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tv   Today  NBC  October 3, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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case closed, the jackson family loses big as the jury clears michael jackson's promoters in his death. this morning conrad murray speaks live behind bars. the young family involved in the terrifying confrontation with the pack of bikers on the new york highway speaks out for the first time. the victim's wife saying her family was trapped in a life threatening situation. we are live with the latest. she is one of the most influential women in the world.
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her new job, biggest regret and balancing diplomacy and diapers. our exclusive interview today, october 3, 2013. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. president and congressional leaders met at the white house to talk about the government shutdown. >> no deal and now we are on the third day of the shutdown. a ruling in the trial tied to the singer's death. we will talk about the case with
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dr. conrad murray in a moment. >> reporter: it was an unequivocal win for concert promoters aeg live. jurors say they hired dr. murray. to the second question, was murray on fit or incompetent at the fire aeg hired him? the answer is no. and the case of damages for the jackson family ended. >> the jury said aeg wasn't responsible. >> reporter: the verdict was a clear win for aeg. despite the wording of the second question it was nothing close for vindication to dr. murray as the jurors made clear. said murray was competent in what he was hired for.
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>> in the end it was unethical. >> reporter: and stated the verdict would have little impact on the view that he is the doctor who killed michael jackson. >> we are challenging that on appeal. >> reporter: the jurors in this trial said aeg was not responsible for whatever his doctor did in the sealed off room in the last days of his life. >> how could aeg do anything about it when they were kept in the dark. >> aeg didn't do anything wrong here. >> reporter: and an expensive loss for the jackson family led by katherine jackson who sought over a billion dollars in damages. >> we are not happy with the result as it stands now. >> reporter: an under statement when so many millions and billions were at stake. >> dr. conrad murray is with us on the phone from jail in los angeles. murray's attorney is with us, as well.
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dr. murray, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> i want to know what was your reaction. i know you were watching the verdict on tv live as it was handed down. what was your immediate reaction? >> my immediate reaction was one of tears. certainly i cried. but i cried only because i'm not taking sides in this matter, first of all, let me make that clear. i cried because for once the world was allowed to hear some of the facts as it pertained to this matter. a lot of fans that had been suppressed, much of i was denied and my attorneys could not present, i was not given a fair chance to defend myself nor were they given the opportunity to defend me based upon the rulings of the court.
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i was very relieved that at least the world had a chance of hearing some of the facts. >> you said you were relieved. did you feel at all vindicated, dr. murray? >> i have felt that the lord has always been with me. and i believe that this was part of my recognition that you have to wait. you have to know that he is there for you and he is going to do his justice. >> did you continue watching after the verdict? did you see the press conference where members of the jury came out? one said that you quote did something that you shouldn't have done and that you were, quote, unethical. did you hear that?
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and how did you react to it? >> i think what the juror said is that if ethics were the issue the conclusion may be different. this is not about ethics. this was about the jackson's bringing a lawsuit which i felt from the beginning was frivolous. the very lawsuit that indicated that something was done. and a lot of claims were incorrect. i knew that for a fact. this is not about ethics. that is about a lawsuit that was frivolous and the jury should keep comments as they were confined. when you say i am unethical that is speculation on his part because he has not heard the other side of the case. >> hang on for one second. anything that happened in this trial going to impact your
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ability to appeal the involuntary manslaughter conviction that dr. murray has on his record? >> it won't effect the appeal at all. >> let me go back to you. you are going to be released from jail in a matter of weeks. you can't practice medicine right now because your license has been revoked or suspended. what do you plan to do? >> my license is not revoked, first of all. first of all, when i get out of jail i want to be able to embrace my children. i want to be able to reunite with my family and close friends and all of the angels that have been placed in my life that have given me support and encouraged me through this whole process. i will reset my life and i will show the world that despite
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adversity and when bad things happen to good people they can restart their life and succeed. >> and dr. murray we will look forward to talking to you hopefully when you get out of jail in a couple of weeks. we thank you for your time this morning. i thank you for joining us, as well. >> i look forward to speaking with you. washington government shutdown entering the third day. and blame game between democrats and republicans is not letting up even after a key meeting yesterday. peter alexander has the latest developments this morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: within this hour the president will go to maryland where he will be at a small business construction company where he hopes to try to put more pressure on republicans to pass a budget. any hopes that this will shut down will be resolved by putting the president and congressional leaders behind closed doors were quickly denied yesterday and there are no new white house
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meetings scheduled. with the paralyzing government shutdown now in the third day no signs of a breakthrough even though leaders had more than an hour of face time with the president wednesday night. >> the president reiterated he will not negotiate. >> we are through playing little games. >> reporter: the next potential crisis on october 17 when the nation faces default, a potential economic catastrophe if congress doesn't raise the borrowing limit. in an interview president obama blamed republicans insisting there is reason for concern. >> when you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to default on u.s. government obligations then we are in trouble. >> reporter: the shutdown isn't just impacting national parks
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but national security, too. the man who oversees the nsa and cia is saying 70% are said to be home. >> this challenges the security of this nation. >> reporter: at the fbi headquarters 50% of the staff furloughed. national institutes of health about 30 sick children could be shut out of cancer trials this week alone. the world war ii memorial was open wednesday but closed to all other tourists. te texas congressman confronted a park ranger. a fellow furloughed worker confronted the congressman. >> i am out of work. this is because the government won't do its job and pass a budget. >> reporter: the economy is
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being hard hit by all of this. by one estimate $300 million a day in lost productivity. that is roughly about a half million dollars in the time it took me to deliver this report. nathalie is here with breaking news on a tragic ship wreck. >> and rescue efforts are underway this morning after a boat carrying hundreds of migrants from africa sank in the mediterranean sea. anne thompson is in italy with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the relatively warm and calm waters of the mediterranean sea tempt many to make the crossing from north africa to italy. today one of the crossings turned deadly. the italian coast guard says as many as 500 people may have been on the boat.
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an official describes the scene as horrific and likens it to a cemetery. initial reports say fire broke out on board and people threw themselves in the water. pope francis celebrated mass for those who died making the crossing. today he said there is only one word to describe today's ship wreck and that is shameful. >> anne thompson in italy for us. investigators are gathering evidence on a tennessee highway where a church bus crashed into a tractor-trailer and suv on wednesday. eight people were killed including six on the bus. police say the bus was bringing senior citizens home from a church jubilee when it blew a tire. a woman whose family was chased and attacked by a group
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of motorcycle riders has broken her silence this morning. >> reporter: sources tell us the investigation into the incident is going strong. detectives have searched the home of the motorcyclist they think taped the video. we heard from the driver's family, his wife saying they were celebrating their anniversary on sunday, having a family day out with their 2 year old when she says instead we were placed in grave danger by a mob. we were faced with a life threatening situation and my husband was forced to take the actions he did in order to protect the lives of our entire family. we know in our hearts we could not have done anything differently and we believe anybody faced with the same
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danger would have taken the same course of action. southwest airlines has fired the pilot who was flying the plane that made a hard landing in new york this summer. the pilot was terminated this week. the first officer of the flight will be required to undergo additional training. the boeing landed on the nose gear which then collapsed. and washington state man's sweet tooth landed him behind bars. this happened in the lobby of a county courthouse. you can see a woman carrying a pink box through security. in the box there is a birthday cake. she sets it on the table. the hungry man grabs a handful of the cake. he goes back for seconds. deputies were not amused by this. they tackled the man before he could go back for thirds.
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the sweet tooth man was charged with theft. >> hopefully there will be a file or hack saw in that cake so he can get out of there in a hurry. that is a mess. you have a busy morning. you are tracking a storm. >> we have a tropical storm now. have a winter storm. in between the two we have severe weather. we'll start in the tropics. tropical storm karen right now it is 600 miles south of mobile, alabama. it has 60 miles per hour winds. it is moving northwest. it makes landfall sometimes early. drops back to tropical storm strength. whatever happens with this it is going to dump a ton of rain. so we are going to have folks who have to keep an eye out from the florida panhandle to new orleans.
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now, other big story is the first big winter storm of the season. you can see on the radar we are starting to get a spin to the west as you have colder air slamming into warmer air. we have a risk of severe weather. in the meantime look at what we are looking at today. we have winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings and winter storm watches stretching from central oregon all the way over to the dakotas. check out the snowfall amounts. we are talking anywhere from six inches to a foot. you get to the black hills of the dakotas could be looking at two to three feet of snow. we also have, again, as we mentioned the severe weathert that will be pushing its way into iowa later today. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ clear skies as you can see now around san francisco leading to chilly temperatures this morning. 40s and 50s outside right now for our morning temperatures. for the afternoon today, as the north winds pick you up mostly 70s, 71 san francisco, 78 oakland and 75 in san jose. we'll see temperatures climbing the next few days, gusty winds especially friday. y gracias señor al roker. hemos hablado de preocupación despite the government
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shutdown we have been talking abo abo about. andrea andrea mitchell sat down with benjamin netanyahu. >> told me the u.s. should not be taken in by iran's president's claim that he was elected to be a moderate. >> why not give this man a chance? >> they toss out this regime. these people, the iranian people, the majority are pro-western. they are governed not by rouhani. he has a coult is wild. iran conducts as we speak now terrorist operations in dozens of countries. he speaks of the tragedy in
7:19 am
syria. iran's forces he-- it is one thg to say one thing and another is what they do. >> what does it take for president obama to call him? >> what happens in the negotiation? i think we don't let iran get away with it. >> doesn't this make it more difficult for israel if you deem it necessary to act alone because the rest of the world is saying iran is changing and you are isolated. >> i'm not sure i'm isolated. i talk to people. and people are not that gullible. in fact, they are not gullible at all. they don't believe iran's nice words but they are not foolish. >> do you -- >> i believe the president understands.
7:20 am
we have a common goal. they have to be meaningful action. >> john kerry responded today. in tokyo kerry said it would be diplomatic malpractice not to examine every possibility before you ask people to take military action. why don't we find out what is on mr. daly's mind this morning? >> literally the orange room is kind of going ablaze right now just based on the piece we showed you five minutes ago, peter alexander's piece talking about the congressman from texas being confrontational. dear congress is the hash tag we set up for you. let's show you that moment again really quick. >> this woman is doing her job like me. i am a 30 year federal veteran and i am out of work.
7:21 am
>> the reason you are -- >> it is because the government won't do its job and pass the budget. >> people saying a lot about the moment. they are coming in hot and heavy. did he real scold a park ranger for doing her job. they shouldn't be used as props for posturing hypocrites playing to the cameras either. dear congress how dare one of you confront a park ranger about her responsibilities. it is your fault she is furloughed. this is striking accord with you. >> love that pillow, by the way. coming up casey kasim's children open up. and just ahead --
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>> bring your a game to everything at the same time. >> that's america's new u.n. ambassad ambassador. she opens up about the difficult task of balancing her job and [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right.
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♪ oooooooo. ♪ ♪ i'm watching you. ♪ you're knocking me out tonight. ♪ ♪ tonight.
