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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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over -- >> i'm meteorologist christina loren. good thursday morning to you. you are so close to the weekend at this point, and it's going to be warm enough for your beach plans. what we're talking about today, red flag warning for most of the bay area. when that's slated to expire and when we get another chance for showers. that's all coming up. >> a lot more folks get rolling around the bay, the bay toll plaza, we have a new incident for walnut creek. i'll show you what's up for 680. >> a live look outside by the golden gate bridge. thursday morning, september 26, this is "today in the bay." good morning. it's 5:00. i'm marla tellez. jon is off today. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news just in this morning. san francisco police confirming
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to us a suspect now in custody after a deadly stabbing in the market neighborhood. it happened after last night's giant game. we don't know the circumstances of the fight but police say the victim's friends were wearing dodgers gear. the stabbing happened in the area of third and harrison not far from at&t park. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. >> san francisco police called a press conference for 2:00 this afternoon to give more details about the man suspected of killing a san francisco state student monday. 30-year-old nikhom thephakaysone is accused of killing justin valdez. police say he shot valdez after he got off of a muni light rail train in the ingleside neighborhood. police arrested the suspect tuesday night. a candlelight vigil will be held for the 20-year-old tonight on the san francisco state campus.
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the vigil begins at 7:00. san jose police arrested a boy they say fired handgun in downtown san jose. it happened yesterday near the san jose state campus. officers saw the boy shoot at a man. the bullets missed and no one was hurt. the boy was arrested after a short chase. police say they are not sure of a motive. >> a man found dead behind a home in hayward will be laid to rest on the east coast. the circumstances around his death are a mystery. marcus antonio brown was an army veteran living in hawaii and visiting the bay area on september 4. he was found dead behind a vacant home a day later. according to his flight he was only supposed to be here one day. police aren't sure why he was here. he had been beaten badly. police have not identified suspects. brown will be buried in virginia where he grew up. >> mountain view police
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concerned about a big concert happening this weekend. not because of the noise but the possible drug use. bob redell is live at the amphitheater and has more. >> reporter: come saturday the setup behind me will be packed with people. mostly young people at what is called beyond wonderland. it's officially billed as a 34-hour long electronic dance event. college students we spoke with saying basically a rave. mountain view police and the health department have issued a warning, they believe there will be a lot of drug use among young people attending especially since it sold out. they are concerned about the use of club drugs like ecstasy and molly, a more powerful version since it comes in a crystal powder form. young people overdosing is such a problem that the u.s. congress has taken notice, yesterday at a senate hearing senator feinstein
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called the drugs diabolical. the health department is reminding attendees drink lots of water, police are also reminding attendees don't bring in or use drugs, they will be at and around the event looking for people violating that request. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 5:04. a developer working on a shopping center overhall could face a hefty fine for destroying an historic building. the company is working to redevelop edge wood plaza. as part of the project it was supposed to preserve two historic buildings at the site. earlier this year crews demolished one of the buildings. the company says it was an accident. the "mercury news" reports that the commission has recommended the developer be fined $94,000. the council will make the final decision on a penalty. >> 5:04.
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did you see that bright orange light this morning. we almost missed it but bob redell caught a glimpse of it on the way to the office. the quality is not great, kind of horrible there. if you look in the middle can you see a bright light, bob spotted it lifting off over the horizon about 3:30 this morning. then what looked like a separation before disappearing into the night sky. che checked and it appeared it was an icy icebm test. >> i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. at least the skies are clear. >> it's interesting the stories he is reporting on. good thing we had that verified.
