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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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weekend. i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: an elementary school in the south bay does something it has never done before and many parents and students are not happy about it. good morning. i'm marla tellez. i'll explain why this school has decided to cancel its annual halloween parade coming up. >> we're looking at a smooth drive now but we do have an issue for visibility. actually, potential for that in two spots for the bay area. we'll let you know. >> let's take a live look outside, look at the beautiful bay bridge. you could have seen a lot more traffic this morning but yes, the b.a.r.t. trains are running. at least for now. it's friday, october 11th, this is "today in the bay." >>. >> this once again is friday. we enjoy saying it. 5:00, good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we're considering breaking news this morning because b.a.r.t. trains are still running this morning despite b.a.r.t. and its unions missing a deadline to ink a new deal. both sides will be back at the bargaining table. christie smith is live by the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. some are breathing a sigh of relief. others are upset. >> reporter: good morning to you. the riders we spoke with do feel a sense of relief but also feel that it's temporary and they have already been inconvenienced through this whole thing. i spoke with one woman who said she worked for muni in san francisco and was already assign add 12-hour shift because of this and even though the trains are rolling it's just too late to cancel. before 4:00 this morning station agents rolled up the gates here to the west open station as usual, strike averted for now. just before midnight both sides walked out of the caltrans building in oakland where negotiations have been going on and the union announced that they would work past the 60-day
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cooling off period but they also issue add 72 hour strike notice. if the deal isn't reached they will walk monday. one was surprised to find the trains rolling. >> what were your thoughts when you saw the gates were open? >> the gates were open wasn't the big thing. the guy being in the booth was like a sigh of relief, that you know, they weren't going to be striking yet. we'll see on monday. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s negotiator says he wasn't able to present his latest proposal. the union asked him not to but he did stress they will be back today. two other significant changes the unions elected b.a.r.t. board members will be part of the negotiations including b.a.r.t.'s gm and also legislative leaders. again, the takehome message, b.a.r.t. is rolling this morning. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. for up to the minute information on the potential b.a.r.t. strike
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go to we'll update the page with very latest developments. click on the link in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and you'll go to the b.a.r.t. strike resources page. be sure to tune in to "today in the bay" on monday morning as well. we'll have all of your traffic and the latest b.a.r.t. negotiations. >> the woman convicted in a drunk driving crash killing her husband and her daughter is expected to be in court today to be sentenced. stacey lawnberg was found guilty of second-degree murder and child endangerment back in july. she was driving drunk when she sideswiped a car on highway 85 near los altos and then crashed in january of last year. her 67-year-old husband and 26-year-old daughter both were killed. she also had a 1-year-old grandson in the car but was not hurt. lawnberg facing 36 years to life in prison.
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a hearing taking place to set a sentencing date for disgraced former supervisor george shirakawa jr. he pled guilty several finanell knees. he now faces up to a year in jail. >> this morning fremont police asking for help in finding a pair of people want forward a violent robbery outside a walmart. it happened last friday at the walmart parking lot. a 70-year-old woman had finished shopping when a man and woman came up behind her and stole her gold necklace. here is surveillance picture of one of the robbers. investigators say the man on the left he slammed the victim into the ground. she suffered a broken hip. >> an elementary school in the south bay is now ending its annual halloween parade. now some parents are jumping into action trying to save it. however, it may be too late.
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marla tellez is live from hayes elementary school. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was hours ago that the oak grove school district board announced that the annual parade here at hayes elementary in south san jose will be canceled. school leaders cite academic reasons, that the parade takes too much time away from the classroom. parents aren't buying it. many are very upset. so are the children. and the parents were notified earlier this month 18 letter from school officials that the parade was not going to happen this year right away one parent lisa decided to take a real stand so she started this petition on she writes, we need to hold on to this tradition to provide our children with the memories of celebrating halloween, so far this has received 181 signatures. she also started a facebook page where parents have sounded off saying there are just so many solutions here that could have
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been used and weren't as they say in hayes, not cool. the school motto is actually be cool help our cool. ironic this morning. parents posting quotes from children. one writes it's unfair, we do it every year and now they just took it away from us. a first-grader says, i am really sad because my friends don't get to see my costume. the district board held an open mike meeting where parents showed up. once again, the annual halloween parade here at hayes has been canceled. but you know what, the parent who is spear heading this save the halloween tradition campaign says she is not going to give up. she's working with san jose councilman and helping to organize a community halloween event. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> hard to believe halloween is around the corner. >> i'm sure some of the best memories i had, costumes and dressing up and getting out. >> my kid's wearing them.
