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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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five-story building collapse but up to 90 others still trapped inside. we have new details on the ongoing rescue efforts next. >> and team rivalry taken to a deadly extreme. what investigators tell us about those in custody after the stabbing death of a dodgers fan. and the new police strategy to crack down on unruly fans at at&t park. >> you made it to friday. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures right now are cool to start. we've got a sunny finish and the red flag warning continues. above 1,000 feet until at least 3:00 p.m. we'll have the full forecast. >> plus, it is friday but we have this sea of light going across the bay bridge, at the toll plaza an issue there. i'll explain what's going on and give you the work around that we found. >> from the gorgeous eastern span, the picturesque western span as you can see traffic pulling out there. this is from san francisco.
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a nice view of the sun on your friday, starting the weekend, september 27th, this is "today in the bay." a father and his 2 nafl-year-old daughter killed after flames rip through their home. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'mon kelley. good morning. we're told an iron gate with double locks delaying firefighters from getting inside fast enough into the home on 18th avenue in that sunset district. that is where christie smith joins us. a horrific and tragic fire there. what is the fire chief telling you? >> reporter: good morning to you. the fire chief shared a heartbreaking story in this fatal fire that it appears the toddler, the little girl and her grandfather who were found on the third floor of this home here on 18th avenue and pachecco were found out of their beds
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presumably trying to escape. the smoke detectors were blaring. the toddler t 2 1/2-year-old girl, was located out of her bed, steps away in a bathroom. but unfortunately she was taken to the hospital, she died. firefighters say this all started about 1:30 this morning when they arrived they had a tough time getting in. that's because there was an iron security gate out front. they had to break that down. smoke and flames inside. there were four people home. a father sleeping downstairs in a basement in-law unit. apparently doing that because he had a cold or flu and didn't want the baby to get sick. the mom had been working, she got home late and was up as well. she was able to escape all this, but the grandfather was taken to the hospital, he is last listed in critical condition. the father died, the toddler died. we spoke with the fire chief about how it affected everyone.
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>> everyone's hurting a little bit this morning. this is not what we are in the business of doing, we're in the which is of saving live but we know this is sometimes an outcome. we had a rescue squad performing search and rescue. the mom indicated that there was people inside and i believe particularly saying her baby's inside. >> reporter: the mother is okay but firefighters are hoping to speak with her more later this morning. right now they are doing overhaul and bringing items down, out from the in-law unit. they say this is where it started but they aren't sure how it started so certainly that's part of their investigation. they don't suspect anything suspicious. we asked if there was a kitchen down there that might be a source. they said no, not as far as they know. very smoky fire to fight and hard for this is firefighters. some have small children.
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a lot of grim faces and again, a today her has passed away along with her father. that's the latest, live in san francisco, christie smith. >> it's a heartbreaking start to a friday morning. thank you very much. >> we're also learning new details about the dodgers fan stabbed to death after a giants game. marla tellez is live at police headquarters in san francisco where we're waiting to now get our first look at the main suspect this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect is 21-year-old michael montgomery of lodi which you may know is outside the bay area and san joaquin county. i have a call in to police asking them when we will get a distinguish look at him. when they will release his mug shot. we can expect him to make his first court appearance. his son was acting in self defense when he stabbed 24-year-old jonathan denver to death after the giants/dodgers
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game ended. this happen add few blocks from the ballpark after denver and his group exchanged choice word which is led to a physical fight and ultimately denver's death. denver is a dodgers fan whose father works for security for the dodgers organization in los angeles. in fact, denver was with his father and brother wearing his dodger blue, and the suspect is said to be a giants fan when the 2 got in a fight. the death led to stepped up security where fans were on edge. >> devastating. like chai. >> i did not wear my gear because i was too scared. >> reporter: last night's game we have new video to show you of sfpd taking one person into custody so all was not quiet at the ballpark. police say they are looking for
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additional suspects in denver's homicides so more arrests could be coming. i left a message for michael montgomery or rather for his father in lodi, hoping to speak to him. coming up we're going to hear from family members of jonathan denver what they call a senseless death. they are very heart broken over what happened wednesday night. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> a developing story in india we've just learned a baby has been pulled out alive 11 hours after a five-story building collapses. at least three confirmed dead. 25 people have been pulled out alive including that baby. rescuers say up to 90 people trapped inside that rubble. the residential building collapsed early this morning in the southeast part of that city.
