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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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but preparing for a possible strike. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up. >> and not far from that oakland b.a.r.t. station we have traffic flowing for 880 but we'll show you where things are getting busy already. what, thursday, thursday morning. >> we're getting into a cooling off period for the next three hours before we hit our morning lows expecting your numbers to fall into the upper 30s for some parts of the bay area. we've got a nice rebound ahead, a warm day, the forecast in moments. >> this is for mike and everyone else out there because it is thursday, we like to tell it friday eve. a beautiful look outside this morning. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good to see you everybody. thanks for joining us. talks continuing this morning between b.a.r.t. and its unions, hoping to avoid a possible
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strike. we are now less than 20 hours before that midnight deadline when workers could walk off the job. christie smith is live by the west oakland b.a.r.t. station with the latest on talks and how riders now are getting ready for an uncertain friday commute. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. to say that b.a.r.t. rider are tired of wait on pins and needles for word of a possible strike could be the understatement of the year as i'm speaking with them. they are very frustrated that 60-day cooling off pertd that the governor ordered ends one minute before midnight so. riders are certainly waiting for word. b.a.r.t. and its union still talking but the last word was that the unions were saying that even though it looked like there was movement toward a deal that b.a.r.t. management backed off. b.a.r.t. says no, that's not how it went, that the union claims it took back an offer are more of a misunderstanding. before the unions have given 72
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hours notice a warning to the bay area that a strike could happen, this time they didn't. saying they just want to focus on reaching a deal. come friday morning they could decide to walk out. riders i spoke with are still irritated about the last strike. >> i had to carpool, i had to get on the shuttle. i had various options. it was taking my commute from a usual 30 minutes to two and three hours. >> are you surprised we're back in this position again? >> yes, i am. it's just like come on now. we've had the 60 days, how much longer do you guys need. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. workers last strike was in july and went on for a couple days. many were on vacation back then. now ridership is up, so the prediction is that it could be even worse for commuters if it happens this time. b.a.r.t. of course if it does happen will have shuttles again, ac transit and ferries stepping up as they did last time.
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b.a.r.t. talks continue today. at noon. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christie. an east bay family speaking out in honor of a gunned down relative on the streets of oakland. 21-year-old corinne ray bailey was shot and killed early saturday morning near oakland city hall coming home from the city's first friday festivities. her family is concerned people would just hear the time and place and assume the college student was up to no good. >> everybody know that she wasn't out there, you know, she didn't argue with anybody. she didn't start a fight. she was going home. >> she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. that's what hurts the most is she was walking family friend to a bus stop. >> corinne will be buried next week at st. john metropolitan missionary baptist church. two others hurt are still hospitalized. police have not made any arrests. >> a man involved in a
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hit-and-run in the east bay last week getting much needed help from friends and neighbors. after midnight last friday, 25-year-old james roda was hit by a car. he is now at oakland's highland hospital suffering with a traumatic brain injuries. days after he was hurt his friends started raising money to try and cover his medical bills. so far they raised more than $5,000. that driver who allegedly hit roda was arrested blocks away from the scene. eyewitnesss, they blocked her car until police arrived. they say the driver hit roda on purpose, mistaking him for somebody else. >> the decision over abortion is stirring up on the campus of santa clara university. the university's president decided to drop health insurance coverage of elective abortions for the university faculty and staff. faculty members say the move detailed 18 two-page letter from
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the president blind sided them. it comes the same week governor brown signed two bills aimed at increasing access to abortions in the state. >> it's back to the drawing board. the city of san jose and its police union now very far apart on a new contract deal. they hope it won't fall apart. the police union voting to reject the city's latest contract offer which included a 3% raise. union members, they are very upset against forced pay cuts during the recession. the union wants san jose to restore to prerecession level and countered with a 6% pay increase. >> the fight continues to try and mav more than 30 redwood trees on the peninsula. red wood's assistant city manager to hear arguments from people who want to keep the trees. they are asking the city to
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reverse its decision of issuing tree removal permits to the lake homeowners association board. the condo now located on chelsea way off woodside road near el camino real. the board wants to get rid of the trees because it says they were improperly planted and could cause damage to the area when fully grown. >> there could be more at stake, bob redell live at, right, where a win could hurt their chances of a move to the south bay. >> reporter: good morning. yes f the a's beat the tigers tonight at, the team will not only move on to the american league championship series, this might also help the team move on to a brand new stadium as well. whether it be in san jose or here in oakland. how so, well, consider what was brought up. when sports team dues well
