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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 29, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up next on "today in the bay," the father of a dodgers fan killed after a giants game is taking action today. what he plans to do outside at&t park. and we're just hours away from a possible government shutdown. what house republicans did to turn up the heat on the president's health care plan. and showers on the way, but will they dampen your sunday plans like they did last week? rob mayeda times it out for us today. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and we are looking live at san rafael, a very nice start to the day. a few wispy clouds but we know some moisture is on the way. let's find out what that means. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with
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meteorologist and kind of birthday boy rob mayeda. >> thank you so much. you brought in the cupcakes. sunshine and clouds. if you just bring the tray, that's the forecast today. in the south bay we have sunshine, i think it will last until the afternoon. for the north bay a little bit of a different story. you will see on the radar, first, the pacific northwest getting hammered by a lot of rain. that's slowly spilling south. closer to the north bay we're seeing high clouds dropping from north to south. a chance of showers from sonoma county northward. notice san francisco south, you're still seeing sunshine today. for the better part of the day until we get into tomorrow around this time, now we're seeing the showers drifting a little bit further south. so interesting blend of temperatures today. 60s and 70s in the north bay with mostly cloudy skies. mild for san jose south. i think we will have low to mid-80s this afternoon south of downtown san jose, upper 60s closer to san francisco. coming up, we'll let you know how much rain we're expecting and how long that's going to carry over into the monday forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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>> thank you invest, rob. the father of a dodgers fan who was stabbed to death in san francisco is set to speak publicly for first time later today. that suspect, 21-year-old michael montgomery, walked out of jail late friday night after san francisco district attorney george gascon said he was not ready to file charges in the case. gascon says he is still waiting to hear from witnesses in the stabbing death of 24-year-old jonathan denver. the d.a. says he wants to know from investigators whether montgomery could have been acting in self-defense when that fight broke out between dodgers fans and giants fans not far from the ballpark on wednesday night. >> the key to the case is who was the initial aggressor. before you can use deadly force, you need to believe that your life is in danger, and you have no duty to retreat, and you can then use deadly force. >> that was legal analyst steven clark. he says the fact that montgomery was released does not mean he can't be later rearrested and charged. the victim's father is expected
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to speak outside at&t park before the giants game against the padres around noon today. new this morning, antioch police are investigating a shooting last night in which one person was killed and another injured. officers say they responded to a report of a shooting in a home on the 2200 block of banyan way around 10:00 last night. when they arrived on the scene, officers say they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. both victims, a 24-year-old oakley resident, and 20-year-old resident were transported to the hospital. the 24-year-old was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. the condition of the 20-year-old was unknown, police said. no arrests were made in the shooting, but anyone with information is asked to call antioch police. also in san francisco, two 19-year-old men face charges of attempted robbery involving a tv news crew. police say it happened around 8:00 on friday night in the bay view district near third street and la salle avenue. during the robbery, a security
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guard hired to protect the kron 4 news crew opened fire. a good samaritan is recovering from stab wounds this morning after reportedly trying to break up a fight in san francisco. the stabbing happened early yesterday morning in the city's tenderloin district. police say the man was driving through the area, saw the fight, then got out of his car to try to help. police say that's when three men attacked him, stabbing him several times. they also damaged his car. the victim is expected to survive. police have not made any arrests. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. we are learning more about the man who was killed in a hit and run cash in atherton. the victim is jeffrey zeman of redwood city. the driver who hit zeman friday morning did stop but apparently only to try to cover up the crime by dragging his body away from the original crash site. police received an anonymous call about a body on the side of glenwood avenue near middlefield
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road. they're working to track down the driver. the search is on this morning for this woman who vanished from san francisco general hospital. a family friend says 57-year-old li lynne spalding was being treated for an infection when she disappeared. she is thin and tlal and was on medication and was very confused when she was last seen. she's 5'7" and weigh being 105 pounds. her friends say she speaks with a heavy british accent. police are asking anyone with information to call the san francisco police department. air quality is finally improving here in the bay area despite the fact that those piles of hay bale that is caught fire north of vacaville are still burning. the massive fire is located in the town of winter. all the smoke prompted folks in yolo county to be on an air quality watch. firefighters say the threat of the fire spreading has subsided