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temperatures are really comfortable as we head through this afternoon. it's a little chilly out there but i'm talking about the 70s, and we've got this red flag warning for the higher terrain above 1,000 feet. if you live in the east bay hills above 1,000 feet, the north bay mountains or the santa cruz mountains this stands until 3:00 p.m. friday. we're going to see pretty dangerous conditions when it comes to the development and fueling for wild fires in the bay area. we've been good. this is not our first red flag warning and we've been pretty lucky even with the morgan fire. it hasn't been that bad in the bay area. 49 in livermore, 55 oakland, 52 to start in sunnyvale. 54 degrees in san francisco. we're going to drop off more the next couple hours, then we'll start to climb between about 9:00 and 1:00 p.m. these are the 1:00 p.m. readings, 68 livermore, 69 fremont, up to about 80 degrees
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in the east bay in the heat of the day. so not too bad there. i'm forecasting mostly 70s, look at all of these. 77 for napa, 75 oakland, close to the 70-degree mark at 69 degrees. stick around, i've got your weekend forecast ready to go. here is mike inouye. >> a clear outlook at the roadways, looking out across the bay from emeryville we see the camera trembles. there is a breeze going on. a nice flow of traffic. no backups at the toll plaza on the oakland side. the headlights coming eastbound over around the city side. we'll show you the maps, talking about no problems for the bay bridge. there is a wind advisory. no big worries here. we see a lot of slowing that cropped up heading south from the bay bridge -- from 980, 880
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toward 980. there may be a road crew. there is road construction in the area. usually that's farther south but this morning they may have had to stop it farther north. i'll let you know if chp has anything else to report. north 680, some sort of debris, maybe a spill on the roadway up north. at the boulevard off ramp is where it's reported. there's about 75 foot of something, some stuff there. that's not cool. avoid whatever stuff as long as it's not a moving vehicle. north at antioch highway 4, we're starting to see the all the way over to pittsburg and bay point. a live look outside we'll show you fremont. y heading to mission, the truck scales are open, light traffic passing by. we'll send it back to you.
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>> it's 5:08. chefs coming together to fight against fracturing. >> >> the search for a serial arsonist.
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welcome back everybody. we give you a live look at our nation's capital, washington, d.c., where the government shutdown is looming if the house and senate cannot agree on a government funding bill by september 30, the federal government will shut down, one of the stories we're following. the u.s. senate will look at ways of reforming the u.s. postal service. senators want to improve the department's dire financial condition. the postal service has been losing billions of dollars in recent years. one idea floating around is 3 cent hike to the price of a first class stamp bringing it up to 49 cents. the post master general will be one testifying before the senate committee hearing.
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>> the iphone app has been known to lead people astray. one glitch is leading drivers into a runway in alaska. take a look. this screen shot shows the driving directions to the fairbanks international airport. the problem is instead of leading to the terminal the apple map tells them to drive on the tarmac. at least two people have driven across an active runway while following the directions on their phones. the airport has reported the problem to apple but so far it appears it has not been fixed. new features coming to switer floswit twitter. >> twitter instituting two features, the first is a warning system where organizations like the red cross or the highway patrol, some kind of authority, could blast warnings to twitter followers, whether or not they follow the emergency agency or not. like flood waters are rising or
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there is a tornado on the ground, things you would like to see. the other one is the nfl signed a deal allowing twitter users to post brief clips of big plays to some games even as they happen. they are going to provide clips, you don't have to do anything but tweet. games on the nfl network are the only ones available live. but you can say hey, did you see this as your friends are watching the game. others like espn's "monday night football" will not be available until after the game. let's see seema mody. good morning. >> scott, good morning. futures are higher after stocks fell for a fifth straight day, s&p 500 suffering its longest losing streak of the year. some positive economic data we got out earlier this week.
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today we do get reports on unemployment, housing and a final look at second quarter gdp which may somehow sho that the economy grew more than thought. 3751 although well above that 3700 level that technicians watch. >> seema mentioned the unemployment numbers. california has had trouble with computers. unemployment checks have not gone out and data about unemployment claims has not gone out to the feds. california blames the software upgrades, says most of those problems have been sorted out. we'll know when the numbers come out around 5:30. >> you know what else we know, a little birdie told us. it's your birthday. >> it is. yes. >> we had christina's on monday and scott mcgrew. >> we have cake all week.
