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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. . thu new this morning, the family of a woman missing since last month has more questions than answers after her body is found in the stairwell at san francisco general hospital. plus, a south bay daycare remains open despite allegations of child sex abuse. we have details explaining why coming up as the government shutdown enters its ninth day, the families of five soldiers killed in afghanistan will not receive guaranteed death benefits. we'll have those stories coming up we want to give you a live look outside spanning the south bay, san jose, before the sun comes up. yesterday was a cool start. we'll let you know what's happening today, weatherwise and beyond on this wednesday, october 9th.
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this is "today in the bay." 4:31 on the nose. always a pleasure to see you. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check our forecast with christina loren we want to help you get through the halfway point so we can get closer to the weekend. good morning to you. temperatures in the 50s, couple of 40s out there as well. the big weather story, is showers on the way. mostly in the south way. the radar is dry. we will show you when the showers are coming in the mix. right now, mike has a tropical alert off the bat. >> we are going to warn folks that one of the on ramps to the eastshore freeway is closed. the central avenue to west 80. we have video taken earlier this morning from a crash going on here. it turns out there was a short chase and a crash results in the death of one of the people in that car.
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this has closed the central avenue on ramp to west 80. the on ramp, not the freeway. the folks that will use that on ramp will use carlton to the north or take 580 which connects farther past this crash. we are watching for updates. central avenue on ramp to west 80 is closed because of this deadly crash over there as you are heading to richmond and in towards berkeley off of the eastshore freeway. we'll send it back to you guys a bay area family wondering if a body found at a local hospital is, in fact, a missing loved one. 57-year-old lynn spaulding was last seen at san francisco general hospital on september 21st. her family has been searching all over san francisco ever since then hoping to find her. yesterday, hospital staff found a woman's body in a fourth floor exterior stairwell. the medical examiner says it will now take time to try and identify the remains shall which leaves spaulding's loved ones facing the possibility she is
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dead and was on the hospital campus this entire time. >> i can't imagine many things more horrible for her friends and family than her body being there abandoned for 19 days. >> in the meantime, hospital officials say they will be releasing more information as it develops and right now, they are cooperating with the investigation it is 4:33. the clock is ticking. we are now less than 48 hours away from another possible b.a.r.t. strike. in just a few hours, talks between b.a.r.t. and its unions will resume this morning. the 60-day cooling off period ends at midnight on friday. if no deal is reached, workers could walk off the job as early as friday morning's commute. last night, they took a break to hold a rally in oakland. >> whether there is a disruption of service will come down to one
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issue, whether b.a.r.t. shows leadership and steps up to the plate. >> they made three public attempts to try for a deal with nothing to show for it. a man was arrested of pythons were found inside his petaluma home. he is expected to make his first appearance this morning. the sheriff deputies finally cleared the scene late last night. two of the explosives were safely detonated by the bomb squad. a gun along with materials to make more bombs were found at the home. 30-year-old is mail molins gave himself up and was taken into custody. several other people were in the house but right now, they are not suspects. a home daycare facility for kids is still open for business despite accusations of child sex abuse. police arresting a man who lived there for molesting two young children. sunnyvale police arrested jose velandria on several charges last week.
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the abuse happened at bellan's child care. they are telling us that he is the father of the daycare owner. they are asking anybody that may have information regarding this case to come forward. according to state social services, the day qucare licenss in good standing with only one complaint related to an aggressive dog. store surveillance video leading police to this man that attacked a safeway manager. he is the man seen punching the manager right in the head. this happened on september 23rd. employees there telling nbc bay area that man told the manager his wife had lost her purse. the attack happened after the manager pointed them to the store's lost and found. at this point, there is no word on amo tiff for the attack this
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morning. today, president obama is expected to nominate janet yellen as chair of the bank. she is the front-runner to replace ben bernanke. she is seen as someone that will push for accelerated growth and focus on unemployment. she would still need to be confirmed by the senate, which is not expected to be a problem. her list of highlights include positions at haas school of business and u.c. berkeley as a professor and she served as president and ceo federal reserve bank of s.f. she is married to george akerlof, winner of the nobel prize. >> she is a very wise woman, comes highly recommended. speaking of wise women, we have one here. we have one in the weather department. christina loren, getting it done for us.
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i was actually an economics major in college. that is very big news. 51, livermore, 53, san jose. looking good this morning. we have showers headed our way, mostly in the south bay. we are going to cut off the chance for rain at the golden gate bridge. not expecting much activity if you live in the north bay. these showers are coming from the south pushing to the north. we're not going to see much action north of fremont. as we head throughout the morning, keep that in mind. not enough rain to where you need to drag out the umbrella. keep your eyes peeled. watch out. you might get caught under a stray shower or two. you want to move through it quickly. that way, you can reach your car and office. 71, san jose, 67 in san francisco. i am going to talk about our next weather even. a warming trend headed our way.
