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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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live local news update. >> we shall. we'll see you back at 11:00. have a great day! we'll see you tomorrow. good morning, no deal. with the default deadline just hours away, the house abandons a last ditch effort to reopen the government. and now the nation's credit rating could take a hit. with financial markets here and around the world on edge, is there enough time to reach a deal? enough is enough. >> watch what your children do online. pay attention. >> a sheriff takes a tough stand on bullying. arresting two young girls for taunts and torments that lead a classmate to take her own life. we'll talk to him. "today" exclusive, brad pitt opens up about his new film, his family, and hitting the big 50.
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>> i don't know, i'm busy right now. i haven't thought a lot about it. >> that's today, wednesday, october 16th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and natalie morales. remember 24 hours ago when it seemed we might get a deal. >> there was optimism in the senate but that was so yesterday. overnight everything came to a screeching halt. >> and the deadline is looming ever closer. >> that's right. this race to end the shutdown is today's top story. let's get right to peter alexander at the white house. peter, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you. most americans are asking themselves is it over yet?
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i just spoke to a top republican senate aide that said optimism abounds. but this is crunch time for congress now facing intense pressure to come up with a senate deal and get it approved before midnight tonight after house republicans plan to get this thing fixed imploded. it's down to the wire. with less than 24 hours to go the back and forth on capitol hill is enough to give you whiplash. with house republicans' deal going nowhere, negotiators are back at the table. >> the deadline is looming. >> reporter: harry reid sending out a letter nearly identical statements saying they're optimistic agreement can be reached. it's basically done one aide said. among those helping end the mess, the sisterhood of the
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senate. lisa murkowski and kelly ayotte and jeanne shaheen. they put problem solving over partisanship. still, after more than two weeks wasted, congress needs to move fast. already the u.s.'s near perfect credit rating is in danger with fitch, it grades financial strength warning that investors america may not be able to pay what it owes blaming d.c.'s dysfunction. political brinkmanship can increase the risk of default. >> what should americans be bracing for. they may not witness changes overnight? >> we're talking about something sko cat so catastrophic. >> they said it's like driving through the desert or empty and blowing past the only gas station in sight. >> your car will not explode, but what will happen sooner or later, your car will run out of gas and bad things will happen to you in the desert. >> reporter: we lost this battle. after a shutdown that lasted 16 days, a shutdown lead by house republicans that wanted to
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undermine the president's new health care law, by the end of today, those republicans may leave with little to nothing to show for it. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. jim cramer is the host of "mad money" on cnbc. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> hypothetical. average joe, average jane, they go to bed tonight not knowing what's going to happen with the deadline. they wake up in the morning and there is no deal. in real terms, how does the world change tomorrow morning? >> too early to tell. there may still be money in the till. a week from now, different but tomorrow unclear. >> a week from now what happens to their world? >> now you have to start worrying that the government is going to send out the 80 million checks they send out every month. social security and veterans benefits all on the line. >> the markets yesterday seemed to react very negatively to the fitch agency's warning that our credit rating could be downgrade.
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other agencies, moody's and s&p, very poor. is it possible they may downgrade the rating anyway even if there's a deal by sending a message and saying this crisis to crisis mentality has to stop. >> fitch is like american people. they're saying this does have to stop. so fitch is possible. s&p, no and moody's, no, they're okay with what's happening. >> in the morning if there is no deal, how do you expect the markets to react. >> i think grace until friday. maybe friday they'll think something will happen over the weekend and monday will be horrible. >> jim cramer, thank you very much. three republican women in the senate maybe key to the deal being negotiated now. susan collins crafted the original framework and lisa murkowski and kelly ayotte quickly signed on and forced a bipartisan alliance and all three are with us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> since i am short on time and long on senators, let's do a show of hands. are you confident we will get a deal in time for this deadline. >> yes. >> okay. >> we have to. >> indeed.
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senator collins, let me ask you about this. you got the ball rolling on this bipartisan framework. it goes to the house yesterday and then it completely falls apart and some of the republican colleagues over there said you guys are the senate surrender caucus. are you angry or embarrassed? >> first of all, i would describe ourselves as a bipartisan group that's trying to get a solution and do what the american people want us to do which is to govern responsibly. we put together a bipartisan group. i think it's significant that it's lead by women but more is that it's six republicans and six democrats and we have come to an agreement. >> senator ayotte, let me ask you, you were somebody elected with tea party support but early in the shutdown, four days in,
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you said your colleagues in that wing of the party needed a reality check. do they still need a reality check today? do you agree with what senator mccain said is this fight is lost? it's time to move on? >> i think the american people are tired of the zero sum politics. i didn't think it was a winning strategy from the beginning. that's why i didn't support it. right now where we are is unacceptable. we need to solve this and open up the government and resolve the debt ceiling issues. i'm not for losing strategy, although i don't support obama care, i don't think any of us here thought this was going to succeed and obviously it failed. the government shutdown and the obama care exchange is open. what we need is problem solving. that's why i'm proud to be here with susan and lisa to get this resolved for the country. >> senator murkowski, it seems speaker boehner facing a choice today. this is a day of reckoning for him. he either puts it on the floor and gets it passed or we risk this.
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is his speakership at risk? >> this should not be about his speakership or the next election. this should be about, really, the future of our country. where we are right now. we are shutdown as a government. we are facing a debt crisis. as difficult as a situation is in the house, as contentious as the issues are, we need to keep in mind what the real -- what the real goal here is which is getting this country back on track. difficult decisions for all, but it ought not be about the politics of the game or whether or not someone keeps their leadership. i want to support john boehner in any way that i can, but we need to be pragmatic. this is not going to be a republican solution or democrat solution. this is going to be a solution good for the country and again, we think that the women in the senate, the six of us, actually seven women that have been working together do have a good bipartisan solution that works. let's get to it. >> we're out of time.
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we'll leave it there. senators murkowski and ayotte and collins, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. all right. natalie is here with breaking news tied to those dry ice bombs at l.a.x. >> that's right. good morning to you guys. major developments this morning in connection with the two dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport this week. police say l.a.x. employee dicarlo bennett was arrested in the case. a dry ice bomb went off in a restricted area of the airport. on monday night, three more devices were found. and one went off. no injuries. but it resulted in hours of flight delays. tragedy off the coast of miami this morning after a recreational boat capsized seven miles off shore. 11 others were rescued and nine clinging to the hull of the boat. officials are trying to sort out
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what happened. disgraced san diego mayor bob filler pleaded guilty for three criminal complaints for his behavior toward three accusers. he'll escape prison but his legal troubles are far from over. mike taibbi reports. >> except for a thin smile at the start of his court appearance, 71-year-old bob filner showed no emotion and said nothing beyond yes, sir when asked if he was guilty of the three charges against him. >> is that true, sir. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: misdemeanor complaints of battery against two unnamed victims and an one felony for a false imprisonment at a fund-raising event. he was elected san diego's mayor last november but in june his own communications director accused him of sexual harassment followed by a parade of 20 other women alleging similar misconduct including this army veteran gerry tinley. >> i felt raped, humiliated, disrespected.
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>> reporter: on august 30th he agreed to resign. his guilty plea replaces what could have been three years in prison with three years probation following three months of home confinement and mandatory mental health counseling. the plea deal doesn't end the legal troubles completely. civil suits have been filed by several other victims. but it does bar him from serving in office again. after a five month barrage of allegations that he groped and touched and kissed a range of women who wanted none of that, he said guilty three times in a criminal court. his public career, if not his legal troubles, over. for "today," mike taibbi, nbc news, los angeles. a powerful typhoon ripped through japan today leaving at least 17 people dead. the typhoon was packing 110 miles per hour winds when it made landfall. it made landfall near tokyo. hundreds of homes were destroyed
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as you see there. hundreds still missing. this looks like something out of a science fiction movie. this is an oarfish. it washed ashore. it is rare to see one because they normally swim 3,000 feet down. you want it 3,000 feet down looking like that. it is 18 feet long. >> apparently it was a snorkeler who saw it. he is still in therapy this morning. did you imagine? that's huge. >> it's not good eating. >> once they get that big, it loses that flavor. >> we have the all-you-can-eat sushi bar. >> we have storms in texas? let's show you what we have going on in the southern plains. we have a lot of wet weather. this front is really a pretty long front. when you take a look at this
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thing, it extends basically stretching from texas into western new york. that is about 1,600 miles. this thing is pretty long. it will continue to make its way into the east. what we have right now is a mix of heavy rain and we're also looking at some flooding possibilities as well. in fact, we have flash flood watches in effect and warnings down into southern texas. flood warnings there until saturday morning. watches in eastern texas and as you head into the rockies, we are looking at freeze warnings and frost advisories and winter storm advisories. we will get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ aw ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] elevate your style.
