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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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monty. >> reporter: jessica, that's right. good evening. we're in front of the veterans affairses office in oakland. it processes all the disability claims for northern california. it also has the worst record in the country for how long it takes to process those claims. and now because of the shutdown, veterans are bracing for even longer waits. >> we lost everything. everything that we had. >> reporter: william caston of livermore waited more than two years for the veterans affairs office in oakland to process his disability claim. during that time, he said he hit rock bottom, suffering from severe back pain from an injury he suffered in the coast guard, the married father of three lost his home and his car and declared bankruptcy. >> sunny days, there were none for me. so i can imagine how this could push some people like, you know, over the edge. >> reporter: he says for veterans, who are waiting on the va, any additional delay from a government shutdown is like pouring salt in a wound. >> it really sucks to be in a situation where, you know, you're not getting the help you
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need. or not getting the right help you need. if this exacerbates it, you know, shame on the national government. >> reporter: for hundreds of thousands of federal employees, a shudown means going without a paycheck. that includes 450 employees at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park. all but three employees who have the task of monitoring earthquakes left their offices today uncertain about when they'd be back on the job. >> of course, we're all hoping that it doesn't last that long and that we're back to work soon. >> reporter: at national parks such as point rayes national seashore, park rangers had the unwelcomed task of turning away park visitors. >> people are somewhat understanding of it, but you can see that they're disappointed in the inconvenience, but we're giving them options of other places to go in the area. >> reporter: and as for veterans affairs, since march, the va says it has reduced the backlog of claims by 30%, but the shutdown is threatening to undo
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all of that progress. live in oakland tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> monty, thank you. from veterans to federal workers, nearly 170,000 federal employees are impacted in all this. and nasa ames in mountain view, more than 2,000 people have been furloughed without pay. they received an e-mail today that basically said not to expect a paycheck until the government is back up and running. they did go to work this morning. you see some of them arriving. to shut down their office space, computers and labs. from locals to tour ifs, the shutdown is creating havoc including the 5,000 people shut out of alcatraz today. coming up in ten minutes, what some people are doing to work around it and how some businesses are profiting from the shutdown. what do you think of all this? how so you been impacted by the government shutdown? we want to know what you think. vote by texting or calling us at 408-300-9222. or tweet us @nbcbayarea. we'll have the results of our
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survey. two people behind bars and another extradited back to the bay area for killing an oakland girl, her only crime opening a front door at a sleep over. new details and areaction from the little girl's mother. >> reporter: an alleged gang member and alleged accomplice arraigned here this afternoon on the sixth floor at this oakland courthouse and a mother reacting to their arrest. >> today is just about justice. it's all about justice for alaysha carradine. >> reporter: she came to court today overwhelmed because today is the day she come s face to face with her daughter's alleged killer. >> i'm excited. i've been waiting for this day until the day i got the phone
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call she was dead. >> reporter: alameda attorney district attorney lisa o'malley announcing the arrest of darnell williams and two other people involved in a crime scene from berkeley and oakland. o'malley says he is an oakland gang member and believed to be the shooter in alaysha's killing on july 17th. she opened the door while at a sleep over in oakland when williams came to the door and started shooting. alaysha was killed and three others injured. >> we believe there was an earlier shooting, murder and that this was a retaliation and that they specifically went to that house to kill someone at the house. >> reporter: the intended target was not there. police believe williams' arrest prevented other killings from happening in the bay area. >> we developed information several suspects from the same gang were conspireing to commit additional murders in addition to what they had done already. we were able to prevent those killings from taking place. >> i don't get to see no years
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more with my daughter. and i don't want them to see any more years of -- i don't want them seeing any more light on the street. >> reporter: williams will be back in court here tomorrow. another suspect in this case, he fled the city. he will be brought back to oakland to face murder charges in the case. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. an update on a story we told you about last night. the power outage and resulting explosion at uc berkeley. this is the generator that exploded. work crews pulled it out of the ground late this afternoon. it's trashed. they're now installing temporary generators that will restore power to some of the buildings that are still in the dark. >> the other buildings of the 11 that will remain off the campus grid until we have a full understanding of what the damage was and can fully assess it, we don't want to reconnect it for fear we may bring everything
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crashing down once again. >> university is hoping the temporary fix will last until students get back to class. more than 100 classes were canceled today. cal is confirming the explosion is related to a copper theft discovered on campus late last week. new at 6:00, can oakland come up with a way to keep the a's, warriors and raiders, perhaps? the proposed coliseum city project got a big shot in the arm today. city officials announced the company called colony capital led by investor rasheed al malik is leading oakland's effort to redevelop the current coliseum complex into a state of the art multistadium and entertainment center. mayor quan proposed the project last year and would like to see a family-oriented venue that includes two stadiums, an arena and family amusement center. the city council must approve the new investors. here's a look at the plaza tonight. mayor quan organizing a rally for the playoff bound oakland a's. hundreds of people are at city hall including a's top players.
