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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 3, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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breaking news happening in san jose. here's something you don't see every day. a small plane using capital expressway as a runway to try and make an emergency landing during that morning rush hour. welcome back the past few hours they worked very hard. crews there finally clearing off the road to move the flight school plane out of the way and out of traffic. pretty wild scene out there. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. as jon just said, quite a scene out there. >> reporter: good morning to marla and jon. especially if you were driving down capital expressway and east san jose this morning, and you f1 o roadway. a single engine airplane
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high-wing green in color in the right-hand turn lane in the quimby. it made an emergency landing after apparent engine trouble. an instructor and a student had 7t)q' off from hillview airport around 8:00 this morning. the stupt was at the controls at the time. was about 100 feet in the air in takeoff. this is at a time when the airplane needs power the most when the engine stopped doing its job. it started to sputter. lost power and idled. the instructor took over the controls with no option of turk back. he tried to regain the rpm's by adjusting the throttle and the fuel mixture, but nothing. for thefo8 next two minutes the pilot glided the plane looking for a place to land while trying to stay clear of the pg&e power lines. when he saw ab open spot, he took the opportunity knowing he would only have one shot at this. the pilot did a good job of
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relying on training for emergency type situations. he landed safely. he and his student walked away unhurt. >> are you certain it was an engine problem? is it possible it was pilot error? >> it's possible, but very unlikely because i discussed with them what they did, and there really was nothing they could do or not do.v@1 it's simpler than a car how the engine works, and everything seemed to be fine at checklist at takeoff. it's unlikely from what we currently know to be pilot error. >> the plane a single ebbingin secabria has been towed back here to reid hillview so a mechanic can take it apart, find out what went wrong. the owner tells us it is regularly mane takened with the oil and general inspection. every 50 hours a thorough inspection. every 100 hours. he tells us this is a fairly reliable engine, so he is very interested to see what happened.
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he tells us the instructor is fairly experienced with over 3,000 hours in single and multi-engine aircraft. the stupt had roughly 40 to 50 hours training and has already flown solo once. san jose police have responded. they tell us that the faa and ntsb, the national transportation safety board, have been notified. the owner of aerodynamic aviation says there was a choke among pilots. he said when he could walk away from the airplane, that's a good landing. when you can use that airplane again, it's a great landing. they're both very happy to obviously no one was hurt in the plane or on the ground, and that the aircraft was recoverable. reporting live here at reid hillview, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> no doubt about it, that pilot definitely resourceful and talented. if you are curious to know, this wasn't the first emergency landing or crash near that airport. back in 2007 a single engine cessna heading for hayward crashed right next to that east ridge mall. happy to report on that one, money was seriously hurt in the crash which did leave the wheat
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plane sitting atop some trees in the mall parking lot. that had to be a little freak where i to see. >> now to developing news in the mediterranean where crews are searching for some 200 people still unaccounted for after a ship caught fire. it capsized off the italian coast. officials say at least 114 people died, and of that just 94 bodies have been recovered. more than 150 people were rescued. the boat was carrying migrants from africa seeking a new life in europe. coast guard ships, local fishing boats, and helicopters from across the region are combing the waters looking for survivors. >> back here closer to home, the chp now searching for a gunman involved in a freeway shooting that leaves one woman injured. shots were fired late last night along interstate 880. that's near theard arena boule exit in san leandro. christie smith with more details on this investigation. >> good morning to you. the shooting happened near where
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we are on northbound 880 near san leandro. a passenger was wounded in the side of the car that was shot at. the driver didn't stop here. it kept going to about five cities northbound before finally coming to a stop and calling 911 to let the chp know that they had been shot at. the victims were in a dark colored honda.8h about 20 miles south along 880 northbound between san leandro and hayward. when the people in the honda and someone into a truck got into a serious dispute. >> there was some type of altercation, but an altercation between two vehicles, one being a white truck, and the other being that.
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>> the passengers say a woman was taken to john deere medical center. non-life-threatening injuries. they say there has been a language barrier that has slowed down their investigation. in san leandro, christie smith. across the water redwood city police are stepping up patrols at local schools after a man tried luring the teenage student into his truck this week. they're hoping a new suspect sketch will help them catch this guy. take a look. police say a man who looks like this drove into the staff parking lot at kennedy middle cool near woodside road and el cammino royale. he pulled his black pickup truck along side a 13-year-old boy as he was walking to his next class. police say he asked the boy if he wanted some marijuana and then tried to entice the boy into his truck.
