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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the east bay as we take you there live. now evacuations are under way. a live report from the scene just ahead. >> i was so tired i crashed and went to bed at 9:00. and then was awakened at 1:30 by a call from stockholm. >> now the congratulatory calls coming in. a wake-up call as two local scientists win the nobel prize for medicine. we talk to one of them about where he was and what his first thought was when he found out. >> and we hit that sweet stride. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are going to be comfortable, we do have a very slight chance for showers, otherwise looking toward a gorgeous week. we'll show you the forecast 18 few moments. >> we have a little trip up on the commute we have problems for folks why they can't get off at the bay bridge or off of the east shore freeway. not where they might want to. we'll explain. >> and a live look at a bright spot in the east bay. we take you live to
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coliseum t raiders beat the chargers late last night. 27-17. the a's, they are looking good in the alds, they take on the tigers on this october 7th, monday, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley today. happening now fire crews are on the scene of a house fire in palo alto. the fire was reported just after 4:00 this morning at a home at the intersection of orrinda street. firefighters on the scene telling us they are in defensive mode now. nobody was living in the home when the fire started and that it looks like the homeowners were preparing for some sort of renovation. nobody was hurt and crews say they will stay on the scene to make sure all of the hot spots
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are put out. they say it's too early to determine an exact cause. >> new this morning, evacuation is under way at an east bay motel after a chevron propane tanker overturned. christie smith live in richmond with a problem it's causing for commuters. >> reporter: yes, that's right. one ramp is shut down. firefighters are not even sure why this propane tanker tipped over in the first place. it's a dual tanker, each tank carrying 4500 gallons of propane, but firefighters are characterizing this as a minor leak. i want to step aside so henry can push in and you can see, it's sitting there t the one tipped over is on the right. firefighters tell me right now the plan is to bring in another vehicle and off load what's on here t the propane, on another vehicle and get it out of here. that could take several hours. this started sometime after 3:00
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this morning. they say as a precaution they evacuated america's best value inn, the hotel across the street. just to make sure. i asked if they were concerned about explosions and he said no, this is really just to be safe. as a result, though, the on and off ramps at carlton on eastbound 80 are closed. the chp they are standing there, directing traffic around this. again, they are telling us several hours to off-load everything and get this truck out of here so certainly something to keep in mind if you are headed this way. but no injuries and again, the freeway is open. it's the ramps itself. live in rxd, christie smith. >> new this morning congratulations ta two bay area scientists for jointly winning the 2013 nobel prize for physiology or medicine this morning. randy scheckman is a professor of molecular and cell biology at uc-berkeley. thomas sudhof hails from
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stanford. they solved the mystery of how the cell organizes its transport system. what does this do? this helps researchers gain a better understanding of diabetes and other disorders affecting the immune system. professor scheckman we visited this morning. he tells us what it felt like when the call came in at 1:30 this morning. >> my heart started to race. i jumped out of bed and heard the phone ring. i didn't have a chance to look at the clock to see when it was. >> you are not dreaming. the the two share the award with a third scientist who works out of yale. the nobel prize award earns them a cool $1.2 million. >> 6:04. happening today former president jimmy carter will visit a habitat for humanity site. for 30 years he and his wife have been building homes in different cities. this morning they will be joined by music star trisha yearwood and garth brooks to help build
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12 homes in the brookfield community in east oakland. tomorrow they will help repair older homes. >> that's one of the primary things i've gotten out of habitat. all people on earth are equal and a basic human right is to have a place to live. >> the habitat for humanity site was robbed a week ago. police are searching for four men who robbed eight volunteers taking cell phones, wallets and power tools. volumen te e en >> workers are shutting down a natural gas pipe line that officials believe could be unsafe. that pipe line known as line 147 runs along britain avenue between 101 and interstate 280. the worry is it could fail and explode just like the line in san bruno in 2010 which killed
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eight people. city leaders requested the shutdown citing an internal e-mail from a pg&e engineer raising concerns about safety. the e-mail asked, quote, are we sitting on another san bruno? a pg&e spokesperson says the line is being shut down as a precaution because of the court order. >> verified independent third party came tine verify the integrity of the line and even in 2011 we did a strength test to make sure that the integrity of the line was validated. that's are we're at today. we commend the employee that raised the question. >> customers will get natural gas from other lines. >> san francisco firefighters say initial reports indicate fireworks are to blame for a brush fire on yerba buena island. it was reported last night in a very remote area on the western side of the island south of the bay bridge. a large plume of smoke and flames could be seen by drivers on the bridge. it shut down eastbound lanes on
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the lower deck for more than two hours causing major traffic delays. the the westbound treasure island on ramp was closed while crews put out the fire. we've got a live look at the western span of the bridge. all lanes have been reopened and traffic is getting through as normal. >> a developing story in southern california where fire crews built containment lines around a wild fire. it scorched four jasquare milesf brush. the fire is 20% contained. they expect calmer winds which will help containment. the flames broke out on saturday. no word on the cause. >> what are we in store for when it comes to the forecast? let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura and marla. good morning to you at home. any raiders fans throughout? boy, they are looking good this season. you can see from this live picture just beautiful and clear to start out your monday.