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josh redick there next to stomper. everyone is getting pumped up for round one of the baseball playoffs which begins friday night at the coliseum against the detroit tigers. they're the hottest seats in town. today work crews at levi stadium installed the first seats and no one more excited than the season ticketholders who bought them. except maybe for the local company that made them. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from santa clara with why this is a win for 49er fans even before the team starts playing, kris? >> reporter: hi there, jess. most of us will be doing something big, we want to brag about it a little bit, tell our friends. a hayward company has changed from making medical devices and parts for cars, to quietly cranking out red seat after red seat and couldn't tell anyone about it. so today as these first season ticketholders to claim those seats had a seat, they say that the wait was worth it. >> oh my god. unbelievable. you dream of something like this, but to see it and witness
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it, oh my gosh. to see other stadiums, this is top. this is top. >> reporter: miranda and her son, steven, were the first season ticketholders to claim their seats at levi stadium. just a few rows up from the field near the tenth yard line. >> sure beats others. >> reporter: they won't sit in their seats until kickoff of next football season, a target date the project executive says this team won't miss. >> i believe we've got the lowest larger ball of any nfl stadium. we'd like to say that because it's indicative of how nice the stadium is going to be. >> reporter: for a local plastics company, it already feels like they won the super bowl. plastic-on of hayward earned the right to make the seat where 68,500 fans will sit and couldn't boast about it until today. >> oh, yes.
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we got season tickets. >> reporter: where's your seat in this? >> somewhere up there. >> reporter: when you come to the stadium, you'll be sitting in the seat that you made? >> yes, that's awesome. >> reporter: plastic-on seat contractors is one of 35 awarded to small businesses. $46 million worth. dominguez says her company was able to hire nearly 40 new people because of it. and that makes this season ticketholder of 41 years very happy for her team and her community. >> jobs of people. >> reporter: as you saw, miranda and steven's seats went in pretty quickly. by the way, they're from fremont. the rest of the seats will take about 17,000 manhours to install, but i think all of the fans that sit in them say and will say it will be worth the wait. in santa clara, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> kris saved two seats for herself right there. >> i thought those were for us. still ahead at 6:00, the state makes a move to put a stop
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on social media phenomenon. the rollout that didn't exactly roll. open enrollment for health care started today but not without glitches. now california is taking action. i'm scott budman in coupe te cupertino, where they just had a say on apple's new headquarters. that story coming up. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. sunny, gorgeous weather for the bay area. that storm track is just off to the north. we'll talk about how it's going to go from this to increased fire danger and very gusty winds coming up in just a few minutes.
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new at 6:00, california today made revenge porn against the law. violators can now be punished with six months in jail or $1,000 fine. penalty doubles for a second offense. it happens after a couple breaks
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up and one person maliciously posts a graphic image of the other online. there are even websites devoted to the practice. new jersey was the first state to make it against the law. california now the second. before he died steve jobs made a personal plea cupertino. apple is trying to move forward with its plans to build a massive new campus. the public gets a chance to weigh in. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us from cupertino this evening. scott, what's move there? >> reporter: pretty good, raj. apple and the city of cupertino made it clear they want the company to stay here for the long term. now, the proposed headquarters is not yet up for a vote, but today the public got a chance to have its say. it's being called the lasting legacy of steve jobs. the next worldwide headquarters of apple to be built here in cupertino, assuming the company and the city can come to a deal. apple says it wants to stay.
