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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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an elderly couple about to be evicted. a south bay teacher arrested on suspicion of having sex with a minor. why his students are still supporting him. a devastating and deadly earthquake in pakistan pushes a new island to the surface of the ocean. new details on the unexpected addition to the coastline next. a cool and breezy start to the day. temperatures mostly in the 50s. we could see a few showers.
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we have your full america's cup forecast as the race continues today. as the commute kicks in, traveling north or south, notes for both of you. a little warning as you cross the bay. still standing some 17 hours later, ted cruz delivers a marathon speech in the senate on this wednesday, september 25th. this is "today in the bay." this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tallez in for jon kelley. happening now, the clock has struck six and an elderly couple is facing eviction at this very moment. they are refusing to leave their home they raised their seven kids over the last few decades. their apartment is located on the corner of jackson and larkin streets in san francisco. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live from that
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location. have they officially been evicted yet? >> good morning to you, marla. so far, no eviction activity. we haven't seen any sheriff deputies out here at all. in theo, it could happen at any moment on a family who has been living here for 34 years raising their family in a two-bedroom apartment. they say that the building's new owner came in and told them, look, you are being evicted under something called the ellis act. they say they are standing their ground. gum gi lee says, no, she is standing up to a system that puts developers over people. the 74-year-old says she has raised seven kids with her husband in a two-bedroom, rent-controlled apartment here on jackson street. she says she can't afford the one-bedrooms, what they are going for now, about $2,000 a month in this area, specially those close to her disabled daughter's school and doctors. this law allows property owners to clear a building with buyouts. the rental units are supposed to be fixed up and put back on the
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market but there is a loophole. lee spoke with us through an interpreter. >> translator: i just feel really stressed, really anxious. >> you target undervalued, rent-controlled properties. you get a lender to finance it, clear the property of the tenants, renovate it and resell it as luxury tenancy in common units the san francisco rent board says in the first six months of last year, 62 san francisco landlords had filed ellis act eviction notices. that number nearly doubled, 125 so far this year. certainly, changing with the skyrocketing housing market. david chu says changes are needed. for one, he would like to give seniors and the disabled in this situation under the ellis act priority on affordable housing lists throughout the city. reporting live in san francisco,
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christie smith, "today in the bay." students at a south bay high school return to class after returning that a popular math teacher has been arrested accused of having sex with a minor. >> he is also finding some support online. >> good morning to you, laura, in support of hugo cortes guzman that paint him as a positive role model for students here at santa claire high. santa clara police have a different opinion. yesterday, late afternoon, they took cortes guzman in for questioning and after that interview, they arrested him for having sex with a minor. it is not clear whether that person is a student at santa clara high. cortes guzman teaches math at the school and he is also involved in avid, a program that helps mostly low-income students prepare for college. the district has sent out a letter to parents letting them know about this arrest alerting them he has been placed on leave. the letter asks parents not to
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jump to any conclusions that he is presumed innocent. if anyone has any more information about this case, to contact police. with regards to what you were mentioning that was happening online, there have been a few young people, possibly students at santa clara high, who have opened up on twitter about his arrest. one tweet reads he was my favorite teacher in santa clara. another, cortes guzman, an amazing teacher who cares for students and the school. and i'm quoting here, stop believing these dumb rumors, i believe he is not guilty, unquote. bob redell, "today in the bay." gunshots still being fired in that upscale mall in kenya even after the country's president declared an end to the four-day standoff. a government spokesman saying the shots were fired by kenyan forces as they go through the building. in fact, we have seen smoke coming from the mall this morning. it is unclear what is actually causing it.
