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tv   Today  NBC  October 10, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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everybody is encouraged to wear gold tonight. . good morning. breaking overnight. gunmen in libya storm a hotel grabbing the prime minister in the early morning hours. hours later he is set free. is this retaliation for the u.s. raids there last week? eting of the minds. president obama invites every house republican to the white house. is a breakthrough near? as ordinary citizens pick up where the government left them down. and in a "today" exclusive hannah's story. the teen rescued in idaho speaks out about her ordeal and the pain of losing her mother and brother. >> i miss them so much that sometimes it's like i wait for
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them to get home and they're not there. >> how hannah is doing today, thursday, october 10th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer alongside al roker and the guy gets a lawn mower, a leaf blower and he said the government is not going to be able to cut the grass here at the lincoln memorial, i'm going to do it. >> any silver lining, it's how we seen private citizens really step up in these days of washington dysfunction. >> apparently been doing it for days and got chased away from the police. wasn't supposed to be doing it. but chipped in and rolled up his sleeves.
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we'll talk more about that in trending today. but first today's top story. the kidnapping of libya's prime minister. he has been let go, but still a lot of questions about the group that took him and why they did. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is here with more on that. richard, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. it seemed that no one is really in charge of libya these days. in the early morning hours gunmen abducted the prime minister and held him at gunpoint for several hours and then released him. this grainy photograph is of libya's prime minister disshelved and disoriented as he was snapped from a hotel in tripoli by gunmen before dawn. libya's transitional government in a cryptic statement said prime minister ali zeidan was taken to an unknown place for unknown reasons. with the prime minister missing, the rest of the government rallied in support at an emergency meeting. prime minister zeidan had had been living at the five-star
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crithia hotel in tripoli until according to the director 15 cars and around 100 men surrounded the building at 4:00 a.m. the gunman came in with a paper. they said it was a warrant for the prime minister's arrest. and they took him, he said. no shots were fired. a militia of former rebels who fought against gadhafi known as the control room of revolutionaries claimed responsibility for taking the prime minister, arguing it was "a legal arrest based on allegations of corruption." the government said no such warrant exists. sources in tripoli tell nbc news the detention was also retaliation for a raid in tripoli last weekend by u.s. special operations netting an accused al qaeda militant. some libyans were furious that their government was too weak to prevent the u.s. operation. or as the "new york times" reported wednesday, maybe even sanctioned it. more than two years after
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washington helped rebels drive out gadhafi, libya remains lawless. a sanctuary for extremists operating with impunity they can and this morning said they did detain the prime minister. in another very strange twist to this strange story, the militia group that initially said it was responsible for kidnapping the prime minister later came out and said it wasn't them, it had nothing to do with it. imagine this matt and savannah. you have an armed group taking hostage the prime minister, holding him at gunpoint for several hours, releasing him and then denying they had anything to do with it. >> a lot of questions as we said at the onset, thank you. >> thank you very much. growing anger this morning from veterans around the country over the government's failure to provide for families of fallen u.s. service members and now we're learning politicians were, in fact, warned about this. nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is on it for us. good morning.
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>> good morning, savannah. when we first reported the story how could the u.s. government not pay emergency death benefits to families of men and women who had died serving their country. this morning it is clear that despite all that public outrage over the past few days, people in washington knew this would happen even before the government shut down. for days now, we heard the outrage on capitol hill. >> it's disgraceful that they're withholding these benefits. >> now being denied death benefits because of this senseless shut down. >> i'm ashamed. i'm embarrassed. >> reporter: lawmakers complaining that families of u.s. service members are not getting emergency death benefits because of the government shutdown. the outrage spread to the white house. wednesday, president obama told doreven gensler -- >> when i heard about this story i told the department of defense within our administrative powers, we should be able to get that fixed. >> reporter: but at a press
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conference several days before the sut down, the pentagon warned this could happen. >> some examples we couldn't pay death gratuities to those who die on active duty during the lapse. >> reporter: wednesday as the remains of four service members killed in afghanistan last weekend arrived at dover air force base the house passed a bill that would restore the emergency benefits for families. >> we not provide the grieving families with their needed support in their time of need. >> reporter: late wednesday, the white house and justice department scrambled to find a fix. >> no one wants to be a political and that's how a lot of veterans feel right now. they're stuck in the middle of this political debate. whether it be death benefits and whether it be v.a. comp and pension. >> reporter: so ken fisher who heads a private organization for veterans and their families stepped in to pay the benefits after seeing our report on "today." >> they're grieving and they
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suffered enough, why on earth should they have to worry about where their next dollar is coming from. >> reporter: also stepping up, jefferson's restaurant in belleville, illinois, which posted a message on facebook offering to donate 100% of their profits wednesday to the families of the fallen. >> maybe if one person does it, 100 more will do it and then we'll help more people out. >> reporter: the pentagon will reimburse the fisher house charity once the shut down is over and today the special operation warrior foundation a nonprofit in tampa, florida, is also stepping up to present $20,000 to each family of those troops killed in afghanistan this past weekend. matt? >> all right, andrea, thank you very much. retired army journal jack jacob haun honored for his hero actions. got the blame game going now. we have the pentagon and we have congress and actually both ends of pennsylvania avenue. where does the blame lie in your opinion? >> well, plenty of blame to go
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around. lies at both ends. somebody recently said, the biggest threat, the most dangerous place in the world, the biggest threat to the united states is that terrain between the white house on one end and the congress on the other. they both have a lot to answer for. >> the national commander of the vfw, jack, had this to say. absolutely appalling and nothing short of a travesty that elected officials continue to receive paychecks and benefits while providing for those who deserve it the most. if the government is unable to take care -- what has this done to the trust that needs to exist between the military and the government? >> it is eroded it quite substantially. the most vocal people are those who have been in the service and are now out. people who are inside the service are very, very quiet and for good reason. t the people who have been in service, the veterans, are speaking out quite dramatically and if this continues, by the
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way, we ain't seen nothing yet. >> let me mention a couple of things because eric shin shecky said if it continues nearly 4 million vets won't be sent disability checks and surviving vets and dependents will not receive pension payments. >> if you think it can't happen to you, when the government runs out of money which will be honored before the first of november unless the debt ceiling will be raised, no social security payments either. a lot more people will be affected by this, by this malfesance in washington. very, very unpleasant. >> colonel, good to see you. >> let's hope some progress is made in washington later today when house republicans sit down with president obama for a meeting they say they have been waiting for. peter alexander is live at the white house with more on this. peter, good morning. >> savannah, good morning to you. there are some possible short-term solutions floating out there. consider the intensity of the stalemate. ahead of the meeting here at the white house the president and republican leaders couldn't agree on a guest list.
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president obama inviting all 232 house republicans, but speaker john boehner insisting only 18 will come. how dysfunctional is d.c., even the invite list for this afternoon's white house meeting required negotiations. with the u.s. barreling towards its borrowing limit, the so-called debt ceiling deadline now exactly one week away, few signs of real progress. house democrats huddling with the president late wednesday. >> the debt ceiling needs to be lifted. >> reporter: among the glimmers of hope, some republicans are weighing their willingness to accept a short-term debt limit deal and top republicans shifted their focus away from gutting the president's health care law. in an interview with wrc, president obama warned of economic turmoil if the u.s. doesn't cover its debts. >> the financial markets can't even imagine that we would get to a point when we wouldn't be paying our bills. >> reporter: still, a group of hard core republicans who summed
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up the debt limit deniers said the president is exaggerating the impact. >> i'm not advocating we go through the debt ceiling deadline. but what am i saying is if you go through it, you will not default. >> the debt ceiling does not equal default. >> reporter: most federal budget experts call that talk, dangerous. >> this is the equivalent of saying, you know, let's push the button on a nuclear bomb and see what happens after it goes off. >> reporter: still texas senator ted cruz who spear headed the opposition to obama care touting the strategy as a success. telling "people" magazine he opposes the shut down but adding, i think we accomplished a great deal already. we have elevated the debate nationally. both parties are taking a hit in their aprival ratings as a result these days for the republican brand aporing to be much worse. a new gallup poll shows only 28% of americans say they have a favorable view of republican party.
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that's the lowest number since they began asking that question 21 years ago. >> all right, peter alexander at the white house, thank you so much. >> the republicans seem to be taking the bigger hit. >> i saw a poll recently that congress's approval rating is now at 5%, which makes you wonder who is that 5%. >> all-time low. news overnight, edward snowden's father has arrived in moscow. natalie has that and much more. >> he is in moscow in an effort to meet with his son. he spoke to journalists at the airport where edward was stuck for more than a month before he was granted temporary asylum in russia. he said he wasn't sure whether his son would ever return to the united states. >> and i am thankful, extremely thankful, again, to the russian people. president vladimir putin and his staff for the support that they have provided my son in terms of keeping him safe and secure. >> meantime edward snowden is still wanted in the united states for charges including
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espionage. a three-star admiral was fired wednesday amid allegations that he used counterfeit chips at an iowa casino. the deputy commander of u.s. nuclear forces is being reassigned to the navy staff until an investigation is over. iowa officials say the admiral used $1,500 in fake chips during a recent visit. he has not been charged with a crime. it is every roller coaster rider's worst nightmare getting stuck right at the top, but that is exactly what happened at universal studios in orlando, florida, wednesday night. 12 people were left stranded when the rip rocket came to a stop at the worst possible time right there. a computer glitch was to blame. riders were rescued after about 2 1/2 hours. no one was hurt and universal studios owned and operated, of course, by nbc universal. and caught on camera. a moving train slams into an 18-wheeler sending large metal pipes flying. this happened in midland county, texas. the truck driver had gotten out after his big rig bottomed out at the track.
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watch as the train, though, smashes into the truck and it launches those pipes everywhere. one crossing arm was damaged in the crash. unbelievable that no one was hurt in this crazy video. and crazy incident there in midland county, texas. >> got lucky. >> they really did. >> that video is unbelievable. >> speaking of unbelievable. natalie, man. >> i'm very bright. >> can you stand over here and model. >> very bright. >> talking about your outfit. >> all right. >> it's that you're reminded as a creamsicle. >> you don't see that at the end of every newscast. >> you stole walt d-- >> talking about a coastal storm coming up along the northeast coast. areas that were already affected
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by sandy seaside park, new jersey, rain covering the lens and no relief in sight over the next 24 hours. we are looking at a system that is making a real mess. in fact, you can see we are going to see heavy rainfall over the next few hours just outside of washington. already picking up, up to a third of an inch of rain per hour with this system. rainfall amounts are going to be pretty good. you add to it the winds and the high tides and we're looking at beach erosion along the jersey coast. upwards of three to four inches of rain over the next 48 hours and the heavy rain spreads up into new england over the next 24 hours. it's going to be a mess. coastal beach flooding, gale force winds and a real nasty next two days. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. arting friday, save 20 percent with your coupon arting friday, on apparel, home, accessories, shoes and fine jewelry when you use your jcpenney credit card. or get 15% off any other form of payment.
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plus, doorbusters start this friday at 3pm to saturday 1pm. like 50% off sweaters for her, 40-50% off men's st. john's bay apparel, and 40% off kids' outerwear. jcpenney. 7:16 on a thursday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. some gorgeous sunrise shots to show you. this is from foster city. it doesn't get much better than that except for when i show you this is our camera over the san francisco bay. just takes your breath away this morning. so beautiful. that's what you get to drive to work under. 70 degrees on the way to fremont. 72 in san jose and 71 degrees in san francisco. not a lot of difference between our micro climate temperatures today. . >> that's the weather. now to the latest on that 9-year-old stow away who got past airport security from minneapolis to las vegas. his father says he tried
7:17 am
repeatedly to get help for him. fbc's john yang is at minneapolis airport. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this morning, the father does want to keep his and his son's identity a secret. he also desperately wants to get help copeing with his son's behavior. a hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap may have hidden the face of the 9-year-old's father, but nothing could hide his frustration. >> will somebody help me, please? >> reporter: two days before getting on a flight to las vegas, his 9-year-old son stole a delivery truck, slamming into a parked suv and crashing into a police car, all on suspension from school for fighting. >> they said he was a minor. they couldn't do nothing because he was a minor. so i'm asking for help. >> reporter: child protective services have been locking in on the boy since december but
7:18 am
hasn't taken any action. psychotherapist adrian schroetter was a social worker in new york city. >> probably at his wits end. a lot of times he is set up for crisis. many parents saw that same story, they say, that's my child. i know how he feels. >> reporter: in las vegas the boy is ending a full week in child protective services. a nevada family law attorney says that's likely because of his history. >> i think they are going to investigate in minneapolis to make sure it's a protective environment and that he's saved. >> reporter: meanwhile, his father admitting once the boy arrives hope, he'sed a his wits end at what to do next. >> they're talking double jeopardy, with my son i get locked up. if i let my son keep on doing what he's doing, i get in trouble. i'm a parent. i'm not perfect. >> reporter: a family spokesman says authorities here have told him they expect the boy to be returned to minneapolis as soon
7:19 am
as friday and that they expect he nodes to be reunited with his parents. matt. >> all right. john yang in minneapolis. thanks very much. >> cameron is in this morning. you have the kenye-kimmel feud. >> overnight, people have gone crazy, some of the teeth tweeting coming in. one with him says i like kenye, but seriously? this started a few weeks ago. jimmy kim emmocked a interview. he used kid actors and the actual traven script itself. take a look at the moment. >> i'm not trying to regurgitate myself. i'm a broad person. not just clothing. i'm from texas. everything you can think about. six years ago to sandy and they say nothing. how many have you done?