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we can tell you several buildings collapsed in yand where massive demand for building can cause builders to cut corners. it's not clear that's what prompted today's collapse. the official cause, still under investigation. 6:07. happening today the united nations could take its next step in the effort to destroy syria's arsenal of chemical weapons. a legally binding deal could give u.n. inspectors, another international group, the opcw is responsible for coming up with a plan to destroy the weapons. the initial draft calls for inspections of the arsenal to begin by tuesday. the group scheduled a meeting. just in we are learning a car bomb near a mosque as gone off
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north of damascus killing at least 30 people according to syrian activist. worshipers were leaving prayers. >> closer to people a crucial vote in the senate three days away from a possible government shutdown. the senate will likely vote down part of a funding bill that would scrap funding for the new health care law. the senate measure would keep the government running through november 15. this would then go back to the house but john boehner says the republican controlled house bill not accept a bill that does not take away money from the health care law. the deadline is midnight on monday. >> you want to look at the weekend? >> we're looking good all across the board. good morning. should see that red flag warning expire at 3:00 p.m. winds have dropped off.
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clear to start your friday. happy friday everybody. temperatures and wind combine to make it feel cooler than the true temperature so you have a wind chill factor. calm in san jose, almost and gilroy. throughout day we're going to see these winds increase. you've got a north wind keeping your temperature mild. you're in the 60s. we have plenty of 50s. you feel 59. 46 in nova due. you wan see the wind create as substantial difference. 43 in gilroy. 51 degrees in livermore. we're into fall and you can probably notice, the leaves are changing color. it doesn't have anything to do with hot or cold. it has everything to do with daylight. as days get shorter, sun rise at 7:02. the sun will set after 6:00 p.m.
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that's what makes the leaves change. 80 degrees inland bay side, 77 at the coast, 72 degrees. good looking weekend sunday into monday we're tacking showers. i'll tell you where and when we have the best chance for that. first of all good morning to mike. >> good morning. we had an issue at the bay bridge toll plaza. one of our cameras is out. we have a backup. i noticed that we see the backup pointing to the backup at the metering lights. they just turned on about six minutes ago. there is the backup. i was watching because it looked like one of the cars was not moving. it's going back. look at the maps and see the approach. you have a slowdown from just where the overhang on the approach to the bay bridge, tells you what are fast track and what are cash. you are backed up.
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gently building the volume on the east shore freeway. your two westbound bores. making the merge to central avenue for eastbound 580 but that has cleared, a burst of traffic coming down out of richmo richmond. no big delays, no surprises for the tri-valley. san jose, a new crash for 101, north near montague. back to you. >> thanks so much. new video just in of a massive fire burning. this is a hay storage yard in winter. it's about 20 miles north of vacaville. it broke out around midnight. crews expect it too burn the entire day. no word on injuries. expect a lot of black smoke. very intense heat. >> coming up, new details about
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standoff at an upscale maul in kenya. what caused 3 stories to ro collapse. >> we're going to tell what you fuel this sideline has. >> should you fear the government shutdown or is there something worse ahead. >> a little girl and her father killed after flames rip through their home. we'll have new details from firefighters that are still on the scene. next.
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today's top story it is. a fire in san francisco kills a father and a toddler in the city's sunset district.
