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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and the man behind it all,ellis. >> and then there was a crowd. huge crowd. 25,000 along the bay to watch the final moments oof the race. we have team coverage. we were there for all the excitement. but we begin with lawrence who's been covering the race since last summer. you've been on the boat. oracle team usa defending again. they celebrated this. it's a real celebration not just in the bay area. sailing fans, when you think
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about what this is here, tr's several come poebts. the america's cup is first technology, then it's a bit of boat building. and then it's team work. and they pulled all of this together. the boat was not working the way they needed it to work. they were in a real whole hole against this team of new zealand. they moted the boat, fixing it to be competitive to where they could take back the opportunity in this regatta here at the very end to defend that cup. here's a story inside the story, if you guys want to really know the truth of the matter here. russell is a man behind the scenes we didn't see much here during this america's cup in san francisco. and now we've staged it all summer. russell koontz is a man from new zealand who led new zealand to world dominance in sailing. he's the winningest skipper of all time.
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i'll tell you in, as we think of larry ellisonellison's contribu bringing in a.c. live line, all of the graph ecks, all of the production to make this family friendly and interesting to people, well, that's something very special. and now oracle team usa celebrates. take a listen. >> you just won the america's cup. i just wanted to make sure they knew that. we have an attitude that just flowed through. it didn't matter. you just wanted it. >> all right, let's have a lot of respect, too, for emirates team new zealand. strong throughout the summer. they really gave oracle team usa a push. exceptional stuff all around. and really when you look at
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sailing, it was made very accessible and family friendly to so many people who not only enjoyed the sport, but got to see the best of what the bay area had to offer. a real pleasure being out here and sharing these stories with you guys. >> any indication of larry el ellis ellison, which l this event be back in the bay area? >> he said he would definitely like to have it here. and certainly that's the hope. the race course sf perfect. you get the wind coming from the golden gate bridge down to the bay bridge and going around that mark one, down to two, three, back a coup of times in 25 minutes. they were going 55 miles an hour yesterday in this full wind. it was something out of star trek. this stuff was spectacular. and larry ellison and russell kootz really had a vision to make this a family friendly and spectator friendly event to see, share and tell stories and hopefully we can have it again here. >> thank you very much.
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we go to jean, a lot of people don't know that much for sailing. but they were cheering team usa on and were really excited. >> a lot of excitement down here. this race ended hours ago, but people are still here. they don't want to leave. take a look. they ear still hanging out here celebrating team oracle usa and the amazing comeback win. >> usa! usa! usa! the pier at america's cup park was packed with people and american flags for the final race this afternoon. the crowd erupted when team oracle won. it was quite a celebration for team usa fans. and what a letdown for new zealand supporters. race organizers say at one point today, there were so many fans at the park, they had to close the gate. fans who saw the finals say it was a once in a lifetime experience.
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>> you can't help but get caught in all the activities. a. >> i can't believe it. im'm just ecstatic right no uh. now fans are snapping up america's cup and team oracle hats and t-shirts. people want to be part of the fun. a million people visited the america's cup village and park in san francisco. there have also been a lot of people out on the water, watching toez ac-72s fly across the race course. with crowds maxing out today for the real excitement of this final race. now the party continues tonight. there's a concert coming up here at the park later tonight. and now all these people are pouring into bars and restaurants. >> you heard people say it, this win is one of the greatest come-from-behind wins in america's cup history, but how
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does it compare to other sport comebacks? we're going to look at that tonight coming up up at 6:50. >> did the america's cup live up to your expectations? ufk vote by texting or calling us at 408-300-9 22. 1 for yes or 2 for no. or tweet us at nbc bay area. we'll have the results later in this newscast. >> we're following some breaking news now in pleasantton. a story that shocked a quiet neighborhood. police stay they have identified the three people who witnessed a brutal attack of 51-year-old david lamont 37 it happened midnight son friday in front of his home. police say they talked to three teenager they're calling witnesses. police say they are not releasing any other information because this investigation is ongoing. investigators hope they can talk to lamont about the attack as soon as he was able to. lamont's wife told us her husband's condition did not
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improve today. >> new at 6:00, we now know more about two people robbed of -- accused of robbing. 22-year-old delonte johnson shares ten counts of second degree robbery. but he also faces charges of carrying a concealed gun and a loaded gun. victims say there were three robbers in all. police initially arrested a third man with ford and johnson, but that man was later released. >> a suspect is behind bars this evening in the brazen shooting death of a san francisco state tunt. tonight we're learning more about the victim. here's a picture of him. he was a sophomore who played for the team's water poll low club. his teammates and teachers saddened and confused by the seemingly random crime. nbc bay area cheryl heard join us with the very latest.
