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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! there's good news and bad news. >> what is the good news? >> the good news is it's booze day tuesday. >> bad news, it's october 1st. already? what is going on? >> i can't believe it. i do love that on the east coast in new york and the west coast it's going to be gorgeous. 80 degrees. we're having summertime weather. >> i know, but you're leaving town. >> you're right. i picked the wrong time to leave
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town. >> apparently though, hoda -- >> what. >> -- everybody went crazy yesterday for this cover that i have on my iphone. it's my favorite thing but it's really your favorite thing. it's a great color. here's a great thing. you can put your credit cards your cash even lip gloss in here. >> or a key. >> you shut it. it's light as a feather. >> yep. >> and everyone kept saying where do we get it. here it is again. $29.99. >> people don't know it's ian rand either, even though she wrote the books. >> blind auditions continued last night. >> oh, my god. >> i'm loving the show this year. >> i'm so weepy. here's the thing, the kid sings, the chairs are turned with their backs. the parents are in the room, the family members. all i care about is chair turning, boom -- i don't care about the reaction of the singers. i went right to the parents.
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you see the parents in the room just sobbing. >> that's because you love your family. >> well, what -- >> what if you didn't love your family? i don't know that you'd be as moved. >> i'm into reactions. >> you'd be jealous if there's a family affair that actually cares about somebody. >> let's take a look at some of the auditions. ♪ ♪ begging you for mercy >> dude! >> cee lo! [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! ♪ >> sing it! ♪ >> yes! >> i told you, me and cee lo, we think a lot -- >> adam! >> wow! >> yes. ♪ ♪ you you and i
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>> yes! yes! ♪ >> girl power! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> by the way, that young lady is the sister of kaley cuoco. >> cuoco, from "big bang theory." >> she was so excited because that girl worked as her sister's assistant. her sister who's the tv star is in the waiting room and it's her sister's turn. >> i think it's going to roll this year. with football, "the voice" and also "the black list." >> did you watch it last night? >> i tivoed it. >> it's so juicy. if you haven't watched "the black list."
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you're missing. >> it's extraordinary. >> yes, it's crazy. we need a sitcom starring me and you -- perfect! >> speaking of music, i had a little fun with bethenny frankel. >> yes, that's what i hear. >> she put you to work for a week, hoda. >> we decided it's a good opportunity to shoot a music video. i know you haven't seen this video. it's a song called "thrift shop" by macklemore. we decided it was going to be very appropriate. we decided it was very appropriate to reenact the video. you have to picture thrift shop, fake fur, crazy insane. take a look. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ got 20 dollars in my pocket ♪ i wear your grandest
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clothes ♪ ♪ i look incredible i'm in this big as cold ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ come that thrift shop down the road ♪ >> anyway, going to be on our show today. it's funny and ridiculous. sorry about that. sorry. >> okay. >> is that a no-no? >> happens. >> is that a pay money words? oh, i'm sorry. i feel terrible. >> take it out of her salary. is it time to say good-bye to all time, to robocalls -- i think everybody would say yes. [ ringing ] >> oh, my god, i thought that was your phone. you had that old-fashioned road. >> i used to have barbara streisand singing. ♪ papa you can hear me? ♪ >> this is the thing about
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robocalls. you get the ones from candidates and you go hello? >> they wait until you're having dinner. >> you hear nothing. you go hello? on the second hello, they go hello, this is so-and-so. and then -- there's a solution now called nomorobo. >> dirty bit. all you have to do is sign up for the service. if the computer tags an incoming call a robocall, it hangs up before the second ring can even go through. >> how does that know? >> it was created by monies by the federal trade commission. you wanted to know where your tax dollars was going. finally, something we can use. the website goes live tonight. >> tara our director has never written anything down. she's writing something down. >> she's actually writing something down.
