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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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shooting in the east bay. a passenger is shot. for some reason the victim's car doesn't stop until 20 miles after the shooting. i'm christie smith. that story coming up. >> reporter: a man tries to lure a 13-year-old student into his truck in broad daylight at this middle school in redwood city. how police are responding and also give you a look at the suspect's sketch coming up. >> chilly temperatures, 42 right now napa, 61 in fairfield as the winds start to increase, fire danger increases around the bay area a. look at that and your forecast coming up. >> the winds shaking our camera a bit so you can see that, you can see traffic moving through oakland. but i've got a crash in san jose where we have slowing there. >> outside it's cool, crisp and clear. according to rob mayeda. we give you a live look at the bay bridge in san francisco. a nice invigorating way to start your day. the weekend is getting close.
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it's thursday, october 3rd, this is "today in the bay." it is 5:01, thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have breaking news off the coast of africa. 92 are dead after a boat carrying african my a migrants sank. the boat is believed to have been carrying some 500 people. that means about 250 are still unaccounted for. the mayor of the local town says the ship caught fire after people on board set off flares in attempt to be seen by passing ships. this is one of the deadliest migrant ship wrecks and the second of this week. on monday, 13 men drowned when their ship ran aground. >> this morning the chp on the hunt for a gunman who opened
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fire from a car onto another. this happened on a busy freewayway. shots were fired on interstate 880 near the marina boulevard exit. christie smith is live along that freeway and christie, a zra strange twist, you learned that the victim was not taken to the hospital. >> reporter: a couple of strange twists. was it road rage? that's what the chp is investigating. there was an altercation on northbound 880 here in the east bay. a victim believed to be a woman, was shot in the leg but was really strange about this t car she was in, didn't stop until maybe about 20 miles up the road from here where we're standing. i mapped it on my phone here in san leandro. so police looking into that. they caught up with the victim's car at a parking lot near the
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richmond, el cerrito border. but the shooting they believe actually occurred on northbound 880 between davis street and marina boulevard here in san leandro. that reported just before 10:00 last night. that's where the incident started between a car and a pickup truck. >> there was some type of altercation between two vehicles, one a white truck and the other being that honda accord. altercation where one shot was fired through the passenger side of the honda accord striking the passenger, we believe in the leg, fairly minor injury as far as we know at this point. >> reporter: that passenger who was shot believed to be a woman, taken to john muir medical center with non-life threatening injuries. a lot of questions, again, this happened between hayward and san leandro, not reported until later about 20 miles away from where the incident happened.
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we are in touch with them. but another issue is there is a language barrier in their investigation. reporting live in san leandro, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. in other newshe san francisco mother killed which a park service vehicle will be remembered at a vigil in her honor happening tonight. that's at holly park. 35-year-old christine van meyer died. she was on the grass with her daughter when she was run over by a park department truck. this happened on september 5. 57-year-old thomas bernowski was arrested for the hit and run. he has yet to be charged. >> 5:04. the the alleged mastermind of a massive online drug marketplace is expected to be in the courtroom tomorrow. 29-year-old ross william ulbricht was arrested at the
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glenn park library on drug and computer hacking charges. he is accused of trying to hire a hitman. according to court documents he used a hidden website, the silk road, it's a black market site to sell high quality heroin to marijuana. all of the transactions were paid for in bit coins designed to be anonymous as cash. >> because of the technology this guy was able to hide what he was doing and make it hard for the authorities to find him. and bitkoynl allows you to hide because unlike a credit kartd it's untraceable. >> the fbi says ulbricht ran silk road from an apartment on hickory street and internet cafe not far from the home. the department of justice seized the site as well as up to $4 million in bit coins. >> it's a long time coming. the man accused of killing
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sierra lamar way enter a me. torres was arrested last year on murder charges. lamar if you recall disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill this happened in march 2012. garcia torres plea has been delayed several times. lawyers on both sides are sifting through evidence in this case. garcia torres also charged with carjacking and attempted kidnapping related to attacks on women. this happened back in 2009. students in redwood city, they should be seeing more officers. this comes after a man tried to lure a student into his car. a look at the suspect the police are currently looking for. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened here at kennedy middle school. it involve as 13-year-old student here. police say this did not happen
