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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 2, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm marla tallez. i'll tell you how a gridlock is hurting students here in the bay area. a decades-old child kidnapping case out of sunol that was closed is reopened. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you why coming up in a live report. you'll want a jacket in the morning, temperatures in the 40s and. >>s around the bay area. with low temperatures come gustier winds in the seven-day forecast. as you are getting ready to head out on the road, we'll talk about the road crews and the cars and what you will have to watch. right now, let's crack open the window and give you a shot outside. that is the city by the bay, better known around the globe at san francisco, mid-week. getting the city to get over that mid-week blue. we are going to get through on this wednesday, october 2nd, this is "today in the bay."
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5:00, thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon non. government shutdown entering their second day. no signs the two sides will come to an agreement any time soon. some lawmakers say the government shutdown could go on for weeks. americans across the country, including right here in the bay area certainly already feeling those affects. marla tallez joins us with more. we have certainly talked about the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are now furloughed and not getting paid because of the shutdown, including the thousands just up the street. they are not working right now. either is their website. this is what you get when you attempt to logon to it says, due to a lapse in funding, this website is not available. it is the same story for the cdc. it comes with a warning that it may not be updated because of the government shutdown. you see this. you know it is no surprise.
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today, hundreds of students at santa clara will not be getting what they were promised. the university says, nasa ames, the cdc and the cia have all canceled their participation in the school's annual fall career fair today. that job fair is scheduled for this afternoon. students hoping to rub elbows with those federal agencies are just out of luck. it is not just college students who are suffering because of the shutdown. these kids here in marin county. they were supposed to be in the midst of a four-day camping trip at point reyes national sea shore today. because all national parks are closed, that trip is a total bust. coming up, we're going to hear from some of the kids and parents and teachers that are upset, to say the least. that's in my next report at 5:30. jon? marla, thank you very much. the latest updates on the shutdown are at you can find more information on government services that will be
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affected. search government shutdown happening right now, fire investigators on scene looking into the cause of an early morning house fire. crews there, they put this out within the past hour. they did it fairly quickly from the time of the call. about 18 minutes they got there and knocked it down. it broke out at home on delmas avenue. that is near the 280/highway 87 interchange. we can tell you that fire started up in the attic where the owner had a prayer shrine with candles. he tells us an electric light is probably what caused the fire ultimately, because he heard a faint buzzing immediately before the fire broke out. the homeowner did make it out safely. that's how he was able to tell us about it. no one else was hurt. >> a san jose teacher facing life in prison. 27-year-old keith wood house was convicted on lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 years of age. the abused girls were enrolled
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in daycare programs at trace and el rancho elementary schools. the victims openly testified against woodhouse at that trial. the mother of an eight-year-old killed during a sleepover in oakland says she is now relieved and very happy police have finally made an arrest in her daughter's murder case. oakland police arresting alleged gang member, darnell williams. they say he was on a crime spree back on july 17th when he went to a house seeking revenge. according to the alameda county d.a., alicia caradine, she was the one that answered the door. when williams came knocking, she took the bullet. e d.a. says he started shooting into the house killing alicia. she was not the intended target. the gun fire ultimately hit two other children and a grandmother. they all survived a bay area mother whose daughter has been missing for more than two decades is finally getting police to reopen the case. "today in the bay's" christie smith live in sunol where
