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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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if you are just joining us tonight, good evening, i'm marla tellez. the father of a dodger's fan stabbed to death in san francisco is set to speak publicly for the first time. that news comes just a matter of hours after the suspect from the case was released from jail. monte francis is live at the san francisco county jail with all of the new details. monte, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. michael montgomery walked out the jail here very early this morning but it remains unclear if we will stay a free man. the 21-year-old was released from custody after the district attorney said he was not ready to file charges in the case.
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george gascon is still waiting to hear from the witnesses in the stabbing death of january than denver and looking at whether or not montgomery could have been acting in self-defense. the associated press is reporting that denver's father is planning to make a public plea tomorrow afternoon for witnesses to come forward. legal analyst stephen clark says the fact that montgomery was released does not mean he won't later be rearrested and charged in the case. >> the key to the case is who was the initial aggressor. before you can use deadly force, you need to believe that your life is in danger and you have no duty to retreat and you can then use deadly force. >> reporter: in a statement district attorney george gascon said the san francisco flid has provided us an initial investigation. however not all witnesses have been interviewed. we have requested other evidence be collected before we make an
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assessment on whether charges should be filed. now the father of the victim is expected to make that public plea for witnesses to come forward tomorrow just before the giants came outside of at&t park. the game begins at 1 clock. live in san francisco monte francis, nbc bay area news. thank you. also in san francisco, a good samaritan is recovering from stwab wounds after being attacked while trying to stop a fight in san francisco. the stabbing occur around 4:30 this morning in the tender loin district. police say a man driving in the area saw a fight so he got out of his car to try to help. that's when three men attacked him stabbing him several times and also damaging his car. people who live in the area say they're not surprised by the violence but they are disturbed. >> you know, when you live in these areas, it's like you're less safe because people in those areas are more kes operate. so that's how people end up
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being victims of shooting with stabbing, we feel unsafe ourselves at times unless we're inside. >> the victim is expected to survive. police are urging anyone with information on these attackers to come forward. happening now, a two-day concert that has prompted a rare warning from police in mant view. it's a rave at the shoreline amphitheater called beyond wonder land. that's where nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins us now on why authorities are so concerned. how it's going so far? any problems in. >> reporter: no problems so far but i can tell you there is a heavy police presence out here. they've got eyes in the sky outside and also inside the concert venue. 25,000 people are expected here today and organizer say they are working very closely with the mountain view police to ensure that everyone stays safe. while drug use or possession is not allowed, those who have been to raves or are familiar with them, say drug use is prevalent.
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police say they expect to get a large number of medical calls over the next few days. mountain view police will have more than 50 officers inside the concert venue this weekend, some in uniforms and some in plain clothing. >> they we have a strict zero policy. we do bag checks of every bag that enter the venue open or events are 18 and older. and to help ensure that at point of entry i.d.s are stans. we take safety and security really seriously. >> reporter: the santa clara public health department along with mountain view police offered safety tips including go with a friend or in a group and look out for each other and don't take anything someone else gives you since it may be what they say it is. also, they warn about drug interactions.
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these public precautions come on the heels of the u.s. senate kpleszing its concern this week about the growing use of party drugs. >> thank you, kimberly. a desperate search isunder way in san francisco one week after a woman vanished from the san francisco general hospital. a family spokesperson say 57-year-old line spaulding with treated for an infection. her family members say she's very thin and frail and on medication and very confused when we was last seen. she's 5'7" and weighs about 105 pounds. she speaks with a very heavy british accent. anyone on information about her whereabouts are urged to call the police. >> part of interstate 280 was shut down overnight. the chp says a man in his 30s
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was walking around in san jose around 11:00 last night when a car hit him. the driver did stop and is said to be cooperating with authorities. the chp is not releasing more information at this point. the two right lans of the freeway were closed for about two and a half hours. and a follow-up now in another deadly pedestrian accident. the coroner released the name of the 60-year-old man killed in a hit and run in atherton. jeffrey zeeman lived in redwood city. investigators say the driver who hit him tried to cover up the crime by drags his body away from the original site of the crash. the accident happened friday morning. air quality is improving here in the bay area as piles of hay burn for the third strait day just north of vacaville. the massive fire is burning in the town of winters. all of the smoke prompted officials in yolo to issue an
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air quality watch. but even people in san jose have reported smelling it. today firefighters said the threat of the fire spreading has subsided substantially because in the meantime it is under under investigation. >> a south bay medical marijuana dispensary healed a blood drive. they want to prove to critics that pot dispensaries can be good neighbors. two blood mobiles were on site in downtown san jose. they offered free tacos and movie tickets. donors said the give aways were nice but that's not why they participated. >> it's to save lives more than anything, all the people that need blood, cancer patients. my grandma had cancer, my aunt had cancer, so it's for the cause more than for the privilege of me getting free that tos and the free movie tickets. >> organizers say the blood is
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not tested for tch before going into the blood bang but it is tested for dangerous diseases. >> next at 6:00, a bold move. the daring way one man tried to get away after escaping police custody and it was all caught on tape. plus, another dream liner taken out of service. the airline that made this decision and why. and the countdown to the potential shutdown in washington is on. house republicans pushing the government to the brink of doing what it has not done in almost 20 years. we have the very latest. and the latest in the weather, we still have a relatively warm evening around the bay area. temperatures in the 70s inland, close to 70 in oakland right now. but notice up the coast we've got cloeds coming in and rain perhaps before the end of the weekend.
