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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 13, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the good. good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," it is down to the wire for b.a.r.t. and its unions. are they making any progress? a scary scene. how police say this car ended up inside a home. also, the latest on the government shutdown. we'll let you know why one popular bay area landmark was allowed to reopen. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at a very pretty picture of san jose. blue to start as the sun comes up, but will the temperatures come up as well? we'll find out. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda, and what do you think? >> the maps are all similar this
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morning. we're seeing cool temperatures. inland we have 45 degrees around morgan hill. 42 in napa and santa rosa with a little patchy fog in some of the inland valleys. notice the winds. not much out there right now. hour by hour during the day we'll see the winds start to pick up out of the north and northwest. that's going to help to keep our skies clear, turn a little gusty at times on the hoyilltops. so today's temperatures close to yesterday's. 67 in san francisco. low 70s in san jose. mid-70s inland around livermore and morgan hill, but tomorrow and the first half of the week could see 70s around the coast and closer to low 80s inland. >> thanks, rob. new this morning, police say a suspected drunk driver is lucky he is alive after the car he was driving crashed through the front of an east bay home. the crash happened just before 2:30 this morning on the 700 block of west tennyson road in hayward. take a look. officers say the driver was speeding when he hit the curb in
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front of the home, launching the car through the air, then through the front porch. front fortunately, the owners of the home were not home at the time of the crash. >> i was laying in bed and i heard what sounded almost like an explosion, and we decided to come outside and see what happened, and we saw the police cars and came over and looked, and the car was so far in the house i couldn't believe it. >> just hours -- rather, the officers who responded say the driver did not suffer any injuries. he was taken into custody though after he was checked out at the scene. just hours until the b.a.r.t. strike deadline, and still no deal. starting at 9:30 this morning, b.a.r.t. and its unions will gather once again trying to iron a new contract by midnight. if they don't do that, tomorrow
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morning's commute could be scriplescrip crippled. the good news is that plenty of details have been agreed upon. the two sides though continue to point the finger at the other side as to why the rest of it hasn't worked out. >> we still hope that we get this thing done, wlhether or no we don't and they do, that's not up to us. we don't stop the trains. >> there are two things. one is they definitely have the resources available, abobut the seem fixed on some certain points and it seems moore political than economic or financial. >> the heavier issues like health care and pay are still up in the air. coming up in 30 minutes, we'll hear from frustrated b.a.r.t. riders who once again have to prepare for the possibility of alternate commute options for tomorrow morning. stay with nbc bay area news for complete b.a.r.t. coverage. the "today in the bay" team will hit the air early at 4:00 tomorrow morning to get you the
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latest news and traffic get arounds. if you want to know the moment a strike is called or once a deal is reached, sign up for our breaking news alerts at and we'll send you a text or an alert. to the south bay where a garage fire spread to a home's gas main. a fire department spokesman said it started about 5:00 yesterday even on waverly avenue in east san jose. a garage door caught fire, then quickly was fueled by gas. a neighbor says before firefighters arrived, it was chaos. >> started hearing all this noise and people honking. we came out, and it was on fire, the whole house. started from next door. we were there, we seen it all, and then we just ran to try to get people out, but nobody was home. >> fire officials called for additional crews as a
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precaution. no injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. parents in lafayette can now rest a little easier this morning. police say they arrested the man they believed tried to kidnap an 8-year-old child. investigators say 57-year-old ralph grows, a transient, tried to grab the child around 11:00 yesterday morning near the lafayette library. a parent intervened and took the child to safety. officer found grows at the library. he were booked into jail on an attempted kidnapping charge and probation violation. new details about a computer glitch that meant millions of californians could not buy food. the system used to process food stamps crashed in california and 16 other states yesterday. xerox operates the computers and said a routine test caused the entire system to shut down. the company has now fixed the problem, and we are told the 4 million californians who use food stamps shouldn't have any
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issues making purchases now. we continue to follow a developing story about salmonella and an outbreak that involves a costco store in south san francisco. the store is recalling nearly 40,000 pounds of rotisserie chicken which may be contaminated with salmonella. more than 8,700 rotisserie chickens, 313 units of rotisserie chicken soup, rotisserie leg quarters, and chicken salad have all been recalled. health officials issued the notice because they believe it may have been contaminated with a salmonella strain related to foster farms. they were sold between september 11th and september 23rd. we talked with a costco customer who says a family member had already eaten the chicken. >> i didn't eat the chicken. my husband ate the chicken, so he didn't report any illnesses in the last day.