7:20 am
where is the culture at? where is the culture at? >> again, that's the actual transcript from the interview. last night, fast forward, kimmel and kenye faced off, finally, guys, kenye tried to engs pla ento all of us what is going on in that head. take a look. >> i'm not running for office, you know what i'm saying. i'm here to make good music, make people feel good within they hear my business. i am a creative genius. my attention is positive. i will bring more things to the world. i want to make people's lives easier. >> there you have it. kenye wants to make the world a better place, trending overnight t. top of the list jimmy kimmel. bottom of the list kenye, yet the world revolves around kenye west. if you ask me, i will ask for hashtag awkward, natalie, your
7:21 am
pants are adorable. i do own the lettather jogging pants. >> one up there. we should see them tomorrow. >> in way. >> come on, you set yourself up. >> i'm not weighing on the kimmel-kenye debate. been there, done that. >> you call yourself a creative genius. >> coming up, we are following up with the cup woman went through ivf live on our air. this morning, we find out if it works. and hannah anderson the kidnapped teen from california tells her story in detail for the first time and meets her heros, the key to her rescue.
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the time 7:26. good morning. i'm jon kelley. in less than 17 hours b.a.r.t. workers could walk off the job leading to a traffic nightmare. and negotiators for both sides still talking and they do plan to return to the bargaining table in a couple hours. talks ended late last night t union representatives say b.a.r.t. management did offer a deal on tuesday but then withdrew it yesterday. b.a.r.t. says there was a misunderstanding and it has not retracted its offer. it's never easy, is it. the board of directors will meet this morning and get an update how the negotiations are going. meantime, if there is a strike will have everything you knew ed to know. our web people to will update the page throughout the night. look in the upper left hand
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corner of the screen and see the link to the b.a.r.t. strike resources page, on it you'll find updates on road conditions and commute alternatives. if workers do walk off the job, "today in the bay" will be on air bright and early, we'll go on a half hour early to help you get around that mess. one thing that will go uninterrupted a beautiful day in the neighborhood. look at that shot. come on. >> this is what people get to drive to work under. this is coming in from foster city. a gorgeous sunrise across the bay area. look at this one. over the san francisco bay this morning just gorgeous out there. as you make your way to work it's chilly but we have a nice rebound in temperatures. 76 for livermore, 76 in santa teresa. 71 degrees in san francisco. so not a lot of separation at the coast versus what we expect inland and that warm-up, it keeps on coming as we head throughout the weekend. let's check your drive. >> we have the opposite view over toward this camera so the sun is at our back.
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a smooth drive on the span. the map will show you things are jamming up toward the toll plaza. we had a crash moving from the road. it was near the toll plaza. south 880 siptal down toward that area as well. south 880 slows, there is a new incident, stalled minivan, hopefully moving to the shoulder. no crash and no injuries. the northbound starting to bog down. 87 and 280 the worst. >> thank you for the update. another local news update in a half hour. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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♪ ho ho ho . >> 7:30 on a thursday morning, the 10th of october, 2013, i'm matt lauer, along with savannah guthrie, natalie morales. let's go back to the headlines. a lot of questions after libya's prime minister was kidnapped by armed men who stormed his hotel in tripoli early this morning. he was then released several hours later. >> there is hope progress could be made in washington today when house republicans meet with president obama in hopes of reaching an agreement to end the shutdown. nsa leaker edward snowden is in moscow. that's where his son is, no word on when the father and son will be reunited.
7:31 am
coming up this half hour, our exclusive interview with hannah anderson. she's the teenager kidnapped by long time family friend and police say he killed her mother and brother. hannah was rescued ten days later. now, she is releasing details for the first time. >> first you have weather to talk about. >> we have severe weather in the high plains today. it's going to be a wide area, in fact, from alliance down to amarillo, texas, we got the risk of damaging winds, large hail, isolated tornadoes back to the west, the rockies, we're looking at snow, there is a good snowstorm going on in the northern rockies today. so we have a, we also have a flood watch on the parts of the western south dakota including our friends in rapid city who picked up 58 inches of snow, now they're going to get a few inches of rain, six inches of snow in the mountains to the west of denver. we got a gorgeous day down to
7:32 am
the gulf coast. >> 7:32. good thursday morning to you. we're getting closer to the weekend. what a beautiful thursday morning. this is from high atop san bruno mountain. mid level clouds, no fog to report. it is chilly out there. make sure you grab a jacket on the way out the door. something you can peel off later on. 76 degrees in livermore, 71 in san francisco. and room temperature later on today in san jose. if you're looking for warmer weather we have that in store friday through sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. well, it has been nearly two months since san diego teenager hannah anderson was kidnapped by the man police say killed her mother and younger brother. she is now back at school and leaning heavily on family and friends for support. earlier, i spoke down with her
7:33 am
and her father. first, hannah's story. at first glance, hannah anderson looks like any other 16-year-old girl, spending time with friends, cheerleading, dancing, a week in august changed hannah's life forever. on a saturday afternoon, james dimaggio, a close family friend picked up hannah at cheer leading camp saying her mother, tina and brother ethan were waiting for her at his house but dimaggio had other plans, kidnapping hannah and forcing her to go to idaho. using a timer, dimaggio sent his house on fire when he and hannah were hours away. authorities found two brothers later identified as her mother and brother and issued an amber aall right across the faegs. >> she is in danger. she's a dangerous man. >> a week laid later in idaho, in an area known as the point of no return.
7:34 am
a group of horse riders came into them and felt something wasn't right. >> it was like a square pelg that fit into a round hole, it didn't fit. >> reporter: tactical riders came into a shootout. >> she was under extreme duress from the time she left boulevard to the time she was recovered at lakemoorhead, idaho. >> back home in san diego, hannah's family has asked for privacy, speculation remains about her relationship with dimaggio and what really happened during that week long ordeal. hannah anderson, good morning to you. >> hello. >> how are you doing today? >> good. >> are you ready to talk about this and tell the story? >> yeah. >> let's talk about that saturday. you were at cheer leading camp? >> yeah, my mom dropped me off. then he came to pick me up because my mum and brother's game already finished. so they were going to meet me up
7:35 am
there at his house is the plan. >> so you get in the car, where do you go and at what point did you realize something is really wrong? >> when we got to his house and my mom's car wasn't there. >> did he say something that let you know he had some pretty bad plans? >> when i got into the house, he handcuffed me and zip tied my feet. he told me that he was going to kidnap me and take me to idaho where my intention was just to carry his backpacks to the river and that he was going to live there and he'd get me home afterwards. >> did he say anything about where your mom and brother were? >> he told me my brother was in the garage and ethan was upstairs and that the whole time that they were alive, the whole time that i didn't know. >> did you feel in fear of your life? >> yeah. when we got into the house, after he told me the plan, he made me play russian roulette with him sitting on the couch
7:36 am
and that -- >> with a real gun? >> yeah. and when it was my turn i started crying and like was freaking out and he said, do you want to play? i said, "no. "i started crying. then he was like, okay, he stopped. >> how long do you think you were at the house? >> from what i remember about two or three hours and then he drugged me and i was out and then i woke up in idaho. >> when you say he drugged you, do you know what kind of drugs? >> we believe he gave me ambien. >> there was a time in the house i thought you heard your brother? >> yeah, i heard him trying to yelp upstairs. but he was gakleak like gagged. i couldn't do anything. >> he was restraining you. >> yes. >> the next thing you know, are
7:37 am
you if idaho. can you tell me what happened next? >> i woke up, i asked, where is mom and etan the first thing i asked. and he said, they're both in the garage tied up in my house. it's supposed to set on fire at 7:00. and then he said i put signs on the garage to help them be safe from the firefighters before the fire reached the garage. >> you are telling this story solely for the first time. there are lots of graphic details. we are not going to get into them. did you ever feel at any of that time you had a moment where maybe i could make a run for it? >> yeah, there was actually a lot. like the horseback riders, but he did threaten me that if i ever tried to run or if i had someone help me that he'd kill me and them. >> there came a time as the week went on where you came across these four hikers. >> i remember hearing them come behind us the first time and jim would say, don't, act normal.
7:38 am
if you say something, i'm going to have to kill them. so i'd have to sit and act normal. and they'd come up and look at us and we would be quiet but jim would talk to them and then they'd left. >> well, as we now know, those hikers were suspicious. they saw the amber alert, they called the authorities. the authorities found you and confronted jim. >> mm-hmm. >> what do you remember about that moment? >> i was on the ground in front of the fire. he was trying to start a fire to signal for help. then all of a sudden the fire wasn't working. so i told him, i said i'd rather not if you fire the gun in the air three times, it means sos. he fired once, he fired at this time second time and lowered it. then a bunch of guns went off. i looked and he fell on the ground. i looked over, i said, are you
7:39 am
okay? then a bunch of fbi people came out telling me to get down. >> when did you realize? this is it? this is my rescue? >> when they pulled me aside and had a blanket over me and making sure i was okay, making sure the hock was coming for me and stuff leak that. >> coming up next, more conversation with hannah as she talks about the man who conversation with hannah as she talks about the man who kidnappe if yand you're talking toevere rheuyour rheumatologistike me, about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain
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. >> we are back at 7:43. more on our exclusive interview with hannah anderson, she told us the time she found out her mother and brother were abducted by family friend jim dimaggio. >> in the hospital when i got there, they the next night, they came in and told me that they died and that jim was dead, too. it kind of just didn't seem real in it i just thought about it a second and i just looked down. >> i see that you must pictures of them on instagram and they're in your heart every day, how are you doing? >> i miss them so much. sometimes it's like i wait for them to get home and then they're not there. >> it's hard to just go on, i
7:44 am
gues guess? >> all right. this has been such a terrible unspeakable ordeal. how do you think hannah is doing? >> first, in getting help and talking with each other, trying to get strong and know that we need to move forward, that's what her mother would want. >> you got on social pedia pretty soon after you got back. one of the questions people asked apparently in the home they found a series of letters between jim and you from i think about a year ago or more than a year ago. can you explain what those letters were about? >> a year ago my mom and dad split up and me and my mom really didn't get along a year ago so when i was having problems with her and i didn't have anyone to talk about it with, me and him instead of talking face to face, if we didn't have time or like calling, we'd write letters back and forth talking about like the situation and how to get through it. >> i think this is so puzzleing
7:45 am
because all of you describe somebody that you would never guess would do something leak this. but there was that time that he said something about having a crush on you. what did he say and what did you think? >> i'd always want to bring my friend up to his house because we'd always play games and stuff and he'd get upset that it was a boy. and he would, he told me, he said, it's not that i don't want your friend up here, it's that i don't want to see you kissing your friends or anything like that because i have a crush on you. not a crush that like feeling a crush other than family, like i care about you and it kind of seemed like really weird. >> did you try to kind of keep your distance a little bit more? >> yeah, exactly. he got upset about that and would always text me and say that i was rude and i was trying to stay out of his life. basically, i was after that, but i couldn't because he was my dad's best friend and he was
7:46 am
always there for my mom. >> hannah, when you think about him now, how do you feel about him? are you angry? are you sad? >> disgusted, shocked, mostly sick and angry. >> there was an amber alert out for you, that's how the hikers put the pieces together. what would you want to say to them, if you could? >> that would you i probably wouldn't be here right now and thank you. >> would you like to meet them some day? >> yeah. >> what if i told you they're here? >> right now? >> yeah. i can bring them out. would you like to meet them? >> sure. >> okay. we got christa and mark john and mike and mary young. >> hi. >> they really wanted to give you a hug. >> how are you? h
7:47 am
hi. >> have a seat. >> hi. >> she is a hero, isn't she? i see tears in your eyes, miss christa. >> i have a friend that looked like her, i put myself in a grandma's place, how i would feel. we are so thrilled and we brought you a hat from idaho. >> oh. >> on behalf of the cowboys of idaho. >> wow. thank you for coming all this way and most importantly to you, hannah, thank you for trusting us with your story. >> thank you. >> as a part of our conversation with hannah anderson, you can watch the complete interview on "today".com. coming up, we'll shift gears. if it's an oxymoron, the healthy
7:48 am
obese, if that's possible we'll check in with the couple that went through ivf live on "today." are they expecting? you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it,
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7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. i guess we can say today is the day for foster farms as in deadline day. later on usda threatening to shut down three plants involved in a recent salmonella outbreak unless the company can explain how it plans to fix the unsanitary conditions that led to the outbreak. one of the plants is located outside of tracy, the other two are in fresno. the salmonella outbreak sickened hundreds across the country including some here in california. the company has not yet recalled any of its products, instead merely warning customers to mak sure the chicken is cooked to at least 165 degrees. probably not that warm"q% out today. the coolest temperatures will fade and we'll have a nice one. >> you know what, you're right on point as usual, mr. jon kelley. all of these clouds are going to clear out. what a beautiful sunrise that we
7:57 am
had the past half hour. this is coming in from san francisco, looking out toward the bay. san francisco today around 71 degrees, so still cool but between about 10:00 and noon you can peel off the jacket. 72 degrees headed our way in san jose, 74 in gilroy. i do want to show you a warming trend headed our way. in the low to mid 80s this weekend, then by next week reaching the mid to upper 80s. let's check your drive. >> we're looking at a nice easy light backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it might get heavier. we have a stall reported as you approach treasure island. you see the taillights barely visible but we see that traffic is moving, it's a little tough but not on the span. the east shore freeway, not bad. 880 slow for the east bay. the peninsula kicking in at the 101 north and south away from the airport. south bay t northbound rouds building. 87 is jammed. >> that is thick. thank you. we'll be back with anotherx
7:58 am
update in one half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, students moved out of their malibu high school over fears of a cancer cluster. baby on board. the couple who underwent ivf live on our show. and what does the fox say? who is behind that catchy viral video that has over 100 million hits on youtube. today, october 10, 2013. ♪ >> finally made it to the "today" show after 44 years. >> what's up? yeah!
