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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  October 5, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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woods will have a chance to cut into the lead. >> mark, i would think this is a pretty good position to be fighting from. shouldn't be much break, should there? >> no, this one is pretdty flat. kuchar came close to making it, but it was not an easy shot. johnny said he's brilliant around the green scrambling, but that was particularly difficult.
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>> first birdie of this session for the woods-kuchar duo. and cut the lead to 1. to the par 3 8th. >> little momentum here for the united states, gary, the last few moments. >> we have seen swings, haven't we? all this golf that we've been playing. all right. so at the par 5, 11th, the americans has been conceded. that must make this to have the hole. did he hit it? no, he did not. >> pretty predictable there. that's a slow putt. >> so their lead now just 1 up. back at 10. >> this was just a moment ago, charl schwartzel after his partner oosthuizen a poor pitch that for a par. continues to make those putts.
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and now we come live. and this is brandt snedeker for par to have the hole. kind of what you expect from brandt. the international team stays 3 up to 10. let's go over to 12. >> keegan bradley on the tee. >> there's no left to right. there's nothing. half a yard. >> 61 down five, or sorry, down four. so you're adjusted. 67 and 4. >> bradley and mickelson putting the u.s. teams. they were 3 down. day and delaet not too long ago, rog. >> man, there's no wind right now and play slightly downhill.
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you've got 8 iron out, johnny, i think he's got to take something off of this. >> i totally agree. i was trying to figure that out and say, okay, he thinks 160 why we got 163, is that the picture of intensity or what? >> yeah, he's already taken five practice swings and three twirls. >> this is hanging out way right. >> yeah, doesn't carry or come back into the bunker. a deep bunker. not impossible. not his best. >> so delaet on the tee. you always feel bad when you put your, you know, your partner in trouble at a bunker. it's a small target up there. >> he kind of dialed the distance. i mean, it's wide. there's plenty of room in width,
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but there's just not much from front to back. that's the big issue here. >> yeah. >> kind of put in the left quadrant otherwise chance to go in the bunker there or go maybe in the back bunker. looks pretty good. >> this is a 7 iron. >> oh, that's back in the bunker. so both mickelson and day will be dealing in the bunker there at 12. we go up ahead to 13. zach johnson for birdie to win another hole for him and dufner. >> downhill going to break right to left. >> looks good. oh. >> it's a good try. >> internationals will want to see that coming back by dufner for par. this was earlier at the par 3 8th on the tee, again, 186 the yardage for tiger.
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short, very short backswing there. i'm not sure if that was a good shot or not. could have kicked the other way. like he didn't finish his backswing. and he gets cramped there. hard to tell from there, but it's one thing when a guy hooks it, but that was a pull hook. so opening here for de jonge. i think he likes it. and he should. and internationals right after tiger and kuchar won their first hole of this match over at 13, leishman for par. >> boy, that was a push. that was really pushed. >> live dufner for par.
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>> can't give it all the way, johnny, straight up the hill it's going to be slow. >> almost a formality. but he has been known to miss little putts. saw that this summer. dufner and zach continue. they were 2 down at 7 and now four holes in the last six. 2 up lead for them. u.s. turning things around a bit here. opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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back at the presidents cup, alternate shot continues. mickelson and bradley 1 up through 11 over day and delaet. actually, day and delaet 1 up over bradley and mickelson as bradley and mickelson are making the comeback on the international duo. dufner and johnson 2 up, five to play. sterne and leishman. and match number three, haas and stricker with a 2 up lead over scott and matsuyama. that match through 8. tiger woods and matt kuchar 1 up through 7. actually, els and de jonge are up in that match. we're coming back, the americans. 3 up through 10, simpson and snedeker trying to get something
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going. and out to the 12th while we were away at the par 3 from the bunker was mickelson. >> a lot of green to work with. trying to get cute. you don't see them do that too often. hit too far behind it. back over at the 8th, matt kuchar's second for the u.s. here. good shot. internationals make that easy putt. back to the 12th. look at this stance. day. well-made pants for that stance. and over at the 8th, els for birdie to win the hole.