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in the dark of night or in the early morning showers when a dark like it is right now at 5:00 in the morning they say this happened at 10:00 in the morning in between classes. they released a sketch of the suspect. take a look. a man who looks like this drove into a staff parking lot in a black pickup truck, pulled up along side this teenage boy as he was walking to his next class. he asked if he wanted some weed, then tried enticing the boy into his truck. kept walking and ran to the school's main office to report what happened. police say the man is black, approximately 30 years old with a medium build, unshaven, and most notably you can see in this sketch he has a pretty severe star that runs through the middle of his right eye. because of this on monday police say they are stepping up patrol it at this school and in this
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vicinity. i have to say this cool is right in the middle of a nice neighborhood. police say they are also stepping up patrols at other local schools. i reached out to the school principal, waiting to hear if his school has taken extra precautions. you should call redwood city police. >> thank you. >> marla has a coat on. >> chilly. a wise woman. >> that's right. want to check with rob with a look at the forecast. >> and it is chilly outside. especially in napa this morning. 42 degrees, 54 at san jose, 54 in san francisco. but what is really interesting is that if you go to fairfield it's 61. you almost have a 20-degree swing in temperatures. for this time of year that means you've got north winds. turning breezy, through the afternoon around the rest of the bay area. north winds drying things out,
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warming things up the next couple of days. we'll see these wind speeds pick up toward lunch time. the areas in yellow and original, out toward mt. diablo, winds 30 miles per hour by the evening and then overnight heading into tomorrow morning you can see some hill top locations. so it will be elevations above 1,000 feet. starting at 6:00 through tomorrow morning that will see the red krog arnings going up. temperatures looking good despite the wind. 75 san jose. upper 70s inland. and the temperatures will continue to climb up, for the next few days we'll see low 80s tomorrow mid to upper 80s with less wind. >> good note about the winds. watch as it develops throughout day. here in the south bay traffic will develop. you see a steady expected fall.
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the map shows you the overview. not a big deal a. smooth flow, construction 280 at 880, typical here. the crash out 17 reported out of lanes, there may be paperwork on the shoulder. no big deal. just under 60 miles per hour. a smooth drive across the bay for the dumbarton. and the san mateo bridge, 92, heading across fort 101 along the peninsula between the city and the south bay a. live look will show you that the golden gate bridge, clear view. it's coming parallel to the golden gate bridge so probably not a problem for drivers. we're tracking the rest. watch the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. back to you. >> thank you. today governor brown is expected to sign a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses. advocates say it will allow im0
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grants to drive without fear of being pulled over for a ticket which could get them deported. the dmv has until january to come up with an alternative. it is possible the dmv could issue those licenses in september or october of next year. there will be a signing ceremony at los angeles city hall and another at fresno city college. >> coming up on "today in the bay," a possible medical breakthrough for millions suffering from chronic migraines. >> tar get launching its own wireless service. it comes with interesting perks.
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some good news as relief could be on the way for millions of americans suffering from
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debilitating chronic migraines. we're talking about a neurostimulation treatment branded as transforma. in the procedure doctors implant tiny leads beneath the skin. those connect to a small battery pack implanted in the lower back. the pack sends electric pulses to two areas of the head and the patient can adjust the strength of the pulses based on the level of pain. neurostimulation has been around for years but it's considered experimental by many insurance companies because it has not yet been approved by the fda for the treatment of migraines. >> there's a glitch for apple's new operating system. it is now working on a fix for problems with text messages. users complain that texts sent through imessage are not going through. imessage allows users to send text and photos for free to
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other apple users. >> facebook joining the effort to bring free wi-fi. for that and the rest of the news let's turn things over to kayla tausche. good morning. >> good morning, jon. futures are lower after stocks posted modest losses on wednesday. there's no major reason for the move although some traders pointed to the weaker than expected adp report. it showed fewer private sector jobs were added to pay rolls. the numbers don't always watch up with the jobs report. that was supposed to be released on friday but postponed. we get new filings for unemployment and the services sector. the dow falling to 15,133. target is launching its own prepaid wireless service for $35 a month, customers get unlimited data for $50 a month on