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the sweep is keeping the coroner from recovering bodies from the mall and kenyan authorities say it is possible the death toll and attack could double. at least 61 people are confirmed dead. it is possible more victims are trapped inside the rubble in the part of the mall that collapsed during the siege. today, kenyans are beginning their three official days of mourning. flags will be flying at half-staff throughout nairobi. new details in the massive earthquake that struck southwestern pakistan yesterday. the government just announced the death toll has, rather, jumped to 271, at least 375 people are injured. this morning, rescuers are struggling to help thousands of people left homeless after their homes just collapsed. the shaking from the magnitude 7.7 quake was felt as far away as new delhi, the capital of india. how about this? local media reports also showed
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video of a small island that emerged in the arabian sea after the quake and hit pakistan. the island is apparently the result of earth and mud ush ppu to the surface by the quake. it is unclear whether it is made of soft mud or rocks and harder material. you can see it off in the distance. scientists aren't sure if the island will stay put or if it is just going to subside back into the ocean. scientists are hoping to visit the island to get samples of the soil to find out. >> they say it is small but from a distance, it is a pretty good size. good morning, laura, marla. everybody at home. want to start with the coast and show you it is nice and clear. this is the golden gate bridge. part of the reason is because we have pretty strong winds. if we see any flight delays, they will likely be caused by
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wind and not the fog delays. we want to point out severe sustained wind speeds picking up. concord, 15 miles an hour, oakland, 14 miles an hour. livermore, still down in the single digits. that's all going to change as we get into the afternoon, gusty winds start to pick up, specially between 1:00 and 5:00. we all know what happens at 1:00, that america's cup race is down to the wire now. the final race. if it does take place, you can catch all that action right here at 1:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. you want to set your tebows if you can't stay home to watch it. it is going to be really exciting after that fake oracle comeback. we are expecting 62 at 1:00, 63 at 2:00. kind of cool conditions if you are going to be headed out and about. nice and cool. hour by hour forecast tells the story of the day. we're going to be in the mid to upper 60s in places like san jose. meanwhile, expecting plenty of 70s inland. your full forecast in a few moments. the action is going to be out on
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the bay. there is a giants game. a little event traffic, huh, mike? >> definitely. also, oracle open world right by the convention center. a lot of traffic there as well. a lot of issues to remember for the city. just getting into the city es a big issue because of the back yuch. the metering lights turned on just about have 6:00. we've had less than 20 minutes of this backup. it extends all the way past the toll plaza toward the 880 overcrossing and west grand avenue. bay bridge as well as san mateo and richmond, san mateo. it might not be when you are crossing but then again it might. gusts kick in. that will be an issue for some. as you travel south 880, more volume off of 238. the orange indicates speeds coming down into the 50s as you travel north in the castro valley "y." no problem. the san mateo bridge has the wind advisory. watch the high rise. it is highway 84, a little to the south. the pen insill la looks really
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good through san mateo. you see northbound the tail lights move smoothly. no slowing yet. got p can as you head past university and down into the south bay. back to you. this next story proves it pays to be smart. three people from the bay area will each receive $625,000 to be spent any way they want. the macarthur foundation is giving genius grants to 24 people, including, here is a list c. kevin boyce of stanford university, carl haber of lawrence berkeley national lab and david level of stanford. the grants are given to scientists, historians, writer, musicians and others. they are chosen for creativity and innovations in their fields. the prizes will be given out in five installments. >> it is like the lottery for geniuses coming up, ted cruz pulls an all-nighter with no signs of
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stopping. we are going to check in with the senate's last man standing when he delivers a marathon speech. plus, has the stock market peaked? new kindles to spark your interest. all ahead in interest. a doll delay leads to fifst fights at yankee stadium. we will tell you about the breakdown that turned bobblehead night into a frenzy. isn't that gorgeous out there as we await the sun's arrival overlooking san francisco. crystal clear. you can make out the transamerica pyramid. last wednesday of september. l it's going to feel like fall today. we'll check the forecast coming up. 6:10.
