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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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perming. in california 18% of the companies that this pose of toxic materials are working on outdated permits. it's long been a problem for the state department charged with protecting our health and the environment. we get a first look at where the system has failed and what needs to be fixed. it took ten months for reviewers to arrive at several key conclusions about the permitting process. they found it lacks clearly stated objectives and purposes and the standard process when it comes to how toxic regulators issue permits. they also found the department's permitting decisions are not made on a timely basis. reviewers found permit renewals take an average of 4.3 years from start to finish. the results paint a grim picture of the way state regulators keep tabs on the 117 companies statewide that handle 1.8 billion tons of hazardous waste each year. reviewe erers says the departme doesn't have enough staff. in 2006, there were 95 positions in permitting. now it's just 29.
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the staff they do have is poorly managed. reviewers found between 2009 and 2013, there was a 4-year period in which direct supervision of personnel lapsed. in august we sat down with director debby rafell. she said permit reform would be a top pyriority. >> i would suggest and agree our permitting program is not operating as effectively as it could. >> reporter: critics are not satisfied with what they call continued lip service. they point to evergreen oil in newark and says they have a history of leak, spills and explosions. just last month a tank overflowed spilling gallons of fuel. the latest incident is under investigation. >> when you look at the company history, it hasn't faced significant sanctions for being a serial polluter. why is that? >> evergreen is absolutely under careful scrutiny and attention from our department as well as other entities. when you look at a company like evergreen, it's a complicated -- it's a complicated industrial setting where you have a number
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of agencies looking at and making sure evergreen is coming into compliance. >> reporter: a spokesman for clean harbors which bought evergreen out of bankruptcy last month says the company is committed to bring the facility to best in class within the industry as a viable, safe and compliant operation. the report makes a number of recommendations including hiring 35 more people for the permitting department and establishing a clear purpose for the program. theyde declined to discussion this today. we posted the full length of the entire 115-page review on our website,, on the investigations tab. >> very good information. thank you. now, they aren't saying who she is, how she died, how long she was there or whether she's their missing patient. tonight all san francisco general hospital is saying that they found a body in a stairwell. family and friends of this woman, lynn spaulding, are
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concerned it could be her. spaulding was being treated for an infection at sf general when she disappeared some two weeks ago. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live. a lot of questions remain unanswered tonight. >> reporter: what we know right now is a body was taken away from this hospital about an hour ago. sources are telling us exactly where that body was found. we are told that it was found in the exterior stairwell on the fourth floor of sf general. does that mean it was outside the building? hospital officials won't confirm that. we do know that family and friends believe the body may be that of lynn spaulding, a mother of two from great britain. >> san francisco general has a stellar reputation. however, if someone's body was found in the stairwell of san francisco general hospital, whether it's lynn spaulding or not, that's a very, very concerning development. >> reporter: david perry is a spokesperson and friend of lynn
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spaulding. he says she was checked into this hospital on september 19th to be treated for an infection. and two days later, she couldn't be found. >> lynn spaulding went into the hospital on september 19th, and on saturday morning, september 21st at 10:15 a.m., she was looked in by nurses, hospital staff and at 10:30 she was gone. we have been looking for her since then. >> reporter: this morning, san francisco general hospital officials say the body of a woman was found in an exterior stairwell. an area not normally used by visitors or hospital staff. the identity of that person is unknown. >> it took ten days for san francisco general to issue a statement about the fact that lynn spaulding had gone missing, and i think as to why, that is a good question. i think also a good question for sf general is, are there videocameras covering every entrance and exit including stairwells? >> reporter: well, that is saying a lot, but we do not know if this hospital has surveillance cameras inside the hospital or outside the
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hospital. in fact, hospital officials are not confirming anything at this point. we do know that spaulding worked in the service industry and that she was in between jobs. it's also important to note that the body that was taken away about an hour ago has not been identified. we'll have an update on this story coming up at 11:00. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. happening now, dozens of people gathering for a rally in oakland. you're looking at live pictures from our chopper over franco plaza. union members from other different unions, community a activists in a show of solidarity with b.a.r.t. workers this evening who may be days away from walking off the job. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in oakland where the negotiations are taking place and are supposed to continue tonight as well, aren't they? >> reporter: they are, jessica. b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator came out of this building a short time ago and briefed us.