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financial support grows. take the 49ers and their new stadium in santa clara. the paper wonder there would have been support for that project if coach jim harbaugh didn't get 49ers to the nfc championship. the premising it's easier for teams to upgrade when they are successful. another example the seattle mariners stuck in the kingdome for 18 seasons, voters strike down funding for a stadium. in '95 the team wins their division and voila the county approves funding. but the a's need first achieve that success by winning tonight against detroit. their track record is not promising. this is the sixth time since 20008 the a's are a game i way from taking the series and all of those five previous times the
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team has lost. by the way, trending on twitter, hash tag gold. first pitch tonight just after 5:00. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. big game. i love when it comes down to a playoff. >> exactly. one of our bay area teams. >> time to get it on. 5:08. check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good thing for the a's they have the home field advantage as we head throughout tonight and they are used to the weather that usually is over oakland. we head throughout day it's going to be really nice in oakland. just about as warm as what we expect in the south bay. this is from high atop san bruno mountain. almost 10 miles of visibility available to you. they aren't working with clouds, no fog to kick off your thursday.
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that clear start leads to a cold morning. 46 in novato. 43 in gilroy, and 49 degrees in oak town. this is what we expect flout the afternoon. i stopped the clock at noon. temperatures are going to be cool in oakland. fremont 65, 65 degrees as you break for lunch in san jose. and round out the day with 70s for today, 76 in napa. 72 here in san jose as well. we have a big weekend coming up. the 9ers are in town, we also have the renaissance fair out in hollister, and there is a walk for alzheimer's. we'll have the forecasts, tell you what's happening coming up later on in the show. let's check your drive. >> over to the southern peninsula where a smooth flow of traffic as you would expect. here, notes of university. no problems but you see a good amount of traffic. this is so heavily traveled. you see that from our streets on
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the left. a smooth drive across dumbarton as well as the san mateo bridge. and your approach to the maze and the east shore freeway, down to the right we see the interchange and the north bay as well. we'll see how things shape up. no problems as far as 101 at 680. a water look coming up. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:10. coming up the pakistani teenager nearly killed by the taliban for advocating girls rights, she is receiving high honors from the european union. >> how the government shutdown could put your family's safety at risk. >> new ways to save. we'll take a look.
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welcome back everyone. we're taking you live to capitol hill this morning where secretary of the treasury jack
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lew appearing before the senate finance committee. if congress does not raise the debt limit by october 17, one week from today, the u.s. may not be able to pay off its debts. we'll continue to follow as we also continue to learn more about just how much of our daily lives are affected by the current government shutdown. lives and property are now at risk because the shutdown put auto recalls and investigations into safety defects on hold. the safety add min strailgs strags furloughed employees to investigate complaints. people can file complaints from the agency's website but there is no one to investigate them. the government shutdown is heating a group of kids where it hurts. for 30 years fifth-graders in san francisco have the opportunity to take part in a sand castle building contest. not only a fun event but a fund-raiser for the organization leap which brings arts to
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schools. since ocean beach is a national park, it is part of the federal shutdown forcing organizers to cancel this year's contest. >> some are crying about it because they really wanted to do it but then they couldn't do it. i was about to cry but i just wanted to hold it in there. >> that's one of the hardest things about having to postpone this event is watching the faces of the kids and hearing how disappointed they are. >> the famed cliff house is also hurting. the restaurant is on park land. when owners tried to open earlier this week they were told if they didn't shut down they may never be able to open again. the owners say they are losing more than $10,000 a day and had to send away 170 employees. >> the trickle down feekt mind blowing. time to get this mess settled. mark your calendars, maybe put money aside. the twitter ipo will likely be november 15. scott mcgrew, some clever people
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figuring out. >> analysts took a line by line look at twitter's s-1, document that the company files with the securities and exchange commission leading up to the ipo. they found a line that discusses when employees will be allowed to sell stock. now, the standard practice is to make them wait 90 days so. you do a little math and you get a filing date of november 15 for what it's worth. there is an interesting excerpt of a book about twitter talking about jack dorsey. he now runs the payment company square. it's a good read, "hatching twitter" will come out 10 days before the ipo. nick didn't plan it that way, it's just really, really, really amazing sar dipty. wall street seems to think washington might reach a deal on the dent. courtney has a look ahead to the trading day. good morning. >> good morning to you.
