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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's 4:59. getting you started. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update to breaking news in san francisco. homicide investigators have just arrived at the home of a baby who died early this morning. they want to know more about what the medical examiner is calling the baby's suspicious death. in the glenn park neighborhood of san francisco. christie smith just got there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. there are still a lot of questions about the suspicious death of a little baby. when we first arrived san francisco police had crime scene tape on the door of this home on the corner at monterrey boulevard. there were two patrol cars out front. now it's down to one and officers still going in and out of the house. this started around 12:30 this morning when a woman, a mother, brought her baby to sf general hospital for care. that's 3 1/2 miles away from this home we're at. the baby believed to be just 7
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months old, then died at the hospital. that's where the medical examiner stepped in, took a look and determined that this was likely a suspicious death. they have not said why the exact cause of death or whether this is a boy or girl but homicide investigators did respond to the hospital. san francisco police, at both the hospital and the home this morning. we're told that they are speaking with the mother. also at the home we've seen as many as three patrol cars here coming and going. i do have calls in to the sergeant on duty for this area and as soon as i hear from him i'll let you know if there are new updates. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we'll check back with you. >> more breaking news, this time in the south bay. san jose police and fire on scene of an early morning crash that sends a car right in the wall of an apartment complex. this happened in the cambria neighborhood. bob redell arrived. what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning.
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the corner of camden and donna you can see this truck that hit the side of an apartment building. we learned that it's fortunate no one was hurt. i don't know i you can see by the passenger front wheel, that's where the gas meters are. the truck hit those but did not break them that would cause a fire. they were able to secure the building or the gas lines. i talked to the man who lives here. he wasn't at home at the time but his wife called him to say she heard a crash. and what it was was this truck, jay drains rueter service. he's not in custody. he was coming down camden and fell asleep at the wheel. he put his foot on the gas, hit a parked car, did a u-turn and you can see he hit the back of this volvo, the speed limit sign and ended up where he's at. that driver and the people
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inside are safe and no one was hurt. and he is not being arrested. they call this simply an accident. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you for the update. >> it is 5:03. hit-and-run crash survivor speaking out about pedestrian safety and leaders are taking notice. 26-year-old researcher monique porsando was hit in february after a driver ran a stop sign. the crash shattered her leg and pelvis and caused traumatic brain injury. she will speak before the city board of supervisors this afternoon. following her testimony she will join a pedestrian safety rally across the street at civic center plaza. >> a man who ran naked through a b.a.r.t. station and grabbed passengers is back in court. the 24-year-old is charged with false imprisonment, misdemeanor battery and sexual battery. this incident if you recall took place back on may 10, and was recorded on cell phone video at
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the 16th and mission b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. in court today his attorneys will try to get his client released so he can receive mental health services. we can also tell you on a developing story in santa cruz county investigators are looking into the cause of a destructive fire that happened overnight. we have pictures for you, soon after the flames broke out at about 1:15 in the hills above aptos. two homes and one other structure were destroyed. crews had to evacuate homes within two blocks for fear of the flames spreading. crews were able to control this fire. nobody was hurt. >> this morn people on yerba buena island are expressing concern after a fire. could see the flames sunday night. san francisco firefighters responded from the treasure island station down the road but that makes it sound a lot simpler than it was.
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>> water is a problem. the nearest hydrant is -- this is like a wild land fire fighting circumstance. and that requires different clothing, different gear, different types of hose line. >> crews used a fire beat the spray water on hot spots. officials say they are making the proper adjustment in case of a future fire on that island. the cause is under investigation but crews say fireworks may be to blame. >> 5:05. let's check back with meteorologist christina loren. tell us about a cool start but decent looking day ahead. >> gosh, it's going to be so nice. these numbers, they are chilly to start. it's the beautiful rebound we're going to see later on this afternoon that you can all look forward to. not too hot, not too cool. it's a little brisk so feels like fall. temperatures at noon, we'll be in the upper 70s in some cities, fairfield 75, elsewhere though you see all of this green shading around the inner bay,
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that's because the low clouds are going to be back throughout the morning hours. we're not expecting thick fog yet. by tomorrow we'll see that as an area of low pressure starts to move closer to the bay area. today these numbers are really hard to beat. widespread 70s from santa rosa to gilroy, looking good, the only 80 is out in fairfield as you make your way through the delta. your full forecast, we'll show you on a map who has the best chance in my next report. first your morning drive. >> good morning. we're looking here toward the golden gate bridge. this is fine as far as the flow of traffic. we'll show what you things are like on the maps. sensors show you the same for the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge into or out of san francisco right now. it is in the city itself where there are reports of a crash. just west of the reservoir, between that intersection and twin peaks boulevard is where a car went off the roadway.
