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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. our breaking news tonight from the u.s.d.a about another s salmonella scare.
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among the products recalled the kirkland rotisserie chicken, soup, leg quarters and salad. all were sold from 9/11 to the 23rd. you can call the number on the screen, 1-800-774-2628. new on the is a mow federal a outbreak on foster farms. it's reported that the number of people sickened has gone up to 317 t majority of the cases, almost 75% have been here in california. no deaths have been reported, however, 42% of the cases have led to hospitalization. the outcome braet has been seven different strains of salmonella. >> the rules are changes in a hospital after a patient turned up dead. according to the chronicle, the staff must manually deactivate
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alarms that go off and do weeps daily of the stairwells. a review of the security and safety systems will be done lin spaulding was found dead in a hospital stairwell, three weeks after vanishing from her room. >> now a developing story, talks are over for the night, 24 hours after a new deadline is put in place by workers and still no deal with b.a.r.t. now, tomorrow, union officials and the transit agency will try to eek out a new contract that woulded would advert what is now a midnight strike. >> reporter: you seen her many times and usually talkative, but after she left today, she would only say, we met today and we will meet tomorrow.
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that may mean they are close. thomas hawk said the same thing, which also cobb a good sign. >> the district has promised us a proposal. a response we are waiting for for a few days. >> waiting for b.a.r.t. management and the unions to strike a contract deal is like watching paint dry. b.a.r.t. riders are getting impatient. >> the sooner we know, the sooner we can plan. >> it has been a pain not knowing exactly why the two sides cannot come to an agreement. >> yesterday afternoon they asked us to not make an offer. >> the unions issued a 72 hour strike notice, pushing the deadline to sunday. state lawmakers were invited to the table, along with b.a.r.t.'s general manager, that is something that the unions have been asking for. >> on we can talk to her driktly
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and we do not have to have someone else telling our story or explaining things for us. >> having politicians at the table can slow things doub. >> if anything delays it a bit, they spend a lot of time in the other room talking to them and hearing all this, i personally do not view it, and i have never seen it turn out to be positive. >> all b.a.r.t. riders want is hope that there won't be a strike on monday. >> no one likes uncertainty, especially when it comes to commuting. >> when both sides left today, they both looked really tired. they met for about 12 hours and they will both be back here tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning. >> and cheryl, we know you will be monitoring it all throughout the weekend. more details now, b.a.r.t. said that ridership dropped sharply today. many people went to bed last night not knowing if b.a.r.t.
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would run today. the announcement not to strike was not announced until midnight last night. it was down 20,000 passengers compared to friday. stay with us for complete coverage. if the strike happens on monday. today in the bay, our morning show will be on early at 4:00 a.m. with the latest news and traffic conditions. if you would like us to text you if there's a strike or a deal, you can sign up for text alerts. this car was spotted near spartan stadium and it was reported stolen in daly city. the driver refused to stop and rammed into a police cruiser and another car. the suspect was arrested and he faces charges of hit and run, car theft and assault with a deadly weapon. two extra exits. the governor's signature made it the law. the limos must have extra exits.
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we are live in san francisco with the impact to companies and to the passengers most of all. >> yeah, jessica, our news truck is not a stretch limo, the same idea applies. four door s here and four on a limo, one can be a hatch that is cut in to the roof of the limo so passengers can climb out, it will be required for all limos that in 2016. and there's a family that we talked to that said the changes cannot happen soon enough. a limo in flames midway across the san matteo bridge, took the lives of five women five months ago. ricky brown was behind the wheel
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of that limo and his family said that he struggles knowing that 5 of his passengers could not get out. >> every day it bothers me, and every day it bothers my son. >> as his only brother, i have tried to be there as much as possible. but of course the pain is his. he witnessed it. and he experienced it. we can only just imagine what he has been through. >> and with that, brother and father celebrate a bit today. knowing governor brown signed a limo safety bill in to law. soon requiring extra emergency exits on every limo in the state. >> i'm just so happy that his work, and those women's lives are not in vain, that something good has gone out of it. every time we see a limo we think of the tragedy. >> and as a family familiar with politics, elder lewis, even working on campaigns for
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governor brown, both point out how quickly state law changed after this tragedy. >> governor brown, this is exactly the way his dad was. do something about it. it needs to be done. we have to protect the people. it happened quickly because it needed to be done. >> and we also found support among limo companies here in san francisco, several of them that we spoke to supported the law, and are okay with whatever expense they have to take on to support the bill. the state association said this would be too expensive for the drivers and they are not even sure that it would help make their passengers any safer. but the law goes in to effect two years from right now. >> okay, chase, thank you, and we apologize for the audio