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futures are higher t dow and s&p 500 rebounding after a two-day slump. the nasdaq did end lower. talks in washington to possibly tend shutdown and avert a default. president obama is meeting with house republicans at the white house today, we'll get data on the number of people filing for unemployment. the dow rising 26 points to 14,803 t nasdaq to 3678. we'll see what happens when that bell sounds. >> thank you much. 5:16. t-mobile changing the way it charges customers. it won't charge extra for text data outside the united states. it will make the prices on some voice calls made overseas more uni unified. the ceo says it's ridiculous that somebody who pays nothing for text in the united states might have to pay several dollars or more for the same text in europe. and the idea of paying for text is old fashioned. if you use the ichat function
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when it goes blue that's all free f. it's green you may be paying. blue, that's two iphones. >> always check it. >> got to stay in contact. thank you. >> we do a lot of texting around here. >> you have strong thumbs. >> probably so. we could have a tex-a-thon. >> you would win. >> i want to check in with christina loren. >> our little one, two, three, four. i don't want to take you down on tv. it's live. 5:17. good morning. we have a good looking day shaping up especially if you have been enjoying the weather we've had lately. yesterday we had some clouds, a little shower activity down in the south bay. but from santa rosa all the way to palo alto, it was crystal clear and comfortable. as we head throughout day everybody gets to enjoy that beautiful clear sky. it's cold throughout this morning. bundle up. something you can peel off later. temperatures jumping from the 40s into the 70s later on today. so this is what we're working
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with. i want to show you what i think is going to make for an absolutely stunning sunrise this morning. that doesn't happen till after 7:00 a.m. but you can see these high and mid level clouds moving into the bay area, they make for the most spectacular sunrises you can get. so we're watching for that for you. hopefully we'll be able to show you live pictures. look at this, widespread 70s on the way for today. 76 in concord, 73 degrees on the way to redwood city. oakland today, what a beautiful day for a ball game. 72 degrees for game 5, tigers versus the a's. all that action, it's going to be great. a little bit of wind but our boys are used to it. 5:00 p.m., 68, by 7:00, 65, temperatures dropping off, don't forget to wear your yellow. that's what the oakland a's are asking us to do as we head to the game. friday, saturday and sunday temperatures warm up, like summertime almost into monday and tuesday, then we'll cool you off toward the end of next week.
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i hate to say it, mike, but our next rain event looks like the week of halloween and we might have showers on halloween. talking about picking out costumes yesterday. what are your kids going as? >> apparently something with a rain slicker. we'll watch for that. things change so she's always on top of that. we'll track it. look at this, no need to track much as far as incidents or slowing for the bay area. a wider shot of our bay. we'll call out a couple of key spots on the fringes, westbound highway 4 and where you see the speed coming down over the last few minus. over 20 we'll see speeds in toward the 20s. here out of the altamont pass, the build off 205 at 580, they merge into livermore. there is one issue, debris as you approach north livermore avenue. the rest of the tri-valley, these are the the commute directions, 580, 84 and 680. no more problems over to the
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castro valley eye. but we have a crash here as at rock herself and sea view. we look to the south bay, we see traffic for the northbound commute direction all over the bay we still have the construction 280 at 880 for the interchange a. live look, the bay bridge with no problems across the bay over to the peninsula side. san francisco moves smoothly and the peninsula 101 at 280 at the limit. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. new this morning, pakistani teen shot in the head by the taliban for campaigning for education for girls has won the human rights award. she was called brave advocate. the 16-year-old began advocating for girls' rights after the taliban banned girls from schools. in 2012 she was riding the bus
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home when a taliban gun man shot her in the head. she since recovered and continues to advocate for girls education despite death threats. she is a faf right to win this year's nobel peace prize which would be amazing. >> i told you i caught an interview with john stuart last night. she is beyond impressive and inspiring. just 16. everything she has been through. >> what a leader. >> women all over and young men as well. >> it's 5:21. close to completion, swimmer diana nyad closing in on her latest marathon attempt.