8:01 am
>> happy birthday, mom! >> we travelled 2,000 miles to be here today. >> hi, matt lauer. >> hey, matt lauer, come out here! yeah. >> all right. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." very boisterous crowd. >> a lot of yellers and screamers out here which is okay. i would like to admit to a severe parenting mistake. >> what's that? >> a couple weeks ago i saw that video "what does the fox say" and i said, have you seen it and they hadn't. >> oh! >> and they looked it up. >> how many times have they watched it? >> 600 or 700 maybe. >> you showed it to me as well. then it was stuck in my head all day. this is an absolute sensation. it's an ancient mystery. >> the brothers behind that are going to perform it here tomorrow morning.
8:02 am
>> it will be in our heads all weekend long. let's get a check of the top stories. natalie, good morning. >> good morning to you once again. we're just one week until the government reaches the borrowing limit and president obama is meeting with the house republicans. he warned of the economic turmoil if the u.s. can't meet the debt. some are considering accepting a short-term budget deal. in malibu, there's concern over a cluster of diseases including cancer connected to the high school and middle school campus. this has affected one-third of the staff here and mike taibbi has more. >> reporter: good morning. teachers are reporting there's thyroid cancer and this was surrounded by soil that was once contaminated by pcbs. like any parent, peterson thought about his two kids after
8:03 am
listening to the voicemail message from school superintendent sandra lyons. >> it's not just one building but multiple buildings. >> reporter: on wednesday, dozens of students were moved out of four 50-year-old school buildings, teachers were diagnosed with thyroid cancer and skin rashes and persistent migraines where they had spent hours a day for years. >> they don't know what we have. >> reporter: pcbs once used in pesticides and bned in 1979 were found three years ago around several older builds here once treated with pesticides. after a soil removal program, an environmental impact report said there does not appear to be a threat to public health. there still isn't, says superintendent lyons. >> i wouldn't have any staff here if we had any evidence. i wouldn't have kids here. >> reporter: in a letter signed by 21 teachers only requested that each of our classrooms be tested for contaminants.
8:04 am
and did not use the term cancer cluster. a county health department note said that in almost every case there's statistical anomalies. if you spin the roulette wheel enough time it will land on red or black. unlikely, but unsurprisingly if not inevitable. of course as the movie "erin brockovich" shows there's proven links between clusters and specific chemicals. here, no proof or evidence yet, just questions. >> they're concerned. they don't know if where they're working is making them sick or . they're looking at the air, the soil and the buildings and will have a preliminary report within a week. natalie? >> all right, mike taibbi, thank you. officials in san francisco have confirmed that the body found in a hospital stairwell is that of a patient who disappeared there more than two weeks ago. the family of 57-year-old lynn
8:05 am
spalding is outraged. the mother of two was being treated for an infection and the hospital says she was in fair condition when she vanished. officials have not released the cause of her death and an invest is underway. in an exclusive interview that aired earlier on "today," california kidnapping survivor hannah anderson told savannah she is disgusted and angry about the family friend that bound and drugged her before killing her brother and mother. the fbi agents shot and killed james dimaggio at a remote camp site in idaho. take a listen. >> a bunch of guns went off and i looked and he fell on the ground and i like kind of looked over, i was like are you okay? and then a bunch of like -- the fbi people came out telling me to get down. >> and now nearly two months later, the teenager says she misses her mom and brother so much she waits for them to come. two men are being treated
8:06 am
for injuries after a hot air balloon accident in new mexico. it got snagged in the power line wednesday and caught fire before plunging 40 feet to the ground. it was taking part in the albuquerque's fiesta. 8:06. you're up to date. a check of the weather once again from al. >> that's pretty scare, natalie, thanks so much. these two folks traveled 2,913.7 miles to see us. my goodness. wow. where are you from? >> california. >> yeah. incredible. did you hitch a ride? >> that's right. >> they picked you up on the way? >> yeah. >> all right. we're all going on the road. let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. the coastal storm is making its way up the eastern seaboard. that's going to be kind of wet. hey, dallas, texas, okay, well you got picked up my friend.
8:07 am
next three days we've got some showers and thunderstorms moving in by saturday. plenty of sunshine in the meantime. big area of that jet stream pops up through the north and look at that. chicago today. 75. >> 8:07. good thursday morning to you. getting oh so much closer to the weekend now, and temperatures are going to stay relatively steady to where we.'] ended up yesterday. want to show you this beautiful shot over the san francisco bay. this is from san francisco facing east. we've got great visibility. not a lot of low clouds out there this morning. if you do find any, they'll be over the sanity wra cruz mountains. 73 in los gados today, and a warmer weekend headed our way, but want too hot. hope you have a great day. and that's your latest weather.
8:08 am
>> thank you. >> coming up in "trending" at 8:09, how is it that people class gied as obese are classified as healthy. >> and remember our couple that went through ivf on air will tell us if they're expecting. and who is the anonymous street artist who set his sights on new york? we'll try to find him. but first, these messages. and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. to become your partner in health. from the walmart octobermore savings event.s how about a refreshing rollback? forty inch samsumg on rollback.
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8:13 am
to enjoy something sweet with the ones you love. we are back with what is trending, research that dogged doctors for years. can someone be both significantly obese and met bolically healthy? researchers say it's possible. these are overweight people, who by the way also have normal cholesterol levels, no blood pressure and normal signs for diabetes. they make room for if you fat tissue and that helps improve their overall health. of course, no one recommends this. >> right. >> back when i was at my heaviest, my cholesterol level was low. my blood pressure was good. i still probably would have
8:14 am
died. >> we're all going to die. >> but i still, it was one of those things i was a ticking time bomb. i technically was okay. >> medically healthy, otherwise. >> turning on the huffington post, here's one for you, are europeans better than americans are? the website compiled 16 ways our friends across the atlantic supposedly have us beat. cheese, better cheese, vacation time, yes, you know, austrians get 35 paid days every year. chocolate. >> yes. >> i think i would agree. >> and what about this? you know the european, they love to enjoy a long lunch, perhaps a glass of wine. we basically invented fast food. >> all right, here's one of a different accent. sexy accents, here's them versus us. >> i do another scene from casablanca which you cannot do
8:15 am
at 14. >> penelope cruz. >> exactly. >> i would like to take exception. i think we do a very good job of cheese here. >> velveeta. >> there are some fantastic artisnal keys. >> what do we do better? >> baseball. >> pickup trucks. >> i was going to say burgers and hot dogs. >> i was going to say french fries, but french. >> they copy it. you go anywhere in you're they have mcdonald's. >> action movies. >> they may have invented pizza, i feel we've perfected it. usa! >> well, trending on usa today, a man a cut above all the d.c. bickering. earlier, we showed you the photo
8:16 am
of chris cox, a south carolina man, he grabbed his lawn mower an garbage cannes and started cutting the grass at some famous washington memorials. >> i'm here to stand shoulder to shoulder with the national park service. i to encourage americans around the country to come together. >> this 45-year-old chainsaw skullt tore, he says he bought it at home depot for $100, he got a leaf blower, the park police have encouraged him to stop his work. he is doing this there is a million mile watch in washington. he wants to make sure the grounds look good. >> hats off. trending from the "wall street journal." do you know we are in the golden age of tv shows we spend hours watching a single show, binge watching. it's important forever for shows
8:17 am
to have a catchy theme. >> with that in mind, it is throwback thursday, guys, so we are sharing some of our favorite tv theme songs of all times. i will start with myself. here it is. the jeffersons [ music playing ] >> weezy. >> i love that song. it makes you feel great. matt, the very catchy theme song is? >> nobody will know it. you can tell me if you know the show. [ music playing ] >> what is that show? >> not the exterminator. it was back in the 1960s about the desert warriors. i love that show. >> christopher george. gary raymond. >> you are dating yourself. next up is savannah. take a listen. >> this won't surprise anyone. >> it's a good one. >> you have to sing it. >>
8:18 am
♪ the love boat ♪ >> oh. >> i think with the mustache, it goes like this. okay. next up is natalie's pick for throwback thursday is, take a listen. [ music playing ] >> cheers. ♪ sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name [ music playing ] >> that's a good one. >> okay. the "today" show family knows your pick, mr. al. take a listen ♪ it's gilligan, the skipper too, the millionaire and his wife. >> gilligan's island. >> it raises the question, marianne and ginger. >> marianne. >> it does make you feel good to hear those theme songs. >> the first season it was the
8:19 am
rest. >> pete carpenter was one of the greatest theme songwriters. >> that is what is trending today and then too, coming up, the viral video sensation what does the fox say. last month in our "today" series, we introduced you to jessica and her fiancee derrick manion, they let us go on their journey with them as they underwent ivf on the air. nancy sneiderman is here to give us an update. good morning. >> good morning, savannah, our cameras were there, jessica underwent invitro fertilization. this time it's the best and only chance to get pregnant. this morning, we have chosen to take it one step further, they're going to share the results with us. >> i want to be positive. i think we will have twins. i think they will have red hair
8:20 am
and blue eyes. >> after struggling with fertility issues for nearly a decade, 33-year-old jess cand and her fiancee derrick are excited about the possibility of starting a family. >> hopefully, these children know one day how much we wanted them. >> that's really the moment of conception. >> reporter: that moment a first on live television, fertilizization i have a ivf. >> this is now a first time lieszed egg. >> reporter: dr. sherman silver performed the procedure. >> i want to have enough frozen embryos we can be guaranteed she will be pregnant. >> back at the hospital three days later, the anxious couple learned how many of jessica's eggs had grown into viable embryos. >> this one is not so equal size. >> that is gorgeous. >> that is an ho embryo. >> that is a baby right there. >> reporter: dr. silver chooses
8:21 am
two good embryo and shares the news. >> we did really, really well. this is for your baby album. too res the two embryos. >> jessica remains awake and watches as dr. silver gently places the embryos. >> and those are your babies. >> it will take ten days to find out if jessica is pregnant. >> i am going to keep positive thoughts. >> this is the big unknown period of what's happening inside her uterus. i recommend that they try to relax. >> reporter: but it can be hard to relax for this couple and others because ivf doesn't always work. in fact, a 30% average pregnancy rate depending on age, that along with the high cost of ivf, which averages 12 to $17,000 per attempt and may not be covered by insurance. for jessica and derrick, it's now or never. they say they can't afford to try again, and they're hoping for the best. >> worrying is not going to
8:22 am
change what's going to happen. ten days later, the results are in. >> well, guess what, your pregnancy test is positive. you are pregnant. >> that's amazing. we have a baby in there. >> jessica an derrick are with us this morning along with nancy. you are making us cry. how did you feel when you got that phone call? >> you know, i just had the feeling, watch over me again, just so ec stat ec. so overwhelmed with joy. we feel so blessed to have met dr. silver and so blessed to have the results that we have. >> thank good for. you guys, i know, this is nancy talking. i know that you don't know yet whether it's one or two. but take us into what dr. silver said is going to happen to you over the next couple of weeks? >> so in the next few weeks, we'll do an ultrasound and by
8:23 am
that time we'll be able to hear the baby or baby's heart beats and hopefully see one or two, one or two fetuses in the womb, so we're really excited about that. we're really looking forward to that. >> jessica, this is so intimate. there we were right at the moment of this ivf. why did you guys feel it was important to share this story? >> you know, i feel like there are a lot of other women out there with this same problems, possibly the same issues as we have or couples as we have. so i hope that in telling our story, it will inspire other couples to take that next step and to find out what their options are. also, it has helped us, you know, not carrying around the secret but sharing it with everyone and getting the support and prayers of all of our
8:24 am
co-workers and family and friend, it's really been a blessing to us. >> jessica, derek, we are rooting for you and the if you baby or babies, thank you for sharing this. >> we will be following you the whole way. >> thank you. thank you. >> nancy, as i turn to you, she had two embryos implanted. >> right. >> that's not always what is doctors do? >> no, she had 17 fertilized. they transferred two of them, ones that looked good, can you see which ones have taken and which give her the best chance for success. the definition of success in this case is a healthy baby, not just being pregnant. so this is still long term. she still on hormones to keep the uterine walls pumped up. i suspect she will do very well. >> it's early on. is it more risk because it was via ivf? >> once she is pregnant. she really pregnant. lots of time, high risk women go through ivf.