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he said things are still moving at a snail's pace, but though there are just 54 hours left in this cooling off period, he believes there is still plenty of time to reach a deal and avoid a strike. a lone b.a.r.t. strike protester paces outside the caltrans building where inside, negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its unions are going down to the wires. >> i'm feeling line everyone else. that's why i'm here. and i believe that if this thing doesn't end by friday, or thursday night, that people should just take off work and hit the streets, go to their public officials, do whatever they need to do. >> reporter: the cooling off period ends thursday at midnight, but b.a.r.t. and its unions appear to be just inching along in efforts to reach a deal before b.a.r.t. workers possibly hit the picket line friday morning. >> if things are moving, i would say they're not moving very fast. but just got to play it out and see. >> reporter: the slow progress worries a city councilman.
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he's been passing out fliers at b.a.r.t. station across the bay area urging commuters to sign an online petition pushing for a law that would ban b.a.r.t.'s unions from striking in the future. >> one, because we want to put pressure on the parties, labor and management to not have a strike. two in the long term, to take the strike off the table they can't agree, is ban transit strikes in california. >> reporter: the unions and sympathizers held a rally late this afternoon to demand b.a.r.t. negotiators get serious and do what it takes a reach a fair contract. b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator says he's trying. >> i'm trying to get this thing done. we're trying to get this thing done by midnight thursday at the latest. if we can get it done soon, that would be great. free all you, too. everybody could go home, right? >> reporter: now, negotiations are continuing tonight inside this building. last night they went until 9:00. no word on how long they expect to negotiate tonight, but, again, the chief negotiator for b.a.r.t. says he still believes
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there's plenty of thyime to get this done and reach a deal. we're waiting for an update from the union. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. now pilot error. the pilots are blaming the landing on a piece of faulty equipment. it's reported the pilots told investigators the automated speed control system somehow disconnected and they didn't realize the plane's speed dropped dangerously low which led to the landing gear striking the seawall on approach. the same sources told the "journal" the ntsb hasn't found mechanical problems with the jet and is instead focusing on what the pilots did. asi asiana airlines claims the speed control mechanism has disconnected on at least one other plane in its fleet. if you're an a's fan, the news is not good. the champagne is still on ice. game four between the a's and
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tigers in detroit has just ended. the baseball playoffs as many people say are painfully beautiful. tonight, more painful than beautiful for the athletics. the tigers scored eight runs in the final few innings. detroit wins 8-6. the fifth and final game is thursday night, this thursday night in oakland. the winner of that game will advance to round two. later in this newscast, we'll have a live report from detroit and hear from some of the players. new at 6:00 tonight, what are south bay restaurants really serving you? the changes being put into place after our investigation. also a neighborhood's call for action answered. what's being done about a pg&e pipeline that one peninsula city is just too dangerous. cloudy and also cooler across a good section of the bay area today. the cloud cover increasing across the north bay. almost looks fake. an awesome shot tonight. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranie ranieri. we're tracking not only the cooling temperatures, but also a few showers in that seven-day
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a man living at a south bay daycare center is accused of inappropriately touching two young children. he's behind bars. the alleged sexual abuse happened at belen's childcare off south wolfe road. chase cane joins us from scene. chase, how are the parents at the daycare reacting to all this news? >> reporter: the one thing we can tell you is pretty much every parent that's been picking up their child here has been surprised. some of them haven't wanted to say anything. some saying that they are comfortable with the daycare, but one parent at least told us that he was not sure if his daughter would come back here tomorrow. meantime the folks inside the daycare, well you can see from that no comment sign on the door they are not exactly anxious to talk. >> i'm sorry. please leave. >> reporter: the owner of belen's childcare had no interest in answering the allegations of sexual abuse
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inside this home daycare. instead she called the sunnyvale police. the same agency that arrested jose cristobal velandria following allegations the 68-year-old had sexually abused two minors at this moment. >> what we are concerned about is as we are concerned about in any case like this is that as we leave our children there to be cared for, that people sometimes take advantage of that. >> reporter: the news surprised this father who had just dropped his daughter off at belen's. juan carlos told us he still feels comfortable leaving his daughter here even after the arrest of velandria who he says is the daycare owner's father and someone well liked at another daycare right next door. >> we're good friends. we're good neighbors. they're very nice. very nice family. actually, the grandpa helped a lot. >> reporter: has he ever helped over here at your daycare? >> no, no, no.