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seriously. i take spider man with me to the grocery store. i feel protected. >> super hero in the house. >> always. check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. i know that's looking forward to the future but you mentioned rain on halloween. >> looks like the jet stream is going to take a dip to the south into the week of halloween. and yes, still forecast models taking up a few showers. hopefully they are wrong. we head throughout day today, temperatures are looking nice and cool. i can tell you right now we have a dry weekend headed our way. temperatures right now are cool enough for a sweater but you can hit the beach come this weekend. i want to take you through your hour by hour changes for today. temperatures in the mid-60s for the most part, as we head through noon inland temps comfortable. 70 in fremont, 73 in san jose. around 75 degrees in gilroy for today. then the changes move in. we'll talk about that coming up. we are finding thick pockets of fog in the north bay.
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here's mike inouye. >> we look at the bay bridge because as we'll mention b.a.r.t. trains are running but this could have been a huge problem for friday. the b.a.r.t. trains are running. 72-hour notice for the possibility of a strike. we look at the map. i marked the commute direction. heavily populated later on. so far at the limit right now. north 680 toward 242, reports of an early grass fire on the shoulder no. lanes of traffic are affected, smoke was drifting across lanes for a short period of time. chp saying it might be tough for visibility. but now looks like things are smoother. a little slowing developing westbound highway 4, typical out of antioch as the volume starts to build, even on a friday. even at 5:08. we're looking at the north bay. a clear view here, there will be pockets of fog throughout the north bay. no problems reported by chp. >> thank you, mike.
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early october usually means blue angels soaring above the bay area skies and a parade of ships in the bay. not this year with sequestration cuts, the government shutdown, fleet week is canceled. bob redell live on treasure island with how it's impacting the local economy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. there is a lot of disappointment and concern especially among the businesses on the san francisco waterfront behind me because they do rely on the blue angels and the parade of ships to bring in thousands of visitors this time of year to spend money. fleet week has been seen as a last push to get the businesses through the winter, the winter being of course the slow time for tourism in san francisco. but this year the business is going to have to get by without the extra cash. we have known for some time that fleet week was going to be trimmed down because of sequestration, those are the -- that is the across board budget accounts months ago and we no there was going to be no blue
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angels and ships. but there were going to be disaster drills. that was canceled this week because of the government shutdown effectively canceling fleet week. in an effort to make up for this, pier 39 will put on a fireworks show every saturday night, at 8:30 for the rest of the month. along with a war festival going on during the last weekend of october. as far as the parade of ships t blue angels, not going to happen. those disaster drills which would have brought in marine aircraft, that's canceled. a relatively quiet week. you're not 2ing to hear those f-18s. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. >> 5:10 now. coming up we'll let you know what we're learning about this morning about the lockdown, yesterday's lockdown at san jose state university. >> why facebook founder mike zuckerberg is buying up the homes around his house.
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>> facebook getting less private and "star trek" could come back in a way. we'll look ahead in business.