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substantially. the cause of that hay bale fire is under investigation. a medical marijuana dispensary in the south bay did something a bit out of the norm yesterday, holding a blood dry. organizers say they want to prove to their critics that pot dispensaries can be good neighbors. two blood mobiles were on side at medmar healing center in downtown san jose. to boost donations, the dispensary offered free tacos and movie tickets but donors say that's not why they participated. >> it's to save lives more than anything. all the people that need blood, cancer patients. i mean, my grandma had cancer, my aunt had cancer. it's for the cause more than for the privilege of me getting free tacos and free movie tickets. >> organizers say the blood is not tested for thc before going to the blood bank, but it is tebsed for dangerous diseases. it is that time of year again. flu season is now upon us. and to mark the occasion the kickoff of this season's flu
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shot campaign at kaiser in fremont. yesterday thousands of people showed up to get the vaccines many using the drive through clinic. those folks say they appreciate the convenience. they don't have to get out, put her in a wheelchair. i think that we're holding up the line and they want us to move. other people are wait sog they don't have to get out. >> the centers for disease control recommends a yearly flu vaccine for anyone 6 months of age or older. doctors say seasonal flu activity can begin as early as october. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the countdown to the potential shutdown in washington is upon us. house republicans pushing the government to the brink of doing what it hasn't done in almost 20 years. i'm scott budman at google headquarters. a new way to shop when it's absolutely, positively has to be on your doorstep the same day you order.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a live look at the nation's capital where we're just hours away from a possible shutdown. house republicans passed a bill forcing president obama and the senate to choose between the health care plan and a total government shutdown. the bill now moves onto the senate where majority leader harry reid has already called it pointless. nbc's brian moore has the story from washington. >> tonight the republican majority will vote to shut the government down. >> reporter: saturday night fireworks on the floor of the u.s. house. >> you can yell all you want, but you're not silencing the voice -- >> reporter: with a government shouldo shutdown looming, republicans passed a spending package doomed to fail because it mandates a delay in obama care. >> why are we doing this? number one, this is a program
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that's too expensive to afford. >> we're going to give a stark choice to the president of the united states and the senate. >> reporter: democrats say it's no choice at all. >> the senate won't take it up. the president won't sign it. house republicans are shutting down the government! >> reporter: and because of that, not all republicans are on board. >> i support what's in there, but we can't let the government shut down. >> reporter: a contentious day. >> this is a five-minute vote. >> reporter: wrapped up with a series of late-night votes. >> rules are suspended, the bill is passed. >> reporter: the house passed legislation, but there was little movement in the impasse that threatens a government shutdown on tuesday. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> this morning u.n. weapons inspectors continued to investigate sites of alleged chemical attacks in syria today. at least four u.n. vehicles were seen leaving and returning to the four seasons hotel in damascus. their destination not known, but on friday the u.n. said that the inspectors would check seven
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sites of alleged chemical attacks, four more than previously known. the team initially visited syria last week to investigate three alleged chemical attacks this year. their inquiry determined that sarin was used in an august 21st attack. also new this morning, in kenya both soldiers and civilians paid their respects to the victims of last week's shopping center attack. the attack on the westgate mall in nairobi left at least 67 people dead. people lit candles and stood in silence around a memorial outside the mall. militants from al shabaab attacked the mall last week on saturday and held it for four days. at least 175 people were injured in that attack. still no clear word on the fate of dozens of people who have been reported missing. five militants were killed, but the remaining attackers may have escaped. still ahead on "today in the bay," google aims to become an online shopper's best friend. plus --
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>> these guys, different breed of people. they appreciate everything you do for them. >> he has trained some of the world's best judo athletes, but he's had a change of heart. and today's "bay area proud," the new group he's focused on training. >> a look outside. sunrise with the view from foster city. mostly sunny chskies in the sou bay. but a chance of showers dropping into the north bay. the rest of your forecast when we come right back.