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easy putt. yes, woods and kuchar win their first hole and the match comes 2 up for the internationals. >> nice there. >> at the 3rd. >> oh, man, look at this stance. >> there's a couple at this bunker, johnny, all the balls come back into it get all the way to the front side of it where you can't get a stance enough to hit it. >> look at this. a guy that tall he's got to get down to it somehow. just barely cleared the lip, but trouble. trouble for mickelson. >> let's go to the par 4 9th. this is earlier matsuyama for par. and stricker with a 2 up lead.
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>> looks good. >> good try. so now we're live. that is all that's left for par to win the hole. haas has been a standout session in this one. no doubt about it. not missing any putts. he had a lot of good irons. >> a 3 up lead for the u.s. and over to the 12th, delaet for par to win the hole there. >> oh, that was not well-done.
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back up on the tee, delaet wasn't happy up there at all with tee shot. >> i mean, you don't want to do that. slip out of his hands, that could have killed somebody there. guess they can see that bogey putt roger. >> yeah, i don't know that i would have conceded that one to be honest with you. but that has been done. this putt now, they got a good look at it, should move just a little bit to the right. that par they made back at 10, johnny, i thought was huge to get out of that hole with a half. if they can get out of this hole with a half, then i think they really have gained momentum from those halves. >> not that hard of a putt, right? >> no, it's not. just a little bit to the right.
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>> got that. for the half. mickelson off the ground, his energy on a long day, you need all the energy you can possibly get anywhere. so day and delaet stay 1 up over mickelson and bradley. ernie els with a nice pivotal putt at the 8th. de jonge regain their 2 up lead
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over kuchar and woods. nick price with a little more to cheer about this afternoon.
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zach johnson now with his second shot to 14, just 113 yards. green light special here, john. >> see if he hits a good one. good short iron player.
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>> good shot right under the hole. that was a moment ago. and now we come live, mark leishman, little downhill trickler here. >> and he's got to be kicking himself after the last hole. he's got to lead this well out to the left and just let it drift toward the hole. >> amazing those left to righters know how the fast ones almost every time the pros miss it on the low side. >> let's go to 9. >> tiger getting ready for the second mark. >> got 145 yards, brendon de jonge for the internationals 159 put it below the hole slowly to the right. an uphill birdie putt. tree limb going to force them to play. >> i think that's the shape you would like anyway, johnny. >> high fade. >> you can see the branch that's up there sticking out the top of your center screen.
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a cross swing. and well-done. not great, but well-done. a lot of divot there. too much divot. >> dufner for birdie to win the hole and go 3 up. >> there you go. jason dufner this afternoon. the united states are making a bit of a rally in the fourth session this afternoon. i should say this evening. two american flags up and three international flags up. and you know captain couples, he liked seeing that putt go. is something we all share.
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here are the times for tomorrow on golf channel, 7:00 a.m. eastern time play scheduled to start at 7:35 in the morning. and then we continue our coverage of the presidents cup on nbc at noon eastern time. singles to decide the tenth presidents cup. out to the par 5 11th. >> webb simpson has birdie putt. they have yet to win a hole today, simpson and snedeker, and
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that, friend, will continue. so will be halved, oosthuizen and schwartzel remain 3 up. >> over at the 13th, delaet's turn, roger. >> on a good break how he waits through the trees kicking through the green to part of the bunker. this has to turn right to left, but had open. go to the right side of the green. oh. so both teams miss the green. over to the 9th. birdie's kuchar. just away. with a 2 up lead over the americans. now we're live with this match. ernie els turn, mark. >> he made a beautiful stroke on
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that last green, johnny, as he tends to do when he gets further away from the hole. and this one is kind of similar, slower as you mentioned. >> yeah, he's held his own, no doubt about that. but he has that tendency -- time tied with the international player. >> folks, doesn't look like it but they have time for maybe one hole, possibly a tee shot on the next hole. >> hit it. >> back to the par 3 12th. oosthuizen, 163 again. >> knock it stiff on this hole. nobody so far.