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because we speak different language. >> for the last one year that he's been here, it's been amazing. the changes in him. you know. >> reporter: you don't have any -- >> no. >> reporter: now, we did contact the attorney that is listed on the front door. he's not yet returned our calls. we did talk to state licensing board that handles daycare licenses. they say they of course are investigating these recent allegations, but other than that, the license of this daycare has been in good standing. one last thing from sunnyvale police is that they say for any parent whose child attends daycare here or any parent of a child who's come in contact with this man, if you believe there may have been anything inappropriate, of course, sunnyvale police want you to give them a call. latest live here in sunnyvale, chase cane, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chase. the change of plans for the first lady, michelle obama has canceled her bay area visit this weekend. and political insiders say washington politics are dictating her bay area fund-raisers. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is
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live in san francisco and, kris, the washington shutdown basically shutting down the fund-raising. >> reporter: you know, not initially, though, jess. the democratic national committee had its best fund-raising day ever since the presidential election in those 24 hours before the shutdown, the republican national committee had a great 48 hours. they raised $1 million in just 2 days before the shutdown. but neither of those two events created the visual image of the first lady in a beautiful ball gown headed to a party. first lady michelle obama is a big fund-raising draw. folks here at the fairmont hotel in san francisco were getting ready for a women's brunch here. ticketing were fetching $500 to $32,000 a piece. but today the white house canceled that event. along with the saturday afternoon roundtable at the home of one of the co-founders of one king lane. and an evening affair at the home of a belvedere attorney and his wife, the chair of northern california public broadcasting.
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each event privately funded without any government money. but one political science professor says canceling was the right thing to do. >> i think right now with everyone worried about the shutdown, how long it's going to last, what effect it's going to have, to look like we're just acting like things are normal, we're going to keep fund-raising, we're still going to work on the next election looks like the party is not focused enough. >> reporter: same goes for house minority leader nancy pelosi who was to host that women's brunch at the fairmont on sunday afternoon. >> she's in the house. she's the leader of the democrats on this. and i think the public is looking for some indication that politicians are at least talking to each other and trying to resolve it. >> reporter: the first lady's official website bears a message about the shutdown, as does her twitter account. however, the website for the first lady's let's move health and fitness initiative is still running. just because the lavish parties are shut down doesn't mean the fund-raising machines are, too. >> i understand that both parties are actually raising quite a bit of money this week.
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based on their rhetoric on the shutdown and blaming the other party. >> reporter: bay area democrats are not the only ones who are disappointed. the first lady was supposed to make her first stop down in l.a. at a fancy hollywood party at the home of one of the creators of that show "everyone loves raymond." that one had tickets that were $32,000 a head. so a hit. but the political science professor says it's a hit that the democrats will be able to make up in fund-raising down the road when it's not so political politically sensitive. >> thank you, kris. we want to know what you think. did the first lady do the right thing by canceling her trip to the san francisco bay area? vote by calling or texting 408-300-9222 or tweet us @nbcbayarea. on the peninsula, the political tug-of-war continues in san carlos. at stake, a gas line that runs right through the city. the california public utilities commission has now stepped in ordering pg&e to keep that
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pipeline shut. city leaders asked the pipeline be shut down after an internal pg&e e-mail raised safety concerns. the utility says the line is safe, but late this afternoon the cpuc ordered pg&e to keep it offline until they can verify that pipeline's safety. that line runs along britton avenue between 101 and 280. a follow-up, ten months in the making. our investigative unit exposed major problems at santa clara county's restaurant inspection system. today, though, progress in the move to hold restaurants accountable. right now in silicon valley, restaurants aren't graded. after our investigation, though, an advisory group was created to address that issue. today, the department of environmental health presented a model used in sacramento to the board of supervisors. it uses a color system. the supervisors believe more accountability is needed. >> the green light/yellow right/red light system is useful in letting you know, okay,