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♪ oooooooo. ♪ good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. officers are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a car on interstate 880 in san leandro. the passenger in the victim's car was wounded but is expected to be okay. officers say road rage may have played a role in the shooting. the u.s. secret service assisting oakland police in a robbery case at a habitat for humanity site that former president carter is planning to visit. one of the volunteers was pistol whipped. they are expected to be back on the job. it's also back to the bargaining table for b.a.r.t. and unions, they have one week to come to an agreement to prevent another strike. b.a.r.t.'s unions and management continue to disagree over
7:27 am
several issues including pay increases, benefit, safety, even the length of the contract. b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator says the two sides are $100 million apart. the 60-day cooling off period ends thursday meaning workers could walk off the job as early as friday. we'll keep you posted. for a look at the forecast let's check in with rob mayeda in for christina. >> a nice start to the morning as we see the sun rise. as muches for the afternoon close to mid-70s in san jose. 75 degrees. upper 70s around livermore, santa rosa, notice oakland now the winds turn offshore we'll see warmer temperatures even near the inner bay. come tomorrow, gusty and dry, we'll watch out for fire danger in the hills the next couple days and a warm start to the weekend. >> rob, a nice sunny, warm but the wind shaking the camera. a backup has formed because of a crash on a bay bridge and the incline, west 80 all lanes clear, look at the backup in
7:28 am
berkeley and the jam from the incline, the metering lights back along to berkeley and starting up by golden gate field for the speeds in the 20s. slow for 580 and 880 on the approach. some using the san mateo bridge. that's good but it's getting crowded as well. a lot of folks heading there, a smooth drive, also 84, the dumbarton bridge and connecting them 880 southbound. the northbound route, holding steady with 105 the usual suspects. >> i'll have another update at about 7:55. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. the 3rd of october, 2013. pretty down in anna maria island off the west coast of florida. a pretty sunrise there and meantime up here in the northeast we have a great group of people joining us just after s sunrise here in new york city. i'm matt lauer along with is a van a guthrie, al roker and natalie morales. making news this morning a blown tire is being blamed for a deadly bus crash in tennessee involving a church group. at least eight people were killed in that accident. a white house meeting between the president and congressional leaders on that government shutdown last night produced no result. and a winter storm forced to bring heavy snow it to the northern rockies, up to three
7:31 am
feet in some spots. straight ahead, we will have an exclusive interview with the country's new and youngest ever ambassador to the united nations, samantha power opens up about the world's hot spots, managing a young family, and the hardest thing she had to give up to work for the president. all right. and then what miley cyrus revealed in her new documentary about the pressures and the impact of being hannah montana. >> and don't forget she will be here monday for a live interview. >> she'll sit down for an interview as well. let's begin this half hour with a very public feud involving the family of a radio legend casey kasem. his children say his health is declining but they're not being allowed to see him. here's nbc joe fryar. hello again and welcome to american top 40. i'm casey kasem. >> reporter: his voice was a fixture on the radio for decades. >> i'm casey kasem. these are the most popular songs in the usa. >> reporter: now, at 81 years old, advanced parkinson's disease has quieted casey kasem's voice as his family feud
7:32 am
grows louder. >> the disease might be killing his body but it doesn't need to kill his spirit and soul. >> reporter: kasem's three children, brother and closest friends, all say they haven't been allowed to see him in about three months. they say his wife won't even return their messages. >> jean has just folded him up and kept him under wraps. nobody can get to him. >> reporter: desperate to be heard, this week they mounted a protest outside kasem's los angeles home and released this video of their public plea. >> we don't know where to go. hopefully we will see our brother and our dad and our good friend again. >> reporter: so far jean kasem has not discussed the situation or responded to messages from nbc news seeking comment. >> tonight we salute motown. rp her husband, casey, rose to stardom after launching the american top 40 countdown in 1970. kasem even provided the pipes
7:33 am
for scooby doo's sidekick shaggy. >> if we just had roller skates. >> reporter: now his children and friends say it's their turn to be his voice. >> i don't want any of his money. i don't want his estate. i don't want anything. i simply want to see my father on a regular basis, give him a hug, hold his hand, give him a massage, put a smile on his face. it's that simple. >> reporter: for "today," joe fryar, nbc news, los angeles. bad blood in a family, which is obvious there, but at this time when someone is dying that you can't put aside that blood. for a check of the weather, mr. roker. let's show you what we have going on. first of all, talking about in between all this big -- this big storm coming, the winter storm, we've also got warm air ahead of it. in between those two systems the boundary layer, that's where we have severe weather already firing up today. in fact, you can see it now making its way from nebraska
7:34 am
into iowa and that's where we have a risk of strong storms today, isolated tornadoes, strong wind gusts, and hail. the rest of the country we are looking at another gorgeous day up and down the eastern seaboard. rain will be spreading into the great lakes and there's mountain snow. we may have santa ana winds setting up in southern california today. we'll soon see some of the windy weather around the bay area. right now clear skies, chilly start to the morning. the dry air settled in. 40s and 50s now and we're going to see the north winds through the afternoon, seeing some of that now in oakland and the north bay. high in the 70s, 71 san francisco, 78 in oakland, 75 in san jose. winds gusty tonight on into tomorrow morning. and notice the temperatures climbing with that warm air for saturday into sunday. coming up at 8:00 we'll find out if tropical storm karen has come to pass. >> all right, al.
7:35 am
thanks very much. coming up next revealing energy with america's new u.n. ambassador samantha powers. and then at 8:15 howard stearns' partner be robin quiver on her recovery from cancer and her emotional return to the studio. return trobin quiver on her recovery from cancer and her emotional return to the studio. ♪ [ male announcer ] make fall fantastic with store-wide deals like 4 mums for $10 at lowe's.
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back at the 7:39. the first few days of any job can prove challenging. imagine if those days included juggling two children under the age of 5. that is the job facing samantha power, the new and ungest ever u.n. a.m. bmbassador to the uni nations. i recently sat down with power for an exclusive interview inside the u.n. security council room here in new york to talk about fighting for peace around the world and at home. the first test for america's u.n. ambassador came early.
7:40 am
>> this is the largest chemical weapons attack in 25 years. >> to close a deal that would take the u.s. from the brink of military action in syria to a landmark plan to rid the country of its dhchemical weapons. you got the deal on syria. can you really say it's a resolution that has teeth that will bite? >> had is the first resolution that has ever required syria to do anything. russia has been taking it by the hand, you know, putting it under its wing, and shield iing it fr any international pressure of any kind. to your point, though, we also wrote into the resolution a series of relatively clear benchmarks as to what compliance would look like. >> if syria doesn't comply, do you think the u.s. has the right be and obl fwags igation to act military? >> we wouldn't even be in this discussion if not for the kr credible threat of military force. he has not taken that threat off the table. i think russia is aware that
7:41 am
threat still exists. syria is aware that threat still exists. >> as for iran, power is expressing caution about the country's new moderate sounding leader. >> given the new rhetoric the president felt it important to probe and to test and to listen and to see is there anything new substantively being offered here? and i think that's our posture, skepticism. there is a diplomatic window but it won't remain open forever. >> diplomacy was not is a man that power's first pursuit. >> i think she won the pulitzer prize at the age of 15 or 16. >> the daughter of irish immigrants she came to this country at 9, a graduate of yale in her 20s, she went to bosnia to document atrocities, later doing the same in sudan, winning acclaim for her sharp pen, her book on genocide won the pulitzer. do you almost feel that people are holding up that past life and saying, samantha power can't compromise? >> i think they're very entitled to do that. what helps is they bring to me constantly things that sometimes
7:42 am
in the bubble of government one doesn't necessarily get exposure to. when i was a write he or a columnist or a loudmouth pundit, at the end of the day, i spoke my piece. now you're getting to have these discussions with the president of the united states, with the secretary of state. >> but at home, these are the discussions. at 43 she is the mother of two young children, 4 and 1. with her husband, famed legal scholar, they all live in the a.m. bass tore's residence at the waldorf hotel whose ornate dining rooms double as a baseball diamond. is it difficult? is it harder than you thought it would be to be a mom to little kids and have this huge new job? >> it's -- you never feel like you're bringing your "a" game to
7:43 am
everything at the same time. so something gives and those who say that nothing gives, i feel when we leave in the morning a level of clinginess and are you really coming home? the other day he said, no more security council resolutions. >> that passes for normal in this new life. >> you want to read about syria? >> just like playing baseball with the president. >> that's gone. >> or commuting to school in an armored car followed by a 14-hour day for mom. i called some former colleagues and asked them about you. here are some words they used admiringly, relentless, pathologically honest. >> true. pathological in lots of ways, yes. >> when you have an issue, like a dog with a bone. >> yes. in the sense negotiations play to my strong suit. i never give up. >> power was taeceaching at hard when a young obama read her book
7:44 am
and invited her to dinner. >> you offered to intern. >> i had just gotten a slice for the first time in years of season tickets to the red sox which are impossible to get, and then at this dinner with him three hours in i heard myself saying, why don't i move to washington and basically do whatever you'll have me do in your office. it was only when i left the dinner an hour or two later i realized that i was, in effect, giving up my season tickets claim for this man. >> to say nothing -- weren't you a harvard professor at that point? >> red sox tickets, come on, savannah. >> a die hard baseball fan, nothing could prepare power for the rough sport of politics. in the 2008 presidential race, she was banished from obama's campaign after she was quoted calling hillary clinton a monster. >> it was beyond searing. you lose your temper. you're in a campaign. things go back and forth. it just completely broke my heart that there is a fair
7:45 am
amount of negativity heaped upon her i find massively unfair and that i could have contributed to that narrative, that was terrible. i have regretted it pretty much every day since. but we work together very effectively on issues the last four years. >> i know you apologized to her. i heard there were tears. >> certainly it was very emotional for me, and i was so grateful to be able to say that in person was something that i'm immensely grateful to her to have given me that opportunity. >> here you are u.n. ambassador, a job, i imagine, you could scarcely dream of when you came to this country as a little girl. is there a greater a.m. about bigs or have you arrived? >> this is it. come on. i get to sit behind that placard to usa. the world comes to you here. so to be here where it all comes together, it's a thrill of a lifetime. nothing else, retirement after
7:46 am
this. serio seriously. >> very cool. >> she's fascinating. >> she is. the youngest kids ever to live in the ambassador's residence at the l wwaldorf hotel. she came to this country wearing a stars and stripes t-shirt and now is the u.n. ambassador. coming up at 8:02, chelsea clinton's big baby announcement but it is not what you may think. and then carson is in the orange room with a lot of us on miley cyrus, why she tweeted a photo of herself. what is that? self as this new documentary aired? what is that? >> socks. orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below...
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talk to your doctor and visit to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition. >> miley cyrus is in our room for an interview. >> everybody has been talking a lot about miley, not just about
7:51 am
that vma performance, in general, there are a high volume of miley chatter. the last time the do you meanry aired, it was the first time we got to hear from her. let take a look at that. >> i have never been like a normal person because i had to grow up like so quick because i had to do something that didn't feel like me nor so long. that's what makes me want to do things that always have to be cool. most people don't have like their kid photos put up and then be like she's changed. i've never felt more who i am than right now. i think that's like coming into your 20s. you can watch that performance in the vmas. people can think it's a hot mess. it's so a strategic hot mess. i wanted to come out and do a raunchy sex show, i wouldn't be dressed as a bear. i don't pay attention to the negatives. how many times have we seen this play out in pop music, madonna has done it. britney's done it. anyone that performs, you want to make history.
7:52 am
you will always make people talk. you might as well make them talk for two weeks rather than two seconds. >> a strategic hot mess. just a hot mess? what did you think? let me give you quickly how social media was abuzz. we will search mileyment you see the tweeths, well over a half a million, with a reach of potential impressions reached of social of almost 2 billion. let me zoom out here so you can see. miley is already huge on twitter. she has over 1,400 fans. look at when the documentary started last night. a ton of people were talking about that when it started at 10:00. another thing in the overnight, a letter surfaced from sinead o'conner, she wrote, she expressed deep concern, be sure you have enough talent that you don't let the business industry make a prostitute of you. the movement is clear she isn't a train wreck, she's a genius. let us know what you think.
7:53 am
she'll be here on monday in the plaza. >> we are looking forward to see that. >> something to describe our show, a what if we took all this produce from walmart, and secretly served it up at this produce stand in the heart of apple country. it's a fresh-over. come on in, tastes some apples. tell us what you think. that's really good. nice and crunchy. this is the best-est. a burst of flavor. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. all this produce you see, comes from walmart. oh my goodness! are you serious? oh, you're kidding! i definitely would shop at walmart now. fine, fresh, crisp apples and all your quality produce backed by our 100% moneyback guarantee. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything
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good thursday morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are beefing up security this morning around kennedy middle school in redwood city after a man tried to lure a boy into his truck. take a good look at this sketch. released by redwood city police. a 13-year-old boy says this man pulled up along side him in the staff parking lot around 10:00 offered the boy some pot before trying to get him to climb into his black pickup truck. instead, the boy ran to the main office. today the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar may enter a plea. he was arrested in may last year on murder charges even though lamar's body has never been found. his plea has been delayed several times as lawyers on both sides sift through evidence. time to check the forecast with rob mayeda in for christina. >> we're seeing mostly clear
7:57 am
skies from the san bruno mountain camera. the winds pick up this afternoon, we will see the wind speeds about 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon and turning maybe up to 35 miles per hour as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. 70s around the bay area today. 75 san jose, 71 in san francisco, turning warmer as we head into the weekend. look out for gusty winds. and then we'll see the winds back off as we move into the weekend. >> we're looking here toward the traffic, not backing off at all. north 101 at 680 a jam here and it's consistent throughout the south bay. the northbound routes continuing to build as they do for a typical thursday morning. kicking in since labor day. here's 101 and 92, both directions, all directions i should say, through san mateo, very slow and jamming off of the san mateo bridge with the traffic and congestion. on the east bay, 880 south past the bridge, we have speeds in the 20s at times and north through oakland routes very slow. >> thank you very much.
7:58 am
i'll be back with a local update in a half hour. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
7:59 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on today. coming up, chelsea clinton opens up in a surprising way about what her plans for next year might be. plus, howard stern's right hand woman robin quivers on beating cancer and her triumphant return to the studio. in and the woman behind jimmy choo tells us how she went from rock bottom to a multimillionaire, today, october 3, 2014. >> hi, i just got back from afghanistan. >> so happy to be back in america and visiting new york city for first time.