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t-mobile's network. every six months you get a $25 target gift card. a range of forms or bring their own compatible device. facebook and sis coare teaming up to provide free wi-fi in public places such as hotels and stores. users could check into a hotel without going to the front desk by signing in on their smart phone. retailers could custom information to shoppers, log on when they walk in the door. they are tracking you everywhere you go. >> you can run but you cannot hide. how about this, serious trouble for tesla following this a tesla model s under those flames. this is on the side of the seattle highway. this happened after he hit something on the road. teszla said the design of the vehicle and the battery pack
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limited the spread of the fire. that did not stop him from sinking almost 7% yesterday. also adding to the drop was one decision to downgrade tesla stock. how about this, shares of tesla now up more than 400 period this year. >> a contest headed to the bay area. we have a sneak peek. >> we like those for you. bob redell is live now in alameda with a look at the face-off. good morning. >> good morning. this is pete's barista. it's a company competition. they are down to the final three in a few hours they will compete here at pete's roastery. they will have 15 minutes to make three drinks, a signature drink, and a lot and they will be judged, judging them on
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several criteria. becca is going to be one of the judges this year. good morning. >> how are you. >> so i didn't realize it went so much that goes into making a cup of coffee. you'll show us express 0. judge us what you will be looking for sfwlxt start with the basics. first we want to pull our expresso. >> becca, during -- she will sight the right off camera watching the finalists, and is there anything right that you're doing right now that would have been right or wrong? >> yes. you want to have proper body mechanics so use two hands to protect the riss. >> ike an ergonomically correct thing. >> we saturday with the expresso here. a shot of expresso pulls 25 to
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30 seconds. yields about one ounce. starts a reddish flow. almost like honey from a spoon. as soon as we get some of that blond color in there you want to stop it. >> you aren't necessarily counting out. you're looking for those -- >> yeah. you almost memorize how it starts to look and how the color changes. >> are we talking a few seconds more or less? >> absolutely. it's all about precision. a lot can happen. cao too long it's too bitter. too short it's too strong so it's all about a balance. >> take a sip. how is it. >> pretty good. if i must say so myself. >> any advice for today's finalists? ? taste before and know how your
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espresso is tasting and have fun. >> if you noticed there are cameras in the background. they are going to stream this live. this is a major event for the company. go to their facebook page starting at 10:00 a.m. final three, 15 minutes each. jon, laura. >> global events. >> killing me. i need that. >> jones there. she's got her big old industrial size -- >> ron, you're with me. >> why can't we hook that here? >> just what we need. >> this morning kind of off to an interesting start weatherwise. the sound of the wind may wake you up in the north bay and out toward fairfield. notice the temperatures very unique. you don't see this too often. 42 at napa, 61 in fairfield
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amend closer to santa rosa. the winds are arting to elevate. a fine of things to come through the afternoon, mostly clear skies and high pressure building in over northern california as a strauf in between the two. here we are in the bay area. this is going to lead to drying conditions and warming temperatures especially toward saturday. in the meantime we're dealing with more wind as opposed to warming. you'll see this developing throughout the day if the northeast winds accelerating in the hilltops through the day. so by 6:00 now, or 5:00, notice in the north bay you have sustained winds north of 25. areas in read, seeing the winds getting close. in the east bay hills and the north bay. the humidity levels very low. heading into tomorrow morning where the humidity levels will stay in the 20% range.
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but the pattern looking great for game one of the a's versus tigers coming up tomorrow. should see 70s around game time. 75 in san jose, turning breezy in the santa clara valley. stronger gusts between pleasanton and fremont. 8 oyn poli0 in pleasanton. the north winds will warm things up in the north bay valley. look at oakland, 78 as the winds turn off shore. could see temperatures in the low 80s. then mid 80s as we start the weekend. less wind on saturday. sunday the winds turn back to a sea breeze. >> we're looking here along the water. this is the east shore freeway. a lot more headlights so the volume is picking up as we approach 5:22.
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no problems as far as the speeds good. the green season, that was the commute direction. build-up for the cash lanes but not a big concern. toward another toll plaza. we still have some construction zone approaching that toll plaza so we see slowing, they may be moving the crews. clear by 6:00. west 580 shows a shuttle change so now that volume increasing and 84 around the slow down down pattern. with the last few we've seen 17 north toward 280. it started to clear so they are starting to move because -- and a live look will show us how things are across the bay. approaching the peninsula, an easy drive. as the winds develop we're
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watching for this high rise and the bay bridge. the winds across the bridge perpendicular to traffic may be an issue. so far not a problem. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5: 5:24. an unexpected encounter with a bull shik.