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so i'm hoping he has a strong immune system. >> the recall comes on the heels of a usda health alert issued monday involving chicken from three foster farms plants in california. now to the latest on the government shutdown, and lawmakers appear to be no closer to ending the shutdown or preventing a debt default. the top democrat and republican in the senate met for the first time in weeks, which provided a glimmer of hope that a compromise could be near. but after the meeting, the senate rejected two proposals that would have ended the standoff. the president huddled with senate democrats later in the day to talk strategy. raising taxes versus cutting spending is what lawmakers cannot seem to agree on with just four days left before a possible debt default. san francisco's famous cliff house is back in business, and this time with the federal government's blessing. the waterfront restaurant has been caught in the middle of the tug of war between the owners and the government since the partial shutdown was declared. "today in the bay's" kimberly
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terry spoke with the executive chef. >> it's been very chaotic, very confusing, very frustrating, and painful to watch the sacrifice the employees had to go through. it's really difficult to watch all these people come up to our front door and we weren't allowed to let them in. >> reporter: the 150-year-old cliff house which sits on federal land was forced to close because of the government shutdown, but four days later the restaurant owners defied orders and opened the doors. two days after that though, the cliff house was forced to close. now, it's officially open because local and state park officials were able to reach a deal with the federal government. >> we were ecstatic. we immediately started to contact all our staff and call up purveyors and try to get food in here and figure out how quickly we could open. >> reporter: the restaurant which had to furlough 170 employees, a privately owned amd gets no tax dollars or federal funding. >> it's a very special place. >> reporter: and one that attracts people from all over the world. kinl berly terry, "today in the bay." the grand canyon also
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reopened after arizona officials struck a deal with the federal government. the state agreed to pay the park service more than $90,000 a day to keep it open. state officials decided it was worth it after losing millions of dollars in tourist money during the shutdown. on the east coast as well, the statue of liberty opened to the public again this morning thanks to the state of new york, which will foot the bill during the government shutdown. governor andrew cuomo said it will cost the empire state about $62,000 per day. our landmarks though remain shut down. still ahead on "today in the bay," is it a tool to help parents or scare them? how one company says it will help protect children and families from sex offenders, but why critics are calling it exploitation.
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you're watching "today in the bay." protecting parents or preying on their fears? a central coast-based company says it can help keep your
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family safe with a new service. one of the tools includes alerting you where sex offenders live and when one moves into your neighborhood but for a price. "today in the bay's" stephanie chaung has the story. >> reporter: the first thing you see is a statistic. 750,000 registered sex offenders in the u.s. over a map of the country, drowning in red. the company kids live safe boast the easiest and best way to find sex offenders and alert parents should a sex offender move into their neighborhood. a company supervisor identified as tom referred to it as a peace of mind insurance product. >> of course it frustrates me. >> reporter: for marc klaas it's ten steps backwards. >> this is a fear-based website that is exploiting some of the worst tragedies that any of us have ever encountered in our
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lives for profit. >> reporter: he tried using the site, which claimed it would take just seconds to locate sex offenders in his area. after a search bar loaded, no results. it required an e-mail and payment of $1 for a trial subscription. don't cancel within a week, and that $1 turns into 30 bucks a month for the service. >> this is offensive now. >> reporter: he says all 50 states provide this information for free through megan's law. >> and it will drill it down. it will give you pictures. it will tell you what crimes these characters committed. it will tell you where they live. >> reporter: tom says kids live safe doesn't claim to solve all the problems but does give parents and advantage, arming them with the right information and tools in protecting their children. for parents like nate green, the need to protect his 5-year-old twin girls from the evils of the world is all-consuming. >> as parent, obviously i will do anything to keep my children safe, but i feel like there's -- that increasing my level of panic isn't going to help that.