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there is a small fire. we're still getting details for injuries but this will affect local traffic at least for the timing. a light flow, of course residential in parts of that area. we're watching and we'll let you know. we have a smooth flow of traffic across the bay. san mateo and dumbarton bridge, both moving at the limit as you cross the bay. no problems along the peninsula or let's check the east bay. we see oakland, 880, past the coliseum. north into downtown construction around embarcadero, actually that's where it starts for both directions. >> appreciate it. you may not have it for breakfast but if chicken is on the menu today we advise you to proceed with caution a. public health alert for foster farm chicken after a salmonella outbreak. marla tellez is in the newsroom with what you'll need to know. >> first it's important to note a recall is not in effect at this point this is just a public
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health alert but should not be ignored. according to the foster farms website the chicken is safe if properly handed and fully cooked. what's happened is almost 300 people most in california have gotten sick because of a salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken. the the usda says the meat was packaged at three central california facilities one in livingston and two in fresno and distributed to stores here and also oregon and washington state. still somehow the salmonella reached people in 18 states in all most sickened in california. about 200 cases in california. unfortunately the outbreak is not linked to a specific product but the usda says suspect foster farm products are marked with one of the following combinations. you see them on the screen. p 6137, p 6137a and p 7632.
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we have this on our website, log on any time to make sure your foster farm products are not the contaminated ones. i have reached out to company officials. one of the questions i asked is how likely is it that this health alert will turn into a recall. i'm waiting to hear back. coming up in my next report, how the government shutdown could be slowing the response time from food safety inspectors which as you know, are federal workers. we'll talk about that. >> absolutely. thank you very much. great advice for people to be careful of the chicken. >> a proposal to set operating hours for parks could abreality. yesterday the board of supervisor committee approve add plan to close city parks between midnight and 5:00 a.m. supporters of the bill say it would reduce vandalism and illegal dumping. opponents argue it unfairly
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targets the homeless. a full vote will take place later this month. >> it's 5:09. coming up we'll tell you about smart people t nobel prize winners in physics, we'll tell you about their accomplishment. >> we'll look at samsung's problem. they need to talk to the government but nobody's home.
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right now great news for wounded veterans getting extended care on the peninsula. they have a free place to stay. palo alto's defender's lodge opening up next to the v.a. hospital. this is a free hotel for vets who need a place to live while being treated for serious injuries. that new building will accommodate more than 20,000 nights of stay every year a. ribbon cutting will take place tonight at the defender's lodge, t' 5:12.ernoon at 1:00.
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new this morning big congratulations to the nobel prize winners in physics announced hours ago. they won this year's prize for predicting the existence of the god particle, the particle is key to explaining why matter in understanding the atom. the prize is delayed by an hour which is highly unusual, so far no word what caused the delay. big celebrations no doubt there. the biggest cell phone maker wants a break from the u.s. government but scott says samsung is likely to find no one at the office. >> the worst luck. samsung has until today to convince the government's trade commission not to ban the sale of some of its cell phones and tablets. the problem as you point out is the government's closed for business. the international trade commission which despite its name is a u.s. government agency, says some of samsung's
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older products violate apple patents and cannot be sold. you may recall earlier last summer that same agency said there were apple products that violated samsung patents so the white house stepped in and let apple off the hook. we do not expect the white house to help samsung. the securities and exchange commission says apple's practice of booking revenue through subsidiaries is a legal way to pay less taxes. in may apple's ceo faced an extremely mild congressional hearing over his company's tax avoidance policy. it's estimated that apple saved 9 billion in u.s. taxes last year. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. for that we turn to bertha coombs. good morning. >> good morning, scott. i'm thinking of calling my accountant about setting up something in ireland.