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you're watching "today in the bay." nice, warm afternoon on tap for today, and rain though later on in the forecast. we're going to check with rob and see what the time something on that. if you're wondering what smells so good in the east bay, it is probably the eat real fast in jack london square.
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organizers call it a combination of a state fair and street food festival. lots of local wines and handcrafted beers, and this is the event's fifth anniversary. they're marking the occasion with a burger, bourbon, and beer grilling competition. >> people out, the weather is great. the city is making money and you're exploring new foods. >> the festival goes on until 5:00, so not a bad way to spend a birthday afternoon. rob mayeda is in the weather center right now. rob, burger, bourbon, beer? >> doesn't even have to be in that order. all those things sound pretty tasty. but we had nice weather there yesterday, and today it's going to be nice but we'll start to see increasing clouds later on this afternoon. right now 60 in oakland, 56 in san francisco and san jose. and upper 50s now in the north bay. we're starting to see the high clouds start to spill in, and notice the wind direction
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turning onshore that's pushed some of the smoke from that fire that's burning her winters, you might have noticed yesterday the air quality improving. right now seeing high clouds dropping into the north bay. this is a very powerful storm system that continues to bring flood watches and warnings to western washington and damaging winds into portland. this line will continue to head to the south during the afternoon today, but we'll likely see vastly different types of weather depending on where you are. north bay, you will see increasing chances of showers later on, but in the south bay, sunshine hanging on a little longer, so we'll get the temperatures warming up again as we go through the afternoon. out at the ballpark, giants forecast, looks like upper 60s, partly cloudy skies as that game kicks off just after 1:00, and then we have the raiders versus the redskins today. increasing clouds, should see low 70s around game time, 1:25 in the afternoon. we like the raiders chance was that game. north bay, you have the chances of light rain showers for the
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first half of the day. heading in the evening. notice for tomorrow morning, for the monday morning commute, it looks like we'll see some showers but the cold front that will drop through the bay area will stall out and just weaken slowly during the day. so we'll still be stuck with scattered showers into month evening. by tuesday you can see skies starting to clear as we transition away from a pattern that includes showers to one just like we saw late last week. north winds, drying conditions, and warming temperatures for the second half of the seven-day forecast. now, in terms of rainfall, it does appear that the north bay will see the most of the accumulations once again. maybe about a tenth of an inch of rain, but even portions of the central bay and south bay should get a little something out of this off and on as we go into monday. overall, the totals do not appear to look like the last saturday where we had about a half inch of rain coming down. but parts of the north bay, maybe some hilltops, may approach close to a quarter inch or the area in blue in northern sonoma county maybe a quarter inch to half inch to the far north. around the bay area, we should
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see highs warmest in the south bay. southerly winds ahead of this frontal system should make for another mild afternoon with upper 70s to low sits. around the tri-valley, similar temperatures with increasing high clouds around midday, then turning mostly cloudy as we head into the evening. temperatures as warm as 80 in livermore, 82 in pleasanton. rain may initially not quite reach the ground, and as that evaporates in the air, it will cool off the temperatures. in the 60s to low 70s north of the golden gate. upper 60s to low 70s from san francisco to oakland. so we're about to see the coolest part of the workweek forecast there. monday, you can see the temperatures dropping down a bit. clearing skies on tuesday. then we have to watch out for some north winds just like we had late last week. it's going to warm things up, make for gorgeous conditions on the coast, but that could lead to some more fire danger issues later next week. >> sometimes you time things out for us, and i go maybe it's not exactly the way rob thinks. you're always right.
