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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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. right now at 5:00, yet another barth strike koutdown. we'll have a look at how close they are at making a deal. we'll show you what happened today to hamper the progress of the shutdown. >> another salmonella scare in the bay area. the costco recall in effect. good evening i'm terry mcsweeney. we are 31 hours away from another possible barth strike and tonight there is no deal. today they're trying to eke out ooh new contract that would avert what is now a sunday night strike. chase cain joins us live from
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oakland with the latest. >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, just inside that 31-hour mark and as the clock is ticking, today there has been no in-person, no face-to-face meetings between the two sides. given there have been no in-person talks, we asked our spokesperson and one of the union leaders if they have made any progress. >> what time it? it seems that time is passing really fast. there's a lot of work going on but we haven't had any new large agreements. >> the time has come to get to the table. 's good for unions to be able to speak directly to her and it's good for her to talk districtly to the unions. she can hear from them how very concerned they are with whatever proposal we have on the table. it brings new life into the negotiations. hopefully we can get to a deal before that sunday at midnight.
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>> reporter: and that barth spokeswoman talking about the executive director of barth who she says is anxious to meet in person with those union leaders tonight. they're hoping that results in some sort of progress. but of course as the clock clicks closer to the strike deadline, barth commuters are anxious about what's going to happen here. b.a.r.t. has the 130 buses ready to shuttle the commuters if there is a strike. and there's talk that b.a.r.t. managers would drive the trains. but that is something that will not happen quickly. it will be several days before they put the managers behind the control of the train. you see the sign on the door. day 153 of the contract talks and the hope is that tonight the two sides will meet face to face
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and that will result in some sort of progress. coming up tonight we'll tell you more exactly about what the two sides have been working on today. we'll of course bring you the latest developments from the cal trance headquartetransheadquart there were hopes today that the government would reopen today but that didn't happen. however still as nbc bay area reports the lawmakers from both sides see reasons to be optimistic. >> reporter: house republicanings for at work for a third saturday in a row but they dashed mounting hopes of a break through in washington's shutdown showdown. >> the president is freezing out america and we'll do everything we can to make the point we went to negotiate and he took no offer. >> reporter: republicans have retreated from their demands to roll back obama care. now they say the president won't
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bend on spending and they're walking away. putting pressure on the senate to make a deal before the nation hits the debt limit on thursday. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> democrats tried and failed to push a clean debt until december of next year, a plan they knew republicans would nix. but today they did something they've been unable to do throughout this crisis. talk. >> this should be seen as something very positive even though we don't have anything done yet and a long way to go before anything like that will happen. painfully away they don't have much time left, democrats met with president obama at the white house to talk straj gi and look for a way out. bryan moore, nbc news washington. >> and until they find that way out, here in the bay area. the national laboratory is planning to send its employees home without pay. the lab is the leading research
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centers in nuclear and computer science. about 6,000 people work in the facility in livermore making it the second largest loir in alameda county. about 50 employees involved in security and other essential roles will stay. despite the shutdown, the cliff house is back open. the is historic restaurant is on government land but privately owned and operated. because the sland technically part of the golden gate national parks, it was fostered to close on october 3rd. but today it's back open and this time we're told for good with permission from the federal government. not related to the government shutdown, some people here in california and across the country are unable to buy food because of a computer glitch.
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low income people who use cards to buy their food found out this morning that the cards weren't working. the company says it is notifying retailers in 17 states to go to the manual system meaning customers can spend up to $50 until the system is back online. we'll have a live report on how the problem is affecting low-income families right here in the bay area. >> san francisco general hospital made its first protocol change. the chronicle is reporting that hospital staff must manually deactivate security alarms that go off and do sweeps of the fire escapes and stairwells. lynn spalding was found dead nearly three weeks after disappearing from her hospital room. a costco in south san francisco is recalling nearly 40
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pounds of rotisserie chicken that may be contaminated with sal ma nil will. it's sickened more than 300 people. kirklands and foster farm and kirkland form rotisserie sup and the ro tiscy chicken salad. they were sold to the costco on el camino between september 20th and september 27th. >> i didn't eat the chicken. my husband ate the chicken. he didn't report any illnesses in the last day. so i'm hoping he has a strong immune system. >> well the recall comes on the heels of a usda health alert issued monday involving chicken from three foster farms plants. coming up next at 5:00 from
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taliban par debt to icon. plus dozens of high school hackers competing in the south bay. we'll show you what they had to come up with and what they got in exchange. and the dog that scootered his way into the guinness book of world records. they tell us it's real. you got to see more. we're watching the wind here in the bay area weather center adds we see temperatures kind of cool in san francisco, wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour as an incoming weather systems bring in the winds.
