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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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reporters. anything can happen at any time. we'll be here live to bring you the latest in an hour. as for ac transit now, be prepared for thursday's strike. jody hernandez is in oakland this evening. this is linked with part in terms ter -- bart in terms of the impact to bay area commuters. >> reporter: commuters are very nervous at this point. negotiations between ac transit and its union aren't taking place at all. the workers are prepared to go on strike at midnight tomorrow. the 180,000 people who catch the bus, the ac transit bus, may soon be stranded. >> i'm very upset. they need to work something out. >> reporter: he says he doesn't know what he'll do if ac transit
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workers strike. 570 buses could stop rolling at midnight tomorrow as the union threatens a walkout thursday morning. >> if the buses go on strike, there's no way for me to get to school or work. i don't know how i'm going to do it. >> i apologize to the public. i know a lot of people depend on us. >> reporter: they've been unable to reach an agreement workers can live with. not only are they upset at a proposed hike in the cost of medical benefits, they say safety concerns are huge. three shootings took place on or near buses just last week. >> police officers have guns, they have radios, they have bullet proof vests. the only thing we have is the fact that our passengers love
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us. >> reporter: ac transit is calling on the governor to step in and this time issue a 60-day cooling off period to keep the buses moving. >> what we would tell the governor is that a strike would severely impact life in the bay area as we know it. it's not a good time. it would never be a good time if bart goes out and we're out as well. it would be catastrophic. >> reporter: commuters agree. >> you're talking about gridlock. this is really going to happen. straight gridlock. >> reporter: the governor's office says the request for that cooling off period is being considered, but the first step would be for the governor to order a seven-day investigation. again, the governor has not made a decision on that, so for right now both bart riders and bus
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riders remain in limbo. we continue our coverage of both transit strike threats on we can send you alerts to your phone with an e-mail in event of a strike or a resolution. blunt trauma with drowning. that is the official cause of death for a british sailor who died what training for the america's cup. he suffered extensive trauma to his head and neck and died when trapped under the hull. he was trapped under water for about ten minutes before he was pulled out. the death has been ruled an
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accident. project managers met to go over safety rules and talks. edward lake jr. was killed while unloading rebar yesterday morning. he's the second worker this year to be killed on this $1.2 billion project. his death was an accident. now it will be up to cal osha to follow up with its own investigation. this work site has been deemed to be safe. a car came crashing through the front window. the purple saturn crashed into great clips salon just before 10:00 a.m. it's not clear what triggered the crash. the driver was a customer who had just left. >> after the hire cut, he went out. i don't know what's wrong.
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we're lucky. >> they were lucky. the fire department had to pull the man out of his car. he was trapped inside the car but was not hurt. the house and senate both say they're working on deals, but no vote is scheduled yet. in less than 30 hours, the u.s. will default on its loans. one of the country's three major credit agencies signaled it may downgrade the u.s. rating. we are live on capitol hill with more. the sticking point remains to be obama care. >> reporter: that's right. thanks. good evening. no vote in the house tonight is a big blow to house speaker john boehn boehner. another proposal turned down by members of his own party. with time running out, house republicans came to hear their leaders plan. speaker john boehner would end the shutdown and raise the debt
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limit. the changes are so small, tea party republicans might vote no. requiring lawmakers and obama to bare their health care coverage on the exchanges. democratic leaders met with the president and blasted the gop. >> extremist republicans are attempting to torpedo the senate's bipartisan progress. >> reporter: john mccain warned democrats to tone it down. >> let's stop it. >> reporter: mccain says boehner is brave dealing with the tea party and the debt ceiling. >> the idea of default is wrong. we shouldn't get anywhere close to it. >> reporter: but we're close now. >> our message to the president in congress. defaulting on paying veterans'
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benefits is not an option. >> reporter: just a day and a half left. if the senate passes a plan to raise the debt ceiling, john boehner would face a big show. would he allow a house vote to pass the plan with democratic support and enrage the tea party? >> thank you. back here in the bay area, an east bay drug raid. a series of drug busts targeting a mexican drug cartel. starting around 6:00 this morning, federal agents raided homes in pittsburgh, oakley, and concord. four people were arrested. this arrest is connected to a mexican drug cartel. it happened a home across the street from a school and a block from a day care center. >> it is upsetting. this is a very quiet community
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on this end. >> the fbi worked in cooperation with the dea. the sheriff's department lended a helping hand. a setback for governor jerry brown. the supreme court refused to review his appeal on california prison overcrowding problem. the governor has to find a way to cut the prison population by 10,000 inmates. he only has three months to do it. one option is to rent prison beds from a private prison facility in southern california. a once in a decade typhoon is bearing down on japan. it is expected to make landfall near toyko tomorrow morning. hundreds of flights are cancelled. so is the bullet train. special precautions are being taken at the nuclear plant.
