both cars. they said they were driving along and all of a sudden this white car shows up behind them,
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high beaming them. >> reporter: sergeant carson with the epa police department not 100% sure what led up to this morning's shooting. he believes the victims were reluctant to tell the whole story. not sure why they would not be forth coming. the people in the red car were not able to get a license plate number. they say it was a white newer model toyota with twinted windows, two people, possibly three possibly headed eastbound on university avenue. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> now breaking news in oakland, police say two men who tried to get away from a shooting scene killed an innocent person overnight. police say the men shot at a home and car at 82nd and rudsdale. the suspect's car crashed into another vehicle less than two miles away. christie smith joins us outside
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oakland headquarters. the suspects, they are in custody this morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. i got off the phone with oakland police and they tell me the two suspects were actually juveniles, no age on them yet but police say it looks like the suspects were flying down church street when they lost control and slammed into the car of an innocent bystander. pronounced dead at the scene. the victim's car flipped over. this happened around -- police came up on scene and quickly realize tlad the suv the suspect car was similar to a car involved in a shooting less than a mile away. just a short time before. 82nd and rudsdale. someone opened fire on a house and car, right before the fatal crash. fortunately, no one there hurt. though two envelopes facing some
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serious charges including we're told possibly manslaughter. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> and 6:05, we have an update on the massive earthquake in remote pakistan. we first reported at 5:00, the usgs upgraded the magnitude to 7.8. but pakistan's chief meteorologist says it's 7.7. it struck 42 miles northeast of the district in the southwest part of the country. it's the largest district in pakistan but the least populated. no reports of damage or injuries. >> to the story in kenya. three soldiers have kdied. security forces say they are making a final push to rescue the remaining hostages.
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you hear steady gun fire, they have been hearing 40 all morning. and hours ago security force desire carry a body out of the mall, we are getting conflicting reports, the islamic extremist group al shabaab says its militants are still holding their ground in the maul and says they still have hostages. troops are in mop-up operation inside the building. at least 62 people. we know this, have been killed since the attack started on saturday. sources tell the associated press there are many bodies still in the mall. >> u.s. tofls are looking hard at allegations that americans are among the attackerings. they say they will not know for sure until all of the attackers are identified. the names provided so far are not on any terror watch list. what officials know is that americans have fought with this group before. >> could be very likely that
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there were americans involved in this attack. there are a significant number that have gone over to be trained. >> the group has been hitting hard. tracie potts will have more dew details in a live report at 6:30. >> 6:07. happening now in southern california, a brush fire burning through 190 acres in the san gabriel mountains above azusa. the fire right now 5% contained. evacuation orders have been lifted in the street nearest the plames. crews on the ground try to find an ignition point. we don't have a cause of the fire and no injuries reported. >> an oakland snabld figuring out how to rebuild after fire damaged a center of its community.
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the fire tore through the church yesterday. the smoke could be seen across the bay. firefighters were able to get it under control but not after $900,000 in damage. people in the community say they don't want to lose the church. >> it has been on this corner for 97 years. this has been a serious outreach for this entire community. and it's devastating. we reach out to the community, this is an open door church where they can come in at any time. >> we don't know when services will remoom. >> we'll check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. what a beautiful start to the day. this is san jose. we'll check on the drive with mike. things seem to be looking good. of course he has all of the particulars so stick around for that. temperatures right now are pretty comfortable, it's a
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little cool, probably need a jacket or sweater. 61 degrees is the windchill factor in san francisco it's cool enough for a jacket. 55 in napa and temperatures in the east bay are still mild, at 61 degrees in livermore but the winds pick up. they are pretty active out there this morning. 5 to 10 miles per hour, those should be building to about 15 to 20 miles per hour before the day is done at the coast we could see gusts to 50 so it's going to be a blustery finish to the day. 4 to 5 degrees cooler. talking about cloudy start for tomorrow. a return of low clouds, they will blanket us which should make for a warmer start. then a slight chance for a stray shower as we head throughout tomorrow evening. mostly in the north bay and the east bay. we can show you futurecast. summer weather returned as we get into the weekend.