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>> well, san francisco police aren't telling us much about the suspect in this case, but we are learning a lot more about the victim. he attended this school, san diego state university. he was a young environmentalist who loved to swim. >> water pole low club president benderman diaz told us today that he just found out one of his maybes was shot and killed as he got off a muni light rain train at randolph and bright streets. he told us by phone he can't believe it because he says valdez was a great teammate. >> he was respectful and all had a smile on his face. >> value dpez was a sophomore here at san francisco state university. officials are reacting to his death. >> it's truly tragic to see a 1250u7b9 lose his life in such a way. the president has reached out to
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the family a enoffered both condolences on behalf of our entire community. >> the campus community may be breathing a high of relief. now that police have a man behind bars in this case. with the help of this surveillance video, police released last night, they now have a man in custody. he has been identified a 30-year-old who lives in the oceanview district of san francisco. now, police are telling us tonight that we may learn more about the suspect tomorrow and a possible motive. meanwhi meanwhile, faculty and students in garden grove are devastated by this death. in fact, they're holding a memorial service for him on friday. reporting live from san francisco, i'm sherd herd, nbc bay area. california's minimum wage, going up. governor brown raised a bill that a will eventually raise the minimum wage to $10. beiges go up $1 in july of next
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year and another $1 in january 16. >> probably felt those gusty winds, the combination of the wind and low humidity are ripe conditions for potential wildfires. the national weather service is issues a red flag warns for the north and east bay hills. the warning begins tonight at 1 1:00 and remains in effect until friday afternoon. it has meaning for both the public pane fire officials. >> on the public sector in, end we typically are more cognizant of fires as they begin because again, red flag warnings are an indicator that a fire could ignite or spread faster. we tend to call more resources err will i. >> the wind kind of sneaks up us on us. similar wind conditions have brought down power lines and started brush fires. which aer yeahs are impacted? >> what you're going to find
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hooer in north bay hills above 1,000 feet, it's in effect for you. also in the eastbound, south bay and also the peninsula. the thing you want to know, is the worst of the fire threat, nosht bay, 20 to 40 miles an hour. next 4 miles an hour. and it's going to be a lot worse because of these three fire factors. and back with that wind time line coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. college seniors want to graduate, but there could be a new pit stop before they go out into the working world. >> at google headquarters, a new way to shop when it's absolutely, positively have to be on your doorstep the same day you order. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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show case to employers. it's known as the cla plus. it evaluates the skills many employers say they care about, critical thinking and problem solving. how do some career coaches think it's going to have much clout on people's resumes. >> hi, jessica. you know, the test is new. how much value employers are going to give it is yet to be seen. but this is one more tool to stand out in a highly competitive world. college students at george washington university say they worry about how they'll look on paper when they graduate. >> there's so much difference and grade measurements in different schools. >> you don't want to have too many internships that don't mean a lot. >> start manager spring, a standardized test could help students differentiate themselves on their resume. >> if there's a way to show my skills, i'll be willing to take
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it. >>. >> reporter: the cla is part essay, part multiple choice assessment. >> we know that these are the types of skills that the employers are interested in. they're above and beyond content knowledge. >> reporter: more than 300 employers were sur vaud and 93% said that those skills are more important than what a student majored in. but other employers don't get this test much consideration. >> i don't think taking an assessment will help you find a job. the real important thing is to give a succinct pitch about who you are, what you want to do. >> now students will get to decide for themselves whether to pick up the pen for one more test. test administrators tell me that at least 25 california colleges will be offering the test, including most of all the cal states, as well as san jose and san francisco state universities.