8:25 am
but now that she's pregnant, she's on hormones, they get weened off. she will be on her own. now, is it risky announcing to the world this early in the first trimeser i'm pregnant? of course, it is, we will be with her the whole way. >> she'll have the prayers of the country with her. >> she still has quite a few healthy fertilized eggs sitting there. >> it's an interesting story. >> good science. >> thank you. you bet. >> coming up, a mysterious artist and his creations on the street of
8:26 am
>> overnight the family spokesperson tells us the san francisco medical examiner confirmed it is the body of missing patient lynn spalding. however, there's no cause of death at this time. with more tests currently underway. a hospital worker found spalding's body more than two weeks after she disappeared from her hospital room. family members say spalding may have been confused because she was taking medication. we want to check the morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> not so bad. the bay bridge, we had an earlier stall, but that has cleared, and there are no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll look towards the san mateo bridge, and you can see the folks coming off the highway
8:27 am
rise. a little crowded here. bunching up. there seems to be an earlier issue approaching foster city. now the strishl slowdown. that's what the sensors are looking like right now. 101 actually worse than 92, but 92 is slow coming off of that. the dunbarton bridge smoother than yesterday. that is a little slow as well heading south down towards fremont. 101 northbound is the slowest spot coming up from san jose, and 280 bunching up especially around the interchange. the earlier crash has just cleared. back to you. >> good news there. i'll be back with another local news update for you in a half hour. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
8:28 am
because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey!
8:29 am
8:30 am
across the country see how communities are rallying to help each other. >> and we are back, ♪ great crowd. if you like weather like this come on because apparently it will stick around for a few days. >> what does the wet fox say? i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, and al roker.
8:31 am
>> picture this. one day you are a limo driver. the next you are starring in a movie along side tom hanks. we will talk to him about what life is like now. >> incredible job acting, as well. >> he is unreal. >> almost a show stealer, sorry, tom, we love you, he is awesome in it. natalie, you went swimming yesterday with diana nyad. >> she is unbelievable. she has gone 48 hours straight for hurricane sandy relief in the middle of harold square. she is about ten minutes away from making that 48 hour mark. >> i was there a couple minutes, to think she was 27 hours into her swim. it was remarkable.
8:32 am
congrats to her. >> a follow up to the contest we launched on wednesday a part of our steals and deals segment. remember we showed you a photo of cameron and jill martin. we asked you to put a caption to it. >> 1,500 comments in the first 20 minutes. 6,000 comments overall. because of the huge response to this picture, they have provided us with ten fondu fountain, 15 people total will be getting them. you might be wondering, who are the winners? they're on facebook. two of my favorites, take a look, she says, the hunger games! and then amanda says everybody was fondu fighting! with strawberries fast as lightning. so there you have it, guys. >> well done. >> you picked that one. >> you get a fondu machine. let's get a check of the weather. >> you get some weather, you get some weather. let's show you what we got for
8:33 am
you. we are looking today at a risk of strong storms in the mid-plains. strong storms in the mid-plains. we are also looking at wet weather, beautiful in los angeles, cool, tomorrow warms up a bit a. risk of strong storms in the upper mid-west. look for more rain and wendy conditions here in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. that's what's going on in the 8:33 on a thursday morning. getting closer to the weekend. we have another beautiful day. it's going to be chilly for the first part of the day until about 10:00 a.m., and the temperatures will start to warm nicely. want to show you san jose. some midlevel clouds hanging out here, but mostly clear at the coast already. 71 degrees in san francisco today. 69 in santa cruz, and 72 degrees on the way to san jose. hard to beat these numbers. getting into the weekend, temperatures will start to climb. we'll be in the mid 80s for next week. >> you know what's a great idea, if you need your weather, go to
8:34 am coming up next the hunt for the mysterious street artist known only as bankcy as he takes over new york city. >> plus, more feasts. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right.
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8:36 am
>> we are back now at 8:36. graffiti, of course, in new york, nothing new. when it's done by an artist so secretive almost no one knows his name. it garners attention. >> we know this guy goes by the name of bankcy, he has a huge following. claire simmons is trying to track him down. >> i have searched high and low for this guy. he's the world's scarment lt /*
8:37 am
scarlett pimpernel. who is bankcy, have you seen bankcy? >> no who is bankcy? >> a vandal, an artist. >> ever seen what? >> controversial commenter, always clan dec teened. have you seen bankcy? >> i guess i can't. >> reporter: he began in the '90s, inspired by an american graffiti artist, notorious in britain and has spread around the world with a members of politics, humor and interest. they are in hidden places like down this side street, past the coach and horse's pub, there it is. now he's hiding them in new york locate if you cross the bridge, here in brooke len, there it is.
8:38 am
always unseen, bankcy's here for a month. i think he's called better out than in. a new banksy appears in new york. the next one, celebrities like brad pitt and angelina jolie have a banksy. >> folks, i have absolutely zero respect for this elusive slimy street fan. >> reporter: bank is see's worth can be worth millions. they get torn down and sold. >> folks, this terrifies me. it's a little phone fact, my studio has walls. >> reporter: and to some, you can listen to all your commentary like a museum. well, almost. are you looking at one of the great artworks of the 21st century? if so, are you in the wrong place. >> reporter: even more bizarre, this delivery truck stopping in an undisclosed location every
8:39 am
night. banksies are sometimes trashed in minutes. the fleeting life span driving fans of social media, to hunt down banksy before it's too late. banksy himself is as fleeting as his art. some reports say he has been spotted. even a 2010 documentary had his face hidden. in london, we tracked down his former barber. >> what did he look like? >> i can't tell you. that's a no. >> reporter: in new york, he agreed to an interview with the village voice, anonymously, of course. why is he here? new york calls the graffiti writers, he says, we all want to prove ourselves here. even while he hides in the shadows. >> are you banksy? >> so just to recap, banksy is an english guy about my age. he lives in london. right now, he's in new york so who could he be, guys?
8:40 am
>> someone with some artistic talent. >> i think it's outrageous this new york graffiti artist is wiping out his stuff. that's not cricket. >> that's not cricket. no. >> that's terrible. >> so the question is, though, is this vand ammism or is it art? you can't complain about someone coming and sweeping up your spray paint you put on someone else's wall. >> he will be in paris next week. >> you have to follow him. it's beautiful. some real works of art. that one is real. >> stephen colbert is calling these people. >> are you a fan? >> did he say that? >> welcome to new york. >> strong letters to follow. thank you so much. coming up next, we talk to first time actor and tom hanks' co-star in the new movie
8:41 am
"captain philips."
8:42 am
8:43 am
. >> we're back now at 8:fray. by now, you know tom hanks plays a title role in the new movie "captain philips." but there is another guy he shares screen time with. he plays the led pirate who he hijacks the u.s. cargo ship. >> captain, no one gets hurt if you don't play no games. >> ah the ship's broken. we had to go. >> nobody gets hurt. >> hey! look at me. >> sure. >> look at me. >> sure. >> i'm the captain now. >> good morning, nice to see you. >> good morning. >> i have been waiting to do this interview for a week sense
8:44 am
i saw this movie. you are extraordinary in this. i want to say right off the bat so people at home know you never acted before? >> yeah, i never acted before. >> you are a limosine driver in minneapolis, right? >> that's right. >> you answered a casting call. tell me about. i answered the casting call. it came on the local tv channel. so i go there, i give eight shot. there was a lot of people there the first time and they asked me simple questions, what's your name? how old are you? where were you born? >> you were born in somalia. >> mogadishu somalia. >> you came to this country when you were 14 and you thought it would be cool to be in a movie with tom hanks? >> absolutely. >> what happened here, paul greengrass, once he cast you as the lead pirate, he decided he didn't you to meet tom hanks until the very moment that you shoot the scene where you take
8:45 am
over the bridge of the miersk alabama, so the first time you laid your eyes on tom hanks was when you shot that scene, were you disappointed you didn't get to meet him beforehand? >> i was a little scared, disappointment. me and my friend, too, we wanted to see tom. i understood the situation of the scene like how important it was for the director. so i just took it. >> and paul greengrass said to you, when you enter this bridge and shoot this scene, you into ed to own this scene. >> yes. >> so you are acting. you have never acted before, you are acting opposite one of the greatest actors of our time, how did you own the scene? >> i had to come out with all i got. i used a lot of imagination, i know where he's coming from. i talked to a lot of people that came back from somalia and i read a lot of pirate stories and i let it be. i used my imagination.
8:46 am
>> you say you used your imagination, that line we saw in the opening clip, you look at tom hanks and you go, "i'm the captain now," that wasn't in the script? you ad libbed against one of the great actors there is. >> i didn't ad-lib, i became the character, you know, i tried to get, you know, to be that guy for that moment. >> now, tom hanks, by the way, he said when he first laid eyes on you coming in that bridge shooting that scene, he called you the skinniest most terrifying guy he had ever met. you have a lot of pressure on you, not only as a first time actor, but you also were a little concerned at how this movie would portray somalis and how they would be perceived in the community where you lived. >> absolutely. i'm just a person, you know, i live in america. so i just wanted to do the best
8:47 am
i can. you know, i love acting. i just wanted to swhee i can do as an actor. >> i think it's important to note even though this movie or as this movie is getting academy award buzz, people are talking about your performance and tom hanks' performance. at the moment, you are back driving a limo in indianapolis. >> i'm not sure, i moved on to my brother's store. >> you moved on to your brother's store, you want to continue to act? >> i will continue to act. >> you think can you find roles? >> i hope so. >> you are amazing in this movie and i think, you know, no offense to tom hanks, in some ways you stole this film. so congratulations. >> tom helped me a lot to get the part out, you know, he would motivate me in a lot of ways, paul, too. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, what a pleasure to meet you. captain philips hits theaters tomorrow t. real captain philips, by the way, will be
8:48 am
here live in our studio. up next, hardy meals you can make well ahead of time. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. but press them flat, add sauce... and some pepperoni and cheese... and school nights turn into grands mini pizza nights. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop!
8:49 am
>> this morning in today's kitchen, slow cooker meals. >> the magazine's slow cooker revolution has the recipe as the weather gets cooler. chris kim ball is the editor.
8:50 am
chris, good morning, good to see you. >> how are you, guys? >> the slow cooker can yield a gore pay meal. >> this is leak i can't believe you did that in a slow cooker, think about a slow cooker. people think it's bones and soups and stuff. it's a teeny oven. it's a moist environment. it's small, so it's great for doing stuff that other people would do in an oven. so the french cook whole chicken, an oval casserole. this is perfect for it. the only thing we node to do is create flavor, slow cookers tend to take flavor out of things because there is a lot of moisture. so we have some garlic here in oil. we have some chili powder, garden salad. mix that in. we put that in a microwave for a minute. >> why the microwave? >> it blooms the spices to bring them out. so now we have that mixture here. >> this is why i'm doing this
8:51 am
segment. we have put this underneath. >> isn't that what they do when they serve you? >> dr. lauer. >> that's fine. >> dr. lauer. >> we will put some underneath the skin an on top. >> by the end of this segment, i'll have these gloves on. >> get right in there. >> look at that. >> he's done that before, i guess. >> all right. so you put that on there. >> nicely done. >> okay. now we will put this breadside down in the cooker. that's it. no, nothing else. put this on top. >> really? >> start this, put this on low and there we are. so we're going to put this in four to five hours. it creates its own juice, it comes out looking leak this a lot of spice on it, you get a lot of moist chicken. >> you got another dish. >> what else? go ahead. sorry. >> so we're all going to do something a little unusual. we will do shrimp.
8:52 am
if you think about shrimp the problem is they overcook for 30 seconds and they're done. we will create a poaching oil. we have slivers of garlic. we have also smoked paprika and red pepper flakes. we put that in. this is the mixture that goes in here 30 minutes on low, you are creating a lot of flavor. we have two pounds of shrimp. we have to shelf them. one way is to take your finger leak this, go through, take the legs off, separate the urschel. >> why couldn't you get them peeled? sorry. a crazy question. >> you can boy them and they're peeled. you might want to use a paring knife like this, see if there is a small vein in here. those go in. this is the liquid in now for 30 minutes. put the 2 pounds of shrimp in, the top on for 20 minutes. >> wow.
8:53 am
>> they're nice and tender. >> we'll try one of those. >> the other thing we did brownies, in the kitchen, you smell that chocolate flavor, that's all the flavor coming out. if you do it in here, we do it in a springform pan, a little water in there, they're nice and moist. >> you get recipes on let's go over to natalie and al in the orange room. >> al is with me, guys, tomorrow, the team, we like to stay ahead of the trend. this is red hot. over 100 million hits all related to a fox. take a look at the singing sensation. [ music playing ] >> most of us learned animal noises when we were a kid. some are obvious, some not so much. [ music playing ] >> reporter: but in a music video for their popular talk show in norway brothers bart and
8:54 am
reguard have adopted children asking the same thing. ♪ what does the fox say? >> reporter: that's not all the fox says. part children storybook, part electric music video ♪ what's the fox say? >> reporter: in just one moth month, the fox has exploded more than 100 million views, number 6 on itunes and climbed to number 6 on the billboard charts. so how are the brothers getting ready for their big live appearance tomorrow on the plaza? by doing a special version of what does the fox say on late night with jimmy fallon. >> i got a tweet from sally, she says, i want matt and al dressed in fox costumes for this. >> tomorrow when the brothers are here.