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gorgeous conditions and we're going to see the winds pick up with an area of low pressure headed our way. it's chilly out there, that is the biggest deal i could tell you about. temperatures are going to warm nicely. if you like the 70s, you're going to like the forecast today. 56 in san jose, 48 in gilroy, 56 degrees in livermore. and let's talk about your hour by hour changes. by noon inland you'll be about 72 degrees, 82 at 4:00 p.m. bayside looking good for outdoor plans on the water, if you can get those, 67 degrees at lunch time. and even at the coast comfortable. around 69 degrees. i told you earlier about the best time to check out the fall colors across the bay area. that's coming in as we head through the next couple weeks. mid october through early november. sonoma, gilroy, saratoga, and cupertino, so we're looking good. beautiful time in the bay area,
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mike. >> except raking leaves. get one of those leaf blowers i guess. looking toward the bay bridge. we had that far left lane of the fast track lanes blocked by a couple flashing lights. they had just cleared lanes so chp didn't have updates. the good news they make quick work of it. they are all backed up at the toll plaza. we have that backup. we'll get to the maps, an easy drive through the maze, and of course the backup at the toll plaza. we may have a slower drive because we have the off ram closed. westbound 80 closed at treasure island. i'm told from chp there may be cleanup activity. the fire laura told you about. no problems but we do have the
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off ramp temporarily closed a. possible cleanup because of the fire related there. all lanes of the bridge are open. over toward the east shore freeway, christie told you about that, at carlton, slowing on the maps, i think we might have a live view there. this is the reason why they have the off ramp closed because one of those propane tanks is on its side. there was a leak. they closed off the off ramp. so east and westbound your commute direction use central as your alternate. we'll show you that fremont the commute southbound with the headlights through fremont and mission boulevard to the south bay, the volume is building but not a concern on ever side of the bay. we do have slow spots developing. >> picking up out there. 6:10. coming up, explosion in egypt after day-long violence.
