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tv   Today  NBC  October 15, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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hello, everybody. it's the first day of the work week. it's fun day monday october 14th. happy columbus day to you. >> however you spent your weekend, it was much better than the way you spent yours. >> yes, well. >> what happened? >> i started out in the morning on saturday. i hate when you have to get blood taken. it means you can't have your coffee in the morning. i like to be right there at the hospital. >> first in line. >> so i'm there. i overslept. i'm falling over everything
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trying to get the dogs out. i get in the car and go okay. only to find out i have no insurance anymore. so that's one problem. then i get home and i go out in the backyard, it's a beautiful, blustery day. i have my rubber kind of boots on. boy, was i ugly. i looked like the queen of england with the corgis. i come in. as i'm coming in the door i feel this unbelievable pain go through my left ankle. i go, something just bit me and it ain't good. took off the boot and it was a bee. a bee in the middle of october. >> in the boot. >> a bee in the boot. he had his way more than once with me, which wouldn't be a first. look at that foot. that was this morning. it looks like gangrene. no, i have gout. i have a cankle. it's this one. i could never be a weather
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woman. i can't do that. i have a cankle now. >> so you're taking benadryl. why hasn't it gone down? it's been since saturday. >> most people are wimps and they wouldn't come to work on monday on columbus day, but no. >> did it. so you're icing it, that's it? >> icing and benadryl. i can imagine one time i did get -- it was the day before whitney houston and bobbi brown got married, i remember this i was supposed to go the wedding the next day. cody was like 2 years old, 3. he got in a hornet's nest. i picked him up and ran him to the house protecting him like this. he didn't get not one bite, but my arms -- i looked like popeye the sailor man. >> keep taking benadryl.
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>> i would love to hear from everybody. not that we have an electronic person on facebook anymore. >> we're working on it. >> maybe somebody could look into that. be careful of bees this time of year, i guess. nobody thinks about them. >> look at our cards. we always come out here with cards. now, look what we have. >> are they the same? >> they are all the same. >> it's cuter. your bra strap is showing. >> i know. i can't help it. >> how was your weekend? >> my weekend was fine. i saw the james gandolfini movie. if you're sending your kids off to college, there is a scene that will kill you. it killed me and i don't have kids. it's a beautiful movie. it's hard watching james gandolfini knowing that. if you are a carpool mom and you have to take kids and drop them off, this is a question in
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the social q's column of "the new york times." one mother picked up her son and her son's friends from a stinky practice. >> they reek, especially around 15. >> so 40-minute drive with stinky in the back. >> four of them. that means eight feet. >> she says the smell in the car by the time she gets home is unbearable. she wanted to say something and her son said she would be mortified if he said anything to his friends. right now she drives with the windows open. >> try that in the dead of winter. maybe they won't be as stinky in the dead of winter. then they do basketball. >> there is something about that age kid and sweating. it is nasty. >> you get beyond that. i would get so angry with cody taking his shoes off and all his friends the minute they walked in our house and they're right there can i tell you how happy it makes me when he's home and his friends come and visit? i fill it up and leave it there everything's relative.
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the smell is negotiable. >> commenting on a person's odor is exquisitely delicate. >> we know that, philip. >> his advice is talk to the four boys together and say, listen, boys, you reek. ask them to towel off and take their shirts off before they get in the car and put on a clean shirt. forget it. >> you can't cover up body odor. i've got to clean it. you can't spray something on it. >> if you've ever ridden in a new york cab, i'm not kidding. look, i'm the first one to jump in a cab. i've been in some cabs that is b.o. coated with cologne. the window is open, my head's hanging out the window like a dog. like a dog. i'd rather risk an accident out there than be inside with all that. it's not great. >> there is a new survey that's
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going to make you feel good, hoda. it says cheating feels fantastic. >> that's rude. >> university of washington harvard london business cool and penn all joined forces to study cheating. >> cheating in general, when you lie you get a high. when you cheat, it's like you can't believe, like the forbidden fruit. you got away with it. >> but they didn't get away with it. >> i'm sure it's helped some people feel, oh, my god, it's so risky, you have a high until it all comes crashing down and ruins your life. >> then you want people to feel sorry for you. >> then the guilt isn't real guilt. they say it's a figment of your imagination after you had the natural high. >> all those smart people must be right. >> you know who is on our show and can tell us what we are dealing with? sin, it's the sin in your life, franklin graham is with us today. he's got an answer for the sin in your life and the sin in
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hoda's. >> what about the sin in yours? >> i am all prayed up as of this morning. i'm clean as a whistle. >> you do understand in the rush of doing it -- you've gotten away with something. >> you know what? i have and it's a burden in life. i have a conscience. i know a lot of you don't have one. i have like jiminy cricket in my ear. >> let's say you play ring and run. you ring the door bell, got away with it. i got away with it, the high. you're not thinking about the person trudging to the door. >> with a bee sting and can hardly walk. >> it's a rush like when you toilet paper someone's house and run away. like that, the heart-pounding excitement. is it showing? >> it's still showing. >> all righty. this is sad, but it makes sense. there is a new poll again that says 1/3 of all people, i guess in america or in the world, i
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don't know, cannot recognize their neighbors. in the uk. by churchill home insurance company who want you to know your neighbors, they found 1/3 of the people could not identify their next door neighbors by sight. >> more than half couldn't recall their first names. >> yeah. >> when i lived in neighborhoods like in the suburbs and stuff, you know your neighbors, i did. in new york it's harder. it's a apartment living. there are 15 apartments on your floor. we get up early. we don't see them or know them. >> i'm not at that apartment very often. >> you know your neighbors. >> at home i sure do. you know when i got to know them well? last year during hurricane sandy. we didn't evacuate because our house withstood many, many storms since the 1920s. we went around the neighborhood and asked who is going to stay and ride it out. almost all were. they all came to our house and stayed a week.