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>> for a good time, you can call her -- >> come on, tara. >> come on, tara. >> who was overserved the other night? >> you were! >> see what happens, we're sorry. there's a new study out that shows that kids who date younger end up in more trouble in life later. so when did you have your first boyfriend? think back. a new study from the journal of adolescents, age 13, in the middle of puberty to me. >> seems early. 55% of kids begin start dating at age 13. >> what does that mean? >> dating is completely different than it used to be. a date is when a boy asked you out. girls never did unless you were a -- and getting paid -- >> you have to get paid. it's a bad word. >> it's a bad word. >> no, no -- >> okay. go on. go on. >> girls just didn't do it. nice girls did not do that. you waited for a boy to ask you
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out. the boy actually came to your house. knocked on the door. had to spend some time with your father before you could actually go to the movies or something like that. now who knows they go to the mall like wild coyotes. they all go in groups. and you never know. and hooking up is very different than what it was when we were -- i was a kid. >> yes. exactly. >> they say 11 to 12 year olds who start dating are twice as likely to have behavorial problems in their school than their peers. if you're dating at 11, what is that, fourth grade? >> that's weird. fifth grade. it's way too soon. half the parents in our country wouldn't know they're kids are dating because they're not home to supervise them to begin with. you don't know what your kids are doing unless you're actively involved in their lives. >> dating only seemed like the only time you dated to me is when you went to a high school dance. >> a prom or something like that. >> at our house there was no dating it was forbidden.
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>> thank you. >> thaing for coming. but you have a little story to tell us? >> no, i don't. >> about john sackerman. >> i wasn't going to say his name. everybody has a crush. i remember it clearly when i was a kid. fifth grade or sixth, riding my bike. he lived four houses up and over. his back porch you could see it. i would ride my banana seat bike, orange. and circle around and wait for him to come out and sometimes just park like a stalker. >> stalker. >> like a sixth grade stalker waiting for him. >> it was so weird. >> and then what did you do? alls we did, everyone did the whole thing, we had the whole makeout thing that was so exciting. oh, my, i'm holding hands. he would say will you go with me? i was like go with me? >> did you ask where? >> no, not where, go with me. john zachman asked me to go with him.
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everyone said, he asked you to go with him? it was so thrilling. >> oh, you know what -- you know what -- that was uncalled for. you know, you just ruined a great moment. i didn't know i was looking out of those eyes. >> okay. >> those glasses. >> love is blind. >> i love that necklace. >> hoda shows up -- >> we have to move on. speaking of that picture, we have a top dog winner. >> that was rude! >> oh! >> a little doggy humor. last week we teemed up -- >> >> i'm not even continuing. enjoy. >> yes, you are. you never had so much fun in your life. teamed up with nbc's "chicago fire" to find the top fire house dog. we had three great dogs. this is the winner. this is based on your votes. this doing received 68,000 votes, smokey. a labrador retriever from jacksonville, illinois. she became a firefighter after found in a home engulfed in flames. now smokie helps kids to stop,
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drop and roll. >> which is what you were doing with john zachman. >> she gets a cameo appearance -- this is so sick -- on "chicago fire." congratulations. >> we also want to congratulate our -- >> -- living room makeover winner! >> we finally have a winner. remember? >> we're getting a drumroll. >> we had thousands of entries and the winner is the deutsche family. they live in new york. the furniture about 15 years ago. her family has been begging her to do the living room for the past ten years. their home is where the friends and family live together so they wanted to redo it. you can tell there was a lot of love there. it was a long time ago. >> we're going to take you throughout the house next monday. >> duchi, is what we said.
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>> we said duchi. written phonetically but we say deutsche. congratulations to that family. all right. kids we have a big show. jack from "will & grace" the emmy winning actor sean hayes is here. >> oh, yes! he's here. >> i love all references. keep them up. >> we got a kazoo for you. >> bye!
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♪ oh. for eight seasons sean hayes kept studio audiences in stitches as the outrageously flamboyant jack mcfarland. i loved "will & grace." >> the man has moved on, do it.