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introducing the all-new corolla. ♪ good wednesday morning. i'm christina loren. 77 degrees as we head throughout the week. warm effort day of the week. 82, san jose, 83, gilroy. temperatures are going to stay mild all the way through saturday. then, those numbers tumble, sunday through tuesday. hope you have a fantastic day nd that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. rielle hunter, former mistress of john edwards is in the news this morning coming forward with a surprise apology about their affair. nbc's lisa myers has more on this story. lisa, good morning. good morning, matt. for years rielle hunter bristled
7:15 am
at the perception these a home wrecker. in a newly released apology she concludes that's exactly what she was saying, i behaved badly. >> it's a great speech. >> can you read it? >> yes, i can read it. >> it was a love affair that lasted on and off for at least six years. produced a daughter, quinn, destroyed john is edwards's political career and criminal charges associated with covering it all up. days after a jury found edwards not guilty, hunter unveiled this book in which she admitted a few mistakes but largely defended her behavior. >> i don't regret falling in love. and i don't regret loving him. nor do i regret our daughter. >> but now, 16 months later, hunter has changed her tune. i am very sorry for my wrong, self itch behavior. back in 2006, i did not think about the scope of my actions, how my falling in love with john edwards and acting on that love,
7:16 am
could hurt so many people. she also apologized for parts of her book in which she referred to edwards late wife elizabeth as venomous, a witch on wheels. that did not sit well. >> did that make you mad? >> yeah, of course. i just thought it was a poor choice, i guess is all i can say. >> hunter now says instead of apologizing when i should have, i went on to hurt more people. i made more mistakes, ones i feel horrible about. hunter's book was just reissued as an ebook with annotations in brackets about things she wishes she hadn't said or done. she said she never meant to hurt anyone and believes infidelity is wrong. i was thoughtful and selfish and i am sorry. so far reaction to hunter's apology on social media has been overwhelmingly positive which, matt, may come as a shock to
7:17 am
someone who has been vilified so long. now to tamron hall in the orange room for carson. >> good morning. they're calling it the salute heard around the world. this is 24-year-old josh hargis. he's in his hospital fighting for a life after a brutal attack in afghanistan. i want you to look closer. there's a purple heart pinned on his blanket. his commander had gone to give him this great honor. in the midst of all the emotion, josh instructing is elled through these tubes and gave this salute. the commander said it was the single greatest event of his 10-year army career. the photograph was eventually given to his wife taylor. by the way, his mom told a local tv station they're expecting their first child. taylor put it on her facebook page with this ebb try. please continue to share josh's story. thank you to all who have and are reaching out and helping us
7:18 am
through this. the world should know what is happening overseas. the world should know what true heroes and warriors we are. fast forward to yesterday. or go back in time to yesterday. this is william swenson, an army captain, the first army captain since the vietnam war to receive the medal of honor from president owe bam a ma in the east room. i get a little emotional. natalie, your dad was in the air force. my dad was in the army for 30 years. we talk a lot about being proud to be an american. and this hits home to all of us. on top of all that he has gone through, this captain now wants to return to active duty. so, again, i say, proud to be an american. when you see something like this on this morning, it fills your heart, guys. >> the best of your country. >> two wonderful photos, tamron. thank you very much. appreciate it. . many canning up, we've got a disturbing case of bullying. two young girls arrested for allegedly tormenting a 12-year-old girl who eventually took her own life.
7:19 am
why the sheriff says this should serve as a wakeup call to all parents. and a woman who exploited on a tragedy learns her
7:20 am
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good morning. i'm jon kelley. the b.a.r.t. trains are rolling despite no labor deal. the unions deciding not to strike. both sides continue bargaining. they will be back at the negotiating table starting at 10:00 this morning. crews put out a fire that broke out in a house overnight in pleasanthill. pretty amazing video to show you. this happened around 2:30 on dove court near gregory lane. those flames, you'll see them jump from the house. they are all over a white mercedes out in the driveway causing an explosion. pg&e says it caused power lines to come down. we are being told everybody did make it out safely. we have just learned great news.
7:27 am
two missing sisters from the south bay, they are okay. 15-year-old and 13-year-old are safe and accounted for. they were last seen at a church event at delmar high school in san jose. let's take a look outside. we are going to see the warmest day of the week. 7:27. nice and clear. but as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures are going to end up pretty warm, close to 90 degrees in fact in places like fairfield, 88. 84, concord, 77 on the way to san francisco. temperatures really kind of stay steady and then we drop like a rock saturday into sunday. let's check on that drive.
7:28 am
let's get a look over here at the maps. the eastshore freeway we are talking about. 50s, not a bad deal. backup at the toll plaza getting into the city. through the city, a problem now, south 101 and north 110, both crashes around hospital curve. caesar sha ch caesar chavez is tied up in both directions. peninsula moves very smoothly. a crash moving to the shoulder in mountain view. >> thank you very much. another local news update coming in one half hour from right now. the "today" show rolls on. see you soon.
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7:30 am
back now at 7:30 on a wednesday morning. what a pretty sunrise in portland, maine this morning. complete with a bird. >> wow. >> very nice. >> good timing. >> if you have a good picture you can send it at #todaysunrise and you may see it on the wall. i'm savannah guthrie along side matt lauer, al roker, and natalie morales. >> the debt deadline hours away and lawmakers are still struggling to reach a deal. meantime, a 28-year-old baggage handler is behind bars in connection with the dry ice bombs at los angeles international airport. his bail set at $1 million. and jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the insider trading trial of billionaire dallas mavericks
7:31 am
owner, mark cuban. a story that will make you mad. after the sandy hook shooting there was an outpouring of support for the families but remember rossen reports found one woman trying to make money off the tragedy. we told her story here and the fbi moved in and now she is going to prison. coming up in a "today" exclusive, brad pitt on a passion project, if he'll let his kids see his new film and a major milestone in his life. turning the big 50. >> yeah, a lot to get to. but first, a case of bullying that turned deadly in florida and one sheriff taking a very strong stand. we'll talk to him in a moment. but first, here's nbc's mark potter. >> reporter: after investigating the suicide of 12-year-old rebecca sedwick for nearly a month, enough was enough. >> when a 12-year-old baby jumps off of the top of a cement plant for any reason, that's a terrible event.
7:32 am
that's a tragic event. >> reporter: sedwick took her own life by leaping from a silo tower on the 9th. she was the victim of bullying by other girls both physically and on the internet. >> there were statements you should drink bleach and die. nobody likes you. >> reporter: but the breaking point for authorities came this week after one of the alleged bullies posted a facebook message with no remorse. >> the absolute thought that she could have contributed to the death of that child, and then here's what she has, i don't give a -- >> reporter: then he decided to arrest two girls, the 12-year-old and 14-year-old that wrote the facebook message. both are charged with aggravated stalking of the minor. relative of the girls say they don't believe the accusations and because the girls are juvenile, nbc news will not identify them. >> i miss you.
7:33 am
i hope you're at peace. >> reporter: trisha norman, the mother of rebecca sedwick told nbc news she hopes the two arrested girls are rehabilita d rehabilitated. >> justice for me would be these girls change their lives and how they treat people. >> reporter: this weekend would have been rebecca's 13th birthday. for today, mark potter, nbc news, miami. grady judd is the sheriff of polk county. good morning, good to have you with us. >> good morning. it's good to be here. >> you're office was still very much in the investigation phase of this case and yet you move add heed ahead quickly to arrest these ladies, why? >> on saturday morning the 14-year-old did something despicable on top of what she already did that was terrible
7:34 am
and that was a post she put on facebook and that post said i know rebecca is dead and i don't care. and the words were much more graphic than that, or the letters were. so we looked at that and said she doesn't get this at all. so i talked to my detectives and supervisors on monday afternoon and i said do you have enough of the case put together so we can go ahead and arrest them? and we said absolutely. >> but it was an outrage over the comment or a fear that this young lady might be out there taunting and bullying other students? >> matt, it was both. we were going to arrest them anyway but we were trying to put the entire case together and we were having trouble getting information from kik and ask fm because they're offshore so it was taking time. when we saw that cavalier attitude. when we saw despite rebecca dying and jumping to her death and being bullied by this girl and another girl and she is back on facebook, she can be taunting and bullying another child.