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firefighters say that fire started in the basement of a home. a total of four people were inside at the time. a 2 1/2-year-old girl and her father both die. her grandfather remains hospitalized. the child's mother was able to escape. >> kenyan government official says the military caused the collapse of three floors during the terrorist siege of a mall. kenyan troops fired grenades inside the mall during the standoff but it's not clear if those explosions directly caused the collapse. >> rescuers in india pulling a toddler alive from this wreckage of a collapsed apartment building. at least three people now confirmed dead. quite the scene. they pulled out about two dozen survivors but that young boy there just probably in shock but amazing they were able to get him out alive. >> i can't imagine being a mother seeing that baby out after 11 hours. >> it's 6:15. we're moving closer to a government shutdown.
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it could come on monday. >> scott, you are looking beyond that. >> and worrying beyond that. we have to look beyond all of this. we were talking yesterday about this, jon. it really bears repeating. ineffective congress shut down government before. it's the debt ceiling that's way more worrisome. neither budging on that. if the government defaults on its debt, something it hasn't done since president george washington was in charge, it could cause enormous economic problems or at least we think it will because it hasn't happened before. we don't know. it's happened, say, in ecuador. think about how worried we got about portugal or italy or greece. if greece defaulting makes wall street crazy how about the united states. that's part of what's driven the markets lower. thursday we did see a slight wind. it's google's birthday for the second time this m. all kinds of ways to measure.
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september 27th it has this doodle. a google doodle for itself. you get to play with a pinata and it's fun. it's on google this morning. there are other things changing on google. particularly they tweaked their search engine. this will matter if you have a website. it could affect your traffic to your site. if you are a google user, there are some new features like a comparison engine. type in butter versus margarine and you get this as your first google result. also this morning, eaa made its last college football game. the sp settled a suit brought by students depicted in the game. if it's going to do that it needs to model say the quarterback and his performance. it's not going to say kevin hogan on the acof the jersey but he is the model for the data. >> interesting.
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a lot of work. thank you. >> appreciate it. last night say a bizarre scene on field. former giant there, yeah, brian wilson, stopped by to see ceo larry baer. kind of an animated conversation. baer keeping cool. wilson blowing a gasket. the animated conversation he was about wilson not real happy that he had not received his championship ring, the world series ring, according to stacey slaughter telling comcast that he was demanding the ring. fans are going to love this. slaughter says the team tried over the last seven months to arrange a feeting to get that ring to him but apparently the calls were not returned. she called this incident disappointing and unfortunate. >> that's interesting. what's that thing on his beard? >> the way you manage a big
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growth of a beard. i think that looks like a big brillo pad. probably scrub rust off your car. >> how do we know he wasn't just saying how is your family doing, how are the kids. >> very passionate. >> keep up the good work, larry. >> 6:19. >> defender of the beard. >> what can i say. temperatures looking good right now. it is a cool start in the north bay. we're in the 50s down in the south bay. we don't have as much of a shake to this camera this morning as we did yesterday at this time. that is an indication the wind has substantially dropped off. but they are still coming out of the north and as a result we have that red flag warning continuing all the way through 3:00 p.m. let's talk about what we are expecting at your local airport. not much oust sfo, without fog and the winds decreasing no flight delays friday and across
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the nation we're looking good, the one place you might find problems getting to south florida. they had a lot of wet weather. that will be the case again today. why would you want to go to south florida when we have beautiful conditions here in the bay area. 51 in livermore, 54 in oakland. 49 degrees in sunnyvale, looking pretty cool, gilroy getting closer to that upper 30-degree mark. you are expected to fall flew the next 40 minutes and temperatures climb just after sunrise. sunrise at 7:02. so we've got wind out of the northeast, it's very dry and in napa the wind is keeping your temperature mild. you're about 10 degrees warmer than the surrounding cities of the north bay. as we head throughout the day we'll see winds increase. 50 to 60 miles per hour gust over the past couple days. our next event is an area of low pressure that's going to slide down the coast as we head into monday producing a significant
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chance of showers north of the golden gate bridge. south of the golden gate bridge, 10% to 20% but i wouldn't be shocked on monday morning when we meet back here to be tracking a few showers even in san jose. 81 in concord, 72 in san francisco. that's room temperature. looking good there. and the seven-day forecast shows your temperatures are going to climb. then drop off as we get the area of low pressure sunday into monday. look at this, mike. beach, 69 degrees on saturday. you can't boat that. >> also this perfect weather because of the fog fest this weekend. ghootsing to be -- they are known for the fog on the peninsula. looking to the south, we'll talk about 101, we have changes here at 880. and stevens creek. slight changes to the off ramp
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continuing with the project till 2015. 101 starts slowing up to montague depending on the direction you take that. it sounds like there were five vehicles in this crash. it's off of 101 affecting the off ram am as far as -- they cleared lanes. you see that starting to form. prepare for that delay north of san jose airport. looking at southbound 880, these yellow areas just at 60 miles per hour. 238 and the castro valley "y." reports of a stall in your second dane. hopefully they move that to the shoulder. we saw that flare and may be running a traffic break. we'll let you know if there is anything big. we'll get a look with our view of the east shore freeway. back to you. >> thanks so much.