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somebody has passed their inspection but it doesn't help provide a distinction between those who are doing a great job and those who barely or marginally passed. a simple numerical score is a quick and easy way to do this and done in a way that's fair to restaurants and useful to consumers. >> after the meeting, the county met with restaurant operators for their feedback. board of supervisors is expected to vote on a scoring system by the end of the year. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our forecast is changing. maybe showers in the area. >> yeah, certainly, raj and jess. we're tracking our latest storm system into washington, also oregon. we had the radar fixed there right now. see the rainfall breaking up. the big question right now, how much will be left by the time it gets here? we're not thinking too much but we will have more of the showers coming up. right now, high-level clouds passing on by. i know you saw them out there. tonight, let's get a live look at the sky camera network. see, this evening, oh, come to your tv to check this out. we have blue sky. we have serious, stratus, also a little bit of cumulus mixing in. this is why we love the bay
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area, right? off to the south. also see here in san jose, it's cloudy and this is where we'll have the highest sure chance as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast, again on wednesday. overall, the wednesday forecast, we are expecting to start off chilly with a little bit of cloud kfr. temperatures in the low 50s inland. also plenty of widespread 40s for the interior valleys to the north and also the east bay. we'll start to introduce the chance of showers by 11:00 in the morning. again, not a large storm system as this storm is taking the drier track. continually moving over land leaving any kind of pacific moisture out of the question right now. so sierra snow, 6,000 feet. 1 to 3 inches expected there. also at the coastline, 15 to 30 mile per hour wind gusts. for us, again, isolated showers. if you're worried about the water so far, we're doing great. san jose, .66 an inch so far this year. that leaves us at 178% of normal. so doing great at least right now. but, of course, we still remain in a drought. you can see by thursday and friday, temperatures will warm
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up a little bit and also clear out with plenty of sunshine. we'll have more coming up a little bit later on. beautiful sky cam, though, huh? >> it looks great. thanks, jeff. just ahead, how a bay area woman is poised to make history. i'm scott budman inside the bay area's newest tech headquarters. coming up, an exclusive inside look at square. its new digs and where the company goes from here.
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well, jack dorsey is among the biggest stars in high-tech. tonight the founder of twitter and square talks exculusively t us. >> not in the silicon valley but the new hot spot in high-tech, the intersection of van ness and san francisco. twitter and scare are there. business and tech reporter scott budman joins us with the inside story. >> jessica and raj, jack dorsey is co-founder of square and twitter. twitter ete erter prepares to square just opened a new
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headquarters with growing staff, growing revenue and growing design touches. here's a first look. take a fast growing successful tech company, add a generous dash of design -- >> a lot of these have never seen the light of day. >> reporter: -- and you have some idea why square ripped apart a dreary san francisco office building -- >> this building wasn't necessarily designed for humans to work in. >> reporter: -- and turned it into a thoroughly modern headquarters complete with a central thoroughfare, lots of communal meeting spaces and in a nod to square's business of making it easier to buy things, its own coffee shop complete with its own square register. >> and we took a lot of great pains to make sure we could build something that people not only would be able to work in but also feel inspired by and creative. >> reporter: square's ceo jack dorsey gave us an exclusive walkthrough. these designs recall the young company's history. the windows carved out to look out on san francisco.
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mya henderson designed the place. >> your office is a physical representation of our company's culture. so when we think of square, we think of clean, simple, elegant, thoughtful design. we want our office to reflect those same thoughts and same principles as well. so as we're looking around the space, every detail, every corner, has been carefully thought about and designed. >> reporter: having doubled in size this year, square had to move. the reason it's right next to twitter's headquarters? that might be dorsey, a co-founder of both companies. he's here. he's there. he's even in "vanity fair." how does one tech executive juggle it all? more design. >> as long as, you know, you have a sense of, you know, what fits where, no real stress is incurred. >> of course. no real stress in any of that. square is still hiring. opening up new offices not only
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in the bay area but also in new york and canada. back to you. >> very interesting. >> he's got it all, doesn't he? thanks, scott. >> you bet. just ahead at 6:00, soldiers who paid the ultimate price caught in this government crisis. the latest blow in the shutdown fallout. up next, your money and promises to build new classrooms. why these 60-year-old buildings are not getting rebuilt. we investigate where your money is going. and a birthday party celebrating a true san francisco original. coit tower.