7:35 am
we're not going to accept that. >> i want to make people aware of the fact, this young lady, rebecca did not take her own life after one incident. this went on for a long time. her mom took her out of school, moved her to another school and then the bullying continued online and sheriff, the question i have for you is, how didn't someone reach out to this young lady? it seemed a lot of people knew this was going on. >> matt, there was a lot of intervention. she was a very fragile child and those words stung and they hurt and they depressed her. so despite the interventions that were tried, still, with all mom did, the child had access to the internet. and to the text messaging systems and to the social media. and that's how the bullies got to her. mom actually physically separated them by moving schools and taking her out of schools. attend of the day, though, they were able to get to her because of the social media world and
7:36 am
taunting and harassing and the intimidating went on and on and ultimately she text a friend and said i'm going to jump and she did. >> i want to mention the 14-year-old that you have arrested, from what i understand, did not show much emotion at all at the time she was arrested. i think you used the word she was cold. and you also said sheriff, if you can find something to charge her parents with, you will do that. what charge would you consider? >> well, do you know right now there are no criminal charges that we can find. but if we could find a contributing to the dependency or delinquency of a child we would bring that charge because i can tell you, the parents are in total denial. they don't think there's a problem here. and that is the problem. it's kind of like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. the parents are in denial and they even let her have her facebook access after she bullied this child and after she
7:37 am
knew it. that's terrible. that's why we moved fast to lock their daughter up. >> this is clearly something that struck an emotional cord with you sheriff and i think it will with a lot of parents. thank you for your time today, sheriff grady judd. >> thanks, matt. >> it's tragic obviously. i hope it's a story people share with their kids. i may show the story and the interview with my kids so they understand the ramifications of things. >> and he's taking a stand saying enough is enough. >> it's a wake up call for parents. if you serve alcohol at a party and somebody gets injured, maybe there's some sort of law. >> you may be liable as well for that. >> strange turn but how about a check of the weather. >> all right. let's give you a little light here. literally, sunlight. sunrise pictures people are sending in. #todaysunrise. gets you in a good mood as you head out the door. a tale of two countries coming up. one ahead of the cold front and
7:38 am
one behind the cold front. in the south we'll bring in temperatures above normal. behind the front, much cooler air coming on in. we'll show you what that's going to look like. we expect to see the temperatures rising up. 75 in manassas, watertown, 65, macon, georgia, 52. behind the front, kansas city 61, 63 in 7:38. good wednesday morning. temperatures are chilly out there. it is crystal clear. you can see it here from the you can see the embarcadero. no clouds in sight. 77 degrees as a result of all the sunshine coming in so early in san francisco. 82 for san jose. 88 degrees getting close to the 90-degree mark in fairfield. temperatures are going to stay warmer than average all the way
7:39 am
through saturday. we'll drop off sunday through tuesday. and that's your latest weather. all right, al, thank you very much. coming up next, judgment day for a woman exposed by a rossen reports investigation. she tried to profit off the sandy hook tragedy. and on trending, inspirational or annoying? the fit mom whose message to other women has people talking. but first, these messages. we know you can't affordy o, wrong turns on the road to your future. that's why we build tools like our career guidance system. it's kind of like gps, you know, for your career. it walks you through different degree possibilities and even lets you explore local job market conditions, helping you map a clear course from the job you want, back to you. go to and get started today.
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back at 7:42. this morning on rossen reports, an update to a story that disturbed a lot of us. con artists preying on victim's families after the sandy hook shooting tragedy. jeff rossen has an update. good morning to you. >> good morning. none of us will ever forget what happened at sandy hook elementary. how many children were killed. so it's hard to imagine but just after the massacre we found a scammer trying to profit from it. she was collecting donations online by posing as a victim's relative. after we exposed her here on today, the fbi was watching, they moved in, and now the conartist is going to prison. >> are you sorry for what you did? >> face to face with a convicted felon heading into federal court tuesday. >> given the state of that little boy's family? >> reporter: i first met her last december hiding behind her door after we caught her running
7:44 am
a heartless scam. she was taking donations for this 6-year-old boy killed at sandy hook elementary and then she pocketed all the money. noah's uncle told me she was a fraud. >> is this person related to you. >> no. >> do you know who this person is? >> no. i'm disgusted by it. >> reporter: within hours of the sandy hook massacre she went on facebook posing as noah's aunt writing all we know is 18 kid versus been killed. still no word on my nephew. then days later she went after money. we have set up a funeral fund for my brother. anyone willing to make a donation can make one. noah's real family never saw a dime. >> she is trying to turn a profit on a horrible tragedy. on the death of kids. 6-year-old kids. it's a horrible thing to be doing. >> reporter: at the time, we tracked noelle to this home in the bronx.
7:45 am
>> i'm jeff rossen with nbc news. can we speak with you? >> reporter: she denied doing it. >> did you send this message over facebook? >> no. >> then why is your account number, your e-mail, your bank routing number and paypal information. >> because i sell things online. >> but why were you posing to be a member of their family. they say they never met you before. >> reporter: but just a week after our story aired the fbi arrested her. she has pled guilty to wire fraud and making false statements to the government. late tuesday the judge sentenced her to 8 months in prison. >> it sickens me. >> reporter: connecticut's attorney general warns while her scam is shutdown, other scammers are still out there. >> there are a lot of people watching right now that want to donate to these femaleamilies. >> avoid telephone solicitations or e-mail solicitations because you can't trace where it comes from. check out the charity.
7:46 am
>> these criminals always come to the surface after big tragedies. we try to exploit the grief. it's so bad the federal government even set up a special agency just to track complaints and investigate these. donating to charity is a wonderful gesture. know who you're donating to and get background on them. if you get an e-mail or phone call, be wary of that. >> sad you have to think that way but you want to be sensible. thank you so much. coming up on trending, queue the music and the debate. this year's nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame. but first, good news for fans of tina fey and amy poehler. the scoop from the orange room, right after this. [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian. it's deliciously dark, just before dawn. it's welcoming the sunrise with a taste of vanilla biscotti. with folgers gourmet selections,
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7:50 am
amy poehler on the golden globes this year, you have good news, they're coming back as the hosts for the next two years. tamron has more on that. >> yes, they're the golden girls of comedy. not in age but because they're fabulous. separately they're hysterical and together they're unstoppable. until then, here's a look at our favorite moments with these two funny ladies. >> the hunger games was one of the biggest films of the year and also what i call the six weeks it took me to get into this dress. >> and the life of pi is what i'm going to call the six weeks after i take this dress off. >> what is this? >> water. >> it's horrible. >> twerk it. >> i'm not twerking. i'm not going to do that. that would be degrading. >> yeah it might be degrading but we would be degrateful.
7:51 am
>> i was so excited when i was told senator clinton and i would be addressing you tonight. >> and i was told i would be addressing you alone. >> you can run boys, but you can't hide. >> i'm amy poehler, i'm tina fey. good night. >> there you go, bravo. because we like to quiz you in the orange room we're asking our viewers to go to for the survey, what is your favorite tina and amy moment. sarah palin, hilary clinton, baby momma, that's my favorite. 2013 golden globes. jersey floor, weekend update. >> jersey floor. >> jersey floor. >> tina looks great as a jersey girl. >> jersey floor. >> or all of the above.
7:52 am
>> i like the palin clinton too. >> go to and let us know what you think. >> coming up on trending, are oreo cookies really more addictive than some drugs. >> evidence here. and brad pitt on why he says his new movie is the reason he got into the film business. plus the creator of the bridget ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin. and three... unlike warfarin, there's no routine blood testing.
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it's 7:56. good morning, i'm jon kelley. plan toss build apple's new space shift is moving foort. the city council unanimously approving the 2.8 million square foot four-story, softer-shaped building. it is quite the sight. apple says this project could be completed in 2016. as b.a.r.t. tries to work out a deal to prevent a strike for a.c. transit workers, they may walk off the job in less than 24 hours. a.c. transit asking governor brown to issue a 60-day cooling off period to prevent a strike like he did for b.a.r.t. they say they plan to walk off that job at 12:01 tomorrow morning if an agreement is not reached. right now, let's get a check on the wednesday forecast. who better to do it than
7:57 am
christina loren. always happy to have her to tell us about a nice day. >> good morning to you. it is going to be really nice. by about ten to noon, 70s. then, 86. 88, fairfield, 84, concord. 77, staying nice and warm in san francisco for today. getting into the next couple days, temperatures are going to drop off just a touch. then, we'll really drop off saturday into sunday feeling more like fall as we kick off next week. let's see how that drive is shaping up. it is rush-hour. here is mike inknoouye. >> we have a very slow drive coming across the bay bridge slowing at the incline through treasure island. this is still a crash blocking lanes south 101 at caesar chavez. blocking two lanes causing all of this backup getting into san francisco. north 280 and 101, very slow.
7:58 am
through hayward, slowing. west 92 across the san mateo bridge.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on today, coming up, boston strong. mother-daughter boston bombing survivors set a goal, to be back at the finish line next year. >> i believe we're going to hold hands or link arms or something and cross the finish line together. in an exclusive, brad pitt opens up about hitting 50 and the new project that has him thinking long-term. >> i've been around film long enough, i know the impact and this one will have continuing impact. and tis the season, from stockings to faux fur, we have a look at the gifts in the niemann marcus christmas book. that's today, wednesday, october 16th, 2013.