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they don't want to be reminded. he's now emmy award winning -- >> the few viewers you have left -- >> it's called "sean saves the world." a single gay dad trying to deal with an over bearing mother. >> is it still monday, because i've been out here since monday! [ laughter ] >> please, come in. [ laughter ] >> your voice got here ten minutes ago and it's been looking for you. [ laughter ] >> how's my baby? >> i don't know, mom, honestly going from a fun weekend dad to a full-time responsible dad -- >> you think i'm talking about you? that's funny. i'm talking about ellie. poor kid. 14 years and her mother abandons her. now she has no one. no one. >> and, go. >> linda lavin. let's talk about her for just a
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second. >> let's talk about her for a while, rather than just a second. >> she's amazing. >> tony award winner. linda loven, not linda lavin. >> she's so much fun. >> yeah, she really is. we really connected very deeply. she's warm, wonderful, grounded real person and we have a great on-camera chemistry if i do say so myself. >> yeah, do you. >> she's very -- we have a mutual respect for each other. i love her. >> i can't believe all you do for this network, it's called "sean saves the world." but it's sean saving the network. tell us how many shows you're responsible for. you played a part in -- >> i have a company that works with amazing people to make this happen. >> you make a lot of money basically? >> no, not yet. not as much as you two sitting here drinking. sends a great message to kids the home. >> they're at school. >> okay.
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"grimm" which premieres october 26th. "hot in cleveland." >> so funny. love that. >> and "the soul man" and then my show and then "hollywood game night" which goes into its second season. >> yeah, that's been picked up. >> and in development, as they say. about the game show, the genesis of that, you actually played games in your house. and you decided hey, wouldn't this make for good tv? >> yeah, yeah, that's the story. thanks, hoda. >> maybe a follow-up, do you have any time to -- do you have time to still play them? >> yeah, there's games that we played in my house. we did for many years, we played all these games. a bunch of friends came over, we would play. then a couple executives that worked at nbc and said i think
2:23 am
this is the show. i said i don't want to produce a game show. then here we are. it's actually a blast. it's turned out amazing. people have turned out in great numbers to be on it. and now that they've seen it, we're getting more calls. >> back to the sitcom. it's such a breakthrough with a sitcom. a lot of people are trying. with your pedigree. >> sequel. >> well, your sitcom is amazing. >> yeah. new i'm guesting on your sitcom. >> only fair. >> yeah, what was the question now? >> continue. >> no, bringing sitcoms back on tv. i mean they're working on cbs great now we're getting them on nbc. >> you don't have a laugh track. that's real laughter that you hear. >> a lot of people say, well, laugh track -- since the '20s, television, they've having live audiences. >> an audience will really tell
2:24 am
you the truth. >> yes. >> so they tell you immediately if the joke works if it seems like it's working or not working. you fix it as you go that's the great thing about the genre of multi-cams sitcoms as opposed to single cam. like "the office." which is ultimate and immediate. >> why do we have kazoos? >> i've been asking myself the same question. >> we were going to play a game with them. do we have time for spin the bottle? >> oh, not very nice. >> or play the kazoos? >> oh, god, this is exhausting. >> "sean saves the world." airs thursdays at 9:00 right here on nbc. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. you know who else has us in stitches? -- jill martin, stitches of a different kind. see what you're getting the boot for -- handbags, baby. ♪ ♪ [ coughs, sneezes ]
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and nobody's watching? >> nobody. >> it would be like a viewer magnet. >> would you do your cher impression real quick? >> no, what am i -- >> please. please. >> oh, my lord. >> i don't know how to do it. ♪ can you believe in love after love ♪ >> i think she just did it. >> we want you. >> using time. jill martin has this season's hottest handbags. >> hoda and i are the hottest bags in town. >> your local news and weather.