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an interesting story. mark zuckerberg taking major steps to try to maintain privacy. he bought four houses all surrounding his current home in palo alto. according to the "mercury news," zuckerberg received news a developer planned to buy the house next door to his and that developer was then going to advertise to possible buyers they would be neighbors with facebook's co-founder. so zuckerberg decided to take action, bought the home and three others next to his property. now he's making a business move, leasing the homes back to the original owners. these must be nice houses. the move costing more than $30 million. >> some of the prices go for more than double than they are
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worth. facebook making it easier to find you. scott mcgrew, everyone can be found through a search. >> everyone on facebook. you used to adjust your settings that would stop your name from appearing at the top search bar. very few people actually use that privacy feature. so now you do show up on a search on facebook though you can deny people from seeing your pictures or posts unless you friend them. that hasn't changed. and if you are trying to hide from the world, maybe you shouldn't be on facebook. other news, the royal mail is now a private company. the mail debuted as a publicly traded entyty on the london stock exchange, did well. the royal mail 500 years old, it's been in the hands of government till now. our own postal system run by the u.s. government but financially independent has been running into its own problems and there have been various calls to do the same to privatize it.
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let's check the american stock market. they shot up thursday on news the two sides were willing to solve at least the debt crisis. hampton pearson is in washington, d.c. good morning. >> scott, how you doing. love that zuckerberg story. must be nice when you can buy your own dmz. looking at the stock futures pointing to a flat open after stocks spiked on thursday on hopes a deal to end the government shutdown and avert a debt default might be close. the dow, nasdaq and the s&p 500 posting their second best gains of the year and erasing all of this week's losses. we get data later today on consumer sentiment and earnings from banking giant jpmorgan and wells fargo. the dow soaring 323 to close at 15,126, the nasdaq rising 83 to close at 3760. back to you and have a great weekend. >> the same to you. thank you kindly.
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5:15. new kick starter campaign is going to try to bring back "star trek." look at this, this is impressive. this is called "star trek" continues, it's a fan film made by a bunch of people in southern california. you recognize that? that's grant from myth busters. these guys are going to try to raise $100,000 on kick starter, they are not using the original set, look at that how authentic that looks. they just lovingly recrafted it using old blue prints and watching the movies and the tv shows. so $100,000 and they will make more episodes. it's almost a little "saturday night live"-ish. >> they have the coloring. >> and the lighting. it's professional. these are guys in hollywood who love the old. >> and the outfit. the ears. >> the characters looked real. i'm a fan of kick starter.
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i'd watch. >> you a fan of "star trek"? >> no. baseball. and of course star wars. all three. very good. loved the good movies and you know what i could tell you now we're looking good, full speed ahead, scotty. 49 degrees in sunnyvale, 50 in livermore, 50 in san jose and 46 to kick off your friday here in the bay area. we have the fog. it's back. i want to warn you about that before you head out your front door you might have to slow down as you see those reduced visibilities out there. especially up in the north bay. and down the coastline this morning. we're looking pretty good. 69 in san francisco, 70 in fremont and 73 degrees in san jose today. yeah, the renaissance fair, the final weekend out there in hollister. it's going to be beautiful if you want to take the family out there saturday into sunday. low 80s headed our way so it's going to be nice out there. extra time on your seven-day
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outlook because we have pretty significant changes. it's nice and comfortable inland. we're holding on to the 70s. that changes into the weekend. the 80s return inland, then we're going to see mid-80s as we head through tomorrow. it's a cold start out there. we've got the fog, sweater weather today, beach weather tomorrow. how are we looking on the roads? >> looking pretty good. out to the maps, this is tracy, the altamont pass. traffic flows here at the 580/205 merge there is slowing. we'll drive on in and talk about this. the average speed, i'm on the wrong side of the sign. here we go. average speeds, 58 miles per hour. and that's great. we do see a traditional orange and yellow. lighter volume so the speeds starting to dip as you get out of the area and in toward north flynn road. here caltrans webcam showing a snapshot. starting to pick up the lights westbound. not a problem as far as the traffic flow goes so as you get to 580, 680 t dublin interchange, 84 through livermore you're going basically
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at speed all the way into the south bay. the northbound route fine to the south. southbound 880, approaching stevens creek, continuing for the long term project. things are smooth over to the peninsula, 101, 280. san mateo and dumbarton bridges move clearly. coming over from the east bay the san mateo bridge across 92 here off the high rise, lightly populated. no problems here across that span but fog in the north bay, that's a good spot. we see oakland coliseum, north of there an easy flow. no problems across the span. clear view into the city. >> thank you. a follow-up, san francisco mayor ed lee calling for an independent investigation at sf general hospital after a woman's body was found in a stairwell about three weeks after she disappeared from that very hospital. 57-year-old lynne spalding was beinging treated for an
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infection when officials say she walked away from her hospital bed. her body was found one floor down from her room. mayor lee toured the hospital yesterday, vowing to make major changes. less than 24 hours after a gunman on campus caused a scare at san jose state police looking into whether the armed man existed. yesterday morning a student reported seeing a man dressed in black with handgun near sweeney hall. about 300 students and faculty sheltered in place while police searched the area. two hours later the lockdown was lifted. nobody was arrested and as of right now police say the threat, they will consider it credible. >> 5:20. starbucks enters the budget battle. what the chain is doing this morning.