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so voters in the south bay approved it. homeowners are paying for it. the question is, is it a bay and switch with taxpayer money? >> money was planned to rebuild rundown vocational tech buildings will now fund a new theater complex at san jose city college. our chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is on the story. >> reporter: jess, raj, it's the question we asked top administrators from the san jose evergreen community college district. the district used about five pages of language to convince voters to hand over that big chunk of money. tonight, our investigation shows you how what taxpayers thought they were buying is not getting built. we investigate. >> you're looking at 1953. these buildings are old.
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they haven't been maintained. >> what am i looking at here? >> yeah, water damage. >> reporter: these pictures and video from inside the votech buildings at san jose city college really tell this story. >> this is exposed insulation. the ceiling tile just crumbled years ago. >> reporter: classrooms framed by water damage, broken windows, exposed wires, chipping paint and rusted drinking faucets. should administrators at san jose city college be embarrassed by the condition of these facilities? >> definitely. >> reporter: rodney dorsey takes votech courses in these classrooms. >> this is probably one of the bigger programs on the campus, and for it to be in the condition that it's in, it's, like, ridiculous. >> reporter: conditions known to district administrators for years. in fact, three years ago, they went to voters asking for $268 million to improve facilities including at san jose city college. >> what voters approved in the
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bond measure in 2010 is not going to be built. >> i'm appalled because we were told we were going to have a new building for our students to walk into the future to teach these students upgraded skills. >> not happening. >> not happening, no. >> reporter: charles and steve teach students at san jose city college. here's the language voters were sold at the ballot box in 2010. it included "construct vocational technology building." >> nowhere in that voter information did it say build a new theater. it said very clearly and distinctly, build a new vocational technology building. >> reporter: instead of replacing the 60-year-old rundown classrooms, trustees and administrators approved these plans including a new theater and media art center. >> the voters were sold a bait and switch. >> you sure? >> i know for sure that they were sold a bait and switch, and
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all you have to do is look at the ballot measures. >> you know they're not happy. >> of course, they made it clear to you, they made is clear to me. >> reporter: this chancellor supported the bond and supports the spending decisions made since voters approved the money. >> so if they didn't get exactly what they want, of course they're not happy. >> reporter: and the numbers in this internal report show why several instructors and students are disappointed. the rundown six-decade-old votech buildings will not be demolished or rebuilt. instead the district will spend $7 million to refurbish and renova renovate. the district will spend more than three times that total, more than $22 million on a brand new building, the new theater and media art center. they are saying that this bond was a bait and switch just like the 2004 bond. is that accurate, is that fair? >> that is not fair, that is not accurate, and i think that kind of language is destructive.
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>> reporter: and the district's chancellor defended the decisions saying voters were not misled. >> i feel very confident that we've done nothing that is inconsistent with the language here. >> but chancellor, the language doesn't say a new theater anywhere. >> no, if your question is that what we have to build has to be verbatim in here, then with all due respect, you're wrong, sir. >> reporter: what does this move say to the voters of san jose? >> it says to the voters of san jose, do not trust or believe what a board of trustees tells you that you're voting for. >> frankly, i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: mark serves as president of the silicon valley taxpayers association. >> it's fraudulent use of taxpayers' money. >> reporter: take a look at what the association said in its opposition to the bond measure back in 2010. "the college district has no financial credibility. the district's history of changing priorities after they get our money has resulted in
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incomplete, illegally initiated and mismanaged projects." >> they've repeatedly done a bait and switch. they said we're going to build certain things and then when, in fact, the bond issue was passed, those things don't get built. >> reporter: and that leaves the 60-year-old vocational tech buildings promised to be replaced now settling for a renovation. how would you describe the condition of those facilities? >> they're not great facilities. no, they're not. >> they haven't had maintenance on them in possibly 20 years. the roofs leak. the plumbing is very bad. the electrical is immensely bad. >> reporter: and at least faculty and students questioning the integrity of trustees and administrators. >> i think the voters of san jose should be very concerned. it's their money. it's their money that's being misappropriated and misused. >> do you feel you've been true to the voters on this law? >> yes, i do. absolutely. >> reporter: ultimately, you have two sides of an issue reading the same language in two
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different ways. many times bond language is not black and white, portions are vague allows district administrators the ability to interpret as they make the spending decisions. bottom line, you don't always get what you think you're voting for. what you think your tax dollars are buying. raj, jess? >> tony, thank you. if you have a tip for tony kovaleski or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail directly to a follow-up. thousands of californias are now officially signed up for obama care but it's still a small percentage of those eligible in the golden state. covered california says more than 16,000 applications were completed in week one of enrollment. that's out of roughly 6 million eligible californians. the 27,000 applications were started, but not completed as of saturday. and nearly 1 million people visited the covered california website since it went online. the other states reporting their numbers, new york had the most signups with more than 40,000
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residents completing that application process. from nonessential to essential. 30 federal workers are off of furlough tonight because they're looking into the salmonella outbreak linked to foster farms chicken. the centers for disease control put the workers back on the job. the salmonella outbreak sickened more than 300 people in 18 states but many right here in california. about 42% have been sent to hospitals. day eight of the government shutdown with no end in sight. and just around the corner, another deadline that could send the u.s. economy into a downward spiral. we're talking about the debt ceiling crisis. nbc bay area's janelle wang is here with our world tonight. >> in the debt ceiling isn't raised by october 17th, the u.s. will default on its loans. republicans say they'll raise the debt ceiling if democrats roll back obama care and make other spending cuts. but the president is refusing to negotiate that until republicans end the shutdown first. >> in negotiations, there is give and there is take.