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i want to check on what's happening with mike. >> this is going to last for quite some time. they are investigating a deadly crash that resulted after a short chase on the east bay. we are looking at the eastshore freeway. let me show you the maps. overall, things are moving smoothly. the freeways are pretty much at the limit. we will focus toward central avenue and the on ramp to westbound 80. that's your commute direction heading down into berkeley. that's why traffic moves smoothly. we do have the crash investigation going on. coming off the richmond/san rafael bridge, as you get toward eastbound 580. over toward the bridge is the golden gate brinl across the bay. we are looking at a smooth drive her here. we might catch a glimpse of the flashing lights. back to you.
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thanks so much, mike. it is 4:38. still to come, one of hollywood's biggest stars makes a major announcement about his health. >> we will tell you about the unusual steps one popular couffe chain is taking to help end the gridlock with the new iphone just released, what could apple's new announcement be? the answer after the break.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside this morning. beautiful bay bridge. >> i wish they would keep the lights on for us, the majestic look. >> you'll make the call, because you've got juice. >> a live look. 4:42, pretty good. one of hollywood's biggest stars has something in common with millions of americans. he has type 2 diabetes. bay area native, tom hanks. he was recently diagnosed with diabetes. he says he has been struggling with high blood sugar for the last 20 years. nearly 26 million americans have some form of diabetes. the 57-year-old actor says, not to worry. his condition is controllable.
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hanks went to high school in oakland. uc berkeley researchers say they may have found the key to wedded bliss or wedded blues. it has to do with a specific gene regulating seratonin. people with the shorter gene are impacted more by certain emotions and have the unhappiest relationships. people with the longer genes are less botred by the emotional ups and downs by the marriage and you can do the math on that one. this may be one reason the one spouse is so attuned to the emotional climate of the marriage and the other is so oblivious. fellows, we finally have an excuse. forget the iphone 5-s and the 5-c.
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this is all about the brand new ipad. we turn things over to courtney reagan. good morning. futures are higher once again on tuesday on continued concerns about the economic impact of the government shutdown and the deadline to raise the u.s. debt ceiling. the dow closing at a six-week low. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are at one-month lows. we are supposed to get trade numbers, postponed due to shutdown. the dow falling 159 points losing steam toward the end of the day to 14,777 on tuesday. the nasdaq losing 75 to 3695 the iphone 5-s and 5-c is so yesterday. they have set to lawn new ipads
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with thinner and lighter designs and a faster processor. starbucks ceo, howard schultz, is asking, capital we all get along. he wants the country to fix the gridlock. they will give out a free coffee to anybody that buys a drink to someone else. it probably won't change any minds in d.c. but it is a pretty good marketing tool. >> it is nice just to share the love. the big hearts out there for some coffee. >> it is nice. >> i appreciate it. thank you very much. >> courtney, we will check back later on. >> can i buy you a cup of joe? >> i'll get you one next week? >> no, the free one will come today. let's check the forecast with meteorologist, christina loren. i love a pumpkin spice latte this time of year.
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4:45. you have to wait for it but, boy, oh, boy, it is good. if you are up with us, you are chances jo chances enjoying a coffee with us. a few light showers. nothing significant enough for an umbrella. move quickly getting out to your car in the south bay. over the past 15 minutes, starting to see a little bit of activity right on time, mother nature. boy, oh boy, we like it when she does that. 4:46. showers in the south bay. that's going to be the trend as we head through the next few hour hours. by noon, we are going to cut off the window. you can see if you are waking up with some south bay, waking up with us in the south bay, you have the best chance for that. north of the golden gate bridge, not a lot of activity. we will see that fog. count on changing weather as you head throughout the day. morning showers and mist, partial afternoon clearing. the sun will be out by 4:00 p.m. for your thursday, bright
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sunshine. gorgeous day shaping up. plenty of mid-60s to mid-70s. on friday, that's when the warmup starts across the bay area. good news if you are going to get out with your family. you can hit the beach comfortably. you can tell, it is starting to get cool out there. 75, livermore, 73, santa teresa. san jose, 70 degrees. comfortable in the south bay. cooler than it has been. make sure you are ready for that. you want to bring the sweater, light jacket on your way to work this morning. thursday into saturday, you can start to see the temperatures warming. low 80s monday into tuesday. comfortable conditions overall. coming up, a closer look at those showers as we get more and more activity throughout the morning. back to you guys christina, you bring the great forecast. i bring more on the government shutdown. they fought and died for the country in afghanistan. this morning, the families of five american soldiers will not receive guaranteed death benefits because of the
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government shutdown. one of the five that died went to school right here in the bay area. >> reporter: first lieutenant jennifer marino joined the army's special operations command as a surgical nurse. last weekend, the 25-year-old soldier and three others were killed been an ied or improvised explosive device. one of marina's former teachers called her a model cadette. >> we thought highly of her and we thought highly of the family. that's what we are going to miss, her beauty, her charm. we'll always remember her in our hearts. >> the cass debt's family as well as families of other service members will not be receiving guaranteed death benefits because of the shutdown. families are given $100,000 to help cover funeral costs and transportation. >> while that may not be urgent for me, it is urgent for someone. >> her son was on patrol saturday when he was killed.