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investigators will take a second look into the disappearance of amber schwartz. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this case was closed four years ago based on the signed confession of a convicted killer. amber schwartz was never found. there was no sign of her. recently, there was a petition circulated by family and friends and that prompted the police department to go ahead and reopen the case of amber schwartz who disappeared in front of her home in 1988 when she was seven years old. in 2009, police and fbi closed the case after obtaining a signed confession from curtis dean anderson who was serving time for another child kidnapping and yet another kidnapping and mur of 7-year-old deanna fair child of vallejo. amber's mom said she didn't accept that confession and anderson died. recently, a friend and former neighbor started an online petition to reopen the case. police say now decades later, they do have access to new
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tools. >> we are going to take advantage of new technology that's available to us so that the case was originated back in 1988. there has been significant advances in science. in my conversations with the fbi today, they have offered us their crime lab to analyze anything that we need to have analyzed and we're going to take advantage of that. >> here is an older picture and a new image of what amber might look like today made for the national center for missing & exploited children. coming up in 30 minutes, we are going to talk about legislation that kim schwartz, amber's mom, would like to see happen that would change the status of these missing person's case. we will soon find out if a veteran firefighter will face charges for running over and killing a survivor of the asiana
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case. elite duckett ran over a 15-year-old chinese student, lee mae wong. she was laying covered in fire fighting foam on the tarmac of the san francisco international airport. two others died in that july plane crash. now, to an nbc bay area follow-up, fremont police are hoping a $10,000 reward will help lead to the arrest of a person that ran down a bike rider and then just took off. the cyclist, still recovering from major head injuries. the driver of a black toyota camry hit john vigdal while he was riding his bike on fremont boulevard almost two months after this happened. vig da vig daul remains hospitalized. the doctor shows he is showing signs of improvement. a san francisco police officer recovering when a suspect resisted arrest. this happened yesterday afternoon at the corner of turk
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and taylor streets. investigators say the officer was chasing the suspect down after fleeing on foot or catching up to the man. that suspect did resist leaving bruises and cuts on the officer. the suspect was eventually arrested. police at this point have not given any details on what started that chase. it is 5:08. support is growing for an online petition to change a law that allowed a man to beat to death a brentwood family's two dogs. ellen barkley's rottweiler and german sheppard escaped from their backyard while they were out of town. she later discovered a neighbor admitted to killing the dogs. he found them in his chicken coop covered in brood. when he tried to get the dogs out, they charged him and he said he used a shovel to kill them. they say it is legal to kill antti niemi malif it threatens livestock or poultry. >> my purpose is to raise public awareness that this type of evil is here in brentwood and to also
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change this perception of this law or the law itself. that was the owner of the dog. they killed more than 40 of his chickens and turkeys. >> police are hoping a surveillance photo will help them catch a bank robber. this man robbed a bank in downtown san mateo afternoon yesterday. they say as he handed the teller a note demanding the money, he was holding what appeared to be a silver detonating device with a red button. he ended up getting away with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you have recognized him or seen him, you are asked to please call police. >> let's check the forecast with meteorologist, rob mayeda. he joins us with a look at the frachlt. >> we are seeing the temperatures in the 40s right now. half moon bay, napa, santa rosa, 49 degrees. 55 in san francisco. mainly clear skies. not much wind right now. over the next couple of days, that's going to change as winds turn strongly offshore.
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that's going to lead to some warming temperatures, specially as we approach the weekend today. high clouds passing on by. nothing to worry about rainwise. it will probably filter out the sun a little bit around the south bay as we get the bay started. mostly sunny around lunchtime and a few more high clouds approaching the evening. notice the lack of low clouds. that's going to be are the pa of the forecast specially as the winds turn gusty and offshore. our temperatures start to climb friday into saturday. in 70 in san francisco. 76, warmest spots around the tri-valley and areas south of downtown san jose should approach 80 for today. tomorrow, things are going to turn gusty. not a big warmup for thursday. temperatures may dip a little bit. friday, we warm up a little bit more. very dry and gusty in the hills. that will have to be watched for fire danger. temperaturewise, it is going to feel more like summer as we approach the weekend. >> the south bay, it feels like 5:10 in the morning. the light volume of traffic coming toward us with 280 at 17.