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>> reporter: the edd has been ordered to pay 80,000 delayed claims immediately. a computer clich delayed the payments. an elderly san francisco couple spent the day waiting to be evi evicted, but so far the family is still in their home. this evening, housing advocates held a rally outside of the apartment for the lee family that they've rented for 34 years. the lees pay about $800 a month and can't afford to stay in this area where the market rate is close to $2,000. they've raised their seven children inside of this home. now, under the ellis act, a new owner told them they are being evicted. the state law allows owners to evict tenants with buyouts. a court found the owner acted within the law, but the lees
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opted to stay put. >> i think we're facing an affordability crisis in san francisco. that middle income working people, low income people are being pushed oit. and what's happening to the lee family is symbolic of that. >> reporter: it's a polarizing debate. one option in san francisco is to allow those affected by the ellis act to have priority on other affordable housing lists. the lees were given notice to leave today. the department can show up at anytime. >> there is a plan in place if another b.a.r.t. strike happens but not everyone likes it. a contingency plan is unveiled giving options if no deal is reached. it's a $21 million plan and would provide free buses, extend car pool lane hours as well as extra car pool lanes and limited b.a.r.t. skfs with managers driving the train opinions an idea not sitting well with dwrun i don't know drivers. both sides are trying to come up with a deal. but there's been little progress on sticking points like money and health care.
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today iesz plan is an attempt to try to rei sure riders. >> the economy is growing, the jb s numbers are growing. and anyone who observes the freeway can notice a very small change can have a huge effect. >> that plan still needs approval by the b.a.r.t.'s board of directors. >> i believe larry ellison is throwing a big party on treasure island tonight. i don't know if you were i vieted. >> i did see an e-mail come into my box. >> i'll be your plus one. >> let's look at the winds today. they did help the america's cup finally reach that finale. sf airport at 40. delays likely there. a top wind gust of 40 miles an hour. the thing that's producing at least responsible for most of that win is the jet stream diving right across kra. a lot of winds translating to very gusty winds.
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down in the surface. will likely see those mumty range 20% to 40% tomorrow. so that fire concern stays with us at least for the next 48 hours. but here's the good part about it. it's stirring up the atmosphere so much. no cloud expected from 11:00 p.m. tonight arlington all the way to 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll take you off to the north. what we're finding is blue skies. be .aware that some of the strongest wind gusts will be across those bridges and also overpasses. so the thing you should know on our wind impact forecast is thursday will be the worst of it with the winds that could top 50 miles an hour. then by friday, the winds start to subside. on that three-day forecast, temperatures warm up by friday and saturday. with mid to upper 880s coming your way. we've got a quick view for you here from those 70s today to a
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saturday summer flashback coming our way. >> from housewife to saint for one northern california woman. >> it's called the affordable care act. that what if it doesn't end up being so affordable. why young people have to enroll in obamacare to make it work. >> and we've been talk act the america's cup for months now. we want to know your opinion did the america's cup live up to your expectations? you can vote by texting or calling us. 408-300-9222. one for yes or two for no. we'll have the results later in the newscast.
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>> the post office wants to raise the cost of a first dallas stamp from 46 cents to 49 krens.
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this would be the third increase in three years. the postal services say they need the hike to pay the bills. if you have those forever stamp, no need to worry until, of course, forever. runs out. . >> this does not happen very often. california is one step closer to producing its first saint of the roman catholic church. a santa cruz county bomb has been declared a servant of god. evans experienced the stigmata, marks that resemble the wounds on the crucified body of christ.