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and my husband reminded me of this last weekend. you said about noon in san jose the skies would open up, and that's what we were doing walking home in the rain. >> i will have to start working on an app. >> always perfect rob. >> appreciate it. >> thanks. you used to shop by actually going to the store, then, of course, online shopping came around and we got things a few days after we bought them. now, waiting for a few days is so old school. now google is swooping in, same day delivery. our business and tech reporter scott budman went shopping to test the waters. >> reporter: walking into a toy store. something we've lost a bit in this shop online age of ours. in fact, if you want anything inside palo alto's toy world, full of roller skates, balls, and crazy string -- >> got to make sure it's the right size. >> reporter: you can get it delivered within hours now that google has joined online rivals and ebay with its shopping express. same-day delivery for impulse online shopping. >> i think when you look at how
7:21 am
different things have evolved over time, faster and faster shipping is one of the things that customers won't explicitly tell you i need it faster, but the moment it's available, it's just a complete change in expectations. people say, wow, that was really an amazing experience. why would i ever go back. i want it today. i want it now. >> reporter: for a $5 fee you can buy what you want on the web and have it waiting for you when you get home. for toy world, it's a one click outreach program. >> it does extend our reach for new customers. because we are seeing orders across the whole bay area now. >> reporter: and it's already boosted the 83-year-old store's bottom line. >> we are already seeing more people use this service than our own website. so it's going really well for us. >> and that's only been one day. >> exactly. >> reporter: for google it's a money-making way to give customers what they want more quickly. >> part of the goal is to bring the speed of the web to local shopping. >> reporter: because sometimes you need that gum now.
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scott budman, "today in the bay." >> we are so impatient. still ahead on "today in the bay," he's trained national champions. why this judo coach is now turning his focus on a special group of students. it is today's "bay area proud." [ maragno ] if the car was invented today,
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it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access,
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the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ you are watching "today in the bay." >> in the world of professional bay area sports, we've enjoyed some recent successes around here. the a's, giants, niners. when you talk olympic sports, it seems we always shine. in this morning's "bay area proud" we meet a coach who has had a lot of success in one sport and that's just the start. garvin thomas has his story. >> reporter: for 50 years cahill's judo academy has been in business on san bruno's san mateo avenue. for 50 years a ringing bell means class with a master is about to begin. >> okay.
7:25 am
squatting. >> reporter: it's been this way for so long, it's hard to imagine willy cahill as anything but a judo coach. >> let's go. 15 seconds! 15 seconds, let's go! >> reporter: hard to imagine that as a young man, judo is not the sport willy wanted to pursue. >> i wanted to be a football coach. that's what my dream was. here is a picture of my mom and dad. >> reporter: but it was about that time that willy's father, who had started a judo club in the bay area in the 1940s, died unexpectedly. willy was pushed to take over the family business. he did so somewhat reluctantly. willy says it was only after coaching one athlete to a national championship, it dawned on him he might be pretty good at it. great. turned out to be better description. >> i think the main thing is that i care about the athletes. i work with them. i talk to them. i talk to their parents. follow through. that's it. just like that. >> reporter: willy has since coached his athletes to more than 1,500 national and
7:26 am
international titles. willy has coached the u.s. olympic judo team more than once and other national teams too numerous to mention. but with that incredible resume, that list of awards, willy says what he is doing right now is the most rewarding thing he's ever done. teaching his sport to blind and visually impaired athletes. >> you're going to go with katy. >> reporter: judo, with its close quarters and nearly constant contact between competitors turns out to be a good fit for the blind and visually impaired. of course, willy, being the master, has turned them into some of the best in the world as well. and willy has become so dedicated to teaching these athletes, he co-fuounded the blind judo foundation. the effort and attitude these athletes give their coach in return is like nothing willy has
7:27 am