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the u.s. government is close tore a shutdown tonight after house republicans rejected a senate spending plan today. here's a live look at capitol hill. this is where the republicans with currently debating another spending bill that would defend obamacare. the senate has said it will not pass such a bill and the president said it will vie to it. the two sides have until midnight monday to work out their differences or the government has to start winding down nonessential stories.
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ryan moore has the latest from washington. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: in a rare sad session, house republicans used the threat of a government shutdown in three days as lerchl in their latest bid to stop obamacare. >> and we will be 100% unified in this effort because we're standing on april. >> unless he take up the senate bill we are going to head for a shutdown. >> reporter: a day earlier the senate passed a bill to keep the government running into mid november after cutting out a house provision that would have defunded the president's health care plan. with time running down, house republicans are trying to force the senate's hand with a plan that could delay the affordable care act for a year. senator majority leader harry reid had promised to reject it. >> i pray that hairy reid and the president of the united states will not shut the government down. >> reporter: neither side say it wants a government shutdown but both are eager to blame the
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other if it happens. >> they're willing to shutdown our government unless they get their way. >> reporter: on capitol hill, another war of wills with uncle sam's credit on the line. brian moore nbc washington. now to the crisis in syria and a landmark decision. tonight sere that's foreign minute thester said it will no accept any transition peace plan that includes -- they voted unanimously on a resolution that requires to country to give up their arsenal of chemical weapons. . n. inspectors are already in syria investigating the attacks. next week they will be joined by more experts whose job will be to find and destroy chemical weapons stockpiles. both the u.s. and russia warn that if syria fails to adhere to the toempls the. n. resolution it would face
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consequences. a norwegian airline is taking one of his brand new bogue dream liners out of service of repeated breakdowns. they will instead lease an air bus a 340 to keep its long haul business going. it was expected to be a game changer for the aviation industry but it's had several set backs. just ahead, he managed to escape from police custody but then he did this. what officers say this man was trying to do but failed and then landed himself back behind bars. plus, he's made it his job to defy death but he's never done anything like this. we'll show you a daredevil's attempt to fly between two mammoth mountains. i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu.
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welcome back. a man wanted for a stabbing in texas is now facing even more charges. the man tried to escape police custody by stealing two police cars. he first tried to escape by getting behind the wheel of one car, when he couldn't find the keys he made a second attempt at a second police car. he locked the door to get the police out. he now faces a long list of charges and no surprise he is back in jail tonight. well, he did it in the bay area and now the man nicknamed the flying dagger has pulled off another spectacular air stunt. jeb corliss jumped from a helicopter today and he flew through the air in eastern china. during his cheer he's jumped from the eiffel tower, angel
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tower in venezuela. today's flight almost didn't happen but corliss pulled it off calling today's flight hard core and the single gnarliest thing he's before done in his life. the gangs are still fourth months away but today the crews practiced lighting. flame. the actual ceremony will be held tomorrow. the olympic torch is about to go on an epic journey. it's set to cover more than 40,000 miles. how many mayor thons does that make. it will be sent into space on november 7th. if you are wondering what smelled so good today, it's the eat real fest in the square. it was in celebration of good food from bay eateries.