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futures a flat open t market slumped on monday on growing concerns about the looming deadline to raise the u.s. debt ceiling with the government shut down in the meantime. the dow and the s&p 500 closing at a one-month low. traders say no one is panicking yet, the head of moody's rating agency says it's extremely unlikely the u.s. will default on its debt. let's hope so. we were scheduled to get data on the trade deficit but it's been postponed due to the government shutdown. the dow starts around 14,936 after falling 137 points t nasdaq at 3770 after losing 38. scott, back to you. >> thanks much. coming up in a bit we'll talk more about what the u.s. can do to avoid default if congress won't help. it's really the default that's the scary thing, not shutdown. default. >> good to know. thank you very much. >> i got a tweet from vera saying we have a lot of bad news. we brought in meteorologist
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christina loren with a look at the forecast. >> i love my job. that's why i got into meteorology. good morning to you. to me rain or shine it's always good news. temperatures are looking really good out there right now. and weather's one of those things you get in one of those awkward moments you and one other person, no one around, hey, if you need something to go to, tell them hey, you know, it might rain tomorrow and the south bay's looking the best. that would be my advice. i get into those moments quite often. winds are on shore, and for us that means that cool ocean air will be transported all the way inland. we call it our natural ac and it's kicking. throughout the day as well you will notice more low clouds out there. but it's going to be nice for today. temperatures dropping off by 4 to 8 degrees so you'll notice that cooling especially at the coast. you are going to see a significant drop off in half moon bay and pacifica at the coast. as we get into your wednesday,
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best chance for showers looks like the south bay. looking mostly south of fremont for any activity whatsoever. but morgan hill, san jose, could see maybe .1 inch of rain wednesday afternoon into early thursday. and then by thursday afternoon clearing you out gradually, we'll see a return of the 70s, temperatures rebounding nicely but look at these fall numbers, comfortable. 73 in fremont, 77 in santa teresa and so the a's just one game from advancing in the playoffs. they are going to be in detroit again. that game starts at 2:07 our time. 64 degrees. not expecting too much wind, not expecting rain which is great news. let's go a's. let's go all the way, guys. they are looking really good this season. through the next couple days, temperatures are going to stay steady but we're going to lose the chance for showers by thursday. then as we head into the weekend, not too early to think about the weekend. 80 by saturday. sunday, 79. your outdoor plans, going to be
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comfortable. don't you love fall in the bay area, mike. >> i do. i love it. we don't have that severe season here in california but there is a nice break. a crisp clear drive through that air right now in the south bay, construction, 880 and 280, the interchange, crews going on. they are starting to clear. the earlier slowing we saw has cleared and 17 t deer that was hit has been cleared. at least they have taken care of it and to the vet, whatever they can do. the dublin interchange, west 580, there is a little slowing and 84 starts to show the volume build. a bigger deal we're watching is westbound right around northland road. reports after grass fire. doesn't sound like a big deal but we're tracking this well, fires in the last weeks. we see slowing so there may be crews that arrived. there you go as traffic starts to build in toward livermore.