8:01 am
>> it's my birthday and i'm on the "today" show. >> happy birthday! >> i'm getting married to my best friend today. >> is there a pharmacist here? that's a lot of pharmacists! >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today" on a thursday morning. i have to tell you, i forgot the date. is today the 3rd? october 3, good morning, everybody. >> you did very well with that. i want to show you something. look to your screens here. take out this image of the submarine surfacing on the streets of milan. >> wow. >> extraordinary. but before you do a screen grab and tweet it and put it on your facebook pagers that was an elaborate hoax. all part of a marketing campaign for the insurance company and stories like that, that's why we've created our fact or fiction series. >> that's right. this morning savannah will get her turn to challenge your truth
8:02 am
detector with two new stories. one real, one fake. >> all right. see how good the crowd is. but first, to the news with natalie. she's inside with a check of the top stories. good morning. >> good morning. president obama is visiting a maryland construction company to underscore what he says is the impact of the government shutdown on small businesses. after a meeting at the white house last night, house speaker john boehner said the president refused to negotiate on the spending bill, but in an interview with cnbc, president obama once again blamed republicans. take a listen. >> when you have a situation in which a faction is willing potentially to default on u.s. government obligations, then we are in trouble. >> republicans meanwhile say they're trying to push through smaller bills to restart some popular programs. her parents served as president and secretary of state. she's a former wall street
8:03 am
business woman and even a special correspondent for nbc news, but chelsea clinton might have a new title soon. mom. >> reporter: is the so-called clinton dynasty about to add another generation? the november issue of "glamour" magazine takes a revealing look at former and potentially future first daughter chelsea clinton who's referring to 2014 as the year of the baby for her and husband. it's one thing she wants to make her mother aware of. she asks us about it every single day. her dedication to family is apparent. with her appearances at last week's clinton global initiative -- >> we still have quite a ways to go until we have true gender equality. >>. >> reporter: and her new role as vice chair of the family foundation of -- i want to be a person who cares where she's investing her time and energy and i want to be a good wife, daughter and friend. whether she'd make a good president too is the question
8:04 am
posed last week to her father. >> who do you think might make the better president -- your wife or your daughter? >> day after tomorrow, my wife. over the long run, chelsea. she knows more than we do about anything. >> reporter: future mother or future politician, she is focused on present day causes like her extensive work in the third world and a motto she strives to embody -- work really hard and in a way to make impact. i was ready to be the person that my grandmother had always known i was. the doctor jail for involuntary manslaughter in j k michael jackson's death said he was relieved to hear the jury say jackson was responsible for his own problems. and earlier on "today," murray spoke exclusively from jail with matt about the verdict.
8:05 am
>> i cried because for once the world was allowed to hear some of the facts that pertain to this matter. a lot of facts that had been suppressed. much of which i was denied and my attorney could not present during my criminal trial. >> the jury foreman side murray was come me tent as the general practitioner that in the end, he was unethical. one of the world's deadliest sharks may owe its life to the same florida fisherman who caught it. the man hooks the 300-pound bull shark during a catch and release trip. but the shark wasn't swimming so the fisherman jumped on the back, moved the shark around to force water into its gills and to revive it. hopefully he got off the shark's back pretty quickly. 8:05. let's go outside for a check of the weather with al. >> a pretty cool story. all right. we have our fact our fiction audience. we're here to figure out which is which.
8:06 am
let's show you what's going on right now as we show you on the satellite. got some severe weather going on currently in the midsection of the country. but right now, chicago if you're traveling in or out of chicago you could see some problems. look at that fog. courtesy of the earth cam. and in fact, both airports reporting some delays now due to the fog. as you can see, temperatures nice and warm here in the country, but look at the jet stream out west, it dips down. temperatures in the 40s by friday. we'll see freezing conditions, still warm in the east. saturday those temperatures make their way further east. the warm weather still banked in the east coast with temperatures in the 80s there. we'll we're watching for the northwesterly winds to pick up as we head through the afternoon. right now seeing north winds at 12 miles per hour in1-d oakland northwest winds around 12 around sfo, and winds maybe as high as 30 miles per hour this afternoon. especially for some of the hilltops. close to 75 in san jose.
8:07 am
78 in oakland. 71 in san francisco. if you like warmer temperatures, we've got that for you as we get into the weekend. warm start ahead to the weekend. turning cooler on sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. al, thanks so much. coming up on next "trending" mia's son's response that he might be frank sinatra's son. and then howard stern's partner robin quivers is in the studios talking about a difficult battle with cancer and a return to the studios. and then an underwater oddity. how the figures ended up at the bottom of the sea. right after this. ea
8:08 am
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8:12 am
that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match. . >> we are back now at 8:12, explaining what's trending today. meanwhile, trending on twitter. roman farrow doing it his way. remember yesterday we were talking about that bombshell interview, in the interview, mia farrow said it was possible ronan her son long thought to be with woody allen could be the son of frank senate tra. he tweeted, quote, listen, we are all possibly frank sinatra's son. >> he is a good person to follow. he has twice the wit. >> meantime, trending from the
8:13 am
new york post, what do the executives at al jazeera reportedly banned the use of the f-room in the newsroom the feeling is such salty language should not be a part of the culture. if they did it at nbc, many people would be -- >> mute. >> that would take care of the funding problem if we put money in a jar. >> how suspicious are you when are you boarding a plane when you fly? we look at the way we try to insure our safe travels. among the superstition, who does this right here? kissing the fuselage? all right. peering into the cockpit. i do do that to check on the pilot. passengers aren't alone. >> what are you looking for? hygien hygiene? >> tired? >> apparently, though, some airlines are superstitious. 25% of airlines don't have a row
8:14 am
13. i was on one last week. i felt like i sat if a row 13, 13-a. >> we got a lot of great response, one women says i carry a chestnut with me for good luck my sister gave me every time i fly. >> i carry a squirrel. >> wow, such precision. >> what else is trending? >> earlier this week the nominees were announced at the national toy hall of fame. among the finalists, my little pony, the magic 8-ball, little green army guys and rubber ducky. >> that got us thinking just in time for throwback thursday. >> we want to take a trip down memory lane and talk about hurt childhood stores. "star wars" came out in 1977. at the early '80s, we were inundated with toys. for me 5, 6-years-old i had to
8:15 am
collect them. if i wasn't inside playing with my toys, i was outside with the grown machine. remember the green machine? >> the next level big wheel. >> next level stuff. >> this is live footage. that's me in marina delray. >> and that hair, too. >> the green machine. >> they were very cool. >> i went with a classic barbie. >> did you have ken, too? >> i don't think so, i had the horse, though. i loved the horse more than anything. >> here's the shocker. given my current cooking skills. i had the easy bake oven. i loved it. i have to say, this is not what mine looked like. this is more elaborate. >> can make little indicationment we made little chocolate indication. it was awesome. the problem is my cook has not evolved. >> it's so easy. >> moist, delicious, chocolate cake. >> i was a matchbox car kid the precursor to the hot wheels, i
8:16 am
also loved the etch-a-sketch and those green army men. >> i loved the motorific torture track, a battery operated slot thing. you could add to it. cars came in and out. >> amazing all those old commercials. >> we want to hear what your favorite childhood toy was. tweet it to us with the hash tak today ttt. that is what carson conveniently flies. >> making sound effects. >> barbie. >> oh, no. >> that's what's trending today. meanwhile, coming up, a teen today takes its place in a remarkable underwater museum. first, for 30 years robin quivers has been by howard stern's fuse anchor and his foil. it hasn't been all laughs. robin learned a few weeks ago, she has been fighting for her life. we will talk to her in a moment.
8:17 am
first a little more of her story. for the last 84-and-a-half, robin quivers has been away from the radio studio. recently, howard stern released why on air. >> robin told me, it was cancer that they tested this thing inside of her this what do they call snit. >> a tumor. >> a tumor. >> i was already making funeral arrangements. okay. >> quivers has since been declared cancer-free and just sed yesterday, she made a triumphant return to the studio. welcome back, howard with his trademark humor. >> i can never be without you again and your beautiful face, your smile. >> what are you trying to make me cry? >> your enormous -- >> oh, thank you. >> robin writes about her health struggles past and present in a new book the vegucation of robin. how robin quivers saved my life.
8:18 am
how are you? >> i feel fantastic. people ask me, i have been cancer-free three or four months now. it's a matter of still recovering at home, past all the treatments that's kept me out of the studio this long, but i have been feeling really good. >> i want to talk to you in a second. talk about walking back no that studio. that's family, it's friend, it's everything. >> i have been talking to them every day, you know, i was still on the air from home. so it wasn't like i hadn't talked to them. but seeing everyone and getting that everyone hugged me. everyone was so happy to see me. i was real happy to actually see them. >> i don't have to make this more dramatic than it was, because it was dire. >> eyeah. >> howard is blunt about i. he said he's told a lot of people he was thinking about funeral arrangements for you and what he would do. how did you hand him notifies? >> well, everything happened so fast. i wound up not being able to pass water or urinate while i
8:19 am
was away on a trip and ten days later, i was in surgery. so there was only ten days between the problem really presenting itself and me getting that diagnosis and there was really no time to think about it. it was like, okay, this is what it is. this is all we know. this is what we have to do. you have to get ready for that. there is no other thing you can be. you have to have surgery. >> you had a large mass removed, you had cancer in the whole pelvic region, 12 hours of surgery. your doctor said you were one of the bleft patients ever. i imagine after the surgery there were moments you wanted to lose it. >> it's depressing to have your body completely break down onner or let you go down. you go through the same grieving process if you lost a friend. you are angry, sad, depressed. then you say it's time to get back on that horse and go. >> this followed a point where you changed your life dramatically. you write in the book about
8:20 am
9-11, it struck me. you were unhealthy. 9-11 rolls around. you had a stunning and stark thought. >> i thought i would be one of the people who couldn't help myself out of that building. if i was there, someone would have to help me. i'd be one of those people you had to come and get. i thought. this is not anyway to live. and i need to figure out what's wrong. >> you changed your life dramatically. you started eating incredibly healthy foods. i think without saying cause and effect you say because your body was so much stronger, you got cancer. but did it help you fight off the disease? >> when you consider i went through chemoand radiation and hardly had any side effects, i saw other people around they were going through the same thing i was. my situation wasn't complicated by other illnesses, other medications. i basically was strong going in and so i sort of bypassed and did well during all of that
8:21 am
treatment. >> it's not a diet bovenlth it's not a cookbook. it is a book that tells a personal story. i think people will get a mr. president out of it. as the book about friendships, too, in a certain way. boy, i know howard was there for you. that's awfully nice. >> he's my heart. i love him. >> i think he foleys the same way. good to see you. it's great to see you doing so well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and. >> there are times when mother nature is so beautiful, they get trampled by all the people that go to see that beauty. one man has found a way to protect mother nature from the horrors. we are off the coast of cancun, mexico. the coral reef here is second only in size to australia's
8:22 am
great barrier reef. but what makes this area truly notable, an extraordinary underwater museum. more than 500 sculptures in an everlasting display t. goal for the artist jason taylor, that's him in the water there, draw the daily crush of recreational divers away from the monita natural reef because too many kicks from fins are breaking and killing the corals. >> accident grow right back? >> it does grow back. it can take 50 odd years. when it's happening on a daily basis, there is really not much chance of survival for the coral. >> reporter: jason ban this ambitious project four years ago a. self described ecosculpture, his work financed in part by the mexican government. here in the care bone sea, there are now more than 200 tons of
8:23 am
sculptures on exhibit. 15 to 30 feet in depth. the audience, adventure seekers and the fish. >> a lot, i was producing land in london and i kind of felt that besides the artistic value, that i was just creating large objects of land. land is a premium i felt it needed like another purpose. >> jason's work is playful, like the man laying on his couch, eating a burger and frierks watching tv. symbolic like a politician with his head buried in the sand and inspiring. like the woman with her arms stretched to the surface. in most cases, these begin with the real person. like the yoga instructor who held that pose for the 40 minutes needed to let the goop dry, which brings us to the most recent casting session.
8:24 am
>> the challenge for me is you want to have an expression that's going to stand the test of time. not some governory expression every snorkeler will laugh at when they see it. >> it's very exciting. it's an on nor, it's a little terrifying. >> i can't wait to see it some day myself to be sort of immortalized. >> you know, i think it's kind of cool. i didn't know you were going in the ear. no, it's okay. >> reporter: sealed first in an algae-based wrap an smothered in plaster, in less than 20 minutes the molds degree, jason gingerly pulls them off. >> oh. >> wow. >> there you go. you can see them. >> that's crazy. >> after a while that, thing weighs a ton. >> yeah, yeah, it's heavy. >> i'm alive! wow! >> jason took the impressions back to mexico and used each to create the "today" show anchor team. >> we are very, very cautious.