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now. that is the fremont b.a.r.t. station there. again, you should be prepared if you are planning on taking this
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maybe tomorrow morning because there is a chance, there is a midnight deadline, a chance b.a.r.t. workers go on strike. we'll cover the two sides continue their conversations and try to work things out. we'll have a report coming up. >> so they are still negotiating. look, diana nyad continues her marathon swim. she is minutes from swimming. >> the ever-ready bunny in the water. >> she started that 48-hour swim on tuesday morning. it's supposed to wrap up in minutes at about 5:48. she is swimming laps in a 40-yard poom in new york's herald square trying to raise money for victims of superstorm sandy. so far she raised more than $72,000. >> after swimming from cuba to florida over five days, this is easy. wounded veterans they will get needed support from some major star power. musician kenny logginses, remember this guy, known for his
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danger zone and i'm all right. danger zone from top gun, i'm all right from caddie shack. he will hit the stage for the wounded warriors. that show starts at 7:30 tonight at 20 vineyards in livermore. >> a good one to see. >> i'm thinking a little kenny loggens. >> christopher robins. >> going old school on us. sailing. >> no. that's -- >> chris cross. i got it mixed up. sounds like win the pooh. >> we're going to pull that up. first we'll check in with christina. you know what i'm talking about. >> no. >> really? >> i will look it up but i will look it up. definitely a fan of the caddie shack song. temperatures are chilly, the coldest morning of the season so far. i want to make sure you're ready for that, grab a jacket. the big weather story today, just about as warm as san
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francisco what we expect in san jose. not warmer in the extreme east by. 71 in san francisco. how about the weekend numbers and a warm-up. let's check the drive. do you know what laura was talking about? >> i do. it's a long, a cd that came out, for kids, so it's a darling song. you should check it out. you'll love it. looking toward, we love this as we do our music research. a smooth drive as you ride and listen to your tunes past the coliseum. pink will be playing. more tunes but remember the crowd there. a flow of traffic is fine through oakland and the east bay on the approach to the bay bridge. it's here where we have the slowing for westbound highway 4 into the 20s the next 15 to 20 minutes. we'll track it with you. a quick look at the peninsula no. problems. >> thank you for validating me as well. >> now i know. >> 5:26.
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you'll hear it during the break. i'll play it for you. san carlos taking steps after reports of possibly dangerous gas pipeline running right through the city. >> we'll tell you about felony charges filed against 49er aldon smith. what coach harbaugh is saying about the chances of smith rejoining the team later this season.
