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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that's right. the first victim to come to police is now an adult. she claims robert mcleod abused her six years ago but only recently decided to come forward. as 38-year-old hayward police officer richard scott mcleod sits in santa rita jail held on $750,000 bail, police say they are interviewing his alleged victims who were girls when mcleod was the lead coordinator of the kid zone after school program in livermore. >> he was the teacher. he was the one that everybody liked. and he would hang out with them afterwards when the place was closed. >> reporter: police say the alleged abuse took place between 1998 and 2007. involving girls between the ages of 12 and 14. mcleod was arrested saturday on suspicion of sexual conduct and lewd acts with a minor. the abuse is alleged to have taken place at after school programs across the city of livermore but mainly at
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christensen middle school and most recently in 2007. >> we originally got the report from one victim as a result of that statement, and cooperating what she told us, we discovered several other victims and we have interviewed those victims. >> reporter: police say it's not uncommon for sexual abuse victims to wait years to report crimes. >> this is the one crime that people wait to report. like a stolen car, no one waits four years to report that. so there's a lo of psychological digesting that these victims go through. >> reporter: attorney mike ranes who represents the hayward police officers association told me by phone of mcleod, "i know he has a good reputation in the police department, and is known for being a sound, ethical police officer. it's never come to my attention that he's had any issues in the past." and police say there's no evidence that mcleod abused anyone once he became a police officer. he is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and he's expected in court some time tomorrow. live in livermore, monty
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francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. an nbc bay area investigation has prompted a federal investigation into the world's largest food distributor. >> usda inspector confirmed there is an active and ongoing investigation into cisco corporation after we first reported it was storing fresh food in unrefrigerated sheds. >> nbc broke the story in july. did the usda know this was happening or is there a deeper problem here? >> they didn't know until after our story aired and got a tip from the bay area. now the focus is on the safety chain for food handling. we don't often stop to think about what our food goes through before it ends up on the table. food safety ex-pperts say our report exposed problems in the system when it comes to food transportation. it could have broad implications for food safety across america as u.s. inspectorses and lawmakers get involved. >> it violates the trust of the consumer. >> reporter: congressman sam farr of california sits on the federal committee that oversees
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food safety regulation in this country. he spoke to us via satellite from washington, d.c., after seeing our report exposing sysco's widespread practice of storing food in unrefrigerated sheds for hours before delivering it to restaurants. >> i appreciate the investigative reporting that went on here. this is really important. and what really struck me is how dare you, how dare you hurt the farmers in california and the producers in california. the ranchers in california. >> reporter: he says our investigation exposed a major flaw in food handling practices by a company that should be an entry le industry leader. >> this is going to require the transportation industry and handling industry to upgrade those laws, protocols, and if they won't do it themselves, then government will do it for them. >> reporter: it's a problem that food safety ex-pers have warned about for years calling for stronger enforcement to protect food as it travels from farm to fork. >> everyone has to start
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questioning what's going on in the industry. >> reporter: dr. jon ryan runs a company that certifies food handlers to safely transport food. he says there's no federal certification for this process. it's up to each company to develop its own chain of safety. leaving some, he says, to cut corners. >> food goes into a transportation arena. it basically becomes invisible. nobody knows where it is. nobody knows what conditions it's being shipped under. >> there was a big lapse in oversight of the safety of the food there. >> reporter: meanwhile, sysco corporation is now under investigation by state, federal and canadian health inspectors. the usda says it began looking into sysco after staffers at a meat trade association saw our investigation and complained. >> there are millions of illnesses by foodborne diseases every year. we want to prevent that by best management practices. so when those practices aren't followed, we're going to make sure they are and going to find companies that misstep. >> reporter: congressman farr says government needs to send a
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message that food handling practices like these are not acceptable. >> we're going to be hono monit it closely. if there's any loophole in law that needs to be tightened up, we'll definitely do that. >> cisco confirmed it no longer uses any of its sheds to store food. the company says today it is cooperating with all of the government investigation. roring live tonight, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative team, give us a call at 888-99 6-tips and send us an e-mail to police are searching for a shooter at this hour. shots rang out after 2:00 this afternoon near 9th and international boulevard. it's unclear whether the shots came from inside or outside the public bus. oakland police confirmed two people were hurt by bullets but are expected to survive. ac transit says the bus driver kept going even after the gunfire to try to get the packed
