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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, habitat for humanity volunteers robbed at gunpoint at a construction site. we'll show you why the secret service is now being called in. >> plus, redwood city police on the lookout for this man who tried to lure a teenage boy into his car with drugs. it all happened in the school parking lot. >> seven days and counting, we'll give you the latest on the no negotiations between b.a.r.t. and the union. >> a live look this morning outside, no, that's the beautiful bay bridge. the weekend is approaching because it's already thursday, october 3, this is "today in the bay."
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this is thursday, meaning we are one day away from friday which is good. glad to see you. 4:30. 3:31 nouxt i'm jon kelley. >> time is flying by. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast as promised. rob is in the house. >> we're seeing the winds pick up. you saw the san francisco city camera bouncing around. 54 in san francisco. in fairfield and santa rosa, starting to see the north winds pick up and that's the story of the day. windy, 70s bay area wide today. and red flag warning at 6:00 this evening, we'll talk more about that in the forecast but mike, the winds around the mid span of the bridges you may notice on the drive. >> so good note drivers, we're telling you there may be gusty conditions for the commute. right now not a lot of crowding on the roadways, that's good news. this is san jose. you see no major slowing, the yellow down to 59. light volume of traffic. there is your overnight construction.
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880 south past stevens creek boulevard you may have majority of the lanes closed for the next half hour to hour. south 17 at camden reports of a crash. a lot of slowing and now it's starting to smooth out a bit. we'll see flashing lights and i'll track the updates. back to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news off the coast of africa. at least 94 people are dead including two children after a boat carrying african migrants caught fire and sank about 70 miles from the coast of tunisia. 159 people have been rescued but the boat is believed to have been carrying some 500 people. that means about 250 are still unaccounted for. the mayor of the local town says the ship caught fire after people on board set off flares in an attempt to be seen by passing ships. this is one of the deadliest migrant ship wrecks in recent years and the second one of this week. on monday 13 men drowned when
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their ship ran aground a few yards from the southern sicily shore. >> the u.s. secret service assisting oakland police on a robbery case at a site where former president jimmy carter is planning to visit. on tuesday workers at a habitat for humanity development a few miles from the coliseum were robbed at gunpoint by several men. this all happened at the brookfield job site where workers are now building 12 new homes. the nonprofit says it has experienced car break-ins and tool theft but never armed gunmen targeting people. police say four men robbed eight volunteers taking cell phones, wallets and power tools. one man, he was pistol whipped by the robbers and witnesses say one suspect fired a round into the air before escaping into a car. habitat for humanity says the victims are shaken up but they are back on the job. >> we have a huge commitment to not only building the physical structure of the homes but
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really making the homes a place where we can -- the starting point to improving the neighborhood. people are dedicated to doing that. >> following this violent robbery habitat for humanity has tight security around the clock at that site. president jimmy carter and his wife who are big time supporters of the nonprofit, they will visit the site next monday and security will be tight then as well. >> police are beefing up security this morning around kennedy middle school in redwood city after a man tried to lure a boy into his truck. take a look at this sketch released by police. a 13-year-old boy says this man pulled up along side him in the staff park lot tuesday morning. police say he offered the boy some pot before trying to get him to climb into the back of his black pickup truck. the boy ran to the main office. here's another sketch of that man. another look. he is described as black, around 30 years old, unshave within a
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scar, unique, running down across his right eye. >> a wise warning. do not leave anything valuable in your car. that's the message palo alto police are sending out. more than 70 cars were broken into during september, that is the most in any month in five years. that's an average of almost one every 12 hours. investigators, they say these break-ins are happening at shopping centers, public parking lots and garages. a total of 16 cars were broken into in the oak creek apartments in a 24-hour period. one couple was so shaken up they asked us to hide their identity. >> they broke the window, they took out everything that was in the car, threw it out, and because they couldn't find anything. anything that was of value. >> police telling us most of the cars broken into are rental cars. several other police departments along the peninsula say they have seen a similar trend over