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>> sweet. >> very excited. >> he's a boy. >> a lot of birthdays. fun to celebrate. >> his birthday and mine are so close. we are identical, scott. good morning to you. good looking day shaping up. especially if you're looking for comfortable conditions. if you want to fly a kite today is your day. not great for the barbecue or outdoor burning. we have a warning above 1,000 feet until friday afternoon. so we'll give you a better idea of what we're focusing in on. we expect the strongest gusts later on this afternoon. winds will be at their strongest into the late afternoon and evening hours. we'll show you futurecast. we're keeping our eye on the santa cruz mountains and also the east bay hills so you want to take it easy. you know if you live with dry
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brush around you it's been a very dry year and as we head throughout the next couple days that red flag warning will stand. good idea on fire safety. if you see something on the side of the road pull over so you can report it safely. we see these grass fires very often. you can help out. wind sustained at 12 miles per hour in fairfield. we're looking calm, half moon bay expecting the winds to increase. 49 degrees in santa cruz, 55 degrees in oakland. when it comes to the wind this is what we're looking for. where you see the pink and the red that's where the wind will be the most fierce later on. by 5:00 p.m. we expect substantial gusts especially along the peninsula and the ocean beach side at san francisco. not a great day to be out there blowing sand. you know the drill if you live in the area.
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as we head through tomorrow we see less winds. toward the weekend things will come down. 75 in fremont and 68 degrees san francisco. beach day. saturday. you know the beach days are running out when it comes to the 70s at the coast as we're getting into fall. we're tracking our next storm system. this looks weak but could produce showers in late sunday night into monday morning. the action continues in the weather department. it's always happening in the traffic department. here is mike inouye. >> sadly but also fortunately for my employment. traffic we are looking at a smooth drive as it starts to build for the south bay no. big surprises, reports of some sort of crash, it doesn't sound like they are closing down the roadway. this is a major alternate for some folks. looking here toward 101 northbound. a concert at 7:30 so there may
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be some vehicle there is after work. we're looking toward 101, an easy drive on the peninsula. not a lot of traffic. at the limit here. into and out of san francisco. the san mateo bridge we had an earlier crash, on the pens side not a problem. volume starts to build but no slowing. we'll look to the hayward drive. you're at the limit up through oakland. southbound off the bend we had slowing. construction crews were there but are also gone. you have a wind advisory and slowing through that construction as well. >> i want you to do more later. thanks. hewlett-packard fired the computer firm the washington navy yard shooter worked for. the company failed to respond appropriately to aaron alexis
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issues. it had hired the company to upgrade computers. this is new video released yesterday. while the investigation continues he was delusional and thought he was being controlled by extremely low frequency waves. he wrote my elf weapon, on the gun. he was killed in a shootout. >> police are investigating a series of arson fires in the los angeles area. overnight officers reportedly arrested a man in his 50s but determined he had nothing to do with the fire. they say someone set six trash cans on fire along the boulevard in sherman oaks. the one of the fires did spread to a local business.
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>> a sacramento radio station is under fire for renewing its license after a woman died. video groups are filing a legal challenge to kdnc, the license renewal was the s.e.c. the station was fined in the death of a 28-year-old woman. the woman was in a contest to drink the most water without going to the path room to win a nintendo we. she later died. >> it's 5:20. bay area joining a movement against fracking. nearly 100 chef, owners and authors have signed a petition urging governor brown to put a more t moratorium on the practice. it involves fracturing rock to
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release oil and natural gas. the petition argues that it harms agriculture and take as toll. >> the new has been has been series. we'll talk about that.
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welcome back everyone. what a beautiful shot outside. this is the bay bridge this morning. illuminated on this thursday morning. a little cooler as you head out the door. starting to feel like fall. >> oakland neighborhood become as film set. >> they are going to block streets near the hawker fair restaurant. that's up grand avenue and broadway. crews will film for a new hbo production called "looking."