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bus out of harm's way. >> the driver obviously was engaged in trying to steer the bus. so he didn't see a great deal. he heard what he believed to be about four gunshots and, again, at that point, folks were saying that there had been some shootings and so he continued to try to get the bus to a safer place. >> oakland police interviewed passengers and witnesses to figure out who may be responsible. so far, no word on any suspects. a woman disappeared from san francisco general hospital more than a week ago. and her friends say -- friends and family say they're frustrated by the lack of answers. the hospital says 57-year-old lynn spaulding was in her room recovering from an infection when she disappeared the morning of september 21st. spaulding's family says she left behind her credit cards and cell phone and only had $20 in cash. they say they've pressed sf general for more information. >> there are cameras everywhere else. you know, was she captured on
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videocamera? did someone in the hospital see her? we have had no response from san francisco general as to what they think. >> the hospital released a statement saying it's conducting its own investigation into spaulding's disappearance. anyone who has information here is asked to call san francisco police. truancy is a growing problem in bay area schools, but it's not just with high schoolers. a new report out today shows the problem in elementary schools, too. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in san jose with how it's also impacting the community. good evening, kris. >> reporter: hi there, janelle. well, truancy laws, they don't -- school districts do not have to enforce truancy laws and that could be a policy that will be very expensive not only for the district but for the student community. students who cut class in san jose have a good chance of being picked up by san jose police because there's a correlation between truant teens and daytime burglaries. a new report today shows that california's elementary school students are truant at an alarming rate as well. in the bay area, elementary
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truancy rates very by county with alameda, contra costa and san francisco at more than 20%. santa clara county at 14%. san mateo at 12.9%. according to the california attorney general's office, that's a cost to districts of $1.4 billion a year. add to that the cost to their community. >> for every kid we lose to truancy, and then as a dropout, is a tenfold factor increase in their chances of future criminality. >> reporter: the santa clara county district attorney's office prosecutes 100 truancy cases a year generally when all other interventions have failed. in this school district, the goal is to reach families before then, sometimes showing up at home to make sure they're okay. >> we send letters, we send registered letters. we make phone calls. we have incentives set up schoolwide in the classroom. because we want coming to school to be engaging and something they want to do, too. >> reporter: truancy is a complex issue. educators say sometimes students are not engaged but sometimes they feel bullied.
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they have children of theiown, they're home less or their parents are afraid to send them to school because they're not legal residents. >> it's not just your child needs to be in school, it's also what can we do to help you get your kid in school? >> there are a lot of social issues interwoven into a lot of the problems of truancy. so that's why it's not a very simple solution, but it is going to take all of us if we're going to be successful in increasing the number of students attending and being successful at school. >> reporter: 250,000 california kids are expected to miss a tenth of the school year. and research shows that first graders who miss more than nine days of school a year are twice as likely to drop out in high school. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, kris. more details. california school districts lose $1.4 billion because of truancy. it's proven than chronically truant students are likely to drop out or turn to crime. the cost of incarceration, lost
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productivity and dropouts cost california more than $46 billion a year. now to a developing story. it's not just the bickering lawmakers. this will have a real impact for millions of everyday americans. the likely government shutdown is at 9:00 p.m. tonight. that's pacific time. here's the countdown clock. it stands at 2 hours and 49 minutes. see the seconds counting away. this is if the government runs out of money in terms of law makers. there could be a last-minute deal which is why the lights are still on late tonight at the u.s. capitol building. live picture now from washington, d.c. here in the bay area, alcatraz is on the shutdown list. about 5,000 visitors a day tour the historic island prison. marin county, ft. point and yosemite would be forced to shut down if the government shuts down. about 1,000 federal workers at nasa, mountain view, could be furloughed tonight. their union president is blasting what he calls, quote, small band of congressional extremists. the shutdown isn't only the
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only government problem looming. a debt ceiling fight is also in our sights. coming up at 6:30, we're going to take a look at why this may be the best-case scenario in our "reality check." . we want to know what you think. do you think lawmakers will reach a deal to avert a government shutdown? vote by texting or calling us, 408-300-922. vote 1, yes, 2, no. tweet us @nbcbayarea. the results in our 6:00 newscast a little bit later. 16-year-old kevin san is being remembered today by family and friends. i'm cheryl herd. there's a growing memorial at the crash site. find out tonight who the woman is who's now facing charges. cracking down on guns and ammunition. an east bay city's new plan to get tough on guns. and we're seeing the sea breeze pick up. low clouds and fog spilling into san francisco. temperatures right now 60s and 70s as what's left of the drizzle starts to move on.
