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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and a 19-year-old son. there are so many questions that need to be answered here. we'll have an update at 6:00. now to the south bay. guilty as charged, seven gang members were found guilty today in a killing of a teenager. she was stabbed and beaten at a house party in east san jose back in 2007. the jury found two of the the defendants guilty of first-degree murder. five others were guilty of second-degree murder. >> it took the clerk an hour just to read all the counts and allegations and to hold each and every person responsible for the role they played in the senseless stabbing and murder was satisfying. neighbors are stunned. a day care in sunnyvale is at
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the center of a sexual child abuse investigation. >> reporter: parents have been coming here to in the past hour or so to pick up their children. many of them learning about the arrest today. one father told us he is not sure if he will bring his daughter back here tomorrow. as for the folks here at the day care, they don't have much to say. sunnyvale police showed up again at the child care center, but this time it was because the owner of the day care wasn't pleased when we asked about a man being arrested here on charges of sexual abuse. >> please leave. >> ma'am, would you like to say anything about these allegations? it's rather series. >> reporter: we had already contacted state social services
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who showed the day care's license in good standing with only one complaint related to an aggressive dog. the 68-year-old who lived at this home day care is accused of sexually abusing minors. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. >> reporter: that from the day care next door. >> we are good friends. we are good neighbors. they are very nice. they are a very nice family. the grandpa helped a lot. i didn't think this would happen. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by this father who has taken his daughter there for years. he still feels comfortable dropping his daughter off today. these charges relate to just two children here. the day care is licensed to house as many as 14 children.
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sunnyvale police want you to contact them if your children had inappropriate conduct with the day care. day eight of this government shutdown. a change of plans for first lady michelle obama. she was scheduled to attend three events beginning this week in the bay area. this was a private fund raising trip. what's the political motivation here? >> reporter: you can imagine perception is at the heart of the matter. a lot of folks were excited to see first lady michelle obama. she's very popular. she was headed here to the bay area for a weekend of fund raising, but a political science
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professor says cancelling was the right thing to do. she was supposed to arrive for two different fundraisers on saturday. one for one kings lane and then a resituatiception -- on sunday minority leader was the host the first lady at a bigger event at the fairmont here in san francisco. these are privately funded events not costing any government resources, but a political science professor says it really is all about how it looks. >> i think right now with everyone worried about the shutdown and how long it is going to last and what effect it is going to have, but to act like things are normal, it looks like the party is not focused
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enough. >> reporter: bay area democrats are not the only ones who are disappointed about the first lady's change of plans. she was supposed to attend a fundraiser in l.a. still the political science professor says the parties are not going to miss out on any of this fund raising. they'll do them down the road. many of the political action committees are raising money quietly based on the rhetoric of the shutdown. >> we want to know what you think. did the first lady do the right thing by calling off her trip to the bay area? you can tweet us #nbcbayarea. the u.s. is facing another financial crisis tonight. the debt ceiling if it is not
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raised within nine days, the u.s. will default on its loans. the republicans say they will raise the debt ceiling if the democrats roll back obama care. the president is refusing to negotiate. >> in negotiations, there is give and take. you do not hold people hostage or engage in ransoming to get your way. >> the shutdown is effecting families of fallen soldiers. furloughed federal workers are being called back into work to investigate a salmonella outbreak. it's sickened people in 18 states. 42% have been sent to hospitals, some with hard to treat
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infections. you can find out more about the salmonella outbreak on our website, the political tug of war continues in san carlos. at stake, a gas line that runs right through the city. the california public utilities commission has stepped in ordering the line to continue to be shut down. pgne says the line is safe. the cpuc ordered pgne to keep it offline. for the second time in about a year, the lumberyard outside of san jose has burned. a large plume of smoke could be
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seen across the coyote creek valley. three buildings burned on the property. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. happening now, dozens of people have gathering for a rally at city hall in oakland. union members and community activists are showing an active unit with bart workers who may be days away from walking off the job. >> reporter: both sides have been negotiating inside this building all day long. in fact, i just got a text from one of the union leaders saying the union is clearly -- it is unclear what that may mean. both sides still appear to be just inching along. >> if things are moving, they're not moving very fast. just got to play it out and see.
