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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. and good evening everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. >> that breaks news between bart and its union. there will be no strike tomorrow. >> that means the trains will be running, but that doesn't mean a deal has been reached. >> reporter: we do not have a resolution to this dispute, but about 30 minutes ago a federal immediate yaeter came counsel here to the microphone and told us bart trains will run
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tomorrow. there's still no deals, but workers have agreed to stay on the job. this follows another day of uncertainty for riders. bart's general manager has been in negotiations since about 5:30 tonight. we're told she is meeting with small groups and the federal mediators. as far as we know, bart is considering the union's counter proposal to bart's best and final often. while they say they cannot change, the details are flexible. the federal mediators are shuttling in between. the mediator didn't give us much to read into but says trains will run wednesday and progress is being made. >> the parties have made some progress, and the parties have authorized me to advise you that on behalf of themselves and in support of the public interest and all the riders in this area, there will be train service
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operating all day tomorrow. >> reporter: the federal mediator did not answer any questions. tonight union leaders and bart officials are being awfully quiet. but cohen did say they are devoted to the process. so at this point it's looking like another marathon, late-night session. no strike tomorrow but still no deal. so at this point, it is still day by day. and unless an agreement is reached, commuters will face another day of uncertainty on thursday. so we'll be waiting here for an announcement. if it comes, we'll bring you the developments as soon as we get them. reporting live, nbc bay area news. and a good way to keep up on everything that's going on is to go to we have extensive coverage. again, now for the other commuting
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headache. governor brown may intervene. he was asked to issue a 60-day cooling o-off period. they want higher wages and better health benefits. ac transit serves more than 170,000 riders each day. did the palo alto fire department cross the line? some are upset about a text alert that went out -- not about a fire but about a pancake fundraiser. >> reporter: we learned that the fire department can use the messaging for community veevent. but some say it should be for emergencies only.
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this woman was used to getting alerts about a fire, but when she got an alert about a pancake breakfast, she was surprised. >> getting an alert about a pancake breakfast is not what i expect. >> reporter: but she also received a message on her land line. >> i definitely knew about the breakfast. >> reporter: they used the alert system to send information about a community pancake breakfast to 27,000 people who signed up for alerts. the city has received more than a dozen complaints wondering why they were alerted about a breakfast. >> i totally understand why people would be surprised by that. and it was not our intention to scare or alert or get people upset. >> reporter: they say what most people don't know is when you sign up for an alert the system's website says you will be informed of local events as well as local emergencies. the chief says the main reason
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they sent out the alert is because of a planned helicopter landing that occurred during the event. >> i would put it in the second sentence, helicopter landing, don't be alarmed. it's part of the breakfast. >> reporter: she says had she known this, she might not have signed up for it. >> if people use the system too much for non-urgent communications, then the value of the whole system goes down. >> reporter: and the pancake fund-raiser raised $10,000. next year they will probably use other platforms to publicize the event. new details on a story we brought you at 5:00 and 6:00. fremont has denied a request
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about surveillance cameras. the neighborhoods don't necessarily have the highest crime rates, but the cameras need go there first to use a grant. the council members were uncomfortable with using the money for cameras rather than housing. they ask to return with a more fully developed plan. a south bay father is begging for your help tonight to find his two missing daughters, a 16 year old and a 13 year old have been missing since sunday night. the two girls went to a church event at the school. they attend valley christian high school. the father filed a missing persons report with san jose police on sunday. and now volunteers are posting flyers throughout the south bay. >> my children have been missing. and this is hard. this is the hardst thing i've ever had to do. and i don't know where they are.
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and i want them back. >> a facebook page has been set up to assist in that search. and you can find out more about the girls and the facebook page by going to our website, a baby and toddler are safe tonight after someone stole the car they were riding in. the 1 year old and 3 year old were in the back seat of a car in the mission district in san francisco. this happened around 6:00 tonight when a woman stole that car with the kids inside. about a half hour later, police found the car abandoned about two miles away. the children were unharmed. a major traffic headache in the middle of the evening commute. this is southbound 680. it was backed up for hours after a bus crash. ten people were hurt when the bus careened into a guardrail. an offduty doctor helped people in an ambulance arrived. it affected several lanes.