8:01 am
>> morning, we're excited to be here in new york and see today live. >> we're celebrating our 50th anniversary of our first date. >> hi, diane, how are you? i want to say hi to all my friends and family from idaho. and we're back now on this wednesday morning. 8:00 and a great crowd gathered outside our studios this morning as the plaza starts to take on a little christmas appearance. >> it does. i can't believe we walked out and there's chris matmas trees the plaza. >> if you're looking for something to get me, the bluish purple thing on the end is perfect for me. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, al roker and tamron hall. >> just ahead, take a look at this picture and tell me what
8:02 am
you think. this is a mom of three that posed with her little ones and had the title, what is your excuse? it's supposed to inspire women to get fit. do you think it's inspiring or annoying? we'll talk about it on trending. getting a lot of attention online. >> i love the 3-year-old's expression. what is mom doing? >> and then advice on love from bridget jones. >> yes, author helen fielding is answering your questions from bridget's perspective on today's book twitter account. send your #wwbd. that stands for what would bridget do and she'll join us coming up in the orange room. she is going to give us advice. >> we have a lot to get to. natalie has a check of the top stories. good morning, again. >> good morning, once again. world financial markets are watching closely as the u.s. senate returns this afternoon to work on a last minute deal to end the government shutdown and raise the nation's borrowing limit. an effort by the house on
8:03 am
tuesday was blocked by tea party conservatives. an airport baggage handler is held on $1 million bail following the dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport. sunday's incident did result in long flight delays. a spirit airlines flight returned to dallas after take off tuesday with smoke in the cabin and one engine shutdown. the flight was heading to atlanta. a spokesperson said the captain received an indication of a possible mechanical issue and returned to dallas as a precaution. >> a teenager only trying to help a friend is feeling the school's strict policy. katie has more. good morning. >> stripped from her title as team captain, suspended for five games, all for what was the right thing to do. the 17-year-old is being punished for drinking and partying when she wasn't. and she has the cops to back her
8:04 am
up. >> reporter: 17-year-old erin cox got a message from a drunk friend at a party asking erin to come pick her up. but once the high schooler arrived, so did the police. a dozen teens were arrested for underage drinking. erin and 15 others were summoned to court as a warning. but according to one police officer, erin wasn't drinking. >> he saw erin at the party. he was standing next to her. that she was perfectly sober. she didn't even have the slightest odor of alcohol. >> reporter: despite the officer's written statement vouching for erin, her high school in massachusetts took action. not only benching the volleyball star for five games but removing her as team captain. >> if she wasn't drinking and she wasn't at that party and she was picking up her friend to be safe, i would think that's what parents would want. >> reporter: the school district answered it's critics with a statement saying it would not comment on matters of student discipline. adding they applied statewide
8:05 am
rules which prevent student athletes from possessing alcohol in addition to prohibiting it's use, consumption and distribution. she interviewed erin and worries about the message this is sending. >> the next time i kid get ace call from a friend that said i'm hurt, i'm sick. i'm passing out, the person on the other end of the phone is going to say, well, if i go help them, i'll be thrown off the team. >> reporter: erin's lawyer says she only has one game left in her suspension. right now the family is only considering suing the school, natalie. >> all right. katie, thank you. a kangaroo had the right idea when it hopped into an airport pharmacy tuesday in melburne, australia. the kangaroo had injuries to it's feet. probably from jumping on the tarmac. it was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. not something you see every day but i guess in melburne you do.
8:06 am
let's get a check of the weather with al. >> he was feeling a little jumpy. anyway, we have nice -- somebody just dipped down. are you trying to hide? >> he is trying to hide. >> what's everybody's name? what's your name? >> colin. >> ava. >> caitlin. >> all right. caitlin in the witness protection program. fantastic. let's show you what we have for today. tampa, florida happens to be our pick city of the day. they've had wet weather but things looking great now right through friday. sunny skies, temperatures upper 80s. you can see we've got a line of showers and thunderstorms from texas stretching all the way into western new york. a long cold front about 1600 miles wide. that's going to bring showers there. windy conditions with santa anna winds. southern california where you have wind advisories. beautiful day through the southeast. mid-atlantic states. rain into western new york. beautiful day in the
8:07 am
8:06. just about 8:07. okay. it is now. on a wednesday morning we have a good-looking day shaping up. it's going to be the warmest of the week. you can see completely clear conditions over the golden gate bridge right now. old glory getting some pick-up from that off shore flow, which will increase as we head throughout the day today. at least temperatures will be at their warmest. 88 degrees in fairfield. 84 for concorde. 73 inw3 san francisco. friday. just a touch. then we'll really cool you down saturday into sunday. that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. coming up next on trending, who should be the next members of the rock and roll hall of fame. >> how long do we have to debate it? >> 3 minutes. >> okay. then at 8:15, brad pitt on what he wants you to take away from his new movie and how he feels about turning the big 50. >> and natalie catches up with the mother and daughter
8:08 am
survivors of the boston bombing. how they're turning tragedy into triumph. but first, these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] make fall fantastic
8:09 am
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8:11 am
and light 50, with just 50 calories, both with no added sugar. with so many tasty flavors, it's like a fruit stand in every bottle. just blending the fruits. we're back now at 8:11 with what's trending today. first, trending on facebook, the california mother that stirred up controversy with one question and a photo too, what's your excuse? she posted this picture of herself on facebook. it shows a very toned 32-year-old in a workout outfit with her three young sons. it's suddenly gone viral getting more than 14,000 comments on facebook. some are accusing her of being a
8:12 am
bully or fat shaming other moms. a lot of people didn't care for that particular imagine. >> so she responded guys on facebook, she wrote her critics, i'm sorry you took an image and resinated with it in such a negative way. what you interrupt is not my fault. it's yours. obesity and those that struggle with health-related disease is literally a bigger issue than this photo. maybe it's time to stop tiptoeing around people's feelings and get to the point. that's what she said on facebook. she is a trainer. that's her job, to stay fit. that's an unfair advantage if you look at it that way. >> but she is also trying to motivate people. >> yeah. >> she's not trying to bring fault with people that can't look the way she does. she's trying to motivate. i'm curious why it's been up for a year and only now getting attention. >> but you don't say what's your excuse? it's very smug. >> very smug i think. >> she's a busy mom of three
8:13 am
like everybody else. that's the message she was hoping people got from it. >> but she is a mom of three that's a fitness instructor. >> and saying what's your excuse -- >> people that come up with excuses not to go to the gym for a long time. i understand. it doesn't bother me. >> but we all spend ten hours plus at work focussing on this. that's her job to work like that. >> but at the end of the day, it isn't attacking anybody. >> right. >> she makes it -- >> i think she make ace great point, though, that the conversation should be about our obesity epidemic in this country and focussing on this. >> if it were a guy i wouldn't get all worked out. >> if it were a guy up there and we were looking at it we wouldn't be offended by it. >> there's a man and woman difference. men look at her and say wow, she's hot. we look at her and say maybe a little annoying. >> i'm saying if it were a good in great shape with his kids and said what's your excuse, i
8:14 am
wouldn't get -- well -- >> i agree. >> he's bullying me. >> i don't think it's bullying. i think it's a little irritating. >> we can't speak to her heart and we don't know her but when she's there with a half top over your kids saying what's your excuse, i could see how that's hard to digest for a lot of people. >> don't look at it. nobody said you have to look at this. >> we'll all be in group therapy. >> is it ironic that we have oreos here. >> trending on usa today, members of kiss may g to rock and roll all night in a new venue. they're among the 16 nominees for the rock and roll hall of fame class of 2014. they have to get in, right? others include nirvana, hall and oats, linda ronstadt, peter gabriel and n.w.a. the top vote getters will be inducted next april. >> how many get in? >> it is a fun ceremony.
8:15 am
ta we'reke keeping track. we asked people to go to and let us know who they think should be inducted amongst the nominees. and we have the live poll results. looks like nirvana's number one with 45%. >> a lot of people feeling it's way overdue for nirvana. >> after matt said "your kiss is on my list," i think hall & oates. >> now the reason the oreos are here, trending on, finally an explanation for why maybe some of us can't seem to get enough oreos. scientists have found that they are just as addictive, it turns out as cocaine. at least for lab rats. although i think for some people it may apply as well. researchers at connecticut college found that eating the cookies sparked more activity in our brains. go ahead, take one. more activity in our brains than drugs like cocaine. on another note, the rats seem to like the cream better than they like the cookie. i like the cookie better than the cream. break it apart and eat the cookie. >> here we go. love this one. trending on youtube, will
8:16 am
ferrell showing you're never too old to show some old-school spirit. well, a proud alum of the university of southern california, school known for its marching band, he dressed up in full trojan armor leading the band as it played its signature fight song. listen in. ♪ >> there's nothing he won't dress up as. >> no. he loves that. >> he's worse than us on halloween. >> i know. because it's every day of the year. >> exactly. >> that is what's trending today. coming up, the road to recovery for a mother and daughter who survived those boston bombings. first, an exclusive interview with brad pitt. his new movie about a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery is getting a lot of attention. and pitt sat down with our ann curry to talk about his passion project and more. >> reporter: the director of the film, steve mcqueen, has said about you, without brad pitt, this film would not have been made. he made the real contribution as a producer because he is so full on, direct and supportive to the
8:17 am
filmmaker. how passionate are you about "12 years"? >> it's why i got into the film in the first place. it's one of those few films that cuts to the base of our humanity and it was not until i saw salomon northrop's story that i fully, fully grasped the utter horror of losing your freedom or denying another one their freedom, taking their freedom, splitting their family apart. it's -- it's abhorrent. >> reporter: the film is based on salomon northrop's 1853 memo memoir. >> please go on with my family and my home. now you tell me all that's lost. >> reporter: i have to say when i saw the movie, i was reminded of "roots." when i was young, i saw "roots," and it was transformative.