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time is running out. the usda setting a hard deadline for the foster farm plant linked to the salmonella outbreak. fix it or shut down. >> we have new details around the body found at sf general. what the woman's family is telling us. >> we're waking up with near record low this is morning. we'll tell you how low it's going to go, where you live, but a nice rebound on the way, in the 70s, and the warm-up continue this is weekend. i'll sort it out on your seven-day forecast. >> looking at the volume build for the east shore freeway, a
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new incident may cause a slowdown. there may be a bus that's got a bunch of people delayed this morning. >> i want to give you a live look outside, that is a wide shot from our san bruno cam as we slowly jump start your morning. we're getting close to the weekend. it's thursday, aka friday eve, october 10th, this is "today in the bay." 5:30 on the nose. happy to see everybody. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. today's the deadline for foster farms, the usda threatening to shut down three plants involved in a recent salmonella outbreak, unless the company can explain how it plans to fix the unsanitary conditions that led to the outbreak. one of the plants is located outside of tracy, the other two are in fresno. the outbreak has sickened hundreds across the country
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including some in california. the company has not recalled any of its products, instead it's warning consumers to make sure chicken is cooked to at least 165 degrees. negotiations continuing to try and avoid a possible b.a.r.t. strike with the workers walking off. talks broke off last night with no contract agreement reached, and no word on whether trains would be moving for tomorrow's commute. christie smith is by the west oakland b.a.r.t. station with what riders now are doing today to try to plan for an uncertain tomorrow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i've been talking with b.a.r.t. riders heading into the city and when we approach them with the microphone they start shaking their head when ski what are you going to do if b.a.r.t. goes on strike. the answer is i'm going to be mad. they be following these closely and of course the 60-day cooling off period ends one minute before midnight. last word the unions for b.a.r.t. were saying though it looked like there was movement
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toward a beale that b.a.r.t. management backed off. b.a.r.t. says that's not what happened, that the unions claim it took back an offer are more of a misunderstanding. before in the past the unions had given 72 hours notice to the public, a warning that the bay area could have to deal with a b.a.r.t. strike. this time they didn't do that saying they wanted to focus on reaching a deal. come friday morning they could decide to walk out again. one rider just told me the whole thing was made worse when he realized his friend a b.a.r.t. worker makes 26 bucks an hour. >> i'm not going to ride b.a.r.t. they are going to lose my money. it's nothing compared to what they make. i'm not going to sponsor my money to theirs whatever they got going on because somebody wants to make more. so i'll give a two month suspension. >> you'll stay off. >> i'll drive or you know, those auto cars, other resources.
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>> b.a.r.t. workers last went on strike in july but many were on vacation. it was summer. now ridership is up so the sthaut that this could potentially be worse for commuter this is go-round if a strike does happen. if it does b.a.r.t. will have extra shuttles, ac transit will have ferries, they will have extra service but we could see gridlock again. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it's 5:33. we have an update on the body found at san francisco general hospital in the stairwell. the family spokesperson tells us the san francisco medical examiner confirmed it is the body of missing patient lynne spalding. however, there is no cause of death at this time. more tests under way. a hospital worker found spalding's body more than two weeks after she disappeared from her hospital room. family members say she may have been confused because of medication she was taking. >> three months after a young
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oakland girl went missing a special prayer vigil on her second birthday. the family of daphne web not giving up hope she will be found alive. they will hold that vigil at the intersection of 79th avenue and international boulevard where baby daphne was first reported missing back on july 10. the vigil starts at 4:00 p.m. >> the city of san carlos is preparing to spend a quarter million dollars to look into the safety after pipeline. they want to spend the money to hire a team of experts to investigate whether a pg&e pipeline running through the city is dangerous. he plans to ask the council for approval at a meeting on monday. two days ago the cpuc ordered pg&e to keep the natural gas pipeline shut down after e-mails and concerns about erosion and cracks. >> aldon smith could go from rehab into jail. prosecutors charged smith for
5:35 am
illegally possessing three assault weapons he purchased in arizona. they charged him with misdemeanor dui after that september crash that prompted him to enter rehab and take a leave of absence. the 24-year-old is expected to surrender to face charges. he could spend up to four months in prison if convicted. the charges filed against smith after an investigation into a 2012 party at his home, that was in the east san jose foothills. during that party smith was stabbed and two people were shot when asked about this, 49ers head coach would not say specifically whether the all-pro player would play again this season. >> one win and the oakland a's are heading to the american league championship game. could that win lead to something bigger than a possible trip to the world series? bob redell live at and why it may be more than do or die. >> reporter: yes, a win for the