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most residents here seem to feel the same. >> because it brings good business to cupertino. you know, lots of, you know, workers over there. and they are nice people, i think. yes, yes. especially young generation. >> i think it's a great idea. any economy, any city would love, you know, to expand its business. to expand, you know, its living structure. everything. so it brings in jobs. people are here -- my roommate works for apple. >> reporter: while the planned campus often refers to as the spaceship is not a done deal, apple is taking cues from another tech giant that recently moved. facebook just announced plans to fund 15 low-income housing units in its new hometown of menlo park. apple will deal with cupertino's most pressing issue, traffic. funding roads and promising alternative transportation. >> their own buses, anybody dealing with cupertino, you see the apple buses all the time, they two up to the city and all
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over. between their own bus system, people that take bikes, et cetera, there actually may be less traffic than there was at its peak when hp was there. >> reporter: it's a giant undertaking in a city proud to be small. two longtime partners working toward their latest agreement. and, again, tonight's meeting for study and discussion purposes only. the city of cupertino says the headquarters will come up for a vote later this month. in cupertino, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, scott. it was 20 years ago today the abduction and subsequent death of the young petaluma girl and it gripped the nation. 12-year-old poly klaas was snatched from a slumber party at her petaluma home by davis. he led police to polly's body physical allen was convicted of her murder and is currently still on death row. polly's mother marc klaas became
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a national advocate for these cases. his daughter's death helped create laws that are now helping so many other children. >> because it was only after polly was kidnapped and people were able to put a real face on crime. she became a real symbol of that. that people started paying attention to the alarming crime rates and actually doing something about it. >> today marc klaas and others remembered polly's life during a gathering in san francisco. among those attending were other kidnapping victims, law enforcement, and the families of other missing children. just into our newsroom, the pinol police department will re-open the case of a missing girl who disappeared 25 years ago. the announcement comes less than a month after a petition was started urging the police to do so. 7-year-old amber schwartz was last seen in front of her house. in 2009, the police chief closed the case, citing the signed confession of convicted kidnapper and killer curtis dean
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anderson who died in friprison month later. at the time, amber's mother, kim schwartz, there was no evidence produced tieing anderson to amber. her friend and neighbor launched the petition. a hayward police officer pleaded guilty today. excuse me, pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually abusing minors. 38-year-old richard mcleod was arrested on three counts of lewd and lascivious acts with girls between the ages of 12 and 1437. prosecutors say the crimes occurred before mcleod became an officer when he ran an after school program in livermore. a woman recently came forward claiming mcleod assaulted her six years ago. once again, he pleaded not guilty today. this prompted police to question other people in the livermore area. bittersweet day at yosemite national park on its 123rd anniversary, the park was closed because of the government shuttown. instead of welcoming visitors on its birthday, park rangers had to escort people out of yosemite
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valley. meantime, notice yosemite's milestone having its google doodle pay tribute to the park. it chose yosemite in part because it was damaged by the massive rim fire this summer. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's a nice day to be at the park or outside. that's for another story. >> definitely a nice day. no matter where you're at in the bay. coastline, inland, right up near the water. we had some classic weather here across the bay. temperatures slightly below average. 77 in livermore. 76 in gilroy. 75 in san jose. even san francisco, official reading of 68 was very comfortable. now, the storm track is oh, so close for the outdoor plans. we are getting ex-streamtremely. storm track, across washington and also oregon. rain in seattle but also snow up across the higher elevations. more in our forecast coming up. let's take you outside right now to the high definition view. you can see mainly clear skies in san how staay. we have high level cloud cover
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passing by and function of the storm track, jet stream getting close to us. you'll be able to see this also in our other camera as we take you to fremont with the jet stream overhead. it's helping to bring in just a little bit of moisture. nothing that would bring us rainfall. just making the skies very scenic. let's get a look at the forecast as we head throughout wednesday. the biggest difference is the morning hours. we'll start with areas of cloud cover at the coast, also by the bay and patchy low cloud cover inland. temperatures in the mid 50s. 11:00 a.m., sunny skies, expecting sunshine at the coastline with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. we'll get in on low 70s for spots like livermore, pleasanton and walnut creek down to san jose. on the seven-day forecast, numbers start to heat up as we head throughout thursday and friday. mid to also upper 80s for the interior valleys. em the coastline by friday likely in the low 70s. a function of drying offshore winds in forecast. coming up, we'll talk about the gusty winds returning and when we could see 40 mile per hour winds in that forecast in just a little bit. >> jeff, see you shortly. up next, a threatened
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species could be making a comeback in the south bay. bay up. the bay area city where it will cost you for that to-go bag. saving history. the fight to honor a nearly 100-year-old building in san jose. here's the question for you. have you been impacted by the government shutdown? vote by texting or calling 408-300-9222. or tweet us @nbcbayarea. we'll have the results coming up a little bit later in this newscast.
