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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. and good evening, everyone i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. a late night fire that might with a criminal investigation. the fire started in a basement of a home near seventh straight and st. james. the firefighters had the flames under control fairly quickly.
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illegal wiring in the basement caused the fire. they found other items suggested illegal activity boarded up in the basement. your money being misused. the investigative unit first uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of questionable accounting transactions at samtrans. but now community groups are calling for a close lyric at the financial records. vicky nguyen has this report. >> reporter: a small group of demonstrators from the group stop workplace bullying rallied in support of district whistle blowers tonight. >> they have problems with their wrong doing and develop path ways for whistle blowers to report it safely. >> reporter: the san carlos vice mayor says that the concerns
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warrant an independent investigation into the district's finances. >> i would like to see it investigated and taken up by the district attorney's office. >> they provide more than 100,000 rides a day. the protest comes after two former employees came forward to nbc, instructed to inflate expenses and hide spending from the public. samtrans ceo addressed the allegations at the transit district's monthly board meeting and denied any mismanagement. >> at the end of the day the preponderance of the evidence will show there has been nothing improper done beyond a couple of errors. >> reporter: while the investigation uncovered errors he never explained how they were made. >> let's examine all of these
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accounting transactions. >> reporter: ben fuller's neighborhood group has dealt with the district over the years and is disappointed by the dismissive response to concerns. >> anyone who is going to step up and save the taxpayer is someone we want to support. >> reporter: demonstrators want to send a message that the financial errors deserve attention. >> no employee is going to put their profession on the line unless there issing something . >> reporter: the add it was wrapped up this week. auditors looked at the accounts. we'll let you know the results as soon as we have them. i'm vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. no deal but no strike plans either. that's the word from b.a.r.t tonight after key negotiations
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both sides will resume talks tomorrow morning. the deadline is looming. the cooling off period ends this thursday night. but today, unions said they don't plan to strike on friday. they are fighting over pay and benefits. >> we want to leave every opportunity open to get this deal done. we are keeping all options on the table. >> i don't want to characterize how the negotiations are going. the mediator has asked us not to talk about what is going on. we'll leave the bargaining at the table. >> it has been a bitter few months. the b.a.r.t workers went on a strike in july. in august, the governor issued a 60 day cooling off period. new at 11:00, a high school teacher in fremont faces child molestation charges. a teacher at kennedy high. police arrested him on friday after a parent reported that he
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inappropriately touched a student and williams is charged with thee misdemeanor counts. the pipeline under san carlos is partially shut off tonight. the stretch of pipe is no longer receiving gas, no longer providing customers with gas and the pressure inside the pipe is much lower. a judge ordered pg&e to shut off the pipes over safety concerns. jean ellie is live tonight. >> reporter: we are live in san bruno. city leaders here know the devastation of a pipeline explosion. it happened here and leaders are stunned by what is unfolding in san carlos and are urging city
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leaders to start asking pg&e questions. >> more than three years after a pg&e pipeline exploded in san bruno the city is still recovering. the city leaders know the heart ache and headaches of rebuilding after the blast. >> this can't happen again. we don't want anybody anywhere to experience what happened in san bruno. >> reporter: a state of emergency in san carlos because of pipeline safety has jackson's attention. a judge ordered pg&e to shut down line 147. the reason? questions about safety raised in pg&e e-mails from 2012. one employee writes are we sitting on a san bruno situation? the city manager says that it proves that pg&e don't know if the line is safe. >> they don't know what the
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material that comprises the lean is made out of or the age of the materials or where it came from. >> reporter: pg&e closed the valve but says it is safe. >> it had not been operating safely it would not have been operating period. >> reporter: pg&e has e-mails that could reveal danger in other cities. >> there seems to be a reluctance to be transparent and forth coming until and unless they are required to do so. >> reporter: she is urging city councils up and down the street -- >> what do we know about what is under the ground? what does pg&e know about it? those are questions that have to be answered correctly and quickly. >> reporter: san carlos is waiting for the answers tonight. and pg&e says they are committed to transparency.