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i think this is one of the craziest stories a. fisherman got up close and personal with one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean. >> this one a wild scene after kachg and releasing a bull shark he noticed it didn't immediately swim away. concerned, the guy decides he's going to jump in the water in hopes of rescuing the 300-pound shark. held on to the tail and then gently pushed the shark until it
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got its bearings back. i don't know if the guy is brave or crazy or a little of both. it's gone viral. >> did it the turn into like almost like a political debate. a lot of people call me complaining about it. others saying nice job, thanks for releasing the fish. >> i heard of being a friend of the fish or in general but aqua man go to it. the man rescued the shark. he thinks the reason it didn't move after being released was the fact it was still in shock after getting caught by a giant hook. >> he is lucky. that could have turned on him. >> still to come, habitat for humanity volunteers robbed at a construction site. why the secret service is called in.
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>> reporter: new this morning the chp investigating a possible case of road rage out of the east bay. someone fired into a small
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honda, but that car didn't stop until about 20 miles down the road. i'm christie smith. i'll explain coming up. >> and redwood city police are stepping up patrols around local schools because of a scary incident at this middle school. i'm marla tellez. i'll explain what parents and students need to know. >> we're seeing cool temperatures including 42 right now in napa but increasing wind speeds leading to an increase in fire danger later today. a look at the changes in the forecast coming up. >> wear seeing the effects of the wind on your drive. we can see the camera shake in oakland but i have a crash in a developing hot spot in the east bay. >> taking a live look outside, beautiful live look into the bay bridge from the distance. camera shaking a bit. we'll check in with rob in for christina on this thursday, october 3rd, this is "today in the bay."
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and this is friday eve also known as thursday. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning officers are looking for a gunman involved in a freeway shooting. it happened last night long 880 near the marina boulevard exit. christie smith is live along the freeway this morning. investigators seeing if the road rage played a role in this shooting? >> reporter: that's what they are looking into. what is odd is that someone fired into a small dark colored honda near where we're standing on northbound 880 t car had obvious bullet holes, someone inside was hit but the driver didn't stop until about 20 miles down the road in the richmond el cerrito area. that's when they reported that they were shot at. this was first reported last
5:32 am
night but the chp isn't sure when this gunfire happened because by that time it was over but they believe there was a fight. a disagreement between two parties that erupted into a possible case of road rage between marina or davis streets. >> there was some type of altercation between two vehicles a white truck and the other that honda accord. altercation on the freeway where one shot was fired through the passenger side of the honda accord, striking the passenger we believe in the leg. fairly minor injury as far as we know. >> reporter: the passenger believed to be a woman was taken to john muir medical center with non-life threatening injuries. the chp still looking for the driver and trying to get to the bottom of what started this. but they also say there is a
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language barrier that they are trying to get through. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. >> the u.s. secret service stepping in assisting oakland police at a site where jimmy carter is planning to visit. tuesday workers at a habitat for humanity development a few miles from coliseum were robbed at gunpoint by several men. this all happened at the brookfield job site where workers are building 12 new homes. it has experienced car break-ins and tool left but never armed gun men targeting people. one man was pistol whipped by the robbers. witnesses say one suspect fired a round into the air before escaping in a car. habitat for humanity says the victims are actually back on the
5:34 am
job. >> we have a huge commitment to not only building the physical structure of the homes but making them a place the starting point to improving the neighborhood. people are dedicated to doing that. >> habitat for humanity now has security at the site. president jimmy carter and his wife who are big time supporters will be visiting that site next monday. security will be tight at that time as well. >> don't leave anything valuable in your car, the message police are sending out. more than 70 cars were broken into in september. the most in a month, in five years. that's an average of one every 12 hours. the break-ins are happening at shopping centers and garages. 16 cars were broken into at the oak creek apartments 1824-hour period. >> one couple was so shaken up
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they asked us to side their identity. >> they broke the windows. look out everything that was in the car, threw it out. because they couldn't find anything. anything that was of value. >> most of the cars broken into or rentals. self others say they have seen similar trends over the past several months. >> students will likely see more officers out. this coming after a man tried to lure a student into his car. marla tellez is live at kennedy middle school with a look at the suspect that police are looking for. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened on campus monday morning. since then police have been working with this 13-year-old student involved in this scary incident to come up with a suspect sketch. since then that has been released. it was just released so take a look. a man driving a midsize black