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well, for years it was hard to get out. now it's hard to get in. it was a disappointing day for thousands of visitors hoping to see the rock. alcatraz was among the national parks closed as a result of this government shutdown. about 5,000 visitors who already had tickets to visit the island today were, well, they were shut out. the private tour company was offering refunds or exchanges for a 90-minute day cruise.
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that was disappointing for visitors who bought their tickets months in advance. >> i just don't understand it. i just can't see how a government can just shut things down like that. >> they wouldn't do it in austral australia. >> politicians are preventing me to see alcatraz, our nation's historic site. it's no good. it's no good. >> all this did lead to some creative options for some local businesses. they were tries to help the visitors lift their spirits. this lounge on fisherman's wharf was offering two for one drinks. anyone with an alcatraz ticket. visitors said a cheap drink and bay cruise almost made up for missing the real thing. >> it's not good. it's part of the tour that we paid for. but we think we're going to get a trip around the bay instead. so we'll at least get to see it from a distance. >> they will continue to offer the two for one deal until the shutdown ends. part of san jose's historic past up for a vote at city hall. the can youing lo building.
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city council tonight is expected to approve making it an official historic landmark. it was built on sixth street in 1887 when the heart of the city's chinatown was there. a suspected arson fire destroyed the community except for that one building. japanese immigrants moved into the area, the building became a boarding house and then a restaurant for some 90 years. still ahead at 6:00, a close call in one of the nation's most congested areas. a father trying to defend his family and it was all caught on video. s and i'm janelle wang. more on the government shutdown. which federal agencies being hit the hardest? and which agency is not being hit at all? that's coming up next. and then it's open, but is it online? the glitches in the new health care exchanges that are impacting people all across the nation, plus the response here in california.
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the blame game in full swing. republicans and democrats pointed the fingers at each other for causing the first government shutdown in 17 years. >> the argument, as you know, is in washington, but the real impact is felt across the country. nbc's janelle wang is here with more. >> raj and jessica, the lawmakers we elected to keep the government running have actually caused it to shut down. today 800,000 federal workers were sent home. why? because the government doesn't have the money to pay them. congress cannot agree on a spending plan for the new fiscal
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year. republicans want one thing. the president's health care plan defunded. democrats say no way. president obama outraged. >> they've shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of americans. >> speaker boehner and his band of tea party radicals have done the unthinkable. they've shut down the federal government. >> none of us want to be in a shutdown, and we're here to say to the senate democrats, come and talk to us. >> like kids on a playground. fighting, fighting for nothing. it's ridiculous. >> a poll out today finds 72% of americans disagree with shut down the government to block obama care. here's a breakdown for each federal department and nasa. 97% of workers have been furloughed, basically everyone except those in mission control because they need to support astronauts at the international space station. environmental protection agency, 94% sent home. department of labor, 832%.
