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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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18th avenue about 1:30 this morning. christie smith is at the scene. you're learning the crews had trouble trying to get to the people to rescue the people inside. >> reporter: yeah, they did. one of the real serious issues they had is that there was a security gate in front of the front door so they had to break that down to make entry into the home here. but firefighters say it started downstairs. they just opened the garage door a couple minutes ago so you can see them moving in and out there. a couple minutes ago the fire chief showed up to this tragic house fire. a 2 1/2-year-old girl and her dad have died. firefighters say that there were four people inside the home when this fire broke out at 18th and pacheko. they believe it started in a downstairs basement living space, that the dad was sleeping down there because he didn't want to make everyone sick. he was suffering from a cold. the woman in the house apparently the mom, she had gotten home from work very late,
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and was up for some reason, maybe to get something to eat. she smelled smoke. she was able to escape out the back but the baby was found upstairs, a grandfather who was in the home transported still in critical condition i'm told, again the father. it was difficult to fight. >> the house is constructed very well for weather and everything but also keeps -- didn't vent late. the old buildings the windows might pop and get ventilation. >> reporter: firefighters say they don't know how this fire started but it moved very quickly, two alarms. they knocked it down in about 30 minutes. they have fire investigators on scene doing overhall trying to sort things out. the mother is physically doing okay. she has some bumps and bruises. there are a number of questions.
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they aren't sure how she was able to get out. they are trying to sort everything out. a tragic situation out here this morning. a child and a father have passed away. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you for that update. a murder charge expected to be filed against nikhom thephakaysone accused of shooting and killing justin valdez. as the student walked off of a train this week. last night family, friends and fellow students attending a candle light vigil on the san francisco state capital where valdez was a member of the school water polo game. his sister thanking everyone for remembering her vigil. there is another vigil tonight in southern california. he was from orange county. police revealing the arsenal they found in the suspect's home which includes two assault
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rifles and combat knives. police, they are now calling the killing a random attack. >> it's 5:03. a san ramon man accused of shooting his property manager as he was being evected is expected to make his first court apeens. he is charged with attempted murder. he shot at the property manager and two deputy when's they attempted to evict him on saept 19. the property manager was hit in the leg. the man surrendered after police tossed tear gas in the home. the home is in foreclosure. police in alaska say a man they think from hayward was beaten to death with a road side. 50-year-old worked as a fishing boat employee. his body was found near his work. police arrested four men. they say surveillance video shows the men hitting him with a road sign and punching and
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kicking him. >> fremont police need your help finding a man accused of robbing a woman. this happened on september 9 near mission and wmojave. he made her drive a short distance. the woman was not hurt. >> checking in with meteorologist christina loren. she joins us with a look at our forecast. good morning. >> hey, good were mooing. happy friday to both of you. we have a good looking weekend shaping up. we're going to see the red flag warning expire later on at about 3:00 p.m. i don't see any reason that would keep it going further. but we're going to keep tabs on it. 57 in oakland. 50 in sunnyvale. gilroy, you have a slight chance. say about a 20% opportunity of falling into the upper 30s. definitely feeling like fall. grab your jacket. we have a warmer afternoon headed our way and we're going
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to see similar conditions in san francisco as what we expect in san jose and it's courtesy of these offshore winds. you can see your wind arrows pushing that out to sea. for us we have high wind in place right at the immediate coast but you're going to see sunny day, and the waves are pretty big but also decreasing. in addition our chance for rip currents as well. if you want to hit the beach a good looking weekend to do so. 79 in fremont. 80 degrees in gilroy, 82 for fair field and 72, room temperature in san francisco today. so, i'll let you know about the changes ahead. also tracking showers on your seven-day forecast. we'll get to that. good morning, check the roads with mike inouye. >> let's check the roads over the waterways which are moving nicely. this is the san mateo bridge approaching with these headlights westbound, no wind
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vicery but we have the high fire danger. keep that in mind. there may be gusts, chp wasn't worrie worried. we're looking at dumbarton, san mateo bridge moving smoothly, on the peninsula an issue. 280, run one road. there may still be issues there on the shoulder. but lanes sound like they are clear as you head down through that portion of the peninsula. a look outside, show you that fremont moves smoothly. you see the flashing lights, cash them under that sign. that's south 880 past the ramp and there is a disabled truck there. you see traffic flow not impacted so that's good for 88 o. watch as it builds. >>police are alert after a string of car break-ins. we'll have details next. >> also the faa now taking up
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the issue of in flight electronics. what a panel is recommending. >> happy birthday google again. they had more than one coming up. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet.