ever experienced and what more than that could any coach possibly ask for? >> it's just a way to walk off the mat and a way to shake your hand, they give you a hug. to me it's a big deal. >> reporter: garvin thomas, "today in the bay." still ahead on "today in the bay," new developments in the deadly stabbing of a dodgers fan. what his father plans to do before today's giants game. police are on high alert in the midst of a controversial music festival. what they're looking for and what partygoers are saying about it.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at downtown san jose. looking down santa clara street at some of the palm street that line the area right there. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with rob mayeda and a forecast that will be
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toasty in san jose, maybe a little soggy in the north bay later. >> yeah. a little bit of everything. you just kind of hit it right there. for areas north of the golden gate, it will be mostly cloudy. right now you see a little sunrise view looking back over to san francisco. san francisco may be a little bit of the boundary this afternoon between the cloudy skies and the sunny skies. everybody waking up mostly to 50s for temperatures. you can see the rain to the north of you. for now the bay area is dry and it will be places around santa rosa and sonoma. you see the temperatures there, only upper 60s because the clouds will fill in and we'll see a chance of showers in the north bay. to the south, san jose close to 80 and maybe even some mid-80s south around morgan hill and upper 60s around san francisco. later today, talking evening time, that's when we will see the best chance of showers even into the central bay area. coming up, we'll let you know how much rain we are expected and another rapidly shifting
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weather pattern in the seven-day forecast where heat could be coming back. >> thanks, rob. this afternoon the father of a dodgers fan stabbed to death in san francisco is set to speak publicly for the first time. the suspect, 21-year-old michael montgomery, walked out of jail late friday night after san francisco godistrict attorney george gascon said he was not ready to file charges. gascon is still waiting to hear from witnesses in the stabbing death of 24-year-old jonathan denver. gascon wants to know whether montgomery could have been acting in self-defense when a fight broke out between dodgers and giants fans not far from the ballpark wednesday night. >> the key to the case is who was the initial aggressor. before you can use deadly force, you need to believe that your life is in danger and you have no duty to retreat, and you can then use deadly force. >> that was legal analyst steven clark who says the fact that montgomery was released does not mean he can't be later rearrested and charged. the victim's father is expected
7:32 am
to speak outside at&t park before the giants game against the padres around noon today. new this morning, antioch police are investigating a shooting last night in which one person was killed and another injured. officers say they responded to a report of a shooting in a home at the 2200 block of banyan way around 10:00 last night. when they arrived at the scene, officers say they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. both victims, a 24-year-old oakley resident, and 20-year-old resident were transported to the hospital. the 24-year-old was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. the condition of the 20-year-old was unknown, police said. no arrests were made in the shooting. anyone with information is asked to call the antioch police. the first day is in the books for a two-day rave which prompted an unusual warning from police in mountain view. billed as one of the biggest raves ever produced in the bay area, beyond wonderland had promoters working closely with police to keep the party safe
7:33 am
and drug-free. "today in the bay's" kimberly terry was there and she spoke with some of the folks who went to the party. >> reporter: from above, outside, and inside, mountain view police are keeping an eye on the 20,000-plus at this weekend's beyond wonderland rave. >> we're just excited to go in there and dance and listen to the music. >> i've been going off and on for the past four years. it's sort of like become a lifestyle. >> it's really fun. >> really cool. wee like it a lot. >> reporter: there is a zero tolerance policy for drugs, but those who have been to raves or are familiar with them say illegal substances are prevalent. event organizers say they're doing what they can to keep people safe but need partygoers to take personal responsibility. >> in order to enforce that at the security gates, we do bag checks of every bag that enters the venue and also our events are 18 and older. >> not really worried about it. >> as long as you, i mean, watch out, you know, don't take anything from anybody you don't know. >> reporter: this week they issued a stern warning from
7:34 am