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the past several months. >> a live look at capitol hill this morning where the budget stalemate continues. we're now in day three into the government shutdown and there appears to be no end in sight. even after late night meeting between president obama and congressional leaders. daniel leigh is in washington where lawmakers are gearing up for another day. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: the republican-led house will continue efforts to reopen the government one piece at a time this morning, obama care excluded. >> we ought to be work as hard as we can to open up the government in all the areas that we agree on. >> reporter: on the list measures to fund veterans care, the army reserve and the district of columbia. they voted to reopen u.s. parks and memorials and the national institutes of health which had to turn away 200 patients including kids with cancer. >> why is it close it? >> reporter: democrats say no, they want to fund whole government at once. last night president obama tried
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to break the gridlock with a meeting at the white house but after congressional leaders indicated little progress. >> this has never happened before where a political party would be willing to take the country to the brink of financial disaster. >> president reiterated one more time he will not negotiate. >> reporter: president obama was frustrated. >> i am exasperated with the idea that unless i say 20 million people, you can't have health insurance, these folks will not reopen the government. >> reporter: federal employees losing pay are protesting. >> end the shutdown. >> reporter: they are angry and feeling like political pawns. the longer this fight continues the more likely it becomes the fight over funding the government will coinside with a fight over the debt limit. in washington, danielle leigh, nbc news. >> our coverage continues at where you can follow the latest from capitol
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hill. 4:37. let's get the latest developments on the weather. it is one day from the weekend, rob mayeda. how are we looking? >> mostly clear. 40s and 50s but we're trending warmer now. in fairfield and in santa rosa, the winds are starting to increase. parts of sonoma county. we head through the afternoon, mostly clear skies. pretty strong system diving on the east side of the sierra is going to help to crank up the wind machine around the bay area into the afternoon and evening. notice these wind speeds by 6:00. areas in orange, north at 30 miles per hour, then overnight tonight focus in on the areas in orange and red. the hilltops looking at gusts above 30 miles per hour so. those same locations starting 6:00 tonight under a red flag warning, that's going to continue at least till about saturday morning. temperaturewise, pretty nice. close to 71 in san francisco, 75 in san jose.
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78 in livermore and then tomorrow will be probably the windiest day in the seven-day forecast. friday gusty and dry. look at temperatures climbing up. less wind on saturday, warm around bay area to start the weekend. then the sea breeze and we cool off a little bit approaching sunday. >> looking good i hear on the roads as well. this is our shot from the coliseum northbound with taillights there center screen. the high street off ramp. you still have remaining road work. north and southbound between downtown and street. you'll find a couple of lanes blocked. the maps don't show you slowing but it's a smooth drive for 880 and 580. between highway 13 and the maze, very easy drive as well. approaching the rest of the bridges, there's no problem no. delays there. the smooth flow north of there looking toward sonoma county, the winds may be kicking up. keep that in mind.
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looking toward the san mateo bridge and we'll see foster city on the approach off westbound 92 with the headlights. watch the high rise over the morning. could get gusty. no problems on the peninsula. >> thank you, mike. seven days antd and counting, b.a.r.t. and unions have one week to come to an agreement to prevent a strike. two sides will be back at the table this morning to try to hammer out a deal. b.a.r.t. union and management continue to disagree over pay increases, benefits, safety, even the length of the contract. the two sides are $100 million apart. 60-day cooling off period ends next thursday meaning workers could walk off the job as early as friday morning. state lawmakers are efforting a vote on a measure that would force unions to honor a no strike clause. speaking of b.a.r.t. the man caught running naked through a
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b.a.r.t. station might be released from jail. his attorney will ask a judge to release the suspect while he awaits trial. the man was caught on video running naked through 16th station in may. prosecutors say he grabbed passengers and kicked a b.a.r.t. employee. he faces charges including false imprisonment and sexual battery. friends of the suspect say he might have had a nervous breakdown. >> it's 4:41. still to come a horrific crash on a tennessee highway a. church group returning from a trip crosses the median and runs into a big rig. it was terrifying. >> two bay area companies working to get you free wi-fi in public places like hotels and retail stores.