6:24 pm
this is certainly something that's very close to his heart. >> now the saint hood process is very long and the designation is not guaranteed. one father died in 1974 and he's considered one step away from becoming a saint. why taking care of a sick family member just got a little easier in california. chilling new video of a suspect in the washington navy yard shooting as he prepares to open fire. it's all next in world tonight. >> live at santa clara high school where a popular math teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a minor. i'll have the latest on allegations coming new a live report. unbelievable.
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we have details tonight about a popular math teacher who was arrested for having sex with a minor. what can you tell us about the teacher and the victim here 37 the teacher is in custody, raj. i can tell you the victim is a 17-year-old girl who is a student right now at santa clara lying school. counselors were brought in today to help students cope with the
6:28 pm
allegations against this very popular teacher. >> this teacher known by students as mr. cortez was arrested yesterday. . >> of there were multiple acts of intercourse with a student. >> administrators say mr. cortez taught math at the school more than to you are years, was popular with students and staff and had a good track record.
6:29 pm
>> we'll have a counselor in all of his classes today staff, faculty and students all day today. >> students devibe mr. cortez as an excellent feecher. and many said they were stunned to learn of the allegation against him. >> i would never believe that. it was pretty surprising to me. >> the district placed mr. cortez on a compulsory leave of absen absence. >> we all agree and think the safety of our children has to be paramount. and so it's important and appropriate that we separate him from the students at this time. >> now instead of teaching algebra, mr. cortez is focusing on a much more daunting equation. his arraignment tomorrow. >> police tell me right now they think there's only one victim, but stress this is an active investigation.
6:30 pm
>> thank you. a state law outlining who can take time off to cake for a sick family member is becoming more lenient. the governor today signed a bill expanding california's paid family leave program to include bourque workers who take time off for serious ill grandparents, grand kids, siblings and in-laws. more than a million caliifornians care for ailing loved ones. >> and the typical caregiver is between the ages of 40 and 65, working full time and caringing for children at home. so this bill will go a long way towards supporting those individuals. >> the expanded version of this becomes law next july. there was a chilling video of the suspect in a washington navy yard shooting. also key evidence that could
6:31 pm
point to a motive in this case. we're joined with our world tonight. >> the fbi says the surveillance video shows aaron alexis moments before gunning down and killing 12 people. alexis pulled into the washington navy yard farking garage then entered building 197 where the shooting took place. inside the bidding, the 34-year-old civilian contractor is seen walking up and down the hall way with a sawed off shotgun. >> there are mull pl indicators that alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves. >> etched on the shotguns were phrases like my elf weapon, end
6:32 pm
to the torment and better off this way. cruz control. that's how some are talking about senator cruz's filibuster. in the end, the senate, colluding cruz unanimously decided to move ahead and debate their own version of the bill before sending it back to the house. >> this was all about elevating.
6:33 pm
. >> the global trait of conventional arm with the export and import of tanks. the national rifle association argued that undermines the constitutional right to bear arms. 91 countries have signed this treaty. in the u.s., it requires ratification by the u.s. senate. in pakistan, the death toll continues to rise after yesterday's powerful 7.7 earthquake. the quake hit the southwest region, killing nearly 300 people and injuring more than 400. the search is on for survivors right now, possibly buried in the rubble. and a geological phenomenon. the earthquake was so powerful, it caused a small high land to suddenly appear after the coast of pakistan. a geologist said it's about 60 feet high, 100 feet long and 250 feet wide. officials are warning people not to visit this new island because it's still emitting gas. and that is your world tonight. >> thank you. well, it's the first of its
6:34 pm
kind, federal transportation officials are now reviewing where asiana airlines broke laws intending to help the family of passengers. the claim is it failed to provide timely information after a crash back in july. you should u.s. law, the airline was required to post a toll free number within an hour of that crash to gather and distribute information to families. asiana was also supposed to provide transportation and lodging for family members who were come tok with those injured loved ones. so far the airline is declining to comment to the associated press, other than to say that it did post a toll free number and that it is working with the investigation. >> obamacare is right around the corner. but how much do you really know about it? and are you ready to enroll? if not, it could drag down the system and make it more expensive for millions of americans. in tonight's reality check, sam brock dives into a crucial part of the law that doesn't always get the attention it deserves.