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♪ we're back with more today on this booze day tuesday. time to check out jill's must-haves. today is about the perfect pairings. >> yeah, we're not talking about wine for once. >> the hottest handbags who better to keep you up on trends on contributor from people's "stylewatch" and author jill martin. >> hi, doll. >> you're looking festive today. >> i think it's shock when you go open these magazines and you see all of these bags and they're so expensive. and you say which ones should i buy. >> if i can only have one -- >> only have one. many of these are in your closet. i'm going to show you the five that are hot right now under $50. >> okay. >> that's nice. >> let's start with the first one which is this quilted bag which is is traditional stitching. >> which chanel's been doing forever. >> you can wear these day or night. it has a fancy edge to if. let's show how it works. >> can you carry a ziploc bag. >> right. you put this in your bigger bag during the day and at night you
2:33 am
can wear that. >> there you go. >> that's adorable. >> she doesn't have a bigger bag. just a bigger ziploc bag. >> yes, i do. >> that big bag. that works. >> so excited. >> satchel. this is the next bag which you may already have in your closet. you can wear all different bags. it's with the handle. it's with a structured bag. normally it's with this. you can wear it either way. which is removable. i often don't wear it with that. this is the real structured bag from work. this is from jcpenney from hand bag heaven. if you see the picture with kathie lee. >> oh, too much cleavage for a woman my age. >> if you're going out at night, from work during the day to night this is another great option. >> how much does it cost? >> all under $100. on our website, all under $100.
2:34 am
>> okay. >> now we're moving over here. colorblocking. huge trend. >> don't wear it were a colorblocked dress, though. like i've got on. >> yes. this is another trend. this will take you throughout next year as well. look at all the different kinds. this you want to wear with a solid dress. this is one of the clutches here. let's check in with hoda. >> look at hoda woman. >> that's a strange photo. >> it slants it a little on the monitor. this goes well. >> very cute. >> with solid outfit or solid pants or sweater. portfolio clutches. these are the big clutches of the season. you're going to get an oversized clutch. >> like an ipad in that. >> this is a portfolio clutch, bigger than the traditional ones. i'm going to try this one. check in with kathie lee
2:35 am
throughout. >> i like this picture because it's been -- you know, airbrushed out the wazoo. >> yes. >> that's nice, too. >> now, cobalt blue. >> this is the new hot color for the season. >> it is. >> 2014, blue is a pantone color. you can take it from here all the way through next year. >> really? >> yeah. this is from kohl's. you can wear it with brown, blue, pink. it's kind of a neutral to me. this is this strap that looks great. >> very cute. >> and then we love the fanny pack. if we can transition with another photo that we love. >> it's right behind you, i think. >> oh, my gosh! >> this is an alternative to the fanny pack to get it on trend and carry everything. >> and also put on a practice. that would be awesome, too. >> we will do the bra segment -- >> good idea. >> jill, love you so much, sweetheart.
2:36 am
>> thank you. before you throw that bag of pretzels in that ziploc bag. madeline will give you a few things to chew over. we're playing "beat it or eat it!" i love this game with your favorite snacks. >> we have mallets. >> cookies or granola. come on madeline. get in there. >> yes! >> with hotwire's low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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time to play "beat it or eat it." this time it's about snack foods between meals. >> we're going to beat the foods that are not so good for us and eat the ones that are healthy for us, guiding us through this is health editor madeline harris. >> snack time. who doesn't like to snack? we're going to be talk about crunchy/salty snacks. i want you to beat the one that has the most fat is it honey mustard pretzels or tortilla chips. >> that is wrong.