6:37 pm
and you do not hold people hos s hostage or engage in ransom taking to get 100% of your way. >> we can't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about what's driving us to borrow more money and to live beyond our means. >> the shutdown affecting families of fallen soldiers. in the past week, 17 u.s. soldiers have died including five this past weekend in afghanistan. their families are normally given $100,000 right away to help pay for funeral costs and to fly out to meet the coffins at dover air force base, but now that money is being withheld. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle call it embarrassing and shameful. because of the government shutdown, president obama is not able to attend the asia pacific leaders summit in bali, indonesia. john kerry is there and met with russian president vladimir putin to talk about chemical weapons in syria. putin says the two are on the same page on how to eliminate the weapons which should be
6:38 pm
completed within one year. two physicists who predicted the existence of the higs bozon almost 50 years ago are this year's winners of the nobel prize. peter higs and francois inglair were jointly awarded the prize. the theory of the so-called god particle was confirmed last year the at a law in geneva, how fundamental particles of the universe acquire mass. the nobel peace prize will with announced friday. the teenage girl who took a stance against the taliban and was nearly killed for it is reportedly a front-runner. she is the youngest person nominate for the nobel peace prize. she was gunned down last year for promoting education for young women. there are a record 259 nominations for the nobel peace prize this year. that is your world tonight. she's a familiar name in the bay area. late today the white house named janet yellen the next chair of the federal reserve.
6:39 pm
she becomes the first woman to head the powerful fed. yellen is currently the vice chair and has been widely reported as a front-runner to replace current chair ben bernanke. she has strong ties to the bay area. former president and ceo of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. yellen also spent much of her career as a professor at the school of business at uc berkeley. president obama will make the formal announcement tomorrow at the white house. coming up, never too early to start thinking about christmas. yep. we're going to peek into the ultimate holiday extravagance and see what money will buy you in the new neiman marcus catalog. >> oh, looks exciting. all right. definitely signs of changing across the bay area this ev evening. live look outside at our sky camera network where the sun is setting. glorious shot over the bay. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll talk about a few showers in that seven-day forecast coming up.
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this is onef the best stories of the day. real life superheroes. is it a bird, a plane, or is it superman and spiderman? this is for real. nbc chopper over the site. the kids getting a big surprise when they looked out of their windows at the lucille packard children's hospital at stanford today. the superheroes brightened their day and also washed the windows at the hospital. the window washers dressed up in full garb. the window washers did this last year as well and everyone loved it so they did it again. well today win of the annual sign that the holidays are around the corner. neiman marcus unveiled fantasy gifts starting with a $750,000 motorcycle from the reality series "biker buildoff." if you're not going anywhere in particular, the italian will do it $11,000, looks like a piece of sculpture, but won't want to
6:43 pm
throw your clothes on it. we heard santa is dumping his sleigh and furloughing the reindeer now that he's seen the 2014 aston martin sports car and the elf that goes with it. $344,000. james bond would be proud of santa. >> wow. >> right up your alley. all those items. >> i love some neiman marcus. >> take it away. >> you know, they got some good stuff. >> looks beautiful behind us. >> yes, window shopping at neiman marcus, our outside at our sky camera network, it's a win/win all around. beautiful view with the sun setting. serous clouds in view. we'll talk about the possibility of a few showers in forecast and what it means for your weekend in a few minutes. all right, jeff. an instant classic game four alds in the motor city. it took place today. find out if the a's are moving on to the alcs or if there will be a game five in oakland. highlights. live report from detroit. that's next from the xfinity sports desk.