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something for everybody in this week's seven-day forecast. today 77 degrees inland. 72 bay side at the coast. 66 degrees. i'll look at the seven-day outlook for you coming up. it's a traffic tuesday. as promised here is mike inouye. >> as promised the big bill for the bay area commute. oakland northbound wuld be taillights, on the left side as those headlights make that bend you still can see it on the shoulder. there is that disabled car. it's out of lanes. not a lot of slowing but it's there and waiting for a tow truck. once that arrives slowing toward the coliseum. the build of this traffic between the coliseum and down town is the only thing causing an issue. about 60 miles an hour at the worst spot. smooth for 580 through oakland. it's north 680 to san ramon. there is a report of a roadway
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hazard as you approach. as you travel north of that dublin interchange. the typical slowing, also 84 through livermore. continuing down in toward sunol for the commute and joining up with 680. things are building before the second burres that will hit and stick north 101 at 680. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the backup. metering lights are on. the backup past west grand avenue. not into the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up the men convicted in the brutal gang rape in india show their faces for the first time. why they were in court and how today's hearing could be the first step in overturning their convicti conviction. >> bound, beaten burned. new details in the death of a mother and son that triggered that interstate amber alert. >> lawyers for michael jackson's
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mother makes the last stand against aeg live. the civil court claims what they hope will sway the jury next. [ wind howling ]
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look here. it is kind of a shaky camera view we're getting at 6:14 over the bay bridge. has everything to do with wind in the forecast. the storm system. same storm system could bring in rainfall. we're going to look at what that means for where you live, your seven-day forecast in less than four minutes. >> we're looking to the north bay. look at these cars southbound. that commute has kicked in. it's traffic tuesday. we expect to have the volume all week for this commute and look on the left side. looks like there is a truck on the shoulder. no incidents reported i'm thinking that might be -- we'll
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let you know what the slow down the problem might be. >> here are today's top stories. an innocent bystander is dead after police say two men on the run crashed their car in oakland. police say the two men shot at a home and car, then took off to avoid getting caught. the suspects' car crashed into another car killing the person inside. the suspects had been arrested for vehicular manslaughter. >> officials say three soldiers died, eight have been hurt in a stand-off with militants in an upscale mall in nairobi. gun fire can still be heard at the west gate mall where the standoff now in its fourth day. officials say it's still an active situation, though there are conflicting reports of who is in control. >> president obama is expected to speak about the situation in kenya when he addresses the united nations general assembly
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in new york. he will also focus on the use of chemical weapons in syria. >> this morning in india lawyers told the high court they are challenging the convictions of four men accused of raping and murdering a young woman on a new delhi bus. for the first time this morning three of the four men came to court with their faces uncovered. the fourth man wore a bandanna to cover part of his face. the high court says it will begin hearing prosecution arguments tomorrow while the defense lawyers file their appeal. it could take weeks or months for the court to hear arguments, review the evidence and consider those appeals. those four men have been sentenced to death by hanging. the case has sparked public outcry. >> two men charged in a shooting at a chicago park that injured 13 including a toddler but neither suspect is believed to have pulled the trigger. byron champ and kewan are
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charged with attempted murder. police say champ is a documented gang member but investigators have not said what roles the men played in the shooting. authorities have said as many as three people fired at a basketball court on chicago's southwest side last thursday. 3-year-old dyante howard was shot near the ear during that attack. he is now recovering from surgery. >> autopsy results have been released for christina anderson, the southern california woman killed by a family friend who also abducted her 16-year-old daughter. the burned bodies of christina and her 8-year-old son ethan were found at the home of james dimaggio who set it on fire. according to the autopsy report, christina died from at least a dozen blows to the head. duct tape was around her mouth and neck several times, her ankles tied with plastic cable. dimaggio was killed by fbi
6:18 am
agents in the idaho wilderness six days after abducting hannah anderson. >> a former fbi explosives expert will plead guilty to revealing secretive information to the associated press. donald sacklavin add milts he leaked details in 2012. after the story was published the u.s. prosecutors seized associated press phone records to track down the source of the leak as part after plea deal he will also plead guilty to separate charge of distributing child pornography. the deal calls for a sentence of 11 years and 8 months behind bars. >> closing arguments expected to get under way in a civil case filed by michael jackson's mother. catherine jackson is suing the tour promoter claiming it hired dr. murray in the months leading up to her son's death. aeg live says it did not sign a contract with murray and that jackson hired the doctor
6:19 am
himself. murray of course serving a 4-year sentence for providing jackson with a powerful anesthetic which led to the singer's death. >> in colorado one person is still missing and presumed dead after that massive flooding. authorities have not released the person's name but do say she's a 60-year-old woman from larimer county. yesterday authorities identified the body of a 79-year-old woman whose house was swept away. evelyn sterner's body was found on a riverbank saturday bringing the death toll to eight. >> 6:19. we have live look at the wild fire burning in the san gabriel mountains in southern california. christina loren joins us with context here. it looks very serious. another big wildfire. >> another big one 5% contained. what i can tell you is winds are going to play a big factor in trying to get this controlled.