2:41 am
don't be fooled by pretzels when you have add-ins that are high in fats. these are baked chips. >> so good. >> they are good. >> next from prepackaging. the chocolate chip cookies and a two-back of granola bars which one should you beat because it has more calories. >> don't beat the cookies. >> okay. >> you are right. kathie lee beat 2 it first. they're healthier you're going to get 50 calories less in those three chocolate chip cookies. heart healthy portions do count. which one should you beat because more calories per serving. 22 almonds or 38 pistachios in the shell. you want to beat the almonds because they've got another 50, 60 calories. >> i was right! >> you have to work at these
2:42 am
pistachios. fresh fruit, how can you go wrong, right? grapes and cheddar cheese and apples and -- which one has more calories. >> i'm going to gently beat this. >> and you are -- >> i still got hit. >> i'm going to gently beat this. >> the apples and dip have 230 calori calories. >> which ones are we beating? >> you are beating this one. >> i know, this game is no fun name because we're worried about -- >> don't give up. >> oh, keep moving. frozen treats. you want a better calorie-controlled choice. two regular chocolate pops or a cup of fat-free vanilla. which one should you beat because it has more calories. >> i want to go -- >> you are right, hoda. a cup of yogurt is 260 calories. these are just 60 each.
2:43 am
good choice. >> let's get to dip. who doesn't love dip? hummus. both are healthy. you want to eat the one with the calorie savings beat the ones that are higher. >> which one again? >> say it again. this is salsa and this is hummus >> you want to beat the one with higher calories. you are right, you're going to beat the hummus. >> i'm sorry. >> let's end up with some candy. you want to tame your sweet tooth. one of these candies has fewer calories with the same saving size. >> looks like rabbit droppings. >> you want to beat the one that has more calories you want to beat the one with mini chocolate chips and yogurt-covered peanuts. beat the one that has more calories. >> more. >> and you are right -- the yogurt peanuts. you are right. not a health food. >> who won -- >> i got five? i couldn't have gotten five. i did?
2:44 am
>> what is the prize? >> yea! popcorn. >> your girls will love that when they come visit. >> exactly. madeline. thank you. >> italian -- >> we're making napoleons with seasonal veggies. and why you want to collect all the slinkies from your kids' toy bins. we've got tips and tricks for all the problems around the house coming up next.
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fall is finally here. >> and for every season there's a reason to watch. "wake up with al" weekday mornings on the weather channel. >> it's just right. >> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> the front will move through. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. >> here's the big picture. >> we're sort of like a killer app in the morning. >> tap into us. >> announcer: "wake up with al" with stephanie abrams and al roker weekday mornings until 10:00. only on "the weather channel." was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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the kids are back in sports. the leaves are changing, falling, tailgating is in full swing but enough about hoda's sex life. fall is a great time of year when it comes to annoying everyday habits. >> annoying, great word. from raking the leaves to keeping your kid's lunch box fresh. author of "who knew." has some tips and tricks.
2:49 am
>> that's great with hoda's sex life. >> hey. >> let's talk about getting rid of leaves. we love fall. we hate the leaves. we hate them in the gutter. take an old school slinky. >> you got an slinky there. >> of course, we do an old school slinky. and attach it like this. >> if one of you will stretch that out. >> and that's so attractive on the roof, you know? >> who's looking into your gutters? about this far. attach this here. okay? >> okay. >> like -- come on bruce. like this. >> done this allot, bruce? now what happens, these leaves will not get -- >> >> they can't get in there to begin with. >> there's no overflowing into your leaves. you can also put them in the spouts if you like. but nobody is really looking in your gutter. >> you there go. >> exactly, another thing with leaves is raking okay.