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we'll continue to track that. here the approach to the maze, walnut creek interchange. all looking clear. look at the speeds close to the limit. let's get you a live look, the bay bridge, a smooth drive. no problems down the freeway and a clear view into san francisco just fine. we look at the north bay, we remind you in san francisco itself right by twin peaks reservoir there is a small fire, it sounded small, but we're going to track that again off the twin peaks reservoir. the northbound with the southbound build. no big deal, at the limit south out of novato. and across the golden gate bridge and the peninsula, that's clear. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:19 now. we have an exclusive unit to update you on a story. after the unit found a series of accounting problems at sam tran, community groups calling for a closer look at the agency's financial records. demonstrators rallying in front of headquarters in support of
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district whistle-blowers, this happened last night. the protest coming after two former employees came forward to nbc, they say they were instructed to perform accounting entries they believed were illegal to inflate expenses and hide spending. the vice mayor is among those calling for a an independent investigation into samtransfinances. >> i would like to seet investigated, seriously taken up by the district attorney's office. >> the district denies mismanagement of funds, a result of its annual audit. they are due soon and we'll of course be reporting them as soon as we have them. if you happen to have tips for our unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or have the option to fire off an e-mail to the unit at >> new video out of southern california a fiery crash on 101 south of ventura. you can see a semi truck if you
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can make it out covered in flames after it crashed into a car dealership. a family heading to disneyland saw the explosion, they pulled over to help. the dad leaped over to the guardrail and pulled the truck driver out to safety. the good deed didn't go unnoticed. disney named him an honorary citizen for the day. >> real life hero in action. 5:21. coming up we'll tell you about the oldest full time national park ranger from here in the bay area. and, not happy with the government shutdown. her story after the break.
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the bad news continues. we want to tell you about the nation's oldest full time park ranger sounding off about the government shutdown. >> she's from the bay area. she's 92 years old and she's not
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happy about being furloughed. betty reed works at the rose the riveter home front historical park in richmond. she says she didn't understand why she's furloughed and she has a strong message for leaders in congress. >> i have a sense of urgency that this is my last decade and i can't afford to have anybody waste my time and that's what they are doing. i'm not wise enough to know what they should do. except maybe get out of my way. >> i think that would be smart. she gives tours at the park three days a week, works two days at park administrative offices. she is 92 years old. looking great. >> puts in perspective. >> coming up later we're going to take you live to washington, d.c. for the latest on the government shutdown and whether there is any movement on either side. that's coming up in about 20 minutes. >> that's the frustrating part wondering if there is movement. >> you have to wait to see.
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especially in a couple weeks when people live paycheck to paycheck. >> already happening. it's brutal. get it together out there. brisk start. christina loren is here to tell us about it. >> good morning to you. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. i want to put on your radar, though, it's going to be cooler than yesterday. we have showers headed our way through tomorrow mostly on the south end of the bay area so not as per usual where you get the systems dropping to the north bay first. temperatures today look really good for your outdoor activities. inland 79, the ugs are coming back out so you'll notice that with the foot traffic. let's check out what's happening on your road traffic. >> clomp, clomp, clomp. we're looking here toward the san mateo bridge westbound with your traffic flow over the high rise and a smooth drive along
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the peninsula once you get there. moving smoothly. you'll see that on the maps. the speed sensors not a problem. westbound, this tuesday they kick in pretty hard after 7:00 when the bulk of that really hits. the tri-valley moves smoothly. not a big deal through livermore or pleasanton. we have the build out of the altamont pass. a report of the brush fire though it's cleared from reports around northland road. antioch, highway 4 starting with the build. we see around 5:30 there it goes speeds in the 50s and quickly come to the 20s between love ridge and lone tree. >> thank you. it's 5:26. still to come, we're following a pair of breaking news stories. san francisco police investigating the death of a baby as suspicious. we'll have the latest in a live report. >> also we'll tell you about an overnight crash in a normally quiet south bay neighborhood. what officers are telling us. right after the break.
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>> reporter: developing news out of san francisco this morning where police are at two different scenes investigating the suspicious death of a baby. i'm christie smith. vile the story coming up. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in the south bay with why it's important and reminder to make sure you have a lot of rest before getting behind the wheel of your vehicle. that story coming up. >> it's a cool start to the day with low clouds on the way. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. that's not all we're tracking. potential for some showers and that weekend warm-up. we'll sort it out on your seven-day forecast. >> as i track a crash and small fire in san francisco we have that slowing that kicks in for the east bay. we'll show you where. >> and take a live look outside this morning. the beautiful bay bridge, that cool start to the day but christina tells us warmer temperatures on the way the rain as well she mentioned. a lot of news ahead.