6:20 am
throughout the next 48 hours it is not looking good for them. we are going to see strong winds pick up here in the bay area. and we're talking about the potential return of the santa ana winds, that bodes very, very just not looking good for them. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself as this fire just broke out but it's not looking good for them when i look talt weather condition. here in the bay area temperatures are crisp to start. it's been about three years since we had significant fires. the morgan fire over mt. diablo was the most significant fire we had in the past three years, we still have a lot of beautiful available so i keep pointing out we need the be on the best of our fire safety. especially on an early fall camping trip. make sure the fire is completely out before you leave it. 61 in san francisco, 55 at napa, 58 degrees in sonoma. down to the south bay,
6:21 am
comfortable to start the day. a couple 60s popping up in concord and livermore. 58 in san jose, 54 degrees in gilroy. as you head through the next 45 minutes, we're talking about the coolest point of the day which occurs just after sunrise. after that, full sunshine to kick off the day. temperatures are going to reach the 70s. in places likes santa cruz a windchill factor throughout the day. our winds are going to be coming on shore. this area of low pressure moving through. a ridge of high pressure is going to move to the east. that's what kept us warm yesterday. for us we're going to see the winds increase as we head through about 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. this evening. then tomorrow morning wind will keep the sky clear. stop that clock, into about 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, temperatures are going to be cooler and we expect a little bit of shower activity in maces like concord, even the north bay. you're fair game for a shower. 79 in gilroy, 75 in redwood
6:22 am
city. here it is, your seven-day outlook. something for everybody here. 74 tomorrow with those showers, not expecting much. certainly fair game for a stray shower in the east bay. thursday and friday temperatures start to warm up, then we're talking 90s on saturday. let's check on the drive. see how we're doing. here's mike. >> they said we're building up on the roadways now but the south bay holding up. this is north 101, a no surprise. now building toward the airport. starting to kick in again. and a crash on north 280 at winchester. we have an issue out of the south bay, south 17 as you head to red wood estates. right around a blind koych. we haven't seen a lot of slowing until you get to the lexington hills and to the summit where the build starts to show slowing. we'll check and continue to monitor that. westbound your commute direction
6:23 am
moving, a live look shows you the volume of traffic from the hayward side. a clear view toward the peninsula where there is no delay. another live look, we'll see how things are here, south bound 880 through fremont into the south bay an easy drive. the build is on but close to the upper 50s. and with a look toward the east bay and the berkeley curve with a backup here to the toll plaza and the metering lights. >> 6:23. getting a lift from shaq. >> how the governor's wife wound up above shaquille o'neal's head. don't drop her. [ slurps ]
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have you heard. shaquille o'neal is joining the sacramento kings. the team will announce today the former l.a. laker will become part owner of the kings. no word on what percentage he will own but o'neal has the perspective on joining the team. espn dubbed the worst franchise in all four of america's major sports. he told "usa today," quote, worst is at the bottom which means you can't get no worser, and there's no such thing as worser, which means we can only get better. well said. shaq is in sacramento for the announcement and look, having fun, california's first lady posted this on twitter of shaq doing a post-dinner work-out. she's one big dumbbell for him. >> answers the question how many
6:27 am
people does it take to change a light bulb at the governor's house. >> the answer is two. if shaq's in the house. >> still ahead, scaling back from the brink. team oracle's comeback stretching the final into another day. >> and almost 200 acres charred in southern california as we take you live there and give you a look at the fire burning in the san gabriel mountains. wild fires continuing to grow that ignited last night up to close to 200 acres. christina has a look at the winds. so what can i get you?