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we're learning new details about the dodgers fan stabbed to death after a giants game. the father of the man accused in that stabbing telling the chronicle his son michael montgomery was simply defending himself. he says while he didn't exactly see what happened, michael tells him the altercation started when the two groups exchanged heated words after the game wednesday night. that situation escalated and his son was reportedly hit in the head with a chair. that's when michael defended himself. 24-year-old jonathan denver was
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killed near the intersection of third and harrison. the family and friends of bryan stow, they are reacting to the episode of violence calling the death senseless. you may recall stow is the san francisco giants fan who suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago when he was attacked at dodger stadium on opening day. his co-workers in san jose say hearing about this latest attack took them back to that very day when stow was attacked. they were shocked to learn fan rivalry appeared to take a role. >> another family is grieving, another life was unfortunately life was lost. it's senseless. it should not happen. >> the stow family reacting. his sister telling nbc bay area it's so senseless, we're heart broken for john's family and truly we're keeping them in our
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prayers. >> a possible rule switch you may soon be able to keep your cell phone and lap top on during your flight. a committee is urged the faa to ease up on the all devices off rule. that was put in place when it was determined things like cell phones and lap tops interfered with cockpit equipment when below 10,000 feet. new planes have equipment to prevent that kind of interference. >> i left mine on quite a few times. very bad. 5:11. google turning 15 years old today. scott, isn't there something about a google birthday. you're only supposed to have that once a year. >> people are born once but internet companies they can have all kinds of ways to celebrate. celebrate the anniversary of the idea, the first day you register the site name, the first day as a company, et cetera. so all kinds of different ways, google says september 27th is its birthday and it's sticking
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to it. celebrating with a google doodle. more importantly, google is rolling out a tweet to its search engine, this is going to matter if you have a website. it could affect traffic. if you are a google user and who isn't there are new features. you type in, say, compare butter versus margarine, you'll get a grid with everything you needed to know about butter and margarine. the markets were able to turn things around thursday. let's check the numbers with a look ahead with seema mody. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. dow s&p 500 snapping a five-day losing streak, invest terse continue to worry about the budget and debt ceiling fight in washington, d.c. remains at a standstill as we near on the eve of a government shutdown. some reports today to keep an eye on. personal income, consumer
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sentiment and prices. we are looking at futures slightly higher. >> thank you. have a great weekend. we're getting closer to basketball season. golden state warriors report for practice on saturday and warriors owners continue to work on the plan for a state-of-the-art arena at the base of the bay bridge. here is an artist sketch. san francisco, by the way, the only major city without an arena. if you don't count the cow palace. will this get built? i put this to the warriors president. >> we have picked the most regulated piece of real estate in the universe in which to build the most special arena ever conceived so we have a process we've embraced. we knew it going in. it's a lengthy process, but we believe that when our season starts in 2017 the warriors will be in their new home on piers 30 will 32. >> i got to admit when jed york
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was on the show i said i didn't believe he was going to build a stadium. i think they are going to. i think he's going to get his stadium. >> drive up the road. >> it looks nice. that's going to be state of the art. >> it's great to have great stadiums all over. >> beautiful weather. we always talk about that here. >> i think that's why a lot of sporting teams they recruit guys. you should live in the beautiful bay area. 5:14. we have such a gorgeous day shaping up at the coast, it's going to be pretty nice inland, we're going to keep the breeze going, it's not as strong, about half as strong as yesterday at this time. and the red flag warning should be able to expire on time at 3:00 p.m. we still want to keep our guard up. no outdoor burning until we get the onshore flow. it's cold, grab a jacket. winds starting to pick up out there. north-northwest right now.