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>> you got to know them. >> they are really great people. in a weird way, we bonded, we were all good neighbors to one another before that. after that, it's like such a bond. >> that's great. >> cleaned out my wine cellar, didn't you? >> last week i picked an ihoda we love. it's by sara bareilles. it's a song called "brave." there is a children's hospital that did their own video to the song "brave." there is a great line that says, show me how big your brave is. let's take a look at this video. ♪ you can be amazing you can be an outcast be a backlash ♪ some bodies lack in love ♪ ♪ or you can start ♪ let the words call out
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honestly i want to stay and be brave ♪ ♪ i want to see you ♪ i want to see you ♪ out of the cage where you live ♪ ♪ maybe one of these days we'll show me how big your brave is ♪ >> they must have had so much fun making that. >> those kids are so great. >> sara bareilles tweeted, crying watching this. thank you for inspiring me. that's children's hospital in minnesota. >> do we have time for baby animals? this is to start your week off right. look at this video simply because it's cute and makes you happy. >> oh, my god. all around the world this week. three baby lions.
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they were at the swedish zoo, one month old. >> where is the baby giraffe. >> that is a baby? >> look at the baby hippo. >> and mama is kind of cute, too. look at her. >> she's hungry. >> and the wallaby. >> you won't see that anywhere else but here on nbc news. >> did you have a good weekend, hoda woman? >> i did. >> you saw that movie and that's about it. >> yes. that's it. >> favorite things. this is limited edition of pink suede hush puppies ballet flats. a portion of the sales will go to the national cancer foundation. they're $79. hush they are darling. >> this is one of those things i keep losing things. >> me, too. like my other one. no. it's in there. >> i keep losing things and people keep returning them. i was in the airport along at
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newark. i dropped made driver's license. i was already through security. somebody handed it to me. i left my wallet in a cab. two days later, someone brought it back. so what happens? i was in houston a while ago and this came from somebody. my name is dani, senior assistant you seem to have misplaced your nbc universal i.d. badge. i hope your time in houston was enjoyable. >> that's so nice. >> she put it in the mail. people keep finding me. >> they kind of know where you are, hoda. an update. >> our facebook fans were kind enough to write in. here are some of the cures. make sure the stinger is out, keep your foot elevated. >> is the stinger out? >> we have to show her. >> keep your foot elevated. soak in epsom salt. soak in pickle juice for two hours.
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rub potato skins on it. >> i think epsom salt is good. >> are those your feet right now? >> apparently we have no time to try these, right? no. >> there's no holiday for hollywood. >> just bite it. >> these are a hamburger with macaroni and cheese as the bun. >> how can you possibly get your whole mouth on that? i'll do it this way. >> then it doesn't have the mac on it. >> it does. oh, lord. >> get involved. is it good? >> mm-hmm. >> i'm just going to have the bun. it came from the rocket burger bar in chicago. >> it's time for hollywood buzz coming up. after this.
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it's time to entertain you with celebrity buzz. from fifty shades of gray shake-up. who is here to fill us in? kim sacks. tell us "fifty shades of gray." this is big news today. >> charlie hunham dropped out. he said it was his tv schedule. >> something is rotten in denmark. >> he is on the cover for "sons of anarchy." he said it was very daunting to live up to fan expectations. i think he was freaked out by it. >> who are they saying? what name is being bantered about? >> fans want matt bomar.