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the boy ran straight to the main office where he roshtd the incident. parents in the surrounding tight knit neighborhood are surprised and concerned. >> i would hope that they could keep security around here because it's too bad. the kids don't need to be exposed to this kind of stuff. in broad daylight, that's pretty bold. >> police say the man is approximately 30 years old, black with a medium build. he was unshaven at the time, and as you can see in this sketch, he has a noticeable scar that runs through the middle of his route eye. if you know or have seen mying, you're asked to call redwood the u.s. secret service now stepping in insisting oakland police on a violent robbery case at a site where former president jimmy carter is planning to visit on tuesday. workers at a habitat for humanity development on eades avenue just a few miles from the coliseum, they were robbed at gunpoint by several men. this all happened at the brookfield job site where workers are now building 12 new homes. the nonprofit said it has experienced car break-ins and
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tool theft prior to this, but never armed gunmen targeting people. police say four men robbed eight different volunteers, taking cell phones, wallets, and even power tools. one man ended up being pistol-whipped by these robbers. witnesses, they say, one suspect fired a round into the air before jumping into a car and escaping. habitat for humanity says, yes, those victims very shaken up, but they are right back on the job. >> we have a huge commitment to not only building the physical structure of the homes, but really making the homes a place where the starting point to improving the neighborhood here. people are really dedicated to doing that. >> now, following this rough scene, habitat for humanity now has round the clock security at that site. president jimmy carter, as we mentioned, along with his wife who are big-time supporters of that nonprofit, they'll be visiting that very site next monday and, of course, security will also be tight at that point as well.
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is expected to be in a san francisco courtroom tomorrow. 29-year-old ross william olbrict was arrested at the glen park public highway tuesday afternoon on drug and computer hacking charges. she's also accused of trying to hire a hitman. according to court documents, olbrict used a hidden website called the silk road, a black market site, to sell everything from high quality heroin to marijuana. all the transactions were paid with big coins. those are electronic currency designed to be anonymous as cash. >> because of the technology this guy was able to hide what he was doing and make it hard for the authorities to find him. big coin allows you to hide what you are doing because unlike a writ card, it's untraceable. >> the fbi says he ran silk road from an apartment on hickory street and from an internet cafe not far from his hayes valley moem home.
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the department of justice seized up to $4 million in big coins. >> it's been a long time coming, but the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar may finally enter a plea in court. analin garcia torres arrested on murder charges even though lamar's body has never been found. lamar, you recall, disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill back in march 2012. garcia torres' plea has been delayed several times because lawyers on both sides of this case are still sifting through evidence. now, garcia-torres is also being charged with carjacking and attempted kidnapping relating to attacks on three different women and two grocery store parking lots in morgan hill. that happened back in 2009. the san francisco mother killed by a park service vehicle last month will be remembered at a vigil in her honor tonight. the vigil is going to be held at holly park. this is where 35-year-old christine spamameir died. she was lying in the grass with her 11-month-old daughter when
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she was run over by a san francisco recreation and parks department truck. it happened on september 5th. 57-year-old thomas bernofski was arrested after the deadly hit-and-run. he has wret to be physically charged. simple and valuable advice. do not leave anything valuable in your car. that's the message the palo alto police are now sending out this morning. more than 70 cars were broken into back in september. that is the most in any -- most in any single month over five years. now, that's an arrivaling of almost one every 12 hours. investigators, they say, these break-ins are happening in shopping centers, public parking lots, even garages. 16 cars are broken into at the oak creek apartments in a 24-hour period, and one couple whose car was broken into just last week, they were so shaken up, they asked us to hide their identity. >> they broke the windows. they took out everything that
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was in the car because they couldn't find anything. anything that was of value. >> well, palo alto police say the carsd& are being broken in most of them are rental cars. several other police departments eninsula, had he say they've been seeing a similar trend over the past several months. still to come, the government shutdown stretches into a third day, and as lawmakers fight over the budget, just an ub believable story, and northern california says they are putting her life at risk. plus, they are absolutely ready to rumble. it is the battle of the barristas. the key to the making of the perfect cup of swroe. we're seeing dry north winds on the increase now as we approach the afternoon. because of these winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour later today we're watching a red flag warning going up for our bay area hilltop. we'll tack more about that and much warmer weather on the way when we come back on the full seven-day forecast.
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president obamas house speaker john boehner is the only thing standing in the way of reopening the government. he says boehner is prevent aing vote on a funding bill because he does not want to anger extremists in his party. meanwhile, boehner says the president is not willing to negotiate because of the government shutdown, but the labor department will not release the monthly jobs report tomorrow. a young mother in auburn just east of sacramento is feeling the direct impact of the shutdown in the form of life or death. this woman is fighting cancer, and she's turned to the national institutes of health to help battle the disease.-/a that federal agency has been forced to stop accepting new patients for clinical trials. they found a rather large tumor -- >> michelle langeben was diagnosed with sashg olympica, a rare form of cancer, just weeks after giving birth had to her daughter. >> the thought of not being able to be here for my daughter and my husband was absolutely heartbreaking.
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>> reporter: the 30-year-old has had five surgeries, undergone radiation, and different rounds of chemotherapy and is now treatment. >> i was told by a sarcoma specialist that people diagnosed with sarcoma last up to a we're. >> reporter: she went to the n.i.h. to try a promising new drug. she was expecting approval this week, but now has to wait for the shutdown to be over. >> when you are given a terminal diagnosis each month counts, and i already have one new spot that has popped up. >> reporter: every second lawmakers wait, she and her husband say it's impacting not just livelihoods but also lives. >> i love to think about the future with my daughter, but right now that is unknown. i love to think about her first day of kindergarten or her getting married, but i don't know if that's possible. >> i hope lawmakers see this story.