8:25 am
we have done lots of environmental studies and permits to make sure we are not harming the environment course in anyway. these sculptures actually promote life under water t. aim is that they grow in the fisherie. >> and just this past week, matt, savannah, natalie and al settled into their new home, which is now ♪ under the sea ♪ under the sea ♪ >> familiar faces in the world's largest fish tank [ music playing ] >> while all of you guys are getting sunburned with matt down there. so am i, jason made a cast of me and put it down there. there are now 503 sculpt chours spread across 2 acres. >> we lock like lex will you thur all of us. >> i think worry scarying the fish. >> well, actually, you had your
8:26 am
mouth opened, i had to clean out a fish. >> oh, >> breaking news. a plane has planneded on capital expressway right in the middle much the mortgage commute. it happened less than half hour ago right near the reid hillview airport. that's close to the east ridge mall. san jose fire says no oning was hurt. no damage was done to the aircraft. everyone is out of the plane and walking around. we have a crew headed to the scene, and we'll have more information as it comes in this morning. in the meantime, mike joins us with how this has affected that drive to work. >> you know, the immediate was that i expect traffic to stop right there, but as i super impose the traffic data here, we have it for capital expressway,
8:27 am
a major thoroughfare through here, and we have sluggishness in the northbound side. the southbound side looks like it is moving as we expect down towards -- you can use white as an alternate past the area because that will take you past that same stretch of roadway. now here's the rest of the south bay commute where traffic is jamming up. capital expressway near toby, avoid that intersection, but the rest of the south bay is it's just a commute you can't avoid. there's a slowdown in the northbound routes. the east shore of the bay is also very slow. back to you. >> all right. we have a chopper headed to the scene. we'll bring you the latest developments in our next local news update at 8:55. [ wind howling ]
8:28 am
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8:29 am
8:30 am
he said i will kill you if you make a noise. >> for the first time, elizabeth smart shares the story of her kidnapper and the courage that helped her survive. >> i was stronger than he ever thought i was. tomorrow. she's texting. it's the middle of graduation. >> i'm on it. >> lauren daniel williams. molly julia yoder. >> yes! whoo! >> oh, my. >> sorry. really could have gone either way. >> and that is a bit of the sneak peek of the new nbc sitcom
8:31 am
"welcome to the family." al will catch up with the funny stars of the show. we have all had moments like that, where we crossed the line a little bit a little league game or something like that. i'm inside the studio with savannah guthrie, al roker and natalie morales. >> and we have jenna bush hager here. she has a rare interview the woman behind a shoe brand a lot of us know and have dreamed about -- jimmy choo. what she said she had to to overcome to get to the top and what will leave all shoe lovers drooling. >> that closet. >> the shoe heaven. >> a shrine to shoes. >> it is. i'm salivating looking at all of that. plus, it's savannah's turn to put our judgment to the test with two new fact or fiction stories. i couldn't stump you yesterday.
8:32 am
>> i hope so because whoever wins at the end of the week gives $5,000 to their favorite charity. >> any hints on your stories? >> absolutely not. >> okay. >> competitive. >> apparently. >> but first, it's been busy in the weather department this morning. >> it sure has. for today, we've got the risk of strong storms in the central plains. big winter storm gathering steam in the western plains. windy conditions, we could be looking at red flag warnings and santa ana wind warnings for california. beautiful along the eastern seaboard and the gulf coast. tomorrow, the risk for strong storms in oklahoma and southern minnesota and much of iowa. more clouds in the pacific northwest with that big, big western storm starting to expand. look for some wet weather making its way into western new york. we have karen lurking off the gulf coast so we'll be watching that. but rain is spreading into the gulf ahead of that system.
8:33 am
sunny skies, hot weather from texas all the way into that we're enjoying a mostly sunny start to the morning around the bay bridge right now. not much wind. that's going to change later today as we see winds accelerating from about 15 to 25 miles per hour to the north, but making for some warm temperatures today. 78 degrees in oakland. 75 san jose. 71 in san francisco, and as the winds start to churn off shore later tonight into tomorrow, we'll see continued warming, but continued drying with high fire danger into the start of the weekend. warm temperatures and then turning cooler early next week. >> and that's your latest weather. we want to welcome -- >> how did you get out here this fast? >> with a rocket. >> now i know why you're looking so beautiful, al. >> we want to welcome to the nbc family michael o'malley.
8:34 am
so this is great, you have a daughter who getting by. she is about to go off the college. all right, finally -- >> right. my daughter is going to be out of house, i'm really looking forward to it. i'm not sad that my daughter is going to be out of the house. that i'll be an empty nester. my daughter is leaving. i've hooked up with my wife twice in two days. >> that's fantastic. >> you like that. >> oh, yeah. >> then? >> we find out she's pregnant. >> oh, no! >> listen, do i look like i should be a grandfather? >> no. >> i know i'm pushing it with the wardrobe today. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> it's two different families? >> it's two different families having to come together. not knowing that the kids will have a baby. they didn't know that they're dating. so the kid my daughter hooked up with is stanford. he's a smart guy but doesn't know how to use birth control.
8:35 am
how will they deal with coming together and being grandparents? >> it is fun. >> it's fun because it's not happening to you. >> there you go. always good to see you. catch the premiere of "welcome to the family" tonight at 8:30/7:30 central. >> where are you running now? >> come on! savannah? >> all right, al, thank you so much. high heels are the height of fashion and jimmy choo has become a premiere name in the industry. now, its cofounder is opening up in a candid memoir called "in my shoes" and with jenna bush hager she opens up further. >> she does. good morning. she is speaking out now for first time with shocking new details of her life beyond the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. ♪ it's a name that has become synonymous with women's fashion and glamour.
8:36 am
a luxury brand that even carrie bradshaw couldn't bear to part with. but for tamara mellon, life and times have been anything anything but glamorous. >> one glass of wine you wered the into 6:00 in the morning and calling the coke dealer and realizing i have to be at work in three hours. >> reporter: after losing her job she entered rehab, but there was a silver lining to hitting rock bottom. she began to pursue her dream of starting her open shoe business. >> when i came out of rehab, then i was determined to do it. >> reporter: do you think this business in some ways saved your life? >> absolutely. >> reporter: mellon reached out to a former colleague on her days at vogue. a shoe cobbler from london's east end named -- you guessed it, jimmy choo. he made custom shoes for the rich and famous. including princess diana. and soon, a partnership was
8:37 am
born. >> the original idea was for jimmy to design the collection and i'd run the operation of the business, but it became very clear that jimmy's skill was in making shoes. he's a cobbler. >> so he never really designed -- >> not one. not one sketch did i get from him. not one. >> reporter: so she became a designer by default. shoes name stayed with the company long after he was bought out and mellon would spend a decade growing the business. she credits her success and drive to a difficult childhood. your mom seems to have of course like all mothers do played a very central role in shaping who you are even today. >> she was a chronic alcoholic while we were growing up. and that goes with all of the mood swings and the depression. and the crazy insanity behavior that goes around it because if you can't trust your open mother, who can you trust? >> reporter: but tamara said her
8:38 am
father was her life line. >> the warmth and the love i felt always came from him. >> reporter: his death began a downward spiral for her that would last for years. >> you know, my father died in 2004, i got divorced in 2005. a hostile takeover of my company in 2006. >> reporter: mellon stepped down from jimmy choo in 2011, leaving behind the company she had started from scratch. and now she's stepping out with the brand new label. with her name on it this time. so what's it like to see this label? to see your name here? >> i can't believe that it's actually happened. you know, there it is. you know, because i have the dream and the vision and now it's a reality. >> reporter: but still on herschel of an appreciation for the shoe that helped change her life. so this is the infamous carrie bradshaw shoe. do you remember the name of it? >> well, it's such early days, we didn't have names yet. so it had a number. 72149. >> reporter: you remember?
8:39 am
>> i do. >> reporter: living now in new york with her daughter mindy, tamara's drawing from the past to write a new chapter for her daughter. this time, filled with a love. >> if i have a bit of exwhat anymorety now it's because i fought my way through the rites of passage. >> we reach out the both jimmy choo and tamara mellon's mother but they have declined comment. her brother said she was not an alcoholic and they had wonderful parents. efforts to reach them have been rejected. she was an amazing woman. overcome a lot. >> the controversy in overcoming that aside, i notice a lot of you were hyperventilating. >> that shoe closet. can you imagine? >> now, i can. >> you can dream. >> yeah.3 f2
8:40 am
ese clóset fue como un sueño, y up next we'll put your truth meter to the test in fact or fiction. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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only at safeway. [ mom ] in my family, so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios. over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® . >> right. we are back. it is time once again, help me out, audience. fact or fiction. it's our way of making you a better fuse consumer in this age of information overload. the object is to spot the fake stories. our people faired better than day one. they guessed that soil was pure
8:43 am
fiction. the hobby of football was real. savannah, what is your first story? >> finding a reasonable place to live in manhattan is a convenient challenge. one enterpriseing new yorker decided to give up apartment living altogether. you will not believe where he ended up. the big apple is one of the most electric and expensive cities on the planet. and one new yorker, writer dave rodriguez, was so stressed by the constant buzz, he says he had to think outside the box. >> you hear that? that's right. >> reporter: rodriguez created a private refuge in the most public of places, where he lived under the radar for two years until the release of this documentary. >> my name is dave, i'm 27-years-old, i live inside the cube. >> his home an iconic new york city landmark passed by thousands each day.
8:44 am
i was invited in for an exclusive look at life inside his extraordinary home. >> come on down. >> nice to meet you. this is amazing. >> come on, i'll give you the tour. i have a full service kitchen. it goes up and down. i was walking by at the time. i poked my head n. i had an epiphany. i can live here. >> reporter: rodriguez doesn't have any idea if his squatting is legal. he keeps a low profile just in case. inside is another story. >> i can play as loud as i want. here is the potty. it's a breeze, you get away from it all. >> what is that? >> that's the hardest thing. >> people spin this? >> yeah, all the time. >> after two years ago rodriguez says he's ready to move out. >> down you will miss this? >> a little. i have my eye on bigger things. >> reporter: rodriguez says he is ready for a serious relationship. he is on the lookout for bigger things. one single lady lives downtown,
8:45 am
programs he'd like to move in with her. >> quickly thoughts on rodriguez living in a cube? >> i think it scare squares up. >> story no. 2 is quite interesting. how do you want to celebrate your 60th birthday? it will be nothing in the way, like the way joe bharara decided to celebrate his. joe bharara is a man of lofty dreams. >> you might have thought it was the stupidest idea of the world. >> his wish brings patio furniture to new heights as lawn chair piled i pilot. he wouldn't be the first, there was lawn chair larry in 1982. >> i said i can do this, i made a plan to do it on my 60th birthday. >> so on a cold morning, his team, he calls them the red neck engineers began blowing up the
8:46 am
balloons. 12,000 of them. his family tried to keep him grounded. >> we were all scared. >> there were setbacks. the balloons popped. the craft wouldn't lift. but then. >> the dream came true. the ground was shaking, i felt good. >> until it didn't anymore. just six hours into his trip, he lost control. he was up too high and his crew was worried. >> we couldn't raise him on the. >> reporter: the red neck engineers all believe that was due to the 21,000-plus feet that he was at. >> meaning he had no air. once he regained consciousness, he implemented the emergency dissent plan. >> i popped two balloons. >> and he landed fast, up a tree, literally. it would take rescuers more than six hours to locate him. they used chainsaws and ropes to get him down. >> you could hear him say, tree's moving, tree's moving, you know, i'm like, joe, we're getting to you as fast as we
8:47 am
can. >> one man, a few balloons and a birthday wish. >> if you can dream it, you can make it happen. never give up on your dreams. >> all right, guys, your thoughts, quickly. al. >> i think savannah is full of hot air. >> you don't believe either story. >> i think they're both fake. >> you are so sure of this i am probably wrong. i clearly think the kut cube guy is not true, not true. audience, your turn, which story is fake? hold up your signs? wow, most people think thai like matt, the cube sorry is the story of fiction. a.m., what do you think? >> cube, natalie is going against the grain, thinks the balloon guy's story is fake. >> i never saw savannah in a wide shot climbing into that cube. it was shots that could have been created elsewhere. >> sean hayes went against the grain and won. if you are watching, you can vote on or tweet us
8:48 am
using hashtag either cube or balloon guy. we'll have your answer in a minute. we'll be right back. but first this is "today" on nbc. so what can i get you?
8:49 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪
8:50 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey! . >> all right, everybody, we are back with your fact or fiction challenge. is it the man who lived in a cube or the high flying balloon guy? our plaza audience went predominantly with the cube story guy being one of fiction. our voters at home agreed with 66%. natalie was the only person who went with the balloon guy, so, savannah, the time has come, which story is fake? >> i would never say matt is right. but the cube man story was a fake story. now, when you looked closely, there were a couple clues, not the one you mentioned.
8:51 am
the first one was inside the cube, we showed you, look at that, if you read that word backwards, what does it say? like rubik cube. the second clue, no light at all, yes, a plant. how could a plant grow inside that cube? >> it could have been a fake cube. >> he looked like an actor, that was my thing. >> the guy behind this, this is a real viral video, they're in our audience this morning. guys, stand up. >> nice job, guys. >> real quickly, what is the viral video? what is this process all about? this looks like a whole documentary. >> the whole idea of a cube came from a men's room. the founder of lulu lemon found the only peace he had was taking a pea in a men's room.