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i can see these cars moving off to the left. that's your transition on to north 17. despite the fact that there is still roadway work going on in the area. the connector looks like it is open. between the creek and 880 and 17 and 280, you will have that construction. here, on the map, you will see no major slowing. you are watching north 280 on to north 880, you will shave some restrictions. north 680 at castlewood, a crash still there. major front end damage to one of the vehicles involved. there is also a deer, a dead deer reported north 680. watch it. this is blocking your fast lane. that will have to be cleared over the next time. chp will have to head out there. this is the mating season for deer. they are likely to be on and around the roadways early morning hours. keep it in mind around the bay. back to you. thank you so much. it is 5:11. you want to brush your teeth in
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just six seconds. we'll show you a new product that promises some results. >> that sounds a little questionable. six seconds. can't get all the plaque off. city lawmakers getting ready to intervene in case b.a.r.t. can't reach a deal. just ahead on "today in the bay."
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new research suggesting exercise may be as effective when it comes to combatting disease such as heart failure and stroke. stanford university, they say exercise is a viable alternative to drug therapy. the study was published in the british medical journal. it compares the effectivelynene
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exercise versus drugs it is enough to make you shutter. this is a 3-d rendering of the bliz-a-dent process. here is how it works. you put the contraption into your mouth and start working your upper and bottom teeth in a gliding motion. within six seconds, your teeth are clean. they are sparkling. it is expensive. it costs $300 and only lasts a year. >> you are not sold on that. >> for $300, it better brush, floss, and whiten my teeth. 5:15. so far, the stock market appears rather unphased by the government shutdown. perhaps even the bigger issue, in two weeks, is when the u.s. is expected to hit the debt ceiling. to are more, let's check in with seema mody live at cnbc world
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headquarters. she is live with that and so much more. good morning. good morning to you. futures are lower after stocks posted modest gains on tuesday. investors appear unphased by the government's shutdown on hopes it will be short-lived causing limited damage on the xle. it could take on added weight from economists as the labor department may not release the monthly jobs report on friday due to the government shutdown. the dow rising 62 and the nasdaq, 46. treasury secretary, jack lieu, says he is using the tools to help us avoid the debt ceiling. we will exhaust our borrowing activities on october 13th. owe is urging congress to immediately raise the debt limit or risk default. hyundai is learning a helping hand to help workers that are
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furloughed. people that buy won't have to make payments until january. they won't have to pay until they go back to work. hyundai received a lot of publicity in 2009 when it offered customers that lost their jobs a chance to return their new cars for a refund. back to you. thank you very much. we'll check in later. >> deliberations could begin today in a suit against toyota over sudden acceleration. at issue is whether the carmaker is responsible for the death of a california woman killed when her camry accelerated and crashed. toyota says it was driver error. it is 5:13 right now. christina loren is off. meteorologist, rob mayeda joins us. you pointed out a crisp start to the day. it is going to turn into t-shirt weather. >> it is. we have to dress in layers. jacket weather for most of the bay area, 40s and 50s. mostly fog free by the
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afternoon. sunshine and numbers climbing into the 70s. 54 in san jose with sunrise still a little ways off. we'll probably bottom out of the mid-40s around the north bay and close to 50 in san jose. a cool start to the morning. not much wind outside right now. we don't have much of a sea breeze. that is part of our story as we see high clouds going by as opposed to low clouds and fog and mist moving in from the coast. you can see the high clouds moving over the bay area. this will filter the sun at times and give us temperatures today mostly in the 70s as this pattern is still relatively cool in terms of the air aloft. that's going to change, though, thursday and friday as the pattern begins to shift. north winds increasing and too much of a good thing if you like warm weather. this is going to include some offshore winds which will dry things out. we could see red flag warnings in the hilltop starting thursday night on in to friday. friday is also the start of the playoff series. the a's and tigers looks quite