8:55 am
>> i feel so broke. >> what does the fox say? >> all right. we're out of time. >> there you go. >> does this now make my butt look big? >> bye! . >> /*. >> we'll >> thankfully, though, those
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia canon. a big congratulations this morning to canadian author alice monroe. she was awarded this year's nobel prize in literature. the swedish academy called monroe a master of the contemporary short story. her stories include dear lines and dance of the happy shades. time to check that forecast. is it a happy one, christina? >> indeed. it's going to be happy. especially in the shade later
8:57 am
on. we have a nice day shaping up. temperatures in the 70s and lots of sunshine to go around. we're going to reach the 80s as of this weekend xshgs then kicking off next week with above average temperatures. a little bit of a warmup on our way. then as we head throughout the end of next week, temperatures drop off. might see a few light showers. hope you have a great day. so what can i get you?
8:58 am
we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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9:00 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! "today" take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," it's october 10th, 2013, alongside with natalie morales and al roker. i'm getting through the hannah anderson interview. >> amazing. >> hannah anderson kidnapping survivor, 16-years-old, talked about her frightening experience of being captured by a family friend back in august. a lot of moments to pick from, including hannah talking about her relationship with dimaggio before the kidnapping. this is for the first time. we haven't had her talk about this. >> my mom and i didn't get along
9:01 am
a year ago, so when i was having problems with her and i didn't have anyone to talk about it with, me and him, instead of talking face-to-face because we didn't have time or like calling, we'd write letters back and forth talking about like the situation and how to get through it. >> there was that time he said something about having a crush on you, what did he say and what did you think? >> i'd always want to bring my friend up to his house because we'd always play games or stuff. he'd get really upset that it was a boy and he told me that it's not that i don't want your friend up here, it's i don't want to see you kissing your friends or anything like that because i have a crush on you, not a crush like feeling a crush other than friends, like family, like i care about you. it kind of seemed like really weird. >> did you troy to keep your distance a little more? >> yeah, exactly. he got upset and would text me
9:02 am
and say that i was rude and i water staying out of his life. basically, i was after that. but i couldn't because he was my dad's best friend and he was always there is for my mom. >> hannah, when you think about him now, how do you feel about him? are you angry? are you sad? >> sick, disgusted. shocked. just mostly sick and angry. >> so sad when she made remarks about still missing her mother and brother and waiting when she comes home from school, waiting for them to walk in the door. clearly, it's only been eight weeks, she's got a lot of healing to do. i'm sure there is a lot of emotions that come through this. to back it up a bit the reason she brought up those letters and the relationship with dimaggio, a lot of people question, was there something going on will? what kind of relationship was there beforehand? she explained it well.
9:03 am
she was clearly a trouble teen, her parents were going through divorce, she was looking for someone she trusted. >> there had been those whispers, innuendo, what was going on? she was scared. >> when you hear about the creepiness of him saying he had a crush on her. >> thankfully, though, those strangers on horseback were a good-send, in fact, we reyou fighted them earlier with savannah. take a look. >> you have them? >> okay. we got christa and mark john and mike and mary young. >> hi. >> they really wanted to give you a hug. >> i feel in a grandma's place, how i would feel. we are so thrilled to see you and we brought you -- >> they hugged each other. there was a real emotional moment there. but just a remarkable young lady. you hope she has a lot of people helping her and a good support system to get through this.
9:04 am
>> that was a nice thing. they saw something that didn't make sense, they alerted authorities. >> it didn't square up. >> in effect, they saved her life a. super life. you can watch that whole interview by the way on with savannah and hannah anderson. on a lighter note, kenye and jimmy kimmel getting together. >> it was awkward. >> a twitter feud you will remember him kenye went crazy on jimmy kimmel on twitter a. war of words after kimmel hired child actors to portray kenye and portray a video. >> you say i'm trying to rejurnlgtate myself. what about design? i'm a protector. anything can you think about brought six years ago to sandy and they said no. i mean, how many have you done?
9:05 am
where is the callture at? where is the culture at? >> that's the original gaffe several request weeks ago. that's what kenye was responding to when he went off on jimmy kimmel. i think a lot of people thought this was a publicity stunt. it was not. here's the interview. >> i'm not running for office, you know what i'm saying. i'm just here to make good music, make people feel good when they hear my music. you know, when i did that interview, i was vocal about a lot of things i have been dealing with over the past ten years and classification of guest of celebrities. for me, i'm a creative genius, there is no other way to say it about yourself. i am totally weird and totally honest and totally inappropriate at times. for me to say i wasn't a genius, i would be lying to you and myself and the way paparazzi talks to me and my family is
9:06 am
disrespectful also. we bring something of joy to the world him when people hear my music, they have a good time. i should be respected. don't ask me a question about something you saw in the tabloids, don't try to antagonized me, it's not safe in this zoo. don't think i'm not from chicago for one second. >> it is the gift that keeps giving. >> in the gings, it's almost like kimmel was apologizing sort of. >> he was. >> jimmy, come on, we expected more from you. >> jimmy tried to explain the joke a bit. kenye took over. i will say something, i watched the whole interview, it was 30 minutes long. he went in to reflect. after 30 minutes, i totally understood what he was talking about. i did. >> do you think he's a genius? >> i don't say you should compare yourself to michelangelo and jesus, that's kenye
9:07 am
prerogative. >> really? >> i understand people want him to be a rapper and stay in that box. he's more than that, he wants to do all these other things, it's okay to be weird. it is. >> you got somebody like jay-z who is, i would think. >> a creative genius. >> on a level if not a little higher than kenye. >> don't you start something here. >> he lets his actions and all the other stuff speak for him. you don't hear jay-z speak about himself. >> he does koul call him good hova. kenye knows he is worried. he the telling people, deal with me. >> totally uninhibited. he speaks his mind. good for him. >> by the way, do you think he cares? the funny thing, he'll go on twitter and people will start junk on us for jumping on kenye.
9:08 am
>> i want to go on the record, i'm pro-weird, which makes me pro-kenye. >> you are in the kimmel camps. >> watch the interview. >> he did make valid point when he talked about the paparazzi, how they view these animals, like zoo animals. it's true, they get hounded every day. that's unfair, i agree, i do think he's a little way out there. >> he is. >> that's why i love him. >> watch the full interview. watch the interview. this one, i don't know about, a brooklyn restaurant that has banned talking. for the talking. >> for 90 minutes. >> a 90 minute meal twice a month. there is a four course meeshlgs 90 minutes long, no conversation allowed. >> it's like going to a buddhists, the owner said he wanted people to focus more on the food. can you imagine like if you have to sneeze or you have to comment
9:09 am
on the food. one of the diners said they actually left the restaurant to sneeze, because they were afraid of making so much noise. >> is there a punishment, like a blow dart in maybe knock you down? >> i think we should go try it out. >> no. >> could you not talk for 90 minutes? >> if i'm by myself, even thoen then i think i can only make 30. >> it's refreshing, actually. >> who do you think of the courses? do they take the plate? >> does the waiter go, how's your meal, sir? >> no, you can't talk. the waiter gives you whatever you want. >> it's like, marseilles marseilles. >> honey, i got to do the weather. >> no talking. >> are you going mime it? >>
9:10 am
[ laughter ] . >> al roker, ladies and gentlemen. >> well done. >> i'm not so good. i will read this one.
9:11 am
up next the three most common areas of chronic pain, back, knee, migraines. we will tell you what to do about all of them after this. [ bird chirping ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] build anything with the new toyota tundra. toyota. let's go places. with the new toyota tundra. don't disguise bad odors in your trash.
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9:14 am
>> it's something tens of millions of americans suffer from every day, chronic pain, whether it's your back, knees, migraine pain, it can be debilitating and takes a toll on your body. >> how can you get relief? a physician here in new york is treating chad blankenship for back pain, elliot for knee pain. audrey halperin is a chief here along with her patient migraine sufferer katherine schaefer. the let me start first with low-back pain, i, myself, suffered from it in my life as well. 31 million people suffer. chad, are you among those, tell me what your symptoms are. >> just lower back pane on the
9:15 am
left side, it's kind of been a chronic issue for me exacerbated a few years ago when i bent over to pick up a sock. >> just out of nowhere? >> out of nowhere. >> what have you do on the relieve this? >> a lot of pyrometrics strength training. he coached me and i had in the beginning cortisone shots. >> so the doctor here, you prescribe, you try to lock for other solutions besides going for the medicine or the surgery here? >> that's right. so cad came in, ewants to be active. the first question is how do we make his back start to feel better? right away, he was having pain shooting down his leg. that was just to get rid of the pain, our formula was how to we fix this so his back doesn't become debilitated, he doesn't become a statistic. he had a mountain co climb, we helped him do it literally. one we got rid of the pain, we
9:16 am
put him on exercises. >> plank exercises. >> chad has become a plank expert. you can do it like chad is zrath or do it on your elbows, which is a little easier for your shoulders, you hold this 30 second or a minute. there is a few different positions the idea of this exercises, it strengths the front and back muscle and strengthens the spine muscle. >> strengthens the core. >> give your kids a place to sit. >> which will only exacerbate the back pain, thank you, chad, are you free now, a chronic pain area are the knees. we have an example of that. tell me about elliot, your problem with the knees, when did it all start? >> as long as i can remember, i had knee pain for about 20 years. >> in both knees or one? >> what have you done to relieve that? >> well, it's a lot of -- >> azvil. >> before i met dr. metzel,
9:17 am
because of my surgery, many surgeries i have to have a lot of discomfort in the knees. >> what did the doctor prescribe here? >> when elliot showed up, he had been 50 pound heavier, another surgery would have been his sixth. so i told him, first of all, have you arthritis in your knees. that's what's bothering you. we have to control the pain, first of all. we got him a series of synthetic injectable joint fluid disco supplements. >> that helped reduce the pain. like chad, i got him started on strengthenning exercises to strengthen the muscles around the know, that helped the symptoms, he is 50 poundlighter and is playing basketball. >> elliot has become the squat king of brooklyn. >> that's a lot of pressure on the knees. go ahead. isn't that pressure on the knees? >> so he is, we got elliot working on good squats. he does about 50 a day.
9:18 am
he is doing good form here. as he gets good at this we have him do a jump in there. that's called plyometrics. >> given he has bad knees. >> he couldn't do it before, as we reduced the pain, he was able to strengthen a lot. >> good thing you lost weight, too, that taxi the pressure off the body. you look great, thank you. okay. over here, headaches, migraines, they can be absolutely debilitating. we have dr. halperin with us. katherine, you have been a long time sufferer, you suffered with them your entire life. >> my entire life. >> is it debilitate something you have to get in a dark room? >> it can be. they get more severe. it can affect my work. >> dr. halperin the most effective treatment for this besides say medicine, you also prescribe diet an exercise. >> absolutely. medicines are important in
9:19 am
helping to reduce the visibility with migraines, there are lifestyle and behavioral changes people can make for long-term benefits to help decrease the frequency and decrease the chances of having chronic migraines in the future. so regular exercise, eating a healthy and well balanced diet and especially getting enough sleep. >> and avoiding certain trigger foorksdz right? you hear about red wine, nuts, chocolate. are those things, is that still true? are those the things you should watch out for? >> those are some of the foods on the list. everybody is different as well. so some people may have migraines triggered by red wine. others may be okay. >> thank you all for being here. present it. coming up next -- >> everybody squat, come on, let's do it. >> go ahead, al. >> see, look. >> i'm next. all the news you need to get your day started. and later, how bad is it really to pluck out those greys?
9:20 am
>> not so much for me. we'll answer that an more after [ bettina ] my dentist said to me that i had acid erosion. he actually told me that a lot of the foods that i thought were really healthy for me can do damage to the enamel on my teeth. i am a healthy girl, i love salads, i love fruits, and it's not something i want to give up. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel twice a day as my daily toothpaste. pronamel will help protect the enamel from future erosion. it's just so great because all of those foods that i enjoyed so much, i didn't want to give up, and now i can continue to have them. i didn't want to give up, i create my unique looke new l'oreal super slim liner point 4 millimeter precision and control lets you go subtle or striking a pigment so rich my ultimate perfection the new super slim liner. from l'oreal paris
9:21 am
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9:24 am
television world. panasonic says they are getting out of the plasma tv business. last year it posted losses of more than $700 million, mostly on its under performing plasma display unit. experts say led tvs won the battle manly because they are cheaper. it won't cost you a penney to buy french fries, they will give away value chain satisfries. no remeeting, a.m., burger king expects to put out 10 million orders, mostly going to al. oprah winfrey is throwing the largest yard sale, auction-goers will be able tofy furniture and antiques from her home. sign me up. it will go to the oprah winfrey college fund for girls in south africa. i want to send it back to willie
9:25 am
and al who are still sal rate ising over the free fries. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain. you make him rookie of the year. we took care of your cold symptoms. you take him on an adventure. tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®.