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replaced by a windy forecast and big-time warming in the seven-day forecast ahead. we'll look at that when we come right back.
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now to an nbc bay area follow-up. beyond wonderland. one of the bay area's largest so-called raves wrapped up last night. police arrested. 100 people for alcohol and drug related charges. it brought in more than 100 noise complaints. police tried to curb drug use with amnesty boxes, a way for people to drop off drugs anonymously. speeding through the streets of san francisco, she crashed into a minivan killing a 16-year-old high school student. she is now out of jail. the question remains what led to this accident. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us in san francisco this evening at the growing memorial for this young and well-liked student.
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>> reporter: raj, there is good news to report tonight. the sister of kevin san was released from the hospital yesterday, but their mother remains in critical condition. but as you can see, there are some heartbroking thoughts here at this growing memorial. this one in particular, don't cry, blue skies. kevin san. as you can see, classmates are leaving a lot of notes and flowers, but across town, his friends are in shock and so are neighbors of the suspect in this fatal crash. as friends bow their heads to pay their respects to kevin san on the corner where he was killed last friday, we tried to talk to jennie zhu, the 58-year-old woman believed to be the driver in the fatal crash. we talked to a laidty who lives next door to zhu. >> shocked me. i think something go really wrong because -- >> reporter: police say zhu crashed her speeding her
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mercedes-benz into a minivan and catering truck on friday killing san and injuring five others. authorities say zhu was droivin up to 80 miles per hour before the crash. there is a growing memorial at the crash site. >> we should put more traffic safety light around this area, around the block, because we do have a couple accidents on gough and pine. >> reporter: today lincoln high school students held a tearful memorial at at lunchtime. stephanie acedillo was there. >> he was a really happy guy. he was really positive all the time. like, we were supposed to be serious and he was always goofing around. that's what we miss about him. he has, like, the cutest smile and we miss it. >> reporter: acedillo graduated last year and was in the junior rotc drum corps with sam. >> he was a really good kid and didn't deserve what he got. >> reporter: san's friends have been leaving flowers and notes
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periodically. san's father also left this note, asking for recent pictures of his son but also asking for privacy. san's father also made a statement at the school today. he is still asking for his privacy. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we have breaking news right now in san francisco. evacuations are under way right now at the radson hotel on fisherman's wharf. the fire department confirms it received calls that guests were complaining of having trouble breathing and having throat irritation. on arrival, fire officials called for a full hazmat response and evacuations as well as ambulances have been ordered. we'll give you an update as soon as we get more information into our newsroom. an elderly couple faces eviction from a san francisco apartment where they've lived for decades has been given a little bit more time. the lee family says the owner of their apartment building near jackson and larkin streets gave the family ten more days to get out. sheriffs deputies were due any day to force the family to
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leave. tenant right activists are trying to fight the eviction being done through the state's ellis act. a state law allows property owners to evict tenants with buyouts and fix up the rental units and put them back on the market. mayor ed lee announced today san francisco is tripling its funding to prevent ellis act evictions in the city. guns and ammunition will be a major topic of discussion tonight at pleasant hill. the city council is considering regulations on guns and ammo sales including rules on how to close gun stores and how, excuse me, how close gun stores could be to homes and to schools. the council will also address requirements for store owners and workers to pass criminal background checks and a requirement for stores to install alarm systems and cameras. new at 6:00, drivers of hybrid and electric cars can keep driving solo in the carpool lane. the governor today signed a bill sponsored by san francisco senators allowing cars with the so-called green stickers to stay in the diamond lanes until the