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breaking news. an innocent bystander hit and killed by suspects trying to make a getaway from the scene after shooting. how police stumbled upon the crash. >> also the standoff at a mall in kenya stretches into another day. the latest as the military tries to get the upper hand. and new details about claims
6:30 am
some of the hostage takers might be american. >> a live look at the opening bell. the nyse and the nasdaq and rocket fuel celebrating their thursday night, friday morning ipo and doing so well out of redwood city. today is tuesday, september 24th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm marla tellez. both jon and laura are off. we begin with an update to breaking news. two men are in custody after hitting and killing a bystander as they fled the scene of a shooting. the men are accused of shooting at a home and car at 82nd and rudsdale street. the suspect car crashed into another vehicle on bancroft avenue less than two miles away. the driver of that vehicle was killed in the crash. christie smith is gathering
6:31 am
details right now. she joins us with a live report in about 15 minutes. >> in east palo alto police try to figure out why a gunman opened fire on another car. police say three people were driving on university avenue near bay street, someone pulled up behind them, started shooting. two were grazed by bullets, the third not hurt. they are looking for a motive. >> a developing story in kenya where militants are reportedly holding their ground in that mall each as the kenyan military tries to make a final push to end the standoff. you can hear bursts of gun fire heard this morning at the scene. there are conflicting reports right now of who is in control of the situation and whether hostages are being rescued. tracie potts is monitoring the situation live in washington, d.c.
6:32 am
the fbi is investigating claims that some of the militants involved are actually americans. what can you tell us? >> reporter: they don't have a lot of information yet because these hostage takers, these militants have yet to be identified. and u.s. officials say until they have i.d. they can't determine one way or another. it would not, however, be unusual. this terrorist group al shabaab has been recruiting heavily especially in the large somalian community around minneapolis in the last seven years about 50 americans have joined this organization. they think that has dwindled down to about 20 but certainly nearly two dos americans they believe are fighting with this organization. the mall shooting that happened in nairobi separate but involving the same group. officials simply don't know if any americans were involved.
6:33 am
however, the government of kenya, the foreign minister says they believe at least two or three young men, americans around ages 18 or 19 were involved and this morning they are saying they had the upper hand but the militant group is saying the opposite and waiting a statement from king to verify what's going on. >> thanks so much. we do have an update on a massive earthquake in pakistan. two people are dead following the 7.8 magnitude quake. another five reportedly injured when more than two dozen houses collapsed in the southwestern part of pakistan. this is the largest district in the country but also the least populated so. five people reported dead. >> we in southern california flames tearing through. 190 acres of brush in the san gabriel mountains. right now the fire just 5%
6:34 am
contained. so far no word on the cause of the fire, no injuries reported. >> let's take a look at the forecast in the bay area. meteorologist christina loren, america's cup is the big thing today. how is the wind going to affect that? >> i think the wind could postpone that race which is not great news. but hey, if you want to keep those races going this will keep them in the head lines. not sonl it looking windy today, for the next couple days. good morning to you. temperature this is morning mostly in the 60s. 61 in livermore, 62 in san mateo and 58 in san jose. 58 degrees, my hometown of campbell, 58 in milpitas. this is what we're looking at. 4 to 5 degrees cooler, nice ocean breeze this afternoon that's going to pick up. turning from breezy to windy especially in the north bay. at the coast then our focus
6:35 am
shifts to the chance for showers. looking promising for parts of the bay area. and summer weather returns. we have something for each and every one of you on that outlook. i'll get to that in my next report. for "today in the bay," 77 degrees inland, 3 to 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. 66 degrees at the coast for today. we'll get that seven-day forecast in a few moments. right now i want to take a look at your does drive. >> it's traffic tuesday. what we didn't expect is chopper over the scene. you see kind of yellowish truck. that's just arrived. it's a flat bed tow truck. this is southbound 880, i told you about an early stall. then a number of cars, at one point the report said 30 vehicles were on the shoulder with flat tires.
6:36 am
they calm the situation down and about ten of those had flat tires or some damage. we don't know what the debris s. you see traffic flowing past there. this is the traffic flowing past the scene. as the tow trucks continue to arrive they block one lane of traffic, that is an issue. from the coliseum camera we're showing you this all morning. see the headlights. this is not a big issue but you'll find the slowing and northbound you may see slowing over the high rise on the opposite sit side of the freeway. we'll look at the maps, nothing dramatic, not a big deal. as the volume continues to build down past 980 toward the scene we do have slowing, you saw all of those vehicles on the shoulder. the tri-valley is starting to pick in. one more minneapolis. back to you.