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there was an online poll. >> he's got a heavy schedule, too. >> he does. he might be free. he does not need to work out for it. and ian somerhalder. >> they look like the same person. >> michael douglas. this was interesting. he said he had throat cancer. now he is saying it was tongue cancer. >> he said he gave a different diagnosis because while he was filming "wall street ", money never sleeps" he said if he had surgery he could lose his mouth. the doctor told him to say it was throat cancer. >> i just don't understand that. you have what you have. any time you lie about stuff, it always hits you in the rear end. hoda.
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>> really? >> so gravity number one? i thought tom hanks would take number one. >> no. "gravity" is huge. it grossed over $55 million. it's huge. have you seen it? >> i tried. i was incapacitated all weekend long. i want to see "gravity" and i want to see "captain phillips" and the one hoda saw. i'm way behind. >> it's amazing. it's like 1 1/2 hours panic attack. >> it is? >> how did the tom hanks movie do? >> "captain phillips" did really well, $25 million. that's about what they expected it to be. it's an intense movie. it's not a typical tom hanks movie. it did really well. it's good fall for movies. >> what about lady gaga? >> lady gaga is in the movie "machete kills." charlie sheen. she has a very small role. her "applause" is not doing
2:24 am
great. >> i haven't seen this promoted, have you? >> i mean it's sort of been promoted. the first movie was a cult hit, not a huge hit. it's not shocking it didn't do that well. >> disappointing. >> yeah. maybe a little disappointing. >> i still love gaga. >> thank you, tim. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> will you put something on that? >> stop looking at it. it's money-saving monday. how you could save hundreds of dollars shopping online. >> one of you is about to become our fan of the week. >> probably not. [ baby crying ] [ mom ] be right there, baby. [ muffled noises ] oops. ow. sorry. [ baby crying ] ♪ [ female announcer ] new pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with 2 layers, pampers have 3 absorbent layers,
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it's time to make someone's day when we surprise our "fan of the week." we spin the globe and the winner is a boy! rob lam from kokomo.
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he is joining us by skype. it was your wife heather who secretly nominated you. right? >> apparently. i'm just finding out. >> rob is a closet fan. his wife outed him. now he's a very proud viewer. >> he records every episode and even has one of our mugs. such a darling little baby. that's ellie. even though he is a hard-working sexy trainer, his day is not complete without hoda and kathie lee. >> here's what you've won. four diamond orlando marriott in florida with a suite and $100 food and beverage credit. >> and you'll be treated to a round of golf at hawk's landing golf club and hotel and round
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trip airfare for two furnished by the four diamond orlando world and marriott. >> have fun. >> have a ball, guys. thank you very much.
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we are back with more of "today" on this money-saving monday. instead of throwing away cash when you do all that online shopping, we are basically giving it away today. nina is here. >> to find discounts and deals and executive editor of "all you" magazine. >> there are simple things we can do on the web that will save money? >> we are all about smart shopping and helping you find the best deals. that's what we are doing today. talking about three websites that are the hidden secrets of the smartest shoppers online. >> and what are they? >> the first one, if you want to comparison shop online, the only site you need to know is called get invisible hand.
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this is the way it works. it's called a browser add-on, meaning you download it to your browser and it works behind the scenes like magic. it takes about a minute to download. say you want to buy a camera. i go to i want this nikon cool pics s-9500. i click on it and look what happens. it found me a cheaper price. $189, 32% off and it also tracks the shipping price, too. so you're not going to get socked with an extra shipping. >> this is great for consumers. you had no idea. >> exactly. now i'm saving $90 and saving time. you spend so much time searching around. >> that's get invisible hand. >> let's go to poach >> it is a great site for big-ticket items.
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when you're buying something, you know the price is probably going to drop at some point. you don't know and you don't want to overspend. especially with black friday coming up, if you want to buy something big, you don't want to overspend. here we go. i want to buy a french door refrigerator. these are pricey. $1,500. i do not want to spend that much. i'm going to cut and paste this link into poach it to track product. then i paste the link here, track the product. my work is done. i'm done for now. it e-mails me when the price goes down. i don't have to think about it again. >> it e-mails me when the price goes down. i don't need to worry again. >> unless the price doesn't go down. >> in which case i'm no worse off than i was before. >> what about the next one? coupon helper. >> there are so many great
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coupon codes online. who has the time to search around for everything? there's this site. another browser add-on called coupons it works on firefox and chrome. download it to your browser. it tracks every coupon code you might need. on jc penney there is an adorable coat i love. it was in our november issue by nicole miller. these are the coupon codes that it automatically found for me on jc penney. it shows all these coupon codes. >> how do you get the coupon? >> pumpkin will save me 15%. i type it in here. it applies the price. already the coat was $200, went down to $119. saved me an additional $18. thank you very much. >> where was the coupon. >> online coupon code. we just saved hundreds of dollars. >> it's inside the computer. >> how does it do that? >> that was great.