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>> reporter: stephanie chaung, nbc bay area news. coming up on "today in the bay" -- >> what i'm trying to do is dig through the layers of theology, legend, myth, and try to get to the man who lived 2,000 years ago. >> we sit down with reza aslan and talk about jewish people, islam, and jesus. [ phone ringing ]
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you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at a beautiful sunrise over san francisco. you can see the flag moving just a bit to the right side of your screen and so it's breezy out there. let's check in with rob mayeda who has a look at the forecast. we know when we can see the bridge, we can probably see our breath, too. it's cold out there. >> a little chilly out there. san francisco, 51 degrees. low 40s around the north bay. napa and santa rosa this morning. 41 in san jose.
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notice the temperature jump in fairfield. we're starting to see the north winds work their way down. where the winds are light this morning, we have the temperatures really dropping off with the clear skies and dry air around the bay area. though you notice here in the sierra, we have a few snow showers above 6,000 feet this morning. this weather system missing the bay area for the most part, but it is pushing down some cooler, dry air out of the north, which should help to see mostly clear skies like we're seeing right now in san francisco while the snow showers continue out to the sierras for the first half of the day. patches of low clouds expected on the coast as we go through the afternoon. the temperatures will look pretty nice, but other the next couple days we should see warming as a system drops in over the northern rockies. high pressure building from the pacific back over northern california. windy conditions at times. it's going to really dry things out on the hilltops. we'll have to watch the wind speeds around tuesday as the winds start to increase, but in the meantime we'll be seeing some warmer temperatures in the
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valleys for the first half of the workweek. we should even see more 70s out near the coast as we near tuesday and wednesday. speaking of 70, we should see temperatures close to that around midway through the game, cardinals versus 49ers just after 1:00 in the afternoon. mostly sunny and mostly breezy by, say, 3:00. high today in the south bay, low 70s. san jose, 73. mid-70s around morgan hill, and more or less the same as you head to the tri-valley. 680 north, nice afternoon, upper 70s around parts of the tri-valley. some of the warmer spots. upper 70s today we suspect around lakeport, ukiah to the north, and santa rosa. the north wind helping to warm things up across parts of the north bay. fall-like weather with chilly mornings but pleasant afternoons. clear skies. and then next weekend a few more clouds but no real signs of any rain in the forecast as we get through the latter half of the
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month. we should start to see that pattern develop but the seven-day looking dry. juneau when you pull out the reindeain gear and it has dust . >> maybe the following week. >> thank you very much. tesla continues to turn heads and hundreds of people turned out for the opening of the electric carmakers new store in palo alto. the doors officially open eed yesterday morning at the corner of el camino real. they were able to get a look at the upcoming crossover modelx. the new suv which is scheduled to begin production next year. >> we haven't seen a store that has the model x on display, so we drove by and did a yu-turn t check it out. >> the retail outlet marks tesla's fifth store in the bay area and it seems like they're everywhere, right? still ahead on "today in the bay," reza aslan opens up about
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a religious studies scholar who happens to be muslim has written a book about jesus. academically speaking, this is not really a big deal, however, it's become a big deal. his controversial interview on fox went viral and his book sales skyrocketed. he's sharing his views with us. we have the interview with san francisco product reza aslan. >> this is still home for me. >> reporter: home might be where his heart is, but his book and the controversy surrounding it is playing out an a national level. >> you're suggesting basically the new testament is fiction? >> no, what i'm saying is that the new testament is myth. >> reporter: 41-year-old reza