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it's about three video game designers who happen to be gay. the show is set mostly in san francisco and expected to bring about $2 million in the economy. >> more than a decade off michael j. fox returns. >> hit me. don't hit him. >> the michael j. fox show marks his return to a series television show. he play as family man and also a tv news anchor going back to work even though he is battling parkinson's disease. much like his character his family was a big part of his decision to return. >> it really is based on my realization after time of being home that why can't i do what i do, why can't i do my job, so it became something i wanted to pursue and brought it to my family and they were like --
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we've been waiting for this. >> michael j. fox show tonight on nbc bay area. i have to see that. >> stay up. you crazy woman. >> i know. it's so sad. 9:00 at night i'm in bed. >> you kind of have to be on this shift. check win meteorologist christina loren. >> the best part about fall, though, ladies, is the sun goes down earlier so we don't have to try to sleep when the sun is blazing into our windows. temperatures are looking good. we get up early for you, make sure you are prepared so we have to be a few hours ahead of you. 74 in san jose. 80 degrees in livermore. mike inouye, always has some surprises up his sleeve. especially as the commute starts to build. >> good morning. sometimes like bullwinkle you don't know what's going to come out. look, the commute is fine. no problems here. north 880 past the coliseum.
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an easy drive. right here the earlier slowdown through downtown, that is just about clear as we head down off of the bend and coming down 880 there. a smooth drive through the maze without any slowing, no problems for the caldecott. whatever was going on, looks like things are cleared out of the roadway. the report is still in the chp incident report but they have a squad car arrive and leave the seen. we'll look for slowing but i don't think there is any problem. >> thanks so much. 5:26. we continue to follow breaking news. a deadly attack after last night's ginds game. >> an east bay council is hours from deciding the fate of two pit bulls.
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>> reporter: breaking news out of san francisco where a man is
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stabbed to death following a giants/dodgers game. i'll have the story coming up. >> also new video out of kenya of the devastation left behind after the horrific attack at the west gate mall. one women went to extreme lengths to stay alive. >> it's a cool start to this thursday morning and we're still dealing with the elevated fire danger. red flag warning last night. i'll let you know how long it will last and i've got your weekend forecast coming up in moments. >> with that commute getting started this thursday morning we're having a smoother drive. look at the south bay, a little burst. we'll check on that. a live look outside at the bay bridge from a distance, that cooler start, fall, we're in it and you can feel it this morning on this thursday, september 26, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning. thanks for joining us for waking up with us. it's 5:30 on the nose. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update to breaking  news in san francisco. a suspect is now in custody following a deadly stabbing shortly after last night's giants/dodgers game in the area of third and harrison not far from at&t park. christie smith talking to police this morning working to get new details. what's the latest? >> reporter: i spoke with police, three people were detained, they are talking with them but right now one possible suspect in custody after the deadly stabbing and we're told that the victim's friends were wearing dodgers sports gear when this broke out. it happened about 30 minutes after the fight ended. it was the 7:15 night game. about 12:40 a.m. officers responded to reports of a fight
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near the park. officers arrived and found one person stabbed, that person a man transported to the hospital where he died. what this fight was about, that's unclear but police tell me they are still asking for witnesses who saw anything to come forward. christie smith, today. the fate of two dogs involved in the mauling of a boy last month could be decided today. hunter was visiting family friends in antioch when one of the dogs attacked him. his mother tells us the attack was so severe part of hunter's ear was torn off. we learned it's not the first time this dog has done this. one of the children living in the home with the dog was also attacked. no word on the extent of those injuries. >> a memorial service will be held for a professor killed in a
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fire earlier this month. dr. andrew goodwin was nicknamed the professor of pop. he was killed in a fire at his apartment in berkeley. he later died at the hospital. today's service will be at the xavier hall on the campus. >> police are issuing a warning ahead of a major concert happening this weekend. their main concern is drug use. live from the shoreline theater in mountain view with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. come saturday behind me this setup here, the shoreline amphitheater will be packed with young people attending what is called beyond wonderland. it's a 34-hour dance festival, call it something else. >> it's a rave.
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>> reporter: which the one reason why police and is health department has issued a warning. they believe there will be a lot of drug use especially since it's sold out this weekend. there is specifically concern about the so-called club drugs like ecstasy and molly being a more powerful version. young people overdosing is such a big problem that congress has taken notice. here is the senator feinstein, she has proposed a law that would better regulate these. the health department is reminding to stay hydrated, drink lots of water. police saying don't bring in or use these drugs. they will be around the event looking for people who don't
5:34 am
comply. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> talking about with how much cooler it feels. it's kind of a nice invitation to fall. >> i'm a women but die this cold stuff. >> i like a good pair of ice a toners myself. starting to drop off in santa cruz. i promise you mid 40 this is morning and that's where we are in gilroy. you're at 49 in livermore, concord in the 40s as well. making it the coolest morning we had in over two months. light sweater, if you're getting the kids ready for school they are ready for the two different parts of the day. is it going to be breezy but warm. to finish off your thursday afternoon. this is what we're working with. 20 to 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts, we are having higher wind gulfs near santa cruz.