6:37 am
>> we were talking about the america's cup cull him the comeback kid, team oracle continues to race. this will be the longest ever america's cup final. oracle won its fifth consecutive victory against emirate's team new zealand. the winds may not participate. they both got -- today it would have a winner take all finale except team usa was docked two before the competition. so they need three more wins. you can watch all of the action here on nbc bay area at 1:00. >> 6:37. still ahead. preparing for a landing on an ice runway. the irl that's about to lunch flights to antarctica. >> keeping driver from texting behind the wheel. ♪
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welcome back. 6:40. new york says it's come up with a solution to keep drivers from texting behind the wheel. new york governor andrew cuomo says 300 new signs will start appearing on highways that say it can wait. the sign then tells drivers how far away they are from the next text stop as they are called.
6:41 am
the so-called texting zones will be in existing rest stops and parking areas. cuomo says it's a way to change behavior. this year new york increased penalties for drivers caught using hand held phones behind the wheel. now drivers in that state can get five penalty points and a $150 fine. >> air new zealand is going to start flying planes to antarctica and pilots land on an ice runway. the airline will use one of its regular jets for the flight. air new zealand planning a trial run next week. >> there you go. nice. 6:41. casual carpoolers robbed. we'll tell you where it happened and what the suspects stole. >> bullets in the back seat. the shooting that left two people injured on the peninsula. >> a deadly tend to an overnight get away attempt.
6:42 am
how suspects on the run caused a crash that cost a driver his life. >> and we're just three days into the new season, tracking gusty winds, we're talking about some showers in the forecast and snow. that's right, i said it, snow, moving toward tahoe. your full forecast in moments. >> your morning commute wire driving about you driving toward this. i'll tell what you caused about a dozen cars to have flat tires and undercarriage damage. coming up. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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6:45 am
5:00. an nbc correspondent in pakistan now says the death toll has climbed to 25 since the 7.8 earthquake struck. another 5 were injured when more than two dozen houses collapsed in the southwestern part of pakistan. shaking felt in pakistan's largest city and along the arabian sea. the quake happened in the largest province in the country but that province is also the least populated. >> now the latest on the hostage situation at a mall in kenya. there are conflicting reports right now who is in control of the situation. and whether hostages are being rescued. another burst of gun fire was heard from the west gate mall in nairobi. kenyan officials say three soldiers died and eight injured. a twitter post from the militant group al shabaab says it's still holding hostages alive in the mall and that fighters are
6:46 am
holding ground. but kenyan authorities say they now have the upper hand. kenya's foreign minister claims that two or three americans and a british woman are among the attackers. >> we have an update to breaking news in oakland. two men who shot up a house and car ended up killing an innocent bystander. the shooting happened overnight at 82nd and rudsdale street. the suspect's car crashed into another vehicle on bancroft avenue. christie smith is live outside police headquarters. the suspects now in custody. >> reporter: yes, that's right. oakland police tell us the suspects, two of them, were flying down the street in their suv in east oakland when they crashed into the car of an innocent bystander, one man inside who was killed. they are also telling us, though, that these suspects are juveniles so they don't have an exact age. the victim, an oakland man was
6:47 am
pronounced dead at the scene as his car flipped over. this happening around 11:00. all of this near east mont mall. police patrolling came up on the crash but soon realized that the suv involved was very similar to one where moments earlier the occupants shot at a house and car on 82nd and rudsdale. they aren't sure why the home and car was shot at but again, it's only a few blocks away. less than a mile from the crash scene. no one hurt at that first scene. the juveniles, though, facing serious charges including vehicular manslaughter. i did get off the phone with the or 0ner trying to get information about the victim. they tell me relatives have not been notified. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. >> 6:47. police look for three robbers who held up commuters at a carpool stop. the commuters were waiting at hudson street near college
6:48 am
avenue in the rock ridge neighborhood. about 9:00 yesterday morning the armed robbers walked up to a handful of commuters demanded purses and wallets, smart phones and back packs. the men drove off in a silver honda civic. officers brought three men in for questioning. no word on arrests. >> it's 6:48. we'll check the weather and give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. christina loren joins us. >> good morning. yeah. you can see we have mid level clouds. gorgeous day shaping up at 6:48 this morning. i can tell you right now no fog to report and that means no flight delays out of sfo. part of the reason it's so breezy out there. you get all of that mixing in the atmosphere and that dense fog is not able to settle to the surface. so, the ingredient for thick fog formation are clear skies and calm winds. we've got the clear sky, just don't have the calm winds, the winds are going to pick up.