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it's not clear what caused the crash. yet another robbery has the uc berkley campus on edge tonight. police say a uc berkley student was robbed this morning on campus. it happened on a path next to mccone hall on the north side. he told police two men in black hoodies came up behind him, demanded his things and showed a gun. police are not saying whether any of the robberies are connected at this point. happening now, to build or not to build. here's a live look at the city council that is in the process of whether to move forward with building apple's new headquarters. it's to be four story saucer-shaped building which with accommodate more than 14,000 employees. if the vote is to move forward, there's still lots of hurdles to clear. they will take a vote next month
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and the project could be completed by 2016. more news from apple. is it an ipad upgrade? they will be making an announcement. this is the invitation they sent out for an event on october 22nd. it says we still have a lot to cover. analysts say look for a new full-sized ipad as well as an upgraded ipad mini. it looks like an inside job. an airport employee is behind bars in connection with the dry ice explosion at lax. a law enforcement source close to the investigation said a 28 year old service air employee was arrested tonight. he's accused of taking dry ice from a plane and putting it in devices that blew up. the explosions happened inside of an employee restroom on sunday night and on the tarmac last night. no one was hurt in either incident. straight ahead, an actor detained by the cops at a popular san jose bar. what bar workers say he tried to
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do. and sniffing out crime. we'll introduce you to the police dog making quite a name for himself. and think oreo cookies are addicting? you may be on to something. a new study comparing cookies to drugs. and some say it's the discovery of a lifetime. the rare find in southern california right there on the beach. we're back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants
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available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by oct 28th and find your career success in the bay area. visit want to update you now on our developing story. still no deal, but still no strike. that's the word out of oakland tonight where bart and its union are still at the negotiating table. less than an hour ago, a federal
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mediator came out to announce that trains will run tomorrow. that mediator said that progress is being made. you might recall last night's union talked through the night negotiating all the way through 5:30. want to show you a live look at the u.s. capitol. if a deal isn't reached by thursday, the treasury department says it may no longer be able to pay its bills on time. adding to that, fitch has put the government on credit watch. > a sheriff is launching out at two girls. a 12 year old girl jumped from atop an abandoned cement plant. two girls, 12 and 14 years old have been charged with felony, aggravated stalking. legal experts believe this is
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the first time a child as young as 12 has been charged in this type of case which could pose a potential challenge for prosecutors. sheriff judd says the case should serve as a harsh wake up call to every parent. >> watch what your children do online. pay attention. quit being their best friend, and be their best parent. that's important. >> two girls that were detained have been released to their parents while authorities continue to investigate rebecca's death. new at 11:00, another scary incident for the mother of baseball legend cal rip kin junior. a gunman threatened her in a bank parking lot. he approached her and wanted her car. she set off a panic alarm on her keys and he was later kauchlt last year, she was kidnapped from her home and returned home 24 hours later unharmed. federal agents swooped down on several communities today in
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a series of drug busts. arrests and sir of warrants were issued in pittsburg, antioch. the goal was to disrupt the flow of drugs involving a mexican cartel. and neighbors were rattled. >> i know that these things are still going on. it's kind of upsetting, especially to see new people coming in and out. this is a very quiet community on this end. >> you always see cars, but you never think anything about it. but i didn't think anything quite that serious was going on. >> authorities arrested four people and confiscated cash and drugs as well. well, another nationwide drug ring was busted in the bay area with the help of a 3 year old, a 3 year old that wag, licks and fights crime. >> reporter: when it comes to
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sniffing out illegal drurks no nose may be better than this nose. zeus has only been a member of the police force for 18 months. but in that time, he's compiled quite the resume, helping get mounds of drugs off the streets. >> he has his own badge and probably the most popular person inside the station. >> reporter: while that may be tough for the police chief to admit, zeus's ability really took the spotlight recently, when the 3 year old lab found 120 pounds of marijuana and 70 grand of cash inside a grow house. >> what the investigation found was people using the pretense of growing mayrijuana for medicina uses but they were doing it for profit. >> reporter: they found a network of drug dealers working
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coast-to-coast. with more arrests sure to come all thanks to zeus. and all he asks in return? >> good boy. >> reporter: a little love and his favorite yellow ball. in mountain view, chase cain, nbc bay area news. customers at an east san jose beauty salon got more than a trim. they got a scare when a car came through the front window of the great clips. not clear exactly what happened, but the driver was a kuser in, and he had just lief the salon. fire department was able to rescue the man out of his car. he was trapped but not hurt. luckily, no one in the salon was hurt either. an embarrassing moment for a an actor as he tried to skip out of his bar tab. he has appeared on such shows as nypd blue. last night he tried to leave the dive bar without paying his $56
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tab. they waited until his father showed up and paid his tab. he graduated from saratoga high school. let's bring in jeff ranieri. yesterday we were flirting with something like a 14-day forecast. >> he just alluded to it. i don't think he was really throwing it out there. the secret one. >> yes, we have them behind the scenes. if you wanted that 14 day, i needed to know earlier. let's get a look here. we're going to give you an idea to that most important forecast. we have high pressure that's been building offshore and that's taking any kind of activity and steering it way up into canada and also washington. no hope of any kind of rainfall if you wanted it, at least for the next two to three days in the forecast. that high pressure clearing us out. we get a lot of radiational cooling in the overnight hours. that helps to drop the temperatures. even at 8:00 we'll have some 40s. notice those grids. as we head throughout the day