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welcome back. on a friday morning, that is a spectacular look. look at san francisco. a beautiful shot right now from that is from our treasure island angle. you got to admit the city by the bay gorgeous from all angles. love that. this is a new one. i'm going to make sure we dial this up soon. 5:23. this morning starbucks continuing its push to help end that government shutdown. any cup can count. the company says it will ask customers in some of the biggest companies to sign a petition calling for an end to the shutdown. along with reopening the government it calls for paying debts on time, and passing a long term budget deal by the end of this year. starting today the petition will be available at all starbucks all across the nation. >> you have snow days grow requesting up in nebraska? forget them here. a school in georgia canceling class because of great weather. the head master of a christian school says he is calling off
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classes because the weather is going to be too great to keep kids cooped up inside all day. >> my hero. >> a lot of kids love him. he had to have to cancel school for years, he wanted a positive reason to do so before retiring at the end of the year. his gift i guess to the students so. today is his chance. the forecast, sunny skies, 80 degrees in the area, let the kids get the spring fever in the fall. >> awesome. cut them loose. the pressure on other administrators now. >> the parents. >> other administrators. see what they did, we want sunshine days. >> and here in california we get so many. we know we're spoiled here. >> every day is a holiday. >> it really is. good morning to you. today we do have that typical iconic san francisco fog expected to roll in and thicken up as we head throughout the morning hours. we'll likely see flight delays, columbus day weekend so keep that in mind if you try to head out of town. look what we have to enjoy later on today.
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just spectacular conditions. 77 degrees inland bay side 73 degrees at the coast 69 degrees. breathe in that good air quality and exhale because there's no b.a.r.t. strike. here is mike inouye with more. >> we're looking good right now. the roadways less crowded than we thought they might be. we're watching for the effect over the weekend. the golden gate bridge, you can see across the span, but we're talking about pockets of fog hanging around for the north bay. we're looking at the map. we'll look at the approach along the peninsula no. problems through into san francisco or out of the city but we have one issue to watch, again not a problem but a new issue north 101 at the 380 interchange. pretty lightly used now but there is a report of a car fire, no injuries, we're watching for activities and lanes that have to be blocked. that's by sfo. and an easy drive along the east bay a. new incident past davis
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street. a stall. getting reports whether that is clear from lanes. north of highway 92. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> a surprise decision this morning by the nobel peace prize committee. >> foster farms making major changes after a salmonella outbreak. the company not out of the woods.
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life support, i mean, beep, beep, beep. >> the unions have to present but we'll be back here tomorrow at 10:00. >> the silver lining here at least they are still talking and more good news, b.a.r.t. trains will be running this morning as the negotiations continue. so, i guess that is some form of progress.