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we have some dangerous surf again. watch out for high current risks. you are going to be headed to the beach, this is what we're working with today. the red flag warning. the winds are going to pick up throughout day. that goes to the north bay mountains above 1,000 feet. and the same on the santa cruz mountain side we expect to see winds whip today. take it easy. you make your way to work what you need to know, 74 in san jose. you can open up the windows, good air quality. let that cool breeze in. 80 in almost and 75 on the way to gilroy. 71 for santa cruz, 68 in san francisco. we have another chance for rain. your seven-day forecast in the next report.
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let's see how we're doing on a thursday drive. we made it through tuesday, wednesday was rough, mike, what are we working with this morning? >> thursday is -- you have traffic again. it's the bay area. we're starting to see that starting up. looking at the lower left hand corner, the cash lane is starting. it's 5:36. there's no problem as far as our sensors go. no problems as far as that 880 slowdown we saw earlier coming off of west grand avenue. a smooth drive along either side of the bay. this is the south bay, no problems although i did show you the earlier slowdown because that burst came up. we're watching the speeds come down. palo alto we'll get a live look toward the peninsula and we see that the volume is still holding
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light. no interruptions. >> thank you. 5:37. the race to plan the 35th america's cup competition is on. thousands of people were in san francisco. fans and business owners are asking where and when race 35 will be. san francisco mayor says he would tluv see the race. larry ellison isn't committing. >> i don't think san francisco could ever buy the public relations. >> we would love to come back to san francisco. it's a beautiful place to have a regatta. it's a spectacular regatta. we'll talk with the officials and see if that's possible. >> the final numbers aren't in. the mayor says it helped fill
5:38 am
hotel rooms and provide a lot of jobs. brought a lot of people to the waterfront. >> big boost. 5:38. police on the peninsula releasing a picture of a car burglar. >> making public transit strikes a thing of the past.
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welcome back. it's 5:40. we're four days from the deadline for major parts of the government to close their doors. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. she joins us with the latest g. morning. >> reporter: good morning. more debate today but not really a lot of movement. we could see another test vote in the senate today. they are looking at sending back a budget that includes money for health care, that's the thing republicans did not want to see. that was the focus of that near
5:41 am
22-hour long speech on the senate floor yesterday. republicans not likely to vote forñi that but we're told could reverse and send another budget back with something democrats don't want like possibly the keystone pipeline approved as part of this budget deal. so they are going back and forth but there is no agreement, no real negotiations that we've heard of at this point. also today, president obama talking health care, at a nearby community college in addition to the budget deadline at midnight monday on tuesday exchanges open all over the country for people who do not have health insurance to purchase it. but polls have shown a lot of people don't understand. the president's job today to try to explain it. >> and back to the government shutdown, is it possible we could see that reach that debt limit at the same time? >> reporter: you know, it's possible. if they don't work something out and the government shuts down, and they still can't work something out, we saw one of the
5:42 am
shutdowns that lasted 21 days, if something were to last that long we would be well into the debate for the debt limit and the debt limit could possibly have been reached. >> one to watch. thank you, tracie. >> new video just in of a collapsed parking lot at the kenyan mall. look at this, this is our first look inside since the standoff ended tuesday. the death toll stands at 72 with another 175 injured after militants stormed the mall. the red cross says 71 people are still missing. an al qaedaed group known as al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. as we speak a team of international investigators is inside the mall getting fingerprints and dna to try to determine the identities and nationalities of the gun men. there are reports some could be american.