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pickup truck pulled into the staff parking lot. along side a 13-year-old boy as he was walking to his next class. this is about 10:00 a.m. on monday. the suspect asked if he wanted marijuana. the boy said no. the man tried enticing him and the boy kept walking, trait to the main office where he told staff what happened. no one is in custody so police say this man is approximately 30, black a medium build, unshaven at the time. as you can see he has a noticeable scar through the middle of his right eye. i'm waiting to find out if the school is taking extra precautions. redwood city police are taking this seriously as they step up patrols, at kennedy middle school but other local schools
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in redwood city. this school, kennedy on goodwin avenue is close to highway 84 and 101 and the middle of a very nice neighborhood. so another surprising element to this story. live in redwood city, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for that, marla. >> time to check the forecast with rob in for christina. a guideline start. especially in napa. watching the temperatures drop. san francisco toward al qaeda land. hook at fairfield and santa rosa. northwest winds are starting to mix toward the surface. so we're getting better mixing of the ots ots. warmer in fair field. dry though. unfortunately it's going to set the stage for gusty conditions later today. as you head into the afternoon in the east bay hills seeing the winds from 20 to 30 miles per
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hour, then as we head into tonight notice these areas in wed. all of the bay area hilltop locations seeing the winds approaching 30 miles per hour. the same elevations above 6,000 feet. a red flag warning due to dry conditions. 75 in san jose. 71 in an fran. berkeley and oakland are going to warm up, 7818 oakland and santa rosa. then as the winds back off our temperatures will be warmer to start. mid 80s around the bay and turning cooler as the sea breeze comes back. >> we're going to send these folks with a view of the bay bridge. as we take to you full screen the wind does shake the camera. calmed down. that's not the wind, more us. we're looking toward the drive.
5:39 am
what we're watching as the morning progresses. no problem for chp. that's very smooth. we have an issue, one of the first slow spots is highway 4 as we do now in pord pittsburg. a crash involving a motorcycle details came in the rider sounds like only minor injuries at most the driver is walking around, that's good news and it's out of the lanes. you see the congestion late for that to kick in for a thursday. the tri-valley, the only slow spot. livermore, you're still moving, upper 50s or the doubles interchange. shows you an easy drive for the traffic southbound. the south bay and the peninsula, no incidents so a look at those commutes coming up. >> thanks. >> coming up on "today in the bay" as we enter the third day of this government shutdown,
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house republicans getting read the act on bringing back popular programs. >> we'll have the latest in a live report from washington.
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well, the budget stalemate continue this is morning on capitol hill. we are now unfortunately in day three of the government shutdown and there appears no end in sight. even after a late night meeting between president obama and congressional leaders, danielle leigh is live in washington where lawmakers are gearing up for another day of debate. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. from the looks of thing this is shutdown is going to last for at least one more day. both sides are digging in their heels. the republican-led house is going to continue its efforts to try to fund the government one piece at a time, obama care excluded. now on the to do list today are measures to fund veterans care, also the army reserve and the district of columbia. already they voted to reopen
5:43 am
u.s. parks and memorials and also to reopen the national institutes of health which had to turn away 200 patients including kids with cancer. senate democrats say no, they want to fund the whole government all at one time. and this is all after that relatively unsuccessful meeting at the white house as the shutdown continues so are the protests on capitol hill. small business owners are coming here, they are going to tell laum thers is bad for business. jon, the longer this continues the more likely it is that this fight to fund the government is going to coincide with the fight to raise the debt limit so that the nation can pay its bills. the fights are thicker and thirker. >> uklier all the way around. thank you very much for the update. >> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. there is more confusion surrounding the launch of covered california t state's health insurance exchange. officials say it's unclear how many people tried to access the
5:44 am
website when it launched on tuesday. officials first reported that number to be around 5 million but yesterday a spokesman says the number was closer to 645,000. in the meantime, the site continued to struggle with glitches since its launch. it has been shut down several times just to be reworked. >> seven days and counting. b.a.r.t. saying its unions has one week to come to some kind of agreement prevent another strike. the two sides will be back at the bargaining table to try and hammer out that deal. b.a.r.t.'s unions and management continue to disagree over a lot of issues including pay increases, benefits, safety and the length of this contract. b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator said the two sides are about $100 million apart. that 60-day cooling off period ends next thursday meaning workers could walk off the job as early as friday morning. meantime, lawmakers are
5:45 am
efforting a vote on a measure that would force the unions to honor a no strike clause. >> a preview of an exclusive report. more than half a million bay area residents have flown to hawaii and more will for the holidays. the waves grow stronger and more dangerous. alise kirchner found one island seeing a record number of drownings, already 16 drownings on one of the least inhabited islands kauai. with the winter bringing more waves experts are concerned there will be additional tragedies on the island. >> the winter months in generally are the deadliest. this is the time to be extremely careful and again, if you include ledge drownings. >> we'll have more in our full investigation tonight at 11:00.