7:23 am
aslan embraces the debate about jesus, but the debate that catapulted his book to the top of the best-seller list wasn't about jesus, it was about him. >> now, i want to be clear, you're a muslim. why did you write a book about the founder of christianity? >> well, to be clear, i am a scholar of religions with four degrees, including one in the new testament and fluency in biblical greek who has been studied the origins of christianity for two decades who also happens to be a muslim. >> reporter: fox's lauren green kept pressing while aslan kept his composure. >> i know we mentioned this three times, i'm not sure what my faith happens to do with my 20 years of academic study of the new testament. fox news has spun anti-muslim sentiment in this country into ratings gold. this is what they do. so i would be lying if i said that i didn't expect that they would have, you know, one or two
7:24 am
questions attacking me for writing this book because i just happen to be a muslim. >> reporter: a lot of people, like it or not, have those thoughts. why is a muslim writing about christian issues? >> this isn't a book about christianity because jesus wasn't a christian. jesus was a jew. this is a book about judaism, first of all. secondly, i totally get that. there's a lot of anti-muslim bias in this country. at the same time i do want to just emphasize that there are hundreds of books about islam and mohammed out there written by christians, and many of them actually get a pretty prime spot on fox news. >> reporter: in terms of the book now, you read the bible. we learn about jesus spiritually, wholistically, as a christ, but your book you write about him as a man and really what happened, at least in your opinion or based on the facts of that era. >> yeah. so what i'm trying to do is dig
7:25 am
through those layers of theology and doctrine, dogma, legend, myth, and try to get to the man, you know, that lived 2,000 years ago. it's not an easy enterprise. scholars have been doing this for 200 years. for a scholar to say jesus wasn't born in bethlehem is, yeah, obvious. nobody even bats an eye. a lay reader, if you say jesus wasn't born in bethlehem, their heads explode. this is first time anyone has said such a thing. >> your own personal journey, you come here to the bay area when you're a kid, you're muslim, you convert to christianity, you go back to being a muslim. how come and why change? >> we came to the united states in the early '80s. this was not a great time to be muslim in the united states. >> reporter: is it a good time now? >> it's not much better, i suppose. this is the height of the rhawn ho iran hostage crisis.
7:26 am
when you're a kid, you want to fit in. i did everything i could to separate myself from my culture, my heritage, my religion. >> santa clara still close to your heart? >> santa clara university made me who i am today, not just academically, but i mean that as a human being. it was the jesuits who taught me how to understand who jesus was. it was the jesuits who encouraged me to go back to islam. it was the jesuits who taught me that the core principle of social justice, and that everything that i do no matter what it is in my teaching, my writing, my activism, is focused on the central message of jesus', which is the reversal of the social order, the notion that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. that's still the prevailing sentiment that i live by. >> reporter: you see riverside as a great university, but come back to the bay area at some point do you think? >> if somebody at cal is watching this or at stanford and you have got an opening, i can be lured back to the bay area.
7:27 am
i love it here. >> it is also worth noting he is married to jessica jackly, the co-founder of keva, the international microrow lending scythe. you can see this story along with our other high profile interviews at coming up on "today in the bay," we'll hear from frustrated b.a.r.t. riders just hours away from another possible strak. and two years after falling victim to gun violence, former congresswoman gabby giffords is going to a gun show. also, a brave battle lost. a bay area bride who inspired many people around the world loses her fight with cancer. what happened during her last months that touched the hearts of so many people.