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>> it's 6:22. coming up a harpt attack in midair, we'll tell you about the frantic efforts to try to save a pilot's life as the plane makes an emergency landing. ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ with our new, improved peanut butter chewy bars. this morning a pilot has died after having a heart attack midair on board a united airlines flight. the plane was traveling from houston to seattle but had to make an emergency landing in boise, idaho.
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the passengers they finally arrived in seattle early this morning. one man says he was sitting in the second row when the flight attendant announce there had was a medical emergency and asked if a doctor was on board. >> they were trying to get the captain actually, the pilot, out of the cabin and out where they could help work on him because he was actually completely unconscious. >> passengers say a doctor and a couple of soldiers on the flight helped give the pilot cpr. the copilot took over the flight and landed the plane. the pilot was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately did not survive. >> it's 6:26. police in new york have arrested six people in connection with a massive house party at the home of a former raider. you'll remember brian holloway showed off this video of the damage left after hundreds of teens threw a party. the teen who organized it was someone he had taken into his family for a short time.
6:27 am
holloway plans to press charges against everyone at the party because only four teens came forward when he gave them the chance. >> the time is 6:27. new details about about sex charges against a math teacher. how a book found in his classroom led in part to his arrest. >> an update to breaking news, a little girl and her father killed in an overnight house fire. we'll tell you how the safety measure meant to keep the house safe wound up keeping firefighters locked out initially.
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a sleeping family trapped by an overnight fire at their house and a little girl along with her father both killed. now firefighters trying to figure out exactly what sparked the flames in the first place. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. christie smith is live at the home on 18th avenue in san francisco's sunset district. christie, we understand firefighters had a hard time getting into the house to try to battle the flames. >> reporter: they did. and that's because a lot of these homes have the security gate out front so they had to actually break that down to get in so they say that took an extra three minutes or so. firefighters have seen a lot but they say that this is really a difficult situation for them. especially considering what happened to that little toddler. they say it appears she was up out of her bed, that smoke detectors were blaring going off when they arrived so they say it's probably that she was trying to get away from what was going on. her grandfather was up too and found about 30 feet away. right now firefighters are going through the home trying to figure out how this started but they are focusing on a downstairs in-law area where the girl's father was sleeping. he apparently had a cold or flu
6:31 am
and the family decided he should sleep down there so she wouldn't get sick. that's where they believe the fire started around 1:30 here on 18th avenue. the father, he was pronounced dead at the scene. firefighters tell me that the mom had gotten home from work late, a few hours before this started and even checked on the girl that evening. then a short time later there was smoke and flames coming from the downstairs. firefighters say that they had as she said a tough time getting in so there was some delay. and the fire chief, she was able to take a look inside and described the conditions and how tough it must have been for that little girl and her grandfather on the top floor. >> it would be difficult. even for us, we're trained and we go in with partners. it's difficult to navigate. >> we're back live. firefighters are still going through the home, boarding up the downstairs garage area, they also tell me that except for the
6:32 am
garage door there would have been no exit for the father who died do you know stairs except for going up the stairs to get out. there was too much smoke and flame. they don't know what started it but as soon as we hear we'll let you know. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> a sad start to the day. thank you. >> we have new details about exactly what led to the arrest after south bay high school teacher accused of having sex with a student. he kept his head down during his first court appearance. according to documents a janitor uncovered the abuse. he got suspicious when he saw the teacher and a student watching a movie together. the janitor also found several items in the classroom including underwear, a mattress and a copy of the book "50 shades of grey." and also revealed a letter the