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welcome back, 6:13. beautiful clouds overhead. you can watch them with the naked eye. storm system moving in. some cities could see showers. we'll tell you where and when we're expecting that wet weather coming up in a couple minutes. you don't have to wait a couple of minutes. right now, we're seeing that backup form the second burst of the morning. this hits and sticks for the south bay. 110, getting a lot more company. we will talk about the rest of the south bay and your drive up the peninsula coming up. >> here are today's top stories. a math teacher at santa clara high school is under arrest accused of having sex with a minor. police arrested hugo cortes guzman yesterday after interviewing him about the allegations. teens who knew the teacher have taken to twitter to voice their support for cortes guzman kenya's president says the military has regained control of
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an upscale mall that has been the scene of a standoff with islamic militants. security is still tight at the westgate mall. officials say there may still be boobytraps inside. more than six civilians and six security forces have been killed. pakistan's government says 271 people have died after yesterday's major earthquake in the southern part of the country. scientists are investigating if the quake caused an apparent new island to form off the coast of pakistan at 6:14, a developing story on capitol hill where republican senator, ted cruz, has spent nearly a full day on the senate floor publicly criticizing president obama's health care law. he has had some help from his colleagues. a live look at the marathon speech underway in the senate. republican senator, james inhofe of oklahoma doing the talking. ted cruz has said he will keep talking until he is no longer
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able to stand. at certain points during the night, he traded off with other senators. at one time, he took time to read a bedtime story to his children. >> i do not like green eggs and ham. >> he is speaking out to voice his opposition to a democratic spending bill which will fund president obama's health care law and keep federal agencies open. the speech isn't a true filibuster, because he is not blocking anything. the senate will vote on a house gop bill as planned. that il about, which would defund obama care, is likely to fail in the democratic-controlled senate. concerned the gop will stand in the way of an increase in the death ceiling meanwhile has wall street feeling uneasy. >> scott mcgrew, that and the sense the markets have peaked. >> we have set so many records. specially after the blockbuster fed news. a lot of investors are taking money off the table. as economist, kenny rogers, has said, you have to know when to
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hold them and when to fold them. the markets trading lower four days in a row. the fight over the debt ceiling as you point out involves the full faith and credit of the united states. that's not something to treat lightly. treasury secretary, jack lieu, says the u.s. could have less than $50 billion in cash when the country hits the debt ceiling mid-october. by comparison, facebook is worth more money than that. apple has about three times as much sitting around in cash. amazon introducing several new kindle ebook readers this morning. they are thinner, lighter. the things that are getting the most attention is a special app. press it and you get help instantly from amazon itself. >> you can press this button. a tech support adviser will appear on your screen and co-pilot you through anything you might want to do. they can draw on your screen, show you how to do things.
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we're trying to make it easier for people to stay in control of their technology instead of the technology being in control of the person. >> bay zoe is speaking with zjon fortt. he will be on the "today" show later this morning. howard at third in san francisco is closed for the oracle open world conference. it is so big it has caused a shortage of hotel rooms. you have open world and an unexpectedly long america's cup. i was reading, marla and laura, sf gate struck by this. the population of san francisco grows by 7%. lots of stuff at the mascone center all year long. oracle is huge. >> hotels, restaurants. >> it is a big, big crowd. you try to get through there. not so easy. >> thanks, scott.
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what's interesting is san francisco is 7 by 7 and then 7% bigger. lots of sevens going on there. the quarterback of the san francisco 49ers is number 7. >> are we going to be in the 70s? >> a couple cities it blows my mind how small san francisco is and how widely the weather varies. with the storm system coming in, as per usual, from the northwest. similar temps. 68, san francisco. not a lot of separation between the two. we want to start with this live picture. beautiful city lights. highly visible. we don't have any low clouds. no flight delays out of sfo. we could see some as we head throughout the next hour or two. that is courtesy of wind. wind is really strong out there. we are expecting sustained speeds to really pick up as we
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head throughout the afternoon. gusts will remain about the same. look at how strong they are through altamont. we are seeing gusts up to 57 miles an hour. 41, sfo. that's the strongest gust we have had so far. pa chaco pass hitting 37 miles per hour and 37-mile-per-hour winds gusts clocked in santa clara. it is windier out there andt is going to get even windier. it is a dry area. we still could see a stray shower or two. i stopped the clock right at 3:00 p.m. a little bit of activity in the east bay at that point. very light showers at best. through the north bay, stop that clock at about 4:00 p.m., still getting some action from fairfield north woward. we are going to see clearing between 5:00 and 9:00. the wind will stay with us.