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5:28. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. negotiations ended just before midnight last night with a promise of more talks today. union leaders say they will stay at the bargaining table through the weekend but if nothing is done by 12:01 monday morning workers will strike. >> christie smith is live in oakland. riders i guess they are probably a little relieved but cautious as well. >> reporter: yes. good morning to you, jon and laura. happy friday. i heard that familiar sound, a b.a.r.t. train. we're at the west oakland station where we're talking with commuters and they are relieved. no one wanted to be stuck in gridlock. they also feel they are waiting on the hook again for monday morning. what happened as you said is that the unions agreed to go ahead and keep on working past the earlier deadline of thursday midnight. but they also issued a 72-hour strike notice if a deal isn't reached sunday at midnight. some commuters are telling us that they were so uncertain that they went on ahead and arrived
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early this morning. others say they already changed their work schedules in the event of a strike. the 60-day cooling off period has ended. before midnight both sides came out of the caltrans building in oakland where negotiations ended for the night and said they would pick up again today. and the unions announced two changes that they hope might get things moving. >> we had two significant changes at the bargaining table. elected b.a.r.t. board members are now involved and engaged in the negotiations. in addition to bay area legislative leaders who agree on the need to avoid a strike. the unions expect that the b.a.r.t. general manager will bargain with workers. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s negotiator says he wasn't even able to present their last proposal, that the union asked them not to but he stressed again that they will be back at the bargaining table in oakland at 10:00 this morning.
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reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. of course is the place to be for the latest information on a potential b.a.r.t. strike. our web team working hard updating this page with all of the newest developments. look in the upper left hand corner of the screen. there you will find a link to the b.a.r.t. strike resources page and updates on the page, on the road conditions out there, and ways to help you get around with commute alternatives. >> new this morning a surprise winner for this year's nobel peace prize. many thought it would be the pakistani teenager nearly killed for speaking out for girls' rights. however, the committee decides to go another way. the peace prize goes to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the opcw honored for efforts to rid the world of chemical weapons. the group has worked to empolice department the geneva convention
5:32 am
in every nation. it's charged with inspecting syria's program. >> members currently busy in syria. this is video of the group leaving the hotel early this morning. the team so far visiting three sites linked to the country's chemical weapons program. inspectors street visit more than 20 sites as part of the disarmament mission. the u.n. has engaged the opcw to rid syria of its chemical weapons by the middle of next year. also new this morning, syrian opposition groups accused of violating human rights reported by the human rights watch say the group killed 200 civilians taking 200 hostages in a military offensive in august. it happened in a rural area of northwestern syria. witnesses tell the human rights watch fighters entered more than 10 villages killing women, children and the elderly. as mentioned the report also finds more than 200 hostages are
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still being held. we have an update all three foster farm plants linked to the salmonella outbreak allowed to stay open. at least for now. the usda says over three months the two plants in fresno and one outside of tracy must continue intensified sampling for the illness-causing bacteria. the department now deciding to allow foster farms to keep the plants open after the company made significant changes to try and fix problems tied to the outbreak. we can tell you nearly 300 people in 17 states including right here in california have been sickened by salmonella since march. >> it's 5:33. an elementary school in the south bay doing away with its annual halloween parade and now some parents are taking action to save thot it could be just too late. marla tellez is live from hayes elementary in san jose with more. >> reporter: good morning. there are about 520 k-6.
5:34 am
for the first time these kids are not going to be able to strut their stuff, show off that halloween costume because the oak grove school district board announced it's canceling this year's halloween parade. it's because of academic reasons, it cuts into too much class time. the parents got word this was a possibility earlier this month and many were upset. one mother decided to take action so she started this petition on she says the parade has been in our society for many years so let's work together to save it. this petition has garnered almost 200 signatures. she started the save the halloween tradition facebook page where parents are voicing frustration saying things like quote definitely not fair. the teachers need to realize that young students need that relaxation even if it's one day. parents posting quotes from their children. one writes i think it's ridiculous. all of the years i've been at
5:35 am
hayes we always had the parade and the teachers have fun with it too. how about this. i love the costume parade. my friends and i get a chance to dress up and be happy one day a year. it makes math not seem so bad for a while. that quote is from a third-grader. i'm sure he is upset. the school board district held a public meeting last night. many of these parents showed up and voiced frugs trastration. i have reached out to the school principal here at hayes elementary, also the mother in charge of this save the halloween tradition campaign to see what is the next step. it's pretty obvious from all of the posts by her she is not going to give up easily. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. bummer for the kids. hopefully they get it back. it was do or be done time down to the end for the a's, unfortunately fans, the green and gold is done.