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year 2019. the program was set to expire in two years. more than 50,000 of the stickered cars are on california roads. governor brown also signed a bill making electric vehicle charging stations more accessible. okay. it is monday. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. gloomy and foggy for much of the bay area. >> thing are going to be changing around if you like a lot of sunshine, we've got plenty of that in the forecast, but more so later this week. right now we have sunshine in san jose in the south bay today, farly cloudy skies. 77 degrees. 68 in san francisco. low 70s around oakland. right now, the sea braeeze cooling us off. fog sweeping into san francisco. low 70s inland. the winds are onshore which is going to ensure the next two days, we're going to see temperatures staying on the cool side before things start to warm up. we did get some rainfall today. especially up in the north bay. mt. st. helena,. close to .10 for petaluma and
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sonoma. bodega bay, a tenth of an inch. showers have shut down from san francisco to san jose. though at times tonight, drizzle is still possible. some of the low clouds. the big action with this system continues to hammer the pacific northwest. we're sort of sitting here on the outer fringe of this heading into the evening. patches of low clouds. notice heading into tomorrow morning, convergence zone here around the foot of the grade could kick off a few areas of mist and drizzle. then after that, sikies really start to clear out. tuesday's temperatures, notice highs mainly in the 60s to low 70s. as we go through the afternoon. the evening temperatures will drop eventually into the 50s and 60s tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow, 60s and 70s but later this week, a big pattern shift is going to lead to some big-time warming. 80s possible for san francisco. as we get toward thursday and friday, i'll have a look at that in the seven-day forecast in our next half hour. back to you. >> see you shortly. coming up at 6:00, the fight against a deadly form of cancer gets a powerful new weapon. plus a family robbed of
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their most valuable possessions. the unique way thieves took everything they care about. and less than three hours until the likely government shutdown. we want to know what you think. do you think lawmakers will reach a deal to avert the shutdown? vote by calling or texting us at 408-300-9222. vote 1 for yes, 2 for no. or tweet us @nbcbayarea. we'll have the results later in this newscast. stay with us.
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moving is already a nightmare, but a south bay family not only had a few items missing, their entire moving truck was stolen. movers packed up the home of the shackter family earlier this month and dropped off truck at trusted van lines in san how st jose for the move to virginia. the truck's keys were placed in an overnight drop box. the next morning the keys and
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truck were gone. los gatos police found the van 15 miles away near winchester boulevard. the van was almost completely empty. couches, tvs, their children's furniture and toys stolen. also irreplaceable items like photo albums, a wedding dress, and the american flag received during a military funeral for mrs. shackter's father, a world war ii vet. jesse shackter spoke to us from virginia. >> obviously the things that were stolen from us that are of no value except to us, like, you know, the baby books and american flag and those items, we're hoping that they will give it back to us. >> the moving company is working with police to try and track down the family's belongings. if you know where they are, drop them off anonymously at the south valley ymca on santa teresa boulevard in san jose. also contact police at 408-277-4051. the family estimates that
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$60,000 worth of items were stolen. just ahead here at 6:00, it's official the bay area is home to some of the biggest brand names in the world. the lesson that some small businesses are taking from this new triumph. and i'm sam brock. how about this for a reality? a government shutdown all but guaranteed at this point, but up next, we'll tell you why that might not be the worst thing for our country if it avoids another outcome. stay tuned. plus a high-profile woman back to the headlines tonight. the small piece of evidence that could change the outcome for amanda knox. ♪ for a store near you go to
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about 2 1/2 more hours before a like government shutdown. it took the senate 25 minutes today to shoot down a house proposal to delay obama care yet again. but this developing story is far from over. in fact, might be just starting. >> a live look now at the capitol where house republicans are said to be patching together another budget proposal. president obama addressed the nation earlier today. >> a shutdown will have a very real economic impact on real people. right away. >> the gentleman yields back. >> the president isn't the only one who doesn't want to see a shutdown. democratic and republican lawmakers both told nbc bay area the same thing today including east bay representative eric swaulwell who says he won't accept a paycheck if federal workers in his district aren't getting theirs.