7:28 am
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good sunday morning to you. looking live at a very nice
7:30 am
start to the day from our camera high atop the san bruno mountains looking long and hard at the city by the bay. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. a bit of a chilly start to the morning. >> we're seeing temperatures in the low 40s for now, but you saw the clear skies inland. we'll warm up nicely later on, but right now 42 degrees santa rosa and napa. 41 up around ukiah this morning. one of our weather watchers letting us know. 48 in san jose. not much wind outside right now. that's going to change as we go through the afternoon. you will see hour by hour, winds starting to increase out of the west-northwest heading into the evening and, yes, it will be a little gusty by 6:00 later today. right now 40s and 50s, but by the afternoon, 60s, san francisco. 73 in san jose. 76 in livermore for this afternoon, but 80 could be in reach for parts of the bay area maybe as early as tomorrow as things start to warm up and high pressure builds in. we'll talk more about that in the seven-day forecast coming up
7:31 am
in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much, rob. new this morning, police say a suspected drunk driver is lucky he's alive after the car he was driving went through the front of an east bay home. this crash happened just before 2:30 this morning on the 700 block of west tennyson road in hayward. take a look. officers say the driver was speeding when he hit the curb in front of the home launching the car through the air, then through the front porch of the house. luckily, the owners of the home were not home at the time of the crash. but this is how a neighbor describes that frightening moment of impact. >> i was laying in bed, and i heard what sounded almost like an explosion, and we decided to come outside and see what happened, and we saw the police cars and came over and looked, and the car was so far in the house i couldn't believe it. >> officers say the driver did not suffer any injuries, but he was taken into custody after he
7:32 am
was checked out at the scene. the b.a.r.t. strike deadline is looming, still no deal. b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the negotiating table in just a couple hours trying to iron out a contract that would avert a strike which could cripple tomorrow morning's commute. "today in the bay's" chase cane has the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. trains keep rolling down the tracks but frustration and worry keep going up for b.a.r.t. riders. >> get it together. simply get it together. appease each other so that we can get on with our business. >> reporter: but as the business of negotiation continued, the two sides bounced blame back and forth. >> we still hope that we get this thing done. you know, whether or not we don't and they do, that's up to them, not us. we don't stop the trains. >> we're waiting for a response so the union's presented some ideas to management, and we'll see if -- how they are responsive to those. >> reporter: this veteran train
7:33 am
operator says some good news is that plenty of details have been agreed upon, but that still leaves heavier issues like health care and pay center stage. >> i think there are two things. one is that they definitely have the resources available, but they seem to be fixed on some certain points, and it seems more political than economic or financial. >> from our standpoint, we're a lot more than halfway there. >> reporter: but for b.a.r.t. riders, halfway there does not get them all the way to work. >> we're going to be greatly impacted because we're going back and forth to work. can't make it now. some of us may lose our jobs not being able to get to san francisco. >> and, again, that was chase cane reporting the two sides will meet once again at 9:30 this morning. some details have been hammered out. some are still up in the air. some of those the big ones. stay with nbc bay area for complete b.a.r.t. coverage. if the strike goes into effect tonight, "today in the bay" will start early, 4:00 monday morning for the latest traffic and news. if you'd like for us to text or
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e-mail you an alert if there's a strike, you can sign up for our breaking news alerts at a lot of us do our grocery shopping for the week on the weekends, but millions of californians could not because of a computer glitch. the system used to process food stamps crashed in california and 16 other states around noon yesterday. xerox, which we know best for its printing services, operates those computers, and says a routine test caused that entire system to shut down. the company though has now fixed the problem, and we are told the 4 million californians who use food stamps should not have any issues making purchases today. jen bulik-lang was just 34 years old when earlier this year she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. the hairstylist from san jose was given four to six months to live. during her last months of life, she touched the hearts of many people here in the bay area and around the world. "today in the bay's" garvin
7:35 am
thomas first brought us jen's story as part of our "bay area proud" series, and he has the expected but nonetheless sad end to her story now. >> reporter: like any reasonable person in their mid-30s, jen bulik-lang measured her time left in this earth in decades, four to six if she were lucky, at least that's what she did until a doctor diagnosed her with stage 4 lung cancer and changed that time line dramatically. >> four to six weeks i'm treated, four to six weeks treat ed. so the when i heard that, i said let's get married because i wanted to focus on life. >> reporter: married to long-time boyfriend jeff lang. with little time to plan though and little money to spend, the two began organizing a small wedding in the backyard of jen's
7:36 am
parents' san jose home. but when east bay wedding planner erica oda heard jen's story, small wasn't part of the plan anymore. >> i never thought about the bamboo. >> reporter: using jen's pinterest page as a guide, erica in a matter of just two weeks got more than 60 wedding vendors to donate more than $50,000 worth of goods and services to make jen's dream wedding a very real one. the nbc bay area story about their wedding and erica's generosity was viewed and shared by tens of thousands of people. >> thank you for coming here to celebrate the marriage. >> reporter: with all that attention, jen later wondered if she would ever see her life return to normal. she didn't, which is only fitting for jen had forever changed how many others viewed their own lives. >> that was garvin thomas reporting. jen bulik-lang died in her mountain view home on thursday morning. her husband, jeffrey, was at her side. she was just 34 years old.