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>> reporter: that's how the chief negotiator describes the progress being made between bart and its unions as the deadline to a possible strike draws near. with just a few days to go now until the cooling off period ends, barts riders are feeling anxious. >> a little nervous. fortunately, i can work from home. it's not as bad for me as it might be for others. it's not so great. >> reporter: a city councilman is taking a stand. he's been handing out flyers urging commuters to sign an online petition.
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>> they're happy someone is stepping up and giving them a place for their voice to be heard. >> friday should be bart black friday. there is no -- this is enough. we've had it. the public has had it. >> reporter: we're back here live. you can see that protester. he's been pacing all afternoon trying to put pressure on negotiators. he's pushing for a law that would prevent a bart strike in the future. bart union members and their sympathy ie sympathizers are gathering at this hour. the chief negotiator for bart says he's trying to come to a deal, trying to do just that. well, what makes some people more prone to wedded bless?
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researchers at uc berkeley say they have unlocked the mystery. >> it's like falling in love with somebody, but i fell in love with this cause. >> how this woman's love for dogs turned into a highly successful million dollar program. >> and a new explanation. what the pilots of the asiana plane crash say went wrong. >> mid to high level clouds moving across the bay on this tuesday. i'm the chief meteorologist. we'll talk more about cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain coming up in just a few minutes. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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new details tonight in july's crash. the pilots told investigators
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the automated speed control system on that boeing triple 7 somehow disconnected. they didn't realize the plane's speed dropped too low. the ntsb hasn't found any mechanical problems with the jet. police say the mother took her 7 month old to sf general hospital overnight where the baby was pronounced dead. investigators say the death is suspicious. the neighbors say the family recently moved into the house. the cause of death has not been releas released. the attack happened about two weeks ago. police say they got some great tips from the public and it helped them crack the case. they arrested 39-year-old charlie johnson at his home in
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oakland on saturday. they charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. the white house has named janet yellin the next chair of the federal reserve. she's currently the vice chair. yellin spent much of her career as a professor at uc berkeley. the bay area is filled with dog lovers, but the bay area also loves an underdog. >> which explains why one nonprofit is enjoying so much success. >> reporter: a friend gets kr credit for helping her find her passion in life. it was the friend who said, either do something about it or stop talking about it. sherry did and the result is
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tonight's bay area proud. for two partners in a failed relationship, she and her dog flower seem to get along great. >> this is what we like to do every day. >> reporter: judy says flower is the best dog she's ever had. what's failed about it? 13-year-old flower came to live with judy earlier this year as a foster dog, a temporary situation until someone else adopted her. that someone turned out to be judy. >> she just follows me. >> reporter: in the business, that's called a foster failure. judy only sees the success in it and how it never would have happened without muttville and sherry franklin. it was seven years ago, sherry came upon her passion in life. volunteering at the spca, she was touched by the fate of most senior dogs.