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>> so how big of a blow would it be, a shutdown in all this? let's bring in nbc's sam brock for tonight's "reality check." >> a government shutdown will bring real economic impacts. as the president said, some federal workers will get paid, others will not. some will be furloughed. others will not. consumers will likely to have tighten pocketbooks. businesses could contract. what if i told you the shutdown could be productive if it staved off the riskiest possible scenario? >> if we get into the question of debt default, all bets are off. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> i don't think we really know how this will play out if the united states government refuses to honor its obligations. that has never happened before. >> reporter: veteran economist alex field is helping us envision what a worst-case scenario might look like. due to another government crisis. you probably know how we got here at this point. as explained by our local congressman, should the budget include funding for the affordable care act or not? >> we cannot allow them to use the budgeting process as a way
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to revisit a policy discussion that have already been voted on and signed into law and upheld by the supreme court. that's what this is about. >> reporter: oh, yes, an election was also won and lost partly on obama care, too. all these things have happened. why are we continuing to fight over the implementation of the affordable care act? >> it's not a fight that's just started. it's one that's continuing on but i think the biggest driver of that is the president, himself, who has decided which parts of that law he wants to it implement. going outside of congress, he's decided to change law, himself. >> reporter: there's points made by both sides here. the issue has been settled in court and at the polls, but the president has made changes to the law on his own. >> nobody's driving the train. r >> reporter: alex field says he we got here is irrelevant. who's in control at this point? that's the question. a short-term shutdown will have an economic impact. 800,000 workers could be
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furloughed with the government hemorrhaging $40 million to $80 million a day. while a few days of that sounds bad, imagine what happens if we default on our debt. u.s. treasuries become riskier investment. countries who loan to the u.s. demand higher interest rates. and the possibility for calamity is all too real. >> i think there's a very serious likelihood that we'll plunge the country and possibly the world into a financial crisis similar to what we had in 2007/2008/2009. >> of course, we all remember what that was like. now, it should be said we are still a few weeks away from the u.s. hitting its debt ceiling and field says it is possible lawmakers will see how americans react to this shutdown and reverse their course. b if they don't, the shutdown could feel like a prick. let's hope they see the light. i'm sam brock. that's today's "reality check." wall street doesn't like the idea of a government shutdown. stocks closed lower today as investors pulled back. the dow jones industrial fell 128 points. the nasdaq down 10. our flash survey tonight.
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do you think lawmakers will reach a deal to avert this shutdown? remember, it's about 2 1/2 hours away. vote by calling or texting us at 408-300-9222. vote 1 for yes, 2 for no. or you can tweet us @nbcbayarea. we'll have the results in a few minutes. coincidentally, we're hours away from uninsured americans being able to sign up for obama care. a new poll, though, out today by nbc and kaiser finds that americans are deeply divided on the affordable health care act. nearly half say they're confused about how it works. more than half are worried. 29% are angry. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us in san jose this evening at a health insurance phone bank. >> reporter: raj, i'm here at working partnerships usa in san jose. where phone bank workers are reaching out to people without insurance throughout california. and answering their questions about the affordable health care act. so far, they have contacted more
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than 17,000 people. tonight, we look at some of the most commonly asked questions in the bay area. starting tomorrow, you can sign up for insurance offered through the affordable health care act, but before you do, you need to look beneath the surface to get the coverage you need. santa clara valley health and hospital system which treated 53,000 people this year who have no insurance, we asked the chief medical officer the most commonly asked question he hears. >> so what is covered california? it's a new health insurance marketplace for californians to purchase health insurance. >> reporter: just go to and sign up. you can use this online calculator to determine your options based on your income. here at working partnerships in san jose, these outreach specialists are calling low-income families throughout the state and explaining covered california. >> the question we hear the most is around pre-existing
6:34 pm