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police and military personnel are on stand by. a live picture of the berkeley hills, which got a wake up call from a series of three minor earthquakes. it was strong enough to disturb the sleep of people in san francisco. it started at 1:00 a.m. and ended an hour later. you can buy twitter stock a month from today. the san francisco social media giant has chosen the new york stock exchange instead of the nasdaq as its platform for trading. it is scheduled for november 15th. neighborhoods under surveillance. an east bay police department wants to spy on certain resid t residen residents. >> making history twice in one day. how this medal of honor is different from every other
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soldier who has earned it. >> clear skies across san francisco. we're tracking your cold mornings and a warming wednesday coming up in about ten minutes. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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fremont police want to blanket the city with surveillance cameras to help bust criminals and keep them away, but the concern over privacy aren't the only concerns that the city council will hear tonight. >> reporter: hi there. there will be time for people to give their public input, but for now, we know there's one camera mounted high atop that light post here in fremont. they put that up so they could study the video surveillance.
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they like it so far. 20 cameras just like this one. that's what the fremont police department is asking the city council to fund tonight. the city has $160,000 in community development block grant money, which is set to expire in june. the grant money must be spent in low to moderate income neighborhoods. >> i think that's a good thing. i think it will protect the community. there's so much that goes on, and i think that's the safest way for us to be able to catch criminals who just do bad things. >> reporter: while there are people who will protest on the grounds of personal privacy, the folks we talked with did not. >> i guess the goal is to make fremont safe.
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let's do it. as long as the attention of the police department is the same everywhere, whether people have cameras or not. >> reporter: we were photographed entering a neighborhood where a single burglary hasn't happened in a year since they were put up. that's the reason the fremont police department would like to put cameras across the city. a $400,000 proposition. it would provide some infrastructure and way to further study using that technology. >> it is used by law enforcement to deter and solve crimes. >> reporter: the public will have time to weigh in because tonight the city council vote is to reallocate the money from that federal grant so it doesn't
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expire. the city has to consider whether or not to allow those cameras, but the police department is in favor as well as the mayor. a case before the supreme court today could impact the consideration of race during college admissions. justices are considering whether a voter approved ban in michigan on affirmative action is disk m discriminatory. affirmative action opponents convinced michigan voters in 2006 to outlaw any consideration of race during admissions. critics say the ban is unfair because it keeps universities from considering race and other factors. >> we're not discriminating against anything except discrimination. >> enrollment of african-american and latino
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students have dropped since that ban took effect. in a rare show of patriotism, that soldier wants to return to active duty. he received the military's highest honor for risking his life to recover bodies and save fellow troops. it happened in 2009. part of that rescue was captured on a medevac's helmet cam. army officials are not sure if a medal of honor recipient has made that request before. there's a lot of pink nowadays. pink is associated with a breast cancer. >> people with breast cancer know it is a year round struggle, which is why a group of east bay women want to make it a year round statement. >> if i asked you to describe the type of people with the
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power to get laws passed in sacramento, you would think well paid and well founded lobbyists. you might not think of a house cleaner, a schoolteacher, and a restaurant manager. passing a law is not the only thing they want. it is tonight's bay area proud. she has a few projects she's working on these days. some bigger than others. there's the small task of unpacking the last few boxes after a move. then there's the big job of beating best cancer. >> i found a lump, ignored it for several months, and finally went into the doctor and found out it was spread all over my body. >> reporter: attitude is everything in the fight. well, almost everything. >> go, go, go, score. >> reporter: there's also
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heather, debbie, and heather. she's not sure she could have done it without them as well. >> that's the first time we got together and we all met. >> reporter: it was two years ago these four women all battling breast cancer found each other. their bond was fast and strong. and its quickly spread. the group they formed, survivor sisters now boasts 80 members on facebook. each woman giving each other the right support at the right time. they have also given themselves a project. this one. deciding they want their special bond to do good for others as well. they are the driving force behind a movement to create a special interest breast cancer license plate. >> we've been working really hard to get to this point.