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5:29 on tuesday, october 8th, this is "today in the bay." it's 5:30. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have an update to breaking news we're following in san francisco where homicide investigators have just arrived at the home of a baby who died this morning. they want to know more about what the medical examiner is calling the baby's suspicious death. they are on monterey boulevard in the glenn park neighborhood. christie smith is live at the scene. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you there are a couple of officers in the home here on monterey boulevard. we expect investigators back here soon, this is the home where the baby lived. investigators spent hours at the hospital overnight. here's what we know. this started around 12:30 this
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morning when a mother brought her baby to sf general hospital, and that location is about 3 1/2 miles from the home here on monterey and acadia. the baby believed to be 7 months old then died at the hospital. san francisco homicide investigators responded after the medical examiner determined that the death was suspicious. exactly how the baby died or if something may have happened at the home investigators have not said but they are going between both locations this morning. we are told that they are speaking with the mother. i am in touch with the sergeant for this area and as soon as i get more information i'll let you know what he had to say. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we'll keep checking back with you. >> more breaking news to tell you about this time in san jose. police now investigating an early morning crash where a truck smashes into an apartment building, damaging a gas meter. bob redell is live in the
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cambria neighborhood. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. what's remarkable about this crash is the fact no one was hurt and at this building here behind me wasn't damaged. clearly did not catch fire. when the driver of this truck crashed on the side of this apartment building at camden and donna, the truck did hit the gas meters, springing a leak. you could smell the gas in the apartment. the people who live here were able to get out okay. the gas never ignited. pg&e was able to shut it off. this happened around 3:40. the driver of a jay drain's rueter service was coming down the street, he fell asleep. the truck ended up hitting two parked cars, a couple of street signs. one man tells us this is the third time his car has been hit out here. the fifth time he's seen an
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accident at this intersection. >> no, i do not think it's coincidental at all. i talked to police who have said this is a bad area. people go fast around this turn and it's always late at night so couple times they are drinking, sometimes tired, sometimes not paying attention and they lose it on this turn. >> reporter: police did take the driver away but he is not in custody. they said he will not face charges. he's not going to be put under arrest. they say he did fall asleep and they believe this was an accident. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we can tell you santa clara county sheriff's deputies on the lookout for this man. jose alonzo jimenez, behind a drug ring, accused of running this operation out of his home. detectives seized $825,000 in
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cash, two loaded handguns and nearly 30 pounds of crystal meth, cocaine and heroin from inside that home. this happened on friday. the bust after a two-year investigation. >> this type after seizure is unusual but there's a lot of drugs on the street but it is a major operation clearly by the amount when you look at 29 pounds of crystal meth, cocaine and heroin, big seizure. these drugs were destined for the streets in santa clara county. >> investigators say they have arrested one man but jimenez was not home at the time of this raid. they are now looking into whether this operation was connected to one of the mexican drug cartels. the street value of all of these drugs, 1.5 million. >> it's 5:34. a fire might involve a criminal investigation. it could abdrug house. the fire started before 9:00 last night in the basement of a
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home near 7th and st. james in downtown san jose. firefighters had the flames under control quickly. they say illegal wiring in the basement caused the fire. other items were found boarded up in the basement. no other homes were damaged. >> a high school teacher in fremont facing charges. he is a teacher at kennedy high school. police arresting him after the parent of a female student there reported he inappropriately the 66-year-old now being charged with three misdemeanors of annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18. he is due in court next month. >> a former hayward police officer will be in court facing charges of extortion. police arrested the man after a woman came forward saying he questioned her about about possible forged prescriptions and then allegedly demanded money from her. he grew up in hayward, handed in his resignation yesterday. the chief says her department
5:36 am
has a zero tolerance policy for corruption. >> it will be a presidential day in san jose. former president jimmy carter and his wife are getting their hands dirty on a construction site. they are in town celebrating 30 years of habitat for humanity. at 8:00 this morning they will be joined by singers garth brooks and trisha yearwood. the couple kicked off the visit yesterday with a full day of construction work in east oakland. what a great example. >> absolutely. still going strong. jimmy carter, long time coming. a little country music too. >> not bad. >> good day to do what you want later on. might want to grab a coat heading out the door. >> feeling great, good morning to you. welcome back, jon, good morning, laura, everybody at home. temperatures are nice and crisp but this afternoon just perfect weather on the way.