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nice. 80s by day. gametime, 6:37 in the evening there friday. we should see 70s through the day. gorgeous weather there friday and also saturday in the east bay. 76 in san jose. close to 80 in morgan hill. tri valley should see highs nearing 80. over to livermore, 80 degrees. 70, san francisco. mid-70s in the north bay. not much of a jump in temperatures. they may dip slightly. as the winds begin to accelerate, look at the temperatures starting to climb on up. mid-80s, friday. upper 80s inland on saturday and mid-80s around the rest of the bay. cooler there by sunday. >> mike, you ready for the a's playoffs? yes, always ready for the weekend and fo weeke weekend and for the a's to be in the playoffs. a smooth drive heading over. easy drive through the maze, oakland, coming out of the
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caldecott. a tiny bit of slowing. construction zone typical as you are heading toward the richmond bridge. a little slowing coming off of westbound 580 off of central. watch for the slowdown for the time being. no problem heading across the bay. once you get there to san rafael, we'll give you a live look. southbound traffic flows nice and smoothly. we are picking up the volume. no delays out of novato. a look at the maps again. we'll show you how things are building up. tri valley, pretty traditional build for 580. an earlier crash reported. 280 at 17 is open. there are still crews there. the dumbarton, san mateo bridge
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moves smoothly without delay. we just learned two arrests have been made with the suspicious packages. police are not releasing any other information. one of the two suspicious devices had a distractive nature to it. they are not saying much more. the airport was evacuated for five hours and flights were not allowed to take off while a bomb squad was brought in to secure the devices. they were found at an airport terminal and a nearby parking garage. down in florida, no, that is not a runway. it is actual will i a highway there. a pilot who was trying to sell his plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a florida highway. that pilot was doing an inspection flight with a potential customer who was all set to buy the vintage plane when it suddenly lost power. that is not good. since they were too far from an airport, the pilot decided to make a quick decision nd aland right out there on that highway.
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a short time later, the plan was able to make that safe takeoff, you see. at this point, it is still unclear why that plane ultimately lost power. it is unclear if the buyer decided to go through with the purchase. >> may take some time to think about it. firefighters swoop in to rescue three cats from a burning home. like a scene out of a movie.
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now for some heroics here. three young cats were in dire straits. >> they found the house empty except for three little kittens.
5:25 am
>> the felines named luna, bonny and leo, are all making a full recovery after receiving a little oxygen. >> looks like they were pretty cool. >> the boa and the cats were returned to the owner. >> we don't have pictures of the boa. probably steered clear of that. >> the good news, they had nine lives. they were fine. >> they have another good eight to go. let's check in with rob mayeda filling in for christina loren a cool start, a good-looking day. we start off in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa, 59. jump into the 70s, bay area wide. may be closer to 80. morgan hill for the afternoon. from here, things are going to turn warmer and windy, specially for friday as you head toward saturday. temperatures climbing into the upper 80s inland. >> 280/880, all that construction is cleared good stuff. we will look at 880 proper over
5:26 am
here through oakland. where the volume is building both directions. we'll take a look at the maps. we see north 880 and 580, your commute directions fine. north 680 around castlewood, earlier crash reported there. you may have the one lane, the left lane blocked, heading north into pleasanton. the commute direction is southbound. north 680, reports of that deer hit and killed overnight, still blocking one lane possibly as you are passing by el sero boulevard. a light volume of traffic going through danville. we are just getting started with that slowdown. we typically see that over towards leverage. that's pretty much on schedule for wednesday. back to you. thanks so much, mike. it is 5:26. still to come here on "today in the bay." battling the tech world in order to get your health care. we'll tell you about the really rough start for a lot of people as they launch the covered california website. we'll tell you why that website
5:27 am
was forced to actually shut down overnight. the crippling government shutdown. not ending any time soon. find out what's being done this morning. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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government gridlock means hundreds of students are robbed of an educational outdoor adventure. i'm marla tallez with that story coming up cool temperatures for now. 40s and 50s. the seven-day forecast puts some places closer to 90 by the weekend. a look at the changes coming up. no 90s across the bay br bridge. the speeds starting to come down a bit. let's take you live outside to a spanning look over san francisco. the transamerican building leading our view on this wednesday, mid-week, october 2nd. this is "today in the bay."