9:26 am
zood thursday morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia canon. the city of san carlos is preparing to spend a quarter of a million dollars to look into the safety of a potentially dangerous pipeline. the city manager says he wants to spend the money to hire a team of experts to investigate whether a pg&e pipeline running right through the city is dangerous. he plans to ask the council for approval at a meeting on monday. just two days ago the cpuc ordered pg&e to keep the natural gas pipeline shut down after internal emails revealed concerns about core rogues and cracks. today is the deadline for foster farms. usda is threatening to shut down three plants involved in a recent salmonella outbreak unless the company can explain how it plans to fix the
9:27 am
unsanitary conditions that led to the outbreak. one of the plants is located just outside tracy. the other two are in fresno. the outbreak has sickened hundreds of people including here, some in the bay area. the company has not recalled any of its products. instead, it's warning consumers to make sure the chicken is cooked to at least 165 degrees. we're going to take a short break and have a look at weather and traffic.
9:28 am
welcome back. this is san bruno. not a cloud in the sky here. a little hazy. we have good to moderate air quality for the greater bay area. highs will be comfortable just as warm at the coast today as what we're expecting here in san jose. 72 degrees here. on the way to san francisco, getting the next couple of days, the warming trend will really kick in. especially this weekend when temperatures climb into the 80s. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s as we finish off next week. let's check your drive. say good-bye to mike. >> good morning. we're looking at an easy drive here. 101 at 680.
9:29 am
let's show the slowdown still going on just north of there from 101. 280 at 880, another crash just around the interchange. that is clearing from lanes, and 85 had a couple of earlier crashes between 87 and highway 17. those have cleared as well. big slowdown now. yeah, we traditionally see one lane flowing north 280, and south 280 swardz sand hill. the alert still in place. two lanes blocked for a period of time, and now just one lane. there's a crash out there. i'm hearing there's a lot of sun in your eyes there and southbound through fremont where there's slowing towards mission. back to you. >> thank you very much. we're also monitoring what's going on with bart. we'll have the very latest coming up as well as joaning you early if we need to.
9:30 am
. >> oh, that's scary. >> that ice skating rink. oh, i'm a fan. the ice is down. >> actually saturday i this i the results are here. >> our stage manager kate. >> saturday, right? >> she skates every day. >> we will be talking like dracula. >> for thriller. >> when they change the seasons, they put the ice down the rink bar goes up. >> they have the zamboni coming. knock everybody off the bar. unbelievable. >> i don't think that's the count anymore. >> no, no, the insult. >> you are the guy from, you are glu. >> yes. >> "despicable me. request itself. >> all kind of eastern european.
9:31 am
>> google shared with us its list of top trending halloween costumes. number 5 is miley the vma ensemble. >> no foam finger. >> i'm sure they'll have that. >> duck dynasty the huge massively popular show number 4 on their list. >> that's an easy one to do. >> cool. >> number 3, you were rocking this earlier. >> not that fox. >> apparently, there is a sexy fox costume. >> of course. >> isn't that an oxymoron? >> i think it has to do -- this is, we got the whole band from norway, the guys from norway tomorrow. what does the fox say? >> number three. >> you can understand why, there you go, walter white and number 1 as you mentioned it's not glu. >> from "despicable me." we have favorites around here. >> do you go out?
9:32 am
>> usually if i have a good costume on the "today" show, the eddie munster. i wore that, my son didn't know it was me. who is this person with the pointy hair. >> why is my mom dressed as a boy? al, you got a favorite, too. >> every guys, i think guy's fantasy is dressing up as superman. >> there you go. except my cape got stuck in the door. >> will ferrell. >> megamind that year. >> willie's first halloween with us will be this year. >> we have a secret planned. i was in the costume store there is a willie on duck dynasty, it will be hard not to be willie robertson from duck dynasty. >> i think that's perfect for you. >> al, a check of the weather. i think this time you can talk. >> we have audio, sound and picture. for today, a system making its way up the coast.
9:33 am
it will be a wet, windy day in the northeast. a risk of storms back through central high plains. windy weather, tomorrow, we expect that wet weather to make it up into coastal new england. a slight risk of storms, plenty of sun schein and warmth from california on into 9:33 on a thursday morning. beautiful sky over the golden gate bridge rain. you can see old glory getting a little bit of pickup. a lot of spectateors out there. we're going to see a nice finish to today. still chilly, though. 70 in fremont. 71 in san francisco. in oakland 72 degrees where the a's are back at it this evening. it's do or die time as they take on the tigers for the fifth time. let's go, a's. temperatures warm up as we head into this upcoming weekend. hope you have a great day. >> do you find yourself, what
9:34 am
about plucking out those grey hairs? >> here with the answers, colleen sullivan, contributing editor, hgtv. good to see you. >> how bad is it? >> a game that's sweeping the nation. >> willie, start with you, you are shopping for an area rug for your hardwood floors, how easy is it to forego a rug pad? >> it goes underneath the rug. >> it's not going to kill you, right? eh, 0 for 1. it's really bad. it will protect your floor. some ruks act almost like sandpaper, they can scratch your rug. sometimes the ink bleeds through and it can extend the life, the fibers are not going to get pressed down, it will make things more comfortable and spacey. a rug pad holds the rug down. you don't want your kids taking a magic carpet ride, safety is important. lots of rug pads on the market.
9:35 am
>> ask yourself why not? >> you don't want to skimp. natalie, your turn. countertops. >> you finished dinner, you need to wash the countertop, how bad is it? >> i'm thinking bad because i done it, i i see what it does. >> it is pretty bad. with amoneyia it can etch and dumb your countertops, grant or marshall, it doesn't have disinfectant. it doesn't clean up the food and bacteria. it's easy to grab that, don't do it. instead, buy an a.ia free multi-use product made for countertops. >> it doesn't matter? right. >> i grab the first thing under the sink, pledge, that's a bad idea. >> willie, here is the chance to come back. you are working key girls, you drink from your disposable water bottle, you refill it.
9:36 am
how bad is it? >> you feel like are you doing a good thing but it's bad, plastics are leaking into the water? >> it's pretty bad. before you open, ding, ding, ding, before you open a water bottle, it's not 100% sterile, every time you take a swick the bacteria and germs in your mouth, how can you clone that? the mouth is so small, you know what will happen if you throw it in the did she washer, lock for alummium or a bpa free plastic bottle. >> bowling alley, how bad is it to wear these shoes? >> natalie, it's saturday afternoon, how bad is it to wear the rented shoes? >> i think if i'm wearing sock, i am okay. >> natalie, without socks, that's disgusting. >> it's not so bad, granted, 100 people have worn those shoes before you, probably sweated in those shoes. yes, you can get athlete foot
9:37 am
fungus the simple solution is wear socks, if are you hypervigilant, take some powder. it's raining, winner gets the dog. >> winner gets the dog. >> he's muddy and wet, you throw him in the tub. how bad is it to use human shampoo, people shampoo on your dog? >> i don't think it's terrible. it's shampoo, right? >> it's horrible, it's super bad. your dog's skin is super sensitive, what happens is it strips the oil on your dog, which makes it sus sentibuscept to viruses. >> good job there. >> really quick, pulling grey hairs, is that okay? >> do i this all the time. >> you will damage your hair follicle. you will then have thinning hair because it won't grow back.
9:38 am
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me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. you'll never believe they're light. it's back. olive garden's buy one take one. go for dinner tonight and take home a second entrée for later. all for just $12.99. choose one of five favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken. then choose another favorite to take home. like new mezzaluna ravioli. go for dinner tonight, and take home a second entree. buy one, take one, just $12.99. go olive garden. and try our unlimited homemade soup, crisp salad, and warm breadsticks lunch just $6.99. >> it's that time of year when the neighbors try to outdo themselves with the over the top deck rakess, all over the place. >> if your kids are begging you to start decorating, we got some
9:42 am
easy projects to get you going. she found creative ideas on pinterest, popular with moms. >> we got three weeks until halloween. have you decorated? >> oh, no, not at all. >> okay. so let's start with this mummy door. this is one of the most popular designs from pinterest. great party streamers. >> that's right. if you don't want to get your hands dirty when carveing pumpkins, we have a few ideas for no carve pumpkins. we use acrylic paint and glitter. this is on design with a spider leg. those are actually sprinkler pipes, if you can believe it or not. it plugs right into the legs. that's an egg carton as his eyes. isn't that cute? >> you rip up your irrigation system? >> why not. you can get it at a ard ware store. every spider needs a web.
9:43 am
we got drop cloth itself here and tape. this took me about five minutes to make. >> that took you five minutes? you are the fastest. >> you are the expert here. >> i love those. these are craft letters you can find online, lug in christmas lights in them. >> dim the lights. >> we have monsters here as well. >> oh, dear. >> yeah. whoa. all right. this actually is rolls of paper towels, you cut twists in, you can put a glow stick in them. put them in your bushes. that's right, exactly. speaking of lights. you notice these lanterns leading up to the doorway. i will show you how to make candy corn lanterns out of a mason jar and balloons. you sfip off the ends of the balloon. i can let you do the, if you want. you will put it around the mason jar, so it's like this.
9:44 am
i will move over here. >> you are layering. >> exactly. look at you, diy er. beautiful. love it. okay. we also have bloody candles, these are a creepy centerpiece, can you start melting a red wax kond him. so you start drinking over your white candle. it creates a cool bloody effect which will creep out your friends and family for halloween. these government stars are vaess in apothecary jars upsidedown, construction paper to make the masks. super simple. there are blindfolds. this is a pinterest segment. you got to pin the spider on the web. >> these are bloody gauz that act as blindfolds, all right, who wants purple? who wants black?
9:45 am
>> i'll take fwlak. >> your blindfold, you got both. there you go. spin around five times. >> oh, for heaven's sake. >> get dizzy. >> one, two, three. >> perfect. >> four, five. >> pin the spider on the web. oh, uh-o. you are cheating. >> that's not the web. that's not the web. wrong web. wrong web. >> those aren't pillows. >> there you go! >> oh, you missed it. >> oh, this is from nail art actually, a popular thing on pinterest. you can decorate 18 design, nail and yarn. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, keeping in step with the latest trends of men and women's foot we're. how to pull those off
9:46 am
♪ all right, let's go ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate
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9:49 am
hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup! >> all right, with some of the hottest seasons, you think how can i pull it off? >> i do it all the time. the founder of chic chicas is here. >> men are not wearing over the knee boughts. >> we will start with the women. over the knee boots scare women. nobody wants to have that pretty woman moment. >> how high can you go? >> you don't want to go too
9:50 am
high. you want to keep them casual. i love a flad over flat over the knee boot. on kelly, we have this great blanket cost belted at the waist, a gorgeous flat designer for $199.99. can you find them. >> men getting edgy with two tone. >> i love when men add color. pick pops of color, like oranges an blues. on robert, we did a boot, it has a lot of blue in it. you bring the blue up into the outfit. can you do a played shirt from old navy. it's a spierry boot. super cute. >> for women, oxford shoes for the shoe scene.
9:51 am
>> these are classically for men, women are self-conscious of wearing a flat shoe, they are taking over fashion t. 63 to pair them with federal government fin things, a shorter, flirty skirt. i found them for $29.98 on >> can you do this with a kirt and say jeans? >> you could not with a jean or pants. i would suggest doing it with a skirt or a dress. it feels more feminine and the tights. >> it's all about comfort. >> exactly. all about comfort. it's the easiest one, anyone can wear it. >> they are not wearing them out and about? >> dress up your lounge we're, we don't have them in pa ja mas. >> you could wear these outside. >> you could. >> like pugs.
9:52 am
>> get your mail, have a cup of coffee outside, so you can can be comfortable and chic. >> he is kind of wearing your pants. >> let me say, they're very in right now. >> track pants, not sweat pants, they are all the rage this season. >> i'm telling you, i'm up to something. >> thank you,. >> thank you, guys. coming up next, family game night, a super sized edition of jenga. that's coming up, first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> watch out family network, we got a giant size genga. we have our host todd with us. >> hey. >> that's a big one.