5:43 am
survivors of the attack are now speaking out. one woman says the only way she made it out was playing dead using the blood of a teen who died next to her. >> so i put it on my arm as much as i could and covered my face with my hair because my hair -- just to pretend that i'm dead or probably badly injured. >> kenyan authorities say the same militants behind the takeover of the mall attacked a security post near theomali border this morning killing two police officers. al shabaab says if kenyan troops remain in somalia kenyans should be prepared for more. >> the number killed in pakistan continues to climb as the search for survivors intensifies. video from some of the hardest hit areas, rescuers combing through the collapsed homes. 348 people are now confirmed dead and more than 500 injured
5:44 am
while thousands are left homeless. the 7.7 magnitude quake shook southwest pakistan on tuesday. the national seismic monitoring center confirm add new island in the arabian sea created by tuesday's quake. a number of people have raced out to see it but experts say it is not a good idea. they warn that the island may disappear as quickly as it rose. >> let's look at the forecast. cold but some fire hazards. >> yeah. we have a red flag warning in place that we are very concerned about. i want to start with that warning and let you know. if you live in the areas in red, above 1,000 feet, temperatures are crisp. it's dry. in the 40s and 50s. make sure you grab a jacket. also still dealing with the high surf at the beach so kind of
5:45 am
dangerous to be out surfing or trying to go for a swim on local beaches throughout the next couple days. but the winds will die down through friday, particularly saturday which is good news but dry north wind gusts, 20 to 40 miles per hour, throughout day today. that goes for most of the bay area. above 1,000 feet. chances are at this point you have that protected space around your home the defensible space cleared out. it's probably a good time to check on what may have regrown and try to get that cleared out. you have plenty of dry brush, winds can shift those fires. that's why we have the red flag warning if something happens we could see those traveling embers that can be dangerous for us in the bay area. our inland valleys are okay, out of the woods when it comes to the red flag warning. throughout the day temperatures pretty good, we're going to end up in the 70s just about
5:46 am
everywhere. 75 degrees in fremont action 74 san jose and 75 in gilroy. looking ahead to the weekend, temperatures looking good for outdoor plans, we're going to see plenty of 70s and 80s around the beach, around the bay, then 90s return as we get into saturday and sunday. let's check on your drive. >> we're going to start with a live look at san jose where 101 sees all of these folks jammed up. a crash outside this shot behind some trees. we're looking at a crash north 101 around mckee. the maps will show you slowing in the area but these will update and we'll see a jam before the 680, 280 interchange and continuing up this. all of these lights, here is the crash over toward 880. the rest of the south bay pretty smooth. north of 87 also, we see extra slowing as well. that started a few minutes ago.
5:47 am
we're watching that, the flow should do that but i'm watching these two, 87 northbound and northbound 101. as we look to the peninsula, nothing unusual. the dumbarton bridge a smooth drive. there is more traffic, the volume is starting to build across the bay, no problems here out of hayward or off the try valley. the tri-valley is pretty predictable. also through livermore. no problems at the dublin interchange a. good flow of traffic and smooth for the east shore freeway. let's get some live looks. no metering lights but we have volume. we're seeing traffic toward that san mateo bridge. westbound 92 has been seeing heavy traffic there. a live look, a final look at the
5:48 am
bay bridge toll plaza. the cash laned. metering lights probably in 5 or 10 minutes if it goes according to schedule. >> thank you. it's 5:48. a south bay high school teacher will be in court facing charges that accused him of having sex with a student. he teaches math. he is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl. administrators say guzman has worked at the high school and has a pretty good track record. he was on a reeve of absence. >> police say they have a person of interest in the beating of a man found unconscious saturday morning. the person of interest has not been arrested but they also have three witnesses. just after midnight saturday morning david lamont was beaten
5:49 am
unconscious after going outside and asked people to quiet down. he remains in critical at any condition. >> police are asking for pep to track down a burglar who stole from several cars. look that the guy. this man has stolen from cars on three sundays this month. he takes ta lets and purses and then uses the victim's credit cards to buy power tools. they say he may be driving a ford ranger pickup either tan or light colored. >> an east bay politician trying to drum up report for legislation that would ban public transit workers from striking. steve glaser will be talking to riders. he wants california to adopt laws similar to new york and washington making transit strikes illegal. sbart over two weeks from a possible strike. negotiations are ongoing but it still looks like workers will
5:50 am
strike. the agency has come up with a contingency plan just in case. limited b.a.r.t. service with managers driving the trains. the plan needs approval from b.a.r.t.'s board of directors. >> an east bay hoob has been stripped of its index rating because it violated state testing rules. teachers at james logan high school allowed students to complete parts of the standardized tst they started on a previous day. the school district says they reported the issue soon after discovering it. schools that don't neat api standards can be forced into intervention. >> police will soon have inplate readers. the council authorized this new
5:51 am
equipment but officers won't be able to use it until the city comes up with a privacy policy. the cameras will be in the bell haven neighborhood where five shootings occurred since february. >> 5:51. jimmy fallon takes a look at kim cook's twitter account. >> wall street reacts to a possible shutdown and default.