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we're seeing one city reporting that out in the east bay in fairfield. everything is going to shift to the northeast as we head throughout this afternoon. for us it's a dry offshore flow. we're keeping the red flag in place even with the wind starting to drop off. we're going to get gusts to 20 to 40 miles an hour. still you want to keep that in mind especially if you drive a tractor trailer, suv, high-profile vehicle, they get knocked around in the wind. this is our next event we've got an area of low pressure tracking slowly toward the coastline. this is going to bring in showers as we head throughout sunday night into monday. so we meet back on monday we'll likely be tracking showers on the radar, especially in the north bay. i think we'll see coastal showers as well. we do have a slight chance for areas south of the golden gate bridge, inland cities i should say. and that goes for the monday afternoon. it's not looking great for us now. this will bring in more wind as well and then the moisture means
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fog will be back in the forecast. this is what we're looking at throughout today. temperatures mostly in the 70s, 78 in san jose, 79 in fremont. and 72 degrees in san francisco. getting into the weekend, temperatures are going to climb if you want to hit the beach you can do so, we get through saturday, 89 degrees there, 81 on sunday, and then yes, the winds start to drop off. let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll get out of here and look at the south bay. traffic flows smoothly. couple things to point out. we have the san jose state at 6:00. there will be tail gators and crowds around spartan stadium. the issue now is overnight there were changes done here, 880 at the stevens creek off ramp. watch that. there are signal changes and the construction trying to smooth out the interchange toward santana row and valley fair. this is one stage. there will be reroutes in place and you'll see a little slowing as people adjust so prepare for that and maybe still off southbound 880 likely because
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they haven't completely rerouted that. looking here toward the tri-valley. this is pleasanton. a smooth drive westbound. earlier construction doesn't look like it caused problems. a nice smooth drive for 84 startinglittle build coming through livermore on the roadways. here 580 westbound an easy drive through oakland. north 880, a tiny bit of slowing down to about 60, the upper 50s through the area and we have the coliseum. there is a concert, mark anthony, great performer. oakland northbound right fast coliseum, you see the volume starting to pick up and getting ready for the morning commute. it's friday, expect a later and lighter build. still see slowing and the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that westbound heading over to treasure island. then both decks, the upper and lower deck intact. a smooth flow. no metering lights, no backup
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across the bay. >> thank you. it's 5:17. morgan hill day care worker who put sleep medicine in children's drinks is expected to start her jail sentence today. debra grats was sentenced to six months in jail and four years probation after plead nothing contest to charges over the summer. investigators say she put sominex and sleep medication in sippy cups at the day care. another worker saw her do it and reported it. the cups were taken away before the kids had a chance to drink it. >> police investigating a series of car break-ins involving more than 15 vehicles. they took place wednesday on oak creek drive not far from sand hill road down the road from the stanford medical center. police say in all of these cases the thieves smashed the windows and took what they could grab inside. they say in one of the cars alone they were able to take more than $10,000 in computers
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and other valuables. all of the instants happened between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. if you have information that could help police out on this you are asked to call palo alto p.d. >> we now know what kind of sanctions the san jose elementary school will face after a teacher allegedly helped students cheat on their star test. russkin elementary school in the berryessa district will be stripped of its 2013 api causing it to lose eligibility for state awards. there could be outside intervention. the scores were invalidated after a second grade teacher was accused of changing students' answers. she said she encouraged students to check their work. the teacher was placed on leave last year. the district will not say if she is teaching there this year. >> this is aimed at making it easier to get around. ground breaking for the transit center being held this afternoon in east san jose. it's all part of the capital expressway transit improvement
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project. the first phase from capital avenue to quipberoad. there will be a walkway, a bike path and new shelters. the project expected to take two years to complete. the final stage will be extending light rail from the existing alum rock light rail station to the east ridge transit center. >> it's 5:20. pressing charges, why a former raiders player says he wants hundreds of teens charged after they threw a party at his vacation home.
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right now you are watching a live look with the lights dancing and sparkling on this cool, it's kind of cool, cool friday morning. san jose for you. christina loren will tell you
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about whether you need a sweater heading out the door. 5:22. a san ramon divorce attorney linked to a string of dui cases expected to take a plea deal. investigators say mary nolan worked with this man, christopher butler, to place eavesdropping equipment on the cars of her client spouses. butler would arrange for the spouses to get caught drunk driving, give their clients more leverage in divorce cases. butler is already serving eight years in prison on drug charges. >> police in richmond are trying to figure out who is behind two racially charged letters sent earlier this month to deanza high school in richmond. administrators tell the oakland tribune there were references to african-americans and hispanic students saying they were not worth educating. no specific threats were made but the school is taking extra security measures like closing the gates on the parking lot.
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also keep student i.d.s visible. >> police arresting six people in connection to a massive house party. you remember that brian holloway showed off this video that shows the damage left after hundreds of teens threw a party at his home in new york over the labor day weekend. holloway says the teen who organized all of this was somebody he had taken into his family for a very short time. holloway does plan to press charges against everybody at the party because only four of the teenagers came forward when he gave them a chance to confess. he found bout the party after the teens posted photos of it all over twitter. >> the san jose animal shelter so overloaded it's trying to do something. today through sunday adoption fees will be waived. maybe a great time to add a new member of the family.