9:55 am
supersized one. >> whoever makes the tower fall. >> go ahead, willie, be careful. we made this extra big. >> we only have a minute here, natalie. >> you go. >> i will be brave and go for the middle. >> al calls it, he's the one that gets to knock it down if it doesn't go unon its own. >> oh. >> oh! . >> you are terrible at jenga. >> two pieces. >> we only had a minute. >> you didn't even have a glass of ween. >> that's cool. that's it. >> we stack 'em. >> family game night airs sunday. 7:00 eastern. 4:00 pacific. >> kathie lee and hoda and a whole lot more after your loca
9:56 am
we have breaking news from the south bay. reports of a gunman. this is happening somewhere near sweeney hall. we've just heard official word from that campus spokesperson
9:57 am
right now. she is confirming that sweeney hall is, in fact, on lockdown at this hour. we can also tell you that is the only building on campus on lockdown. we're also learning an emergency text message alert has been sent out to all students notifying them of this going situation. we do have a crew right now heading to the scene over there at this moment, and we will bring you more information as it does become available. we will keep you posted on that one. right now let's get a check on your local weather and find out what's happening outside on a thursday morning. how are we looking? >> hey, thanks. we have a gorgeous fall day shaping up. temperatures climbing a touch from yesterday's highs, and widespread 70s. only place i'm forecasting the upper 60s is down in santa cruz, and that's because that's where we will see low clouds lingering for the fist part of the day. otherwise, the coast is mostly clear in san francisco. 71 degrees. 72 in san jose. a little bit of a warming trend as we head through saturday and the beginning of next week. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> all right. we're looking over here towards the san mateo bridge where we
9:58 am
have a couple of issues slowing down in the westbound commute direction, but you see it's all clear now on the hayward side. let's look at the map. we're looking at approaching the 10:00 hour. both the san mateo and dunbarton bridge moving smoothly, and oxcñ on the peninsula side, you see 101 is slow, and 92 and the interchange is good right now. here we're showing southbound 280 from about 92 all the way down past 94 towards hand hill. we have the earlier sig alert. we have a easy recovery southbound. watch as you are heading into the sun. >> mike, thank you very much. once again, we want to update the breaking news that reports of a gunman on the san jose state university campus. we've been told by the spokesperson there that, yes, sweeney hall is on lockdown. we'll keep you posted and more coming up for you in half. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
9:59 am
or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaz and it is a chilly little thirsty thursday. apparently we are still brilliant. >> three weeks in a row. if you get the daily news we have a column that is in the third week. we are getting a rhythm. >> don't you think? >> it is one of the things you have to find. back pedaling. we are going forward.
10:01 am
>> anyway. it is fun to read and read it. the feud came to a head last night. they were having a sort of gangster twitter feud. kimmal made fun of kanye. what was going to happen? sparks would fly. please watch intently. >> this is what i'm here to do. i don't compare myself to steve jobs, david stern, jesus, or whatever it is. i'm saying these are my heroes. this is the type of impact i want to make on the earth. the way paparazzi talks to me and my family is disrespectful. we bring something of joy to the world. when people hear my music they
10:02 am
have a good time. i should be respected as such when i walk down the street. don't try to antagonize me. it is not safe for you. never think that i'm not from chicago for one second. >> and violence is always the answer. what was that? >> that is kanye. the more and more i think about this so much in the press about bruce and kris splitting up and bruce getting his own place. we understand why, because kanye was moving in bruce was moving out. don't call bruce stupid. >> you should point out one thing in kanye's defense they did a spoof with josh saying kanye's tweets and kanye took it. when he came out he was laughing so it does show he can take a joke. >> i guess so.
10:03 am
the lack of modesty to me and one of the least attractive things in a human being. it just is. as for him impacting the whole world i'm sure he has impacted millions. i don't know one of his songs. he doesn't look like that he is setting new grounds for style or for fashion. i don't know who is in his universe. i'm happy he's got one but he thinks everyone feels that way about him is wrong. >> can i interject? last night -- >> i never stay up until midnight ever. >> well, a couple of times. >> sarah was playing at radio city. she packed and stood up on the stage in awe. she gave an explosive concert just her and her guitar and piano. look at my picture. i can't even take a picture.
10:04 am
the whole place was packed. brittany was there. >> brittany spears or our brittany? >> our brittany. if you want to look like you are having more fun than you are, open your mouth and everybody thinks you are on an amusement ride. let's talk about suzanne summers, your friend. >> your friend, too. there has been so much press about the miley cyrus thing about saying people over 40 never have sex. suzanne, 66-year-old suzanne has revealed she and her husband of 36 years, they get it on twice a day, people. twice a day. she's a big proponent of hormones. she says she has gotten on hormones and they are 4:00 in
10:05 am
the morning. i want to know what they do in between. >> they probably nap, take a rest. what do you think about people over a certain age how often they have sex? >> you can only speak for yourself and it is nobody's business. she has made a career saying if you want that kind of a sex life go on my hormones. sometimes the medical society will tell you don't do it. again, she looks darn good. and the thing about the two of them, every time you are around them and i think i have known her almost 35 or 40 years, since i got to hollywood she was already there. i have never seenher without allen ever and i never seen them without laughing and having fun. if you are in love but are not having fun don't marry that earn
10:06 am
p. if you want to have fun for the rest of your life. >> every time she has been on the show -- >> he is always with her. that wouldn't work for if an awful lot of people but it works for them. >> we asked do you think most couples married a long time have sex more than once a day. that seems like the answer is no. >> apparently 82% said no. >> sometimes it makes you feel bad when you are like are these couples having sex. i think they are but they are having trouble with it. >> if you watch tv from the demographics of who is watching what. i am a news junky. i go all over. everyone of them has commercials for viagra and cialis and vagisil. >> don't say that one. >> it is apparently a very fine product. i am writing a song, i am over
10:07 am
everybody's wang. i'm over it. does anybody's work in this world today? besides kanye's? >> and do we care. >> and because his is genius apparently. do we care? who has no trouble at all in that department? >> one, two. >> who has has trouble lying? >> one, two. >> okay, good. same hands went up. >> here's something -- think about your wedding night. >> which one? >> here's the question. did you have sex on your wedding night? okay. there's a new poll out about that, and the new poll says that more than half of couples do not consummate their marriage the night of their wedding. >> most of them have been con sue mating for a long time. too much to drink, mad at each other. it's a long wedding, schmoozed
10:08 am
everybody, you're exhausted. you know, what bothers me, can't we say instead of had sex, can't we say made love. there is a difference, people. and if you've had sex and never made love, you don't know what you're missing. >> you're right. anyway, the jonas brothers, in case you were wondering, have cancelled their tour. >> stop it, what am i going to do? >> they had a 19-date concert tour. two days before their first show, this is the statement that came out, there is a deep rift within the band. there was a big disagreement over their music direction. now this is what i read somewhere. there's a song i love dearly that they do called pom-pom. >> yeah. ♪ feels like -- >> you are trying to get two in today. >> no. but apparently some in that group of three to want go more
10:09 am
rock. ♪ hands are free anyway. but somebody wants to go more rocky and others want to go more poppy. that's the risk. >> i did 40 years of concert work, and ahead of the time, you know, what you're going to be performing. you have things that are made, you have been rehearsing, two days before once you've signed contract with promoters and the venues and tickets have been sold. that doesn't cut it. that's not when you have a musical rift. maybe a different kind. there are strings attached. you have to have an excellent reason. usually it's death in the family, something to do with your own physical ability to perform. >> right. >> but because you decided one wants to be pop you and rocky, that doesn't jive. >> we wondered about ticket sales, were they selling well.
10:10 am
everybody is going to be reimbursed. >> i like them, but it's disingenerous to say this. >> you're going to say this. sara burrelless. >> i will love it. >> this is a little bit of a music video. if you are afraid to speak up, tell your boss, boyfriend, friend something and you're scared, listen to this son, it gives you the moxie and juice, and there's a line in there that says show me how big your brave it. it's called brave. ♪ maybe there's a way out of the cage where you live ♪ ♪ maybe once you can let it right in ♪ ♪ show me how big your brave is ♪ ♪ say what you want to say and let the words fall out ♪
10:11 am
♪ honestly i want to say it be brave ♪ ♪ what you want to say and let the words fall out ♪ ♪ honestly i want to say it be brave ♪ >> yeah, she's fantastic. we knew from the first time she came here. she sat down and just sang her heart out. and no diva, nothing. she is -- she is a musical instrument and love. and you went backstage. >> you know what, it was a great, great night. i was playing the songs in my head over and over. >> if you're going to stay out, make it worth it. you're running out of time like we all are. you realize that, if i didn't live in connecticut, i would have been there. i love her to pieces. is it okay or not okay to kiss a dog on the lips? >> oh -- >> we had a little something to say about that.
10:12 am
only if the dog doesn't mind. >> oh, god. >> here's what i say. >> it's okay, but no tongue. don't ask. >> i think that last one was -- never mind. >> what was that? >> i think that was a rooster. i get carried away sometimes. it's thirsty thursday. spiked apple cider. >> how are we going to make it through the show? >> i don't know. how do we do it, hoda? day after day. we have an excellent show, but before that, teacher of the year, we're looking for the featurer of the year. if there's somebody in your life teaching between kindergarten and 12 and had a major impact. submit an essay. that's why we're not getting entries? or -- >> 500 pages, double spaced.
10:13 am
>> after we gather all the submissions, you can vote for the feature eteacher you think teacher of the year, and school supplies. >> everybody who is up for a good time. and you're going to find out, the only paris hilton. >> and everyone has a story. a great one today. stick around for that. >> i'm choking on it. shh, shh, . ♪ [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever, you raise her spirits. we took away her ear ache, you kept the midnight watch. we reduced his teething pain, you turn up his smile. infants' tylenol® reduces fever and pain while being gentle on the tummy. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. infants' tylenol®.
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10:17 am
she is the gorgeous heiress who became a household name hitting the most exclusive parties with some of the world's most famous celebrities. the club scene may not be paris hilt hilton's thing these days. but she hasn't slowed down focusing on her dozens, 50 retail stores. her fashion line, 16 fragrances that made over a billion dollars apparently and her music. >> very fancy. >> her latest single is called "good time." that's just what she's having these days. >> hi, girl. how do you have time to have a good time if you are working so hard. >> it's crazy. i'm having so much fun. >> you step back into the music world again. what made you decide to go back there? >> i just love music. it's always been a huge passion of mine. i've been in the past two years working hard on this album. >> what's great about this song is it's not just you, it's lil wayne. have you been friends for years? >> he's a great guy.
10:18 am
>> let's play a little piece see how you two mesh up. any time. ♪ i'm having a good time because i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ >> apparently the rest of it we had to edit because lil wayne says some naughty things and you do some naughty things. >> he has a little potty mouth in the song. >> was it easy to get him to get on this record? >> yeah, we've recorded a few songs together. we're on the same label. >> when you step out and do something different than what people -- you are always going to open yourself for criticism. are you over that now? do you just not even read it, not let it get to you anymore. >> i don't pay attention. i think people who talk bad about others are haters and they don't feel good about themselves. they like to speak bad about others. >> you're just giving them power when you -- >> yeah. >> interesting reading the note about -- i didn't know you had
10:19 am
so many stores all over the world. 50 stores? >> yeah. >> where are they? >> all in europe, asia, middle east and now we'll have one in maui coming up and l.a. >> is it retail, clothes and makeup? >> carries all my products. i have 17 different product lines. carries everything. >> so you are quite the little kathy ireland, aren't you? fragrances, too, are your thing? >> i'm about to release my 16th fragrance. >> 16th? >> and you are in the process of all of these things as well? >> everything. >> everything. i do a little bit of stuff and if you are going to be involved, it's a lot of work. >> it is a lot of work. >> you obviously spend a lot of time in hollywood and you can also take a look back at the big picture since you travel around. when you look in as like the latest news and see a miley cyrus who is, you know, getting a lot of headlines for good and bad reasons, what do you think? what advice if any, would you give to someone like hoar? >> she's having fun. she's young. she wants to express herself. she doesn't care what anyone
10:20 am
thinks. i think she's an artist. she can do what she wants. >> so are you and so are we. i thought we'd play a little spin the bottle with you. i'm going to spin it. all right. hodie has a question for you. >> i have to get up. >> we don't do this that much. >> here's the question. are we ready? >> yes. >> what does it say? if you were a cocktail, what would you be? >> i would be -- strawberry daiquiri because i'm sweet. >> aw. that's cute. >> do we have time for one more, hoda? >> we do. >> your bra straps are showing, by the way. >> of course they are, because i'm me. >> i'm just going to take another one. this one says, who was your best kiss? >> you have plenty of time.
10:21 am
>> my boyfriend. >> you are in a long-term relationship now, huh? >> yeah. >> and that's going well? >> we've been together a year and a half. >> is that a record, year and a half? >> yeah. >> he's cute, by the way. >> just look at the pictures. >> well, we wish you all the luck. >> thank you. >> god bless, hon. they got up early hoping to get picked off the plaza for an ambush makeover. two ladies get the makeover. you have to see the two ladies get the makeover. you have to see the transformati what if we took all this produce from walmart, two ladies get the makeover. yand secretly served it up at tranthis produce stand in the heart of apple country. it's a fresh-over. come on in, tastes some apples. tell us what you think. that's really good. nice and crunchy. this is the best-est. a burst of flavor. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. all this produce you see, comes from walmart. oh my goodness! are you serious? oh, you're kidding! i definitely would shop at walmart now. fine, fresh, crisp apples and all your quality produce backed by our 100% moneyback guarantee.
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10:25 am
themselves for the very first time. >> our ambush makeovers for two wonderful ladies out on the plaza. ♪ ♪
10:26 am
[ male announcer ] old el paso frozen entrees. now in freezers. [ male announcer ] old el paso frozen entrees. never has to fade.t youthful glow from l'oreal the first ever facial oil: new age perfect glow renewal. restoring power of 8 essential oils. nourishes deeply to renew skin's youthful glow. new l'oreal age perfect glow renewal. breaking news in the south bay right now. reports of a gunman on the san jose state university campus somewhere near sweeney hall. we've just heard from campus spokesperson, and she is confirming that sweeney hall is on lockdown right now.