5:36 am
a's against the detroit tigers here obviously not only moves them on to the american league championship. it could help them move on to a new stadium as well. you're asking how could this be. this was brought in the "san francisco chronicle." the paper points out when sports teams do well financial support gross. take the 49ers and their new stadium going up in santa clara. the paper wonders if there would have been support for a project like that if coach harbaugh didn't get them to the nfc championship. the the premising it's easier for teams stuck in old stadiums to upgrade when they are successful. another example brought up, the seattle mariners stuck in the kingdome for 18 seasons, voters strike down funding for a new stadium. then here comes 1995, the team
5:37 am
wins their division. the county approves funding for what is now safeco field. they need to win tonight's game, their track record is not promising. the sixth time the a's have been game away from taking the american league division series. in all of those five previous times they lost. by the way, trending on twitter now, hash tag gold out the movement trying to get folks to wear gold to support the oakland a's. the first pitch just after 5:00. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. here is a look at both arenas now. oracle on the left and on the right. pink will be performing. the a's getting down at, and keep a note if you happen to take b.a.r.t. to either, if they
5:38 am
go past midnight you could be stuck. keep that in mind. >> if you need a ride. >> plan ahead. >> we'll be here early as well. monitoring the forecast for us is meteorologist christina loren as always. >> good morning to you. it's a chilly start, temperatures already in the mid-40s up in the north bay. these are going to continue to fall. as we head through the next 2 1/2 to three hours closer to sunrise. right around 7:05. it will be the coldest point of the day so dropping off temperaturewise. 42 in gilroy, closer to the upper 30s here. this is what we expect through the day. we had that system come through t jet stream now right on top of us. that's going to usher in cool air all day long. so temperatures are going to be just as cool. just about is what we expect here. not a big appearance throughout this afternoon. 76 degrees on the way to
5:39 am
livermore, 76 for fairfield and 74 down in gilroy. santa cruz, i kept you in the upper 60s because we expect patchy fog to linger. that's the only place, though, not making it in the 70s on this map. highly unusual. let's see how unusual or usual your drive is. >> it's the usual but that doesn't mean its good. the bay bridge, we have the backup which starts to form. these folks know the cash payers have to wait. we look at the maps we see the entire bay area looking pretty much in the green, starting to see yellow toward 60 but the red and orange kick in for the east bay. ant wok. just like we talked about in a read zone. here at the altamont path. livermore, pleasanton and dublin.
5:40 am
84 shows a difference in speed. a quick look at fremont action southbound 880. we're building the volume and we'll show you coming up. >> it's 5:40. pretty wild scene at libya. new developments after its prime minister is kidnapped. new details just in. >> another way the government shutdown affects every day life. >> the government shutdown hurting the volume beer industry.
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>> >> a developing story in libya. the prime minister now free after spending hours in captivity. the prime minister reported arrested last night at the luxury hotel in tripoli where he lives. the white house now keeping a close eye on developments there this morning. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. she has new details from overnight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight we learned that after a 6-hour capture the prime
5:43 am
minister was freed. he tweeted that he was fine, thank god he said, and that if the point of this operation was to get him to resign, he does not plan to resign. ali zeidan had been under investigation for bribery and corrupti corruption. while we unusually thought this capture initially described as abduction or kidnapping, at first we thought it may have something to do with the raid, the u.s. raid over the weekend that capture add top al qaeda operative. it looks like it was not terror related. it was former rebel groups that loosely work with the libyan government on security who had political differences with the prime minister. but he is back, he has been freed. and now emergency meetings are capping with the cabinet to get a sense of what the situation is there now after the prime minister was returned. >> tracie potts, appreciate the update as always.
5:44 am
it's 5:43. the secretary of the treasury is on capitol hill talking about the debt limit. a live look at jack lew testifying before the finance committee. one of the things lew is expected to say is congress does not raise the debt limit by october 17, the u.s. may not be able to pay its debt. in the meantime, house republican leaders will visit the white house today to talk about the debt ceiling. president obama had invited the full republican caucus but speaker john boehner is only bringing the house leadership team and committee chairs to talk about the government shutdown. president obama met with the house democratic k iic caucus. >> the shutdown is hurting the craft beer industry. the agency known as the tax and trade bureau now responsible for approving new applications for brews and labels. because the agency is closed, nothing is getting approved.