5:36 am
it's a tough finish to a great season. the a's dominated by one of the best pitchers, the tigers' justin verlander. he had a no-hitter into the seventh inning. verlander great all night, pitches eight scoreless innings allowing two hits. the a's, they go down 3-0, knocked out of the first round of the playoffs again. this is for the second straight year. we took the time to ask fans to sum up the game 5 loss in five words. >> sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, and probably unhappy. >> five words? we lost but we still won. >> it's too bad it ended this way. >> i think that was more than five. >> i know. >> awesome, great, fantastic, fabulous, exciting. >> dr. positivity. got to like that. ease the pain. after the game the manager bob melvin says the a's, they have
5:37 am
been kicking at the door for the past couple years and hopes next year they will be able to break through. >> so baseball over for our bay area team. >> yeah, a little drag way to wrap up the season. get them next year. it was fun watching but i'll have to wait till next year to get it done. >> maybe they do need math. all right. i want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. i know you're a baseball fan. >> right. better luck next year boys. we have a really good looking day for the a's, though. finally they get some time off. you know what, it's going to be a nice day. we have thick pockets of fog out there. quarter mile of visibility up in santa rosa. we're still at 10 miles or better for most of the bay area. we expect those numbers to continue to fall through the next couple hours. it feels like fall out there. a cool start to the day, 47 in concord, 50 in livermore, by noon today temperatures are
5:38 am
going to climb but still cool enough for a sweater. then you can peel it off later on today. a gorgeous day, 77 on the way to livermore. 70 in fremont and 69 degrees in san francisco. we're going to tell you where you can see some fireworks in the city tonight. also baseball may be done but football is just getting started. the 49ers back at home this weekend. i'll have the forecast. first i want to check the drive and say good morning to mike inouye. >> that's right. fleet week not as big but fireworks. good stuff. we're looking here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're happy for that. very calm and the b.a.r.t. trains are running so not as crowded. look at the maps, smooth throughout the bay. a couple of key spots we have incidents north 880 as you approach davis. it's not causing slowing. south 880, an earlier has
5:39 am
cleared the road without a problem. and on the peninsula, palo alto moves nicely. a live look at 101, the volume starting to build but still at the limit. back to you. >> thank you. the time 5:39. coming up on "today in the bay" a b.a.r.t. ticket agent has been bust forward reselling hundreds of tickets on ebay. we'll have more traffic coming up. not too bad considering the b.a.r.t. trains are running. >> reporter: and good morning. i'm bob redell. how businesses are dealing with the cancellation of fleet week. that story coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> >> we'll call this cautious optimism. the debt ceiling nears t way out at this point not clear. what is clear is how frustrated
5:42 am
americans are coast to coast. tracie potts is live on capitol hill right now with the new numbers on that side of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. our pollsters say they have never seen a poll so clear about how people feel about their government. 6 in 10 say fire everyone here on capitol hill. all of them. and start over. 7 in 10 say republicans are putting politics before what's best for the country. about half of those polled said the same of president obama. and almost a third say that this shutdown is personally affecting them. there is an effort to reopen the government possibly according to one key republican as soon as monday. after republicans sat down with president obama they didn't come to an agreement but does seem there are more discussions going on about how to get that done. the republican party offered to raise the debt ceiling and prevent what the administration says would be a financial catastrophe starting next week,
5:43 am
in exchange for six weeks to negotiate over the budget. senate democrats say no negotiating, reopen the government. that's where part of this gridlock stands. they will work over the weekend. senate republicans are headed to the white house to talk about all of this, this morning. >> tracie potts, thank you for the update even though it's not a lot of great news. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> the money trouble in washington has impacted people all over the bay area. early this year sequestration forced the u.s. military to cancel public appearances by the blue angels, that put an end to san francisco's fleet week which actually would have been running this week. bob redell is live on treasure island with how business is doing everything they can now to make out for a lot of lost money that fleet week brings in. >> reporter: good morning. because of that lost revenue there is concern and disappointment among the restaurants and businesses along the san francisco waterfront behind me because normally this time of the year they rely on
5:44 am