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financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at we are expected to learn more about what is in store for the former site of agnew's center. plans to purchase the former care facility. the proposed plan is to transform that site into a new high school and park. the school could serve up to
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2800 students from the area. agnew closed in 2009. >> some of the biggest names will stop by the area to kick off the mill valley film festival. award winner jeffrey rush who starred in "the king's speech" is going to show off his latest film. also on hand fellow bruce stern who stars in the upcoming movie "nebraska." it starts at 5:00 at the outdoor club in mill valley. facebook joining the efforts to bring free wi-fi to more public places. for more on that let's turn to kayla tausche. good morning. >> good morning. futures and the market are lower after stocks posted modest losses on wednesday, there was no real major reason for the move although some traders pointed to weaker than expected
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report which showed fewer private sector jobs added to payrolls. the numbers don't always match up with the monthly jobs report from the labor department. that was supposed to be release friday but it's postponed due to the government shutdown. today we get new filesings for unemployment and the services sector. the dow falling to 15,133, the nasdaq slipping 3 to 3815. the national retail federation predicts hol say sales will rice fourz% but concerns could impact shopper spending plans. its forecast hinges on whether congress and the obama administration can resolve differences over the budget and the u.s. debt ceiling. and facebook and cisco are teaming up to offer prewi-fi in public places such as hotels and retail stores. you could check in without going to the front desk by signing on facebook on their smart phone.
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cisco says retailers could deliver promotions or information to shopper who is log on to facebook when they walk in the door. more reasons to log on to facebook as if we needed them. back to you. >> that's right. thanks so much. >> while economic concerns are looming especially during the government shutdown, a new report says companies will continue pumping out new jobs. according to career builder one in four employers plans on adding full time workers in the final quarter of this year. some industries expected to actually outpace the national average including information technology, financial services and manufacturing. >> mentioned earlier rob sin for christina. going to be a windy one. >> it is, in fact, seeing some of mike's cameras bouncing around. testing how they are mounted. >> we hope for the best. >> more winds in the afternoon. clearing the skies out but as you're about to see that's not
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so good for fire danger concerns on the hilltops. right now 54 in san francisco. 40s and 50s to get the morning started. you need a jacket except in santa rosa and fairfield where the north winds started to kick in. you can see the wind speeds. northwest at 18. as the winds pick up the sar continuing to dry our so red flag warnings up officially starting at 6:00 this evening for the bay area hill top ace above 1,000 feet. those are the locations that will see the longest prolonged winds and lowering humidity levels throughout the day. satellite and radar showings you clearing skies. the weather system that is diving in east of the sierra, coupled with high pressure building back across northern california, setting us up in sort of this wind tunnel effect. winds out of the north turning offshore as we head into the start of the weekend. watch these areas in orange. we'll start to see wind speeds
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acceleratin accelerating. heading into tomorrow morning and the humidity levels typically overnight you don't have fire danger, not the case when these winds turn offshore. very dry for tonight into tomorrow. 75 in san jose. temperatures not warming up a lot even if the sunshine, the warm-up a lot more into tomorrow and saturday. close to 78, livermore, 80 in pleasanton. upper 70s in oakland. one of the things you see the winds out of the north-northeast. places like oakland warm up. 71 in san francisco. 78 in santa rosa for today. gusty winds, accelerating into friday. less wind as we start the weekend. mid to upper 80s inland. should see low 80s, near san francisco. then turning cooler as the winds come back onshore again early next week. >> thank you very much, rob. it's 4:49. at least 8 are dead and a dozen hurt after a horrible bus crash on the tennessee highway.