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>> reporter: having little money for their effort, it's been an uphill battle through sacramento to get the idea through to the legislature. >> if all it does is it saves one life or it's one woman to get an exam, it's all worth it. >> the idea is to raise money for a cause. really what these women want is a year round presence. cars driving around the state with the message so it saves lives. these four everyday women get together and start taking something through sacramento. it didn't make it through the legislature this year, but they'll be back next year.
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let's get a check of our forecast now. another beautiful day. >> plenty of sunshine. it was all sparked off by that offshore wind that continued this afternoon at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we did see that wind amplifying this afternoon. it helped our temperatures to warm up. a lot of this drier wind that is providing all this sunshine today, it is all as a result of this thermal trough. most of you probably felt some of this unusual warming in parts of san francisco. we did see temperatures go eight degrees above our average. it was warm out there, but not the hottest every. that is 1 o 02 degrees.
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will this continue throughout wednesday? i have hammered this one out for you. clear skies by the bay and clear conditions inland. low 70s for the east and the south bay. upper 60s by the bay just for the lunch hour. you can see clear skies in san jose. off towards emeryville it is currently fog free. it looks to stay that way for you commute tomorrow. we'll see some of the coldest weather up into the north bay with some low 40s. 49 in san jose. santa cruz, 49. daytime highs on wednesday going just a little bit warmer.
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83 san jose. 79 in santa cruz. a lot of these low 8 o -- 80s will feel like the mid to higher 80s. we thought you should know one of the coldest temperatures this morning across the nation. trucky, california at 14 degrees. tomorrow morning we're going to warm it up a little bit. 17. we're not going to see anything like that on the seven-day forecast. upper 70s by the bay. a little bit cooler there at the coastline as we head throughout friday, saturday, and sunday as well. the next 14 days does look pretty promising. it's chilly in the overnights, but definitely not 14 degrees.
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>> she is radiating a lot of heat. >> yes, i am. still ahead, our rare find off the california coast. find out more about this sea creature.
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it's been a scary few nights down south. the search is on for the person who is putting dry ice bombs at lax. three more of the devices were found at the airport overnight. two have exploded since sunday evening. all the devices have been found in a restricted area leading investigators to think it is an inside job. san diego's former mayor
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says he is guilty of harassing women. he pleads guilty to false imprisonment and battery. he resigned in august after 17 women came forward with accusations. more than a dozen people lugged this 18 foot fish on the beach after a snorkeler spotted the car kus. they are believed to have inspired sea serpent tales over the centuries. >> stay with us.
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francis ford cope la is being honored in japan this week. he was presented with an award known as the japanese noble prize in the theater and film category. he lives in napa county where he owns a winery and a cafe and restaurant in san francisco.
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>> cheers to that. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. >> good night. on our broadcast tonight, danger zone for the u.s. economy as this deadlock in washington now threatens to pull it down. there are questions about the u.s. credit rating with just over a day to go now until the deadline. outrage over the events that led a young girl to take her own life. and who the local sheriff a blaming for her suicide. tonight a warning call for all parents. and act of bravery, captured on camera, an american hero who led his team through great danger now has received the highest military honor in the land. and "making a difference." the great story of a coach who's teaching kids what teamwork really means. "nightly news" begins now.


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