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malala you receive zie did not win the no bell peace prize yesterday but he earned a different honor. the pakistandy teenager visited the white house yesterday. they welcomed here to the oval office. malala was shot in the head by the taliban for her outspoken views of educating girls. the international watchdog is currently in syria working to destroy the chemical weapons. former nsa contractor edward
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snowden was honored by some security officers. this video shows him being presented with a annual sam adams award. it's not clear when or where this video was taken. in august snowden was granted terp rare asylum in russia. he's wanted for the u.s. for violation of the espionage act. still to come, the aspiring bake tour from the bay area to san diego and it's all for a good cause.
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california is cracking down on what's become a growing problem. paroled sex offenders ditching their ankle bracelets. under the new edge las vegas, paroled sex offenders who cut off their gps tracking devices will receive har esh penalties. it's now considered a felony. so for more than 16,000 people have signed up for health insurance on covered california. that's just a small percentage of those eligible for coverage under the new law. this weekend the special health care is underway in san jose aimed at helping people understand the registration process and whether the program is right for them. the health fair is celebrating
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its tenth year and they're expecting a high turnout for people looking to get information about getting insured. >> we have counselors here to site to talk about how to get enrolled and talk about what the programs are that might be available for them. >> diabetes screenings and acupuncture are some of the services offered at the health fair. tonight at 6:30, be sure to check out our covered california special. we'll walk you through the registration process and show you what an average california family of four can expect to pay. some of the best young hackers in the bay area are under one roof right now. they're taking hart in the hack thf a-thon.
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together the teams design, create and pitch mobl apps for top prizes including 1500 bucks for first place. >> so we're working on this app and what we want to accomplish is create -- or take your actual paper coupons and transfer them into the digital space. >> the event is just wrapping up. the sponsors say events like this are fundamental learning tools that will bring job reyags to the bay area more than 100 cyclists are putting the pedal to the med dl. it's called the million dollar challenge ride. it's made up of well known athletes and executives. the seven-day ride benefits the challenged athlete foundation.
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>> it's such an awesome experience. life to me is about movement. and we get so much energy, so much life when we're in motion. and that's what the challenge athletes foundation does. it's done it for me and countless others. we put people in motion that would otherwise be on the sidelines. >> so far the riders have raised more than $1.3 million. it is looking like a gorgeous day in san jose. premier autumn extravaganza known as pumpkins in the park. she got a nice one. it was pumpkin carving and scare crow building. the annual event raises funds to promote park conservation. and i'm not going to say it's time for a frost, but there could be frost on the pumpkin. chilly this morning. rob mayeda is here with a check
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on the forecast. >> in the north bay we had temperatures getting into the upper 30s. so as the night gets longer and te see the dry air from the north, the frosty mornings not far away. right now it's cold in san francisco. a strong sea breeze, 56 right now, 57 in san jose. the winds have picked up this afternoon. northwest 15 in san jose and winds are prior r primarily northwest 15 in san jose and winds are prior r primaril mayo onshore. the winds are picking up as the system drops to the east of the bay area right on top of the sierra tonight. so areas around lake tahoe may see some snow. but notice the bay area, partly cloudy skies tomorrow. we'll see dry conditions in the bay area. now as that system passes by and heads east of lake tahoe, high pressure building in from the
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west will set up the north winds once again. instead of the dry breeze we're talking about the dry air coming in from the north. this going to allow the valley temperatures coclimb up by monday, tuesday and wednesday, highs in the low 80s inland. but unfortunately the source of the dry air will if give us a chance for some fire danger in the hill tops, depending on how strong the winds get. so off and on every 24 to 36 hours we'll see the north winds picking up. out at the game tomorrow, 49ers, taking on the arizona cardinals, mostly sunny skies and a bit breezy. tonight no 30s on the map. the wind should stay up enough to keep numbers in the 40s and 50s for tomorrow. highs tomorrow maybe a notch or two warmer,' eel see highs in the low 70s in san jose and mid