2:36 am
>> we are thinking about sales today, it's columbus day. you can save even more. >> great. you're a doll. thank you so much. more money-saving tips in "all you" magazine. >> do you wake up with dark circles under their eyes? >> find out why when we get to the bottom of beauty myths. >> if you need motivation to lose weight, the newest joy fit club member lost 175 pounds. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics
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like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. in life, there are certain things that are true. >> some so-called truths are beauty and health myths. some really are down-right true. here to set the record straight is sara eggenberger, contributing editor for "new beauty" as opposed to old beauty. >> we are so ready. >> okay.
2:41 am
this is very serious. lack of sleep causes undereye circles. >> i'm going to say myth because we just said it in the tease it was a myth. >> hoda, you're following along correctly. it is a myth. very nice of you. sleep deprivation causes a lot of things, but dark circles are genetic. the skin is thin right there and there are a lot of veins there. that's why you get the dark eyes. >> how about puffy? >> eat bananas, they are high in potassium. number two, you cannot smell your own perfume. >> that is definitely a myth. >> i'm going to say it's a fact. it's one of those sneaky things. >> it is a fact. because you become immune to it. you are constantly spraying it. >> what if you're wearing a new one though. >> then it does change, yes.
2:42 am
so you're still correct. only spray on your pulse points. don't overapply. >> i spray in my hair. have you ever been to a smoky bar? it used to stay in your hair. same with perfume. >> ew. >> why is that gross? >> you may have heard this one before. you become used to your own shampoo. >> i'm going to say fact. >> that is a myth. >> who says? >> they have researched this thoroughly. there is no scientific evidence to support this. if you feel like your shampoo isn't working, you have a buildup of styling products, waxes and you need to use a purifying shampoo. that will remedy the problem with. >> don't make those promises. go ahead. >> number four. shaving will make your hair grow back darker and thicker. >> that is a myth. >> i'm going to say it's a fact so i'm going to say it's a myth. >> it's a myth.
2:43 am
only because when you're shaving, if you don't use a sharp razor, you'll feel the blunt edge. that is the thickest part of the hair shaft. >> no, no. >> eating carbs can help you lose weight. >> that sounds like a fact so i'm going to say a fact. >> they are going well. hallelujah it's a fact. there is a new diet called the carb cycling. you can indulge in carbs based on how you work out. high cardio days you can have your carbs, low protein. on weight resistant days, use low carbs, high protein diet. >> this is a tie. >> it is a tie. number six, sugar only causes cavities. >> no. it's a myth. >> you're correct. it's a myth. bacteria.
2:44 am
close. what happens is the bacteria and sugar work together and cause and acid and acid breaks down your tooth enamel. >> a tiebreaker? one more. >> this is it. for the prize. this is very serious. for the prize. >> i hope it's pickle juice. >> french manicure came from france. >> i'm going to say a fact. >> here is our tiebreaker. it's a myth. kathie lee is our winner. it's from california. >> how about the french kiss? >> look at that beautiful prize. >> i'll give it to you, hoda. >> okay. all i wanted was pickle juice. thank you so much. there is no slowing down for preacher billy graham. >> he's got a new book. his son franklin will tell us all about it. >> if you're an emotional binger, the woman who will help you stop. i like a clean kitchen.
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i don't do any cleaning. i make dirt. ♪ very, very heavy. i'm not big enough or strong enough for this.
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we are back now with the joy fit club. a woman who gave up her emotional eating to drop nearly half her weight. 24-year-old lauren from huntington, west virginia stepped on the scale and saw 357 pounds. show did something about it. we are going to meet her in a moment. first, let's listen to her story. >> my name is lauren and i once weighed 357 pounds. i was always known for being a diva and had all the attitude to go along with it. behind the sass and fake smiles, i can honestly say i didn't like myself. i hated that i let food control my life and i hated that no matter how hard i tried to lose weight, i still didn't see any results. my bat will my weight began so early in life. what is on a diet by the age of 8 and grew up being the fat girl. by 16 i started training in hopes of playing high school volleyball. in the process i experienced many physical setbacks including foot and knee injuries that landed me in a wheelchair multiple times. however, i never gave up.