6:33 am
teacher wrote to the victim while in jail. he says quote i am truly sorry for everything that happened. it goes on to say, i love you mow than i let on, every night i will think about you. i have no idea where my life is going to go after this. cortez guzman is due back in court a week from today. >> morgan hill daycare worker who put sleep meds into children's drinks is expected to start her jail sentence today. debra grats was sentenced to six months jail and four years probation after pleading guilty charges. investigators say grats put sominex in the sippy cups. another worker saw her do it and reported it. the cups were taken away before the kids had a chance to drink it. >> a divorce attorney linked to cases is now expected to take a plea deal.
6:34 am
investigators say mary nolan worked with this man, christopher butler to mace eavesdropping equipment on the carses of client spouses. but her would arrange for them be caught driving drunk to give more leverage in divorce cases. butler is serving eight years in prison on drug charges. >> take a live look outside this morning over the sunol grade. >> a little silhouette out there. >> let's check in with christina loren. it's chilly. we have a dry north wind keeping other parts of the bay area nice and mild. i'm going to show you your temperatures in a moment. look at this spectacular shot from san francisco. look likes this cruise ship ported here a. good looking day for anybody who is going to be enjoying the bay area.
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a lot of people like to come this time of year because of the great weather we get. and today no exception to that rule. the only caveat is we're dealing with that extreme fire danger above 1,000 feet. that's all going to get better as we see less wind and more of an onshore flow. this is what i want to draw your attention to. look at the difference between -- both in the 40s, in the upper 50s in napa because of that strong north wind still coming through the napa valley. for us, today need gusting to 35 miles per hour. 10 to 20 sustained. strongest near the coast and the north way. everything that i'm looking at leads me to believe that the red flag warning will expire at 3:00 p.m. 80 degrees inland. 77 bay side at the coast 72 degrees, starting to see the
6:36 am
leaves change color. so pretty. fall in the bay area. wouldn't you agree >> i do agree. we're seeing the changing where are and conditions, talking about possible rain. a quick update for the peninsula. we got word at menlo park a crash possibly involving a pedestrian. not far from menlo park. we'll take to you san jose, another crash. a live look here shows you the slowdown north of that shot north of 880, jammed down on traffic flow. that's about the only issue there because of a crash northbound or approaching montague. southbound another one reported around trimbell. both could mean a lot of activity. that's where we see the brunt of
6:37 am
the slowing. again that slowing has kicked off and that will not quickly clear. a new crash heading toward that dublin interchange. we'll watch for the slowing there to the trivalue and end with a shot there. our last not as we see the volume kicking in. >> people want to get their friday going. >> still ahead we'll tell you about the red alert for the white widow. why inner pole is launching a worldwide manhunt for this mother of three. >> a toddler pulled out alive after a five-story building collapses in india. up to 90 others still trapped. ♪
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starting at $29,900. a developing story in india now where a toddler has been pulled out alive, a scary exciting scene all in one. this was 11 hours after a five-story building collapses in mumbai. the moment the rescue was plext at least three people now confirmed dead. 25 people so far have been pulled out alive from all of this wreckage. rescuers say up to 90 people reported still missing in the rubble. right now relatives of the missing are gathering at the site as crews continue to dig
6:41 am
through all of the debris. and heavy machinery has been brought in to try to move concrete slaps and get them out of the way to try and find people. the residential building collapsed early this morning in the southeast part of that city. the officials there say the cause of today's collapse still remains under investigation. >> amazing video. a notice as investigators try to track down a fugitive known as the white widow. the arrest notice is for 29-year-old samantha letweight. a british born muslim convert the widow of one of the suicide bombers in the 2005 attack on london's transit system. the notice is over a 2011 plot to bomb holiday resorts in kenya. british media is speculating she may have taken part at the mall in kenya but have not revealed evidence linking her to the attack. >> the time is 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking news in san francisco a.
