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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and support. if they arrest this suspect, he could face battery charges. happening now, firefighters are carefully mopping up a three alarm fire in piedmont. the fire spread to two neighboring homes. it triggered memories of deadly fire in 1991. >> anytime there's a fire in this neighborhood, i get all upset because there's so much flammable trees. it's just frightening. looks like they have it under control. >> reporter: the first home that caught on fire is heavily damaged. the cause is under investigation. no one was hurt. high school students are
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being called persons of interest in a beating of a local businessman. it's a story that shocked a quiet and upscale neighborhood. >> reporter: this case is a top priority for pleasanton police. there's not much they can tell us about the investigation. they are getting some help from neighbors who live in the area. >> i saw a gold or a metallic brown suv drive down the street. >> reporter: this man, who doesn't want to be identified, might be the only person who saw a car leaving the scene shortly after david was found beaten in front of his home on middleton place. >> i think my headlights startled them. >> reporter: just after midnight on friday, lamont was found
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unresponsive by his wife in the middle of the street after going outside to investigate some noise. >> my husband is in danger. he did nothing to deserve this. >> reporter: that's a common theme in this quiet neighborhood. >> mostly high schoolers are looking for some place to party on the weekend or friday night. >> reporter: police aren't saying much about the investigation, only that they are interviewing several juveniles. >> the persons of interest do attend our local high schools. >> reporter: the superintendent told us today the district is cooperating with police. >> it's very unfortunate. it totally caught me by surprise that something like that would happen here. i hope he recovers. >> reporter: i did speak with agnes lamont. she is overwhelmed by the situation. her husband is still in
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intensive care. if you have any information that can help, contact the pleasanton police department. overseas now. new details in the kenya mall attack. kenya's president has declared the standoff as over. it started on saturday when the terror group al shabaab raided the mall. five members were killed. another 11 are in custody. president obama sent his condolences to the families of those affected by the mall attack in kenya. the president talked about his commitment to the volatile middle east. he urged the u.n. to pass a resolution getting syria to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons. >> the use of chemical weapons
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has no place in the 21st century and this body means what it says. >> an expected meet and greet did not happen between president obama and iran's newly elected president. the two have exchanged letters. both have suggested they want to work out a diplomatic solution. it's a special night at the ballpark when the dodgers come to town, but tonight's game mean even more. they will be raising money for brian stowe. fans who buy a special event ticket, get a mystery gift bag from the giants and $10 of each ticket goes toward the brian stowe fund. it's also for thursday's and friday's game. he is living back in santa cruz with his parents. the bark station is getting
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a makeover. it will still be open, but it will be noisy and a bit dusty. visitors are encouraged to get off at the montgomery station. it was metal debris that caused headaches for commuters this morning near the high street off ramp. some got flat tires. some had damage on the body of their cars. no one knows where that debris came from. palo alto is driving new legislation to encourage more people to use electric vehicles. last night the city council voted to streamline the permitting process to make it easier for businesses and residents set up charging stations. >> the initial policy that we did pass last night was for residential homes, new builds,
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roughing in to the garage, is circuitry you would need to plug in. >> the city is looking at other ways to encourage electric vehicles. to our continuing coverage of the america's cup. history on the bay. a live look at the america's cup park where thousands of fans were treated to new thrills today. team usa has made a stunning comeback. today they tied it. 8-8. tomorrow is the final race. winner takes all. lauren scott is on the waterfront. somewhere tonight larry el son is smiling. >> reporter: this thing was in the bag and now we're out here with these high winds and the winds on the course today were
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something special. the boats going about 55 miles per hour. you have to see it. take a look. the amazing team usa comeback is complete. this series is tied at eight each with the defender riding a seven-race win streak in what will now be a winner takes all race. a penalty on team new zealand gave team usa an early lead. number 18 in the series. new zealand out front of leg three, a lead change gave team usa a path to victory. years of work by both teams now comes down to one final race. here's the man who kept the belief alive. >> the boys have been working very, very hard. we want this.