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pg&e is expected to ask a judge to reverse that shutdown order. jean ellie, nbc bay area news. now to a best in the south bay. officers found cash and drugs but no sign of the accused leader of a drug ring. the sheriff's department says that the man was running the operation out of his home in san jose. the detectives seized 29 pounds of meth as well as cocaine and heroin. the bust came after a two-year sting. >> this type of seizure is unusual. there are a lot of drugs on the street. but is it a major operation clearly by the amount. 29 pounds of crystal meth, cocaine and heroin, a big seizure. these drugs were destined for the streets. >> the street value of all the
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drugs found here is $1.5 million. a heyward police officer resigned after being arrested on charges of extortion. he was arrested after woman came forward saying he questioned her about prescriptions and demanded money from her. the police chief says that the department has a zero tolerance for corruption. a fire has people worried for their safety. firefighters had trouble putting a fire out, trouble with the water trouble over not having the right equipment. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the island. it was a wakeup call for the firefighters. >> reporter: it was. when the fire crews got out here and the fire was burning at the bottom of the hill i'm standing on they went looking for a fire hydrant and the nearest one was
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three football fields away. >> reporter: drivers probably give little thought to the island in the middle of the bay bridge. but last night at 8:00 people were giving the island a lot of attention. you could see the flames from miles away. san francisco firefighters responded from the treasure island station a mile or two away. but that makes it sound simpler than it was. >> water is a problem. the nearest hydrant is a thousand feet away. we are not set up for this firefighting. this is a wild land firefighting circumstance and that requires different close clothing and hose lines. >> reporter: the fire burned grass and trees on the south side of the bridge. traffic was brought to a halt. lanes were closed an traffic backed up to candlestick park. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: karen has lived on the island for four years. >> my concern with the
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eucalyptus is i know they are a fire hazard with the oils in the leaves. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is unknown but it started in a remote part of the island. this resident has her suspicions. >> a lot of tourists sightseeing and they leave their trash but mostly they leave their cigarette butts and i'm concerned about that. >> reporter: the firefighters spent the day mopping up hot spots and calling in a fire boat to spray bay water on the flare ups. >> we are going to make the proper adjustments in the future. >> reporter: despite the size of the flames and the obstacles the firefighters kept the fire to just three acres. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. and we have drought conditions in place most of california. but we will be tracking showers to help lower our fire threat.
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and that seven-day forecast is coming up. and i'm tony kovaleski. up next your money and promises to build new classrooms. why these buildings are not getting rebuilt and where your money is going. also ahead a public health alert issued for chicken sold in california. a look at security after what a nine-year-old boy managed to do at a major airport.
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voters in the south bay approved and homeowners are paying for it but is it a bait and switch? >> the money will fund a new
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theater complex. tony kovaleski is on the story and tony, voters gave the district a quarter billion dollars to be used for? >> it's the question we asked the top administrator in the san jose evergreen community college district. tonight, our investigation shows you how what taxpayers thought they were buying is not getting built. we investigate. >> you are looking at 1953. these buildings are old. they haven't been maintained. >> what am i look at here? >> water damage. >> reporter: these pictures and video from inside vo tech building at san jose city college tell this story. >> exposed insulation and the ceiling tile crumbled years ago. >> reporter: water damage, broken windows, exposed wires, chipping paint and rusted
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drinking faucets. >> should the administrators be embarrassed by these conditions? >> definitely. this is one of the bigger programs on the campus. and for it to be in the condition it's in, it's like ridiculous. >> reporter: conditions known to district administrators for years three years ago they went to voters asking for $268 million to improve facilities, including at san jose city college. >> what voters approved in the bond measure in 2010 is not going to be built. >> i'm appalled. we were told we were going to have a new building for our students to walk into the future to teach these students upgraded skills. >> not happening? >> not happening, no. >> reporter: charles and steve teach students at san jose city college.
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here's the language voters were sold in 2010. it included instruct vocational technology building. >> nowhere in that voter information did it say build a new theater. it said clearly, build a nouveau cational technology building. >> reporter: instead of replacing these classrooms, administrators approved these plans, including a new theater and media arts center. >> the voters were sold a bait and switch. >> you're sure? >> i know for sure. all you have to do is look at the ballot measure. >> you know they are not happy? >> of course. >> the chancellor supported the bond and supports the decisions. >> if they didn't get what they want of course they are not happy. >> reporter: and the numbers show why several instructors and students are disappointed the
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run down vo tech building will not be demolished and rebuilt. instead the district will spend $7 million to refurbish and renovate and spend three times that total, $22 million to build the media and arts center. >> they are saying that this sbond a bait and switch. is that accurate? >> that is not fair. that is not accurate. i think that kind of language is disruptive. >> reporter: and the district's chancellor said that voters were not misled. >> i feel very confident that we have done nothing that is inconsistent with the language here. >> but chancellor, the language doesn't say a new theater, anywhere. >> if your question is what we have to build has to be verbatim in here, with all due respect
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you're wrong, sir. >> what does it say to the voters? >> it says to the voters do not trust or believe what a board of trustees tells you you are voting for. >> i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: mark is the president of the silicon valley taxpayers association. >> it's fraudulent use of taxpayer money. >> reporter: look at what it said in opposition to the bond measure in 2010. the college district has no financial credibility. the history of changing priorities after they get our money has resulted in incomplete, illegally initiated and mismanaged projects. >> they have done bait and switches. >> reporter: and that leaves the vocational tech buildings now settling for a renovation. >> how would you describe the condition of those facilities?