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5:29, almost to 5:30. thanlg you for joining us. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you wish things were moving along in washington. government shutdown now entering its second day. a live look this morning on capitol hill where there are no signs the two sides will come together for an agreement any time soon. some lawmakers say the government shutdown could actually go on for weeks. americans across the country, including right here in the bay area, are already feeling those effects. "today in the bay's" marla tallez joins us from the newsroom with more. >> good morning. this is all part of the trickle-down effect we have been talking about. the thousands of federal employees in the bay area that are forced to stay home and not get paid. it is a similar situation for dozens of students. take a look. these students in marin county are forced to stay home and not go on a four-day camping trip to point reyes seashore.
5:31 am
it has taken months to plan for the middle schoolers. because all national parks are closed, their adventure is canceled. >> i was sad, because i liked the trip last year. i wanted to go as sixth graders, because we get to cook more. >> it was disappointing. it was like going to the airport and going on a trip and you get there, and they say, sorry, not going. just no explanation. just not going. >> i was infuriated. so frustrating that our government can't do its job. that's the feeling i had. >> the school is stuck with enough food to feed 80 people for four days. teachers say they are going to be cooking all that food this week at school and taking the students on local outdoor adventures, still, making the most of it. six school groups had to cancel
5:32 am
their trip to point reyes this week because of this shutdown. >> my school camping trip at that age, one of the best memory i ares. you don't want to be robbed of that. >> i agree wholeheartedly. i hope they start getting this straightened out and moving forward. let's take a look now. this is video from the last time the government had a shutdown back in 1995. that standoff started when there were two separate shutdowns. one lasted a total of 28 days. extending into january of 1996. the driving force was a budget standoff between then president clinton and house speaker, news gingrich. the stock market fell nearly 4% at that time. visitors hoping to see many national museums, monuments and parks were turned away. congress and president clinton did eventually agree to a seven-year balanced budget plan.
5:33 am
go to there, you can find more information on the government services that are affected. all you have to do is search government shutdown. this morning, the website for covered california back up and running again. it was shut down late last night. it could be reworked. yesterday was the first day for americans, including millions of uninsured californians to sign up for health insurance under the health care law. many that visited the website ran into some pretty long delays, error messages and a menu that didn't work. a spokesman for covered california said the website could handle all the traffic. give it a couple days. there is a lot of learning that goes along with it. we are all learning. >> officials say no need to worry, you have until march 31st to sign up to are a health plan. if you don't have insurance by april 1st of next year, you could face a penalty. >> despite a confession in a case, sunol police are reopening a high-profile missing child
5:34 am
case four years after it was closed by the fbi. christie smith, live in pinole why investigators are taking a second look into the disappearance of amber schwartz. >> reporter: good morning. pinole police say they want to take another close look to see if they didn't miss anything and see if maybe they can jog someone's memory about what happened. they say they also have new access to technology that wasn't available whether she disappeared in 1988. they have offered up the crime lab to have anything analyzed. she was kidnapped from in front of him pinole home when she was jumping rope, seven years old at the time. in 2007, curtis anderson confessed that he took her and killed her in arizona but no remains were ever found. the case was later closed. he was serving time for
5:35 am
kidnapping another child out of vallejo and for the kidnapping and murder of 7-year-old deanna fair child. dean died and amber's mom didn't accept that confession. recently, friends and family circulated an online petition to reopen the case. it quickly got more than 1,000 signatures. >> the chief has decided to reopen her case and to relook at everything in her case. any evidence that we have or that they have, i sh yould say, would be processed at this point, where it couldn't before. >> we want to make sure we take a look at everything that's been gathered over the last since 1988, 20 something years, 25 years. , to make sure that afrmt, "a," everything has been analyzed, nothing has been missed. there is no information we should be following up on. >> this is an older image next
5:36 am
to a newer one of what she might look like today. >> her mom, kim schwartz, says she would like help with legislation that would make it so no missing person's case is closed without another event to support that, like evidence, hard evidence, of it actually becoming a murder case. reporting live in pinole, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> hope they get some answers absolutely. 5:36. rob mayeda is in for christina loren to check things out for us. we are one day closer to the weekend. the weekend forecast looks very warm. you will see that coming up in the seven-day forecast. nothing warm with 40s and low 50s outside. you do need a light jacket, specially in the north bay this morning. not a lot of wipd ond out there. that's going to be part of the story. winds start to turn quite gusty.