6:42 am
2 1/2-year-old girl along with her father both killed during an overnight fire at their house. we'll let you know what firefighters are telling us about this rescue ahead in a live report.
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6:44, an update to breaking news in san francisco's sunset district where a toddler and her father have died in an overnight house fire. the fire started in the basement of the home. the girl's mother and grandfather were also home at the time. the mother was able to escape safely. the grandfather is in the hospital this morning. christie smith at the scene right now getting the latest update from firefighters. she's going to join us in a few moments with the latest
6:45 am
information. new details about the circumstances surrounding the deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan after a giants game. marla tellez is live right now at police headquarters in san francisco, we're awaiting to get our first look at the main suspect. good morning. >> reporter: john, that is right. good morning. we're waiting to get the official mug shot of the suspect who is in custody with san francisco police. also find out when this guy is going to be making his first court appearance. i can tell you he is 21-year-old michael montgomery of lodi which you probably know is about two hours east of the bay area. he is being held for homicide charges for the stabbing death of 24-year-old jonathan denver of ft. bragg. this happened wednesday night after the giants/dodgers game had come to an end and a few blocks from at&t park. as we have been reporting denver was wearing his dodger apparel, was with his father who happens to work security for the dodgers, and lives in southern
6:46 am
california. he was also with his brother and a couple others when a fight broke out with the suspect and the friends, all suspected giants fans. the father, michael montgomery's father selling the chronicle that his son was only acting in self defense. i do have a call in to the suspect's father myself. i'm waiting to hear back. we spoke to denver's aunt in southern california who says she discuss not understand why this happened. >> senseless. he wouldn't hurt anyone. he was a very gentle sweet boy. >> because of this latest fan violence security was stepped up significantly at last night's giants/dodgers game. you would think that all would go smoothly but that was not the case. we have this new video of san francisco police taking at least one person into custody last night outside the ballpark.
6:47 am
the giants should wrap up their series with the dodgers but they start a home stand with the padres and police warn people that just because dodger blue is not going to be around doesn't mean they are not going to step up security tonight and throughout the week. certainly expect more of a police presence at at&t park. also i want to mention that though they do have michael montgomery in custody, they say that they are looking for additional suspects so you can expect more arrests. live in san francisco, marla tellez. >> family and friends of bryan stow react to this latest episode of violence calling the death senseless. you may recall stow is the san francisco giants fan who suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago when he was attacked at dodger stadium on opening day. stow's co-workers in san jose say hearing about this latest attack took them back to the day when stow was attacked and they were shocked to learn that fan rivalry appears to have played a
6:48 am
role just as it did in stow's case. >> another family is grieving, another life unfortunately was lost. it's senseless. it should not happen. >> stow's family reacting, his sister tells nbc bay area it's so senseless, we're heart broken for john's family and truly keeping them in our prayers. >> time to check the weather. give you a live look outside. that is the marina district in san francisco. you want to talk about breath taking. nice. got the golden gate bridge out there, the sunshine coming up. the city all illuminated. motivated and cool crisp breeze in the air. >> friday. >> it is friday. that's all i need to hear. >> only make it better if it was a payday friday. it might be for you. if that is the case, then you know what, we've got a good looking weekend. >> we get paid in sunshine. >> all of us today right off the
6:49 am
bat, jon kelley. a promotion, young man. temperatures are looking good as we head throughout the afternoon. and you know what i can tell you it's going to be chilly to start so grab something to keep you warm this morning. something you can peel off later on today. once we start to warm up. napa starting out mild. i want to draw your attention to the wind speeds where they are the strongest. the area shaded in blue on this map. let me show you the temperature this is morning and give you an indication of what that dry north warming wind is doing to your temperature. you're at 59 in napa versus 46 in gilroy. getting closer and closer to the upper 30s and sunrise this morning right around 7:02. that is typically the coldest point of the day. this is where we're headed. we climb into the 70s by about 1:00. 71 in concord. 64 in oakland and 70 in fremont during the midsection of the day. so starting to warm up.