7:37 am
so far more than 16,000 people have signed up for health insurance on covered california, the state's way to access obama care, but it's just a small percentage of those eligible for the coverage under the new health care law. this weekend though a special health fair is under way in san jose to help people understand how to sign up and what's available. the open air health fair is celebrating its tenth year at the flea market. organizers predict an especially high turnout this year. >> we have enrollment counselors on staff, on site, to help talk to people about how to get enrolled, how they can find out where they can enroll, and also talk through what insurance programs might be available for them. >> the health fair also offers diabetes screenings, flu vaccines, and acupuncture. it continues today from 11:00 to 4:00 if you'd like to make it. former u.s. representative gabrielle giffords who survived an assassination attempt two
7:38 am
years ago is going to a gun show in new york today. but giffords is not going there to protest. she will be highlighting a gun control law approved by state legislators a few months ago. it expanded a ban on military-style weapons requiring mental health professionals to report threats, limits to magazines to seven bulletinbull it creates a gun registry. for giffords, it will be her first visit to such a venue to promote gun control. house democrat nancy -- house democratic leader nancy pelosi was in upstate new york for a historic event last night. pelosi was among the nine women inducted into the national women's hall of fame. the award showcases the achievements and lives of american women in the arts, athletics, business, and, of course, in government. the late former first lady betty ford was also honored at the ceremony which took place in seneca falls, the city where the first known women's right
7:39 am
convention was held back in 1848. still ahead on "today in the bay," stanford national title hopes take a blow. and the sharks remain undefeated, but they lose their newest sensation. that's coming up next. chex cer, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. that's coming up next. 'cause we love chex.
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you're watching "today in the bay." and looking live at the -- at oakland this morning. a little bit of hazy skies, some cool temperatures to start the day, but a nice pleasant afternoon like we had yesterday. the number five ranked stanford cardinal looked to stay unbeaten on the road against utah last night. fourth quarter, stanford down 13 though. quarterback kevin hogan finds his receiver for the touchdown to cut the lead to six. and you minute to go, the cardinal with a chance to win, falls incomplete. utah upsets stanford, 27-21. down south cal taking on the 11th ranked ucla bruins.
7:42 am
looking for their first pac-12 win of the year. though cal fell early, it was no match for ucla. the bruins win, 37-10. san jose state on the road taking on colorado state. tied in the fourth quarter. spartans' quarterback to winston. winston does the rest taking it 62 yards for the score. spartans doing the victory dance, 34-27, final score. to the ice now and the sharks hosting the senators at the tank. less than a minute into the game, red hot rookie tomas hurdle scores the goal off the rebound. he leads the league with seven goals. a bit of bad news, hurdle left the game in the second period an injury and did not return. no word on how long that rookie will be out. sharks go on to beat ottawa 3-2, and they improve to 5-0 on the season. still ahead on "today in the
7:43 am
bay," political analyst larry gerston takes us through the government shutdown and debt default, is it still a few days away, is it going to happen, can it be avoided? we'll talk with him next. [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the government shutdown continues into its 13th day, and now we're just a few days away from a possible debt default. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston now joins us. this default is to happen on thursday if we can't reach a deal, and i think a lot of folks, even lawmakers, ever lar it's not a big deal. but all the for example on the business side are like it is a big stinking deal. >> if you had to talk about one thing moving the ball over the last four or five days, it's business. the national association of independent businesses, the chamber of commerce. these are loyalists to a fault when it comes to being conservative republican
7:46 am
supporters, and they're saying, hey, this is really hurting the economy. it's hurting business. it's hurting our bottom line. you need to give this more thought. that's really the big difference right now. >> well, i had an opportunity earlier this week to see condoleezza rice speaking at santa clara university, and she talked about the fact that this gridlock kind of represents who we have become as americans, that it's not the other way around. >> yeah. and the problems, if you get through the tea leaves here, kris, is we're dealing not with a two-party system, we're dealing with a three-party system. there's the democratic party,ened then there's two republican parties, the tea party folks and the basically conservative to moderate republicans that have basically been the establishment over these years. john boehner, the republican speaker, has his hands fall because he's trying to preside over two parties at once. that's been the major stumbling block. as he tries to suture this and bring them together, the senate folks just keep moving along very slowly and methodically towards cobbling out the beginnings of a deal.