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we're going to work very hard tonight. we'll come out ready to fight tomorrow. >> reporter: words can not describe the state that team new zealand finds themselves in. >> we're equally hungry to win this thing. we'll go out there as best as we possibly can. we'll fight all the way to the end. >> reporter: this story has been so amazing. it's almost like a movie. who has the movie rights? there will be a film of this 34th america's cup. they promise us it will be a great one. this story is not yet complete. it's definitely a wild day out on the water. tomorrow may be just too windy for america's cup. winds could develop as high as
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40 miles per hour. we'll be tracking that in the full forecast. clear skies right now in oakland. i'll have the full update in just a few minutes. it drives some women wild. the smell of a newborn baby. researchers have uncovered why. also -- >> all these guys, they're a different breed of people. they appreciate everything you do for them. >> he's a local legend. he's had a change of heart. the new group he's focused on training. >> street racing ends in gunfire. why police released this video. what they want to know about it.
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it's pretty dramatic video.
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a shooting caught on camera. oakland police need your help finding the people involved in this side show. this is video on middle harbor road near the port of oakland. the drivers got out of the cars and started arguing and someone started shooting. no one was at the scene when police arrived. they're asking for help identifying the suspects. closing arguments are underway in the highly contention shs michael jackson wrongful death trial. aeg live is partially responsible for his death because they hired conrad murray. attorneys for aeg live disagreed saying the concert promoter had no say in what was jackson's
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private doctor. >> he's hammering away at control. showing aeg wanted to control dr. conrad murray. >> if anyone members of the jury decide to sides with jackson's family, aeg may have to pay out millions if not billions of dollars. governor brown signed a law meant to protect celebrity children in cameras. it's now a misdemeanor to photograph a child in a harassing manner if that child's parent a celebrity or public official. photos of celebrity children became big profit makers for paparazzi. she blogs about the niners.
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she describes how sunday's loss to the colts wasn't the low point of the day. she describes being kicked and punched by a 49ers fan while walking off the stadium. when she followed her attacker, that woman struck her again. she has no desire to attend anymore games. the san ramon man who reguz fused to leave his fore closed house is now facing charges for attempted murder. a lock smith and sheriff's deputy were in the line of fire while helping with this eviction. a sign of the times in the silicon valley. the mercury news is selling out of its headquarters.
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it's been home to the newspaper since 1967, but like so many daily papers, it's gone several rounds of downsizing. the building can accommodate a 1,000 workers. the new buyer is super micro computer. a san diego based company that bought the site for $30 million. a new home has yet to be identified. we have enjoyed some recent successes around here. the a's most recently. the giants and the niners. >> when we talk about olympic sports, we shine. we meet a coach who has had a lot of success in one sport, but that's just the beginning. >> we often have this dream of players and coaches that we like, that they reach the pinnacle of their sport and just walk off the stage never to
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compete again. he is perhaps one of the greatest coaches in his sport. he didn't step out of the spotlight. he decided to share it. his story is tonight's bay area proud. for 50 years, his judo academy has been in business on san mateo avenue. for 50 years, a ringing bell means class with a master is about to begin. it's been this way for so long. it's hard to imagine willie cahill as anything but a judo coach. as a young man, judo is not the sport willie wanted to pursue. >> i wanted to be a football coach. that's what my dream was. >> reporter: it was about that time, that willie's father died unexpectedly. willie was pushed to take over the family business.