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he was only 19 years old. >> for the sacrifice that our kids are making at the age they are making them, i don't understand how this can be a benefit that's withheld. i will never understand it. >> the death benefit was passed by congress at the height of the iraq and afghanistan wars when no one imagined it could be stopped by a political battle in washington. fisher house, a service organization for veterans and the families, has offered to pay the benefits until the shutdown is over. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news it is also affected the cliff house restaurant. they are ordering it to close indefinitely after dinner service that happened last night. it had been reopened for business since monday. the 150-year-old cliff house restaurant sits on the land operated by the federal government. this morning, some
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nonessential government workers have now been deemed essential. we are talking about food inspectors investigating the salmonella outbreak linked to that foster farms chicken story we brought to you yesterday. 30 cdc workers furloughed because of the shutdown. they were called back to work. the centers for disease control have been operating under minimal support during this shutdown. we can tell you about 40% of those infected with salmonella. they have been sent to the hospital. some with hard to treat infections. that's a staggering number. it is about double the percentage of those that typically get sick from a salmonella outbreak. nearly 300 people in 18 states have gotten sick. all you have to do is go to nbc bay area and figure out which chicken is involved including the package numbers the huron investigative unit exposed major problems with the
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santa clara restaurant inspection system. currently, they do not grade restaurants but created an advisory group. they presented a restaurant grading model used in san francisco. 4:51. still ahead, a's waking up after a rough one. we are going to show that controversial play a lot of people are talking about. 101. 280 looks very smooth. we are focusing on a closure after a deadly crash. no way around that if you try to get to work.
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welcome back on a wednesday morning. you are looking live at coliseum. they are back home in the bay arriving in oakland overnight. the a's and tigers will take the day off before battling it out in a winner go home, do or die game five at the coliseum. this is from the a's last night. i had a chance to wrap up the series and jump out. right there, the turning point in the bottom of the seventh. the a's were up, 4-3. detroit, victor martinez hits
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one deep. they called a home run. the replay showed a fan clearly touched that one. it was all down hill from there. it should have been interference but instead it just got worse. detroit comes to score four more times after that. they go on to beat the a's by an 8-6. a very high-scoring affair. again, do or be done. all or nothing, game five set for tomorrow night. a's getting to work, 5:00. it may be early in the season but the sharks are undefeated and rolling thanks to 19-year-old tomas hurdle. it goes through his legs and up to. he is the youngest player to score four times in a game since 1988. sharks go on to trounce the rangers at the tank. 9-2. now, headed to vancouver to take on the canucks tomorrow night. 9-2. kind of high school there for
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hockey. >> the kid has skills, four goal ns one game. three is a hat trick. that's very difficult to pull off. good future. let's hope he keeps it up. love it. speaking of love it, figure out if traffic is good. do we love it. justin bieber. no traffic flow on the freeway. we have an issue for one of the on ramps. a horrible way to start the morning but this is over on central avenue on ramp to west 80. we have this crash that resulted after a short chase there. someone has died as a result of that crash closing central avenue. the on ramp to west 80. your community direction for the eastshore freeway. as an alternate, let's look to the maps. you see the speed censors not showing any slowing to that area. we are talking about the on ramp for central avenue to west 80. that is still an alternate. take central over there and you can merge back on to west 80 or you can use the carlson boulevard on ramp to get through the area without any problems.
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you do see that activity there. that may be a distraction coming up later on. bob redell will give us a live report coming up. still ahead on "today in the bay," a crazy story here. drugs and a wad of cash at a preschool. >> in a preschool classroom. the latest on the investigation on how a 4-year-old ends up with drugs and all that money in his pocket .
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>> good morning. i'm bob redell. live to el cerrito where a suspected drunk driver is dead after a short pursuit with chp. that story coming up family and friends of a woman missing out of sf general hospital late last month play a grim waiting game. was she the body found in the stairwell here yesterday? i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up we're tracking showers mostly in the south bay. we'll let you know what that means for the rest of your day
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and when warmer weather moves in. >> as we follow bob redell, the latest in the updates. we are also following the rest of the commute as things start to get busier out there. speaking of a commute, let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, smooth sailing so far, very early before the sun comes up on this wednesday, october 9th. this is "today in the bay." a big congratulations to everybody, you made it to mid-week. good morning. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news. a short police chase ended in a deadly crash at a shutdown to an on ramp to a very busy freeway. the crash happened just before 2:30 this morning near the central avenue on ramp to interstate 80 in el cerrito. bob redell is live at the scene. he joins us with the latest. what can you tell us, bob?


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