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time now for your response. earl yes we asked if you thought the first lady did the right thing by canceling her trip to the bay area in the wake of the government shutdown. 93% of you said yes, the first lady did the right thing. today marks the anniversary of one of san francisco's most visible icons. you can see the birthday girl from across the city. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us to the coit towers party. >> reporter: as construction cranes recarve san francisco's skyline, there's still one view that never changes at the top of telegraph hill, coit tower sits looming over the city like an antique century. >> coit tower is something you can see from almost anywhere in san francisco and when you look, it's always there. >> reporter: today marks the 80th anniversary of the tower's dedication, a milestone marked with cake and song.
6:47 pm
♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: gathering for this birthday party, descendants of the original artists who filled the tower's lobby with works progress administration murals in the early 1930s. >> and i was 12. and i was here when that work was actually -- all these murals were being done. >> reporter: ruth gothstein was here when her father painted his library scene and she even ended up on the wall. >> it's really a visual image of what life was like in those days and how prophetic they were. >> reporter: the unusual towers are a reflection of its unusual benefactor, hitchcock-coit, a fire truck loving socialite who left behind $18 million to build a monument honoring the volunteer first department. she is a first cousin of coit, generations removed. >> she was one of the first, if
6:48 pm
you will, jumping on the fire trucks, doing what she did, smoking and playing poker. >> reporter: supporters of the mural successfully passed a ballot measure making it to city priority to restore and protect the murals. the city will begin $1.5 million restoration in the spring. ensuring this icon of yesteryear will have many birthdays to come. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> i can listen to these stories all night long. >> so much fun to go there, too. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. you really start to feel that fall is finally arriving. >> yeah, you're exactly right. right now on the temperature map we have huge contrasts right now. overall definitely a lot cooler than this past weekend. right now, 72 in santa rosa. warm air in valley. napa 65. the cool breeze moves in. gill gilroy, 60 degrees. air moving in from the pacific. a lot of this can be attributed to our latest storm system so the north, helping to store up the atmosphere along the bay and eventually we'll get a chance
6:49 pm
here tomorrow of a slight shower moving throughout. not a big storm system, but we do think as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., everybody will have at least a decent chance for maybe a raindrop or two with temperatures in the 60s. don't want to get too ahead of myself. tomorrow will also be cold especially for the interior valleys. 40s to low 50s there at 5:00 a.m. live sky camera network tonight shows beautiful clouds as we have been mentioning. you'll see across the south bay also right up to the peninsula, a hazy gray sky is increasing, again, with our storm off to the north. i want to take you to san francisco where it is also increasingly changing picture right now. our last rain was september the 21st, with .039 an inch. not expecting ni ining anythingt for tomorrow. again, a few raindrops in the forecast. overall the biggest thing most of you will be impacted by are the cooling temperatures. we're going to go in 72 in san jose. 74 in los gatos. south bay, low 70s for morgan hill and gilroy. temperatures reflecting the same
6:50 pm
thing in tri valley. 74, walnut creek. 73, pleasanton. a round of 73 in castro valley. 67 in pacifica. 69 in san francisco. low 70s from berkeley throughout oak larnd. in terms of the rainfall, the biggest problem we have if you want a lot of rainfall is the fact the storm system is not going to be over the pacific where we get our moisture from. with it moving across the land from the north to south, it will be starved of any kind of major moisture. so, yes, we are anticipating showers but not a big system as we have been mentioning. tomorrow at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, we'll have a dry commute in the morning hours. most shower chances will remain well off to the north. as we head throughout the noon hour and the early afternoon, you'll see our best chances of any kind of rainfall will be at the immediate coastline. also the santa clara valley and back into the east bay. because that anticipated energy, that could produce a few shower, is so close to the entire bay area, we are going with a slight chance of showers for everyone tomorrow. just going to be too hard to rule it out. and then as we head throughout
6:51 pm
thursday, sunny skies. temperatures in the mid 70s and nice, crisp clear air as we head throughout friday, saturday, also on sunday. even by next week we're looking at upper 70s to about 80 degrees. so tomorrow it's just really what we should have this time of the year. just keeping it easy out there on the roadways. a little bit of raindrops. one or two definitely can a slicken it up for us. >> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. jim from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. and this evening in the news rhyme, our newsroom, there's a lot of groaning and moaning with the a's. >> so close. >> very unhappy around here. well, there's always a game five. let's get right to it, everybody. a's/tigers. game four. a's trying to close out the tigers in this one. top of the seventh tied at three. game one starter max scherzer in the game. coco crisp singles to center. a's lead 4-3. bottom of seventh, victor martinez. he got into a verbal confrontation, remember? drive to right. josh redick. over on the track on a leap.