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department of interior 81% furloughed because most work for national parks which are closed. defarmt of treasury, 80%. department of justice and homeland security, only about 15%. that's because the fbi, dea agents, present employees and border patrol need to stay on the job for the safety of this country. department of veterans affairs, 4%. the u.s. postal service, 0%. every worker stays on the job. your mail will be delivered. more than half of the staff by agencies overseen by the department of health and human services also sent home. daily tracking of salmonella outbreaks and the measles disease grounded to a halt. high risk drug and food recalls will continue as well as meat inspections by the department of agriculture. the shutdown has affected the tourism industry. more than 400 national monuments, museums and memorials closed including yosemite,
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smithsonian and statue of liberty. world war ii vets visited a monument in their honor in washington, d.c., today. the nearly 100 mississippi gulf coast honor flight vets moved past the barricades and visited the site with no objections. the shutdown also impacting the sports world, specifically college football. the game between the air force academy and the navy this saturday, canceled. the army may also not be able to fly to the game against the boston college this saturday. final decision on that for that game is expected on thursday. back to you, raj. >> okay, janelle, thank you. our flash survey, have you been impacted by the government shutdo shutdown? vote by texting or calling us, 408-300-9222. or tweet us @nbc bay area. we'll have the results later in this newscast. there's a lot to learn about the government shutdown. what can you and can't you do during it? we have all that information on our website, millions of americans were hoping to sign up online for that new federal health care
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program known as obama care. but a lot of them ran into computer glitches. even here in the golden state where the site was flooded. nbc bay area's marianne favro has been tracking the problems for us. she joins us live. >> i spoke with covered california leaders and they tell me that the computer glitches were so significant that they are now going to shut down the entire website at 9:00 tonight until early tomorrow morning to fix the problems. now, here's what i ran into. several times i went on to the website, every time i reached the home page. when you try to enroll, it does not enable you to do that. that's problem they're working on. for more than 7 million californians who are uninsured, health insurance and better access to care could be a click away. today under the federal affordable care act, you were supposed to be able to start signing up for a health plan on the covered california website. but we found that wasn't always
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possible. president obama asked americans to keep trying. >> consider that just a couple weeks ago, apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch. so they fixed it. i don't remember anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads or threatening to shut todown the company if they didn't. it's not how we do things in america. we don't actively root for fail wr year. we get to work, make things happen, we make them better. we keep going. >> reporter: at healthier kids foundation, santa clara county ceo kathleen king says if you're patie patient, it will pay off. >> i think give it a week or two and it will get much, much easier to get into. >> reporter: covered california admits it's having some challenges with its website, and high traffic is slowing it down, but the agency says it's making fixes and the site is up and running. to give you an idea of the volume of people interested in signing up for health care, by 3:00 this afternoon, the
6:33 pm website received 5 million hits and more than 17,000 calls came into two call centers in the state including this one in concord. covered california says even if you couldn't sign up today, you have until march 31st to enroll in a plan. covered california says it will not release enrollment figures until november 15th. so right now we don't know how many people were actually able to enroll on the website today. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, back to you. today new york city police charged a motorcyclist with reckless endangerment. he was caught on camera appearing to chase down a driver of an suv. we'll show you this video. it was recorded by a helmet cam and posted on youtube. once again, this was in new york city in manhattan. a biker is seen slowing down in front of a range rover with a 33-year-old father, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter inside. the wife is from san jose. her husband took off, hitting another biker, breaking his leg. the chase went on for more than
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50 blocks. a group of bikers caught up with the family, bashed in the driver's side window, and pulled the dad out and beat him. police are still searching for the others involved in this attack. mixed feelings in richmond, today's announcement that chevron is investing $15 million in the communities that surround its refinery. that refinery caught fire last summer sending 15,000 people to the hospital complaining of breathing problems. chevron will invest in local businesses and job training that a third of the money will bolster science, tech and math programs at west contra costa county schools. they were disinvited from speaking because the company is suing them for damages from that fire last year. san francisco's plastic bag ban extends to doggy bags. a restaurant will charge 10 cents for a takeout bag. they banned plastic bags for supermarkets and pharmacies in
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2007. last year the ban was expanded to all retailers. still ahead at 6:00, a new health concern for women under stress. and is it a healthy way out for smokers or a high-tech way of attracting new ones? i'm stephanie trong with more on the latest generation of e-cigarettes also known as vaporizers. how many kids are picking them up and just how safe are they? that's straight ahead. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. the first day of october starting off sunny even at the coastline here in san francisco. looking magnificent for tonight. we're going to talk about our increased fire threat in that seven-day forecast just minutes away.