parents and partygoers about the dangers associated with raves. in 2010 the cow palace in daly city banned raves after two concertgoers died and dozens were hospitalized from drug overdoses. >> sign thetic drugs are diabolical. >> u.s. senate took up the issue of party drogs in response to an increase in the number of young people overdosing. >> reporter: kimberly terry, "today in the bay." >> there have not been any reports of major incidents after day one. now police are bracing for the tens of thousands of people who are returning this afternoon for another full day of music and partying. new details this morning from a three-month investigation into the deaths of 19 firefighters in arizona back in june. the investigation cites improperly programmed radios, vague updates, and a 30-minute communication blackout before the squad said they were going to make their way to the escape route. one of their last communications was when the crew radioed that
7:35 am
they were trapped by flames and deploying their shelters. >> the wind shifted again, and this time it shifted and increased in velocity and brought the fire up the canyon. >> investigators say they couldn't determine why the crew chose to leave the presumed safety of a burned zone where they had been working. the report says at the moment the firefighters were killed, an air tanker carrying fire retardant was nearby. they were just waiting for an update about the crew's location. a nor begeian airline is taking one of its brand new boeing dreamliners out of service after repeated breakdowns. a spokesperson said they will lease an airbus a-340 to keep it going. the dreamliner has faced setbacks, including several battery problems which grounded planes. boeing said the repair would say take a matter of days. friends and family gathered
7:36 am
yesterday to honor a victim of the navy yard shooting. mourners remembered mike rigell as a loving and steadfast protector of his three daughters and 2,000 workers. he was a navy yard security guard. his memorial service this weekend was one of the last for the people who were gunned down at the military installation on september 16th by aaron alexis. and take a look at this. a man wanted for a stabbing in texas is now facing even more charges. police say the man tried to escape police custody by stealing two police cars. they say jose rodriguez first got behind the wheel of one police car but couldn't find the key, so he made a second escape attempt in another police car. this time though he locked the doors to keep police out. police broke the window to get him out. rodriguez now faces a long list of charges and is back in jail today. still ahead on "today in the
7:37 am
bay," a giants player gets a giant reward. and we can tell you who and when the a's will play in the alds. giant reward.
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you're watching "today in the bay." good morning once again. looking live at the s.a.p. center which we know, of course, is the shark tank, and 9 the sharks open their season on thur thursday when they take on the vancouver canucks. the game was close for a while until jordan richards returned an interception for 30 yards and a lovely touchdown. that gave them a 20-point lead. the cardinal piled on and stanford wins 55-17 improving their record to 4-0. cal visiting the number two ranked oregon ducks and the ducks showed why they are one of
7:40 am
the best teams in the nation, scoring early and often, they crushed the bears 55-16. and it is now set in stone. the a's will host the detroit tigers on friday in game one of the american league divisional series. if you remember though, the tigers beat the a's in last year's alds. last night in seattle, oakland was down early, but brandon moss hit a two-run bloast in the seventh. they would add another run but it still wasn't enough. the mariners beat the a's 7-5. the giants taking on the padres in the second to last game of the season. hunter pence already earning his new $90 million contract he signed before the game. his home run gave the giants a temporary lead. it was all padres from there on out. they would score eight unanswered runs on the way to a 9-3 win over the giants. coming up on "today in the bay," the investigative unit
7:41 am
follows up on the controversial relationship between moffett field and the google founders. there's lots to do today in the bay. 'tis the season to feature or fog and feature it they shall at the pacifica fog fest. this event promotes the city of pacifica but celebrates our fog-tastic coast. arts, crafts, food, fun, musical entertainment and a marching band, competition, and maybe a little fog. it's nature. now, ecoconscious power, that would be solar but not at the fog fest. there you would want a plug in. head over to the marin county civic center and check out the many options you have in celebration of national plug in day. the golden gate electric vehicle association brings you over a dozen different vehicles to try out, and you can talk to their drivers to see if any suit your knead need. if you drive your own ev, they have charging stations.
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if you want to refuel your body, head east, my hungry friend, and the eat real festival. they have mint julep seminar to relax you a bit. beef jerky tasting. how about a kraut-a-thon. street food and beverage, local and handcrafted. dyi demos and a flying knight butchery competition. and then there's monday and the commute and i'll be here for you on "today in the bay."