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welcome back. if you haven't heard apple's tim cook joined twitter over the weekend. >> so this morning late night host jimmy fallon took a look at some of the posts that cook put on his twitter account. >> thanks to all our amazing customers for the amazing weekend. that's nice. later he tweeted, just sold 9 million new iphones, do the
5:54 am
math, suckaz. then he wrote i got 99 problems bought glitch ain't one. here is the last one. congrats to blackberry for being acquired for 4.7 billion. i just found 4.7 billion in an old pair of khakis. >> cook has over 246,000 followers this morning. >> i know, scott, you are one of his followers, apple putting on a more public face. >> cook on twitter, not all of that is real but the sea change from steve jobs. apple has more competition. they are able to get out in the press because they have got that largely worked out. they can afford unguarded moments. you see tim cook with his chief designer and software head on
5:55 am
the cover of business week. apple as jimmy pointed out sold a staggering 9 million iphones last weekend. were you just to take the yearly sales, pretend iphone is its own company. it would have bigger revenue than home depot, than all of mcdonald's. wall street the misery koonlts it realizes that congress is taking us toward another cliff. remember, we have two issues. government shutdown, that's september 30, then default on our debt no later than october. they both have to do with government spending a. deal on one will likely bring a deal on the other. we shut the government down before. twice in the 90s, it had political ramifications, bill clinton was re-elected partly due to that. newt gingrich wasn't. what would happen if we were
5:56 am
defaulting we don't know. we have never done that before. >> interesting to see what happens. one to watch. thank you. >> meteorologist christina loren, here we are almost to the weekend. it's cold but it's going to get warm. >> one of those bay area rebound days. good morning. i want to show you this map. look at all of the 40s. concord 47. these temperatures are going to continue to drop as we head throughout the next hour. and get closer to sunrise. that's the coolest point of the day. make sure you're ready for the coolest morning in over two months. 70 degrees at lunch time. at 66 at noon. and so overall temperatures at the end of the day are running normal than where we hit yesterday but pretty cool. cooler than average. 74, that's it in san jose. here's mike inouye. >> we're going to start in the south buy. it's tough to get beyond this.
5:57 am
a backup, we see it bogged down. north 101, it was a fender-bender but stuck in lanes. the rest up next. >> disturbing details about this year's crop of college freshmen. >> a college student gunned down. what we're learning about the shooter. >> we continue to follow breaking news. a deadly stabbing. christie smith is talking to police. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. breaking news. a deadly stabbing on the street after the giants game near at&t park. we'll tell you about the new concerns that team rivalry may
6:00 am
have played a part in the violent confrontation. >> police issuing a warning about an upcoming show at shoreline but it's not because of the noise or traffic that has them worried. >> should b.a.r.t. strike be against the law? we'll tell you about the lawmaker taking his pitch to the b.a.r.t. platform later this morning. >> we are just five days into fall, certainly feeling like it. plenty of upper 40s, even mid-40s on the map. the big story, elevated fire danger. we'll let you know how long that will last. >> as your commute is getting kicked in we have a crash in fremont, another in san jose following both of them as they were in the lanes. we'll give you the latest. >> we give you a live look at the bay bridge, a nice shot on this thursday, september 26, this is "today in the bay."


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