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in health matters tonight, stress and middle age may increase alzheimer's risk later in life. swedish researchers tracked 800 women for almost 40 years. they looked at how stress from things like divorce, unemployment, widowhood, family illness, impacted their wellbeing. high stress was linked to a much greater risk of alzheimer's and greater risk of any type of d dement dementia. food and drug administration approved its first artificial pancreas. the wearable device will control insulin levels of diabetics. the device is an advancements. the device is smart enough to monitor blood sugar and administer the appropriate amount of insulin. if blood sugar drops too low, an alarm sounds and stops delivering insulin if not shut
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off. low blood sugars can lead to coma and death. jeff joins us. a cool start to the day today. >> comfortable out there. i must say your outfit is looking dapper tonight. >> she says that about you. >> i said both of you. you have the pin sometime coordination going on. >> we have a teleconference at noon every day. >> oh. you better give me the number. >> just kidding. >> live look outside of our san francisco sky camera. sunset looks impeccable. i was going to stay gorgeous. i think i've said it ten times today to describe that weather. it really is. we'll talk more about increasing wind and fire danger in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. jeff, here's what we have coming up in sports. raiders quarterback terrelle pryor visits kids in downtown oakland to talk about their future. plus the a's ready for their playoff rematch with the tigers on friday. find out who's going to be taking the ball for oakland in game one. that's next from the xfinity sports desk.
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okay. we wanted to know what you thought. have you been impacted by the government shutdown? 54% say yes i've been impacted. 46% say no, at least not yet. we appreciate you being part of our flash survey. and we'll keep you posted as the days go by. well, it's being touted as the best new way to kick the habit but it may be kick starting a new generation of smokers. >> we're talking about e-cigarettes and if you don't know what they are, you might want to ask your teenager. the number of high school kids who've admitted to trying e-cigarettes doubled last year to almost 2 million of them. nbc bay area's stephanie trong joins us now. there's a name for this called vaping. >> yes, from the term vaporizing, burning nicotine and mare ju
6:43 pm
marijuana and inhaling instead of smoke. they've gotten smaller and more advanced and allows kids to smoke literally in front of their parents. lighting up it 2.0. >> there's less of a burn. it feels less dirty. >> reporter: no actual lighter required. >> it doesn't smell. >> reporter: e-cigarettes also known as vaporizers or vapes have a battery powered heating almost that warms the liquid turning it into vapor. only vapor in downtown san bruno is the latest in the bay area to sell the vapes. he says this is the secret to helping smokers kick the habit. >> if you're burning vegetation, you're building up tar in your lungs. if you're vaporizing liquids, you're not. >> reporter: there are even vape meets where people get together to compare and talk about their vaporizers. >> i've seen the growth of the popularity of it within the last year. >> reporter: candace garcia who works with troubled teens and adults says there are so many colors to choose from, they're turning vapes into accessory.