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not a great day for the flowing skirt. so for any amount of time on your hair. that's where the wind will be the strongest and up through the north bay valleys. 74, livermore, 72, santa cre teresa, 74 in gilroy. not a lot of separation between your inland cities versus those at the coast. we are going to see that separation return as we head through thursday into friday. a warming trend we are looking at a nice drive through the south bay. we have a typical slowdown, north 101. as you pass by 680, things start to bog down. you are clear by the time you reach the san jose international airport. 87 shows that traditional slowing that we have been seeing over the last ten days or ten work days. we see the slowdown north of ku kurtner headed into downtown. not a big deal. no drama down here. we are looking at a nice, smooth
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flow. although, it builds as far as the volume goes, west 580 through livermore. it has changed from yellow to orange. a smooth flow of traffic as you head over towards the east bay drive, 880 coming down through hayward and union city. the dumbarton bridge moves smoothly. so does the san mateo bridge. there is a wind advisory. gusty conditions at times. be prepared to hold on tight. you should hold on anyway. we are getting a live look outside and see how things are shaping up over here. we are starting to see a little slowdown. you see the cars hitting those brakes. that's because the backup has passed west grand avenue and making its way back toward the berkeley curve. one last look at the peninsula. southbound 101 as you head down toward oregon expressway.
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i will track that. no slowing at university. watch the oregon expressway, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> well, call it a bobblehead breakdown. >> 18,000 yankees fans that lined up early to score a mariano rivera bobble led got heated when the shipment arrived late. a train from seattle had a mechanical issue and was delayed. then, the truck bringing the bobbleheads from the train to the stadium had hydraulic issues and that led to more delays. stadium workers handed out vouchers until the bobbleheads arrived after the third inning. fans say people were very frustrated with reports of some fist fights breaking out in line. >> collectors and sellers are already up to $88 on ebay this morning. >> oh, wow, really. 6:22 gains ground on two wildfires. we are going to tell you about the efforts that spared dozens
6:24 am
of homes from burning down in southern california. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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welcome back. a good wednesday morning. isn't that a gorgeous look overlooking the western span of the bay bridge. traffic making its way across. we'll check the forecast. that will jump-start your day. what a beautiful look from the bay area. 6:26. fire crews are gaining
6:27 am
ground on a wild fire near the cajon pass. firefighters are ac crediting an aggressive air attack from saving several homes from burning, including massive water drops by a d.c. plane. evacuation orders were lifted overnight for 30 homes in the foothills of the san bernardino mountains. a fire that broke out monday night in the l.a. suburb of azusa is 70% contained. it has burned through about 250 acres of brush in the san gabriel mountains. no homes are threatened by those flames cleanup is underway in southern china after a typhoon tore through the region. the storm damaged buildings, jun rooted trees and utility polls and disrupted train and airline service. officials say more than two dozen people were killed and more than 300,000 are displaced. 6:27. a saint from santa cruz.
6:28 am
we're going to tell you how a devout homemaker could wind up being canonized by the catholic church hitting the 18-hour mark, senator james inhofe of oklahoma taking over briefly for ted cruicruz as the all-night speech becomes an all morning affair. we will have more from capitol hill. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways
6:29 am
rethink possible.