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the the church bus was carrying 18 senior citizens when a front tire blew out. the bus crossed the median center and hit an suv and tractor-trailer that eventually burst into flames. 14 people were hurt, eight in critical condition. the bus belonged to a north carolina baptist church. the group was heading home from a retreat in tennessee. >> now, a preview of an exclusive unit report. more than half a million have flown out to hawaii this year and more will visit for the holidays when the waves grow even stronger and more dangerous. investigative reporter alise kirchner finds one island announcing a record number of drownings. this year there have been 16 drownings on one of the islands. with the winter bringing more waves, safety experts, they are concerned there will be additional tragedies on the islands. >> the winter months in general
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are the deadliest. yes, this is the time to be extremely careful and again, if you include rock ledges it's really deadly. >> ocean safety advocates call for a crisis sum night try to deal with all of these drownings. we'll have more on that on our full investigation. if you happen to have a tip for our team, give us a call at 88 hate 996-tips or also send e-mail to theun theunit >> the sharks are getting ready. how you can get into a festive move. >> time to get on the ice. plus, here's a question. what's in a name? we'll let you know why one 49er is dropping one letter from his last name. we'll why it's going to cost him big time dough. >> changed my name to mikey
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freeway. 101 in palo alto. there is it new problem. we're talking about issues as you cross the bay and other things i can see from my cameras coming up.
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welcome back everyone. 4:54. it is also the day bay area hockey fans have waited for since summer. the sharks kick off the regular season tonight against the vancouver canucks. >> let's do it.
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while the center is quiet now that won't be the case later this afternoon. the team is hosting a pregame street rally for fans at 4:45. next to the s.a.p. center. festivities include a performance, live music giveaways and the slap shot booth and plenty of food. >> all right. >> the rally wraps up at 6:45. then get therein because the puck is going to drop at 7:00. >> from whitner to hitner. a change of a letter. the safety now has a new last name after being fined $21,000 for this hit against the rams last week. donte whitner wants to change his name. he has his name changed to hitner, he's the hit man. this one is actually no joke. to execute this change whitner now hitner has to cough uf cash. if a player changes his name during the season, the nfl has a rule that makes him buy all of the remaining jerseys and any
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other merchandise that has his old name on it. that reportedly will be worth thousands of dollars. whitner wants his uniform changed for sunday. that might be unrealistic. you can watch the 49ers taking on the houston texans here on nbc bay area. >> interesting. put duct tape on fort this weekend. >> he could. >> and try to explain to the his dad. >> the family's probably on board. he makes a lot of money. >> lose the family name. let's check in with mike inouye. >> i haven't confirmed but i did hear one report saying that it's with the approval of his mother. if his mother says it's okay. looking toward the bay bridge, traffic flow, i'm happy with the speeds but if we watch you notice it's blurry. i tried to adjust the focus but
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it tries as well. when the camera shakes it trembles. rob's talking about the winds but so far no warnings across the bridges from chp. smooth through the maze. toward highway 4, what we don't even have much slowing here. lone tree starting off to increase the volume. that's typical of highway 4. looking a little better as far as the speeds. no problems for the tri-valley out of the altamont pass, livermore, 680 through pleasanton and sunol to the south bay. san jose we're still watching that crash south 17 at camden, there is activity, may be sticking out in the lanes why from time to time we see 58, 59. >> thank you, mike. >> 4:57. still to come on "today in the bay," a scary scene. a car whit a bullet and a passenger is wounded. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report.
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>> reporter: at this hour the
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chp is investigating a freeway shooting in the east bay. a passenger is shot. for some reason the victim's car doesn't stop until 20 miles after the shooting. i'm christie smith. that story coming up. >> reporter: a man tries to lure a 13-year-old student into his truck in broad daylight at this middle school in redwood city. how police are responding and also give you a look at the suspect's sketch coming up. >> chilly temperatures, 42 right now napa, 61 in fairfield as the winds start to increase, fire danger increases around the bay area a. look at that and your forecast coming up. >> the winds shaking our camera a bit so you can see that, you can see traffic moving through oakland. but i've got a crash in san jose where we have slowing there. >> outside it's cool, crisp and clear. according to rob mayeda. we give you a live look at the bay bridge in san francisco. a nice invigorating way to start


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