6:44 pm
>> lipstick, you want to look like you match, so with this electronical cigarette or vaporizing pen, if it's hot pink and have a hot pink purse, it's cool. >> i've seen it very. >> reporter: therein lies the problem. he says kids are getting hooked. >> a kid could have it here and slip it out of their jacket, do this and be done. have it like this, you're never going to see it. >> they could do it in class in front of a teacher. >> they do it in class in front aft of a teacher. >> reporter: teens use it for nicotine and marijuana in the same room as their parents. >> bhowithout mom and dad catch on. >> reporter: and perhaps luring in first-time smokers. san francisco general hospital doctor says the impact goes beyond individuals. e-cigs could make smoking much more popular. >> people don't see as many people smoking anymore. all of a sudden everyone's carrying e-cigarettes so smoking behavior becomes normalized.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: the doctor who's also a nicotine expert with ucsf's center for tobacco control, research and education says the newest devices are far less toxic compared to the first e-cigs that came out ten years ago. still he warns a lack of regulation left many questions hanging in the air. >> some cartridges are really big and contain a lot of nicotine. in theory if someone were suicidal or a child got ahold of them, they could get a lethal dose of nicotine. >> reporter: for this man, the last eight months of vaping is all the proof he needs. >> i've lost that smoker's cough. i feel more clear. >> now, these vapes or e-cigarettes are not only gotten smaller but cheaper, too. actually pick one up that can last for a couple years for as little as $20 to $30. legally, you can smoke these anywhere including at work, restaurants, et cetera. there was a senate bill in california designed to ban e-cigarettes in the same places traditional cigarettes are outlawed and also regulate the advertising that that has been
6:46 pm
put on hold. jess? >> i'm sure whee'll hear more o this. bird watchers are thrilled with the appearance of a rare hawk that hasn't nested in the south bay since the 1880s. it's believed a family has set up house in santa clara county and raised a chick. no one's revealing the nest site except to say it's 15 miles south of downtown. south bay gardeners should be excited. the hawk is known to be a voracious consumer of locusts and other large bugs. >> back for the first time since 1880? >> 1880. >> amazing. jeff raranieri, take it away. >> our weather is on trend for the first time since the 1800s. fall arrived a week ago. we're enjoying crisp, cool fall weather with us today. numbers running anywhere from 3 to 13 degrees cooler at this hour. that all got sparked off by the wind to the coastline. right now 15 to 35 miles per hour. prevailing wind direction coming
6:47 pm
out of the northwest is helping to keep a little bit of fog right off the immediate coastline and for tomorrow, that's going to keep some phenomenal weather in the forecast with that onshore flow. we will start off with areas of cloud cover at 5:00 a.m. at the coast, by the bay and patchy low clouds for the interior valleys. that clears out quickly. not a huge problem in the forecast. 11:00 a.m., sunny skies at the coast and back into the east bay and south bay. temperatures will also run a little bit warmer for the midweek forecast. let's take you outside now to the high definition view. you were stuck in the cubicle all day long, there it is. some awesome sky shot there of san jose. relative humidity at 40%. but we are going to be highlighting much lower human as we head throughout that forecast later on in the week. and here you can see this shot in palo alto with the sun setting. a wide variety of cloud cover as it's reflecting off that haze in the atmosphere. as far as temperatures go for tomorrow, it's going to feel a little bit warmer out here. 79 in san jose. very comfortable.
6:48 pm
80, los gatos. some of hills, helping ramp up temperatures higher. 73 in santa cruz. in the east bay, numbers also very temperate. we have the storm track riding right across a lot of northern california so that's why we're not going to see too many extremes. 80 in livermore. 78, pleasanton. 75, castro valley. 73 in hayward. san francisco and immediate coastline, anywhere from upper 60s to low 70s. downtown sf. 73 in berkeley. also 75 in oakland. so as we've been mentioning, the increased fire threat is our next biggest concern. it looks like that's not really going to come into play until we head throughout thursday. morning hours, 15 to 30 mile per hour winds expected. as we head throughout the evening hours, we could see gusts especially at the coastline, also the north bay as high as 40 miles per hour. don't let this key get away from you down here. that's what the colors mean. look down there and see what the wind will be like there as we head throughout that thursday forecast. but again, looks like we could
6:49 pm
see gusts as high as 40 miles per hour by thursday this will increase the fire threat across the east bay hills as winds turn offshore. with the lowering humidity, this will include the north bay as well, primarily right above 1,000 feet. on your seven-day forecast, we see temperatures warming up with the offshore drying wind on friday with fire danger going to be the highest then. then, you know, warm to hot for this time of year on saturday with 89 inland. low to mid 70s at the coastline. as we head throughout sunday, monday, tuesday, gradual cooling with crisp fall air returning by next tuesday. no raindrops on this. but, you know, i think so far the way we've been heading this season, you know, it's not going to be too long before we get another storm system back on this seven-day forecast. >> which we need. >> definitely. >> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. jim joins us from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. last night jessica asked your colleague, our colleague, ahmad for some a's tickets.