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>> share the love. >> have a lot of love to give. >> endless, huge. >> i'm trying to get him to get a dog. >> for a long time. >> he has a big family so you got too make sure you can handle that responsibility. i think you can do it, jon. a good looking day shaping up. shelter pets are the best. they appreciate it. they know you rescued them. walnut creek around 80, 82 in santa rosa. i want to draw your attention to the warm-up headed our way. a quick flash back to summer, then temperatures tumble, we bring with in showers. sunday night into monday i'm going to show you the future cast where we expect that rainfall to come through. i want to check on your drive. >> good morning. we're looking over to the peninsula. let's show you the entire area. a look at the maps t traffic over to the peninsula your commute direction is westbound. san mateo and dumbarton bridge move smoothly. friday a lighter build. we're looking at 101, the area i
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showed you with the live shot. smooth flow of traffic here along the area of university and embarcadero, over to the east bay we're showing the approach to the bay bridge. ashby avenue toward cal berkeley a major surface street. your two westbound bores open. this is a friday but we still have the slowing kicking off for antioch. so the gentle build in toward pittsburg. a look at the north bay no problems, back to you. >> thank you. 5:26. new video just in on an emergency landing in seattle after a pilot suffers a heart attack mid flight. >> the a's trying to build up the stands. get your hands on all of those tickets and it will happen today.
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good morning everybody. 5:29. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. in san francisco two people including a 2 1/2-year-old girl dead this morning after their home went up in flames. that fire broke out on 18th avenue about 1:30 this morning. christie, you learned new details about the victims. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fire chief i have to tell you she did a walk-through of this house herself and you can see that some of the firefighters here are shaken up, some have small children themselves. i want to step aside so you can see the building we're talking about. firefighters believe it started in a downstairs in-law unit which is on the basement level. they have been going through doing overhaul to make sure that everything is out. what they are telling us this started at 1:30 overnight near
5:30 am
19th avenue. firefighters say the first responders saw smoke and flames. they had a hard time getting in the front door because there was an iron security gate. had to break it down to get in. very smoky. it's an older home but it's been remodeled with the double pane windows. it got more and more smoky. downstairs the father was sleeping. what they tell me is that he had a cold and he decided to sleep down there so he wouldn't make the toddler sick. they found two victims in very critical condition, the baby did pass away also the father who was taken to the hospital passed away as well. upstairs a grandfather was taken to the hospital. at this point in very critical condition. the baby did not survive but the mom somehow made it out. >> the mother was able to escape
5:31 am
out the back. we haven't had a chance to talk to her. she got out the back and claimed over a fence. she was transported with minor smoke inhalation. she's fine. >> reporter: firefighters say they hope to get more information from her when she's doing better. dwen, a very tragic scene. they still don't know exactly how this started but they are focusing on the downstairs area where most of the source of the smoke and flame was coming from. they will be here quite some time. we hope to get the fire chief's comments as well. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> just in, a united airlinespy loot suffered a heart attack mid flight has died. united flight 1503 on the way from houston to seattle but made an emergency landing. this is video arriving. passengers tell us they saw a
5:32 am
doctor give cpr to the pilot. he was rushed to the boise hospital where he died. >> we're learning more about the dodgers fan stabbed to death after the giants game. marla tellez is live right now in san francisco where we're waiting to get our first look at the main suspect this morning. good morning. >> reporter: jon, that is right. we're waiting to get the official mug shot of the man in custody, also learn when he will make his first court appearance. he is 21-year-old michael montgomery from lodi outside of the bay area. he is facing homicide charges for the stabbing death of 24-year-old jonathan denver of ft. bragg. this happened late wednesday night after the giants/dodgers game ended and a few blocks from at&t park near third and harrison street. denver was wearing his dodger apparel.