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>> a lot of the older dogs at the time weren't making it out of the shelter. sherry opened up not just her heart, but her home. for six years muttville was ran out of her home. it's proven so much of a success they have opened their own space next to the spca. they're living a cage free life at their headquarters. sherry thought their first year was a good year. last year they adopted out 500 dogs. most of those dogs would have been killed at shelters. >> reporter: as great as 2,000 is, it's only a fraction of the need. sherry says for every one senior
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dog they take in, they say no to 20 others. the lucky one is chosen based on good disposition, though not necessarily medical condition. vet care is their number one expense, costing $1,000 per dog to adopt. t >> i fell in love with this cause. this is where my passion lies. i feel incredibly lucky that i found it. that's why i'm doing it. >> as successful as it is, it is now an operation with a million dollar budget every year. sherry still works as a stylist two days a week. >> she has a lot of passion for that. >> hasn't given that up. this was unexpected for her that this ended up -- next thing you
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know she's in charge of the whole operation. people are calling her from all over the country saying, i have a dog. there's a great need for adopting out senior dogs. >> cute. let's get a check of our forecast now. bit a cooldown. >> we do have our storm system off to the north. it's producing rain across washington and oregon. we're finding waves to about 7 to 10 feet. let's get you into that first look at our wednesday forecast. what you'll find for tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid 50s. conditions generally staying in the 60s right up until that lunch hour. let's get you outside light now. changes are in the atmosphere right now. while we have seen those winds pick up a little bit today,
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mainly breezier for tomorrow with winds from about 10 to 20 miles per hour. we do have some rough seas outside of the bay with swells of up to 6 to 9 feet. little bit of cirrus action going across the skyline this afternoon. when it comes to those temperatures, it is going to feel like fall outside. 72 in san jose. 70 morgan hill. 73 in palo alto. very temperate here. not too many extremes. low to mid 70s here throughout most of the trivalley. san francisco 69. half moon bay 63. sonoma 74. we have not seen too much change with this. at this point, the storm system will take a drier storm track
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moving over land. it's going to be lacking that pacific moisture that would give us heavier rainfall. tomorrow morning, best chances of rain remain well off to the north. we'll have a dry commute wednesday morning. we'll start to see the best possibility of chances of showers in the afternoon. with those chances of showers in the santa clara valley, we can't rule out the possibility for isolated showers for everyone in the viewing area. by thursday and friday, sun comes back out. temperatures in the mid 70s. a little bit of warming there as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. looking pretty good on that seven-day forecast. >> it really does. he acts out the forecast with
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the umbrella. the key to living happily ever after with your significant other. researchers say they have found a major clue in our dna.
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jimmy carter and his wife got their hands dirty for a second day in a row. yesterday it was oakland. today san jose. they brought along singers garth brooks and trisha yearwood. the couple has raised awareness for habitat for humanity since 1984. >> we've been all over the world with habitat, but there's need
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right in our backyards too. that's the common element. >> the thing with the west coast is everything is expensive. very expensive. affordable housing is a much tougher road for these people out here. >> president carter says this will be the first year habitat for humanity will build 100,000 housing giving shelter to a half a million people. the tower is celebrating a birthday. there were eight candles on the birthday cake. descendants of the original painters who filled the building with the murals were on hand for today's party. the tower was the gift of a social lite who left behind money to honor the city's volunteer fire department. researchers have found the secret to a happy marriage. it's genetic.
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doctors looked at alleles, which everyone has. size matters. people with short alleles were most unhappy when there was negative emotion in the marriage and they were happiest when there was humor and affection. people who inherited long alleles were less bothered by the emotional climate of their marriage. >> i need a longer one or a shorter one? >> a longer one because you're not bothered by it. >> we're back in a moment. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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one of the best stories of the day. real life super heros is a sight to see for the sick kids. is it a bd or a plane? no it's superman and spiderman. the super heros brighten the day and the windows. these are window washers dressed up in costume. they did this last year as well. it was a hit with everyone. we're all over it this morning. >> that brings smiles to their faces. it was a beautiful day to window wash. >> definitely. a slight chance of showers. tomorrow night, a big storm. temperatures cooling off to the mid 70s. hotter drier and clearer on friday, saturday, and sunday.
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>> thank you for joining us. we hope to see you at 6:00. >> good night. washington has done. families of fallen american soldiers aren't getting the death benefits they need and were promised. and a new twist after a high speed chase and a beating caught on video that captured national attention. police now say one of their own was seen smashing that suv. our nbc news investigation, one of the deadliest epidemics in the world. and the accusations, the u.n. is now to blame. tonight, dr. nancy snyderman has the report. and getting more dads involved in school. "nightly news" begins now.


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