6:35 pm
>> i kind of go -- i play it by ear. i think the safest route, because i have a family of five, so it's like, just kind of play the card as it comes. >> you think most people, young people will sign up? >> i think so. if it makes economic sense, i think there's a good chance of them doing that. >> reporter: there's no question the administration is hoping the optimism expressed on these courts will play out in cities across the country. because if young people don't sign up and instead choose to pay a fee, make no mistake, it could create quite a problem. >> if the risk pool just ends up being those that are sicker or older, this enwe're going to see significant, significant rate increases. it's a big challenge, one we're
6:36 pm
going to successfully undertake. >> let's hope the commissioner is right, but if young people don't sign up in large numbers, here's what we're looking at. a risk pool of older folks that exhaust a lot of resources. if there's only a small group of healthy people to counterbalance the costs, it won't work. in a perfect world, you would have a closer ratio, about six older folks for every four young enrollees to help spread out the cost. that would be more economically viable. and it's not just corporate america, covered california and those selling on the exchange acknowledge the same basic foundational risk.. >> if young caliifornians don't purchase insurance and we have only those who have pre-existing conditions and who are older, it will absolutely result in premium increases in 2015. >> 39% of the roughly 7 million
6:37 pm
people expected to sign up for the state exchanges need to be between the ages of 18 and 34. that figure would be close to 3 million people. as we said, it is linchpin of the whole with operation. i'm sam brock, that's today's "reality check." up next, a bionic break through. the advance that could change the lives of people with prosthetics. >> and good evening. that wind howling right across a lot of our higher elevations, and also clearing us outs from that fog. we have a red flag fire warning in place. and also airport delays likely for tomorrow morning. we're going to track this rain and we'll let you know about a hotter weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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pbde is a flame retardant linked to learning problems in kids. before it was banned in 2004, it was of found in foam furniture like mattresses and carpets and would enter the body through dust and food. the levels of toxins have decreased by 2/3, which is considered to be a dramatic decline. >> amputees can now lose their brains to move a bionic leg. here's how it works. doctors rerouted nerves from damaged muscles to healthy muscles above the knee. his thoughts tell the bionic leg what he wants to do and then it happens. researchers hope to make these
6:41 pm
legs available to veterans and civilians to test in the next five years. >> what's the old tale, fish is good for your brain? maybe not. eating fish high in omega 3 has long been touted as a brain food. but researchers compared women with high and low levels of omega 3 in their diets. after six years, there was no difference in their memory or thinking skills. experts say the best thing for brain health is mental and social stimulation, good nutrition and regular physical activity. >> would you all agree. . >> how about a nice party at treasure island? i think that would be good for your health. >> i know. i checked the e-mail. >> i would check again after the forecast. >> i kept scrolling and scrolling. all right. live look outside in san francisco. a beautiful night with team oracle usa taking home that victory. details on the gusty winds and when those calm down coming up.
6:42 pm
>> jeff, what a day in the bay. oracle team usa pulls off the incredible. but what does it compare to when it comes to other huge comebacks in sports history? plus, the a's continue that are quest for home field advantage. but it's what happened after the game that is sure to leave you laughing. big leaguers play where dress-up next.
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>> i
6:44 pm
. remember the old days when you used to shop by actually going to the star. and then online shopping came around and you waited for a few days and it showed up at your house. >> you waited for a few days? that's very old school. google is swooping in, of course. same-day delivery. scott budman always tale teles us new ways to spend our money. >> today is the day that google
6:45 pm
joined amazon and ebay offering anyone in the area for a fee same day for online shopping. ebay is trying to make everything faster and more convenient. >> ahh, walk into a toy store. something we've lost a bit in this shop online anyone of ours. in fact, if you want anything inside palo alto's toy world, full of rollerskates, balls and crazy string -- >> got to make sure it's the right size. >> you can get it delivered within hours. now that google has joined rivals and ebay with its shopping experience. same-day delivery for impulse online shopping. >> i think when you look at how different things have evolved over time, faster and faster shipping is one of those things that customers won't explicitly tell you i need it faster, but the moment it's available, it's just a complete change in expectations. people seau, that was a really i maizing experience.