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rescuers sift through rubble. >> wall street, tracking tv on twitter, ahead in business. >> right now we give you a live look from our san bruno mountain cam. there is san francisco at least the bay bridge and the city below. looks like a clear start to your day. look at ha forecast on this monday. when our little girl was born,
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here are today's top stories. former president jimmy carter is waking up in the bay area. he will visit a habitat for humanity site in oakland. president carter and his wife and country music stars trisha yearwood and garth brook it ises will help build 12 homes. >> scientists on both sides of the bay celebrating a big accomplishment. they won the nobel prize for medicine. randy scheckman is a professor at uc-berkeley, thomas lñsudhof
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from stanford. they will help researchers get a better understanding of some diseases. >> this morning the u.s. supreme court starts its new term with a wide range of hot issues, those include prayer and government settings, abortion rights and the influence of big money in politics. >> new this morning in egypt now at least two people are dead and 48 others injured after a massive explosion likely from a car bomb hit security headquarters in a southern town today. the death toll is likely to rise as rescue workers search for victims under the rubble of the four-story building. that blast comes a day after dozens were killed and hundreds injured in street clashes throughout egypt. at least 51 died in the clashes between the supporters of morsi and backers of the military that forced morsi out. islamist protesters fired gun
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shots and threw fire bombs at police who responded with gun shots and tear gas. the violence on a national holiday celebrating the military. >> secretary of state john kerry says u.s. and russia are very pleased with the progress made so far in destroying syria's chemical weapons. kerry made the comments at an economic summit in bali. he says it's a credit to the assad regime the weapons are already being destroyed but he also says the assad regime needs to continue complying. >> i'm not going to vouch today for what happens months down the road but it's a good beginning. >> right now experts from the otcw are in syria and are supervising syrian personnel as they use heavy machinery to destroy and disable chemical weapons. the opcw is an international chemicals watchdog that is closely working on this mission
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with the united nations. >> wall street flying blind. >> no job data, no data already either. >> nonahead. no data from any government agency. we had a small earthquake, we went to consult usgst website is shut down. jobs numbers, forget it. the bureau of labor statistics did not publish the number on friday because there is nobody working at the bureau of labor statistics. wall street loves its data, loves numbers. it will get a bunch from the private sector. we'll start earnings season. the dow down 115 points friday. washington over the weekend admitted for the first time its new health wasn't performing well. millions tried to use the site all at the same time. it's really a fraction of the
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with. californians use covered california. i looked at the rate of uninsured in the bay area. the highest are in san jose in the 19th congressional district. almost 15%. the lowest i could find up the road in the 18th district, palo alto with about 9.5%. and starting today, twitter will publish new ratings, mention of tv shows, as part of a way to track the show's popularity. twitter will track 242 channels in the u.s. 36 thousand dollars programs. advertisers look at ratings, the number who watch a problem. so the second most watched tv show marll and laura in the united states, ncis. it's on the usa network. we own that by the way. high ratings but not much buzz. the daly show, doesn't make the top 100 but all over the internet. there are different ways of measuring how impactful
6:18 am
something is. >> we tweet all morning long. >> all day long. >> on facebook too. >> it's a great way for us to meet up with you guys. >> we do enjoy that. all. as you good get your family ready for work, the young ones, make sure they are ready for cool conditions in the north bay. we are now in the mid-40s in places like napa, that also goes for santa rosa and petaluma. the south bay now, temperatures are also pretty cool to start but we have a milder start happening. 56 in livermore, 56 san jose. so not too long for us in the south bay before we get a taste of the 40s to kick off the day. might have to start using your heater in the morning. i want to show you what's happening. we're going to see a spectacular sunrise this morning especially in the south bay. where you see these clouds coming up, mostly in the south bay, gorgeous conditions. i don't know if you caught last
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night's sunset but we expect another round of beautiful oranges and reds as we make our way through the next couple hours. if you don't have to get up stay where you are. we're talking showers later on this week. here's what we have. today, 4 to 8 degrees cooler heading into tomorrow same deal. kiel tumble more. then wednesday is the wild card. we expect light showers and the bay area has a chance for this. we're not expecting a lot. overall i want to let you know this is not the only system we're tracking. next week another shot for rain moves in as well so it's getting to be that time of year. feeling like fall. look at all of the 70s. 79 san jose. 77 for oakland and 74 degrees holding on to warm conditions in san francisco. the next couple days you'll notice that cooler difference. 72 on wednesday, down from today's 83. then as we head through thursday
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into friday. we love thursdays and fridays around here. mid 70s we hold steady getting into this upcoming weekend. we're look pretty good there. no thick fog or strong winds. >> look at that, there is the high rise. no thick fog. the wind steady across the san mateo bridge. we're getting a heavier volume. it's getting more crowded but you're okay across 92. we'll look at the map no. problems, no surprises south 880 and toward that toll plaza, san mateo bridge reports a stall. moving out of the roadway. so there is 92. the dumbarton bridge. toward the peninsula, 101 moves smoothly. looking toward the bay bridge. we had the earlier closure. we should see in the next couple minutes the reopening of the off a80 at treasure ening of the off
6:21 am
island had for a few minutes a closure there related to the cleanup from last night's fire. it's a bit after distraction and anything like that will slow things. the metering lights are on as we told you. a smooth flow westbound approaching carlson where the distraction is going to kick in. christie smith is out there but the flashing lights cause a little more distraction. show you how things are shaping up. this is the peninsula, 101 out of the south so no delays. your typical around 680. no big problems. a look at the north bay. southbound 101 picks up volume over the last 15 minutes, a lot of traffic starts to build up. from highway 37 into san rafael with no surprises. that's the way we like.
