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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 16, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. . . leaders saying very little. a gag order is in place as 400,000 daily writers had to wait again. the fourth late night session and deadline in a week. to say writers are exhausted and frustrated, that's putting it
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mildly. for more information, visit our website and find a tab for b.a.r.t. resources. that will get you through a potentially frustrating day and week t could be rough all the way around. to another potential commuter headache come tomorrow. a possible strike by a.c. str s transit workers. they have asked governor brown to issue a 60-day cooling off period just like he did in august for b.a.r.t. they plan to walk off the job at 12:01 if an agreement is not reached. more than 1600 union members want higher wages and better health benefits.
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a.c. transit serves more than 170,000 writers daily. this morning, a south bay father is begging for help to find his two missing daughters. 16-year-old madeline and her 13-year-old sister, emily, have been missing sips sunday night. they were last seen at a church event at delmar high school in san jose. the two are actually students at valley christian high school. the father filed a missing persons report sunday. >> my children have been missing. this is hard. this is the hardest thing i have ever had to do. i don't know where they are. i want them back. a baby and a toddler safe after somebody stole the car
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they were riding in. the 1-year-old and 3-year-old were in the back seat of a car parked near foal son alsom and street. at 6:00 last night, a woman stole the car with both children inside. 30 minutes later, police found the car abandoned about two miles away. the good news, the kids were not hurt. >> students at u.c. berkeley on edge following the fifth robbery near campus in less than a week. it happened at 7:00 on campus. a student was robbed on a path next to mccone hall. two men in black hoodies came under behind him demanding his things and showed him a gun a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. fremont city leaders have put off a vote on the plan to put
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surveillance cameras in low to middle income neighborhoods. they plan to take another look in february. they install them in low to middle income neighborhoods. to use federal funds, they must the be placed in certain neighborhoods regardless of crime rates. some council members were uncomfortable voting on the plan to use funds that are normally used for housing the question the fire department's use of the text alert system for palo alto. they used it to send information about a community pancake breakfast to 27,000 people. the fire department says, when people sign up for the alert, the website clearly states that you will be informed of local events as well as emergencies. many people who god the alert
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say the system should be used for emergencies only. >> if people use the system too much for nonurgent communication, then the value of the whole system goes down. >> the palo alto fire department says the reason the alert was set was because of a planned helicopter plannedi helicopter landing during this fund-raiser. pga continues testing for natural gas pipeline near san bruno at the intersection of estates and glenview drive. near the 2010 gas explosion epicenter. homeowners may be able to smell natural gas during the venting. is it is not harmful and will dissipate into the air. if you haven't seen the new bay lights just yet, don't
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worry. you will have more chances to check out the spectacular illuminated light sculpture on the bay bridge. it will be open from dusk until dawn starting november 1st. they illuminate the arts which produce the 25,000 light sculpture, was able to change the previous shutoff time of 2:00 a.m. that's good news for us here on the show. the group has programmed new sequences for the extending hours. it will be holding a celebration at sunrise on november 2nd. we will have a chance to view that and bring it to all of you at home. it was gorgeous yesterday as well. not as cold today. it is getting pretty warm. welcome back, jon. we missed you. temperatures are chilly, 40s. 41 in santa rosa. more of the 30s as we head throughout the next couple of hours. 51, concord. 50 degrees to kick off the day in sunnyvale.
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we stop the clock at noon. you can see the temperatures are already going to be in the mid-70s at lunchtime. we do have those down sloping northerly winds in the forecast for today. elevated fire danger. otherwise, we are talking about temperatures about 5-10 degrees above average. for today, 85 degrees in livermore. 77. in san francisco. 81 in los gatos. remember, you can take us with you. i've got those weather forecasts on koit and kfog. mike is doing traffic. give him a shoutout. first, you hear knbr, fog. we have 101-3 star and the bay's 103.7. pretty busy over the course of the morning. right here, you see the bay bridge, a light flow. the b.a.r.t. trains are running this morning. we should see a standard wednesday. the map shows no problems through the area. the north bay, a smooth flow of traffic through the tri-valley. i will shout out, some debris
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reported of some. not a lot of slowing. the eastbound has a little bit of a flip down below 60 miles per hour. no drama, na problem. we will track it. the san mateo bridge moves very smoothly. give you a live look from the foster city side. watch 92 over toward half moon bay, congested until the end of the month. on capitol hill, lawmakers have a little more than 16 hours to raise the debt ceiling. if nothing is passed, the government could soon default on the pits and you could feel the impact. tracie potts is in washington on the development. ♪ ♪ grace that brought me safe thus far ♪ >> reporter: they prayed for solutions. >> the idea of default is wrong. we shouldn't get close to it. >> reporter: we are there. at midnight tonight, the u.s.