5:33 am
with his father who works security for the dodgers. he was also with his brother and a couple other people when a fight broke without the suspect and his friends all suspected giants fans. the father tells the chronicle his son was only acting in self defense. we spoke to denver's aunts in southern california. she says what happened is just senseless. >> i wish i could tell you how it happened, why this happened. i have no clue. >> because of the latest fan violence security was stepped up significantly at last night's giants/dodgers game. you would think things would go smoothly. we have this video of san francisco police officers taking at least woofrn person into custody outside the ball park. the giants did wrap up against the dodgers last night. they start a home stand with the padres tonight and san francisco
5:34 am
police warn because dodger blue is not going to dominate doesn't mean they aren't going to have a heavy police presence. they will have several in and around the ballpark. as i mentioned the one suspect is in custody but police say they are looking for more suspects so don't be surprised if they make more arrests in wednesday night's stabbing death. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 5:34. san jose teacher convicted of molesting five students is set to be sentenced today. a jury convicted craig august. he faces 75 years to life for blindfolding young girls and sexually abusing them in his classroom. last november a jury also found the school's principle guilty of failing to pass on reports of possible sexual abuse to police. >> new details about what led to the arrest after high school teacher accused of having sex with a student.
5:35 am
hugo kept his head down. according to documents a janitor uncovered this abuse, that says he's starting to get suspicious when he saw that teacher and student watching a movie together. the janitor found several items of the classroom including underwear a mattress and a copy of the book 50 shades of grey. and revealed a letter the teacher wrote to the victim while in jail. it says quote, i'm truly story for everything that has happened. goes on to say, i love you more than i let on. every night i will think about you. i have no idea where my life is going to go after this. end quote. cortez guzman is due back in court one week from delay. >> an attack on a boy will be put down. a lesser owner's filed an appeal. a board voting yesterday to
5:36 am
euthanize the dog that attacked 10-year-old hunter killborn. hunter was at the hearing. you see his face partly bandaged. his mother says he is healing but has a long way to go. >> he's never going to look the same. he's going to have reconstructive and laser and yet possible sides even from another place on his body. we just take it day-to-day. >> animal control officers seized the dogs after the attack and recommended they be euthanized. they have five days to appeal. >> 5:36. christina loren is here to tell us about a crispy start to the day. the good news we're heading to the weekend. >> you know what, we love fridays around here. hopefully you love them as much as we do. beautiful conditions, jon and laura. you can see here you can -- highly visible. you can see everything out to about 10 miles.
5:37 am
no low clouds to obstruct our favorite. picking up on a friday. we'll have to find out if it's friday light or not. 52 in livermore, 40s out there including sunnyvale this morning, you did not drop in the 40s yesterday. 43 in gilroy. 49 in santa cruz. and temperatures are running warm in napa because that's where we're getting the strongest sustained wind speed. straight out of the north at 16 miles per hour right now in napa at 12 miles per hour sustained in fairful. we have calm conditions for today and for now in livermore and gilroy the winds have dropped off. what i can tell you we have the red flag warning. they are so dry as they come straight from the north. they have none of that pacific moisture attached. 77 degrees in san jose and 79
5:38 am
degrees in redwood city. i promised i would this you when the showers come through. right to your futurecast. warm an saturday. late sunday into early monday look, we've got rain headed our way. not a lot, but we're fair game for a stray shower or two. as we head through monday morning into monday afternoon. you want to tut naut on your radar. looking good to -- which beaches will be the most comfortable. good morning as promised here is mike inouye. >> we're looking at the rain. looked like skittles coming. i'm looking forward to that. oakland flows nicely. you see the volume picking up. just the volume there. look at the map. there is no slowing past the area. mark anthony playing so there will be crowds that have to work. southbound 880, an earlier stall around tenth or fifth. it has cleared out of the
5:39 am
roadway. a look toward the trivalue with a build. no big deal for highway 84 headed to livermore and a clear drive into the south bay, a quick peek. we're building the hol. back to you. >> tickets to the american league division series sold out in a few hours when they were released. so if you missed out on those, a reprieve with a catch. there will be tickets to the american championship series. they do have to win the best of five, series first. you can buy tickets on line or at the oh.cobox office. >> i'm feeling the magic. time to get it done. exactly. it's an epidemic. 5:39. the next time around hope this one won't be so easy.
5:40 am
the new law after b.a.r.t. scrambles cell phones. >> brian wilson in a heated conversation with giants ceo larry baer. what we're learning this morning.
5:41 am
5:42 am
brace yourselves. the countdown is on. three days and counting till the government shutdown. to avoid there there would have to be a budget. at this point that's not likely to happen in washington. tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning. trac tracie, where do things stand? >> reporter: they are standing, not moving, that's the issue. today the senate is voting on what they call a clean budget, that's how we expect it to come without nothing attached about whether or not we're paying for health care. when they send that back to the house republicans likely to reject it. the republican leadership has said the house is working overtime.