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this includes lost of hand crafted beers. this is their fifth anniversary and they're marking the occasion with a burger grilling. >> the city is making money and you're exploring new foods. >> it is not too late to explore yourself. the festival continues tonight until 9:00 and then again it's on tomorrow through 5:00 in the evening. meteorologist rob mayeda, it's time to look at your forecast. >> especially compared to last saturday, it was dumping rain at times, today nothing but sunshine. and numbers we were in the 80s almost wherever you were, except for san francisco. but even though 74 is pretty warm. a few upper 80s around livermore an morgan hill, 82 in concord. now slowly cooling off. the sea breeze is starting to
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cool things down. now down to 66 in san francisco but still 81 degrees out by fairfield. now the wind shift that took place today took some of the spoke from the winters fire and safely pushed it away from the east bay. this morning we still had a little bit of spoke but during the afternoon, smoke not a problem around the bay area. as we approach sun set, the high clouds will bring a chance of some rain to the north baby med day tomorrow, namely sonoma county. outdoor events tomorrow, san francisco, 64 degrees for the giants and padres. around just a bit later, 1:25 out towards the east bay we're going to see the temperatures in the 70s for the oakland raiders' came coming up. so rainfall projections now jumping into tomorrow. north bay locations about a tenth of an inch of rain. notice across the south
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bay .500th of an inch or less. most of this is going to come in later sunday night and into monday morning. but by monday afternoon the system clears out. our temperatures are going to start to climb back into the mid to upper 80s. overnight tonight, 40s and 50s, patches of low clouds coming back to the coast. which means tomorrow morning you're going to wake up to some low clouds and make some mist around some of the mills out near free month an now numbers in the 70s for you. try valley close to 80. from dublin into cord cord, 60s and 70s in the north bay and a good bet of seeing some rain showers. so clouds are going to fill in during the day tomorrow. north bay locations have a chance of seeing some rain and then our best chance of seeing showers will be impacts perhaps the monday morning commute.
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you can see that for monday morning we've got mostly cloudy skies, clearing monday evening and then tuesday, still cool, breezy at times and then the days to watch will be for some offshore winds. we have to watch for fire danger. but that also means that places like san francisco could see the end of next week in the 70s and 80s again. >> i have to say happy birthday yet again. >> good to be here. good company. >> we are back in a moment with a sneak peek at tonight's all new saturday night live.
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saturday night live launches its 39th season tonight. it does so without a few familiar fisst faces, the addition of several new ones and a very well known host. that would be tina fey. this would be fey's fourth time hosting the show features six
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new cast members. we are back in just a few moments with sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the green and gold don't want to waste this golden opportunity. they're focused on the ultimate goal of winning the season brad
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miller, miller time, how about a grand slam to put the mariners up 7-1. that was off of mr. jarrod parker. brandon moss goes swinging hard, two-run home are for him. his 30th home run of the season. to the 8th, bases loaded, a's making a run but lowrie is caught looking. a's lose 7-5. they will host the tigers friday in oakland to start the playoffs. it's true hard work does pay off. giants outfielder hunter pence has agree to a five-year deeld for $90 million with the giants pending a physical. great news for the giants' fans. he becomes the san francisco giants' second highest paid position player. the 30-year-old has started 170 straight games for the giants and was considered their top off season priority after setting a career high in home runs and
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taking home this season's willie mack award. padres and giants on the diamond. fans showing their appreciate yait yags for hunter pence. bottom of the third he said, forget about the money. i love the game. number 27 career high for him. 3-1 giants. 4th inning now. guzman, he's going left, number nine for him. bruce bochy says the season is a learning process at this point. >> you're going to have growing pains with these young players. you know, your hope is they improve and see the growth and their progression. you know, we needed them. when you take your starter out in the fourth, you know, you're going to go through the bull pen. you know, you're going to see some rough moments. but hopefully they get better,
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smoother and you know, some of them really, i think, madeome pretty good strides like perez. over to the nba where play time is over for the airiers. they open their training camp in oakland. they've set the bar extremely high for the season. they're thinking championship but their road to the post season begins with competitive practice. >> the level of competition is going to be better because our goals are higher. before we came in and we were trying to win a couple of games and call it a season. now we have big-time goals and i think that's why the competition on everyone's part is much better. >> they've been here working for a month so the advantage is i don't have to get these guys in shape. there's no sense in old school, blowing the whistle and making them run suicides. no. they're fine and i'm honored to coach this group because they're true professionals. >> great to hear them talking about a championship.
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they haven't won at all since 1975. marla, well before you were born. >> not well before, no, no. henry thank you so much. have a good night. and thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at six. giants clubhouse is up next. thanks for being with us. from the broadcast home of the san francisco giants, we present the giants' clubhouse. the home of the giants can take many forms, including a different kind of pitch. as they brought this noted
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united club to based in liverpool. and for the manager wibt as tremendous and eye opening experience. >> from my point of view it made me realize how difficult it is to get a home are on this ground. i want to congratulate the home team in their championship, because it's quite difficult. it's probably harder than i expected. >> everyton's american born goal keeper was well aware of the giants' history. >> once barry bonds hit all of those home runs into the water. i've always been amazed at this place. it was really excited to kind of play here and be a part of -- obviously soccer doesn't always come here and play here. it was exciting. >> i'm lawrence scott.


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