5:37 am
cirrus clouds do a good job. another band of high clouds moving across the bay area, not much in the way of low clouds or fog here today. close to 70 in san francisco. mid-70s into san jose. upper 70s around the tri-valley to near 80 in livermore. mid to upper 70s in the north bay. the temperatures start to climb friday into the start of the weekend. gusts up to 45 miles per hour in the hills. watch out for that friday. saturday, temperatures climb a little bit more. that's where we are getting close to 90 around livermore. furni fu turning cooler as the sea breeze comes back on sunday the bay bridge, the backup by the toll plaza is starting to form as is tradition. this is 5:37 in the morning. fast track, still a very good advantage for you if you are coming in out of the maze. speaking of that, let's look at the map. the maze does not show any slowdown. all moving smoothly in toward that congestion point potentially but this will be an
5:38 am
issue of only about 10-15 minutes later when we have the lights turned on at the bay bridge. the westbound 580 out of the altamont, moves very smoothly. no problems. a crash northbound 680. north 101 moves smoothly through san jose and that's good stuff. the volume at first we see as we approa approach the 6:45 mark, we see a little bit of slowing. we will come in with this shot an catch up with the rest coming up still ahead on "today in the bay," a shutdown of a different kind. just nine days from now. b.a.r.t. workers could strike again. we'll tell you what state lawmakers are now doing to try and keep that from happening in the meantime, let's get some happy news, right? here is a nice, lovely shot outside. >> always in the market for happy news. >> i know. we are, exactly. bay bridge, look at folks making their way across the span there
5:39 am
already. up and attem, halfway through the workweek. a lot more news ahead. 6:38.
5:40 am
5:41 am
the budget stalemate on capitol hill still going on. a live picture at the capitol there in d.c. on capitol hill, republicans will try to reopen limited parts of the government but democrats on the other side and the or nothing. "today in the bay's" tracie potts, live on capitol hill. she has all the latest details, even if there is not much to tell us about. good morning. >> not a lot of movement. they are all coming back in a few hours to try to go at this again. a vote on reopening certain parts of the government. veteran services, washington, d.c., they are federally funded. national parks and museums. they tried it last night but
5:42 am
couldn't get two-thirds majority of a vote. they will try it under simpler rules today. there is a lot of pushback from democrats. this should be all or nothing. you can't reopen the government piecemeal. we are learning that not only are mothers and fathers and workers and families affected about i this but president obama who has had to cancel the back half of his asian trip, in part, because the white house says they couldn't get people in place for the last two stops of the trip because of this shutdown. day two, and no progress that we see in terms of moving forward and ending it. jon? >> it has been a frustrated proposition. tracie potts, thank you very much. it is 5:42. now, a preview of an exclusive investigative unit report. drivers under the influence, not because of alcohol. our investigative unit found drugs from prescriptions to illegal nar cocotics impairing those behind the wheel.