8:18 am
>> yes, i remember, i was very young, but yes. >> reporter: do you see this as being something that you will show your own family, your own children? >> yeah, absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: now? >> now? maybe my eldest, i would. right now. i'd wait for the others to get a little bit older and understand the dynamics of the world a little more. >> reporter: you play samuel bast, a canadian, an abolitionist, a carpenter. you' abolitionist, a carpenter. you were in the movie for not quite eight minutes. >> what mused me was your concern for my well being in in heat when quite frankly, the condition of your laborers, it is hard. it's all wrong. >> they ain't hired help. they're my property. >> you say that with pride. >> i say it as fact. >> i'm there to support the story. the main performances are
8:19 am
nurango, asbender. >> a man does how he pleases with his property. >> these are demanding parts. these guys had to keep themselves in a perpetual state of an gst and foreboding and longing. and they did it. they held themselves through the entire filming process. >> what do you hope the audience will -- >> i already know. i know what this film is. i've been around film long enough, i know the impact and this one will have continuing impact. and i'm a -- you know, i'm a movie goer. there was a place that was a big escape for me. it opened my eyes up to the world when i was a little, little kid. i loved to go and see film. so i think of it from that side of it and i know the impact of this film. >> i need to ask you about turning 50. >> you need to? >> no, i don't have to. i'm more than 50, so i'm older than being 50. >> so far, i haven't minded it a bit.
8:20 am
so no complaints. >> and your feeling about where you are now? >> see what it is. >> an openness to it. cool. >> cool? i don't know. we'll see. i'm busy right now, so i haven't thought about it. >> i think he's cool. >> he's pretty cool. >> i'm going to see if he's cool when miley cyrus turns about 50. i'm not sure he's going to like that. anyway, let's swing across the studio. here is natalie. >> now to today's book club, bridget jones, "mad about the boy." she is still single, though now 51 with two small kids and figuring out now how to navigate live in a texting, tweeting world as well as dating again. author helen fielding is with us taking a break from answering your twitter questions. she'll have more on those coming up, as well. good morning. >> good morning. >> great you have to here. >> it's lovely to be here. >> it's not i think a shock to a lot of people because people
8:21 am
have heard we've been reporting that mark darcy is sadly no more in this book. bridget is single, a mom of two. but the aftershocks are still being felt. people still reacting on twitter and the conversation is why? why did you kill mark darcy? >> do you know, i got a shock, too, at the reaction. because i was watching tele, like bridget in my pajamas. there was the serious crisis on bbc news and then mark darcy is dead. but i think it was very touching that after so many years people are so attached to these characters. after all, mark darcy is a very decent man. but this, the story in the new book doesn't end there. it stops five years after mark dies. and bridget, like let's face it so many women and people now finds herself single, dating, but also dealing with children on technology and technology just wasn't like this when i
8:22 am
first wrote the book. >> and she -- there's a lot of parallels as i see in the book .in your life. she is a mom of two, she is single, widowed, and also is addicted to twitter, as you mentioned. i understand you went through a little bit of a phase with twitter, as well. how many of you and bridget are alike? >> well, it's not a memoir, but i think you can only write bridget from a place of truth. and i suppose over the years, i've just been collecting little moments in my computer. i think the whole technology parenthood thing started when i had my daughter by c-section. i knew what she was going to be called, when she was going to by born, all mapped out, group e-mail ready. the only thing i did was press send all before i actually had her. then i had to send another e-mail saying i'm really sorry, but i haven't had the baby yet. then i got all these e-mails
8:23 am
saying who does that? and then when i had her, i couldn't very well say oh, i have had the baby now. so i think that started me off on realizing that technology is the fifth element. there was no e-mailing even when i started writing it. and also parenthood is a very difficult world now. than it was. >> and she is dating in this book. >> bridget has to learn -- >> tips from the dating world. >> she has a lot of mishaps. she has to learn how to get out there again. she has to make her own set of dating rules. which, of course, is do not text when drunk. and mark darcy's memory lives on. daniel cleaver is still there as the what kind of nickers are you wearing. she has a new, younger man, and there's a lot comedy of that and he has to say, would you like me to read the menu for you and perhaps cut up your food? >> there's two people that actually really love each other, but inside a place.
8:24 am
and then there's a jane austin lake hero who is a mark darcy figure. >> perfect storm. >> which brings us to what would bridget do? you've had twitter followers out there this morning. >> we have a ton of questions. the #wwbd, what would bridget do. tips for meeting keel gentlemen? >> don't meet people in the club. i remember my first dating in a club when someone asked me to dance and i got up excitedly and went across the room and they go, no, not you, her. i think clubs are a hard place to meet people. >> they certainly are. i don't know if we have time for one more.
8:25 am
>> where would you not look for love? you said a club. what else is on the list? >> i think there's used to be a prejudice against online dating, viewed at shameful. now i think most people meet like that. >> do you date online? >> i've done a lot of research. i did find the confusion with online shopping is difficult. for example, now, if you've got a dress in my shopping bag, then i go back to it, i get really upset if it wasn't winked back. >> i love that. helen fielding, great. i hear you'll stick around and keep answering our twitter questions. thanks so much. for our
8:26 am
>> good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm marla 1wñtellez. bart trains are rolling despite no labor deal.ko the unions decided not to strike today as both sides continueo5 bargaining. they will be back to the negotiating table at 10:00 this morning. we'll have an update on the contract talks during ourñoó ne newscast, which is at 11:00. in the meantime, let's go ahead and take a look at the commute with mike. some problems in oakland. >> w0#again, it's not the bart trains. those are running, like you said. we're looking at 880 bogging down north past the coliseum. let's show you the map. what we have at the bottom of the screen west 580 on 880. that's the focus of your morning commute. expect that. east shore freeway smooth.u"xñ slower across the upper deck of the bay bridge. getting into san francisco. the earlier crash, though, south
8:27 am
101 has cleared. you see the recovery. we're in the orange instead of the red zone through the area. the peninsula moves smoothly as of 880 southbound. nothing unexpected, but it is slow through fremont, hayward, and in towards fremont. the northbound route to the south bay startingjgc to thin o but north 2 cans80 all the way in towards cupertinno. 85 still sluggish. that's later than we expected. back to you. >> thanks so much. we'll be back with our next local news update at 8:56. we will see you then. ready?
8:28 am
8:29 am
happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:30 am
it's the 16th day of october, 2013. and look who's joining us on the plaza. who is your little friend? >> a falcon, curtesy of the niemann marcus christmas book. >> yeah. >> and we're going to talk about the experience. >> that's one of the items for sell in that book?
8:31 am
and you apparently scared your little falcon friend. >> yes. >> got some other amazing things from that niemann marcus christmas book out on the plaza. come to poppa. look at that thing right there. we have a motorcycle. >> remember when will and kate drove off in one. >> theirs is older than that. that is brand new but we have affordable gifts we'll be talking about. i'm matt lauer with natalie morales and tamron hall. savannah had to leave early. she is on assignment. >> al roker is still here this morning. >> just across the street. >> he's at the bogs. >> yes, i am with a couple of familiar faces. we'll get into. so here we go. we've got justin and henry. and you recognize them from the cranberry oceanspray commercial. you guys helped bring the bog here for nine years now.
8:32 am
what is it that we need to know about cranberries? >> well, i think the main reason we're here, we talk to people all over the world. it's beautiful and wonderful and how healthy they are and how delicious they are and they can be used all year round and they're good for you. they taste good. >> you guys are the veteran and the rookie. >> yeah. >> how long have you been spokes people for -- spokes cranberry farmers for oceanspray? >> well, this is our ninth year. >> i don't know if you're a rooki rookie at this point. >> i still call myself a rookie. >> thanks guys, it's good to see you. come down to rockerfeller center and you can see the cranberry bog from oceanspray. and now, this. >> announcer: today's weather on the bog is brought to you by oceanspray. taste good. good for you. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we are looking at a fantastic day here in the east although
8:33 am
clouds will start moving in as the cold front push as head. sunshine out west. tomorrow rain moves into the northeast, mid-atlantic states down into the gulf. the western part of the country from the southwest on into the pacific northwest looks spectacular. we look for mountain snows in the northern rockies and a few sn 8:33. good wednesday morning to you. óistina . loren. temperatures are going to be the warmest today. warmer than any other day this week. we're going to peak and slowly cool off as we head through the next couple of days. 83.vh& 77 in san francisco. 82 in san jose. meanwhile, we're expecting a return of those low clouds and the upper 70s sunday through tuesday. hope you have a fantastic day. and that's your latest weather, guys. >> al, thank you very much. martha stewart rolled out the
8:34 am
red carpet last night at the second annual american made awards. andy cohen helped with the event. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> tell me about the awards. >> every year we celebrate ten fantastic young entrepreneurs who are actually makers. they're making things. they're manufacturing in america. they're bringing back those lost talents and lost businesses that have gone elsewhere in the world. >> you hand pick nine of these. >> yes. >> your readers actually pick the other. >> yes and we got over 5 million votes for 2400 different makers online this year. it was fantastic. and the swell, the ground swell of all of this -- even andy, last night, he was amazing. he got really into each of them. >> it was great. and martha taught me how to knit
8:35 am
which was as close as i'm going to get to erectile dysfunction i hope. >> what? >> i couldn't do it is what i'm trying to say. >> where did you make that turn? you're a maker. you're a creator. >> he created the live late night show that's so funny. he makes makers. >> but you two also make, if we're going to be on the make word, you make an unusual pairing. i don't think you two would be the ones you pick out of a line up and say these two are going to be best friends but you developed an interesting relationship. >> i really mike martha. >> i like andy. >> i checked the wrong box on and we have been dating for six weeks. >> you were supposed to break it here. >> no, i think martha is great and this is a great project. >> and as a co-host andy was phenomenal because he brings a
8:36 am
levity to the whole makers movement. they loved him. and he loved them and that's the most important thing. everybody loves makers. >> it's great. s nice you're spotlighting these people. >> it's important for our economy. did you know there's 57% of americans are makers and that they spend around 30 billion, that's a big thing. >> let me get back to you guys for a second. i've known you for a long time. you don't open up to just anybody and yet there's something about andy that seems to make you open up. i want to show a clip from when martha was on your show a little while ago. >> good, excellent. >> has martha ever sexted? >> i think no. >> martha. >> yes. i'm so happy to hear that. okay. oh, that's who those texts were from the other night, martha. >> that is the answer that started it all. >> well, if you use technology
8:37 am
you do things like that, right? it's just like writing a love letter. >> martha is a saucy lady. people are scared of her but there's a will the of saucy going on here. >> i'm surprised if you didn't ask him if he sexted. >> i asked him other things. hi to spank him. >> we managed to get erectile dysfunction and spanking and sexting in one interview. >> we're taking it to the orange room. >> good to have you here. when we comeack, a mom and daughter wounded in the boston marathon bombings on their goal to cross the finish line next year. but first, [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
8:38 am
once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
8:39 am
we're back at 8:39 with an uplifting story tied to the boston bombings six months ago and one of families impacted by those attacks is a family you have been following.