6:50 am
1010 and 1, and then you can ditch that jacket. 3:30, 4:00 this time of year. 80 in livermore, 80 in santa teresa. so we're looking good for friday. then we warm up for your saturday. that means beautiful beach weather. pacifica, 69 degrees, comfortable conditions. our winds are going to shift yet again, mostly out of the west as we head through tomorrow. that's good news. it will bring the fog back throughout tomorrow night. half moon bay, 71 degrees tomorrow. beautiful day to hit the pumpkin patch. that's happening tomorrow. i think it happens all the way through the end of october but it's the first weekend where you can take your family, pick out a pumpkin. have fun houses, face painting t whole nine yards. this is what we're looking at sunday into monday. some rain on the rain. in the north bay we expect the steady rainfall.
6:51 am
the next chance is sunday night into the first part of monday. then monday afternoon we could see a stray shower move into the south bay. i'm watching that for you. the chance is slim but it is there. very real chance. keep that on your radar. getting into the next few days. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we will climb back up to seasonal averages, the mix of sun and clouds. we start to get those storm systems. let's check on your drive. >> good morning. we'll talk about the slowing, now we have a gentle build for 280 and 85. it's 101 that saw early slowing because of a five-vehicle crash northbound. they cleared some lanes but we've seen this slowing that built up and has stayed there. plan for delays north of 880, from the international airport into toward about with montague expressway. we're following an incident on the peninsula. the freeway 101 and 280 moving smoothly though we have a report of a stall northbound around
6:52 am
willow. we have this issue, middlefield is closed between oak grove because of a crash. reports on scene sounds like a serious possibly a deadly crash with a pedestrian involved. this is not far from the high school and crews on the scene, and we're looking toward the east bay. traffic on 880 starts to build as that build happens we start to drift down into the 50s, upper 50s not so bad. west 580 on the shoulder, not a big deal for 84, 580, sunol, all clear. the bay bridge, we have the backup at the toll plaza but not a problem past that and easy flow though it does look like folks are slowing. we have a slow driver on the incline. we'll track that because they are moving. i'll let you know if there are problems. back to you. >> i want to get you back to breaking news, a father and his 2-year-old daughter dead this morning, killed after a home
6:53 am
goes up in flames. we're told an iron gate with double locks delayed firefighters from getting inside quickly. flames erupting after 1:30 this morning at a home on 18th avenue in the sunset district where we will check in later with christie smith. she is out investigating this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in the last hour or so firefighters have dragged all of the burned items out of the home here. they have boarded up the garage and still trying to deal with a traumatic scene. the child, a 2 1/2-year-old girl and her father doyed in this fire. the mom made it out. the grandfather listed in critical condition. what firefighters are telling us this started around 1:30 this morning and as you said they had a tough time making entry because there was a lot of -- a locked security gate. inside they found smoke coming
6:54 am
up from the downstairs basement where the dad was sleeping in a room. apparently he was doing that because he had a cold and the family didn't want the girl to catch it. there was so much smoke that he had no way out. he died in his bed. the mom had gotten home late from work and was up for a while, then laid down and when it started she was able to get out but little girl and the grandfather on the top floor didn't. the fire chief was able to take a look inside. this has affected everyone. >> everyone's hurting a little bit this morning. you know, this is not what we are in the business of doing. we're in the business of saving lives. this is sometimes an outcome. we had enough people on scene toer form search and rescue. the mom indicated there was people inside. particularly saying that her baby's inside. >> reporter: firefighters tell
6:55 am