5:43 am
they are coming in saturday, coming in sunday, trying to work this out. trying to come up with something they think will fly in the senate to avoid that shutdown. the problem is the number 2 democrat in the senate said if it lands on their desk monday morning based on the rules they have, it might already be too late to avoid the shut down monday night. >> we know agreements and productivity on d.c. not really key happenings. i guess we should wonder are the federal agencies getting set for a shutdown? >> reporter: oh, yeah, they had to prepare for some time. they have contingency plans especially the ones that have essential employees who have to come in and work whether or not they are getting paid. shut down or not they have to do their job even though they may not be getting a paycheck for it. some of the agencies will have non-essential employee who is come in on tuesday morning if there is a shutdown, get about a half day to wind down, after that they sit at home and wait to find out when they get another paycheck.
5:44 am
>> can't we all just get along. thank you very much. we'll keep checking back. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons meeting to approve a u.s. russian brokered plan try to remove syrian's arsenal of poison gas and nerve agents. agreeing yesterday to a draft resolution that would demand syria give up its chemical weapons. the resolution does not threaten military force if syria does not comp comply. the plan after a u.s. athlete attack syria after a poison gas attack, killing hundreds of people. >> the california hemp initiative 2014 has been cleared by the state to start gathering signatures. the initiative would legalize the possession, use, growth and sale of marijuana and allow for licensing and taxing of commercial sales.
5:45 am
504,000 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot. voters rejected a similar initiative in 2010. governor jerry brown approving a measure making it harder for government agencies to disrupt your cell phone loose. that new law stemming from b.a.r.t.'s decision in 2011 to cut off cell phone service on platforms to stop a planned protest. local government agencies would be required to get a court order before interrupting cell phone service. >> also at 10:00 a.m., san jose earthquakes will hold a pour ceremony at the new facility. across from the international airport. earlier this month the city announced a setback which will delay the opening until 2015, the second delay in three months for that project. >> i'm assuming with a pour ceremony it's concrete, not
5:46 am
beverages. some video of a massive fire in yolo county, this is a hay storage yard in winter about 20 miles north of vacaville. you see the intensity. crews, they expect this to burn for the entire day. we have no word or updates to injury. >> look at that. i want to check the forecast meteorologist christina loren. we were talking about how much cooler it is this morning. >> yes. it certainly does. welcome back to you, master. yes. glad you could for one day. good morning to you. we missed you. 5:46 now. wait till you see what scott's got going for his jacket pry. a little tease. 52 in san jose. 43 in gilroy. 49 degrees in santa cruz. some of the coolest cities now.
5:47 am
we have a windchill factor but winds not as strong as yesterday. we slice those speeds in half. as we head through the weekend we're going to trade in the breezy cool conditions for some really great beach weather. starting with pacifica. if you want to take the family out to the beach for one last hurrah before it starts to get cooler around here, pacifica is looking good. half moon bay, 71 degrees. beautiful conditions out there. and one of the things that we always associate with fall in the bay area, all of the pump n pumpkins out there. you can hit all the action starts this weekend and on saturday pick out a pumpkin. they have fun houses for kids, face paintsing, the whole nine and beautiful weather. 71 degrees throughout at about 3:00 p.m. for us today. a warmer day by a few degrees from yesterday's highs. hitting 80 degrees, 81 in concord, 79 in fremont and 77
5:48 am
degrees in san jose with winds decreasing. the red flag warning for elevations above 1,000 feet to the east bay and the santa cruz mountains. that should be able to expire on time. saturday to sunday looking good. temperatures are going to drop off on sunday to the low 80s. a few showers on the way for monday, mostly north of the golden gate bridge. then we level off and get comfortable temperatures across the bay area. don't you love this time of year. >> there is a chill in the air. wakes us up. you need to be awakened coming into the office before 4:00 in the morning. a smooth drive and nothing unexpected. a little slowing that started off. we have a couple issue i want to call out. later on 6:00 tonight, san jose state faces off against utah state. the game at spartan stadium. they had changes 880 at stevens
5:49 am
creek. they make continual changes. the completion will be 2015. shouldn't be a major rerourt. the volume about the same. lighter even still for san mateo and on 280 the stretch, a look across the san mateo bridge, smooth drive, westbound no big deal a. last look at the maps. we see the traffic into the city. the giants will be playing one of their final games of the season tonight. back to you guys. >> did you see this, a bizarre scene on the field. nothing to do with the game. brian wilson now in dodger blue stopped by larry baer's seat. >> looked like a junk yard dog. >> exactly. larry looked like he's listening. i appreciate that. animated from wilson.
