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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 13, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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blockers and make tackles at the line of scrimmage. >> al: washington uses its final time-out. dwayne harris, this a punt return for 86 yards for the touchdo touchdown. then the kickoff return. that sets them up deep in washington territory at the 15 yard line. he scored from there. coverage as well. a lot of heroes tonight. a lot of guys that don't get a lot of publicity. the defensive linemen. tony harris is woshing hard today. >> fourth and nine. and they will not. the pass is dropped by amerson.
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lose it on downs. they're out of time-outs. and the dallas cowboys are going to be tied with the philadelphia eagles for first place in the nfc east. >> cris: this was a perfect throw. just a dead flat drop on fourth down. right in the midsection. >> cris: overall, what is your assessment of grif continue to night? we saw a couple flashes of the old griffin. >> cris: i think he fought his guts out. he looked better running tonight. they had no running game to speak of. it was only his runs, his scrambles in the first half. didn't get a lot of support. and his receivers didn't get open for him. >> al: they dropped the ball. >> cris: they dropped the ball. he had a couple moments. but for most part, i would not pin this within on rg-3.
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>> al: right after the game we we'll have a look ahead to next week's monster matchup. >> cris: robert griffin. he has seen some of the skills that made him special a year ago. a guy that had the top yards per pass and top yards for rushing in the league. and a couple of mistakes that will be attributed to him, the fumble even interception. one he never saw the guy from behind. the other, his receiver fell down.
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all in all, pretty strong night. really got beat on special teams tonight. >> al: yep. that was something that each coach sort aftof addressed. mike shanahan talking to mike yesterday about who the key special teams guys. and kind of groping for -- >> cris: he gave that you look. but for robert griffin, so many comparisons to adrian peterson because the way peterson recovered from the knee surgery a year ago. and they're saying well if he did it and rushed for 2,000 yards, robert griffin can certainly come back and play quarterback. if you look at some of the numbers, it took about four games for adrian peterson to get it going, too. i think we've seen a little bit
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of that tonight. >> al: they can take another 40 seconds of clock. so peterson last year, he had that humungous season. we saw eric was here tonight, in fact. first four games, 332 and then you could see it building. then he had that tremendous second half of the season. but there is, you know, a mental aspect that you have to get over as well. i mean this is robert's second major knee surgery that he's had to endure. and second rehab. so do you start thinking about it a little bit. and yet even in preseason, he wanted to play. mike shanahan would not let him play and justifiably so. there is going to be a certain ramp up period that is going to take place. >> al: so dallas lets the clock run all the way down. they take a time-out. washington may get back on the field here for a minute. but this one is over.
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>> cris: you take away some of the special teams plays that the washington redskins defense is a little better than they'll get credit for tonight, too. >> al: so counting this game to ni night, there you go, philly and dallas. they meet next week in philadelphia. redskins in a hole. but not as big a hole as the giants. fielded at the 9 yard line. flag is down. here is morgan. to the 16 yard line. >> referee: during the kick, holding, number 48, receiving team. half the distance to the goal from the end of the kick. first down. >> cris: philadelphia is the other team you have to assume is going to keep getting better as they get more and more acclimated to chip kelly's
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offense. >> cris: dallas and this defense though, i've never seen a team this early in the season get hit so hard. but i'll give rob marinelli credit. they don't run wind sprints anymore. they run so hard in practice. i really thought they would get be a fade by the end of the game. you know what? they didn't. they hung right in there. montie kiffin has been to be proud of this bunch. room this week. marinelli is the guy we think got the penalty. >> al: for stewart. a flag goes down. what else is new? probably had 18 accepted penalties in the game. >> referee: holding, number 74,
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offense, ten-yard penalty, still first down. >> al: so six seconds left. we said it was over. for some people it's not quite over. >> cris: there is always drama in the nfl. nice game by sean lee. themselves, haven't they? isn't it nice to have that guy in the middle of your defense that understands things so well. he never come off the field. it's a pretty rare linebacker these days. >> al: barring penalty, this is going to take us to the end of the game. jason garrett and his team coming back after that brutal defeat last week. redskins bye week and all that. they face chicago next week.
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dallas off to philly. battle for first. wendy's postgame report coming your way on the other side of the break.
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dallas 31, washington 16.