8:40 am
>> yes, i've gotten to know sydney and celeste corcoran well. they stood at the finish line to cheer on their sister that was racing. they are getting stronger thanks to a determination to change tragedy into triumph. >> wow, look how far you have come. oh my gosh, yes. >> reporter: six months since the terror of the boston marathon bombings, celeste corcoran that lost both her legs that day is now making great strides. >> how are you doing physically and emotionally? >> i have good days and bad days. i feel myself getting stronger and stronger and there's probably less bad days than good days. >> reporter: celeste wasn't alone. she was there with her husband kevin and her 18-year-old daughter sydney to cheer her sister on. sydney suffered a near fatal wound and says the emotional scars is just as bad as the physical ones. >> it's always in the back of my
8:41 am
mind and with that comes anxiety. >> reporter: this mother and daughter aren't taking anything for granted now. celeste had lots of help along the way but getting back to normal means doing more things on her own. >> fantastic. >> the biggest thing to me now is driving and getting around independe independently. >> reporter: celeste took me for a spin. >> push it down. >> reporter: and she loves her work as a hair stylist but it means standing most of the day. now a little more challenging but i was lucky enough to be her first female client since the marathon. >> i'm honored. >> i'm honored. >> reporter: for celeste a full recovery is the goal. she has a ways to go but is thankful for her family, especially on the hardest days. >> when you're down she helps you and when you're down, you
8:42 am
help her. >> we both got hurt and went through the same things and need to help each other. >> reporter: sydney, now a college freshman, says the whole experience influenced the direction of her studies. >> the ultimate goal is to get my bachelors in psychology and my masters in occupational therapy. when this happened and i was in the hospital, all of my nurses and pt and ot people, they would always say to me, like, you're going to be a nurse, right? >> reporter: for celeste, learning how to walk again i was difficult. >> i think i was expecting a miracle. everybody was saying how much better the legs were going to be and the bottom line is nothing is easy. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago celeste tried something even harder, running at a mobility clinic sponsored by the challenged athletes foundation. now she set an even bigger goal for herself and sydney six
8:43 am
months from now. >> are you going to be at the boston marathon finish line? do you think you all can emotionally do that? >> my sister is going to run it g again so of course we're going to be there. we're going to hold hand and link arms or something and cross the finish line together. >> just a remarkable family and right now they're living day by day and her short-term goals are to get a driver's license once again because you have to be tested to be able to drive once again with her prosthetic legs but she is doing great and they're holding up strong. >> i think she'll accomplish the goals. i do. thanks. coming up, we have the best places in the united states to visit. the best awards. we'll share them with you. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
now, we'll get to santa in
8:46 am
just a couple of minutes. we're back at 8:45 with great ways to get away. they're out with the readers best awards. this week 75,000 voters chimed in and toll us about their favorite cities, hotels, cruises and more. kate is here to reveal the top picks. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> before we get to the picks, trends this year, smaller is better. >> the big trend is small. what we mean is our readers are seeking out smaller cities, smaller hotels. they want an authentic experience. portland, oregon made our list for the first time. they're going there and having a fantastic cup of coffee. it's all about having a traveler as opposed to a tourist. >> let's get to the categories, best city in the united states to visit, your readers said charleston. >> why? >> it's a small population, 125,000. it's got it all. fantastic climate.
8:47 am
79 degrees and sunny today. historic and beautiful, fantastic restaurants. >> the people are nice as well. >> the people are very nice there and some cities get points for friendliness. >> other cities, santa fe, san francisco, honolulu and chicago. >> yeah. >> you have specific regions around the country. the mid-atlantic region, what one? >> it's norman rockwell meets ralph lauren. on the water. it has a garden with a pool. just lovely. >> specifically where is it. >> maryland. >> oh it sounds beautiful. >> yeah. >> again, reasonable. >> yes, absolutely. >> moving on to a different region. let's go from the mid-atlantic to the midwest and the best hotel in the heartland? >> the american club. this is a great golfing property one that you would like but it's also good for the whole family. it has a good kids' club and fantastic spa.
8:48 am
it's $161 a night. >> i like the way you said cola. >> cola. >> next hotel has overcome major hurdles and obstacles over the last five years because this one is located in new orleans. >> exactly. it's a hotel, iconic new orleans property made the top of our list. it's $189 a night. it's beautiful property on the edge of the french quarter. >> we have eaten a little of his food on this show. it's great. >> vegas. >> you have to have vegas on the list. >> there's so many hotels, how do you choose one? >> our vegas love the win las vegas and encore. it's got the great view. numerous pools, spa, fantastic night clubs. it costs $275 a night.
8:49 am
>> which isn't too bad but if our viewers drop your name they get a high roller suite. >> i can't guarantee that. >> keeping back with that theme smaller is better, let's talk about cruise lines and we're talking about the mid sized cruise ships. >> they only have two ships but they're exemplary and we think about cruise lines that you get a lot for the price but this is gratuity is included, fine wines and spirits included. they have a great iotenery. you can go on your own and they'll give you a dance partner. >> what's that called again? >> the american club in cola. >> i like that. fantasy gifts from the niemann marcus christmas book. we'll show you some of those. natalie is already getting a jump start. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
halloween is more than two weeks away but this morning it looks like christmas on the plaza. niemann marcus is out with it's book a fantasy gift. ginger is a vice president with niemann marcus. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> great to have you here. >> santa has a chopper. >> he does. >> good morning, santa. talk to us about this gift idea.
8:52 am
>> i will. this is a one of a kind motorcycle made by indian larry, hand built in brooklyn new york. it was the winner of the biker build off series for the discovery channel. $750,000. almost a work of art is what most people would say but the best thing is that the portion of the proceeds benefits the heart of niemann marcus foundation which supports information for kids. >> what if you want more than one? >> only going to have one. got to be quick. >> you know what they say -- >> you better be good? >> rudolph who? >> thanks. come down here. >> great. >> this is an experience. >> this is a whole falcon recompanion. you have to be licensed to participate in the sport but everything you need for a day in the country. you have the beautiful campaign furniture.
8:53 am
a handmade set here. you have a decanter. you have plenty to occupy you. >> but you learn a little bit about it? >> yes, $150,000. comes in the custom trunks that fit in your car. >> wow. beautiful. >> this next one over here. natalie is on our very beautiful -- >> working out this morning. getting in my cardio. >> this is a wonderful spin bike designed in italy with inspiration of a unicycle but it has 12 levels of resistance. this one is so beautiful it won't end up being a clothes hanger in your bedroom. >> this is functional and beautiful. >> absolutely. >> $11,000. >> $11,000. >> pricey. >> wow. i could buy a new body for that. >> if you have a piece of property you have been waiting to build on. >> this is the famous black
8:54 am
house in connecticut. they have never allowed anyone to spend the night in the house since his death. so this will be a once in a lifetime experience. they'll do a number of them. $30,000. it all goes to their clubs black house program but this is, you know, for an architecture -- this would be great. >> there's a great diner as well. >> yes. >> i'm sure you have fancy neighbors out there. >> look at this car. >> oh my goodness. >> i know. >> well, this is such a beautiful -- this is the 2014 niemann marcus edition. $344,500. they go on sale the 23rd. there's only 10 of them. this was styled after the classic bb 7 that william and kate left their wedding from. the thing i love about this is its 100% carbon fiber shell. >> that's the only thing you
8:55 am
love about this? >> no. v 12 engine. >> look at the tiny backseat. >> it's got cup holders. >> we have lots of gifts under $100. easy to shop. free shipping, free returns all the time at niemann marcus but you have everything from a $38 christmas ornament, beautiful snow globe. popcorn can. i saw you snacking on that. that's good. >> products for men. >> yeah, jewelry for women. >> this is a great candle that -- i can't get the top off. >> it makes a great hostess gift. birth stone necklaces. a cookie jar. i'm not sure what those are but they look great.