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a humble life honored by the vatican. why the catholic church is considering sainthood for a homemaker from santa cruz a marathon speech stretches on. we'll tell you about the republican senator that's getting by with a little help from his friends, almost 18 hours after taking the podium on the senate floor. a live look at the new york stock exchange. there is the bell. they are off. everything going on in the u.s. senate floor how it possibly affected the markets. it is wednesday, september
6:31 am
25th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tallez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a marathon speech led by ted cruz with some help from his colleagues still going strong more than 18 hours after starting his speech on the senate floor. this is senator james inhofe taking over briefly for ted cruz. cruz is standing firm and speaking out to try and throw a wrench in today's senate vote on health care and the budget. the speech isn't actually blocking today's vote. is it all just for show? >> to some degree. we still expect the vote to happen at some point, probably mid-day. it is not technically a fi
6:32 am
filibuster. for most of the night, all we saw was ted cruz, sometimes all by himself. what we are told by his staff, with a brand new pair of black sneakers, talking on and on and on. trying to delay this vote. what do you say in the middle of the night when you have said all about you want to say about health care and it is bedtime for your kids would you like them here or there? i would not like them here or where. i would not like them anywhere. i do not like green eggs and ham. i do not like them, sam, i am. >> there you go. a little bit of everything we've heard in the last almost 18 hours now. bottom line, this test vote today is still likely to happen. we are getting very close to next week and the budget showdown. that's really the issue here. they want to extract this health care issue from the budget so
6:33 am
they can vote on that. the process they are hoping to begin this afternoon. >> thank you very much, tracie police in south san francisco are looking for a driver ha hit a couple of parked cars early this morning. this all happened on lewis avenue near the day's inn hotel on airport boulevard. police tell our photographer on scene, a driver hit two parked vehicles and then just took off. one car has major damage, as you can see there. the other has some minor damage. no one was hurt. mosquito and vector control fogging neighborhoods for mosquitoes. crews starting their work half an hour ago in the southeast corner of holland tract road north of the holland tract marina. due to a high number of mosquitoes and the detection of the west niles virus in that area. on this wednesday, you can expect cooler and windier conditions. let's check the forecast with
6:34 am
meteorologist, christina loren. good morning. good morning to you. it is our second storm system over the past four days. we are now getting into the fourth official day of this season. this one is not going to bring a lot of rain with it like what we saw over the weekend. what it will bring, gusty winds. we want to start with is this live picture of san jose, one of the only cities with any cloud cover at this point. the upper levels of our atmosphere are moving so quickly you can see these clouds moving this morning with the naked eye. this flight right on time out of san jose. i can tell you, we're right on time out of sfo and oakland as well this morning with no fog to report in either city. winds are gusting and they will continue to pick up as we head throughout the day today. you do want to keep that in mind. this is what we are expecting from the winds. increasing wind speeds mostly between the hours of between 1:00, when we are expecting that america's cup final race to start. that will be the case until at least 5:00 p.m. then, things will start to drop off just a little bit.
6:35 am
it will stay pretty blustery as we head through tomorrow. temps, low to mid-60s. hopefully, that race will go on. what a big comeback from team oracle usa. we'll have to see if they take the whole thing. wow, i would say my money is still on or acle. we are going to take a look at who could see some showers. that's coming up in my next report along with your seven-day forecast. let's say good morning to mike inouye. beautiful view. we have the head lights. we know about this. the bay bridge backoff of the berkeley curve. you see the fast track lanes moving. you have an advantage, a slight one. the map will show you that we are showing some slowdowns down the eastshore freeway coming out of richmond into the 50s. not so bad through richmond and berkeley. reports of a stall around the bay bridge toll plaza as well.
6:36 am
i didn't find any lanes blocked, not from the camera you just showed. slows down out of the bot testimony of oakland. wind advisory around that san mateo bridge as well as the bay bridge, watch the dumbarton on the high-rise from time to time. you might get a gust or two there. the earlier crash at oregon expressway has cleared. no problems on the freeway. you are getting a lot of company. folks waiting to get on 101. in san jose, northbound 101, really bogging down north of 680. a crash reported right around can key outside this camera shot. i can't find it on the camera, itself. i do see the slowing as a sign. that will be an issue as you are traveling north. we'll give you the rest of the south bay coming up. back to you. 6:35. a woman who lived her final years in the santa cruz mountains is being recognized by the catholic church for her faith. the vatican has declared cora
6:37 am
evans of boulder creek, a servant of god. that puts her on the path to sainthood, though. there is no guarantee. there are lots of steps. her family tells the mercury news, evans would wright extensively about religious visions she experienced while in deep states of prayer. evans died in 1957. it is 6:36. still ahead, back into a war zone. we'll tell you why united nations inspection team is suiting up for another visit to syria. >> more gunshots heard at a mall in syria. we'll tell you who is shooting and why. what militants may have planted inside the rubble next. >> a live look at the senate floor. republican senator, ted cruz, back at the podium some 18 hours after starting his speech on the senate floor. we will continue to monitor this marathon speech. we'll be right back. [ slurps ]
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welcome back. 6:39. chemical weapons inspectors are heading back to syria to complete their investigation into whether chemical weapons were used on civilians. the team released a report after its last trip to syria saying the nerve agent, sarin, was used in an august attack near damascus.