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70s in morganville. closer to 70 in hayward for tomorrow. san francisco in the 60s. santa rosa you should see a warmer day for tomorrow and continued warming ahead. no rain in the seven-day forecast. really watching the wind to see if we will see any fire weather watches going up. in the meantime, chilly mornings. looks like fall. >> you talk about how chilly it is when it gets in the 40s, people back east don't get that. >> yeah. now for a look at what's coming up in sports, here's henry of comcast sports. >> yes, terry, want to talk about something perfect going on in san jose other than the nbc bay area news cast, of course. the san jose sharks look to remain perfect as they well come the ottawa senators to town. we'll take you to the center to
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hear from the players. plus vernon davis, he's a beast on the field but we rarely get to hear his conversations on the slice. coming up, hear him miked up like you've never heard him before. that's next. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. only at safeway. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. welcome back to nbc bay area. the undefeated sharks have been as smooth as ice this season, four wins and four games while outscoring their opponents 21-5. tonight they hope to keep the momentum going when they host the ottawa senators at 7:00.
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>> things are going good right now. we're getting good balances. it's not always going to be that way but while it is we got to keep going wit. guys are hot, pucks are getting through. we've got to keep at it. >> you've got to recreate your identity at the beginning of the year. the depth has shown up in our lineup after four games. many more games to go and can we keep it up? we'll find out tonight with game five. >> over to football, vernon davis has been a major focal point of the 49ers to physicians this season. he leads the team with four touchdown receptions. we rarely get to hear what his conversations are like on the sidelines. and sunday's win over the texans, vernon just happened to be miked up. >> stay turned up. in that zone.
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got that mind-set. that's right. that's right. we're going to throw right now. got to. >> he is an exciting player. speaking of exciting one number five stanford visiting utah, first quarter utah down by 7, third and 17, travis wilson pass to anderson, completed for 51-yard touchdown. second quarter tied at 14. the handoff to anderson, three yard rushing td and right now the number five team in the country, they're in trouble right now. before we get out of here, how about a little bit of hope. the warriors have arrived in china. they left the bay area around noon yesterday and arrived in
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beijing at 9:00 at night. it's a 15-hour time difference. this is part of the nba's global games. golden state will face the lakers for two games as they promote the lakers brand. much more coming up in about an hour. we'll have the latest of what's going on in sports as well as the spartans, san jose state, they got a win against colorado state. >> coming up next in, his name is norman and he's a french sheepdog. we'll show you how he won the unusual title of fastest four legs on wheels.
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a three-year-old french sheepdog has been officially verified as the fastest four legs on wheels. take a look at norman.
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back in july he propelled himself 100 feet in 20 seconds in a charity event down in georgia. and yesterday guinness world records verified the feat. you can see it right there. he balanced himself by leaning his two front paws on the handlebar. no big deal for norman who can ride a skateboard and pedal himself on a bicycle. the dog and his owner are due to appear on the "today" show tomorrow morning. >> harvey millment has something in common with lucille bar. milk will be featured on a commemorative stamp next year. he is also the fast activist for the lgbt community to be featured on a u.s. postage stamp.
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nbc knightly news is next. more local news at 6:00. hope to see you then. on this saturday night, super cyclone. the potentially catastrophic storm that's coming ashore threatening 12 million living in its path as powerful as hurricane katrina and twice as wide as superstorm sandy. missed opportunity to end the government shutdown and avoid default. hopes were high this was the day they'd get it done. so what went wrong? and what will it take to make a deal before we bump into the debt ceiling next thursday? hidden danger. the deadly bacteria found in salt water that's killed ten people this year. the real captain phillips. what he thinks of a new movie version of his harrowing capture and rescue at sea. and a special breed. dogs trained to sniff out illnesses and save lives.


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