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that's great news if you are somebody who works outside. the kids headed out for recess. things change as we head through tomorrow where we're tracking showers. we are tracking those. i'll show you in a few minutes. i want to show you the weak disturbance, you're going to be able to see it come through the bay area. you see these high clouds moving into the north bay. that's going to come through and then you'll see the same high clouds at about with 2:00 p.m. in the south bay so we're going to see this come through and behind it trailing cool air. temperatures are going to be cooler dropping 3 to 8 degrees as we head throughout the afternoon. 81 on the way to fairfield. 73 for fremont and 75 in san jose. 74 in redwood city and holding tight with the 70s in san francisco and we're also looking at 70s in santa cruz.
5:38 am
cloudy, cooler, showers tomorrow. i'll time that out coming up. first check your drive. mike is a busy man. it is still early. >> yeah, exactly. we're watching a couple of key events. a nice drive across the bay. but we're looking at san francisco, the bridges are clear drive into and out of san francisco right now. it's in the city by twin peaks, a reservoir, we saw reports of a crash and our chopper is just about there. the reports are that a car went off the twin peaks boulevard and down the hillside and possibly start add small fire. we haven't heard a lot about that fire. did it sound relatively small but we're watching the safety of people as well as other developments. we're looking here toward the east bay and a smooth slowdown the commute direction westbound 80 marked with the arrow. no problems through the maze or across the bay bridge.
5:39 am
dramatic change here as you come through antioch, speeds from the upper 50s toward the 20-mile-per-hour range and below where you see the red so there is your build kicking in for highway 4 westbound as is pretty typical. smooth flow across the bay for the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. we build, we're at the limit into the south bay for 880 past mission boulevard no. problems for the peninsula but we'll give a look coming up. >> thanks. >> 5:39. day 8 of the government shutdown. senate democrats, they are turning attention to the debt ceiling. the latest in a live report. >> salmonella outbreak sickens 300 people. i'll tell you what you need to know.
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>> welcome back. a good tuesday morning to you. 5:41. it's day 8 of the government shutdown and there is mounting pressure for a vote to end it. tracie potts live on capitol hill this morning. she joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that pressure is coming from democrats, from the president himself, who issued a challenge to republican speaker john boehner if you think you don't have the vote to pass a clean budget without dealing with health care, put it out there, put it to a vote and see what happens. boehner says he knows he doesn't have the votes and that the piecemeal approach so far to restore individual parts of the government is the best way to go. they are going to continue that today, taking a look at head start, many centers are looking at closing or have closed as a result of the lack of funds in the shutdown. also, moving forward the senate is taking a look at next week and the debt ceiling that we're likely going to hit possibly as early as the middle to the end of next week.
5:43 am
they are working on a plan but we probably won't see that plan until later on this week. bottom line, the shutdown continues, no negotiations in sight, laura. >> and more stories people coming forward talking about it. thanks so much. >> also happening the supreme court plunging into the issue of money in politics. today the court hearing a suit filed by an alameda businessman, it challenges the limits on the amount of money one person can contribute to all federal political candidates or party committees put together. the suit also claims it is an issue of free speech. and donors should be able to contribute to as many candidates as they like. defenders say the limits help prevent corruption. >> tens of thousands of people will gather in the nation's capital demanding congress pass comprehensive immigration reform. several members of congress also expected to attend this event including house minority leader nancy pelosi. the national park service
5:44 am
allowing the rally to take place at the national mall despite the fact it is closed down because of the government shutdown. >> what goes down must come up. construction is set to begin on a new cal state east bay building to replace the old one imploded over the summer. look at this. the old 13-story warren hall was demolished in august after the campus building was deemed seismically unsafe. construction is set for later this month. a community meeting to discuss plans will be at noon today at the campus library. if you have foster farms chicken, you may want to check the packaging. you want to. hundreds of people have gotten sick after a salmonella outbreak. marla tellez is in the newsroom with important information. >> this is not an official recall at this point but the usda is issuing a public health alert warning people that some raw chicken products produced by
5:45 am
foster farms at three facilities in california could be carrying the salmonella strain. an estimated 278 illnesses have been reported recently in 18 states, most of the sickened are in california. we contacted the california department of health and the spokesperson tells us about 200 cases are reported here. she could not say where specifically or which stores sold or are selling the contaminated chicken. contaminated foster farms chicken products are marked with one of the following combinations. these combinations are p6137, p6137a, and p7632. we have listed this information on our website. you can head there any time, foster farms says it is working with usda food and safety inspectors and folks with the
5:46 am
centers for disease control. federal agency are greatly impacted by the government shutdown. both of their websites are not fully operational so it makes you wonder if this is getting the proper attention it deserves. according to the usda website it says that the site is not regularly updated, the shutdown is not affecting its response time to this chicken salmonella outbreak. moving forward a reminder. i'm still going to say it. always wash and cook your chicken properly, chicken should be cooked until it reaches 165 degrees inside. >> in this case dry chicken. we're not going to complain about. >> better safe than sorry. >> disinfect everything. >> put a bunch of gravy on it. drown it out. >> fine cooking with jon kelley. >> i figured out ways to solve it.