5:43 am
drugs can affect your ability to drive. identifying what kind and level of impairment is challenging. some police departments are training officers as drug recognition experts to identify and get the dangers off the road. >> when there was the drug issue brought up, it was, this wasn't an accident. this could have been prevented. it is such a risk to do that and then go out on the road. and rip people's families apart. >> tonight at 11:00, our investigative unit has a powerful video that has the story of a young mother hit by a drugged driver and left caught between the balance of life and death. her story and more about how law enforcement and district attorneys are working together to get drugged drivers off the road. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-999-tips or send us an e-mail to in the east bay, a fedex plane has just made an emergency
5:44 am
landing at oakland international airport. the radio control tower says that call came in for help at about 4:30, a little over an hour ago. the pilot of the airbus 330 telling the tower they were experiencing steering problems with that plane. the good news, that plane did land safely, about 30 minutes later. we are also happy to report, nobody was hurt. good news there. good news when it comes to the forecast. let's find out. meteorologist, rob, mayeda, is in for christina. >> it's like sleeping without the blanket. 40s and 50s outside this morning. a nice forecast. we are going to get the temperatures climbing into the 70s a bit later on. 48, napa. 55, san francisco. 54, san jose. mainly clear skies. not much wind right now. winds slightly out of the southeast into san jose. the winds will be a big part of the story later tomorrow and friday as they turn gusty and quite strong offshore. as we take a look at the
5:45 am
satellite view, you will see a few high clouds passing by the bay area which will make for quite the sunrise. no rain. the pattern remains relatively cool, at least cooler, dry air around the bay area. gusty north to northeast winds. this will warm our temperatures up and dry things out in these north and east bay hills and probably into the santa cruz mountains too. we'll have to watch out for this for fire danger. low humidities, wind gusts up maybe above 45 miles per hour in the hilltops as we approach the start of the weekend. warming pattern, good news for the first game of the alds. a's versus tigers should see temperatures even after 6:00 in the 70s. gametime, 6:37 for the first game. saturday looks quite nice too. mid 70 ns s mid-70s in san jose. friday, when you see the temperatures start to climb. 80, livermore. low 70s in oakland, near 70 in
5:46 am
san francisco. mid-70s into the north bay today. tomorrow, watching those winds picking up out of the north. friday, as the playoff series gets underway, we will see the temperatures climbing into the 80s across the bay area. friday, mid to upper 80s as the winds back off. cooler next week. >> folks, you know about this the pa tern. they make that merge. that's where we see the speeds dipping down around grand line road. just past that off ramp, reports of a crash over on the shoulder. added distraction at this point where they merge. more slowing, which really won't affect the rest of the folks coming through livermore. we have this caltrans camera showing us a lot of lights. tail lights, a few headed eastbound. by the time you get to the dublin interchange, you are back
5:47 am
up close to the speed limit, about 60 miles per your who, not a big deal. here, a nice smooth flow south through pleasanton. the earlier crash has cleared. typical slowing for 84. north 101 and north 280 show the speeds coming down just below 60. in fact, 680 up toward 880/101 shows speeds coming into the upper 50s. there is your build as you start for the south bay. no problems. the peninsula is moving clearly right now. we'll move up to the north bay and look at the commute for southbound 101. san rafael shows the curves are picking up some company. a little slowing coming in. right around highway 37. across the bay, the eastshore freeway moves smoothly. you have a lot of company. there you go, richmond past the racetrack. look at the good spacing here coming down through berkeley and passing university. speeds are able to maintain the speed limit coming down in toward emeryville.
5:48 am
5:47. we should see the metering lights turned on in the next ten minutes at the toll plaza. we'll track that. back to you. 5:47. help is on the way to prevent another b.a.r.t. strike. two lawyers have come up with a solution they say could keep b.a.r.t. trains running. we are learning there may be a new proposal on the table. bob redell live in fremont with more on the solution. what union leaders and b.a.r.t. riders have to say about a looming strike. good morning, bob. >> reporter: if b.a.r.t. and the unions cannot come to an agreement on the contract, the next day, the workers, could go on strike shutting down one of the country's largest mass transit systems unless sacramento succeeds in stopping that from happening. republicans in the senate and assembly are pushing for a bill that would force b.a.r.t. workers to honor the no-strike laws and stay on the job while negotiations continue. in a letter to the chronicle,
5:49 am
bob huff an connie conway are asking governor, jerry brown, to call for an emergency legislative session to enforce the no-strike position in the contract. the governor did force b.a.r.t. ñ60-day cooling off period that expires in eight days. both sides have been meeting. according to one published report, the unions did offer management a new proposal yesterday. they hope to receive a response sometime later today. as far as the details of what was allegedly offered, that has not been released yet. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob it is 5:49. coming up, a big-time boost to try to ep coup the red hot a's in oakland. the best seats in the house. we're going to take you inside the new 49ers stadium in santa clara as construction hits another major milestone. right now, giving you a live look outside. that is sfo this morning.