10:27 am
it is the only building on campus on lockdown. we have our chopper over the scene right now as well as nbc bay area's marianne favro down on the ground there. she just arrived on scene. she joins us now on the phone. what can you tell us? what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, i'm standing here in front of two police cars, and i'm here near sweeney hall on the san jose state campus. just a few minutes ago university spokeswoman confirmed that there was a credible witness who called in this morning that they saw a gunman going into sweeney hall. right now a -- it's business as usual on the west of the campus as students are moving freely on other parts of the campus, including buildings right next to sweeney hall. a text went on this morning at 9:31 to students. i heard some students who voiced concerns that there may be a gunman on campus, and are now deciding to walk in groups instead of alone. right now there are officers surrounding the area, and we also have both patrol cars and
10:28 am
individual officers who are at the exits of sweeney hall, staking out that area. again, a shelter in place has been issued, but only for sweeney hall on the san jose state campus. reporting live in san jose. back to you. >> all right. before you go, are they keeping their students inside at all? are they -- what are they doing -- telling students in that area? it sounds like it's kind of a fluid situation out there. >> reporter: it is an extremely fluid situation because according to the officer i just spoke with a few seconds ago, he said they have not actually specifically seen the officer -- rather, the gunman. there was just a report that ju the gunman going into sweeney hall, but he has not been visibly spotted by officers as of yet. what they are doing is they're issuing a shelter in place, meaning that the students who are already inside sweeney hall cannot come out. they're supposed to shelter in place in their individual classrooms.
10:29 am
i can tell you that other professors have been coming out in nearby buildings encouraging students not to hang out in front of the buildings and to get inside as quickly as possible. overall students are pretty casual, and they are walking right along side the buildings that are right next to sweeney hall. >> all right. we got a report from san jose state university. the report, a description of the gunman. a white male, all black clothing, possible handgun, and now an update that the gunman could be hiding that handgun in his waist band. anything else? anything new that you are hearing from them? >> reporter: no. i just talked to officer mackey on the scene. they did not disclose any more about the description of the gunman at this point, but they are looking at everybody as a possible suspect. >> we're hoping to get another update from san jose state university campus officials at 10:45 this morning. meantime, we're going to stay on the story as we return you back to the "today" show this morning. reports of a gunman on san jose state university campus. we'll have the very latest
10:30 am
coming up on our next broadcast at 11:00 a.m. as well. please join us then. chance to get a brand new look courtesy of our crack makeover team. luis licari. >> and today contributor and contributing editor for people style watch and author jill martin. >> how was it outside on the plaza? >> today was one of the most exciting days for us. because we've never had so many signs. >> really? >> it is growing every week. >> and a pet. >> and a pet. >> first off, ortensia barrera from los angeles, california. she told us her daily beauty
10:31 am
routine consists of showering and running out the door. she's always up for an adventure and jumped at the chance for a whole new look. let's take a listen. >> surprise! i know you weren't expecting this. >> i was not and i'm a little offended if you want to know the truth. >> just so you know, we look for beautiful people in the crowd and we say to ourselves, could we make them more glam. >> that's a good save. i'm not buying it, but i'm excited and can't wait. >> i love to see what you can do with this. >> i love her. and i know you have one request for your friend. >> got to protect her hair. she's got amazing hair. >> we don't have to protect her personality because she has that intact. do you trust us? you okay with this? >> yes. >> there was a slight hesitation. >> all right. she's here with her friend anna. anna, you have your pliblindfol
10:32 am
on. she's got attitude, too. here your blindtold on. here's ortencia before. come on out. >> oh, my gosh! oh! >> ann, are you ready? take off your blindfold. >> oh, my god! you look amazing! >> are you ready to see yourself? >> oh, my gosh! >> is that me? >> that's you. >> we're the other ones. >> i like the new way of doing this. >> spin right back around. >> gorgeous. >> thank you. >> tell us about the hair. the whole goal of today's segment was to keep the hair simple so that you can maintain the look when she goes back to california. so this is a simple bob haircut, the swept bangs. i barely lightened her hair and added the highlights. you look like a southern california girl, darling. >> what do you think, anna. >> amazing. i've never seen her with makeup or heels. >> yeah, the dress, jill.
10:33 am
>> isn't it great? >> she looks amazing. >> new by cherry from edress me. of course we love red. she said she's never worn anything like it and she's never really walked in heels. >> how do those feel? >> good? >> great. >> she's just getting them. >> you look fabulous. >> a big round of applause. >> go join your friend right over there. >> second lady is thea rosen, 69 from new york city. she used to dress to the nines when she was younger but now that she's older, she goes with what's comfortable. she begged us to make her glam all over again. all right. let's listen to her story. >> a note from lexi. i had my grooming yesterday. please make this my mom's day. i love that. so why do you want this makeover? >> we are just retired. and we're moving to florida. and she has made my day. >> oh. >> she snapped. i don't know how happy she is. >> marvin, what do you think?
10:34 am
>> this is the love of my life. it won't make her heart better, but it will make her face better. >> marvin, we love you. you're picked. let us go. >> that is her husband marvin and their dog lexi. lexi is not happy, but, anyway, let's take one last look at thea rosen before and let's see if she is ready to make the trip to florida. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> you look great. >> marvin is going to flip. marvin, are you and lexi ready? >> i'm ready. >> all right, baby. take off the blinders. >> holy mackerel. holy mackerel! wow! i don't think lexi recognized you. she's staring. look at that. >> she's looking. >> she is staring. >> take a look at yourself. >> oh, i love it.
10:35 am
>> look at that hairstyle. >> oh, i knew i had potential. >> you sure do. >> i love that cut. delightful hairstyles. >> isn't it great? and, of course, what he wanted to do was use the curl, but control the curl so she can maintain it herself at home. and enid put individual eyelashes on to keep -- emphasize the eyes. i always like to emphasize one feature. eyelashes are the perfect way to do it but very natural looking and added a little depth to the color. you can keep it up easily in florida. >> marvin, what do you think? >> look at marvin. >> what can i tell you. she's the love of my life. >> you guys have been married how long? >> 30-some odd years. three children her. three children mine. six ours. >> you guys are the bread bunch. >> seven grandchildren. >> she wants the dog. >> lexi. >> great job.
10:36 am
>> that's a hot dress. >> that's the dress. the story is amazing. the dog. >> come on over. >> marvin, try to control yourself. >> come on over. >> thank you, ladies. >> i know you don't want to go away from her. >> no. >> we're going to meet a remarkable woman who found peace in music coming up after this. across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
10:37 am
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10:40 am
♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life and then it's suddenly clear ♪ today we meet our newest "everyone has a story" contest winner. teresa sario. >> a devastating accident on a street in new york changed teresa's life. we'll meet her in a moment. first, let's listen to her amazing story. >> my name is teresa sareo. i'm a singer/songwriter from new york city. on june 11th, 2002, less than a month afterify 40th birthday, i was walking in midtown manhattan and was suddenly struck by an impaired driver. i lost my entire right leg at my hip on impact. i woke up from a coma at bellevue hospital a week later and was told what happened to me. i was utterly devastated. disabled and disfigured, i thought my career as an entertainer was over. i had no idea what life on one leg would be like.
10:41 am
at this point, my long journey of recovery began. it takes a village to survive trauma. i relied on the support of loved ones, doctors and caregivers, but ultimately it was my life of music that saved me. music therapy was immediately implemented during my inpatient rehab treatment. from the nurses playing my original cds in the icu to using vocal exercises to help regain my respiratory strength. but it was the act of visiting and singing for other trauma patients that truly transformed me. by sharing my experience through song with others in need, i found a new life's mission. i have since dedicated my life and career to advocating for trauma survivors, especially our wounded military. i became the first civilian to sing the national anthem at walter reed army hospital. and the first u.s. performer to tour our wounded warrior
10:42 am
transition units in europe. it was one of the proudest moments of my life. >> okay. and teresa is here along with her doctor. dr. david rockaforte. there's a beautiful relationship here. because you were -- we were listening to your story. you were -- you can't keep your hands off the man. he means a lot to you, doesn't he? >> david was one of the first people to know me from the moment i was changed forever. and so it's a special relationship. >> you know what's interesting about you. we're watching you watch the piece and we watch you go through the trauma and you are watching the piece in an inquisitive way. as soon as you start talking about how you're helping other people, that's when you get emotional. it's not about you. it seems like it's always about the others out there. >> you know, i started giving back really for selfish reason was to help make me feel better because, you know, when you go through a trauma and a loss like this, you are completely
10:43 am
devastated. you don't know what -- no one gives you a rule book or a hand book. >> your future never looked like that. >> exactly. >> in any scenario. >> so you trend to gravitate towards people who know what your suffering is like. >> that really caught my eye because i did the same thing with my sister during the vietnam war at walter reed, right where you were. we had a little group and we used to sing to the guys. and it changed my life forever. >> it does. it just does. >> and they're so grateful you come and see them and you understand. you, far more than we did. you are one of them. and so it's a club you never want to join but once you are there, i can imagine the friendships you're making now. >> the blessings behind every tragedy and there are many, and it takes a long time to open your heart to see them, but, really, it's the people you meet along the way. and when you sit with our wounded troops, there's a blessing that comes to you that, really, you can't describe. >> as a doctor and now -- when
10:44 am
you watch how far she's come, it's got to be remark believe. >> we're always happy treating trauma patients when we can get them back doing the things they were doing before they were injured. and she was singing within a few weeks, which, that was rewarding for us. but what she has done since then has really been impressive and humbling to see and especially coming back to bellevue and volunteering as an amputee peer counselor and helping out injured patients. >> i love all of the -- "everyone has a story" but what i love is you are actually going to perform the song that kathie and david wrote for you. it makes it extra special. >> it's very special. very rare performance. she's about to take the stage and sing the song that david and i wrote for her right after this.
10:45 am
it'sin vivid color sensational the vivids, from maybelline, new york. brighter color from our vivid pigments... ...honey nectar for a creamier feel. color sensational the vivids ♪ maybe it's maybelline. your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains.
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10:47 am
10:48 am
and we're back with "everyone has a story" honoring teresa sereo who is here with her doctor, dr. rockeforte.
10:49 am
david and i wrote a song to honor our winner. instead of having somebody else sing it, we're so happy to have teresa sing it herself. it's called "the melody of you." all yours, sweetie. ♪ for as long as i can remember music guided my way ♪ ♪ it gave my spirit its voice and it gave my soul its face ♪ ♪ but i never dreamed that my music would sound the way it now does ♪ ♪ for i am no longer
10:50 am
the singer the writer or even the woman i was ♪ ♪ i'm better i'm stronger for the pain it helped me see the hurt in other people's eyes ♪ ♪ the clouds in other people's skies and now with joy i realize in the melody i sing ♪ ♪ all the healing my music can bring ♪ ♪ for as long as god keeps me breathing my hope will always be to bring to others my music ♪ ♪ and to open their eyes to see that no matter what we all go through ♪ ♪ there's a reason
10:51 am
for the pain for you can't find the rainbow if you've never felt the rain ♪ ♪ you'll be better you'll be stronger for the pain will help you see ♪ ♪ the hurt in other people's eyes, the clouds in other people's skies ♪ ♪ as you make your music too and find for yourself the healing in the melody of you ♪ ♪ it's in the melody of you ♪
10:52 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> yes! teresa sereo. we'll be right back. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
teresa who just performed "the melody of you." her doctor is here and the producer is here and david wild as well. >> i can't tell you what this opportunity has meant to me and my family. just from the bottom of my heart, thank you. >> we just heard. it's our pleasure. from your doctor, that the young lady that was hurt just a couple of weeks ago who was here for her first day from england and was -- lost, i think, below her
10:56 am
knee, you were able to do the very thing you are talking about with her and give her solace. >> i was able to be there with her before her family got here from england. was important for her. >> we want to thank you. and what are we going to do for her? >> we have a little surprise. we know how much you like working with -- you have a passion for the wounded veterans. we'd like to send you to washington, d.c., to visit the wounded warriors at walter reed. and we want to make that a little easier. we've gotten you some round-trip tickets on amtrak. you need a place to say there. the fairmont washington, d.c., would like you to stay there. >> it's very nice there. >> they are giving you a two-night stay, complimentary breakfast. have a great time. >> thank you so much. >> doctor, again, thank you for all you do with the trauma patients. >> and to the two davids. our two davids. love them. tomorrow, two of the funniest guys straight from norway. >> here's a hint. >> how funny can they be.
10:57 am
>> we'll tell you what the fox says. >> and answe
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. san jose state confirming right now a campus building is currently on lockdown because of a gunman on campus. nbc bay area's marianne favro on scene now. what are you seeing out there? what can you tell us? >> well, i can tell you just a few seconds ago we received an update, and this building has now been cleared. police went in after receiving a call from a credible witnesses that there was a gunman inside off seventh street on the san jose state university campus, and that is when they started searching. as of right now just a few minutes ago they have


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