6:46 pm
why would i ever go back? >> for a $5 fee, you can buy what you want on the web and have it waiting for you when you get home. for toy world, it's a one-click outreach program. >> it does extend the reach for new customers. because we are seeing order ace cross the whole bay area now. >> it's already boosted the 83-year-old store's bottom lean. >> we are seeing more people use this service than our own website. soo it's going really well for us. >> and it's only bun one day. >> exactly. >> reporter: for google, it's a money-making way to give customers what they want more quickly. >> part of our goal is to bring the speed of web to local shops. >> because striems you need that gum now. >> now earlier results today were a little faster. it will be interesting to see whether company google, amazon or ebay is able to become the
6:47 pm
delivery leader. >> we asked you what you thought. did the america's cup live up to your expectations? guess what? 77% of you responded yes. 23% said no. >> our flash survey now. should you be invited to the party tonight? >> i think that is a yes. >> i did have a lot to do with the one and how it impacted the boats. >> there you go. >> i'm just saying. plus twon that guest list again. look at the winds that allowed the america's cup to continue. 15 to 30 miles an hour. reallying eseeding those race limits out at the immediate coast lean. but inside the bay, some of these higher elevations did help to protect us from some of the extreme gusts. so that was good news. and then, of course, they were able to get out there and race. now we're seeing sustained winds anywhere from 10 to 25 miles an hour. it continues to stay breezy or
6:48 pm
gusty for 24 hours. that is going to increase our fire threat. that's going to be the highest relative humidity. 20% to 40%. and also winds that could gust as high as 40 miles an hour. let's get to the overall forecast. plenty of sunshine. no cloud cover at all. to start tomorrow morning, absolutely clear. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. by 11:00 a.m. low 70s for the interior valleys and upper 60s by the bay. awesome thursday coming our way. live skycam a network tonight. we do have upper level energy passing on by the upper elevations. then off to the north, you're going to find here, well, airport delays are possible. palo alto, nothing in the way of fog, but with that wind shaking around the camera, some of the pilots again may have a little bit of trouble making that landing with all of that traffic stacking up. so let's go ahead and take a look at the temperatures here on thursday. 76 in san jose. 75 back for los gatos.
6:49 pm
numbers going up about three to five degrees, not only for the south bay but also the eastbound. no widespread 80s or 90s expected. we'll get close to the 80-degree mark. alameda, looking oh, so good at 70. and hayward also at 71. san francisco, 69. if you're still celebrating the america's cup win tomorrow, it's going to be great. 80 in santa rosa, 75 in valejo. tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., 15 to 30 miles an hour gusts. and as we head throughout the amp, this is when winds will max out in our wind event, where we could have gust against for the interior valleys, topping 30 miles an hour in some cases. then eventually by friday, a lot of this blue color moves in. corresponds with winds at about 10 miles an hour. so by friday, it looks a lot better. we thought you needed to know this. a little rain/snow mix. if you're headed that way, watch for slick roadways.
6:50 pm
throughout saturday and sunday, it warms up. a nice weekend. saturday, upper 80s. and then by monday, a slight chance of a shower sneaking on into the forecast. mainly for the north bay at this point. but don't worry about that. we're going to cover it up the next couple of days. >> let's get to sports. 4. >> did jim get invited to the party? >> no, but i em. >> going to crash it. larry ellison's team, oracle team usa finished off the most improbable comeback in america's history today. the oldest trophy in international sports in the good old usa. the oracle crew had to win eight straight races in order to win the best of 17 series. and the fact that they did it prompted the question, does it belong in the conversation for biggest comebacks in u.s. sports history?