5:50 am
he would not discuss it but stays i slaughter said the pitcher was demanding his 2012 world series ring from the team. slaughter said the team has tried to arrange a meeting with wilson. but they say that wilson never returned their calls. she called the incident disappointing and unfortunate. we all the it i guess abusing. >> it was a little man love. that's how they do it. >> the niners had to do without aldon smith but they didn't have a lot of problems against the st. louis rams. they put the team running back. the niners winning it 35-11. 9ers now expand to 2-2. >> kaepernick, a couple of touchdown passes with the running game. the one play a lot of fans wondering what's going on.
5:51 am
this is the end of the first half. they take a free kick. what's a free kick? the team fair catch as punt, then try for a free dick that the other can't defend against. if it goes through it is 3 points. not a shocker this did not go through the uprights. it was 71-yard attempt. no harm, no foul. 9ers, they went in with a 14-3 lead before winning this by 24-20. >> time for the golden arches. new options for the value feels. >> something cool for your patio.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. 5:53. mcdonald's making changes to its popular value meals. next year customers wills be offered healthier sides like salad, fruit or vegetables. >> potato a vegetable? >> exactly. not going to give up my fries. >> mcdonald's will have healthier drink options. >> it's 5:54. it appears that scott has big dishes of salad, that must mean it's gadget friday. >> i do. take a look. what i've got are planter speakers. these are for your patio or inside or outside made by a company called madison feeling. let me go ahead and play. >> a little feeling. >> they are very bassy. ship of fools. any idea why i'm playing this
5:55 am
song? >> because you're on one? >> that too. i think tradition when we have music you get to pick the next. it has to be on spotify. on the new ios 7.02 i can -- itunes is crashing. apple, you might want to look at this. these are about $600 apiece. they are wired as well so we've got a stereo back there working as well. they are not blue tooth. they are for permanent installation. you can buy them dummy. so this is the same sort of look, a different color, same sort of idea but without the speaker in it for much cheaper, obviously they are weather proof as well as we go back to robert plant here. >> they have to be dp you watt ter pansies. >> or if it rains don't worry. but does have to be professionally installed or know what is they are doing running a speaker wire through pipe or something. >> looks like you do. you're hired. >> fair enough.
5:56 am
the plant, they are only eight hours old. >> how much again? >> $600. per planter for the one with the speaker. >> even cheaper to take your boom box out. >> even cheap tear bring out the chee yeah pet and the boom box. >> thank you, scott. always like a little robert plant for my friday. >> ease into the day. may be a good weekend to warm up. >> it is. as you two take your boom box out to the pool we're looking really good out there. remember for financial advice and gardening tips, follow scott mcgrew on twitter. i want to give you an idea how much cooler it will be today compared to where we're headed for tomorrow. a gorgeous day. 80 degrees in walnut creek. warm out in the east bay tomorrow but that means you can hit the beach with beautiful temperatures. san francisco tomorrow, 74
5:57 am
degrees. back to you, jon and laura. >> it's 5:56. a baby pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in india. we'll have the latest details. >> we'll also leapt you know about fighting back. what a former raider says he is planning to do with the teens that threw a party at his vacation home. >> we continue to follow breaking news, fire in san francisco kills two including a young girl. what her mother is telling us, next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news, a father and his 2 1/2-year-old daughter killed as flames rip through their home. why a security feature kept firefighters kept out as they frantically tried to get in. >> also a baby pulled out alive from the wreckage of a
6:00 am
five-story building collapse but up to 90 others still trapped inside. we have new details on the ongoing rescue efforts next. >> and team rivalry taken to a deadly extreme. what investigators tell us about those in custody after the stabbing death of a dodgers fan. and the new police strategy to crack down on unruly fans at at&t park. >> you made it to friday. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures right now are cool to start. we've got a sunny finish and the red flag warning continues. above 1,000 feet until at least 3:00 p.m. we'll have the full forecast. >> plus, it is friday but we have this sea of light going across the bay bridge, at the toll plaza an issue there. i'll explain what's going on and give you the work around that we found. >> from the gorgeous eastern span, the picturesque western span as you can see traffic pulling out there. this is from san


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