6:50 pm
>> tell him what he said to any. >> he simply said stub hub. >> wow. that is mean spirited. he gave you the heisman right there. i'd never do that to you. i'd at least try to sneak you in. i know a couple of people. i know a couple of people. let's get it going here. we have big action on the baseball side. last season tigers squared off in the alds. detroit tigers surviving in five games. the a's are hoping for revenge. today oakland announcing their starting rotation to battle the two-headed monster of max surezer and justin verlander of the bengals. bob melvin announcing bartolo colon will take it. colon will be followed by rookie sunny gray. game two at the if necessary, dan straley, game four. we have more on the rotation decisions from coliseum.
6:51 pm
>> reporter: the rotation is is set. for the second straight year a's look to a couple rookies to shoulder the load against the tigers. unlike last year's post-season run, this year the a's have a veteran presence in bartolo colon who missed the playoffs last year due to a suspension. he hopes to start off his team on a winning note. >> we have that veteran presence that's going to lead us off. we didn't have that last year even though, you know, our guys were well suited to perform regardless. i mean, they were all, i think, rookies last year when the playoffs started. now you have a guy that's a veteran guy that pitched many games and pitched in post season and is looking forward to leading the way this year as well. >> it's huge. i mean, obviously it's bar tole y bartolo colon for one. to show the leadership he has on the staff as it is, and for him to come out game one, we feel like with the whole staff top to bottom we have a good chance to win this thing and for bartolo to start it off and get the
6:52 pm
wheels rolling so to speak, it takes pressure off the other guys in the rotation. i would assume. any one of our starts we're confident in. >> whether bartolo or other guys, they're going to do a good job. if it was any of them, they deserve it. >> reporter: missing from the a's rotation is a.j. griffin currently suffering from elbow tendinit tendinitis. also on the mend, cespedes who took batting practice today and will test his shoulder tomorrow with throwing exercises. bob melvin hopes to have his left fielder ready to go without limitations come friday. at the coliseum, kate long worth, nbc bay area news. let's move to football. kind of. raiders quarterback terrelle pryor's status for sunday still up in the air. today, pryor visited classrooms at the barack obama academy. the academy an alternative education second chance program, oakland school district. pryor hopes he can positively influence the younger generation. >> any time i ever have the opportunity to talk to children, and i believe it's a good thing,
6:53 pm
you know, i think it's good to share adversity type deals, especially the children here and get them to understand. they're setting goals and understanding where they want to be and how to have success. i think it's good to hear from somebody who had to deal with things like that and understands how to have success. all right. back in april, warriors initiated then rookie kent bazmore by filling his car with a bunch of popcorn. today the warriors introduced a first round pick, nedovich and when asked about rookie hazing, he clearly recalled the popcorn incident. >> oh, i heard about it. i heard about -- i mean, i watched it on youtube. the popcorn prank. i'm going to do whatever they say. i don't want to be in his position. >> which got me to thinking, what do you guys do if maybe pranks to new members of the nbc bay area news team?
6:54 pm
you know, like someone started with you, any pranks for that guy? >> we took away his makeup. >> that's a tough one. that's a bad prank. by the way, jess, you want to go to the game, right there, baby. you can sit with me, side by side. a little a's/tigers came one coming up. i got my seat. >> i'm going to have to get janelle to fill in for me. >> there you go. good man. thanks. for a full half hour of local sports coverage including all the a's playoff coverage, watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area at 10:30. >> we ought to start some hazing around here. good idea. we'll be right back.
6:55 pm
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tonight at 11:00, an annual
6:57 pm
school trip is canceled because of the government shuttown. we'll hear from frustrated students and parents tonight after an all new chicago fire. brilliant minds of santa clara university are in southern california for the solar decathlon. yes, cu team created this video giving governor brown five reasons why he should visit the competition and their, quote, radiant house in irving. they even built a solar doghouse for his dog. they never finished lower than third in the global contest, that awards the team with an energy efficient and as thetically pleasing house. the clean energy competition begins on thursday. >> very creative. >> a doghouse. that is really smart. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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