6:49 am
to the south bay in the 50s and 60s, speaking of the wind, take to the futurecast for tuesday. you see where you get the warmer colors, the reds and the oranges, that is really strong wind later on this afternoon. i stopped that clock, as we get into the late afternoon into this evening that's when the wind will be most fierce. we're talking about when you look at the key, 40 miles per hour gusts, we could see stronger gusts to the tune of 50 miles per hour and it's all courtesy of this area of low pressure that's moving slowly but surely closer to the california coast. we stop the clock 4 p.m. tomorrow. in the east bay and up through the north bay as well. then look at this. i stop the clock at about 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, and we're talking about snow showers, really quick flash of snow moving over the higher elevations around near tahoe, but that is pretty substantial when you consider we just hit fall and this is our second round of snow in tahoe.
6:50 am
the whole thing blows out. through the first part of your thursday and friday morning. nice clear conditions. i don't think a lot of that snow is going to stick around. you can watch. mount heavenly has a webcam posted up there. pretty cool stuff. you can watch those snow flurries as they come through. i showed you 8:00 p.m. 71 in fremont, 66 degrees on the way to san francisco, so comfortable conditions. all the way throughout wednesday. going to be cool tomorrow at the coast. struggling to break out of the upper 50s and into the low 60s there. but then we're going to climb back up, return to summer saturday into sunday. it won't last long. next week, mike, is looking much cooler than average. so that might be our last 90 for a while. over to you. >> that's cool. i don't mind. oakland, we mind this all of the slowing southbound approaching high street and oh, dot co. that big piece of metal in the
6:51 am
road, hit a number of cars so we had about a dozen cars on the shoulder. we showed you the scene. that's continuing to clear and there is slowing as you approach, but nothing dramatic. let me show you the shot from the camera. we see the southbound traffic continues to slow. the issue is over the hill. we can't see it from this, you see the stream of light coming down to the area and continuing to move steadily past the scene so extra slowing right there as you pass the high street off ramp from southbound 880. the northbound side continues to show a smooth flow. that's great, this traffic tuesday, back to the maps you'll continue to see this bog down. 580 not a problem. that will kick in. here the tri-valley seeing the slowdown from 580, south 680 shows that volume building up coming out of san ramon, castro valley in toward pleasanton and sunol continuing with 84, joining up into the south bay. northbound route, backup north 101. the last couple days we've seen quite a big slowdown approaching
6:52 am
capital expressway, the same situation today. the next north of 680, 87 bogging down off 85 all the way into downtown and the crash at washington is over on the shoulder, winchester, on the shoulder as you pass by 880 but it may be additional distraction. there is the rest of the south bay. smooth along the peninsula heading across the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge. we'll give you a live look outside for the bay bridge. all of these lanes backed up along to the berkeley curve out of emeryville. the metering lights are on. the bridge span there all of this moving smoothly across the span into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you, mike. update to breaking news in east palo alto where police are trying to figure out why a gunman in a car opened fire injuring two people in another car overnight. police say they found three victims in all on university avenue between bell street and runny meade. bob redell joins us live.