5:45 am
for beer lovers, that means seasonal suds especially ones made for the holidays, probably will not make to the your shelves. >> we live in california so we kind of don't have seasons so we need those, the pumpkin spice indicator so to speak. that will be a shame that we can't sample new things. >> got serious need for ingredients for the brew. among the companies affected, gordon beers here in san jose, it has several new beer labels waiting for permits and they are all on hold because of the ongoing shutdown. >> it's 5:45. congratulations to author canadian author alison rowe. she is was awarded the noble prize in literature. her stories include dear life and dance of the happy shades. previous winners include rudyard kipling and ernest hemingway.
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>> 5:45. let's check with meteorologist christina loren. she gets our nobel weather prize. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. >> you know what, we are getting spoiled. we've got this sweet stride of weather headed our way. you had to get through showers yesterday. cool in the south bay. we had stellar sunny conditions all the way from the north bay for most of the peninsula as well so. this is what we're working with. a cold start, the coldest morning of the season so far. temperatures are going to continue to get cooler as our days get shorter. that time of year you're starting to use your heater. this morning 49 degrees in santa cruz. 42 for gilroy. winds are going to pick up. we have the jet stream on top of us so it's going to feel like fall. they are kind of going all over the place in terms of the wind
5:47 am
arrows. throughout day today they will shift out of the northwest. that means, though, dry conditions and lots of sunshine from san francisco, 72 today, 76 in livermore and 74 on the way to gilroy. i can't bring this up enough. the game 5, tigers versus a's. it could be the last forecast that i get to do for the oakland a's. we hope not. 68 degrees out there, it's going to be a beautiful day for a ball game. 65 degrees at 7:00 p.m. mike, like we were reporting earlier if they have that b.a.r.t. strike some might be left without a ride home. >> folks with both organizations t concert and the game are telling people take mass transit to the festivals but b.a.r.t. strikes you won't have a ride hope so. plan the alternate.
5:48 am
make sure you have the alternate plans. tracking that along with you. the south bay moves right now as we eek in. some slow downs, we have a new crash 101 toward me at 880. sounds like this crash is in the two middle lanes. we're getting more details. we'll take a look south of there. from 680 up, traffic is flowing so there is some sort after bottle neck. north 101 at 880. another live look, we'll see how things are for 101 through palo alto. from university up to willow a smooth easy drive. 101, 280, along the peninsula. how traffic flows, 92 and 84. the approach off the castro valley y more crowded. no spris. we're looking at a smooth drive toward the maze and the east bay
5:49 am
approach and to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have no metering lights. >> thank you. the california teen who was kidnapped by the man who killed her mother and brother she is now telling her story. in an exclusive with the "today" show's savannah guthrie she tells what happened during her time with james lee dimaggio. >> when i got into the house he handcuffed me and zip tied my feet and sat me down on the couch and told me what his plan was. he told me that he was going to kidnap me and take me to idaho where my intention was to carry his back packs and now he was going to live there and he would get me home after. >> anderson says he told her, her mother and brother were alive. it wasn't until she was saved that she learned the 40-year-old had killed christina and ethan in his home and set it on fire.
5:50 am
agents shot and killed dimaggio in the wilderness on august 10, one week after he abducted the 16-year-old. you can see savannah's interview starting at 7:00 on the "today" show. >> the father of accuedward sno, edward snowden wanted for violating the espionage act. the 30-year-old former nsa agent allegedly leaked documents relating to the u.s. government kret data collection. last summer snowden fled to hong kong and then to russia where he ultimately received asylum. >> it is 5:50. a major revamp. one of the most well known buildings in downtown san jose. >> we continue to look at wall street. we get closer to a debt limit.