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problems. governor brown rejected a few efforts to strengthen gun restrictions. he vetoed a bill that would have categorized semiautomatic rifles with deattachable magazines as rifles. oakland will not be allowed to draft their own stricter regulations and the cow palace can continue to host gun shows. however the governor did approve three new laws, hunti ing with lead ammunition will be banned and he has banned the kits that converts regular magazines to high capacity magazines. who has the upper hand? san jose said they are pleased with the ruling concerning the future of the oakland a's. a judge ruled today a split
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decision in the san jose lawsuit against the league. part of the ruling said that san jose could not challenge the long standing anti-trust exemtion but the judge added that san jose could move forward with the other part of the lawsuit, saying that the city interferes with the a's moving. >> we will do discovery and get to the bottom of why the commissioner refuses to ask the owners to allow the a's to move to san jose. meanwhile, the mayor said she is not focused on the lawsuit, she is focused on keeping the a's in her city. >> lawmakers appear to be negotiating, seven days since the shutdown and six days from the possible default. they discussed a deal that would reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. in exchange, a small change to
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the health care law would be added and a controversial tax would be delayed. nothing was set in stone, they are set to work through the weekend. google aids are about to ge personal. your face may appear on a advertisement on google, find out when and how it will happen, next. he is one of the nfl's biggest stars, and dealing with a tragedy. the latest on the investigation of his child being killed and who people arrested. the controversy over a popular halloween parade. what has parents outraged. and a cold and foggy evening across the bay and including san francisco, we have your full weekend forecast coming up in about six minutes.
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>> tragedy for one of the nfl's biggest stars, adrian peterson is mourning the loss of his son. the child was assaulted by the mother he's boyfriend in san diego, two days ago, paramedics were called to the home, supposedly because the boy was choking but doctors say that the boy was shaken or hit in the head. >> he had injuries that were not consistent with being accidental but consistent with abuse. the boy's mother was hit with a metal rod by that boyfriend of hers. adrian peterson said he will play sunday. >> will it be a plus for google or will concern can for user
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privacy have you searching somewhere else. it will feature -- we are live in google headquarters to sort it out. >> that is right, jessica, google is banking on your friends clicking on an ad if they see your face and name on it. the big thing is, do you want your name and picture endorsing a product. in a month, your name and photo could appear in ads on google. these are the examples of what they will look like and not everyone is thrilled about the idea. >> i think if i get discounts or paid, it's great. otherwise, no. >> it's unfair, celebrities can getly ins of dollars endorsing products but the average citizen will get nothing from endorsing a product on google. >> i can like something and say, so and so, maybe check it out, but if they are going use me to promote it, yeah, or give me a
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coupon or something. >> google will know what you like, when you review or buy songs in their google play store. it will come from you're google plus profile or your account. the ads with your endorsement will be shown to your friend when they do a google search. >> the problem is, if you get something and you did not like it, it will still look like you liked it. you are suddenly paurting a product you did not like. >> facebook is doing it on their social media sites. but many feel there's a difference in liking and supporting something. >> if they had outback steak house, if they want me in an ad, they have to have another button that says, i will endorse this. >> there will be an opt out feature if you do not want your image next to a product.
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some wonder if users will remember to opt out. this drops over and gets close to identity he theft. they are using your likeness without your express permission to do something that they want to do that you may not want them to do. >> now, google has updated it d terms of services page saying quote, we want to give you and your friends connections the most useful recommendations from people you know can help. >> george, thank you. how about tesla, they are charging up and ready to go opening the newest showroom. doors open tomorrow morning. visitors will be able to test drive the new model-s sedan and get a look at the up coming cross-over model-x, well, she did not win the nobel peace
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prize. but the young girl whose action s impressed the world, visited the white house. the 16-year-old activist that was shot in pakistan for speaking out about educating girls, was expected to win the peace prize. but it went to an organization that is working to destroy item cal weapons. >> san francisco political icicon milk, will be on a special stamp next year. he was the first openly gay man elected to public office in california. he is the first activist for the lgbt community to be featured on a stamp.