the blue angels and the parade of ships from fleet week to bring in thousands of visitors to the city to spend money. fleet week has been seen as a last push to get businesses through the winter which is typically the slow time for tourism. this year they are going to have to get by without the extra boost of cash. we have phone for some time that fleet week was going to be trimmed down because of sequestration t budget cuts months ago. there would be no parade of ships, they were going to have drills. nothing like the blue angels or the parade of ships but it was going to be something. that was canceled this week because of the budget shutdown effectively canceling fleet week. in an effort to make up for this pier 39 is putting on a fireworks show every saturday night. that will be at 8:30 for the month of october. and on the last weekend of the month there will be a festival. nothing compared to the thousands of people that would
5:45 am
normally be lining the waterfront to watch or see the parade of ships. but it's something and trying to at least generate some business, again not going too make up for the complete loss but it's something. reporting live on treasure island. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. the silver lining you see that backdrop. looked like a post card. >> we had nice mornings across the bay a. cool start. >> a cool start. i think this is the prettiest part of the country. the bay area. >> i do too. >> really blessed. you have the weather accommodates everything you want to do outdoors as we head through this weekend. we're tracking future storm systems but not in the near future. maybe the week of halloween, yeah, we could get showers. we're going to keep you posted. right now we're tracking light fog as it rolls in. it's mostly impacting areas up in the north bay and the coast so. if you want to keep that in
5:46 am
mind, temperatures are cool out there to kick off the day. we're in the 50s and 60s and we have fog. i want to show where you that s. you see where you get the white shading, that's where the fog is. through the next couple hours and the winds drop off, i think we're going to see quite a bit more of this fog especially down the coast. we'll keep you updated. highs good, 70 in oakland 70s in fremont. and 73 degrees here in san jose. and speaking of fireworks for saturday night what a treat in the city. 63 degrees, i think you'll be able to see those with light fog out there. 8:30, pier 39, san francisco. speaking of san francisco, the niners back at it at the stick as we head through the weekend we're going to see the winds pick up so winds could impact the game out there. 70 degrees at 1:25. beautiful conditions for tailgating and of course for the game. we're talking 70s in candlestick park. getting into the weekend temperatures are going to warm
5:47 am
up, by next week we have mid-80s returning. >> wow. just seemed like we left the 80s. we're looking here, we love the traffic right now but we don't love it overall so get out there t east shore freeway looking good, at the limit. richmond to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems across the richmond/san rafael bridge. in the evening that's slow because of that construction on the richmond side. that will continue to be toward the end of the month. eastbound 80, reports of some sort of issue, maybe a stalled car around the fourth street off ramp. we don't see a major problem but if that's your onramp you might have flashing lights. a smooth drive across the golden gate bridge. north 101 there was a car fire around the 380 interchange. i have not seen slowing. but it's still on the report so we're tracking that. a nice drive for traffic across the peninsula, or across the san
5:48 am
mateo and the dumbarton bridges. we'll show you oakland where traffic flows heavier but not a problem. we expect to see a lighter flow. another live look shows you fremont, 880 to the south bay, good volume of traffic. 101 through san jose. a light volume here starting to build. >> thank you. it's 5:48. an american man is allowed to see his mother. their mother has arrived and is scheduled to meet with bay today. the 45-year-old tour operator was arrested in north korea last november and accused of spying and sentenced to 15 years hard labor but was recently hospitalized after losing more than 50 pounds. >> a b.a.r.t. station agent and his wife owe b.a.r.t. $4 a8,000 restitution. avery and his wife have both pleaded no contest to charges. they will be spending the next
5:49 am
five years on probation, and must also repay b.a.r.t. by january or face jail time. between 2010 and 2013 investigators say avery took low value tickets left by riders, added money to them, and then gave them to his wife to sell on ebay. here's the deal. he still works for b.a.r.t. and could face further discipline from the agency or ultimately termination. >> one of the men accused of shooting and killing a young girl in oakland expected to be arraigned in koufrmt the alleged gang memberer joseph carroll facing murder charges for the death of 8-year-old alicia. the girl was at a sleep over at a friend's house back in july when police say shots were fired through the front door of the apartment. alicia sadly was shot and killed. police say the attack was likely revenge for the killing of carroll's cousin earlier that day. >> expected in court two accused of a home invasion in san mateo that ended in gun fire.