8:52 am
so shannon and chip wilson came up with this idea of wilkes whil, a meditation program where you power down, you rebought just like your computer. >> just like living in a cube. >> thank you so much. >> you put us on the hovercraft? well. we will wrap up fact or fiction tomorrow with two stories from al. up next on white collar and reading for the record. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ]
8:53 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
8:54 am
. >> today is the 8th annual read for the record. it involves quality education. this year's book being read by millions of kids is otis by lauren long, it jump starts celebrity ambassador, i love you are doing this. is this a great program? >> it is. >> is he and she a big reason? it was not a hard sell for her. in the middle of the day, it's wonderful. >> talk about the importance of that ritual. parents are so busy these days. if you stop and make time, that's the moment. >> a little time. we have found that reading involves sort of education. if we can hone in on that at an
8:55 am
early age. not that we want to do. we want all these kids to succeed. >> take me back. to your childhood, were you read to as a child? >> what is your favorite books? >> i love the drawings and the pictures. big and small, all that kind of stuff. i think the colors were good for me. >> remind people how they can get involved by vooed reading to a child for us. >> today is a great day, it's an annual for a jump start. we will be reading to all the kids across the country. >> it doesn't take a long time. >> white collar, by the way, a great show. >> real good. >> are you loving the role? >> very much. >> congratulations on that. awfully nice of you to be the celebrity ambassador, too,
8:56 am
tiffany. thanks so much. and we will be back heighth right after these messages and your local news. >> at 8:56. i'm laura gars wra-canon, and breaking news is going on in san jose where a plane has landed on capital expressway right in the middle of the morning commute. these are live pictures from the scene. it happened less than an hour ago right near the airport by the east ridge mall. this is our chopper above the scene there. san jose fire says no one was hurt. no damage was done to the
8:57 am
aircraft. everyone is9&jt of the plane. they were walking around. and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available to our newsroom. again, a small plane has made an emergency landing on capital expressway this morning near tully. no one was hurt. we'll update you during our next cut-in coming up in 30 minutes. hey lena, what ya looking for?
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to requested today" on this thursday morning, october 3rd, 2013, al roker's run of great bl weather continues. >> summer weather. >> northeast in new england this year it's been the greatest two weeks of fall. >> not out west. >> 80 degrees, something like that in the city today. 85 in d.c.. >> if you are in north dakota. >> we got some severe weather to talk about. we may have a tropical storm coming up. >> rain on my parade. >> yes. >> i thougwe will start this we
9:01 am
vice president joe biden known for his ffes. he revealed the cover of a classified document standing at a press event. take a look at the photo, the binder reads codeword, classified document. >> it's not like he is saying, look what i have. i just know if you trot around the press conferences with classified documents. we didn't see anything. >> if i had that, i'd walk around with it. >> you feel important. >> hey, look at what i know. it's obviously not classified. it can be displayed in public. that's the whole point of the cover sheet, the classified material is contained behind it. >> the vice president is pretty good. >> it's an elaborate setup so we can watch the vice president's finest moments. >> roll that videotape.
9:02 am
>> the choice is clear, one man stand ready to deliver change we desperately need, a man i'm proud to call my friend, a man who will be the next president of the united states, barak ami amir. >> thank you, everybody. >> that was the big gaffe. >> indeed. >> a big f-ing deal, shaking al roker's hand caused consternation. >> the secret service wasn't exactly thrilled of that one, neither. >> how inconsistent you were. wait, wait, wait. i was just, it was great. >> come on, one shot. brian williams put me up to it. >> i get it. >> one shot. >> i'll be interested to hear your take on this next story, brock, having been an actress, a young actress in hollywood, jennifer lawrence speaking out
9:03 am
about the pressure to be thin, she's on the cover of harper's bizarre, she speaks out, the encouragement was the kind of blank actresses had to go through. somebody told me i was fat. i would get fired if i didn't lose the certain amount of weight. they brought in pictures of me that i was basically naked and told me to use it as a motivation as a diet. it will hurt me if somebody whispers the weight diet, go blank yourself. >> first of all, good for her, now as a mother of daughters, you know, i was never considered skinny, so i, they never used me for runway. i was basically like a model from the neck up, basically. and i was always considered the healthy one like the athletic one. and i tried to keep nurtureing that by, but the tendency is, you do feel, you go on the red carpet, you look to your left and your right and people are
9:04 am
emaciated and there is this pressure. yet i keep telling my kid, my kids want to wear skinny jeans. she is beautiful. she is so talented. >> and by nobody's stretch of the imagination could she be labelled anything other than looking like she is in great shape, fit. >> if you have any kiv curves at all, you are considered heavy, overweight. it's scary. >> brooke, is it that explicit someone will say lose weight or is it implied? you look around me? >> that sound like torture, abecause to me. it does sound like abecause. i've never had that happen to me, but then again, i never lived out in hollywood, i never sort of lived in that whole world. i when to the school, regular children's schools with kids my own age. i gained, know 20 pounds in college eating healthy granola thinking i was being healthy. i'm packing it on. i wasn't punished for it. >> she gets the last louisiaaug.
9:05 am
who told her, gang busters irks it's not happening. >> she speaks her mind. she's a very refreshing young woman who isn't afraid to show she is meet these hollywood stars. she likes what she does. >> her talent is preseegd all of this. >> al loves her even more because of this moment, do we remember at the oscars? >> i want to see al roker, i used to watch him every day before school. >> of all the people you could possibly say is al roker? >> he means something to me personally. >> what does he mean to you in your neck of the world? >> i love al roker. i want to see him. >> i can be al roker. >> hey, jen never, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> hey! >> you don't say it with a british accent. lose the puffed up hair. all right. get a tan and maybe you could
9:06 am
try saying it. >> or lose the hair altogether. >> exactly. there you go. >> did she get to do this? >> no, she didn't. >> i think we should arrange. she is, jennifer lawrence is by any definition of the imagination, she is beautiful. the fact that anyone said that to her is ridiculous. >> i want names. >> we need to represent healthy women that aren't consumed with judy broxton. being healthy, being good in your own body, feeling comfortable in your own body. >> you look at some of that in your life. gosh. i feel overweight. >> call me a hypocrit. if you are anticipate tag red carpet, i'm working out more. treadmill, because you want to freedom. but that's a double -- that's a double message. >> that's why that dove campaign struck such a chord with women all over america. >> good for jennifer lawrence for speaking out about it. the next one is a hard right turn, from what we were talking.
9:07 am
drive through skeletons, emaciation once again. this is the work. we have become familiar with this guy. she a magician prankster. >> he wears the headless -- here he is again. >> for this video, i will make this sculpture go through some -- this sell on the go through some drive-throughs. >> aah! . >> where they at? >> aaaa! >> would you like sauce with that, sir? no sauce? >> i can see him getting comfortable after that? sauce with that, sir? >> i like the screen, you know it's ridiculous, all of a sudden
9:08 am
he has to do is that. >> that big move. >> i love it. now, unfortunately, i wasn't so lucky when he was here. >> that's right. check this out. >> if we have it. or not. >> oh! . >> so you had no idea? >> that was him. i had no idea, they're like why don't check out this new care. >> it was very out of place. >> who would know that's a guy? >> even though we've never had that rattan piece of furniture in the green room. >> they were trying out new furniture. >> i like how you get up so gingerly. oh. >> there is something going on here, i don't know what it is, i sit right down. >> that's because the stage manager was actually nice to you. >> i guess the wrap around. i'm like, keep those armchair paws off of me. >> that's a handsy care right
9:09 am
there. >> those aren't pillows, those are my hands. >> all right, mr. roker, them us the weather. >> first of all, today's weather, we have, of course, tropical storm karen out there now. it hasn't been officially named, but it will be in the next hour. this low pressure will come across the yucatan. we will look at it from new orleans into the panhandle of florida sometime late this weekend. then we got our first winter storm to talk about. this one already causing snow throughout northern idaho, parts of western montana check it out, you will be talking about weren't storm watches, advisories will be posted all the way into the dakotas, back into oregon. snowfall amounts anywhere from about six to 12 inches, but in parts of western south dakota, we could be looking at up to 2 feet of skies don't get more clear than this. looking north of san francisco, golden gate bridge, cloud-free. eventually turning a bit more
9:10 am
windy as we head through the afternoon. near 71 in san francisco. 75 san jose. 78 degrees in oakland, and temperatures from here will continue climbing on up as those off shore winds take hold towards this evening into tomorrow morning. red flag warnings for hilltops above 1,000 feet through 6:00 a.m. on saturday morning. some cooling early next week. . >> and that's your latest weather. we want to set the record on something we said yesterday, we were celebrating the revolutionary kfc, the chicken was so good. we made one lite off the cuff remark because of the government shutdown, there weren't any food inspections, obviously very true. >> i'm the one that made the off the cuff remark. in fact, we were told the u.s. department of agriculture is keeping their meat and poultry inspectors and other, i like this word, essential food safety employees on the job. we are apologize for any confusion and we are back right
9:11 am
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9:14 am
>> we are back now, there was an hour long mtv meanwhily the movement. she has been offered some fresh advice from sinead o'connor. yes, she wrote an open letter to pily cyrus. she says se wrote the letter because she was dodging phone calls, that her wrecking ball video was designed to be similar to sinead's nothing compares video. sinead o'connor writes i am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led to you believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in anyway cool to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your
9:15 am
video. you have enough talent that you don't need to let the music business make a prostitute of you. you shouldn't let them make a fool of you either, don't think for a moment. an open unsolicited letter. >> isn't sinead the won that got in trouble for tearing up the picture of the pope. >> she's very spiritual. she has problems openly with the catholic church. again, here we go again, i guest get it. i heard, i wonder if she's upset because she was doing a tribute to sinead o'connor and have it be so. >> misinterpreted. >> when did people start feeling the need to share their letters? whether it's a celebrity or these politicians who released their letters they've sent to other politicians, just, if you want, just do it. >> an open letter. >> keep it in the envelope. >> isn't that the nature of social media?
9:16 am
reality shows are popular. this node to divulge and be seerngs pick me, oh, look at me. it's the same thing on a massive scale. i get it. i'm a handwritten letter person. but. >> but let miley be miley. look, there are tons of poem following her. poem think she speaks her mind. >> i get it. she said. she is who she is. she will make her mistakes. >> she wishes if she could have gotten completely nude on the vmas she would have. i don't know where she can go from there. >> now you have gone there, human sacrifice. >> with a foam finger. >> there will be a day, you go to these shows and you are wearing nothing. it's right around the corner, it's happening already. >> our crew is working around the corner. >> again, you know, i think again it boils down to talent and her talent will either or
9:17 am
will not get past all of this. >> the wrecking ball is a trick song. >> i love that song. >> i think she's very talented. >> she can sing. no question about it. >> done you think -- >> some people like it. somg won't. >> she said we all have these phases, especially in the press, we fixate, attack, she'll come out the way so many artists have attention grabs, this is her growing up moment. she can grab the attention and go on from here. >> she said in a documentary yesterday or last night, you grow up being hannah montana for six years, you are stuck in this character. people expect you to be this person. she's like, i never was that person. i am who i am. this is who i am. you see who i really am. >> that hannah montana character was a character. >> she doesn't necessarily want those fans anymore. my 10-year-old i got flack for saying, watching that was difficult for us, yet, it's because i'm a mom now. again, i've come through things
9:18 am
and out of things and been criticized openly and you just hopefully keep weathering it. >> she said in that doc last night, she said it's better to be talked about for two weeks than two minutes or second. she knows what she is doing. >> that's why you and i kissed. >> talk about the weeks on end. >> and follow up another on a canoe. >> we are are pushing the envelope, baby. >> what are you going to do next? >> bring out that sledge hammer, boys. >> wee! >> we can be a strategic hot mess, too. >> strategic hot mess, that was the best line. >> mr. hot, mr. mess. >> that's stategerie right will. >> up next, all the news you need before you leave the house. >> plus, gaining millions of more fans every day. >> from a budding director. what we are clicking open. first these messages. ah, this is just what the eight layers needed.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. >> taking a look at head leans, a new report says that companies will continue producing an even stream of job opportunities. according to career builder,
9:23 am
with unin four employers plan on adding full-time workers in the final quarter of this year. many of those jobs will come from information technology, financial services and manufacturing. the government shutdown may not be hurting job growth, but it might put a damper on holiday sales. the national retail federation expects a marginal increase of 3.9% in sales this holiday season compared to last year. they say the longer the shutdown lasts, the worse i.t. will get. consumers will expect earlier than usual shopping. millions of americans log on to facebook every day. the social media isn't going anywhere any time soon. because of that, facebook is in talks reportedly to build a $120 million housing complex t. rent am units, rather, will be in walking distance of its offices, it is expected to have amenities, including doggy day
9:24 am
care, employees i am guessing will probably like that. thanks, to fertility treatments, twin deliveries are becoming more common in the u.s. they are considered high risk pregnancies, planning a c-section rather than going into labor naturally does not lower the risk for negative outcomes. researcher divided 4,000 expectant mothers, into two groups, planned c-sections, and both groups had roughly the same risks for complications. a washington state man's sweet tooth landed him behind bars. this happened in the lobby of the county courthouse. you can see a woman carrying that pink box near security. in that box a birthday cake. after she set it on the table the hungry man zeroed in. grabbed a handful of cake. deputies were not amused. they tackled the man. yes, he was charged with theft. not a good place to steal a piece of cake. willie, brooke, al in the problem is it had a file in it.