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if you have tips give us a call at 88 hate 996-tips. or you can jump on line and fire off an e-mail to the >> might have to fire up the heat. >> a cold start but a beautiful finish. >> a lot of sunshine. right now it's also pretty windy around parts of the north bay. notice the temperature napa 42 degrees, very dry air in the north bay valleys but the wind picking up in fairfield, santa rosa. fairfield not too far from napa in the 60s, dry conditions as the winds continue to accelerate and you can see mainly clear. the weather pattern that is going to develop as high pressure building in off the pacific over northern california clearing out the west coast, a strong snowstorm develops in the northern rockies. so the wind tunnel we'll see in
5:47 am
the bay area is low pressure to the east, high pressure from the west so north winds accelerating especially tonight on into friday morning. and we will see these wind gusts as we get toward the evening now or wind speed, sustained winds at almost 30 miles per hour, napa county into contra costa counties. watch those areas in orange and red. if you can see that, all around the bay area as the strongest winds arrive tomorrow morning, the time we'll see the red flag warnings. usually we see humidity levels recovering but that's not going to be the case. fire danger unfortunately high but for the a's game this is a nice pattern to have for friday evening. we're looking at 70s around game time. just after 6:30 for friday evening. the weather looking nice. today, near 75 in san jose, upper 70s in the warmer places around the bay. if you want to find the hottest temperatures saturday will be the day. we'll see temperatures climbing 10 to 15 degrees.
5:48 am
78 in oakland. and also 78 in santa rosa. despite start some nice temperatures on the way. the winds not so nice. we'll see gusty conditions friday into saturday. warm for the weekend. that will be nicer if the winds back off. then sunday cooling down, more familiar sea breeze comes back and we'll lose the hair drier effect. >> that's good stuff. changing seasons we change our appliances. toward the south we're changing the speed sensors a tad bit. this is south 28. that will probably clear up but i'll monitor that. that cleared. north 101 at 680 to 880. now starting to kick in. that's where we see at this time. that's about it for the south bay. no other issues. the peninsula 101 and 280 clear between san francisco and the east bay. the dumbarton bridge, same
5:49 am
situation. the tri-valley, easy flow of traffic. picks up the volume coming through the dublin interchange. livermore, pleasanton, the volume builds. let's get a look back. i talked about the san mateo bridge. i want to show you one thing i'm watching. volume, yes, the clear view. here there is that signage. if there was a wind advisory they would light up that sign. none right now. live look outside also shows the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast track lanes in the middle moving smooth. good advantage, the backup starting to form west grand avenue on the lanes to the right. typical pattern, no problems down the east shore freeway. a look outside shows you, a distinguish flow of traffic from highway 37 to san rafael. we see a lot of companies so expect slowing over the next 45
5:50 am
in the north bay. >> thank you. speaking of out on the road, a national study out painting bay area roads as some of the worst roads in the nation. we have a look in the new findings rehe'sed by the group trip. san francisco has the second worst roads in the country. the report finds 60% of the roads in san francisco are in such bad shape they are costing an extra $782 per year in operating cost. san francisco area, i should say the south bay not much better, the reports say san jose's roads are the third worst in the nation, costing an extra 737 in damages. for the record that report named long beach as the worst, the worst city as far as roads are concerned in all of america. >> we got that going for us. >> coming up sharks getting
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ready. how you can get into that mood, get your feel out before the puck drops.