7:47 am
>> does it look like we might have that deal by thursday? >> it looks better and better. there's a long way to go. the big problem right now is now john boehner can save face, and that means the democrats are going to have to come up with something, some package, so he can walk away and tell his tea party folks, we didn't stand up for nothing, this is what we're getting back. whether it's a change in the way we calculate social security, whether it's the elimination of the medical device tax, a number of things, something like that will happen, and hopefully that will be enough for all sides. you have to walk away saying face whether you're a democrat or republican because this thing has gone too far. >> switching gears now, we just saw video of gabrielle giffords, the comingwoman who survived that assassination attempt, going to a new york gun show. here in california governor jerry brown vetoed a number of similar laws that he could have, you know, signed into law.
7:48 am
what do you take away from this? >> he vetoed seven, he signed four, and, you know, some people say, well, gosh that's two out of three he said no to. the fact of the matter is most experts view california as a model state for gun control. according to the brady campaign, which is the nation's foremost gun control group, california leads by a mile, it leads the nation. all the other states, in preventing gun abuses and by a considerable margin. the state already has background checks. we've got safety training requirements. we've got a ban on guns in public places. a lot of things going on all at once here for some time. go back to the stockton killings 30 years ago and california has become the leader in this respect. >> a lot of folks say that, you know, they propose legislation to avoid some of those big defining moments, sandy hook, the shooting, and the aurora theater shooting, but can you stop people who want to kill people? >> you know, gun control
7:49 am
proponents would say, kris, yes, we need to do more, especially in the wake of the tragedies like sandy hook elementary in connecticut. and that's where, of course, 26 people, mostly children, 20 kids, died at the hands of an individual with a semiautomatic weapon. so they say maybe we're the leader, but we're not leading enough, and we've got to even go farther than we have in the past. >> you talked about the fact that he did sign some. >> yeah. >> and he did not sign the others. he vetoed the others. is there a pattern to what he decided to go forward with? >> this is the 21st century jerry brown not to be confused with the 20th century jerry brown 35 years ago. the most important bills he signed tightened the rules on assault weapons, closed background check loopholes, and require written tests for those purchasing rifles and shotguns. meanwhile, the governor vetoed seven other bills, including an outright ban on semiautomatic rifles. i think that's the thing that
7:50 am
upset a lot of people the most if you're a gun control proponent, purchases on a broader definition of assault rifle, a and proposal to depresent dui owners from owning guns for at least ten years. these bills, he said, went too far with the legitimate rights of gun owners. second amendment stuff. so he's really tried to straddle these things and find some middle ground. >> so what do you think the takeaway is here? are we safer from gun violence? >> you know, to me it's more than gun violence. it's the jerry brown story. i have been watching jerry brown for 40 years. jerry brown we saw the first go-around as governor where he pushed things out as far as he could is not the same jerry brown today. in the old days he would push the limits on all kinds of social issues, including gun control and many others, but the jerry brown today is more prudent, middle of the road, and no doubt his recent actions on gun control will offend those who want fewer laws as well as those who want tougher laws.
7:51 am
then again, this may be another example of the new jerry brown and why he is so popular in california. it's interesting, an era of extremes, dysfunctionalism if you will, nationally, suddenly california looks almost sane, and what's happened here? it just goes to show you how quickly things can change. very dysfunctional state two years ago, now seems to be a model of moderation and the national government seems to be falling apart. all this in a matter of a couple years. >> it's interesting to see jerry brown can change without being called a flip-flopper, but it took decades to do that. we'll see how the whole, you know, budget showdown comes around. >> yeah. >> see if anybody survives. thank you very much, larry. and now we will be right back. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
brown can change without being we'll be right back. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack.