9:25 am
>> a harsh reaction to take some cake. >> wow. >> i like how he just grabbed i create my unique looke new l'oreal super slim liner point 4 millimeter precision and control lets you go subtle or striking a pigment so rich my ultimate perfection the new super slim liner. from l'oreal paris ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ we, we chocolate cross over
9:26 am
♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate good morning. 9:26. that breaking news going on in san jose where crews have just capital provide. according to another pilot at the scene, the plane was reporting engine trouble on its approach. close to the east ridge mall. two people on board were not hurt. the plane belongs to aerodynamic aviation, a flight school. the crew at the scene will bring us more information this morning as it keeps coming into our newsroom. meantime, officers looking fire gunman who opened fire on another car on interstate 880 in san leandro. the passenger was wounded, but is expected to be okay. officers say road rage may have played a role in that shooting.
9:27 am
u.s. secret service now assisting oak willed police in a violent robbery case at a habitat for humanity site that former president jimmy carter is planning to visit on monday. one of the volunteers was pistol-whipped by robbers. the vemz were shaken, but they're expected to be back on the job today. we're going to take a quick break, but we will have a look at weather and traffic right after this. [ woman ] my family already thinks pillsbury grands are amazing... but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop!
9:28 am
[ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! >> lots of sunshine around the bay area. winds starting to pick up out of the north. as what heed through the afternoon, and 70s bay area-wide today. 71 in san francisco. 78 in oakland. 75 in san jose, and temperatures will warm up a little bit more over the next couple of days. gusty off shore winds, though. raising fire danger concerns over the hills for saturday and turning cooler by sunday. >> hey, rob. looking over here. a beautiful view. clear. no problems above the road, but 92 westbound. you can see a lot of slowing over the mechanics 20 minutes. slow crawl across the flat skz. now from the other side of the
9:29 am
bay, we have a nice easy drive coming off for the high. something coming off for the incline. again, starting to do much more smoothly now at the toll plaza, but there may have been a stall there in the westbound direction. looking towards southbound 880 in fremont where it's still really slow. dunbarton bridge and dakota road, mission boulevard also west 237 and then clearing by the time you get there. back to you. >> q5 a nice day out there. another local news update coming up in half hour. thank you for joining us this morning.
9:30 am
>> welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning october 3rd. >> you look like a unicorn. >> the places i'll go. >> yes, you look a little -- >> classic brooke shields from the ''80s, a pony. >> i sported this with pride. >> there is a reason we are bringing back the scrunchie. >> they are saying it is back. the high end, though, don'ters are selling them for $95. >> that is ridiculous. >> that is god's way of saying you are making too much.. >> are they leak bedazzled?
9:31 am
>> they're in the dollar store. >> $95 bucks. >> if you boy it, you are an idiot. >> you vould should have to register if you boy it. >> i wish we had one to see the difference. >> bedazzled. >> i did. can't you tell? i put my to thtem pole to the scrunchie. >> it's a mom ting, too. >> my girls love them. they're good if you also want to keep your curls. >> they're good for buns. >> what was the knock? they fell out of favor for a while? >> oh, that's tight. >> it's not supposed to hurt. >> ah. >> my girlfriend saw one. >> who has a fail gun?
9:32 am
>> i don't have to get the botox treatments this week. keep it nice and firm. >> i have a head ake from this. >> when you undo those, i will check the weather. we officially have storm karen 600 miles south of mobile, alabama, winds moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. here's the path of the storm, it will come on shore sometime around 1:00 a.m., somewhere around the new orleans, i should say the louisiana-alabama coastline by early saturday and it's going to bring a ton of rain. so it's going to be a mess down there over the weekend. we will continue to track this for you and have updates on we're seeing fantastic visibility today around the south bay and really anywhere you go around the bay area right now. those mort winds take hold clearing out our skies. warming up the temperatures to near 75 in san jose today. 78 in livermore and in oakland. 71 san francisco.
9:33 am
those winds, though, turning gusty as we head into tomorrow and tomorrow morning. watch out in the hilltopsi)ç ae see the winds back off and then temperatures climbing all the way through saturday. >> >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. almost every day we hear of a viral sen sapgs. our youtube users are gaining hundreds of thousands of fans with each upload. >> here to highlight some emerging stars is abby. god to see you. >> nice to see you again. >> water the first one? >> the young girl teenager bethany moda has lots of videos. she is getting a million views per video. she has subscribers and people watching her around the world. >> like the martha stewart of her generation. >> in this video, she has all types of tips to decorate your rooms for fall, simple ideas,
9:34 am
accents, pillows, wall decorations, i thought we'd celebrate one here. >> we will decorate a pumpkin. >> you request decorate them. a few things, pumpkins, acrylic paint. bethany shows so well on her channel, we will put it in the paint here. she recommends tidying this up a little with the paint brush so you make a nice polka dot. let's see. >> how about the big ends? i'm doing big polka dots. >> you can do anything you like. then we have all kind of other shapes that you can do, stars, teddy bears. how is it going, al? >> just fantastic. >> loving it. >> she has all these craft ideas, back to school ideas the outfit, all kind of things leak. i like the idea it's encouraging
9:35 am
kids to be crafty. >> these are things can you do in minutes at home. >> how about science? >> would you believe science and education get more views than pets and animals. it is driving, they have asap weekly science. as we get older, we hear less and less. can you hear this one? >> a little bit. >> let's do a hearing test. >> if everyone can hear this one, it's 800 hertz. >> i can hear that one. >> that means with ve a pulse. okay, good news. you are supposed to put head phones on in high definition. if you can't hearal home. 10,000 hertz, this should be heard from under 60s. 12,000 hertz under 50s. >> i hear that one. ow. >> 15,000 under 40. >> i hear it. like a buzzing in the ear.
9:36 am
>> 16,000 under 30. i think we may need help. >> we need carter to come in. can you ha their one? >> i can hear it. >> let's go under 24, 17,000 hertz. >> i here a vacuum. >>. >> a blower. >> we do the 20-something again so we can hear it? >> yes. >> can you hear that? >> we here silence. >> it's like the white, like a very fine white noise, yeah. >> we have to read this. these are just aproblems makes based on scientific storms. speakers may not be able to play the full range. don't go running to your ear doctor. >> this one alove, do, goldie starling's art of makeup. >> a beautiful channel. every time before halloween, this is a channel that gets popular again. let's look at her designs. she is a self-taught the at
9:37 am
rickal makeup artist. she won a scholarship to go and do this, do a course on the terrical theaterical makeup. she has goolish stuff. great ideas here. >> doing it to herself. >> that's amazing. >> you want to jump to this last one t. living piano. >> this is from a canadian educational broadcaster tfo. they took 12 opera singers an created this giant keyboard you operate with your feet. the opera isn'ters belt it out. >> ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. >> i love. it's opera. >> youtube learning how to do the rainbow, they've learned a lot going on these can els. a lot of early education out
9:38 am
there. >> abby, thank you so much. learn more about the youtube stars on coming up next, get out that leaf blower. now, willie, can you do it. the best products to make star wars and hitch and you have willie and brooke to help you out right ooh! i love that just washed freshness, but then it goes to your die. so do what i do -- try new glow unstopables in-wash scent boosters. toss them in before the wash, then pour in downy infusions for softness. mmm! and they fill your closet with scents so fresh i could just yodel! and they last for 12 weeks! downy unstopables and infusions. discover a fresher world. ♪ you have to let me know [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley.
9:39 am
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how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet? . >> we're into october. >> that means leaves are turning and falk. autumn is the best time of 84 to prepare your car for winter. >> consumer reports have zeend accidence of tours. dan is a senior home yard editor. >> i want you to foe she is getting her hand dirty. >> i'm so railroad. >> first of all, we have to start with the gloves. >> essential all year round, in the fall you are moving underbrush, thorning, pruneing plants, scraping gutters, that sort of thing. >> got it. >> so, yeah, we brought a pair
9:42 am
from bionic, the tough glove, made with goat skin, strong, supple. >> you get the traction. >> we like the paddle on the palmetto, if you are operating power toochlts it will absorb. the reenforced silicone fingertips. >> they're nice for the weather. >> you can use these in a totally different way. >> a fashion statement. >> we ned to protect our ears if we operate heavy equipment. >> that's correct. a leaf blower. we brought our top, come on over here, this is the toro ultrablower vac. our top rated electric blower as the name implies. super handy for picking up the shrubs. >> does it have power? is it elect rick? >> absolutely. >> hey. >> there you go.
9:43 am
quickly blow them in your neighbor's yard, it's for the longer your problem. >> as powerful as a gas motd el. >> i like it. >> you will not feel arm fatigue. $75 bucks. >> wow you got the power, nice. next up the drill. what are we doing? >> 101 uses putting up storm door, windows, secureing gutters, fastening deck boards. >> am i doing this right? seriously? >> she's a super model. >> oh, yeah. >> that was fun, go back in that hole. there you go. don't say it. >> i won't, i woep. there we go. you have to be even. >> push down, push down. >> all right. all right. stop yes, ma'aming at me. i'm doing it. oh. >> so close. >> great, great, great. this is television. all right. ah, there we go.
9:44 am
>> on storm windows, when do you start putting those up? >> now, we got a storm brewing right now. don't wait on for the first person. >> okay. cool. let's talk about garbage bags, strong garbage bags. >> this is strong. it's as strong as heavy duty lawn and leaf bags. the way we determine that is we actually put weight in the bag and slowly lift them up. >> show everybody how strong you are. this is it. 50 pound. >> okay. here we go. really, this is going to hold, huh? >> gently. it will. >> wow. >> eventually it will give in the bag holds. >> wow. >> all right. that's awesome. which one are these? >> glad. >> look at the box stronger, less plastic, 15 cents per bag. you can use it indoors and outdoors. >> less plastic. >> stronger but a little -- >> it's plastic, you idiot.
9:45 am
>> why don't you go back to drilling over will. >> do what i'm good at. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> go ahead, let your kids draw on the walls? really? we'll tell you why you should really? we'li've had surgery and yes, i have occasional constipation. that's why i take doctor recommended colace® capsules. i have hemorrhoids and yes, i have constipation. that's why i take colace®. [ male announcer ] for occasional constipation associated with certain medical conditions, there's colace® capsules. colace® softens the stool and helps eliminate the need to strain. stimulant-free, comfortable relief. no wonder more doctors recommend it. say yes to colace®! [ male announcer ] we're giving away fifty-thousand dollars worth of prizes! enter weekly at and the best move of all? having the right partner at your side. take the next step. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company to be your partner. go long. (toy) my name is cinderella.
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9:49 am
>> in today's trail blazers, we want our kids to have every moment of learning experience. sometimes it's better to sit back and let them draw on the walls. >> yes, wendy is a mom and psychologist who recently wrote about approaching life playfully. a mother and educator writes the column for the new york times called the parent-teacher conference, good morning, ladies, creativity happens to be the new buzz word. a survey by 1,500 ceos said creativity was considered the most valuable trait. we need to encourage our kids to embrace creativity starting at a very young age, is that right? >> to do that is really swimming against the tide because we look around and see everyone else
9:50 am
scheduleing their kids every minute, organized activities and the best teachers of creativity are free times nature and naps. >> those are the things that you try to do at all costs to avoid -- >> exactly. >> now it's much easier with the younger children, because you give them blocks, all these things. now, i got a 10-year-old, you talk about something called the flow, how do you get them into that and be productive? >> trying is get middle school entirely. so we want them to go from little buddys to junior statesmen. to go from 10 to 18, straight to college with knowledge of the fun and experimentation if between. >> play, goofy, dopey, mistakes. >> imagination. >> failure. >> it's amazing what happens when you say to them, no tv, no this, no that. they'll say, i'm going to be
9:51 am
borbored. if you see them, if you have the chance to be outside, they'll come up with something and occupy themselves. now, you are calling it the state of flow? is that a period that's uninhibited? >> know is this really ablazing thing and in this state where time just falls away, where you are doing something not too easy, not too hard. it's just right, you are in that place, for me, it escapes being, it's really hard. i lose sense of time. kid get into that when they're doing something that really comes from within them. >> unfortunately, jessica, as you know, in elementary age and a high schooler as well child, that oftentimes the attraction is to their devices, their phone, their ipads. so how do you get them away from the technology or if they are going to use it in a creative way as well? >> one of the things we do, we turn off the wireless in the house for big chunks of the day.
9:52 am
>> that helps a lot. i also just kick them outside. i say, i'm sorry,boy. the other thing we do on the weekend that has been one of the best things we have done for our family, we have nap time, quiet time. the phone gets turned off the wireless gets turned off. for two hours on the afternoon on saturday and sunday, they have to find something to do and be quiet doing it. all kind of fun projects have come out of that. >> that's the trail blazer. >> quickly with people that have multiple children, busy lives, jobs, they're scheduled from morning until night, is there a way of them finding this? can you do it in a smaller amount of times? >> it is really radically countercultural to do that. because it's choosing between the good and the good. so all these activities are wonderful. then the kids are, they do get adiblthed to the screen and to be able to carve out time for them to just as you said be able to learn you to hol rate boredom
9:53 am
is so valuable to their future employers. that's why we have to have the long view. >> and their muscles. >> right. >> one thing i don't think we understand, really well, is that down time is an incredibly important part of learning, too. . >> i will go home right now. >> downtown time. >> thanks so much. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. [ music playing ] . we all have our little tricks.