8:56 am
candles and a mink travel throw. >> something for everyone from very high end to more good morning. mim marla tellez. today is the last day groups can submit bids to take over -- among those interested thus far, google and also a parent group working on ventures into the private space industry. nasa is expected to decide who will take over in december. let's go ahead andn"fñ chece forecast with meteorologist christina loren. it's going to be a nice day. >> it is going to be so nice.
8:57 am
good morning to you. good morning to you at home. temperatures today in the mid 80s. inland we're talking about 86 degrees. that's livermore. meanwhile, we'll have about 88 degrees in places like fairfield. 80 degrees bayside at the coast. 78 degrees getting into the end of the week. yeah, we're going to stay nice and toasty. then temperatures start to drop off sunday into tuesday. hope you have a great wednesday. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow
8:58 am
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9:00 am
from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, and willie geist. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. it's october 16th, 2013. another pretty good-looking morning out here in new york city. i'm willie geist with al roker, natalie morales, with the nice crowd out on the plaza. you've been looking at the calendar and hearing about this in washington. october 17th is the date for the debt ceiling. >> clock is ticking. >> we'll explain that to you. if you're like a lot of people you have become numb. >> you have almost given up almost. >> when you hear the government vuning out of money, it's how does that mean to me? >> there are very real world
9:01 am
implications about what it could mean for your retirement savings, if you're looking to buy a house, interest rates. >> given all of that dysfunction you shake your head. this next story gives you a reason to be proud to be an american. that's right. >> absolutely. look at this photograph. we'll marvel at it. this is a ranger with the third ranger battalion. he was wounded in an attack of afghanistan. three of his brothers died in that attack. he was seriously injured. evacuated to germany. he was in the hospital and received a purple heart. what you're looking at here is they didn't know he was conscious. not in a coma but they thought he was unconscious and as the commander awarded him the purple heart he raised that right arm from under his blanket and pulled it up and saluted his commander. >> unbelievable. >> his wife wrote on facebook he she got a full report from the commander in the room and passed it on and said grown men began to weep.
9:02 am
we were speechless at a gesture that speaks volumes about josh's courage and his character. that is an incredible photograph. >> that is unbelievable as well as this hero as well. this is the young man that president obama pinned also the medal of honor on. he charged into taliban gunfire and saved his buddies, 12 of them. finally awarded the medal of honor yesterday. now says he wants to reenlist. these are the people that give you hope that in all of this dysfunction and dispair these are proud americans that have served our country and what this country stands for. look what they're willing to do. if politicians can put aside their politics and differences and come to the table and do these men proud would be the best statement they can make. >> do us all proud. this is why we sent you there to actually do a job like these gentlemen and men and women that
9:03 am
serve are doing their jobs every day. >> i love that captain swenson is only the 6th living recipient of the medal of honor immediately asked to reenlist. he wants to go back. but you're right, the people screwing things up in washington are a small group of people. this is such a great country and so much good going on around the country. >> we wanted to look at the bright side today. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> we also wanted to follow up on a story that got you going yesterday. massachusetts high school student erin cox was punished after her school learned she went to a party where alcohol was served in order to drive her drunk friend home. erin fox was sober and went to pick up her drunk friend. >> goes to the party and gets her friend. >> the police said she wasn't drinking. >> exonerate her completely. >> completely sober. >> so they took away the honor students title of captain of the
9:04 am
girl's volleyball team and suspended her for five games. >> they issued such a nonstatement. >> nothing. >> so they put it out. they say we don't have a zero tolerance policy. they say that's a false assertion, but here's what the superintendent did say. while some may decry the administrations actions as unfair or inconsistent with the principles of due process our administration wholeheartedly disagree. to be clear the massachusetts supreme judicial court ruled that participation in athletics is a privilege. >> so they can take it away at a whim. >> i don't think when erin cox showed up to help her friend out she thought she was suspended her right of that privilege to play on the volleyball team. >> she was being a good friend. >> she wasn't thinking, oh, i could get in trouble for this because she's not doing anything wrong. >> the superintendent of schools says it cites that a massachusetts high school rule that says chemical health rule prohibits student athletes from
9:05 am
possessing alcohol or distribution. she didn't do any of those things. >> what the other students were doing, illegal drinking. >> she wasn't drinking, she wasn't drunk. she didn't take part in this and yet the school still goes ahead and because they don't have the gumption or the backbone to admit they were wrong, they're going to stand by this wrong headed decision. >> you wonder how much more they're going to continue to stand by this statement? >> i think they're going to keep going. we want you to go to #orange room. >> i support erin cox is what is trending. >> let us know should they back down. and if they don't, what should happen? >> we have given it two days and tried to give the school the fair hearing to tell their side of the story. >> we would love for you to reach out to us. we would love to hear a spokesperson talk to us. we have tried. >> do not make us send jeff rossen up to find you. >> oh, boy. >> he will track you down like a dog and gut you like a fish. >> you don't want that knock on your door.
9:06 am
>> you see rossen and people start jumping out windows. >> i understand when schools have to make tough decisions and they have to stand by their decisions but in all fairness, here is a young girl who is an honor roll student and incredible athlete and was doing something to help a friend which every parent would say i wish my kid would do the same. >> what a teachable moment it would be for students and young adults to see that adults can admit when they're wrong. >> yeah. >> and we made a mistake, we rushed to judgment, on further review, we made a mistake. >> a little common sense, that's all. >> when the police are even saying, oh, yeah, we were there. she was completely sober. she was not part of the party, you know that even the police are saying, come on. >> all right. >> let's think this one through guys. on a totally different note. >> boy. >> i love this story. >> i learned this morning the term snugglehouse and you're about to learn it with me. >> is that where snuggle the bear lives? >> no this is worse than that.
9:07 am
madison, wisconsin. i love it. there's a business there that wants to offer cuddle time. >> just cuddle time. nothing else. >> for those in need of a hug. it looks like a hotel but instead of sleep you buy cuddles from, quote, professionals. >> you're a professional cud lett cuddler. >> or prostitution? >> natalie went there. >> that's the concern here. >> let's get an explanation. here is the snuggle house employee. >> you feel better, you know, anxiety in a lot of people just kind of disapates. you want to curl up and lay down and just good old fashioned snuggling can do that. if you want to talk. if you want to cry on my shoulder i'm cool with that. >> you mean once you brush the hair away. >> i'm good. >> on a good day they can make
9:08 am
up to $500 snuggling. >> a lot of money in snuggling. >> they were supposed to open it yesterday. there was a delayed -- they're not opening it now for the time being because there is concern that people might take it a little too far. >> i'm feeling a little low on snuggles. >> they could use a snuggle house in washington. >> they could. >> i'm sure a few of those congressmen have gone to a snuggle house or two. >> you think? >> when i was right out of college i lived in a very seedy neighborhood of atlanta and on both sides of the street there were spas where you could go and get treatments. >> gentlemen's clubs. >> or snuggle. >> very happy. >> just throwing that out there. >> okay. >> we finally found the line in halloween decorations, don't you think? >> i think so. >> there's a guy in mustang, oklahoma, look what he put in his drive way. >> no. >> that prompted 911 calls. those are dummies everybody.
9:09 am
>> one more dummy in the house. >> johnny mullins lives there and has fake dead bodies in his drive way. the one against the garage has he has head closed in the garage. the one in the foreground is run over by f 150. they responded to the 911 calls. told him there was nothing illegal and told him to keep going with it. >> can you imagine if your kid sauce that? come on. come on. >> he only had the one in the garage and after this became news, he put another one out. >> more bodies. more blood. >> guy makes no apologies for the halloween decorations. >> don't send us those kind of decorations. we're still looking for your entries for your haunted house decorations. so send us your halloween home decorations. send them to us and we'll be sure to show you the best of. >> yes. >> don't you johnny or you lonny
9:10 am
snugg snuggler. >> remember the character in the mcdonald's commercial? the snuggler? let's show you what we got as far as your weather is concerned. we are looking for more rain continuing in texas. it is not going to end any time soon. we're basically looking at this frontal system that stretches all the way from texas on into parts of new york state. i mean, this is kind of amazing. you can already see all of this activity firing up, showers and thunderstorms anywhere from 1 to 2 more inches of rain. look for sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard although we're looking at clouds moving in as the front moves in. cooler conditions back through the plains. light wipds starting to develop down in southern california. 84 in l.a. today. beautiful day in 9:10. good wednesday morning. i'm crust evena loren. it's going to be warm -- the
9:11 am
reason why big ridge of high pressure, off shore flow, and the clear start here. still cool enough for a coat out there, but we're going to hit about 77 degrees in the city by the bay later on this afternoon. 80 for oakland, and 82 degrees righ6ere in san jose.íaux meanwhile, the upper 80s on the way to fairfield, so reachingu summertime levels this afternoon. slowly cooling you off thursday into friday. that's your latest weather. >> we need to get lonny johnson on the show. head snuggler at the snuggle house. >> you two had a good snuggle e recently. >> you know the value of a good snuggle. >> but we didn't pay for it in a sketchy joint. you heard all the washington noise about the debt ceiling but what does it mean for you, your noise about the debt ceiling but what does it mean for you, your hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb.