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won't have enough money to pay bills and won't be able to borrow mo. >> the 2008 crisis will look like child's play. >> reporter: interest rates could skyrocket, homes, cars, everything could cost more. fitch is warning of a possible down grade. negotiations on capitol hill fell apart after tea party conservatives insisted object dealing with health care. can president obama act without congress to prevent a catastrophe. >> we believe there is a state of emergency if the greater good is imperiled. we should allow the president to declare emergency to protect the greater good. >> reporter: anxious moments in washington and around the country with less than 24 hours to go. it is not clear at this point if there might be any successful last stitch efforts today. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. >> we'll find out. thank you. >> fingers crossed tight for all of us. 4:42. still ahead, make sure to mark those calendars. we now know when twitter is expected to go public. apple is one major step closer to landing its new spaceship in cupertino. the last hurdle it needs to clear coming up a famous actor detained by police at a bar station. we'll show you what he tried to get away with and who came to bail him out. that's coming up next they say no good deed goes unpunished.
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4:45. mountain view is celebrating with samsung. construction will begin on a 385,000 square foot office campus south of moffett field. samsung says the new buildings will be some of the greenest in the entire country a ground-breaking ceremony will be held this morning. construction is expected to be done by the end of next year. construction plans to build apple's new space shift headquarters in cupertino moving forward. late last night, the city council unanimously approving that project to build the 2.8 million square foot four-story saucer-shaped building. this is expected to house more than 14,000 employees.
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that is a big building. there is still one more murderle to clear before construction can officially start. leaders will be taking a final vote sometime next month. apple says the project could be completed in 2016. you may want to mark your calendars for this one. november 15th, many experts speculate twitter will go public. let's check in with bertha coombs. wall street is thinking that congress is not going to go over the debt ceiling limit. they are going to reach an 11th hour deal. the hope is that the senate could push things along avoiding a possible default. you can see what happens when things go wrong. stocks fell sharply on tuesday as two separate plans failed and fitch put the u.s. credit rating on review for a possible down
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grade. the government doesn't actually run out of money tomorrow but the treasury department has several big bills coming along in the next couple of weeks with only $30 billion in cash on hand. a $57 billion to pay for social security and other programs due on november 1st. that's where the crunch happens. the dow falling 133 points yesterday to 15,168. the nasdaq will open at 37,094 after slipping 21. the nasdaq is not going to see the twitter ipo. twitter has set its ipo dates. we have learned they will price on november 14th with shares set to trade the next day. twitter says it is going to list its shares on the new york stock exchange, the big board, under the ticker symbol, twtr. big loss for the nasdaq, which is traditionally the home for big tech companies. they will kick off the road show to encourage big investors to
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take part in the ipo. twitter is still not close to being profitable. they posted a big loss in the latest quarter as it tried tole ramp up its sales team. >> nestle is moving in on hershey's turf. they are going to roll out a butter finger peanut butter. nestle is convinced it will be a hit. they bought their first ever super bowl add to promote the new product. sale topped $1.3 million. i like the bite-sized cups instead of one big cup. >> exactly. marla and i don't agree. we don't wear what size it is. peanut butter and chocolate, the perfect blend. we will eat it up no matter what, bertha. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. you made my day with that news how about this one, an
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embarrassing moment for a bay area actor after he reportedly tried to skip out on his bar tap. police say paul vasquez, jr. alleged allegedly tried to leave the dive bar. he has appeared in sons of anarchy, e.r. and nypd blue. he was handcuffed and forced to wait until his dad showed up to pay the bill. vazquez is from san jose and graduated from saratoga high school. >> come on. you have to give back to the community. >> we are glad to have you back, jon kelley. >> i'm glad to be here. look where i get to be right here. >> we are about to call your dad. >> i wasn't handcuffed. >> good thing, good thing. 4:49 now. beautiful weather continues for today. that offshore flow is going to persist. if you like what we've been cooking up in the weather