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you're watching "today in the bay." by now just about everyone has heard about the deal between the founders of google and nasa at moffett field. it's a deal that allows them to keep up to seven private airplanes and two helicopters on public property there. this morning the unit's steven stock takes us inside that relationship and pieces together how much taxpayers are helping
7:45 am
to pay for the founders of google to travel all around the world. >> reporter: it's a common site at nasa aims. one of the airplanes belonging to google's founders, a boeing 757 23-a sitting in front of the hangar that gave h-211 its name. the principals are sergei brin, larry page, and eric schmidt. the same three principals at google, whose headquarters is less than three miles away. according to federal records obtained by nbc bay area, the 757 for years used taxpayer-supported jet fuel to fly around the world to places like liberia, scotland, and hawaii. take september 22nd, 2009, records show the plane gassed up at moffett field the day before leaving to fly to mexico. h-211 paid $2.37 a gatllon for 2218 gallons. that same fuel cost between $5
7:46 am
and $8.50 a gallon at local airports. then there was the trip in 2010 to coasta rica paying $3.27 a gallon. >> this may have been the greatest sweetheart deal in the history of nasa. >> reporter: jamie is president and chairman of the board at consumer watch dog, the santa monica group that first raised questions about this deal years ago. >> this is giving the keys to the nasa gas station to executives who clearly are not using it for scientific purposes when their contract spelling out that's what they have to do. >> reporter: the original agreement first signed in 2007 stipulates that google's founders could house the airplanes at moffet paying about $10,900 -- $109,000 in month. in exchange, they would allow nasa to use the planes for scientific missions. our investigation last year showed that out of more than
7:47 am
1,000 flights, only 155 of them were actually for science. >> it's outrageous. it's more than outrageous. it boggles the mind. >> reporter: and these fuel records show 1,200 different times h-211 bought fuel totaling $7.9 million paying well below market rates. >> they should give them money back with interest, and if there was an intentional attempt to mislead the government, i think it rises to the level of a false claim against the government. >> i hope obviously to get to the truth. >> reporter: paul asmuth runs a nonprofit in palo alto. he's asked and been denied permission to base his operations at moffett field. during the last year, they shared with us the federal fuel records. we then independently verified their accuracy with federal officials. >> well, it confirms there was definitely preferential treatment going on on a more massive scale.
7:48 am
>> reporter: take this airplane a 767. records show it flew to paris, cancun, switzerland twice, and that that hety three times. it's been fueled for a total of 442,000 gallons of fuel. these four gulf streams gassed up with 919,000 gallons of fuel. they flew to hawaii, scotland, st. martin, and france. >> this whole investigation is something that smells to begin with, and we want to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: senator charles grassley of iowa first saw our investigation of this arrangement a year ago. >> what bothers me the most is what's the justification for it? it implies there's a favoritism going on. that would be long and it implies there's a waste of taxpayers' money. >> while she wouldn't answer question on camera, nasa ames
7:49 am
division chief e-mailed a statement saying nasa is always looking for public/private relationships. as for google, a spokesman referred us to h-211's vice president ken ambrose who declined an offer to go on camera but sent us a statement that reads in part, quote, h-211 aircraft buy only the fuel available at moffet and, quote, we pay full retail for hangar space. and, quote, between rent, capital improvements, and science flying, na sand the taxpayers are $2 million to the good. the records show a helicopter owned by ambrose, not by h-211, was refueled 138 times with 7,078 gallons of dod fuel at moffett field. >> we do not have any discretion, as long as those planes are domiciled or hangared within what is called a federal
7:50 am
enclave. >> reporter: that's larry stone, the assessor for santa clara county whose office sends out the tax bill for all property taxes. what he's say somethingi -- say something they pay no taxes because those planes sit at a federal facility. >> i don't know if it's fair. i think if somebody their plane within the federal enclave at moffett field and they're not paying property tax where the same plane located in san jose would be paying a property tax, no, that's not fair. >> reporter: is h-211 getting an unfair advantage? congresswoman anna eschew represents moffet in congress. last summer i asked her about the relationship. >> people in the community that care the most about what happens at the airfield have signed off on this.