5:50 am
they actually had some problems over at the oakland airport. we'll update you on that as more information comes in. we'll be back in a matter of minutes.
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back. the golden gate bridge. pretty clear out there. 5:52. the first of more than 68,000 seats now being installed at the 49ers new stadium. this is video of the first few rows being bolted down. >> that's where you'll be sitting, front row. >> that's right. i hope they are straight and cushiony. the fremont couple were among the first ticket season
5:53 am
ticket holders to claim their spot. they have been season ticket holders since 1971. you could see they are home grown because they are made by a company in hayward. >> the city looking to get a brand new sports and entertainment center. we are learning a well-keblconnr and the world's privately held real estate firm, they are teaming up to invest. the invest group of rasheed al malik and colony capital are slated to join oakland's master planning team. they want to take the lead in the redevelopment of the coliseum city complex in an effort to keep the city's sports teams from ultimately relocating. the city council still must approve the new investors that are trying to come on board.
5:54 am
hundreds of fans showing up for the a's oktober rally. major jean quan there helping lead the festivals on hand to honor the a's for what has been a successful season. they are looking for more. they will be taking on the detroit tigers in the first round. the series starts on friday night at the coliseum. >> let's go, oakland! want to check the forecast. noticed it was clear out there. a little chilly. don't have that blanket of clouds to keep us warm. >> or your snuggy. we have lost the low clouds. the bay area snuggy being the fog. friday, that oakland forecast looking pretty good. the numbers in the 70s. jacket weather for the morning. you don't need to worry about a jacket for the afternoon.
5:55 am
climbing into the mid and upper 80s as we move into the start of the weekend. >> this shot of the golden gate bridge, there were flashing lights. they are pretty much clear from the bridge. they have moved those cones in preparation for the morning commute. an easy flow. a clear view. like rob said, a clear, clear flow of traffic and a clear view on the golden gate bridge. getting into the city from the bay bridge, no problem from the east bay either. we are picking up the volume. a little slowing at the toll lane. still no metering lights for the fast track lane. volume built for the eastshore freeway. heading out toward el serro. a deer hit. another one standing on the shoulder or the side of the road at stone valley road. these are the hills where we often see those deer around this
5:56 am
time. it is mating season. the deer are distracted, because they have other things on their mind. back to you. thank you, mike. that is the siren test. today's run will last three minutes. you may want to plan accordingly and get some maybe ear plugs. there you go. invigorating your day, trying to let you hear that one more time. san mateo county officials are checking to see how far the sound can be heard along the coastline. the tests will be starting at 10:00 this morning. 5:56. talk about dying's life. a labrador retriever mix, america's top firehouse dog. >> the four-year-old pooch,
5:57 am
appropriately named smokey, beat out hundreds of other dogs. smoke is going to be going to hollywood and be on a future episode of the nbc drama, chicago fire. it is nothing new to smokey. in her hometown of jacksonville, illinois, she is a training tool for school kids. firefighters have taught her, stop, drop, and roll, cute for the kids to learn too. >> the dalmations used to dominate. labrador retrievers moving in on the territory. pretty smart dog there. >> you never count them out. they have got fortitude. >> they are scrappy. >> 5:57 right now. >> still ahead, the government shutdown impacting bay area students. we are going to show you how. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
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crews rush to put out a house fire in the south bay. the government shutdown affecting lesson plans for bay area students she disappeared a quarter century ago. now, bay area investigators reopening the case of amber schwartz. >> you will want to grab a jacket as you head out. 40s and 50s now, upper 80s for the weekend forecast. in the south bay, we havez new crash. i'll tell you about where it is and how to avoid it coming up. >> let's give you a live look at golden gate bridge. you can see the lights bouncing off a little bit of cloudiness. this is "today in the bay." this is "today in the bay." it is 6:00, happy wednesday morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon non.


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