9:54 am
mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good.
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and everybody wins. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. 9:56 now that breaking news is happening in san jose. that's where crews have removed a mraern that made an emergency landing on capital expressway. according to another pilot at the scene, the plane reported ebbingen trouble on its approach
9:57 am
to reid hillview airport about this is really close to east ridge mall. the two people on board were not hurt. the plane belonged to aerodynamic aviation, which is a flight school. on the pension la now police are beefing up security around kennedy middle school in redwood city after a man tried to lure a boy into his truck. take a good rook at this sketch. released by redwood city police. a 13-year-old boy said this man pulled up along side him in the staff parking lot around 10:00 monday morning. police say he offered the boy some pot before trying to get him to climb into his black pickup truck. instead, the boy was smart and ran for help to the main office. all right. rob mayeda in for christina loren. talking about winds today. >> it's been a cool strt to the morning, and now the winds are picking up, especially in some of the hilltops. you can see the areas in yellow and orange. 15 to 20 miles per hour. that's one of the stories we'll see this afternoon. in addition to mostly sunny skies.
9:58 am
temperatures in the 70s around the bay area. low 70s in san francisco. mid to upper 70s from san jose over to oakland. watching out for the gusty winds tonight into friday, and the weekend will start off on a very warm note with upper 80s inland. low to mid 80s around the rest of the bay. >> rob, look at some of the gusty winds you're talking about. can't see the wind itself. see the affects. shake the camera. northbound 880 shows a slowdown as well. two things going on for traffic in this area. let's look at the maps. we're talking about other issues as well. actually, san mateo bridge coming from the east bay side, we have a slower drive westbound. still for the flat section across highway 92 and we'll look at the map because on the peninsula once you get to the slow 92 drive we have slow south 101 before you get to marsh. >> thank you, mike. we'll be back at 10:26 with our next local news update. so what can i get you?
9:59 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
10:00 am
nbc-universal television captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. yes, we're up in our little room in the sky. there's no room for us in the end. >> yeah. >> it's thursday. thursday, we don't care. it's october 3rd. beautiful day. another beautiful day in new york. i hope it's a beautiful day in your neck of the woods as al would say. >> it was 85 in new york city yesterday. i don't know about you. everybody on the east coast is experiencing great weather. similar. great over the weekend. >> it was so nice. you know who i had over
10:01 am
yesterday for lunch and i just adore he. i had -- my gosh -- elizabeth -- i had a few people over. last night was a long night. ee lizabeth hasselbeck. she came. she's over with "fox & friends." lovely, lovely girl. she's doing well. i love second and third acts for people. >> i do too. >> all righty. apparently -- >> let's get rid of the banana. >> excuse me. 're still brilliant, but if you notice, it's a smaller brilliant. no, we are brilliant. we're so excited about this. we're having a lot of fun with this. this is kathie lee and hoda in the green room. pick it up and go online and check this out. you know what the key is -- hoda and i were concerned about doing this. so much of what we do is ping-pong back and forth and it's all about tone, and we were afraid in the written word that
10:02 am
it would come out in way that we didn't want it to. but so far they're capturing it. we want to think them for that. >> i'm so excited. i want you guys to stick around for the end of our show today because there's a beautiful great girl. her name is victoria ryan. i went to a cocktail party and someone was singing. she's adorable. >> look at her. >> it was victoria. she writing her owner music. she's just a teenager. >> she's just a young girl. >> i thought, you know what would be fun? if she came and sang for us. don't -- la, la, la, la, la, la. >> she's got a big following online. >> i want to do more of this. don't send us tapes. we're going to find you in our everyday life and try to bring you on the show. we'll have our own "the voice," all right? >> why do we keep having this on "people" magazine? >> there's a reason. celebrity sorority sisters and
10:03 am
our own hoda is right there. oh, well, i lost my dad at virginia tech. >> you don't notice what i'm saying because look at the lid. >> without my sorority sisters, i'm not sure how i made it through. and it was very sudden with your dad sniet was. >> look how far you've come is basically the story there. >> okay, all right. we want to follow up, you guys. we talked about dreams yesterday. when i heard your dream and you dreamt you had lots of gum in your mouth, i thought that's weird. only kathie lee has that dream. well, apparently -- >> there are a lot of freaks out there and we all stick together. >> she said i've been wearing that gum to bed ever since i wore the bite guard to bed. >> sure it's a bite guard. >> i don't even dream at all because of that stupid dream. >> what does it all mean? how sick am i? >> according to,
10:04 am
if you're unable to get rid of gum it means you're experiencing indecisions, powerlessness and frustration. it's overwhelming, a met for for something you're trying to process. >> like i really care? >> all right. so we talked to you yesterday about ronen farrow. this is mia farrow's -- >> this is getting more fun all the time. >> this is mia farrow's son and there's a possibility in quotes that he could have been frank sinatra's boy, not woody allen's son. they were mair add short time, two years, but they continued their relationship as friends and partners sexually long after the marriage ended. >> he has a great sense of humor. >> it's very obvious in his tweets. he said, listen, we're all possibly frank sinatra's son. if he was, he would have been 71 years old when he father thad child.
10:05 am
charlie chaplin had a child in his 90s. some guys just won't let it go, if you know what i'm saying. >> that shows row nan's sense of humor too. if you remember woody allen married his stepsister and roan ronan tweeted happy father's day or as they call it in my family happy brother-in-law day. >> the most -- >> here they are. they took jennifer love hewitt use boobs, victoria beckham's jaw line and scarlet johansen's nose and came up with that. weird looking. >> you know what? tomorrow we're having gina
10:06 am
gershon on. put gina gershon's body on everything. you can't stop looking at her in this movie. i know she's doing cocaine and smoking up the storm and downing the wine and she's a mess but her body is unbelievable. she'll be with us tomorrow. apparently we said the wrong thing. it's in case you're looking around. >> here's the thing. yesterday we saw kim kardashian's extensive cleavage. there they were. they said, well, what's happened here. this is trendy because gwyneth paltrow had a plunging blazer. not quite the same effect. care randa kerr hat it as well. is this a trendy thing or are people going way too far? this is a shot of elizabeth taylor from 1962, a shot from "cleopatr
10:07 am
"cleopatra." >> there's another picture we're looking for. i think it was on "life" magazine. we can't find it. it was like kim's. it was from 1962. do we have a different reaction? elizabeth taylor was in costume to play a character. is it more acceptable or understandable? >> it seems like everybody's pushing the envelope. we talked about miley cyrus's wrecking ball and how much more naked -- >> she had boots on so she was not naked. >> we can show you. as it goes on, it changes. and then there's another video out with rihanna, and they say this is her most riske video ever. >> we can't show you much of this either, but -- ♪
10:08 am
>> i do like her music. anyway, we can't show it. it does make you wonder -- i miss doris day. i miss doris day. >> you do? >> you know, and i miss annette funicello. "where the boys are". >> we can go back to this topic in a minute. since you're in the mood for music, what would be better than ihoda. before we play this, if you're a new york states fan, whether you're 80 -- >> connie francis, sorry. >> whether you're 80, 90, whether you're a teenager, black, white, there's a halftime song every new orleans saints fan knows. >> what if you're not a new orleans saints fan? >> then you're going to enjoy it just because.
10:09 am
here it is. it's by the yin yang twins. everyone knows this song. ♪ >> okay, okay, okay, hold on. look. i can feel it in the dome. the saints are doing so well too. ♪ >> wake me when it's over. shoot me. >> stand up and get crunk? >> what is crunk? is that crazy drunk? what a lovely, lovely concept. >> the saints games are so fun. when this song cranks up -- we do have to talk about monica one second. she finally has spoengen out.
10:10 am
>> she's going to be with us on monday. she's going to be hosting "saturday night live." but she spoke out in this new documentary that's on mtv called miley the movement. >> i've never been like a normalperson because like i had to grow up so quick because i had to do something that wasn't more for so long. i never felt more than i am than i am right now. i think that's like coming into your 20s. you can watch your performance in the vma and people think it's a hot mess, but it's a strategic hot mess. if i didn't want to come out as a raunchy girl, i wouldn't have come out like a damn bear. >> anyone who's ever said where's her mother, right beside her, through good, bad, arguments, cry, i don't care what. right there.
10:11 am
>> i think she keeps me like less anxious because i do get so overwhelmed when i'm going to perform because everything has to be perfect. >> her mother was there when she was doing the mtv award or the video award. >> it looked like it. i teev got to tell you, hearing there was some thought into it made me think it was not as icky. >> you know what people are not talking about so much is remember when britney had her meltdown? german jer was larry rudolph. i don't know if he still is but now miley's manager is larry -- i can't get any of these things straight. >> it's interesting to listen to her mom say i've been right here. i had a little bit of a different perspective. >> as a parent, you don't just love your children when they're behaving and going to sunday school. you love them flat out. it's as close as we'll ever get to unconditional love.
10:12 am
i want to sit down with tish and justin's mother and kris jenner in a couple of weeks and talk about what do dwrou as a mother when you're still -- you're going to be their mother no matter what and they start acting out and living a life contrary to the way you raised them. what are you going to do? >> all right, guys. they've been primp and pamper and they're ready to show off their new looks. >> they look even more gorgeous. their new looks. >> they lo[ woman #1 ] gorgeous. why do i cook? ♪ because an empty pan is a blank canvas. ♪ [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. ♪ [ man #1 ] to remember my grandmother. [ woman #3 ] to show my love. ♪ [ woman #4 ] because life needs flavor. ♪ [ woman #5 ] to travel the world without leaving home. [ male announcer ] whatever the reason. whatever the dish. make it delicious with swanson. [ woman #1 ] that's why i cook. make it delicious with swanson.
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10:16 am
la. nice out. >> it's summer again. >> it's gorgeous. we're enjoying it. >> how was the group? >> great. we had to work our way through the crowds. >> there must be a convention of sorts. first up, gnattally peterson, she's 28 years old from omaha, nebraska. she told us she wanted to look more like an adult. take a listen. >> girls, weekend from omaha. we practiced that. anyway, it's your birthday. we're celebrating, but we're giving natalie a makeover. what do you think? >> it's exciting because natalie is at a conference this weekend that we even came in town, and she's one of the hardest people i know. she works four jobs throughout the year and doesn't take enough time for herself and just super excited for this opportunity. hoping she can find a guy when this is all done. >> and she's single. all right. we're going to embarrass you.
10:17 am
what do you think of all this? >> kind of crazy. out of my come ffort zone, but like it. >> she's here with her sister and friends. keep your blindfolds on for a second, okay? here's natalie peterson's before. all right. let's see natalie peterson, the new you. take off your blindfolds. she's right over here. >> oh, my god! >> are you ready, natalie? get ready. spin around. it's different. put your glasses on. even you can't see without those on? >> a lot different. >> spin right around here. you look fantastic. >> natalie, are you more date-ready or what? i mean really. vanessa gave her this hair cut. it's a bob with layers. all of a sudden she gave her
10:18 am
instant style. i like your hair. you look more professional, sexier, and the phone's going to be ringing off the hook. >> what do you think? >> amazing. >> tell us about the outfit. >> more conventional and adult-like. the blazer is from macy's and the jewelry is from vintage. >> all right. thank you. the second lady is marriage big ler, 41 from pennsylvania. for the past five year she's been taking care of her daughter dominique who's been battling cancer. she made her mom wear where she thinks is her ugliest shirt so we'd pick her. she hopes for a change. >> you're such an amazing girl and in such great spirits and so strong, and you said, please give this to my mom. so tell us why she deserves this. >> she deserves it because she's been taking care of me through
10:19 am
my cancer and it's been really hard but it makes it easier with her helping. >> she's so incredible, and i can't believe -- i can't imagine what it's been like for you. >> it's been really tough but i really need this change and thank you for everything. >> well, we're so glad we can give you this gift. i think mom's a little scared here. >> i think she is too. >> we'll get her through it. >> yeah. >> oh, i don't think she has anything to be afraid of. >> how sweet is she? >> they're right there with dominique. let's take one last look at marsha before and bring out the new marsha big ler. oh. oh. >> oh, my gosh. stand right here on that little white thing. >> all right. dominique, do you want to take your blind fold off, hon? >> oh, wow. >> what do you think? >> she's laughing.
10:20 am
>> what do you think? i don't know. >> well, let's find out what mom thinks. turn right around. >> oh, my gosh. >> that looks hot. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. you can pull yourself away now. she like as what she sees. tell us what you did. >> dominique's biggest wish was that her mom could forget about any problems she had for just a few minutes and that's what we did today. i lightened her hair. again, this is a great hair cut by vanessa. and notice the soft pink lids. it's all to give her a happy look. >> have you decided? what do you think? oh, lots of love. i love it. awesome. have you decided yet? >> it looks really different. >> it will take some getting used to. >> tell us about the outfit. >> we put her in a sexy black dress by london times and a
10:21 am
coat. >> thank you. >> you need help with respecting kids? we'll tell you. and then contawe put our decora skills. >> i don't have any. skills. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist? dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovels... you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me!