6:52 pm
here's what happens. fan reaches over. touches the ball. martinez thinks home run. umpires take a look. what do you think? would redick have caught that one? umpires review, that's a home run signal. ties the game. later in the inning, austin jackson. rbi single to right. tigers take the lead 5-4. that's a broken bat bleeder right there. so top of the eighth. they load the bases. no outs against max scherzer. he strikes out two. alberto callaspo rips one. the tigers win 8-6, force a game five. our kate longworth in detroit and she was in the locker room and has more on the a's game four loss. kate? >> that was key. i mean, we have bases loaded. nobody out. couldn't push anything across. you know, he makes good change-ups to the hitters and callaspo hit a bullet to the right of jackson and got a jump to get that ball. >> nobody out, scherzer, you know, missed good pitches, swung at ball four.
6:53 pm
and you can't help a guy like that out. we just didn't capitalize next guy on. then callaspo, only one who puts good wood on the baseball. didn't work out for him. >> we lost. it's over with. we have to come back out, practice, have fun with each other and have another game to go out there and focus on. >> we feel real good about playing in our home ballpark and taking care of the homefield advantage. so, you know, we use the flight and the day off and everything to kind of press reset and kind of do what we've been doing all year, taking one game at a time. >> reporter: so the drama, the controversy, the suspense continues in this series. we'll see how it all plays out come thursday. as you remember, 364 days ago, the a's faced the tigers in a series deciding game five with justin verlander out on the mound. that did not play out in their favor, but come thursday, they have a chance to seek revenge. bob melvin has not determined who he'll match up against verlander, whether his veteran ice bartolo colon or rookie sensation sunny gray.
6:54 pm
reporting live in detroit, michigan, kate longworth, nbc bay area news. >> great work by a hardworking kate longworth. the gridiron, raiders join the jaguars and falcons as three teams that are going to play games next season in jolly old england. that's right. they'll play in london. first time in raiders history they're going to play a regular season game outside of the united states. 49ers play in london this year. everyone here in our sports staff trying to get a free trip across the pond. i put in that i should cover both games. i can do reports for you guys from london. >> day there for a whole year. >> why not? why not? it's beautiful this time of year, i hear. anyway, a's need a game five. that will happen on thursday at the coliseum. >> okay. oh. it will be loud. we have to be really loud. >> it's big. it will be loud at the coliseum. thanks, jim. >> all right. >> we're back in a moment.
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all right. let's check in with with jeff one last time. i did i hear you say the words sierra snow? >> yes, you did. a little bit of snow coming our way. not a major system for tomorrow. could mean 1 to 3 inches of snow at 6,000 feet. if you're headed that way, expect winter conditions. for us, more benign. slight chance of showers. temperatures overall cooler in the mid 70s. thursday, friday and saturday, we have you back with awesome bay area weather. plenty of sunshine and some of the hottest weather will come by sunday and monday with upper 70s and low 80s. that is very doable. that's not too hot. >> no. >> oaktober. the big a's game. >> oaktober, i like that. >> thanks for watching us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
6:58 pm
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chris and bruce jenner officially separated. now on "extra." a new kardashian breakup. kim's mother kris confirms it's over with bruce. when they split, are they still living together and what bruce told us about the rumors. a gun-toting johnny carson catches wife cheating with kathy lee's husband. kathie lee confronts frank today. howard stern's wife beth and his radio partner robin together in tears. >> i'm going to cry. >> don't you dare. >> robin's most emotional interview about howard's c


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