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the niah estimates that every week during the shutdown it will have to turn away 200 patients, 30 of them children. these are patients who have exhausted other options and want to start clinical trials. >> shows you how ridiculous and irresponsible all that stuff on capitol hill is going on right now. get it straightened out, gentlemen and ladies. an exclusive over the investigative unit reports. more than a half million bay area residents have flown to hawaii this year, and, of course, more will follow during the holidays. that's when those waves will be stronger and more dangerous. investigative report ellise says one island is seeing a record number of drownings. already there have been a total of 16 drownings on one of the least inhas been taked islands of kau wau wau. ocean safety experts, they're concerned there will be additional tragedies on the island. >> they're the deadliest émonth, so, yes, this is the time to be extremely careful and
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especially, again, if you include the drownings, then it's very deadly. >> motion safety advocates are calling for a crisis summit to try to deal with all these drownings. we'll have more on this in our full investigative report coming up tonight at 11:00. >> time to lighten the mooted a little bit with the battle of country. it's going on right now in the east bay. >> cool way to get that injection of java. three competitors from people's coffee now taking part in that competition. this one started out with 4 thoughs barristas. all three of these competitors are from california. one from -- mother from half-moon bay. got to get love there, and the third from southern california. now, they each have 15 minutes to get in there and create three cups of coffee that will then be judged on taste and, of course, presentation. last year's winner? a little advice. >> just take a deep breath and have fun with it. be yourself, and just you're in
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many good company. everybody loves coffee here, so you're in a good spot. >> we hear you. the winner is expected to be announced within the hour. we can feel the tension right now in the air. they'll get a trip to costa rica to visit a big-time coffee farm. a few of the farms out there as well as the all-important coffee cup trophy. >> i'll take a double shot. >> please. >> small. extra foam. soy. >> no -- she doesn't even need sugar. >> no, i don't. meteorologist rob mayeda, the winds are going to be picking up this afternoon. >> they are. this is the nice part of the forecast. you get the north winds. you get crystal clear skies like that. boy, look how clean our camera lens is there. golden gate bridge, you don't see anything in the way of clouds, and nothing the flag not moving a whole lot. san jose, mostly sunny skies. mostly clear right now as we await the strongest winds to arrive here. probably in the next 12 to 24 hours. right now mid townshiper 60s, no
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matter where you are closer to 70 in fairfield, and that's one of the spots right now seeing the strongest winds. close to 20 miles per hour. we will continue to see these winds accelerate as we head into the evening and tonight. no worries about any clouds for the afternoon. here's the problem. those north wibdz are clearing out our skies, and they'll continue to lower humidity levels around the bay area. you notice here as we head into this evening, look at the numbers around san francisco and oakland, around midnight as you try to go to sleep, you'll hear the wind rattle some of the windows on some of the hilltop locations around the pebs la and east bay hills. these areas you see in orange and the hilltop same places that the red flag warning into tomorrow morning. look at the humidity levels overnight too. these not really improving at all. these look like afternoon humidity levels. we're going to see them all night long, and that is the reason why we also have the red flag warnings all the way up until about saturday morning. highs today, mostly 70s around the bay area. 75 in san jose. if you want warmer weather, though, we've got that in store.
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the winds back off on saturday. friday still gusty, but look at saturday. inland mid to upper 80s. san francisco and oakland with playoff baseball underway. we'll see low 80s around the bay and turning a little cooler. heading towards sunday and monday. back to you. >> let's go a's. >> like the spirit. >> thank you, rob. >> still to come, what's in aro name? why one 49er is dropping just one letter from his last name and why it's going to cost him a pretty penny. >> coming up next, it's 30 rock followed by "access hollywood" live.
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>> welcome back. we went from witner to ja$xhitn. he dropped the w there. the safety now has a new last name. >> that's what they doa, on the field, right? after being fined $21,000 for this hit against the rams last
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week, dante whitner, now dante hitner where. to execute the change+wé he has cough some cash up for this. if a player changes his name during the season nfl then makes him buy all the remaining jerseys and any of the merchandise with his name on it. he admits that might be a little real us. it gives us a has beens to create our product. >> we are getting breaking news right now m u.s. capital right now. it's on lockdown. we'd4x"ollow the story up right after the break.
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>> right now we are following breaking news out of our nation's capital. we are getting reports, as can
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you see, a lot of emergency crews on scene at the u.s. capitol and it is currently on lockdown because of reports of shots fired on the west front. our government is in a shutdown. now the u.s. capitol in a lockdown. >> yeah. we'll find out exactly what is going on here. specifically, can you see a lot of action clearly in an area that is tourist-heavy, so i'm sure a lot of people there had to be cleared out. we will keep you poised as more information comes in. shots fired outside the nation's capitol. this is on the west front. >> capitol hill police at this point telling people in the area to take cover, so clearly this indicates thatgkp there is per an active shooter on the scene if shots are being fired there. police asking people to take cover. of course, we will always have the latest for you right here on nbc, and you can also follow us on-line, knowns bay >> the shots feared outside the u.s. house of representatives. >> okay. we'll be back tonight at 5:00.
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