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10:24 am
i'm so excited about this segment. she's an up-and-coming singer. she turned to her guitar to avoid being bullied. she's 17-year-old victoria ryan. she has facebook friends. >> i fell in love with her. and you may remember recently a guy named chuck.
10:25 am
he's here to tell us about his first date and what had everybody laughing. >> on broadway. everybody laughing. >> on broadway. but first[ baby crying ] have to [ mom ] be right there, baby. [ muffled noises ] oops. ow. sorry. [ baby crying ] ♪ [ female announcer ] new pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with 2 layers, pampers have 3 absorbent layers, to stay up to 3 times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. ♪ wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. wishing you love, sleep and play. i create my unique looke new l'oreal super slim liner point 4 millimeter precision and control lets you go subtle or striking a pigment so rich my ultimate perfection the new super slim liner. from l'oreal paris chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo. prego alfredo?! [ thinking ] why can't all new things be this great?
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>> northwest 18 into oakland. 14 into san jose. we'll see temperatures in the 70s mid to upper 70s around oakland. 71 in san francisco, and 75 santa barbara jose, but warmer tomorrow. gusty winds through friday. a little less wind as we head into the start of the weekend. mike. >> hey, rob. we are seeing the wind kick up across the bay bridge. not an issue. still, hold on for the dry air. that's when winds smank. a slower drive down the east shore freeway. we have that backup i just showed you at the toll plaza. slower for 880 through oakland. the south bay starts to clear considerably except for north 101. there was a crash north of mckee until a few minutes ago. now we're seeing quite a good recovery heading up to the airport. >> thanks. well, that government shutdown is now stretching into its third day. as lawmakers fight over the budget, one northern california woman says they are putting her life at risk. this is really an unbelievable story. we will give you her personal story of how the shutdown is preventing her from getting
10:30 am
much-needed medical treatment. that and a lot more coming up at 11:00. in just 30 minutes. john kelly and i hope to see you then. hoda and i are just very excited because our friend has come back to see us on this thursday thursday. we're talking about zachary lee i like the jeans. >> now you can catch zachary on the great right way on broadway. it's getting great reviews and tons of laughs for his role as aaron. take a look. >> i have a hard time silencing my inner critic. >> tell me about it. >> you too? >> my inner critic will not shut up right now. >> really? what is it saying? >> he's telling me how to get out of this date right now. >> that's how to make friends. how are you?
10:31 am
>> i'm good. i'm up. i'm awake. on another thursday. i'm not sure of the odds working out. let's get tanked. >> let's do it. >> i can easily get tanked now and get sober by the afternoon. >> i like the concept of this broadway show. tell us a little bit about it. >> it's in the title. it's the first blind date between a guy and a girl at a new york restaurant. it's a date, half hour with no intermission. all the baggage you bring. all the o'people in the restaurant double as the voices in our head, friends, exes, family, what have you. it's a lot of fun. it's a relatable romp that people can go, oh, my god, that happened to me on date. >> you do a little singing? >> of course. a little dancing. >> i realized you had a big theater background but not on
10:32 am
broadway. >> no, no. i grew up doing a lot of theater, all of that, and dreamed about doing broadway. that's the top level, the top shelf. so it's really a dream come true, bucket list kind of stuff, to live in new york and do oadway and stuff. yeah, i'm having a blast. >> this is grueling. kathie knows and everyone, it's grueling work. how are you holding up? >> i do okay, i guess. you've got to worry about your vocal cords. i suck on a lot of lozenges. i can't go to loud bars but there's a lot of unique challenges to it. how do you keep it fresher night? how dwrou make it fresh for you and the audience? how do you maintain a certain level of performance and keep your energy up? there's a lot of prayer
10:33 am
involved. god, help me. >> a lot of people don't talk about a relationship that's an ongoing lihaving faith in your life. >> oh, yeah. it's the most important part of it. >> did this pull from some of your own history when it came to dating? >> you know, not really. i'm not a big dater. i have gone on dates before, but typically i meet girls through groups of friends or, you know, you see if there's a connection. dating is incredibly awkward and hard. i don't like pain in general. i don't like experiencing it. >> you're in show business, hello. >> i have mental issues. i don't like painful experiences or causing people other pain and dating seems to be a breeding ground of pain. if it's not working out, somebody's got be the one to pull the plug. i don't want the plug pulled on me if i'm into it and i don't want to pull the plug. >> one of the good guys in the
10:34 am
world, hoda. one of the fine guys down the road if you ever get to actually meet him. you know what i like for voices? grethers. >> are those those pass teals, the blackberry ones? >> you know what? i've got some in my dressing room. it's my gift for opening night. the secret to euro curiosity and respecting your kids. >> and the secrets to decor. and look at across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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oh, you're kidding! i definitely would shop at walmart now. fine, fresh, crisp apples and all your quality produce backed by our 100% moneyback guarantee. when you think of autumn, you think of cooler weather, of course, falling leaves and rich deep hues. so today we're bringing the outside in to warm up your house. >> we're bringing in a crazy guy, bruce atwood of home designs. hello. >> i was tweeted by a tweet of his lid. you said it was -- >> i was styling my hair to match your bad hair day but then you actually showed your sorority photo this morning so i
10:39 am
thought this is perfect. this is all natural. >> how do you groom it? >> it just stays like that. >> it does. and i've got a solution about your gum dreams and your indecisi indecisions. i'm going to make you make decisions fast. we've got fall trims. >> we have three things we're taking away. the couch. >> my dad says you never turn down an opportunity for a great story and that's where the couch comes in. you want the couch to be the focal point of your living room. for years everybody put it up against the wall. that's not a good thing. >> no. it's like the kitchen island where everybody comes in to cook and smell. >> what about the walls? we could do some magic. >> emerald green is an amazing color for fall. >> and go. >> emerald green is totally trending right now and this one is mustard yellow. so that's the really super awesome color. we're going to show you how to bring those in. you should experiment with
10:40 am
colors. this is fall. this is the time to go crazy. look at your amazing dresses. go crazy with color. >> okay. what about lighting? that's a key point. >> lighting is key. replace all your light switches with dimmers. you've got to set the mood. >> a guy like you has to set the mood a lot. >> i do. let's design like a rock star which is my motto and what i teach all my students. we're going to start with lighting. grab a light and put it in a scene where you think it would balance out. you grab a lamp. let's get a move on. come on, hoda. >> i'm trying. >> light up the bird cage maybe. we want three pieces of lighting. next is layers and texturing. let's do the throw pillows. >> i like to add them on like this. >> it's a little mess,y, but -- >> no, it's not.
10:41 am
>> you want piles of books. >> piles? >> grab this green box. >> where would you put them? >> you decide where you think is the best opportunity. >> i wouldn't tell hoda that. >> i like to organize my books by color. there's extra matches on there for a kicker. you can organize by color. this is two separate things. put this down. you want to mix the next thing that's critical is textures. metals and wood. >> of course, she's lining them up perfectly. >> of course. >> there's a -- >> don't tell me. there is. >> watch yourself. >> the color is going great with the green. >> here, here, put that somewhere. >> put the burlap like you did this sack over here. decorate with burlap. burlap is great texture. >> that's all that's good for. now it's getting too cluttered. >> this is from the military -- >> here, put the bowling pin in
10:42 am
it. >> personalize the space. >> grab it. you're not doing the flask. i think there may be even whiskey in these. >> is it over? >> it's over. >> food. >> you've done it. >> thank you, atwood. >> cheers. >> cheers. here's to you. >> yes, there is. >> keep it up, you guys. >> thanks for being with us. coming up, the secret to being a good parent to help raise your kid. and talk about a great kid, you're about to meet a rising star on the social media. she's going to sing for us, victoria ryan. >> oh, good. ♪ ♪
10:43 am
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10:46 am
have you ever thought -- remember the old broadway song.
10:47 am
many are disrespectful, they talk back and don't give back. >> parents may be partly to blame. here with the lost secrets of therapy is newman, hello, knew man. >> and christine is an author and mother. welcome to both of you. it seems to many a growing problem in our country today where children are almost lawless. what's going on? gosh. >> i think what's happening from the past is, you know, we think there's so much respect given and kids were told to shut up. let's not have them be so respectful. let's have them be more friendly. it's a mistake. kids need a sense of structure and environmental that's solid. >> and limits. >> limits that help them feel comfortable. being able to respect their elders and parents is very
10:48 am
important. >> i know you should start very, very early. an it seem is like -- you've got four children of your own. >> i do, yeah. >> after a certain point it's hard to reteach. >> i think it's like learning music or a language. the earlier the better. once you hit a point, it's hard to backtrack and get them to where you want them to be. >> is it true? we've had different sigh kol jiefts and psychiatrists on who say if you don't get your kids to understand the basic principles by the time of 6 you have lost out on the window of opportunity. is that true north? >> it's not true. you can always teach them later. for example, i'm not a fan of my friends being called by their first name. we shouldn't necessarily encourage that. nothing wrong with mr. and mrs. i'm not in favor of children interrupting their parents in front of a crowd. when i tell a story, god bless me if i make a mistake. i don't want my kid saying, dad, that didn't happen on monday. it happened on tuesday. certain concrete thing, having a
10:49 am
parent walk in the door before you or an older person. it's a respected kindless that you teach when you're young. i respect the meaning of somebody who's older than me. >> it's not hard. >> it's not rocket science either. i have way too many up to do. >> kids don't need more friends. they have friends. they need their parents to be their parents. >> you want them to listen to and respect your wishes. you want to be in a respectful position. >> what's the penalty? let's say your child is disrespectful. what do you do with your kid. >> i'm very big about time-outs and i'm very consistent. >> do you take things away? >> i take things away. look, i'm not perfect. so there are times -- >> i know you are. >> i try too do my best. look. the thing is i've got so many kids running often, if i'm not consistent with one, the others make a run for it.
10:50 am
>> start with the oldest one. >> they have to be. they lose privileges, go to time-out. it happens. >> tough love, babe. thanks a lot between the two of you. she's got a growing fan base and because of hoda, it's going to be bigger. >> oh, my god. i met her at a party. victoria ryan performs
10:51 am
to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks...
10:52 am
and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
10:53 am
all right. back now with "today's spot light. wts we want to introduce you to a talented young lady with an incredible voice. >> okay. wimt to a party and i was hearing this music. i was like, who's playing this music. it was 17-year-old victoria ryan. she taught herself to play the guitar when she was 13. i know your mom was kind of -- i wasn't even invited to the party. i just showed up. your mom said i didn't know you were coming and i said i wasn't but i wanted to know who was singing and i walked back.
10:54 am
you taught yourself? >> yeah. i taught myself in the beginning. >> it was a way to deal with bullying? >> yeah. i actually had a bullying experience with my best friend at the time and it was really difficult so i went to songwriting and it became such an outlet for me. >> you have such a cool musical taste. do you enjoy norah jones or -- >> i like bob dylan. i love bob dylan. >> most kids today don't even know bob dylan. >> and cher and ellie golden. i find myself listening to them a lot. >> are you musical? >> my mom is. she's an actress and a musician. >> you wrote something called "cry me a river" but not like justin bieber and a long time before that, julie london. i'm kidding. don't get mad at me if you like
10:55 am
julie london. you're going to play "cry me a river?" >> and i'm doing a little matchup. >> okay. ♪ i get to figure out what you're losing ♪ ♪ i've never had a doubt trusting you somehow no confusion ♪ ♪ you would say i'm wrong but you proved me right ♪ ♪ and the tricks you love won't work this time ♪ ♪ so cry me a river but that won't help ♪ ♪ cry me a river cry for someone else ♪ ♪ because i won't sit around i'll settle i'll make you say nothing says that these games that you play
10:56 am
will never, ever, ever never, ever, ever break me ♪ ♪ da-da da-da o, o, o ♪ ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger dancing through the fire because i'm a champion and you're going to hear me roar ♪ >> oh that's so nice. >> like a norah jones. >> that's so awesome. are you on itunes? >> no. i'm on sound cloud. >> sound cloud? >> yes. on my facebook page. >> on your facebook page? i hope it doesn't crash. >> what is it? >> ryann. >> two "n"s on ryann?
10:57 am
>> yes. >> tomorrow, gina gershon eats up the screen. >> she's crazy. plus the best
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
breaking news happening in san jose. here's something you don't see every day. a small plane using capital expressway as a runway to try and make an emergency landing during that morning rush hour. welcome back the past few hours they worked very hard. crews there finally clearing off the road to move the flight school plane out of the way and out of traffic. pretty wild scene out there. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. as jon just said, quite a scene out there. >> reporter: good morning to marla and jon. especially if you were driving down capital expressway and east san jose this morning, and you saw one of these land on your


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