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>> thank you. 6:21. a skier with big olympic dreams. >> it's not team usa who could be representing him. which team he is hoping to join. [ wind howling ]
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welcome back everyone. 6:24. a downhill skier from the bay area is trying to earn a spot on the winter olympics in sochi.
6:25 am
not for team usa but team armenia. this is a website set up by armen seeking donations for his olympic bid. the skier grew up in nevada, graduated from marin catholic high school in 2005. an aspiring doctor taking a break from studies at temple in order to compete. his parents are armenian immigrants and he has dual citizenship. he must move on to the top 500 in the world ranking to be eligible for the team. he has to fund the trip himself. >> 6:25. game three of the alds between the a's and the tigers gets under way 18 few hours. first pitch is 10:07 this morning. the a's hope to ride the who men tum from saturday's thrilling 1-0 walk-off win. right now series is tied up at one game apiece. >> a look at the coliseum home of the a's and the raiders as well. a lot of raiders fans probably
6:26 am
having a hard time waking up because of last night's late night showdown. the raiders fans who stayed up late they were not disappointed. raiders beat the chargers 27-17. the game was supposed to start at 1:25 yesterday but because of the a's playoff baseball game it was pushed wack to 8:35. a cool time lapse showing crews hard at work converting the coliseum after the a's game saturday night into a football field. a team of 250 people finished that job in a record time of just 17 hours which is really remarkable because it normally takes two to three days. they were hustling. >> did they get a break? >> i doubt it. >> deserve a raise. >> fun to watch. >> the raiders won and so did our 9ers. >> a nice weekend. 6:26. still ahead one of the fbi's most wanted terror suspects
6:27 am
captured in a military raid in tripoli. how secretary of state john kerry is responding to libya's claims that the mission was an illegal abduction. >> also, shutting down for the night we'll tell you why san francisco could keep you out of city-run parks when the sun goes down. >> a live look outside waiting for the sun to come up. looking over san francisco. a beautiful vista. a lot more news ahead. we'll check the forecast and the morning commute.
6:28 am
6:29 am
a most wanted terror suspect captured inzgh tripoli. we'll tell you how john kerry is responding to criticism from libya next in a live report. >> plus, a live look at the san francisco bay you have to look at the television set right now. look at this. that's stunning. a look at the morning forecast and your morning commute ahead. >> almost don't want to get off that shot. a lot to cover including the opening bell from new york stock
6:30 am
exchange. habitat for humanity doing the honors. former president jimmy carter is in the bay area working on projects here. also look at the nasdaq. and they are off on this monday, october 7, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. it's 6:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning secretary of state john kerry is speaking out about cap turg one of the most wanted terror suspects. that suspect is anas al libi. the u.s. says was involved in the 1998 bombing on the u.s. embassy enkenya and tanzania. tracie potts joins us in washington, d.c. the u.s. says he is the legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military. libya calls it an abduction.