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tomorrow, no cloud cover at all. no fog coming back. temperatures in the low 80s inland, upper 70s by the day. let's take you outside to the high-definition view. you can see our brand new camera showing clear conditions. for the morning commute, it looks very, very good out on the roadways. as we take you to san jose, looking at brilliant skies. the school forecast, you're going to need them with that jacket in the morning hours with temperatures starting off in the 40s. and by lunchtime, it's going to be all good there, probably won't need that jack e we're going to start out with the coldest temperatures up in the north bay. and that helps to trap that cold dense air, that's why napa will likely get down to 39. you'll see in the east bay we'll also find some mid-40s getting trapped back into the tri valley. 49 in san jose, 46 in morgan
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hill and a very cold start in santa cruz with 49 degrees. it's not going to be nearly as chilly as what you're going to see up here across lake tahoe. check out this tomorrow morning. truckee could rank in the top five coldest at 17 degrees. if you're heading up to lake tahoe, get ready for temperatures in the teens. otherwise, it's warming up after all those cold numbers. 83 in san jose. 83 also in gilroy. not a lot of extremes. 84 in walnut creek. 80 castro valley. 77 in san francisco. we're going to do it again for tomorrow. can't argue with that kind of weather in october. 78 in berkley. let's get that seven-day forecast in here and you can see we're looking at rain-free
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conditions. temperatures vary slightly. and if you're looking for a chance to catch some of the action of that full moon this friday, looks like it's going to be great. we'll have some clear skies in the forecast. so a little bit of some good weather coming our way i guess you could say. >> yes. you settle for those good seven days that you put up. >> we'll work for that 14 day. imagine this. you're at the beach and you swim into this thing. it's a real live sea mondster. it's an oar fish. it took more than a dozen people to pull it onto shore. and the fish appears to have died of natural causes. since they're deep sea dwellers, they're rarely seen. how facebook helps a man get
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it's an oar fish.
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we have some breaking news just into the newsroom. we told you earlier about the planned apple headquarters in cooper tina. those plans have been approved. the meeting just ended a few minutes ago. this is a four story, saucer shaped building proposed by steve jobs before he passed away. 14,000 employees it's scheduled to employ there. once again, it has been approved to move forward with the construction of the new headquarters. it's not exactly a get out of jail free card, but facebook could help you get out of jail if you're in a pinch. police arrested david white at a house party for disturbing the peace. once in custody, he couldn't get
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ahold of anybody by phone to come and pay the $40 fee to get out of jail. so he asked officers if he could use his phone to post a plea on his facebook page. shortly after posting, a friend came and bailed him out. addicting as cocaine if not more. we're talking about oreos. rats craved oreos much like humans crave cocaine. the foods high in fat and sugar trick the brain.
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it's been an amazing start for the season for the sharks but that took a back seat today. >> we think everything's going to be okay. but no question there was a scary moment tonight. sharks in st. louis taking on the blues. and let's go right to the first period and show you what happened. dan boyle checked from behind. goes head first dmoo the top of the edge of the boards with his face, was motionless on the ice for several minutes before being carted off on a stretcher. boyle was transported to a st. louis hospital. here's the good news. he is now alert and moves all of his extremities. he's staying over the hospital for a precaution. here's the captain on the incident. >> what do you talk about on the bench? what was it like for you as captain when you see one of your guys go down like that? how do you handle it? >> it was actually really,
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really tough. i don't think i've been a part of that where you had to bring out the stretchers. you have a sick feeling in your stomach. he's not talking. he's motionless and it's very, very scary, but you've just got to, you know, have a short-term memory and, you know, win the game for dan, i guess. but it was tough on a lot of us. we just, you know, probably four five minutes, my heart was still stuck in my chest and it was a horrible feeling. >> meanwhile with the sharks and the blues, we'll show you the rest of the game. tommy wendells wraps it around. wendells' second as the season. top shelf on bryan elliott, it is in and the sharks are winners again. 6-2 the final. 49ers welcome back marioing
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ham. manningham, a good move for this team who needs help at wide receiver. two lcs games to update you on. red sox winners over the tigers. they lead the series, 2-1. and the cardinals over the dodgers. they're one win away from a world series berth.
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okay. are they the best in the business? finalists for the clafrs 2014 were announced tonight. this was the rock and roll hall of fame. here's a look at so. names. n nirvana, hall and oates and
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linda ronstadt. these are expected to be announced in december. still want to give you an update on the breaking news. no strike. bart and the unions are still at the bargaining table. the trains will be running tomorrow. less than an hour ago the federal mediator came out to announce that they are still talking. you can get on that train tomorrow. >> have some patience. [ male announcer ] progresso is so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] at first, it wasn't the perfect amount of tomatoes. not ready. [ male announcer ] later, it wouldn't be the perfect amount of spinach. not ready. [ male announcer ] then the sausage and pasta. ♪ not ready. [ male announcer ] but finally it happened. perfection.
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introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- robin williams, dallas mavericks owner mark cuban, the music of gavin degraw,
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and "does this delight bewhite?" and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. thank you very much. hey, congratulations to nasa, the mars rover curiosity is celebrating its first anniversary on mars. and so far, in the year it's been up there, it's sent back 70,000 photos.


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