conditions. people who have had a pre-existing condition don't actually know that they're going to be able to get coverage through covered california. >> reporter: the other commonly asked question? can i get insurance through covered california if i already have insurance? the answer is, it depends on how much you're paying for insurance coverage now. >> if they're paying more than 9.5% of their income, then they can get insurance through covered california. >> reporter: in santa clara county, the uninsured will have five covered california plans to choose from. open enrollment to the insurance exchange runs through tomorrow until march 30th of next year. the phone bank workers are answering questions in english, spanish and vietnamese. starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., you can go on the covered california website and sign up for a health pam. if you don't have insurance coverage by april 1st of next year, you will face a penalty. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we have extensive resources on our website. you'll find several articles and links to shop and compare plans. all you need to know, after all you need to know about how obama care impacts californiaens. once again, at she's back on trial. amanda knox is being retried in italy. as expected, she's a no show on site. this is the third trial for the former american student. knox is back in the united states after being acquitted in 2011 of murdering her roommate. but italy's highest court overturned the verdict and ordered a new trial. attorneys for knox want dna evidence from the crime scene reexamined. they believe it will show that drug dealer rudy guede is the sole killer. he's currently serving 16 years for the murder of meredith kercher. our breaking news out of san francisco. a hazmat situation at a hotel there. evacuations under way at the
6:36 pm
raddison fisherman's wharf. chase cane is there with the latest. what scan you tell us right now? >> reporter: five people had to be taken to hospital although we're told they should be okay. nothing incredibly serious. it was a rather scarry scene. this is beach street one block off embarcadero. police and fire tell us there was a maintenance worker inside hotel who apparently discovered a bear repellent that's similar to pepper spray. apparently in handling that bear repellent pepper spray, the maintenance worker set it off. the fumes got sucked into the ventilation of the hotel and of course they showed up to evacuate and get everyone out because people inside the hotel were complaining of coughing and itchy throats. three floors of the hotel, all evacuated. although they just started letting people back inside the hotel now. fire crews wrapping up and leaving. so, again, nothing too serious. it was rather scary when the pepper spray went off, went all through the hotel.
6:37 pm
five people at the hospital. all should be back in their room by later this evening. that's the latest in san francisco, chase case, nbc bay area news. >> glad to hear everybody is okay. still ahead at 6:00, new honor for san jose. stay with us. we started the day off with some showers, especially up around the north bay. .4 an inch of rain coming down around mt. st. is helena now. the showers for the most part have moved on. as we await some gusty north winds and a big warmup in your seven-day forecast. i'll have a look at that when we come right back.
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fees we like, it's hard to believe new fees will improve the travel experience. the new fees include selling hot
6:40 pm
first class meals to coach passengers. renting ipads preloaded with movies. letting fliers pay to have an empty seat next to them. passengers can also skip baggage claim and have luggage dropped off at their homes or offices. airlines are also customizing offers based on personal data they collect on their passengers. in health matters, a breast cancer drug made in the bay area got the green light today. the drug, projeta is already being used for advanced breast cancer. today the fda approved the use of the drug for early stage breast cancer even before surgery. this means it will be available to breast cancer patients more quickly. it's developed by the well-known company based in south san francisco. "prevention" magazine named san jose as the healthiest and happiest city in america. san jose, number one. san francisco checked in at number seven. san jose topped the charts because of its abundance of organic produce. the city has 18 community gardens. more than half of the gardeners who tend to these gardens are from all over the world.
6:41 pm
lending to a global flavor to the food culture. the city council also recently passed an ordinance that allows vendors to sell fresh produce near libraries, schools and houses of worship. okay. woke up to some rain remnants this morning. that was strange. >> yes, it was enough to kind of rinse the skies out of the dust. we're seeing changes ahead. over the next few days. right now, strong sea breeze. the fog is taking over san francisco right now. some misty skies for now, but could we get into the 80s in san francisco by the end of the week? sta starting to look that way. we'll have a look at your forecast coming up. that sounds good, rob. it's a busy month in bay area sports. the football season in full swing. sharks and warriors preparing to start their respected seasons. but the forefront of everyone's mind, playoff baseball. a's ready for their series with the tigers. up next, what does tigers manager jim leland think of the matchup? we're going to tell you from the xfinity sports desk, next.