6:31 am
>> right.e/+ and libya wants him tried and the u.s. says no way. we understand that they are and will be questioning him on a u.s. war ship. this went down in a raid over the weekend. there had been an indictment out for al libi since the 1998 bombing the u.s. believes he was close to osama bin laden and part of the conspiracy to orchestrate the bombings, that he checked out the site in advance and helped plan it. secretary of state john kerry explains why this was such a big deal. >> he is a key al qaeda figure, and he is a legal and an appropriate target for the u.s. military under the authorization of the use of military force passed in september of 2001. >> so, that was one raid over the weekend. there was another one earlier but not as successful. this one in somalia,yñ u.s. mav
6:32 am
seals went after the man in charge of the group al shabab that claimed responsibility for the mall attack recently in kenya. turns out they faced a fierce fire fight from that group, they had to call in navy choppers. not clear that they were able to get the target at all. >> such an interesting one to watch. thank you, tracie for the update. >> we take you outside and give you another look at the san francisco bay. that's from our san bruno camera. you can see the cloud cover but pretty blue skies as we await the official sunrise. you're taking a look at the forecast with plenty of 50s across the board. >> that's right. good morning to you. hopefully you had a good weekend. i told you it was going to be a beautiful sunrise. and this time i get to deliver right on point. here's what we're looking at. this over the bay bridge. you are going to see this get
6:33 am
better and better. that sun slowly comes up creeping above the horizon. all of this will turn to orange and red. it's going to be spectacular. that's what you get to drive to work under. not just the beautiful scenery, we've got beautiful temps. we're starting out at 58, conditions are chilly up in the north bay, and i take you down to the south bay because 47 degrees is a cool start to the day in gilroy. plenty of mid 50s to go around. gorgeous day today similar to yesterday. cooler this afternoon. 82 degrees inland, bay side 77 and 69 degrees at the coast with that fog rolling back in as we head into this evening, tomorrow morning we're going to start out with widespread low clouds. you want to keep that in mind. this morning clear out there, we'll take a peek at your seven-day outlet. good morning first to mike inouye. >> we're looking to the bay bridge toll plaza moving now, we also have the upper deck moving once you get toward the treasure
6:34 am
island tunnel because that off ramp reopened. had it closed for a few cleaning up after the fire but all lanes are open again. there is the backup at the toll plaza. a look out there as well. we have an issue as far as the off ramp at carlson. is there a tanker, the tank on the right is on its side, they don't know how long it's goi in to take. there has been a leak as well. there has been a local evacuation for part of a hotel. christie smith contií on the scene. we're tracking this. the impact on the commute, how this plays out. here is the north bay. then off the carquinez bridge down toward richmond you have slowing and distraction. at carlson before the racetrack you have the off ramp closed so there is an extra slowdown in the westbound direction. east the ramp is closed.
6:35 am
you can use central farther south and get there so before you get if you're heading away from the bay bridge. we're showing the tri-valley, west 580 a build in toward castro valley and south 680 through sunol for slower speeds and northbound, no big surprises, 101 the brunt of it north of 680 building for 87 and 85, and we have the peninsula as well. more coming up. >> we look forward to. investigators are looking into the cause of a wild fire on the campus of uc santa cruz that damaged a grove of trees. it took six hours to put out the fire. it was reported early yesterday morning. the fire burned about an acre of cut grass before spreading into a grove of redwood trees, some 90 feet tall. there was no damage to buildings
6:36 am
and no one was hurt. investigators think a camp fire on the ground or in a hollowed out tree stump may be to blame. >> san francisco leaders will take up the debate over whether to close city parks at night. the issue is going before the board of supervisors and centers on vandalism and homelessness f. passed it would close parks between midnight and 5:00 in the morning. advocates say such are the only way to curb an estimated $1 million a year in vandalism and illegal dumping. some homeless advocates criticize the proposal saying the parks offer necessary safety for people living on the street. >> still ahead, bound for vegas without a boarding pass. what changes an airport might make after a 9-year-old gets past security on a flight alone and without a ticket. >> a live look outside, look at that. beautiful vistas this morning, so clear out there.
6:37 am
this the eastern span of the new bay bridge. we'll check your morning commute, see if there is any traffic hot spots that remain. checking in with mike coming up. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university. and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology.