6:41 am
the u.s. and its allies say president bashar al assad's regime was behind that attack. at 6:40, an update on the apparent end of the mall standoff in nairobi, kenya. gunshots still being fired. will kenyan forces sweep the mall for armed attackers or explosives that could still be inside. we've seen smoke coming from the mall but it is not clear what's causing it. the sweep is keeping the coroner from recovering bodies from the mall. kenyan authorities say it is possible the death toll in the attack could double. right now, at least 61 people are confirmed dead. today, kenya is observing the first of three official days of mourning for all those whose lives were lost. new details about the massive earthquake that struck southwestern pakistan. we now know as many as 271 may have been killed and at least 375 people are injured. local media reports also showed video of this small island that emerged in the arabian sea after
6:42 am
the quake hit pakistan. the island is apparently the result of earth and mud pushed to the surface by the quake. >> it's 6:41. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, did asean na airlines do enough for families frantic for information in the days after the plane crash at sfo? we're going to tell you what a new investigation uncovered also, a campus favorite winds up behind bars. we'll tell you why this south bay teacher was arrested and why some students are rallying on social media to defend him. no trick. the secretary of the treasury says the u.s. government doesn't have enough money to last to halloween. we'll take a look at what that means coming up in business news. starting to feel like fall around the bay area. a live look at san bruno. a bay area wind event in store. we will tell you where and when
6:43 am
we are expecting those conditions followed by a warmup on your seven-day. a live look at the truck scales in fremont. we'll tell you what's going on coming up. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪
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♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars.
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at 6:44, new this morning, federal transportation officials have opened a new investigation into asiana airlines and whether it broke laws intending to help families of passengers. under u.s. law, they were required to post a toll-free number within an hour of the crash to gather and distribute information to families. the airline was also required to
6:46 am
provide transportation and lodging for family members coming to be with injured loved ones. several passengers and family members are now suing asiana, claiming they failed to provide fimly information after the crash. federal investigators say asiana's emergency response plan was not current. 6:45. an elderly couple facing eviction at this very hour. they are refusing to leave the home they have lived in for more than three decades. their apartment is located on the corner of jackson and larkin streets in san francisco. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live from that location. the eviction was supposed to happen about 45 minutes ago. what's the status now? >> reporter: the opportunity opened for this couple to be evicted. that doesn't mean it has to happen right on the dot. we haven't seen any activity yet this morning. we are keeping an eye on things. this couple has been here for 34 years in the same two-bedroom apartment but they say the new owner came in and told them,
6:47 am
look, you are being evicted under something called the ellis act. this couple, 74-year-old, gum gi lee, told us they are not leaving. they pay about $778 a month. state law allows property owners to xleer oclear out the buildin buyouts. the rental units are supposed to be fixed up and put back on the market. there is a way to get around that, to resell it is a luxury tenancy in common. housing advocates say it happens quite often specially when the market heats up. david khu says that changes are needed. in the meantime, he has a plan for local rules. we also spoke with lee through an interpreter. >> translator: my last day in this home and i don't know where to go. >> to create priorities for tennants who are seniors or disabled who have been ellis acted to receive priority in
6:48 am
waiting lists for affordable housing opportunities. >> reporter: to be clear, the court says the property owner is not breaking any laws at all. lee says she can't afford the $2,000 a month that one-bedrooms are going for in her neighborhood here by jackson and larkin. she says, it is very important to say here, because it is near her disabled daughter's school and doctors. we'll keep an eye on things if any activity picks up. we will let you know. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." meteorologist, christina loren, is here to talk about the cooler temperatures today. it is certainly feeling like fall. >> feeling like fall, which means we get a brand new wardrobe. break out the scarfs, the boots, just for one day only, though. summer returns as we head through tomorrow's summerlike weather, i should say. we are mostly in the 50s. a couple 60s out there. at 6:47. taking a live look here at the bay bridge. traffic looks heavy there. we'll check on that with mike in a moment. look at this clear sky over the coast. we've got plenty of low clouds