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they are atop of division and they play at philadelphia next week. washington, meanwhile, falls to 1-4. for the game balls and the force that's go off on the side of the sunday night football bus, you have dwayne harris. punt return of 86 for a td. brandon carr, terrific game. harris, carr and lee are with michelle. >> sean lee, last week, 51 points. tonight, such an overall effort. what changed? >> a lot of work. we made sure we brought that tonight and played well. >> the front four was so depleted. demarcus ware goes out with the injury. did you overcome that? >> we had a lot of guys that have been working to get better. it made the difference. >> congratulations.
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what a performance. let's go to brandon carr who had the tough assignment of covering pierre garcon. how did you do it? >> a big challenge. a lot of film studies. go out there and have fun. you know what, the last two weeks this defense struggles. sean lee mentioned it. you were disgraced by last week's performance. what was the mindset as you prepare for this week? >> disappointment last week. we had that bitter taste. everybody came to work with a chip on their shoulder and 6 o minutes of hard work. we came out with a victory. congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's turn to dwayne harris after the fist pump. 22 # return yards on the night. jason garrett told us before the game our special teams have to win that battle. how were you able to have so much success? >> the guys in front. man, they believe in what coach is trying to do. they make my job so much easier. i give them all the praise.
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they work so hard in practice. >> an 86 yard punt return. what did you see as you were running aback. >> oh, man, i see carr doing a good job. and then i see orlando coming around. it was open space. they did a good job of blocking the end zone. >> terrific night for you. congratulations. >> thank you. bob? >> boy, it sure was. thanks, michelle. let's bring in tony dungy from new york. tony, your reaction to tonight's game? >> well, i think dallas fans have to be happy. dallas ownership, jerry jones has to be happy because after all the talk with tony romo and moral victories and all that, they got a solid performance from all three phases. the defense really did what the defense is supposed to do, not give up big plays. play good red zone defense. get take aways. and the special teams were fantastic. so this was a great overall win
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for the cowboys. >> next sunday night peyton manning returns to indianapolis. by his standards he struggled at times today in jacksonville. a couple of touchdown passes and a couple of fumbles. did the colts learn anything at all from the game today that the broncos played against the jaguars that they can use next week? >> i think they did. you have to be able to get pressure on peyton manning without blisting. jacksonville did that today. they got pass rush from the front four. i think the colts will see the same type of thing. some of the rushers can create this rush. and that is the way to slow this denver offense down. >> all right, tony. thanks. the broncos go to 6-0. two unbeatens left. broncos and chiefs. they'll play twice before the season is over. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk.
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what is one of the big stories you'll be covering this week? >> the misery continues for the houston texans. they started 2-0. they lost four in a row. it was everybody else's fault except matt schaub. the defense gave up 216 yards and 95 total yards in penalties. a 38-13 blowout loss at home. matt schaub left with an injury, lower leg. i'm told we'll know more on monday about liz status. we got to see what t.j. yates can do replacing matt schaub. it wasn't good. t.j. yates continued the streak of gains with pick sixes, five in a row now for the texans. and the worst possible footnote, a guy they were very interested in -- that they weren't interested in last year but is interested in them, peyton manning, he is now getting it done for the denver broncos. he'll be in indianapolis going home for the first time. there was all the talk about peyton manning, andrew luck, 15 wins so far in his career. nine of them have come via
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fourth quarter come backs. we'll see if he can do it again next week when peyton comes to town. >> we'll look forward it to. thanks, mike. don't miss mike florio on "pro football talk" tomorrow at 5:00 on nbc. again, the final, dallas 31, washington 16. and al and chris are back to wrap things up from arlington after this. oh! look what's on a pretzel bun now. lightly breaded chicken, natural muenster cheese, honey mustard anwarm cheddar sauce. wendy's new pretzel pub chicken. now that's better. and now kids' meal is just $1.99 after 4. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire.
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and soo that is the game next week. what a beauty that one will be. in a way you might say peyton is going back to the house that he built. >> yeah. >> because they had so much success. they were looking for a new stadium and able to get it because the team was doing so well. they owe a lot of that to peyton. and back he comes. you couldn't have written a better script for next week's game. >> i think about guys who for all the years were never allowed to touch peyton manning on the defensive side. and now robert mathis at least came in as the number one sacker in the national football league. and he's going to get his shot at peyton manning. but what a reception that should be. you know? he really left there and no one really knew for sure what was going to happen. but i would think the ovation he gets coming on the field is going to be one that you'll remember for a lifetime. >> no question.