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if you are having a hard time waking up this morning feast your eyes on this. a glorious shot of the san francisco bay. the bay bridge there and the skies, it looks like a water
6:40 am
painting. water color painting. phenomenal. it's 6:39. >> i rather you stay on that than this. this is an amazing story we were talking about. a 9-year-old boy in protective custody after sneaking on a plane and flying to las vegas without a boarding pass. the run away went through security dreen screening, got past agents and on a flight in minneapolis on thursday. wasn't until the plane landed in las vegas that the boy was questioned. the tsa says it's reviewing surveillance video to see if they should reconfigure barriers at the airport. among other things. >> won't until he ordered the vodka tonic. >> extra peanuts. >> coming up a bay area scientist wakes up to the surprise of a lifetime. >> yeah, i thought okay, this is it. i didn't even have a chance to look at the clock to see when it
6:41 am
was. >> meet the newest nobel prize winner and hear what he has to say what he was thinking the moment he heard his name called. >> an overturned tanker prompts evacuations in the east bay. which interstate on ramp is shut down as cleanup efforts continue. >> a home up in flames on the peninsula, new details as firefighters try to pinpoint the cause. >> wall street reacts to the government shutdown, the debt ceiling and "saturday night live" reacts to obama care all ahead. >> what a gorgeous sunrise over san jose. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. now. we're actually tracking a cooldown and showers on the way. your seven-day forecast is in moments. >> trying to get some of the sunshine here, you'll get plenty of it. south 101 through palo alto, the sun rise will kick in but right now the commute kicking in. slowing in the south bay.
6:42 am
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happening now, fire crews are still on the scene of a house fire in palo alto. this fire was reported just after 4:00 this morning and it's at a home on matadero avenue. firefighters on the scene telling us they are in defensive mode now. they say nobody was living in the house when the fire started and that it looked like the homeowners were preparing for some sort of a renovation. nobody was hurt and crews say they will stay on the scene to make sure all of the hot spots are put out. they say it's too soon to determine an exact cause.
6:45 am
>> 6:44. new this morning people staying at a richmond motel are waiting for the all clear to return after a tanker overturned not far from them. christie smith has more on the cleanup under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i got an update from the richmond fire chief. he tells me it could take several hours to off-load all of this propane that's on a tanker s over on carlson boulevard. there are actually two of them. they got a truck in and are dealing with the owner of the propane itself. after one of these tankers tipped over and there was a small vapor leak of propane right next to america's best value inn. that was enough for firefighters to evacuate some of the guests closest to one of these tankers. this is ca2r+z boulevard, the bottom of the ramp to eastbound interstate 80. it happened overnight. this is a dual tanker, each carrying about 4500 gallons of
6:46 am
propane. the rear is the one that turned over. why? i asked, they still don't know. chp is investigating but tell me at this point they are not too concerned about health effects or explosions. the guests at the inn got a rude awakening. >> we made some precautionary adjacent to the incident.z we don't have health or flammability hazards we're concerned about and in affecting the citizens at this point but it's a precautionary measure so we can work safely around the incident. >> reporter: maybe about 20 minutes ago a second truck came in to siphon the gas out. we are told this will take several hours to complete and clear the scene. the carlson on and off ramps are closed eastbound, the freeway is open but i spoke with the fire chief and he says this is one of the main thoroughfares so certainly an area you'll want to
6:47 am
avoid this morning. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> meteorologist christina loren is here to sprinkle sunshine on us for the day. >> and then showers later this week. so a little something for everybody. good morning to you, the time 6:47. we do have a beautiful day. let the spoiling continue in the bay area. we're getting the gorgeous sunrise shots. this high atop san bruno mountain. we don't have fog even through daily city. that bodes well for a sunny start to the day. the fog will roll back in as we head throughout tonight and tomorrow expecting a widespread deck of low clouds. it's chilly to start. you can slice the bay area in half. below that plenty of mid-50s. temperatures are going to be comfortable, cooler by 4 to 8 degrees. we head there tomorrow a cooler
6:48 am