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>> they are not great? >> they have not had maintenance in 20 years. the roofs leak. the plumbing is bad and the electrical is very bad. >> reporter: and leaves the students questioning the integrity of the trustees. >> it's their money. it's their money being misappropriated and misused. >> do you feel you have been true to the voteers? >> yes, i do. absolutely. >> reporter: you have two sides of an issue reading the same language in two ways. portions are vague allowing the administrators the ability to interpret as they make the spending decisions. bottom line you don't always get what you think your tax dollars are buying. construction on the media arts center will conclude in 2015. instructors will continue to fight for change before that construction begins. we will stay on top of it.
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>> it's an interesting debate. >> if you have a tip, give us a call or send us an e-mail. time now for our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri talking about the forecast. >> shower activity coming our way. but much colder temperatures. the jet stream will push into southern california. tomorrow it will be jacket weather. especially for the interior valleys. in the low 50s, clear skies. 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, likely isolated upper 40s. and tomorrow, by 4:00 p.m. the cloud cover will increase and temperatures not as hot as the past three days. inland upper 70s, low 70s by the bay. the sky camera network is showing clear skies in san jose. the rainfall, 200% of normal in
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san jose. that's great news considering how dry we were last year. in emeryville, cloudy and cooler tomorrow. we'll have 80 in san jose and 81 in los gatos. and castro valley to livermore upper 70s to near 80. and cooler at the coast. and low to mid-70s from berkeley to oakland. the next largest changes will be the showers. two things you need to know it's not a large storm system. it will take a dryer track moving throughout interior northern california. a slight chance of showers and that cooler weather as we mentioned. as we look at the rainfall, most of it expect in the sierra and south of us. isolated chance on wednesday. and we'll dry out for thursday,
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friday and saturday keeping the '70s 70s in the forecast. looks nice after wednesday. >> we'll have to get over wednesday and a few possible showers and we're in the clear. >> are you good with that? >> i'm good with that. we're back after these messages with a health alert about chicken sold in california.
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in health matters a salmonella outbreak have sickened 300 people. the source is raw foster farms chicken. the meat was packaged at three california facilities. there is no recall in effect. just make sure you thoroughly cook and clean the chicken. the information on the screen is the product numbers to look out for. there this be a hearing tomorrow to discuss how to handle a nine-year-old boy who
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flew from meinnesota to las vegs without a ticket or boarding pass. the airline is looking at surveillance. trying to figure out how the boy went through security with the other passengers. officials admit they don't know how he got on to the flight but he did. he will stay in laevgs for the hearing tomorrow. after a long delay the new high-tech $100 bill comes out tomorrow. take a look. on the surface it looks similar to the old bill. one of the new features is a bright blue 3-d security ribbon with images that move in the opposite direction that the bill is tilted. the old bills will work for the time being. up next we have a crew in detroit following the swinging a's. and jay.
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>> drew barrymore is on the program as well as dl hughley and headlines because it's monday. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. this week, folgers is $6.88 for the large size. that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99.
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. around 5:15 tomorrow evening, jessica is hoping for a champagne party for the a's. >> the whole east bay could be celebrating. how quickly things change. after losing the first game, the a's are one win away from advancing to the american league championship series. the a's and tigers game three. sanchez on the hill given up three home runs to seth hill in his career. brandon moss a solo home run to right. two batters later. seth smith deep going two-run home run. now four career home runs off
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sanchez. the a's lead 6-3. in the bottom of the ninth. they have words. they are not meant for tv words either. we have to blur them out. they are going at it. the benches clear. the bull pens ran in. balfour gets victor and the save. the a's win, 6-3. what was going on, grant? >> yeah, it was a little heated right there around -- maybe he has frustrations. i don't know what is going on there. i saw him staring at me, gave me the death stare. he wants to come out here. i said if you have a problem, come on out. so you know, i'm not going to back down and let these guys intimidate me. >> friendly tip, do not fight grant balfour. >> matt flynn has been released
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by the raiders. the raiders traded a 2014 fifth round pick and a conditional pick to seattle for flinn and now his career with the raiders is over after one start. michael crabtree posted this video on instagram. the achilles looks good. he is scheduled to return in november. the warriors and the kings play an exhibition game at oracle tonight with the warriors winning 94-81. more news after this.
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it's record-breaking bling, a white diamond the size of a small egg sold for $30.6 million today at an auction in hong kong. two phone bidders competing for
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the diamond. the diamond was discovered in southern africa and is it the largest and most significant diamond of its kind. >> jessica's favorite story of the night. >> i know someone that would look good with that diamond. >> size of a ping-pong ball. >> don't touch it! hey lena, what ya looking for? well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ it is so honey swagalish ♪ so much crunch, can you handle this? ♪ ♪ the party in the bowl don't stop! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
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♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ must be the honey! >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- drew barrymore, comedian d.l. hughley, the music of the avett brothers
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and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you! thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show"! thank you. well, folks, it looks like there's no hope for this


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