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department, we have more of that in store for you today. temperatures a touch warmer than yesterday, making this the warmest of the week, staying just about as warm all the way through friday. this is what we're looking at this morning. a cold start to the day, just about as cold as yesterday give or take a couple of degrees. it depends on where we are seeing northerly winds this morning. they will continue to increase as we head throughout the day. all the way through saturday, offshore flow is this story. we're not expecting hardly any low cloud cover at the coast. if we do see any, it will be on the ocean beach side of san francisco as we head throughout the morning hours. we are not seeing much of that right now. we're looking pretty good to stay nice and clear all the way through saturday. elevated fire danger. that's the only caveat when it comes to this offshore setup. as we head throughout the day, highs are going to be comfortable, 82 on the way to san jose. 83, gilroy. 81, concord. 77 degrees in san francisco. temperatures are going to tumble between saturday and sunday. if you want to hit that pumpkin
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festival, more sunshine and warmer weather. we will start to drop off monday into tuesday. temperatures slowly falling back to fall averages. looking really good for next week as well. still, no significant chances of rain in the forecast. we will let you know when that changes. back to you, jon and marla. >> you have to check out the gigantic gourds. >> thank you, christina. new details on the man arrested in connection with two dry ice bombs. 28-year-old decarlo bennett is a baggage handler at the airport. he got the dry ice from an airplane and made several bombs, two of which exploded at the airport earlier this week. no one was hurt in either explosion. he has been booked for possession of a destructive device near an aircraft and is being held on $1 million bail the time is 4:51. still ahead on "today in the bay," good news, great news for 49 e 49er fans.
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shark dan boyle was sent to the hospital after a vicious hit. what the guy was reportedly yelling at the start of the game. >> sniffing out crime. we'll let you know how this rookie police dog was able to bring down a nationwide drug ring. >> nice, work, puppy, next. from one of my favorite south bay cities. 880 moves nicely through fremont. we'll talk about the rhodes and pa past the coliseum.
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sharks defenseman, dan boyle, expected to return to today after a vicious hit. this one, painful even to watch. a scary scene there as he laid on the ice motionless for several minutes before finally being carted off on a stretcher. we are being told he is reportedly okay. now, moving and responding to doctors. they plan to bring him back to san jose. the player that hit him, max la pierre, could be suspended for the hit. logan coutour telling him that la pierre was yelling at him saying he was coming after the
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team. couture keeps calling this play gutless. the sharks ended upbeating the blues, 6-2 as they hand the blues their very first loss of the season. a welcome site for the 49ers and their fans. wide receiver, mario manningham is back on the field practicing for the first time since tearing ligaments in his knee last december. he says he feels reenergized but will need a couple of weeks before being ready to play in a game. i say we also. that reminds me to the days that i used to bring water to my friends that actually played. a smooth drive. no problem. construction 280 at 17. easy drive up the peninsula.
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caltrans moves it without any delay. b.a.r.t. is running today. so is a.c. trance sichlt we are watching for word from both. 4:57. still ahead, moffett field up for grabs for those looking to take over that airfield a familiar story. no b.a.r.t. strike but no deal. both sides back at it after another night of negotiations. we'll tell you where things stand this morning.
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made. a live update is next that's better news for the commute. we'll show you your trans bay crossing. i'll bring you the details coming up a cold start but temperatures will end up warmer than any other day this week. we have the mid to upper 80s for some cities. make sure you pull out that coat. a live look outside. still, a little dark there. that is the golden gate bridge with very little traffic at a very early hour on this wednesday, october 16th. this is "today in the bay." it is straight up 5:00, good morning, everybody. great to see you. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. sorry to cut you off. >> go ahead. it is your show. i'm marla tallez in for


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