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>> good shot. just on the edge. might be in the short cut. get it out of that grass sideways, nowhere near the hole. >> webb simpson and snedeker have not won a single hole in this match. >> yeah, and simpson-snedeker group has made just a couple birdies and oosthuizen and schwartzel at four birdies, which is pretty good with, you know, playing every other shot, one ball. no wind at all. look at that lake.
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placid. simpson and snedeker also to cabrera and leishman 2-1 in earlier foursomes. been a tough day. maybe we can turn it around. and start right now. running out of holes. good shot. >> he does catch a piece over there on the left. and up to 13 for jason day. roger. >> sitting down a little bit in this very quick, johnny. about as soft as you can hit it, i know that. >> pretty good. >> we'll keep it right here for mickelson, rog. >> in this back bunker two very quick green running away from him and to the right a little bit. but being in the bunker, john, he can do a little spin on this.
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you could definitely do it. of course last bunker shot was a beauty. left it in the bunker. >> that's hard to imagine that ball landing that soft. >> that leaves a very fast putt keegan bradley's going to try to handle. >> and over at the 10th this is hideki matsuyama for birdie to win the hole. can he continue his hot putting? this kid is clutch. so haas and stricker now just 2 up. man, he's got some excitement in his eyes, doesn't he? to 13. >> couple of far putts as phil
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helping keegan out here with the read. this is a nasty little putt, john. this is to the right and, boy, if you don't get the speed just right, it will duck pretty hard i think. >> kind of putt if you make it half the time you'd be doing pretty well. but they're in a position in the 12th hole. they don't want to go to -- let this putt go two down this late in the match. 2 down is a good lead in match play. it really is. especially when you're the middle portion approaching at the back nine here. and he walks it in. that's a very pressure fraught that he was going to perform there. now put the pressure on delaet.
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phil says i didn't think i could get short. that's what you said, roger. so delaet trying to keep the 1 up lead for him and jason day. so those are the kind of holes if you were to miss this that you'd think, well, i'm going to win the hole and next thing you know you lost it, rog. >> yeah, that would be a shock to the senses. delaet played in the final round of the tour championship. he said you're really progressing, you're playing nice. that really meant a lot to him. gave him a lot of confidence. >> all of a sudden keegan bradley and -- have topped. a 3 up lead through the first seven holes. three wins later by the
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americans have squared it up. presidents cup continues from muirfield in dublin, ohio. ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900.
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we're at the 15th while we were away, zach johnson played this third shot up the hill from 117 yards.
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match over. >> internationals are in the bunker, so they still have a chance. >> rare show of emotion for those two though. in fact, johnson saying earlier in the week he likes to play amotional where there isn't a lot of hoopla. thars one of the reasons he enjoyed playing with dufner so much. >> long day of golf, but how about dufner and johnson who sat out the earlier session and could be the first to end this session. >> how about after getting two down they then proceeded to play the next eight holes in 6 under par in this format. >> nice. >> all right. must go in. >> gary, this is a perfect lie. couldn't ask for a better lie. sitting up a little bit uphill.
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>> good effort, but not good enough. so zach johnson, jason dufner, 4-3 winners. won six of the last eight holes, jerry. >> that's pretty sweet. nice eagle. >> well, we talk about it often, don't we, johnny, about how good a wedge player zach johnson is. he has to be. just doesn't hit the ball that far. >> but when he won the masters in '07, he laid up at every par 5. hit wedge shots like that. coming from the guy who didn't know he was going to be here because he felt so bad sunday night and monday. >> yeah, that was nice. taking the iv fluids after a nasty bout with the flu. missed the first team picture that they took. >> look at