2:50 am
i fell off for a few weeks and binge on anything i could get my hands on, but i would always try again. it wasn't until i got my overall health under control and attended a weight loss retreat i truly began to deal with my emotional binge eating. it was there i learned how to let food fuel me and not control me. two years and 175 pounds later, i can honestly say for the first time in my life, i am comfortable in my own skin. i love who i am inside and out, and most importantly, i feel free. >> that is so great. joy bauer is the leader of the joy fit club. >> i'm so worried about your foot. >> i'm soaking in pickle juice. someone said put your foot in pickle juice. so we are test driving it to see if it works. >> for two hours. take it to the movies afterwards. >> this girl is unreal. not only did she lose all of this weight, but when she comes out here, she is going to show
2:51 am
you a special sort of skill she has now. she is a power lifter. i want to show you a snapshot of what she eats in a day to keep up with her workout habit. she has about 2,000 calories. breakfast, tortilla stuffed with egg whites, salsa and spinach. lunch a great big salad. now she cuts back on the starchy carbs. lettuce leaves with goat cheese, salmon. she googled and found my recipe for greens in a glass and uses this as a recovery shake after she works out. i'll tweet this out after the show. for dinner she has a great big stir fry of vegetables, avocado and chicken. >> let's look at lauren's before picture. lauren, come join the joe fit club. >> those are her old pants. >> oh, my gosh. look at you. >> take those off.
2:52 am
>> you look great. >> that is just fantastic. >> is she incredible? >> i'm great. how are you? >> how long has this been going on? >> what? >> losing the weight. >> took me about a year and a half to lose it all. but here i am. >> this is 115 pounds. >> you can lift that up? >> she can do it. >> thanks. >> cute. >> be careful, hon. >> what? >> you rock. >> thank you. >> and you use these dumbbells? >> i sure do. joy told me you complain about your lunges. >> want me to show you a circuit i like to work on? >> show while we go to commercial. >> i take it up here, do a shoulder press, take it out and hit that full extension. >> you look awesome. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to thank our facebook
2:53 am
fans william salors for the pickle suggestion. >> franklin graham is here to share his father's story. this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
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2:56 am
billy graham has been preaching more than seven decades reaching tens of millions of people around the world. he's been a confidante to more than ten u.s. presidents, a friend to me for all these years. he just finished writing his 32nd book. you think you've written some, hoda? it's called "the reason for my hope." >> here to tell us all about it is billy's son franklin graham, president and ceo of the billy graham evangelical association.
2:57 am
>> this is the best he's done. at 95, he's slowing down, but he's not quitting. i tried to get him to go out and get a hamburger. he says i just want to stay home. >> this is not a compilation book. this isn't the best bits, this is all new material. >> it's all new. he worked for over a year on it. he just did a great job. this is really from his heart. he realizes at 95, he doesn't have many days left. he wants to leave with another generation, he wants them to know the truth about god's love for us. we live in a world where people think, well, okay, i am a christian, i believe in god and i believe in jesus, but they don't want to follow him. they don't want to live for him. he wants them to understand there are consequences to sin.
2:58 am
the bible says all of us have sinned. every one of us is guilty, but god loves us. >> there is a feeling god wants to keep all the good stuff away from us and it's the exact opposite of that, isn't it? his word has a purpose to follow it and you will have abundance and joy in your life. >> absolutely. we've all sinned and become short of god's standard. the wages of sin is death. but god so loved you and me he gave his son. if we just put our faith and trust in him, he will forgive us and heal our hearts. >> and make us new creatures. >> and show his plan and purpose for our lives. it's a great book. he's got a film on november 7th "my hope america with billy graham." >> i'm going down for his birthday party november 7th. >> tell us about the film. >> it's a 30-minute film. it's the best thing he's ever done. my father gives a very clear plan of salvation. he is so clear and articulate. he is in his home and talking to you.
2:59 am
he's not standing behind the pulpit preaching. it is powerful. >> how is he doing? >> he's doing pretty good. if you asked him, he would say, i'm doing terrible. he's 95, but his mind is crystal clear. this book and the film "my hope america with billy graham" is the best he's done. >> there is a particular chapter in this book that was extraordinary to me. it goes through historically what other people have said about jesus, which was fascinating and really interesting. there is less known about julius caesar than about jesus of nazareth. most people easily believe everything about julius caesar, but not christ, why is that? >> the devil is very clever how he masked over this and people avoid christ. there is more evidence jesus lived than caesar. the fact is jesus came to this earth for sinners. that is how much god loves us. he gave his son to be the sacrifice for our sins. we trust him and put our faith in him, god will forgive us and heal our hearts.
3:00 am
>> you were a rebellious teenager, if i recall. yes, you were. >> bye-bye. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks


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