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welcome back everyone. a good thursday morning to you. glistening lights to show you in this shot. bay bridge there in the distance. look at that, not a cloud in sight. that's making for a cool start to our day. it's going to be a warm finish. rob has the forecast. and it is a day finally bay area hockey fans waiting for since summer began t sharks kicking off the regular season tonight. while the sap center is quiet it won't be the case this afternoon. the team hosting a pre-game street rally for fans starting at 4:45. that's right next to the s.a.p. center on autumn street.
5:54 am
festivities include a performance by a bmx stunt team, live music, giveaways, and of course a lot of food. >> that's what you call a soiree. >> 6:45 it's going to wrap up. the puck drops at 7:00. >> sharks to a victory. how about this one from whitner to hitner. the 49ers safety he is a star now wants a new last name to go with that star. after being fined $21,000 for this big hit against the rams last week, donte whitner changing his last name to hitner. no joke. to execute the change he's got to cough uf cash to get it done. the nfl says if a player changes his name during the season that the league makes him buy all of the remaining jerseys and other merchandise that has his old name on it. that will reportedly cost him thousands to do. whitner says he wants his
5:55 am
uniform ready for this sunday's game but that might be unrealistic. by the way our bosses would like to mention to you you can watch the niners take on the houston texans on sunday night football here on nbc bay area. >> in the comfort of your own home. >> get the lazy boy going. cold beverage. >> cold pop. 5:55. time to check a cold pop in the forecast. >> this morning kind of chilly there in the north bay. 42 in napa. we watch the winds pick up in fairfield and parts of the north bay. wind will be the story with the sunshine. 71 san francisco. upper 70s inland. tomorrow, gusty but warmer and even warmer still with less wind as you start the weekend upper 80s inland on saturday. >> plus it's the weekend. a win-win situation. the peninsula we're winning as far as the speeds go as well. a smooth drive for 101 north of university to willow. that's with the taillights there. it's about the same with less
5:56 am
volume for 280. we're looking to the east bay, the tri-valley, a smooth flow but the build for the volume. 580, a typical commute but north of that, north 680 a crash reported. no major injuries and in fact, looked like everything should be out of the roadway. no slowing on the sensors and the commute through the area typically southbound. we're looking here toward southbound 238. that's counter commute heading into the castro valley y, word of a crash as well that should be off to the shoulder quickly. if it does stay in the lanes there will be a little slowing. south 880 off of the area out of oakland, we'll track for that because that could be an issue. so far everything is clearing fine. >> hope you're hungry. >> right. 5:56. if you think you have room for dessert listen to this. >> bakers in india whipped up a cake that fit as shopping mall.
5:57 am
it weighs over a ton, took 300 hours to make. it features images drawn by children and pictures by photographers. it's part of the joy of giving week which aims at helping people in need. proceeds will help an orphanage. >> great cause. 5:57. we're following breaking news in the mediterranean. nearly 100 dead after a boat sinks there and hundreds more missing. >> a peninsula middle school on alert. police looking for a man who tried to lure a student into his car. of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls.
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and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. right now, breaking news. dozens killed and hundreds flung into the ocean after a ship catches fire and capsizes on its way to italy. we'll tell you how signal for help wound up sparking the
6:00 am
flames as the desperate surf for survivors continues at sea. >> plus, bullet holes in a honda after a late night shooting along a busy stretch of interstate 880. we'll tell you about the ongoing investigation into why the victims drove 20 miles away before calling 911. >> on alert near campus. a man who looks like this is boosting a sense of insecurity. >> 41 degrees to get your morning started in napa as we watch increasing wind, increasing fire danger around the bay area. a look at that and the forecast coming up. >> you might not be able to see the wind but see the effects here our view of the bay bridge shaking. how that's affecting your drive as i track two east bay crashes. >> the other part of that bay bridge t western span. traffic not moving too badly right now. thinking about the weekend i would imagine. we're getting close.


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