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here are the results of our survey. we asked what you thought, do you think lawmakers will reach a deal to avert a government shutdown? 29% of you are hopeful. you say yes. 71% say no. well, it can be hard to define, but a company's brand can lead to big-time sales and a good reputation. >> the title of most valuable brand now belongs to a silicon valley tech company. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with the top brand. >> janelle and raj, maybe it has something to do with being the world's most valuable company. this year for the first time, apple has been voted the world's most popular brand with other tech companies not far behind. you know you've got something when people are willing to line up and wait for your product. what apple has, according to interbrand, is the most valuable brand in the world unseating coca cola for first time in 14
6:45 pm
years. three marketeers ceo jeff holmes says the fact that apple is now number one with google jumping to number two shows the power of technology in our lives. >> here in silicon valley, we all know these companies because we eat and breathe them every day, but now that what they're saying is, you know, how many times a day are you picking up your iphone or how many times a day are you doing a search on google versus drinking a coke or going to mcdonald's? >> reporter: interbrand says ple's brand, alone, is worth nearly $100 billion. >> technology touches our lives every day. >> reporter: enough that silicon valley pr leader kathleen shanahan says small companies need to think about their brand, too. >> brand drives the energy within the company and the buying decisions that your customers might be making. so when you're a smaller company, don't think like a smaller company. always be thinking that you're going to be the next google. you're going to be the next netflix. >> i think it speaks to innovati innovation. people like to be associated
6:46 pm
with innovation and something that's new but constantly delivering on that promise and consistency. >> reporter: whatever the reason, tech is sexy. and even as logos change, companies they brand are in the spotlight. >> microsoft and ibm also among the tech companies rated in the top five when it comes to brands. the fastest climber in this year's survey, that would be facebook. back to you guys. >> did he just say tech is sexy? >> tech is sexy in the silicon valley. we had a beautiful weekend. i think we're going to have a repeat this weekend if your forecast predicts that. >> yeah, same pattern really setting up, janelle. looking ahead to the seven-day forecast. we'll see the north winds picking up which will start to warm things up. in the meantime before we get there, cooler days ahead. today's temperatures 6 0s and mid 70 s. 81 was the top spot around the south bay. 81 degrees at south san jose. 77 in downtown san jose. pretty warm 83 in santa cruz. right now down to 63 in san
6:47 pm
francisco. misty skies and fog are starting to spill in. low 7 0s inland. all locations around the inner bay tonight will likely start to fill in if those low clouds which could include a little bit of mist at times. now, we had more than just miff that fell overnight and this morning especially north of the golden gate. rain totals near mt. st. helena, close to .40. we did have wet roadways across the peninsula and the bay this morning. this is an outer fringe of a massive storm system that dropped another 5 to 8 inches of rain across western washington and a tornado south of seattle a bit earlier in the afternoon. by the time that system swept through the bay area today, just enough lift of the low clouds to wring out heavy drizzle at times. we may see that north of san jose later tonight into tomorrow morning. right around 680 and 880 tomorrow morning. as we get down to the grade, you might find mist waiting for you. as we get through the afternoon, skies start to clear on out. our temperatures are really not going to be all that warm as we go into tuesday and wednesday. because on the west coast we'll
6:48 pm
still see this trough of low pressure keeping things fairly mild through the middle part of the week. starting thursday that low is going to dive off to the east. high pressure builds in behind it. that's going to lead to some warming. in fact, perhaps too much warming for some of the hilltops. if those winds get too gusty come friday, we could see fire weather watches going up due to those dry winds for the end of the week. tonight 40s and 50s. drizzle. areas of low clouds moving inland. tomorrow's temperatures very similar to the numbers we should see on wednesday, too. so now we're talking mid 70s around the south bay down toward morgan hill. 76 for santa cruz. nice out at the beaches. high surf continues from the powerful storm in the pacific northwest. tri valley, numbers in the 60s to mid 70s around pleasanton and into the north bay. 75 in santa rosa. we will see temperatures climbing once we pass the next three days. see relatively cool. cool start to wednesday morning. and then the numbers really start to jump up as we get into friday and saturday. and for the weekend ahead, we've
6:49 pm
got the a's division series kicking off end of the week. look at that. just in time for that, warmest temperatures of the week and for the football game sunday, more gorgeous weather. just a little bit cooler. >> the niners at candlestick and raiders in oakland. on sunday night. >> we're going to tell you more about that. the a's are actually celebrating, fans are celebrating the playoff run which starts this weekend. the city and fans are in a celebratory mood. tomorrow night the mayor will host an a's oaktober rally at city hall. oak as in oakland. >> oaktober. >> city hall will be lit in green and gold. oakland dignitaries honor the a's and fans. the a's just announced the times for games one and two for the american league divisional series at coliseum. the raiders game against the chargers has been moved on sunday to 8:35 at night. you're not seeing things. to accommodate enough time for the coliseum fields to be converted from a baseball field saturday night to a football
6:50 pm
field on sunday. lots of sports. i want to see if jim can do both a's games then the niners game and go across the bay for the raiders game sunday night. >> it is possible. i was just thinking that. you could actually have that type of a -- i wanted janelle to keep going. she had all the sports news going. i like it. well done. now i have janelle fighting for her for time. alds. a's/tigers. game one, 6:30. a's to seek revenge. a team that knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago. jim leyland isn't taking the a's lightly. >> i like their team a lot. i thought what they accomplished this year after sneaking up on texas last year, this year they didn't sneak up on fianybody. they kept playing good. we have the utmost respect for them. hopefully they feel the same way. playoff baseball, the two teams deserve to be there. it all starts friday. our team will be ready.