6:53 am
investigators, they say they have some doubts about the victims' story? >> reporter: they think they might be reluctant and the fact they are not telling them the whole truth. they can't tell. they don't know why they wouldn't be forthcoming. still not sure what led up to this. was this road range, gang related or something else completely unrelated. this all started just before 1:30 this morning when police received a 911 call from three people in a red compact. they were driving saying they were followed by two to three people 18 white camry, tinted windows, flashing high beams at them. as police were heading out to respond they hear six gun shots at least. the shot spotter indicates those are on university at michigan. that's about a quarter mile from the police station station. police find that red car, rear window shattered. its three passengers on the side of the road, the driver a man from newark was grazed in the right arm. the 18-year-old girl who
6:54 am
happened to be in the back of the car was grazed in the left arm and a third person sitting up front who wasn't hit. >> do you believe these people who shot at, their story? >> you know what, i want to but it seemed as though they were reluctant in giving information. i think they might know more than what they are telling us. they could be afraid to come forward with the information. who knows why. >> reporter: the people who were shot at, the ones in the red car, were not able to get the license plate number. it was a white newer model toyota camry, two to three people last seen possibly headed eastbound on university avenue. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks. chp says likely no charges will be filed against a woman who hit
6:55 am
and killed a 12-year-old boy with her car right in front of his school. officers say the boy was riding his bike when the woman hit him. she was dropping off her own kids at excelsior middle school yesterday morning in byron near discovery bay. investigators say the woman was traveling no more than 10 miles an hour at the time of the crash. and we understand the boy was wearing a helmet. officers say the woman stopped right away and realized the boy had been pinned under her suv. >> police say a group of teens is responsible for a brutal attack that left an east bay man in a coma. 51-year-old david lamont was attacked outside of his pleasanton home near livingston place off sunol boulevard. the father of two went outside just after midnight saturday morning to ask some people to stop being so loud. when he did not come back inside his wife went out to search for him and found him unconscious
6:56 am
and bleeding in front of their house. investigators believe the people responsible are high school students from several different schools including two in pleasanton. the victim's wife still in shock. >> it's just so, so horrible and so cruel. and the fact they just left him there to die, it's just -- i can't even understand this. >> lamont remains hospitaled in critical condition this morning. >> san jose man shot by police officers is about to get a payout from the city. the council is expected to approve an almost $5 million settlement for javier gonzalez guerrero today. in october 2011 officers shot him more than 20 times when they mistook a toy gun he was holding for a real gun. the toy gun was part of the halloween costume. >> an oakland neighborhood figuring out how to rebuild after a fire damaged a
6:57 am
centerpiece of the community. the fire tore through the zin first church of christ. the smoke could be seen across the bay. firefighters were able to get it under control but not before the fire caused $900,000 in damage. we don't know yet when worship services will resume. >> pg&e shareholder suing company management claiming it put profit over safety. the woman from millbrae has been a shareholder for more than 20 years. the suit alleges the corporate culture helped lead to the san bruno explosion. she is filing on behalf of all shareholders. it alleges that management diverted money for safety and used it for thing likes corporate bonuses instead. a pg&e spokesman says the utility is looking into the allegations. >> happening right now in southern california a brush fire burning through 190 acres in the san gabriel mountains, you're looking at live pictures as you see the smoke clouding the area.
6:58 am
the fire is burning north into the angeles forest. the fire is 5% contained. evacuation orders have been lifted in the street nearest the flames. so far no word on the cause, no injuries so far as well. >> let's hope it stays that way. >> let's check the forecast. cooler start to the tuesday but a nice day in store. >> it's going to be nice especially inland and you want to give your ac a break. we'll get the natural cooling. open up the windows, breezy conditions, those will turn to windy conditions later on this evening. but keep that in mind. we're looking pretty good. temperatures around the bay work like this. 77 degrees inland. plenty of low 70s, around the in are bay and up the coast, 66 degrees. i'll have your seven-day forecast every 15 minutes.
6:59 am
>> i did find one reason why we got excessive slowing here. there is a crash that happened approaching tully and we have seen that over the last couple of days. no problems across san mateo or the dumbarton brij. 880, looking slower that's kicking in for your commute. southbound 880 and southbound 880 approaching high street. the earlier issue number of flat tires has cleared but the flat tires being addressed. additional slowing and down the east shore freeway. not a big deal to be expected. metering lights are on. >> in about 10 minutes from now president obama is expected to speak about the situation in kenya when he addresses the united nations general assembly. he will focus on the use of chemical weapons in syria. >> we'll be back with local news update.
7:00 am
good morning, it's not over. more gunfire and more explosions at the nairobi mall. hostages remain inside and a top kenyan official claims americans are among the attackers. we'll be there live. face to face, all eyes on the u.n. this morning where president obama and the new president of iran are bothet to speak. will the two leaders make history today with a one-on-one meeting? and vice president joe biden gives al an up close look at flood ravaged colorado in an exclusive interview today, tuesday, september 24th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," w


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