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he did so somewhat reluctantly. willie says it was only after coaching one athlete to a national championship it dawned on him he might be pretty good at it. great turned out to be a better description. >> the main thing is i care about the athletes. i work with them. i talk to them. i talk to their parents. >> reporter: willie has coached his athletes to more than 1500 national and international titles. he's coached the olympic u.s. judo team more than once. with that incredible resume, that list of awards, what he is doing right now is the most rewarding thing he's ever done, teaching his sport to blind and visually impaired athletes. judo, with its close quarters and nearly constant contact
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between competitors, turns out to be a good fit for the blind and visually impaired. willie being the master has turned them into some of the best in the world as well. willie has become so dedicated, he cofounded the blind judo foundation in 2003. >> it's a way to walk off the mat. to me, it's a big deal. >> we spent about three minutes talking about willie. i could have filled all that time. his judo club has won the state championship 14 times. they have only held it 18 times. the blind judo foundation raises money so these blind and
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visually impaired athletes can train for and compete in international and national events. >> they have a great coach. >> they do. one of the best. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. we're talking about that big comeback on the bay for team usa. >> we do have some windy changes here across the bay area. it's certainly maybe too gusty as we get into tomorrow's forecast. a storm system off to the north is producing rain across washington and oregon. we're not going to get any wet weather, but it has set off several watches and warnings here from the north bay down to the south bay. winds have topped 40 miles per hour. mill valley at 35. gilroy at 29. let's get to those latest watches and warnings. one of the key ones is at the
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coastli coastline. a small craft advisory from the north bay down to the south bay. we're looking at a fire weather watch here in the north bay, east bay, and also the south bay. it is going to get a lot gustier over the next couple of days. we'll start off clear and on the chillier side. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 60s by the bay and low 70s for the interior valleys. you can see cloud cover moving on by. the trees blowing around with that wind 15 to 20 miles per hour. off to the north in san francisco, what you'll find here is clear skies. that dangerous coastal surf is around with some strong rip currents and what they call sneaker waves. you're out on the coast. everything looks great, but then
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all of a sudden a big wave comes up and it's been known to take people out. let's look at those highs for today. down in the south bay, we're looking at very temperate conditions. 73 in san jose. the cool air loft is so consistent. 75 in livermore. 73 in pleasanton. 65 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. as far as that wind goes, this is what you want to pay attention to if you are concerned about that fire danger. what we're going to find here is that as we head throughout tomorrow, 11:00 a.m., the winds are blowing. winds will gust about 40 miles per hour in the evening. we think these winds are going to start to peak out and reach the finality of this week as we
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head throughout thursday. on that seven-day forecast, we'll see things go a little bit less windy by friday, saturday, and sunday as temperatures warm up into the mid 80s as well. just ahead, every read a review on yelp and think it seems too good to be true? some changes are on the way.
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now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ tonight in health matters, women are drawn to the smell of a newborn baby. the female brain is hard wired to love that scent. it doesn't have to be her own baby. researchers find that newborn
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baby smell taps into the pleasure centers of the woman's brain. researchers determined this by having women smell t-shirts worn by babies and scanned their brain while their pleasure centers lit up. the impact was stronger with new moms. there's a crackdown against fake reviews. the new york city attorney general's office busted a ring of small companies that posted fake yelp reviews for a fee. here in the bay area, small businesses say yelp is an important part of their success, the more trustworthy it is, the more likely people will believe their reviews. >> they want it to be honest and since sincere. you can't help the person who wants their two minutes of fame
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in front of a keyboard. >> they found companies in places like bangladesh, eastern europe, and the philippines planting fake yelp reviews. it's a top ranked restaurant for the past four years now making it five years in a row. today marked the release of the 2014 zagat guide. in the categories of food, service, and popularity he received top marks. they frown at the use of electronic devices at the dinner table. >> can we get there on a dinner break? shaquille o'neal giving the governor's wife a lift,
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literally. ♪
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how about this? shaquille o'neal is part owner of the sacramento kings. he celebrated by hoisting california's first lady. governor brown's wife tweeted this picture of shaq and her. it was announced today shaq is teaming up with a high-tech mogul that bought the kings. it's now called shaq ra men toe,
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he says. thanks for joining us. >> good night. an nbc news exclusive inside the mall massacre at the height of the siege as entire families run for cover. and now the dramatic end after four days. and an american survivor back home and talking about how she made it out of there alive. high stakes at the u.n., amid heavy security, a fortress within new york city. the american and iranian presidents on the same stage the same day. the fry wars, a big name in fast food calls it a game changer. french fries with less fat, fewer calories, but is it all too good to be true? and making a difference with a very special family day at the zoo. "nightly news" begins now.


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