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on the other side of the field, of course, is a guy in last year you got griffin and wilson and kaepernick getting a lot of the publicity and cam newton before that and the second year and andrew luck is kind of like, hey, he's the other guy. >> andrew luck, for all he does throwing the football, he's one of those move guys, too. nobody really talks about his ability. but the more games of his that i watch, the more you see that scrambling ability. but what must he be doing about going in and peyton manning is going to be on the other sideline all those questions he's had to answer about replacing peyton. and now here he comes home. >> home again in indiana. we'll see you n week from the hoosier stadium on sunday night football. don't miss it. "football night in america" gets start at 7:00 eastern time. al michaels, cris collinsworth and michelle tafoya and our entire gang.
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that breaking news is happening right now in the south
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bay. a motorcycle crash shut down all lanes of southbound 101 in san jose. the single vehicle crash was reported about 6:45 this evening. the motorcycle driver is hospitalized we are told with major injuries tonight. as you can see, traffic is backed up for several miles and lanes are expected to re-open between 9:30 and 10:00 tonight. >> we are on at a special time because of sunday night football. the clock is ticking towards another b.a.r.t. strike. they have spent all weekends at the bargaining table trying to hammer out a deal. and many wondering what will happen to their commute tomorrow morning. we have an live update from oakland. >> reporter: we have heard hopeful words tonight but the bottom line is there is still no deal to report. the union issued a 72-hour strike notice on tuesday and the
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clock runs out on that at 11:59. the day started out with both sides saying they are hopeful of reaching a deal by the end of the day, but then they became less enthusiastic. gavin newsom joins the talks today. and it's unclear what affect all of the new voices are having on the the process since it's happening behind closed doors. i ask the chief negotiator what are the chances a deal will be reached by tonight, the deadline, and take a listen to his response. >> i couldn't tell you. it's more up to them. i think we have and can put out a good proposal. they have to decide if that meets their needs. >> we are not going to settle if we don't want to settle. there has to be a good and fair and equitable contract on the table for our members in order
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for taos settle. >> the team left the cal transbuilding about 5:15, and no word on if there were questions on the latest offer, and management returned at 7:30 and we are not sure what that means. and they said there was progress made today on smaller issues, but the pay and benefits remain unresolved. and there is another option that would keep trains running if both sides are still talking, but the bottom line, still no deal with this deadline just about three hours away. alive in oakland tonight, monte francis, bay area news. >> does b.a.r.t. have a message to the riders tonight? >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is telling riders to be prepared for a possibility of a strike, if you go to the website there is alternate things you can do if you are a rider and b.a.r.t. has 200 buses ready to go in the morning to take passengers from the east bay into the city but
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the main message from b.a.r.t. to its riders, be prepared for the possibility of a strike. >> thank you. speak of being prepared, here are other options in the event of a strike, if you can't work from home carpooling may be your best bet. the hours for hov lanes will be extended from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. if there is a strike, and that includes portion of 880, and 680 and all toll bridges. b.a.r.t. will be offering free round trip bus service from nine east bay stations to san francisco. we marked those stations on the map. the buses are scheduled to run from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and tickets will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. and returns are scheduled from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. b.a.r.t. has the ability to serve about 6,000 passengers, and the normal passenger load on
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b.a.r.t., 400,000. and then transits also pitching in. during the strike back in july, they managed to put more than a dozen extra buses into service each day. san francisco bay ferry plans to run extra boats. the ferry has transported more than 19,000 commuters each day and that's more than three times the daily average, and it will provide a boat to the bay ferry. stay with nbc bay area for the complete b.a.r.t. coverage. today in the bay will be on early, at 4:00 a.m. if you would like us to text or e-mail you if there's a strike or a deal sign up for breaking news alerts on a 72-year-old man from the bay area who was lost in the
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wilderness for 19 days is alive and recovering tonight. he vanished from a remote area on september 24th and during that time he was missing temperatures in the area dipped down to 20 degrees, but his family never gave up hope. >> reporter: a real life story of survival. >> it's very unusual for somebody to endure this type of environment for that long, and survive. >> the 72-year-old man went on annual hunting trip with his friend and ended up lost in the national forest for 19 days. >> he and his friends, what they do is they will leave from one location and they will split up. their routine is to meet about four hours later for lunch, but for some reason my dad never showed up. >> that was september 24th. his friends searched through the night and then drove to the nearest town and


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