5:50 am
21-year-old edwin lee and 22-year-old bong vo face felony counts. police say the men along with a third broke into a mom on lodi avenue. they allegedly shot the man in the home. that man fired back, killing one of the suspects. the man living in the home hit by the bullet was not seriously hurt. >> a drug bust spanning three cities yielding $4 million of marijuana plants. detectives serving search warrants at 13 homes in hayward, san lorenzo and san leandro part of an investigation into drug trafficking. 13 people were arrested, more than 1700 marijuana plants seized. police say at many of the homes the suspects were bypassing meters and stealing electric power to cultivate the marijuana. >> a study revealing how hard a failure to extend the debt ceiling would have on retirement
5:51 am
savings. >> if you thought about learning how to play an instrument we're going to show you a gadget i think is super cool.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. it's 5:53. a new study warn the white house and congress fail to reach a teal to raise the debt ceiling it could cut american retirement savings more than 20%. the american society of pension professionals and actuaries say $2 trillion could be lost from 401(k) and ira accounts. the group conducted the study to determine the economic impact of the debt ceiling debate and the implications for another standoff this year. >> the time is 5:53. what day is it again? >> it is friday. >> you know what that means.
5:54 am
>> gadget friday. scott mcgrew here to play what, a little. >> if i knew how to play guitar i would play you that song. >> you look good. >> i feel good. i feel like i could really do something with this. this is called the g-tar. it's not a toy. it's not really exactly a real guitar either. it's a teaching tool. the obvious cool thing is that the frets light up. you can see, isn't that cool. and it shows you where to put your fingers so the green and the blue, for instance, here to play that next note. and it walks you through what you are doing. so you could play the major scale, so i'm doing looking into the television camera, it's hard to find. there you go. so it teaches you how to play the major scales. it can teach to you play a guitar in steps. so an easy setting all you do is strum the right string, i don't have to use the frets.
5:55 am
and it will play the note that i want it to play. if you hit the wrong string like down here, nothing happens. then if you hit the right string it does. on the medium level you have to actually do the frets as well. do it wrong and nothing happens. website on this is i would google g and tar. it's about 400 bucks. you would have no idea this is hey there dalila but it actually is. >> do it. ♪ hate hey there delilah" >> i'm not having to touch the frets because i'm on easy level. eventually i would learn to do the frets and pretend like i'm playing. by the way, all of the computering, done with your iphone. pops right in there.
5:56 am
>> what you do to me. >> feeling the magic. >> that's the song. >> smooth. pretty funny. >> you jump up and smash the guitar on set. >> we do gadget friday twice so i'll wait. >> don't we have to return the gadgets? >> part of the gig. >> now the weather. >> somebody get that man a tip jar. >> bravo. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. especially like that singing at the end. the weather. temperatures looking good. it's a little chilly. want you to make sure to grab that jacket once you head out the door. leave the umbrella at home at least for the next week. we're not talking showers but it's chilly, a beautiful finish to the day. 77 inland bay side 73 and 69
5:57 am
degrees at the coast. and yes, the things u do to me laura, nice touch. >> thank you for getting that. the boys didn't. >> i still don't. explain to me during the commercial. >> i sure will. >> 5:57 now. we'll let you know why facebook ceo is gobbling up real estate. is he a turkey now. near his home in palo alto. >> plus, new images of a man accused of stealing tip jars from some businesses. >> b.a.r.t.'s union giving the 72-hour notice if a deal is not done soon they will go back out on strike. we'll have the latest coming up.
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