day on tap. and then wednesday that's when we expect light showers. the chance is looking 20% to 30% but it did improve the chance for showers over the weekend. so we're looking pretty good even in the south bay for light sprinkles as we head through wednesday. we'll see a cooler day with temperatures tumbling into the low 70s. so here is what we're watching for you this morning. big front moving into the northeast, detroit, right in the middle of where we're expecting this next batch of rain. now, this is what i'm expecting because they are used to having rain showers in detroit. so comerica park today, 10:00 a.m. our time is looking good. we'll see light showers at this point though everything i looked at leads me to believe the game will start on time. we could see a 15, 20-minute delay. not expecting anything heavy. the wind the bigger factor carrying the ball out toward the third-base line. so it's going to be pretty active outkz there weather wi and our a's and probably the
6:49 am
tigers wishing they were still in oakland. 74 in san francisco. 79 san jose. it's fun to watch those games with guys playing in the rain. i know mike appreciates that. 72 by wednesday, temperatures steady after we get that chance for rain all the way through the weekend. over to you. >> i appreciate the dedication of the athletes and i'll watch from the comfort of my home. looking toward the san mateo bridge. you see a slowing on the approach for both of those routes because the volume is picking up. no surprise, 101, 280 along the peninsula you're at the speed limit. that's great news for the peninsula drive. northbound around san jose, 85 up in toward saratoga, in the 50s for the orange zone. same for curtner and at capital expressway the first slowdown, the second burst of traffic. this new crash here reported south 101 at 880, it's counter commute but we watch the interchange for distractions so i'll track that but it should be clear quickly.
6:50 am
here south 680 and 880 seeing the volume build down through fremont toward mission boulevard. a typical pattern here. 680 slows also from pleasanton to sunol. the tropical off of the dublin interchange so we're seeing that shift as more folks and traffic starting to come down through pleasanton into livermore for 84. a smooth drive through the castro valley and no problems toward the east shore freeway. we have the earlier crash and the tanker spill over there at the carlton blocking the off ramp. that's a problem for folks getting off. use central but it's a distraction through the area. live look outside show you oakland, 880 northbound, pick up the volume. close to the limit past the coliseum. changing it again for the baseball go round. a live look for the east shore freeway, talking about with carlton boulevard. the westbound commute picks up that volume. a lot of slowing but consider this through berkeley with speeds in the 50s.
6:51 am
back to you. >> a busy monday. thank you, mike. a man arrested in connection with a san jose murder is expected to be extradited to california soon. u.s. marshals arrested sean moore on friday in the las vegas area. they believe he chased down and shot ramon garcia in downtown san jose. we've got surveillance video of the murder back in august. we've edited it so it does not show the actual shooting. you can see garcia riding on the bike in the middle of the day. moments later you see the gunman, he shoots garcia and then flees. garcia died at the hospital. >> san ramon man accused of shooting his property manager as he was being evicted is expected to make a court appearance. he faces three counts of attempted murder. investigators say he shot at the property manager and two sheriff deputies when they attempted to evict him from his home last month. the property manager was hit in
6:52 am
the leg. sheriffs officials say the home is in foreclosure. >> a public utilities commission release as new photo of the deadly limo fire on the san mateo wrij. this is the burned out limo showing the small opening the survivors crawled out to avoid the flames. imagine trying to get out. it will release the full investigation soon but there is not enough evidence for criminal negligence charges. five women died when flames erupted in the limo back in may. >> officials are in the process of shutting down a natural gas pipe line in san carlos city officials believe could be unsafe. that pipe line known as line 147 runs along britain avenue between 101 and 280. the worry is it could fail and explode like the one in san bruno did back in 2010, killing
6:53 am
eight people. the city leaders requested the shutdown citing an internal e-mail. it asks quote are you sitting on another san bruno? a spokesperson says the line is being shut down as precaution because of this court order. customers will get natural gas from other linings. talks are scheduled to resume. the koolg off period is over at the end of the day on thursday f the two sides cannot come to an agreement by then the unions could authorizize a strike on friday. today members of the ban b.a.r.t. movement will be at several b.a.r.t. stations asking for support for legislation preventing transit workers from striking. >> the san leandro countriesle will reconsider an idea flying china's flag over city hall. the idea was flying the flag on
6:54 am