6:49 am
over san jose. they should be burning off as we head through about 9:00, 10:00. they are moving really quickly as we've got some pretty strong wind out there this morning transporting the storm system into the bay area. it is a dry system, nonetheless. it is going to keep our temperatures cool, only climbing by 10, 15 degrees, as far as the overall spread from sunrise to sunset goes. temperatures right now in the 50s. 57 in san jose, 57 in livermore. breezy conditions with those winds coming in out of the northwest. they pick up. they drop off. that's going to be the case throughout the day today. we are expecting them to overall get stronger mostly between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. we are going to see strong wind around the bay area. probably a good idea to tie those down. let's talk about when we are expecting some showers. we have a window for that. stopping the clock at about 3:00 p.m. light activity to the north of fremont at that point. also, expecting a little bit of
6:50 am
shower activity up in the north bay. stop that clock by 4:00 p.m. continuing the same pattern. as we head through the second half of the evening, everything clears out of here. the wind will stay but the shower chance will be gone at about 6:00 p.m. we have that window. we're going to open the window for showers, very light, between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 for the most part. 74 degrees in livermore today. 69 in fremont and 63 degrees in san francisco, getting into the next couple days. tomorrow, we keep that wind going, which means higher fire danger across the bay area. 84 degrees by friday. upper 80s for saturday. hit the beach if you feel like it on sunday. 90s inland. 69 degrees at the coast. it is picking up out there, mike. >> it is. it is getting very busy. here is north 110. you see the slowing as you are approaching the sign. let's look at the map. we'll see the same stretch of
6:51 am
roadway as you are passing it up toward the earlier crash in allen rock and mckee, slowing, heading up toward the airport. this ripples back as folks are not slowing down from the capital expressway to the 101 interchange. slowing for 75 and 280, kicking in now. it will continue to get slower for the south bay. easing up about 8:30, 9:00. we'll start to see a little more clearing. south 680 at 237, earlier crash is on the shoulder. lanes are clear. a lot of drama over there. still, got some folks over there doing some paperwork. pretty typical about now. there is a crash over at dakota. watch it as you are heading down toward the dumbarton bridge. a little extra slowing. spectator slowing and more as you head down towards 880. remember, a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge and the richmond, san rafael bridge. we'll get you a live look outside. the bay bridge, we have the
6:52 am
fast-track lanes showing, visible movement. we have the backup for all of them back past the west grand avenue and slow off the berkeley curve. pretty standard for the maze and the approach. a teacher out of the south bay high school is off the job after being arrested on allegations of having sex with a minor. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at santa clara high school with what school administrators are saying to parents today. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the district has sent out a letter to parents letting them know about this arrest alerting them that hugo cortes guzman, a teacher here at santa clara high, who teaches math, has been placed on leave as required by law. the letter asks parents not to jump to any conclusions that cortes guzman is presumed innocent and if anyone has any more information, to contact san santa clara police. after that interview, they arrested him for having sex with
6:53 am
a minor. whether that person is a student at santa clara high, police will not say. hugo cortes guzman, as i mentioned, he teaches math here at santa clara high and he is also involved in avid, a program that helps mostly low income students prepare for college. a few young people, possibly students here at santa clara high, have opened up on twitter about his arrests. one tweet reads he was my favorite teacher in santa clara. >> quote, stop believing these dumb rumors, i believe he is not guilty, unquote. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:52. we now know a chico state nursing student that died in a hit and run crash is a 21-year-old woman from livermore. christina chesterman was riding her bike over a bridge when she was hit been an suv. she died on tuesday. her family says her organs will be donated. the bay area news group reports
6:54 am
she was thrown 120 feet and her bicycle taken another 210 feet. police say the driver, 19-year-old riley hoover who took off after the crash was tracked down by police later. hoover is now charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence no arrests yet in the beating of a pleasanton man. police tell us they are still interviewing several local teens. late friday night, 51-year-old david lamont went outside of this home, his home, after hearing loud voices. his wife later found him beaten and unconscious in the streets. faurt of two is still in a coma this morning. a potential witness tells nbc bay area that he saw a gold or metallic brown suv leave the area around the time of the beating. the person of interests attend both high schools in pleasanton. two people have been arrested suspected of robbing a line of casual carpoolers in