5:47 am
gravy, sauce. >> gravy solves a lot of problems in life. >> it does. takes out stains. >> i like it better than ice cream. who knew that gravy takes out stains. i got to hop on that train. temperatures are nice and comfortable to kick off the day. a little chilly in the north bay but you're probably used to it. that's where we get the most extrem temperature spread in the the afternoon. i wanted to show you this. it's mostly clear over the bay bridge and most of the san francisco bay. we have low clouds hugging the coastline, so we actually could see flight delays out of sfo. right now things are pretty good across the board. temperatures are cool, 49 degrees, finally a taste of the 40s for oakland. 42 degrees right now santa rosa, and 49 to kick off your tuesday down in gilroy. it's a chilly start. we have widespread 50s. it's about 58 degrees here. in san jose, you make your way
5:48 am
out the front door up the peninsula from the south bay, patchy low clouds, a light breeze out there. once you get through daly city you'll find the fog and conditions are cooler into san francisco. 56 degrees there. 68 degrees later on as you make your way home from work at about 5:00 p.m. so looking good. then things start to change as we get into the next couple days. temperatures are going to continue to drop off action we'll see that cooling by 4 to 8 degrees. into tomorrow, maybe a few light showers and the best chance is looking at the south bay, areas between morgan hill and san jose, pretty good shot of seeing that activity. maybe between trace amounts of rain and .1 inch. trace amounts we can't measure it. nothing measurable to 10th. not much. temperatures pretty good as we head throughout thursday. that's our one chance for rain as we get through the next seven days. the temperatures comfortable, 80s in the extreme east bay.
5:49 am
about 81 in fairfield, and that will continue out toward the sacramento valley. 70s for us with the natural ac on. 73 in fremont. the 7 day route yook tells the story, looking comfortable thursday into friday. that will warm up saturday, 80, that's great news if you want to hit the beach. 79 by sunday. sweet stride continues on monday. all of the particulars with your morning drive. >> you know some folks hitting that sweet stride. we're getting that mild backup. that's pretty standard for the bay bridge. some of the cash lanes, not a big deal. i'm showing you as much of the area i can. this is the maze and approach. coming out of the north bay all moving smoothly getting into san francisco and the vicinity. this is a concern of mine west 24 reports in of a crash toward the caldecott tunnel westbound. this is not in the tunnel but right around old tunnel road
5:50 am
before you get there. reports of a crash and somebody may be unconscious in a car. always a huge issue. we see slowing building up. we'll let you know as chp shows us more detail. we'll look at a chopper shot if we can. got word they arrived. this is in san francisco. right around the reservoir. look likes there is water at the bottom. goodness, and it does look like there is report of a car that went off of the road. the crew is there. i can't talk through the scene because we did just arrive but there is an emergency vehicle with lights as well. and i don't see smoke, that's a distinguish news. we see a busted fence. we'll let you know but they are looking at the scene. i don't see another vehicle so we'll look for more. back to the maps, we'll tell you about the rest of the commute through the area. the caldecott stunl one concern
5:51 am
westbound. westbound 580 here. the tri-valley and no problems for highway 84 or out of livermore. the typical build out of the alta mont pass. a mild slowdown for 101 northbound, pretty typical. also a good volume into downtown, speeds in the upper 50s. a smooth drive from kertner into downtown. it is tuesday, we expect a heavier flow. let's look at 101 through palo alto. it's a nice easy drive. no problems for speed from palo alto into or out of san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up tensions will be high as the a's look to advance in the playoffs. the heated exchange that left both benches clearing. >> wall street falls again over worries about the default. has it fallen enough? maybe it should fall further. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> >> welcome back. the a's now need just one more win to advance to the american league championship series. yesterday the green and gold had three home runs and tensions will be high this afternoon after there was bad blood between the a's closer grant balfor and victor martinez. the two exchanged words. plenty of pushing and shoving but things settled down. the a's win it 6-3. the first pitch is today, set for 2:07. >> look forward to it. we can tell you the dow industrials will open unwer 15,000 on worries over the debt ceiling. scott mcgrew, some worry that the stock market hasn't fallen enough. >> articles in the "wall street journal" think that stocks should have fallen harder if washington is to wake up and take the threat to america
5:55 am
seriously. the dow fell to 14,844 monday following 136 points, nasdaq down 37. watch apple today. it got a nice upgreat by a stock analyst. china speaking out for the first time, warning the u.s. not to default on its debt. what business is it of china? they hold the majority of our debt. reminder the potential failure to raise the debt ceiling is the threat, not the government shutdown. it's the debt. there is really scares the big thinkers. the idea that default is so awful some in washington planning what to do if the republicans don't raise the debt ceiling. one solution is to suspend payments of social security che checkings, use that. that's not the only thing the government has going against it. the shutdown starting to affect exports. several high tech companies reporting their shipments have
5:56 am
been held up at ports. there are all kinds of government agencies, mostly of us have never heard of like the bureau of industry and security, they double-check high tech exports before they ship so you have no bis, no exports. impo imports, pesticides, marla talking about food inspection. so all kinds of things going on. >> thank you very much. certainly one to watch if it continues. >> it's unbelievable. cooler heads need to prevail and get settled. good morning. >> good morning, jon and laura. temperatures are going to tumble. we're talking about the upper 70s in the warmer cities like livermore inland. bayside 74 at the coast 70 degrees on the way for you. and as we head throughout tomorrow tracking that slight chance for showers. let's get to mike, it's a traffic tuesday. he is a busy man. >> and we're looking here, look on the right side of the screen in the headlights you see one
5:57 am
truck is not moving. we found the stall. right there look at everybody, backing up there, the car does not have good flashing lights. so that is a major concern. that's causing this jam. let me put it into context for the 101 at the top shows that backup. this is a concern for me. i don't want anybody to get in a crash. >> it's still dark. be careful. >> still ahead we continue following breaking news, sad breaking news, a baby dies at a bay area hospital, now homicide detectives are involved in this one. we'll have the latest in a live report. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
5:58 am
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right now at 6:00, a baby dies at a san francisco hospital overnight and now doctors and police say the death is
6:00 am
suspicious. we're live with the new details on the heartbreaking investigation just ahead. >> plus, over the edge, a car flies right over the barricades. we'll let you know what we learned about the rescue efforts going on on twin peaks. >> and two houses in a seaside town burn to the ground. new pictures of the fire fight coming up. >> and it's going to be a comfortable fall afternoon, but it is chilly to start the day. temperatures look good, and then as we head through tomorrow still tracking some changes. showers on the way to parts of the bay area. it might surprise you who has the best chance. your full forecast coming up. >> and we've got a good chance of a backup here north 101 through san jose and there is a crash and i'm hoping there won't be a second. we'll talk you through what's going on and why it's tougher to see this car. >> a live look, this is from gillette, texas, unbelievable, an explosion causing this scene.


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