their holiday would attract chinese investors. the mayor overruled the decision. he said the city needs a policy regulating the raising of flags of other governments. >> san jose opens the doors to the newest high school campus. it's near snell avenue and 85 in south san jose. the school is designed for students who need more help. the campus is about 300 students so far. the small size will help daefl personal ied learning environment. >> 6:54. there are ten days to government default. >> scott mcgrew, wall street, watching the calendar nervously. >> and the stocks are down again, ten days a best case scenario. could be sooner if we hit
6:55 am
unexpected expenses. so call street worried about this, more than the government shutdown. the dow is down 118, the nasdaq down 18 points as we see habitat for humanity opening the nyse. jimmy carter doing some of the same. we didn't get the jobs numbers friday because there is nobody laboring at the bureau of labor statistics. washington admitted for the first time it did not adequately prepare for the number of people who logged on to the government's new health care website. here is "saturday night live's" take on it. >> the obama care website which has technical issues all week because of too much web traffic. you can't campaign on the fact that millions tonight have health care and be surprised that millions don't have health care. how could you not be ready. that's like 1-800-flowers caught off guard by valentine's day. >>6já "the wall street journal" hired experts to look at the government website. they say the website is built on in their words, sloppy
6:56 am
foundations. health serves the uninsured in 36 states, not in california. we have our own. >> thanks so much, scott. >> new this morning congratulations to two bay area scientists for jointly winning the 2013 nobel prize for medicine. randy scheckman is a professor at uc-berkeley, thomas sudhof from stanford. the two earned the prizes for solving the mystery of how the cell organizes its transport system. >> it's actually helped researchers gain a wetter understanding of things like diabetes and other disorders. professor scheckman told us what it felt like when the call became in. do we have it? he was very happy. let me tell you. the two scientists share the award with a third scientist out of yale. the prize earns them a cool $1.2 million.
6:57 am
a lot of hard work. >> the first words he got the call was oh, my god. >> oh, my goodness. great sunrise this morning. beautiful monday morning. check in with christina. >> beautiful, beautiful. you know what, that sunrise is going to get prettier as we head throughout the next half hour. we'll show you the pictures as they come in. right here on nbc bay area. i'm with you every 15 minutes. bay side 77 at the coast, 69 degrees, everybody getting spoiled and that continues tomorrow but we're tracking the showers. right now i want to check your drive. here is mike. >> we're picking up a lot of company. we'll look to the>áátáu shore ad freeway is slow westbound toward carlson boulevard because the off ramp is chosed. the activity of the tanker we're following that christie smith is on the scene. use central. the tri-valley a smooth flow.
6:58 am
down because of that tanker. 24 and 580 not a problem through the area. then the south bay, northbound routes continue to show more volume but 880 the crash has not shone additional slowing. 85 as well as 280. >> final check of the top stories. >> jimmy carter is waking up in the bay area, he will visit a site in oakland. president carter and his wife you see her there, and country music stars trisha yearwood and garth brooks will help build 12 homes. >> it will be another couple of hours before they move a tanker in richmond. there is a small leak in the propane gas tanker. and america's best value inn has been evacuated.
6:59 am
they are still closed until the area is clear. >> the government shutdown is entering its second week as a deadline to7f[ raise the debt lt gets closer. there will not be a debt limit increase without spending concessions. >> a live look at the coliseum this morning. the a's not there, they are on the road. to detroit this morning. taking on the tigers. game time is set for 10:07 this morning. let's go, boys. >> you can't ignore the raiders there. they beat the chargers, 27-17. did you stay up to watch the whole thing? didn't end until almost midnight. >> we thank you for joining us this morning. that's what's happening. we'll be back with a live local news update. >> join us on nbc bay area news at 11:00. until then we wish you a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. is he talking? one of al qaeda's top leaders in u.s. custody this morning after a risky raid in africa. he's on a navy warship but where is he headed? richard engle has the latest. her story, elizabeth smart opens up about the details about her abduction in her first interview. why she is speaking out now. and my oh, miley, she's the most talked about performer in music today on and off the stage. she answers questions and performs live on the plaza today, monday, october 7th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,


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