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>> very nice. let's bring in our chief meteorologist now, chilly as we head in to this weekend. >> yeah, i know, definitely cool out there, get sort of a breeze passing by you tonight and you can really feel it. we do have rainfall up here in w with a. let's get my toung working here correctly. and now he let's get in to the forecast as we go through saturday. and we will start off cold. thick cloud cover at the coast line, caused by bay and inland as well. it will stay along the coast and for the interior valleys, we will have sunshine near the afternoon and right here averages in the mid 70s. let's go outside to the high definition sky camera network. and we have observed areas of drizzle in the golden gate bridge in the past hour. do expect it at the immediate coast line and of course, that fog staying put to tomorrow morning. that is the moon right there. just off center on your screen. with that layer of fog moving
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in. the marine layer at about 1,000 feet. off to san jose, a bit of clearing here at this hour, the moon 53% full in the first quarter phase. you can look up and see it. it's looking beautiful for tonight. let's look at the fog factor forecast, i think the county's most impact will be up in the north bay. from san francisco down to santa cruise much you will have the fog in the morning hours and by the afternoon, don't worry, at the coast line, we will have rays of the sunshine, we are expecting it towards san rafel and pacifica. the other thing we've to get to, is the cold temperatures. 45 in st. helena, 49 in san jose, and 48 in the valley and 47 in los gatos, daytime highs going up impressively from the cold starts. we have have 75 in san jose, and 73 los gatos, and for the east
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bay, around the mid 70s. you get close to the bay, you can see the influence here of a slight onshore flow. we will have 60s to alameda, and back to pacifica, get up in the north bay and we will have low 70s tomorrow. if you are doing any kind of traveling across the state, wanted to give you this update. sunny skies to santa barbara, san diego, mid 80s in palm springs and a bit of cloud cover in las vegas. if you want to go to something cool, there's a pumpkin patch in spina farms and you cannot get any better weather to pick out the pumpkin. warmer by monday, tuesday and wednesday. but not too hot. so, overall this weekend, looking pretty good. i would say, it's safe to sleep in, just enjoy the cloud cover if you have the fog or grab the extra blanket and fire up the fireplace and stay toasty.
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>> the halloween parade is disappearing and the parents are not happy. the principal said that the annual parade takes too much away from the classroom t kids are wound up during the day and they have problems getting the costumes on and off, some parents think the principal is over reacting so a mom created an online petition to get the principal to change their mind. >> i want parents to be mad because we do not have a science fair. why aren't they involved in putting that on at our school. not a halloween parade. >> moms that started the petition said is that she is working with the city council to put together an after cool halloween event off campus as well. >> thousands of californians have now signed up for health coverage because of obama care,
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but there's a lot of confusion. nbc bay area is sponsoring a health fair to help answer questions. you will be able to learn more about your health care options and we will have free and low cost health scening and the event is tomorrow and sunday from 11:00 in the morning to 4:00 p.m., at the berryessa flee market. be sure to check out our covered california special. we will walk you through the registration process, show you what a family of four can expect to pay and answer many frequently asked questions. >> the end in the dodgers playoff game. and an interview with billy beane and we have jay. >> wrel talk to them and they will perform a song with us later. and we go jay walking.
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>> we are supposed to be talking about the a's moving to round two tonight, correct? >> it may not feel like it right now, but it was a good year. for the second year in a row, the a's exceeded expectations, you can look at the the 1996 win withes but for billy beane, the first day of their off-season was a bitter one. >> it sucks. today is a tough day. you know, last year we were on a cloud. we expected this year to go further from the first day we got to spring training, we felt that we would make it to the postseason again and our goal was to get further. so, it a very empty day. nobody thought that we would be doing this today the. >> i don't think there's, you know, baseball, there's only, you know, there's also a bit of a hangover, because you know, it's so sudden is when the season ends. one day you can be packing to go
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to boston or the season is over. the only person that does not have that feeling are the 25 guys that win it at the end of the season. >> the dreaded hangover, but we have good news from oakland, the a's will be bringing back coco crisp, they will pick up his option. he had .261, a career high 22 home runs. game one, dodgers taking on the cardinals. top ten, tie game. runner on third. flying out to beltran and check out the gun from beltran. getting mark ellis at the plate. so we continue to play on. in to the bottom of the 13th. two o beltran have yourself a game. the great throw. and then coming through with the game winning hit and rbi. scored, and the cardinals win 3-2 and take a 1-0 series lead. the 49ers, the final injury report relieves patrick willis
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as officially out. he missed a bit of practice this week. he is questionable. 50/50 to go. he missed four career games before coming into the season. the warriors heading out on a long road trip to china. as part of the nba's global games. the warriors will head overseas to play two games against the lakers in beijing and shanghai. that is coming up next week, tuesday and friday, they call them road trips when they are on the road. thises not a road trip at all, it's a plane trip and a really long one at that. but it should be cool to see the warriors play overseas. >> it's a 14 hour flight, they can watch an entire season of "breaking bad."
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>> former presidential candidate, mitt romney is getting ready for a major makeover. not him, but his beach front home in la jolla, it was cleared
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for him to tear down the old home and build an 11,000 square foot mansion. he can now build in a beautiful spot on the beach. >> wow, that will do it for us, have a great weekend. we will see you monday. >> good night.
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