6:51 pm
we just to have put the paint brush to a couple last-minute things and touch them up. you know, they will make final decisions obviously. i'm looking forward to a good, really good workout on tuesday. >> oaktober. i just got it. i get it. major league baseball announced players of the month awards for september. a clean sweep for the bay area teams. giants right fielder hunter pence, he takes home the nl honors. a's third baseman josh donaldson won it, he hit .337 for the month. pence hitting 32 runs batted in and he's got the five year $90 million contract. playoff baseball in oakland. in oaktober will have an effect on the raiders, too. we heard janelle talk about this, due to the time it will take to convert the stadium from baseball to football. raiders kickoff on sunday has been changed. not 1:25 any longer. it's now 8:35 p.m. that's after the 49ers game.
6:52 pm
raiders play sunday night, they may be without two of their best offensive players. marcel has a tweaked knee. mcfadden, running back, left hamstring injury. the coach said today it's too early to tell whether either will be available. 49ers' patrick willis overcoming an injury of his own. he missed thursday's game in st. louis due to a groin injury. his status also uncertain for sunday. >> you know what, right now, you know, just taking it day-by-day and i've been on the grind every chance, you know, the injury and, you know, i have some of the best trainers. the strength coach. you know, i'm just going to trust those guys but i'm going to certainly work to make sure i'm ready for sunday. to the gridiron. let's talk hoops. that's right. hoops. i know you're all familiar with warriors star players like curry, lee. there are some new faces in camp you may not be familiar with yet. how are the new guys adjusting
6:53 pm
to playing with new teammates? >> every possession, you know, and it's only going to make our team better. you know? each player makes each person better. some people have bad days. some people have good days. but it's all love. we're like family. at the end of the day, you know, we're going to need that come crunch time and come game. >> we've been going hard at each other because a lot are new to the team. you have to get used to playing with the guys and used to being every day with them to make our team better. so it's good and everybody is going hard in practice. are we going to touch them all? football, baseball, basketball and hockey? san jose sharks open their season thursday against the canucks. tonight joe thornton in our studio to discuss his expectations for the season. don't fight, joe. >> ultimately the end goal is to win the stanley cup. it starts thursday night against a familiar foe, against vancouver. keep getting better each and
6:54 pm
every game and just want to get that dance in the playoffs and go from there. it starts thursday, the foundation. and thursday it does start with the canucks in town. also going to have an open street fair. if you're down there, have fun with the sharks. guys, that's going to do it from the xfinity sports tesk. >> all the teams are playing at home. >> a's thursday. sharks. >> niners and raiders. >> he's going to do them all. >> a lot of tv to watch this weekend. >> well done. get your couch ready. >> always ready for me. >> especially in times like this. for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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tonight at 11:00, it's supposed to help kick the habit but may be kick starting a new trend. how kids and teenagers are able to get high under their pasht parents' noses. a bit of a cool down before another warmup. >> a little bit of a speed bump before things really warm up second half of the week. tonight, a chance of mist or drizzle for the tuesday morning commute, especially in the south bay. every changes friday and saturday. now with the offshore winds. not going to be just the tri valley that gets into the upper 80s by saturday. the bay, san francisco and oakland saturday, very closely in the 80s. close to records to kick off the weekend. >> i can't wait. it's only monday. >> before we leave, let's take a live shot, a live look now at the capitol building in washington, d.c. the clock is ticking. about two hours until the shutdown. a lot of local impact. we'll be following this story through the night.
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