5:51 am
sometimes you've got to mow the lawn.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. a good thursday morning to you. look at that oracle arena, all lit up. certainly going to be lit up tonight as well. pink is going to be performing and of course we all know the a's are playing as well. the thing is you need to be warned about is the looming b.a.r.t. strike f. that in fact happens, negotiations are continuing but if it happens at midnight and you take b.a.r.t. to either one of those places you may not have a way home. so plan ahead. early morning advice to you. 5:53. >> the public will get a look at the new san jose convention center. the city will hold a free community day including performances by the symphony.
5:54 am
the city spent $130 million to revamp the convention center. among the changes more space and a larger ball room. there is also a new interactive art installation called an idea tree which will be lit at 6:45 tonight. >> there's lots of talk on tv of tv on twitter, in fact, we do it here at the desk. scott mcgrew now will be able to help people change the channel through twitter. >> that's right. say you're watching the 49ers, johnen. you could put up on twitter hey, this is an amazing football game. now you're going to be able to send people to the actual game itself. like click here and you can watch on your smart phone, or tweet out a link that will allow your twitter followers to change the channel on their dvr from twitter. it only works on shows on nbc or our sister channels like bravo and only for comcast subscribers.
5:55 am
still it's pretty cool. it comes out next month. if you are following laura, you can change the change to watch her. >> highly encourage. >> why watch anything else. wall street thinking or hoping republicans may be able to convince tea party members to allow a straight ahead vote on the budget and the debt ceiling f. we're wrong and we go over this cliff wall street and stocks are going to be unprepared. they are trading like this is not going to happen. and from the pages of this morning a proud american there mowing the lawn at the lincoln memorial. with a flag. if you look it's actually a state flag of south carolina. park police told him to leave. apparently he has been working on the mall for days. he saw the grass was too long. he got his mower and took care of it. >> i thought it was reflective of the shutdown. >> it is. but he said somebody's got to do
5:56 am
this. i'm going to it. >> make a statement. >> cool. exactly. plant some flowers. >> why not. cutting the lawn is not my favorite thing so hats off to that young man. >> sipt see jon kelley in shorts mowing the lawn. >> you probably don't. >> good day for gardening. >> get that man a weed wacker. we're looking good out there. it's going to be a little on the cool side, feel like fall. definitely sweater weather for the first part of the day. 70 degrees not bad later on. 72 in san jose. and 71 degrees in san francisco where speaking of the 49ers, home game on sunday looking good. 1:25 p.m. kickoff, 70 degrees. you know you get the swirling winds, could impact the passing game. it's going to be interesting as they take on the cardinals. here's mike. >> looking over here and nothing swirling as far as spin-outs. that's good news for the south bay. the traffic flowing nicely from the live shot. let me show you why we were
5:57 am
concerned. we had a backup because of a crash north 101 at 880. another crash might have formed, i'm checking on that. we'll check bay bridge toll plaza. >> thanks very much, mike. >> 5:57. coming up the high flying veent that's taking over parts of san francisco. we'll tell you about it. >> plus that clock continues to tick. b.a.r.t. and its major unions unable to come to terms. the latest on the negotiations and how riders plan to deal with the possible strike. >> and make a drastic change or shut down. the government issuing a new ultimatum to foster farms that could affect hundreds of california workers. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
5:58 am
5:59 am
i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. right now at 6:00, it's called retaliation kidnapping. libya's prime minister taken away for something the u.s. did. >> the question remains is this b.a.r.t. strike eve?
6:00 am
we'll have the latest on contract negotiations as the cooling off period runs out at midnight. >> also do or die time for the oakland a's. why a win tonight could mean more than just advancing to the next round of playoffs. >> and we'll have that game five forecast, also we have a warm-up on the way to the bay area. it's chilly start, a rebound this afternoon, then the warm-up kicks in for the rest of the week. we'll detail that in moments. and just in we may have two crashes north into hayward and san leandro. this could really affect your commute. >> we crack open a window and take you live outside. that is a glowing look from the south bay, the city of san jose, before the sun comes up to get your early weekend jump started. it's thursday, october 10th, this is "today in the bay." a lot of news going on. good morning.


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