us that smoke detectors were working. and were blaring when they got here. they still don't know exactly what started it. they had their arson investigators. they don't suspect anything suspicious but hope to come wake-up a cause soon. a little girl and her father have died and quite a few firefighters, well, they are shaken up. i can tell you in the last couple of minutes looks like 18th which has been closed, the police are starting to take the tape down, firefighters though we can't see them they are off to my left and still on seen. reporting live, "today in the bay." >> thank you for that report. i want to get to you breaking news. a sad scene. a fatal vehicle accident. a car slammed into a pedestrian. this is located on middlefield road closing the southbound lane there. we're being hold right now that gathering information that the officers are on scene, again a
6:56 am
fatality, this accident was between a vehicle and a pedestrian. apparently it was fatal. we're waiting to hear back from a watch commander. but again, a car hit a pedestrian in atherton. we're waiting for more information. a murder charge expected to be filed today against 30-year-old any com thephakaysone suspected of killing justin valdez as the san francisco state student walked off of a muni train. last night family, friends and fellow students attended a vigil on the san francisco state campus where valdez was a member of the water polo team. his sister thachked everyone coming out to remember her brother. another tonight at his high school. he was from orange county. yesterday police revealed the arsenal they say they found in the suspect's home which
6:57 am
included two assault rifles. >> people living in a san jose neighborhood filled out hot water after gas service was shut off for more than a week. this all happened as the oak crest estates mobile home park on north first street. residents telling the "mercury news" their gas has been shut off for nine days after a lot of leaks were discovered. residents, they cannot shower and have to heat their water in microwaves. pg&e crews finally fixed the leaks yesterday but the gas can't be turned back on until all of the meters are repaired. that's expected to happen some time this morning. the management of the property filed a complaint against pg&e. >> video of a massive fire in yo lrk o county at hay storage yard in winters about 20 miles north of vacaville. it prok out around midnight. crews expect it to burn the
6:58 am
entire day. no word on injuries or a cause. >> here is a good way to end your week with an ipo and gadget friday. >> a lot of people on the market for the first time. >> on the markets, right ring central out of san mateo this morning. they make phone systems. they are on the nyse banging that bell and cheering as well as they open at 19. violin memory, we have them. they will be on the market. and then there is a company out of san jose called planeter. $200 million in initial funding. that's not even going on the market. is a bubble coming? i don't know. let's talk about these planters made by a company called madison feeling and yes -- fielding rather, and they kre are speakers. i have to unlock my iphone as i
6:59 am
talk about the markets. so thank you. >> there is a speaker built in. >> there is a speaker built in. let me turn them up. >> the planter. >> yes. >> we can tell you what we know about it. these planters -- falling asleep. >> is that sam fear? >> i think mike would say it's the music from bugs bunny. >> there we go. >> it's a speaker built into a planter. if you water your planter -- >> built into the actual planter itself. it's wired. you wire them in. i can turn that up. it's classical. >> i'm worried when i water my plant. >> why would you? >> my pansies. >> actually looked up music like by the pansy, the petunia and i decided it's probably the best
7:00 am
song. >> we're going to leave you with a soothing friday tribute. thanks for joining us. good morning. breaking overnight, a united airlines flight makes an emergency landing after the pilot suffers a heart attack. we're live with the latest. abuse of power, the nsa says some staffers spied on husbands wives and girlfriends listening to phone calls and checking their e-mails. >> this is about individual private lives of the people closest to them. >> just how far did it go? and the closer, mariano rivera's final appearance at yankee stadium.


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