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this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good morning to you. here is the view as we take you out to the san bruno mountains
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looking back to san francisco. a little low clouds from the coast trying to spill over to the coastal range. a few patches of low clouds on the coast for now but as the low clouds disappear later this week, we will see warming temperatures ahead in the seven-day forecast. this morning though, still pretty chilly, especially up around the north bay. low 40s in napa and santa rosa, 48 in san jose, 57 in fairfield where some of the northwest winds are starting to pick up, which is helping to mix down some warmer air from higher up to ground level there. those winds increasing now as the system diving down east of the sierra has brought a few snow showers above 6,500 feet overnight. that system will continue to move to the east as we head through the afternoon. on the upper right portion of the screen, you can see some scattered showers around the sierra, but for the bay area, mostly sunny except for those areas of low clouds right along the coast for today. now, over the next couple days as that low continues to move into the northern rockies, we'll see high pressure building in which is going to set us up for a few rounds of these north winds. we'll see one picking up a little later on this afternoon
7:55 am
and then a bit of a stronger event on tuesday. this is going to bring us some dry air, increasing north wind at times which is going to help warm things up, especially on the coast as the low clouds go away and winds try to turn slightly offshore towards the middle part of the week. that means we'll see numbers closer to 80 inland tuesday and wednesday and closer to the 70s along the coast for the middle part of the week before we turn cooler approaching next weekend. weather today should be nice at the 49 ergame. mostly sunny, turning a bit breezy by 3:00 and 4:00. classic candlestick weather for you. 73 in san jose. should see mid to upper 70s south of downtown san jose for the afternoon. morgan hill, one of the spots in the upper 70s later on. for the fri vtri-valley, one of warmer spots, close to 71 degrees. in the north bay, temperatures climbing up more from yesterday. santa rosa, the winds pick up out the northwest, you should see some warming today with highs in the mid to upper 70s.
7:56 am
north winds at times, mostly sunny, mostly dry and temperatures climbing up middle part of the week, not just for the valleys, but out to the coast. lots of sunshine to go around and then a few more clouds but no rain drops just yet. >> thanks, rob. this weekend students from across the bay area got to see some of their own big ideas take shape. they attended the first ever high school hack-a-thon. top tech engineers and designers along with computer science students acted as mentor. over the course of the day the teens designed, created, and pinched mobile apps for prizes. >> so we're working on this app called scan it, and what we want to do -- what we want to accomplish is create or take your actual paper coupons and transfer them into the digital space. >> i would love that. first place was worth $1,500. organizers say entrepreneurial education is essential to creating an ongoing cycle of
7:57 am
learning and innovation which will bring sustainable job creation and recreation. here is a story that rob and i begged the producer to put back in. a 3-year-old french sheepdog has officially been verified as the fastest four legs on wheels. this is norman. back in july he propelled himself 100 feet in just over 20 seconds at a charity event in georgia. i love it. yesterday guinness world records verified the feat. he balances himself by leaning his two front paws on the habitual bars, uses a behind paw to push forward. no big deal for norman. he can also ride a skateboard and pedal himself on a bike with training wheels. we saw them this morning on the "today" show. >> it looks like somebody in a chewbacca suit, but it's real. he actually uses two legs, not
7:58 am
four. >> i don't want to offend my 5-year-old but -- be like norman. thank you for making us a part of your morning. you have a norman great kind of a day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
day 13 of the government shutdown of 2013. are we moving closer to the brink of agreement or to the brink of default? >> as soon as congress votes to reopen the government, it's also got to vote to meet our country's commitments, pay our bills, raise the debt ceiling. >> it's time for leadership. it's time for these negotiations and this conversation to begin. >> but with democratic and republican leaders at an impasse, when will he get a final solution to our fiscal mess. we have two key senate leaders from both sides of the aisle to answer just how congress can find a way out. plus, the media is meeting with sharp criticism from the rest of the world over the nation's


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