6:51 pm
sailing experts around the world comparing to the comeback to the 20004 red sox who were down 3-0 to the yankees and came back to win. another good comparison, maybe 2010 stanley cup playoffs, the philadelphia flyers came back from a 3-0 deficit to eventually when the series. it's the saga that just won't end. will the a's get a new sum? will they be able to move to a new location? the man who holds the keys to that is bud selig. he spoke on that issue today on cbs sports radio. >> it's a pit. it reminds me of old county stadium and shea stadium. we need to deal with that. i had a committee work on it for two or three years. and there's no question we're going to have to solve that problem. >> you've had this committee working for this last -- hold up. >> we have, john. but it's far more complex. we have one team that wants to move. the other team doesn't want it to move. it's a very complicated
6:52 pm
situation, the more we've gotten into it, the more difficulty we have. but before i leave, i'm satisfied we'll work out something. >> calling it a pit, but it's our pit. come on, bud. highlight, a's and angels. 2-0 angels. bases loaded with a two out, josh hamilton grounds to short. he beats the throw out. a run score, then you've got a guy in a rundown and he's going to get tagged. 3-1 angels. two are out. weaver gets steven vogt to fly out to left field. the a's lose. angels win 3-1. here eels the interesting part, though. this is fun. a little rookie hazing after the game. sunny gray dressed as robin from batman. dan otero, a little mortal combat. and nate fryman, wow. that's what they do to you rookies out there. >> at&t park is safe for another edition of dodgers an giants
6:53 pm
tonight. it could also be the last start for barry zito in a giant's uniform. here's what the giants are saying about the much talked about left-hander. a. >> what we see is a guy who shows up every day. he's a same guy. he pulls for his teammates. he never complains. >> you know, he got the opportunity, you know, to be his partner. and a lot of game, you know, where he's in the mound. you know, that's pretty special for me. >> all right, how about buster posey, he took some time today to meet with fans in san francisco. buster gave hitting instruction, took photos with fans but oddly the biggest question of the day was what his favorite flavor of body armor is. >> it's probably a tie between the strawberry banana and mixed berry. but they're all pretty good. >> did we just air a blatant
6:54 pm
commercial? that's shameless. shameless, i would say. unless, of course, we get a case of it. buster posey just getting out, meeting some fans. giants finishing off the season only -- what is it? four games left after -- >> that's it? >> and jeff, i want to reveal a little secret to you. can we do that? we had no idea what was going on the water, but we were cheering today. >> we were. >> usa. usa. i agree with you. i'm kind of in the same boat, if i can say that. i felt the same way, but it's good to see the stars and bars getting it done again. >> you're on the uninvited boat. that's the boat you're in. >> that's true, that's true. >> for a full half-hour of local sports kompbl, watch sports net central tonight at 10 sno:30.
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>> i just found out we're already in fall. why am i sleeveless then? clearly i wasn't paying attention last week. >> officially on sunday. >> i know. >> your skbrout fit looks great, though. >> it's the wrong season, jeff. >> that's all right. saturday and sunday, mid to upper 80s. saturday, summer flashback coming our way. and monday, slight chance of showers. that's the day you probably don't want to go sleeveless. low 80s back in the mix. it is going to be windy the next 24 hours as we mentioned, but that really starts to came down by friday and saturday. >> we just have to put notes for jeff and we're all good. >> i'm your personal forecast assistant. got you covered.
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richard gere getting divorced? now on "extra." surprised split. >> hello, mrs. gere. >> after 11 years of marriage, why richard gere and carey lowell are calling it quits. and michael douglas and katherine inside their top secret marriage. madonna and sean penn together again and kissing. new video from their reunion. what lindsay was doing hanging with imagine. dr. drew on the health crisis he kept secret for two years. >> i have cancer. >> you have cancer? >> how about that? >> why he waited to get treatment and hugh he is in the best shape of his l


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