7:51 am
why? because they are a partner with nasa ames in terms of research. eschew's staff said she was too busy to answer our questions on camera this time. >> i think this is something that's celebrated in my congressional district. this is not a favor in any way, shape, or form. >> and that was steven stock for our investigative unit. the defense department announced it would no longer sell jet fuel to h-211 and representative anna eschew's office sent us an e-mail to up date her stance. she supports the audit into the deal. if it's found the federal government was shortchanged h211 should make good on the difference. you can read the full statements on still ahead on "today in the bay," he's made it his job to defy death, but he's never done anything like this before. we'll show you a daredevil's attempt to fly between two mammoth mountains. and here is a view over san
7:52 am
francisco. an interesting view. you have fog, you have some clouds over the hilltops and also high clouds coming in towards the top of the screen. all this eventually leading up to some showers. we'll show you the timing of that in the full forecast when we come right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
we're off to a pretty sunny start to the morning. nothing but sunshine right now. cloud-free. and this will be one of the warmer spots around the bay area as some places still have a chance at some 80-degree temperatures later on today. right now 56 degrees san francisco and san jose. morgan hill down to 52, and notice santa rosa, a little mild this morning. 58 degrees. we have more moisture coming in, more clouds, and eventually we'll see some showers, too. winds starting to pick up a little bit out of the south into fairfield. as we go through the afternoon, not only will we see increasing clouds, but especially in the north bay as that frontal boundary starts to approach moving in from the north. watch these wind speeds heading into the afternoon. we'll see the southwest winds picking up to about 15 to 20
7:55 am
miles per hour so the clouds will thicken up, the winds will start to increase and pick up maybe close to 20-mile-per-hour winds into napa and fairfield by 4:00 and 5:00 this evening. the rain is north of ukiah. we have had a strong weather system here pounding seattle and portland. they've had damaging wind gusts and flooding in the pacific northwest. this system though is weakening as it arrives in the north bay, so we'll get clouds out of it at times today, but notice here in the south bay we're still into the sunshine for the afternoon. so this is where you will see your 70s and 80s. north of the golden gate a few chances of showers off and on for the afternoon and into the evening. the rain line will try to drop further south into monday morning. monday morning's commute looks to be needing some windshield wipers for parts of the bay area. highest totals will be up in the north bay where we might see a quarter inch or more in some of the hilltop locations. enough to wet the ground in
7:56 am
parts of the central bay and south bay. most of this coming in for monday, then tuesday skies start to clear and temperatures will rebound for the second half of the week. around the bay area today, 70s and 80s across the south bay. mid-80s around morgan hill as those winds out of the south are going to make for a warm finish to the weekend for parts of the south bay. 70s and 80s in the forecast but as we move further to the north into the north bay now, you're seeing the temperatures cooling down as the clouds thicken up and we start to see a few light rain showers around santa rosa up to lakeport and ukiah. you will notice that as we go through midday. 60s and 70s around san francisco and oakland as we watch the clouds thicken up. some showers in monday. temperatures cool for the start of the week. second half of the week a different story. we're seeing the winds from the north that will clear out the skies. 70s and 80s around the inner bay starting thursday. mid to upper 80s in that seven-day forecast by next weekend. >> speaking of wind, this guy nicknamed the flying dagger.
7:57 am
he was trying to pull off another one of his special feats in his special wing suit. he jumped through a helicopter and flew through the air in other than china. he jumped from the eiffel tower, angel falls, and the golden gate bridge. yesterday's flight almost didn't happen though because of weather kngs. corliss pulled it off calling the flight hard core and the single gnariest thing he had done in his life. the olympic flame is now lit. later she gave the flame over to a greek skier who will carry it across greece on its way to russia. the flame leaves for russia in about seven days. sochi games begin in 132 days. can't wait. >> february, it's not that far away. >> i know. we want to thank you so much for making us part of your morning. no 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow
7:58 am
because it is sunday night football night in america. a special edition of "today in the bay" follows the game and then xfinity sports sunday at 9:00. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
breaking news this morning, government by crisis, we are one step closer to a government shutdown, so how will it end? >> our message to congress is this, do not shut down the government. do not shut down the economy. pass a budget on time, pay our bills on time. >> all republicans are asking tonight is give the nation a year to study a 2500 page bill that even speaker nancy pelosi had not a clue what was in it. >> this morning, the fight and the politics behind the standoff, an exclusive interview with republican senator cruz of texas. he has elevated the fight to new


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