6:55 am
rockwood. some of the victims of monday's robbery identified 22-year-old delonte johnson and a 17-year-old boy as the suspects. police believe they along with a third person held up about 20 people at gunpoint as they waited in line at the carpool stop on hudson street near claremont avenue. some of the people in line ran away. workers in downtown palo alto may soon have to find a new place to park. the palo alto weekly reports the city unveiled the new residential parking permit program in a community meeting last night. people living in the neighborhoods close to downtown have complained for months about parking shortages on their streets. they say it is because downtown workers can park their cars in the neighborhood all day for free instead of paying for garage permits or parking meters. they will send out surveys on feedback. 6:54. one of san francisco's most famed landmarks has just been
6:56 am
sold or at least part of it has. according to the chronicle, an atlanta-based firm has purchased the retail portion of ghirardelli square for $15 million. the new firm says it has a plan to revive that area. it also plans to invest about $15 million for upgrades. 6:55. the secretary of the treasury says this morning that the longest the u.s. can hold out on a deal is september 18th. >> we say that's the most optimistic. >> he is saying the 18th, absolute outside. that takes into account all the different tricks that the government has used up to this point. >> remember, the last time we got this close to no deal on raising the debt ceiling,he u.s. saw its credit rating reduced. we've never gone past the deadline. we've never failed to pay our bills on time. taking a look at the markets,
6:57 am
the dow and the nasdaq are lower this morning. i was thinking earlier today what a job it would be to load that confetti cam every day. my editor, shana, points out, somebody has to clean that up. >> more good news from okay ssai shiler. 25% is phenomenal news but sounds bigger than it is. marla and laura, if your child is getting a "d" in geography, with 60%, he raises his grades 25%, it is not a "d." it is a "c," 25% of 60 is only 15. a little math this early in the morning. >> thank you, mr. mcgrew. >> we're like, what? >> thanks a lot. 6:56. organizers of a running with the bulls event say they are now looking at venues outside of san
6:58 am
francisco. san francisco's animal control and welfare commission passed a resolution last week voicing its opposition to the event and requesting that organizers stop using the city's names in ads. the great bull run says it is now exploring venues between san jose and sacramento, though not within the cities themselves. the event is build as a chance for people to run a quarter mile track with 24 bulls. organizers say the bulls are treated humanely. the event is supposed to be held on june 21st of next year. >> it is hard enough to run around a track as is. i don't need 24 bulls. >> that's your motivation. meteorologist, christina loren, it is very falllike today on this wednesday. >> that's no bull. good morning to you. we have got a gorgeous day shaping up, because we need these changes. everything gets stationary. nothing is interesting anymore.
6:59 am
today, we're talking wind, a wibd wind event for the entire bay area. >> take it easy out there. hold on to your steering wheel tight. temperatures comfortable, 74, inland. bayside, 68. 63 degrees at the coast. if we do see any showers, best chance up in the north bay and throughout the east bay. higher elevations in particular between about 1:00 and 5:00. let's see what he is tracking. say good morning to mike inouye. good morning, folks. we are looking at the south bay with the build. my mistake. north 101, the crash has not yet cleared. right behind a tree or a shot, we can't find it for you. we do see flashing lights still on the scene. this is going to be additional slowing hit this area. look outside. crossing the bay. christina calls it a wind event. i call it a wind advisory. you might get a gust or two
7:00 am
across this heavily populated western span. a live look over here. we see a nice, easy drive headed opposite your commute. it backs up at the berkeley curve. it is 6:59. one final check of the day's top stories. a math teacher at santa clara high school is under arrest. accused of having sex with a minor. police arrested hugo cortes guzman after interviewing him about the allegations. teens that know him have taken to twitter to voice their support about guzman. >> they are looking into whether they violated the u.s. law into the aftermath. they require airlines to take certain measures to help families of passengers after a crash, including publishing a phone number for families to call to find out more information giving you a live look at the senate floor, there he is. texas senator, ted cruz


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