2:50 am
what happens, the bag falls in. if one you have would sort of hold that for me. >> we're going to bungee cord it? >> we're going to bungee cord it like this. hold the garbage can. >> i've got it. >> and now look what you can do. now all your leaves can go in. what's nice here, they're all fake. >> and they're not wet. >> they're not wet. this is the way to do it. this will not fall. how about that? >> good at this point. >> back-to-school tip. you're sick of making your kids' lunch already a month into it and you know they're not eating their fraught. which they don't. you want to take a rubber band, cut it up, it's bite size, it's not brown and the kids will the key it because they don't eat the full thing. >> kids are picky. >> kids are picky. >> that's smart. >> also by this time, the thermoses are disgusting because
2:51 am
they get dch >> icky. >> right. >> you want to use eggshells and vinegar. shake it up. and then when you're done, you can put sugar cubes in either, seal these up and there are no more smells. >> sugar cubes will -- >> exactly right. they'll eliminate all the smells. >> be sure to throw those out befo you use it. >> indeed. indeed. let's talk about tailgating, we want to show you how never to lose your spot in a tailgate, how to get your kids clean because they roll around in the grass like disgusting animals. and most importantly how to keep your beer cold. what you want at that do with your beer, you want to take a bottle, a little bit of shampoo, fill it with water, now freeze this. stick it in here >> why? >> because this is now an ice block to keep your beer cold. more than that, before the game now, this will have unfrozen, the kids are rolling around like little beasts. >> it's like purell. >> you can clean up the little nose pickers. speaking about cleaning up the little nose pickers. and if they get a stain on their jersey.
2:52 am
>> which they will. >> yes, they will. >> there's a little mustard. you get rid of that, the excess. and then a little shaving cream. like this in about five minutes the alcohols in this will raise -- raise the stain out. by the time you get home, the stain should be gone. if it is not gone, what you're going to do is spray -- pardon my finger here -- >> is this vinaigrette? >> this is detergent and peroxide. >> okay. >> all right? you're going to do this. >> thank you, honey. >> the stain is gone. >> thank you, sweet ji. >> there you go. how about that for the fall? >> thank you very much. do you need a simple solution for dinner tonight, everybody? >> how about italian. delicious meals great from a new york chef but first this is "today" on nbc. >> let's eat! >> all right.
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
♪ it's time to take you into today's kitchen and show you what's cookin'. on the menu, an italian-style vegetable main course. >> then who knows italian cooking better than sal! from his italian restaurant
2:57 am
right here in new york city. >> we're so excited to have you. >> glad to have you back. >> thank you. i made this 20 years ago for people, vegetarians but it gives you a main course. what we've done, any kind of vegetables, staples with zuchinni and eggplant. i sliced them up. i left the skin on. a little flour and egg. >> egg after that. >> yes. olive oil. >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> very simple. >> so far, we can do it. >> you can do it. >> how long do you cook those babies for? >> a minute or two minutes on each side. >> here we have spinach that we steamed already. i have olive oil and some garlic. i love the smell of that. >> we'll dump that in. >> okay. >> the idea is to try to keep this dry. the big part about this dish is to keep it as dry as you can so i wouldn't add any more water. salt and pepper. as always.
2:58 am
>> that smells good. >> smells good, tastes good. i'll show you. we move over here where we start to assemble. this is a baking pan. you put the butter and bread crumbs so when you unmold it, it's easy to do. it could be whatever you want. i already put a layer of egg plant there. >> i love eggplant. >> you can hand me those? >> yep. >> going to make it like a little lasagna? >> a little sauce. not too much. you want to keep it wet. not too much. a layer of vegetables. now i have the zucchini. >> oh, gosh. awesome! >> i can't even fake it. >> plop down that tomato sauce. hoda woman. >> a little more tomato sauce, a little cheese. >> and on and on.
2:59 am
>> what happens to the layer of spinach now? >> oh. >> nice and dry. pat it down. come around this side. come around this side here. we bake this in the oven at 400 degrees for about -- >> oh, look at it. >> it's called napoleon because it looks like a napoleon with the cheese on top. >> it sure does. how long do you cook this? >> about 35 to 45 minutes. you put it here in a dish, flip it over. >> beautiful. >> then we put some tomato sauce. parmesan cheese. >> no cheese for me. >> no cheese for the one for me. >> give it a shot. >> tomorrow from the show "iron side" the very handsome blair underwood. >> we wanted to do a reveal. >> and you see that. look what happened with the mustard. gonzo! >> david arquette will be with us.
3:00 am
we'll have an awesome booze day tuesday. >> and tomorrow is wine day wednesday. see you then. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks doing? how are


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