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9:15 am
government shutdown and debt ceiling. if your eyes have glazed over, you're not alope. there are impacts to you. >> deb bra gorshard and brian salzi join us. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> debt ceiling. first of all, when people hear this term and the shutdown as we said, people are like, i don't get it. what does this really mean to me? is the government really going to run out of money? deborah? >> the debt ceiling is the authorization for our country to pay its bills. sometimes that day comes and they don't quite have enough money so they have to borrow a little to pay those bills on that day, and that's where we're at. if they don't get that debt ceiling raised, they won't be able to go out and make that short-term borrowing to cover those bills on that day. >> think of our bank account. if you put your atm card in, you can't withdraw money if you don't have money in the account. >> beginning of the, month the mortgage is due, the car, the groceries and your kid needs something for school. >> brian, what happens tomorrow?
9:16 am
say there is no deal. we hope there is, but maybe there won't be. is it the end of the world tomorrow? is it in a week? is it november 1st as some have said? >> the positive thing is we'll wake up and things will be good. i look at the debt ceiling like deb was saying, it's the glue that holds everything together and it's more than just a date. there are many ramifications. you push that domino over and it could impact stock prices, how much you're paying on your credit card bills, how much you're paying on a house you bought earlier in the year on the assumption that rates would be low forever. >> a lot of people holding off on house purchases right now because they're not sure, you know, what this is going to mean for them. >> correct. absolutely. you thought you would get a house and affordability would be great. what does that also impact? home depot, sales at lowe's. what are those companies? publicly traded. let's get specific. how will it affect credit cards? >> a lot of people have their credit card rates tagged to the prime rate. so if what happens is the rates
9:17 am
on bonds start to go up, those interest rates on your credit card could go up even if you're paying on time and you're thinking i've paid on time, i shouldn't get punished. if all the rates are going up on these bonds because people are worried the government might not pay those interest payments, that could be a problem. >> even if you have a fixed rate card? >> a lot are still pegged to the prime rate. >> okay. quickly, 401(k) and pension plans. what's the impact? >> you don't know what to do. you take that money out? get hit with taxes? get hit with the fact that your stock prices or your investment was lower? i think you ultimately have to wait this out unfortunately. because your standard of living is eroding in front of your face, you'll buy less, consume less. that's what it causes. >> what about social security benefits? this is one that worries a lot of people. there are some big payments coming due for the federal government that they may not be able to make if this debt ceiling is broached. >> and we have the government
9:18 am
shutdown, so there are not as many people working in the offices right now. these payments are electronic, not a paper check anymore. willie brought up the point, it's not october 17th everybody is calling the doomsday date. it's really november 1st. there's about $60 billion worth of payments that go out that day. we do obviously have revenues coming in every day, but what if we hit november 1st and all of a sudden the treasury goes we have $60 billion that's got to go out but only $33 billion over here? what do we do? our government is not set up to not pay. >> do you think the government would ever stop making social security payments? would it come to that? >> they say they don't have prioritization, but they do, and we know the interest rate payments will go out first and then usually those mandatory payments like social security go out second. >> unemployment payments? what about those? >> they could be delayed. that's really the scary part is on november 1st they may say we've got the money but we need a to trick it will amount so it might be a couple weeks delayed.
9:19 am
someone living on a social security check, two weeks is a disaster. >> with that, as 58 million people are having their social security checks delays, they're also wondering about the medicare payments, also starting to say can i go to my health care provider? i have no check coming in, they're worried about their health and they emotionally close up. >> you mentioned a little bit about the housing market. if you own a home right now it can be very confusing. the rate has changed in a way you didn't think it would. what about if you're looking to buy a home? what does this mean? >> you probably want to put it off because you've been looking at the rates were low over the summer. they've started to rise. now they'll rise even more. you have to question can you afford that home and then ultimately if you can't afford it, think about longer term. what if this goes on the next five or six months when rates are even higher? now you're in a really bad position. >> with the government shutdown, if you're applying for a mortgage, you can't get your social security and income tax verified because those workers
9:20 am
aren't there. the fha isn't guaranteeing any new loans right now. >> lot to digest. hopefully in the next 24 hours something happens. debra borchard, brian sozzi, thank you. > in case you didn't have it circled on your calendar, today is national boss day. we knew that, of course, because we have the world's greatest boss. >> big hugs to all of you guys. >> we've got the balloons. we're totally kissing up. >> the cake and champagne are coming. all coming your way. from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
9:21 am
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. . borrowing power and also reopen portions of the government that have now been shut down for 16 days. the senate deal must also be approved by the republican controlled house. >> could one key to a successful marriage be in your genes, scientists have related to to the emotional or better worse times for a marriage. the gene affects sayer tonin. while the gene mutation has only a small effect on marriage, its influence tends to get stronger with age. and with the holiday shopping season fast approaching, when is the best time to buy toys? editors looked at the numbers
9:25 am
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9:26 am
♪ you say what's for dinner? old el paso says start somewhere fresh. bart trains are rolling this morning despite no labor deal. the unions decided not to strike today as both sides continue bargaining. they will be back at the negotiating table at 10:00 this morning. well, crews have put out this ferocious fire that broke out in a home overnight in pleasant hill. take a look at this incredible video. it happened about 2:30 on duff court just west of interstate 680. this is the flames that quickly spread through the white mercedes that's parked right in the driveway there. it even caused some power lines to come down. we're told everyoneiwl made it safely. we have just learned two missing sisters from the south okay. school officials at valley
9:27 am
christian high tell us 16-year-old madeline and her 13-year-old sister, emily, are safe and accounted for. they were last seen at a church event in san jose on sunday. we'll check the forecast and roads after the break. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
9:28 am
[ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant welcome bark. the sky over the city by the bay right now. this, of course, is the golden gate bridge. old glory getting a little bit of pick-up. a lot of people out there, a lot p (t&háhp3 rs oütt beautiful, clear conditions will continue for today. 86 on the way to livermore. 84 in d-gilroy. 83 in santa theresa, and 77 on the way to san francisco staying nice and comfortable all the way through friday, and then temperatures will start to drop off. look at the difference between saturday and sunday. that's when the low clouds will return. much cooler weather sunday into next week. let's check your drive. say good morning to mike. >> good morning, folks. we're looking towards oakland. northbound 880 coming over at
9:29 am
hagenburger. we had an earlier crpfs quite a bit of slowing. the last five minutes have been better through oakland. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza which also has a big backup after an earlier crash in san fra,cu(jy long since cleared. over an hour of clearing, and now we're faebl seeing relief on the oakland side. in the south bay we see northbound routes showing a good deal of relief. 87. nice into downtown. it's 58 and 101. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks so much. we'll be back with our next local news update at 9:56. see you then.vqá
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on this wednesday morning, october 16th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with al and natalie. >> who is that? >> j.t. >> oh, justin timberlake. >> tko by timberlake. >> one track after another. >> it's like two albums. >> yeah, 2020. yeah. so we were talking about the halloween spirit. got dark earlier in the show with the guy with the garage door. our friends have created a halloween video just for us. i haven't seen it yet. i can't wait to see it. >> surprise. ♪ ♪ at first i was afraid, kept thinking i could never live without you by my side. but then i spent so many nights
9:31 am
just how you did me wrong ♪ ♪ and i grew strong and i learned how to get along ♪ >> whoa. >> you're still the witch. >> i'm still the witch. you're holding strong in that roll. >> i love it. oh my gosh. >> frankenroker. >> oh my gosh. >> that is incredible. >> i love what they do. now you can put your kids pictures in there as well. >> that's so cool. >> the conga line. >> oh, two als. >> something is wrong with your face willie. >> it appears to -- >> wait, you're a woman. you're a woman mummy. >> wait? wait a minute. >> here i am -- >> take a look. >> go back. >> oh, yeah. >> you've got -- you're a real
9:32 am
mummy. >> i'm like, something's wrong with your face. >> something was wrong with my chest. not face. >> oh, man. >> a little busty there. >> extra padding for the mummy. >> a little busty, lifts and separates. >> you look good. you look good with boobs. maybe you should think about them. >> wow, wow. thanks jibjab. >> so is this a big set up? >> it's amazing that you spotted that. >> i kept thinking what's wrong with willie? >> i was like his face looks weird. >> i just flat out have boobs. there's no getting around it. no other way to say it. >> now we know what you're going to get for halloween. >> you make a very handsome
9:33 am
mummy. >> i'm going over here. >> your turn, weather. >> thank you very much. inway, we're talking about beautiful day up and down the east coast. we got sunshine on the west coast. windy conditions in southern california. as you can see, we've got showers in the central great lakes. a line of showers and thunderstorms stretching from texas into the west of western new york. that rain moves east tomorrow bringing showers into the central gulf and a little snow 9:33. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are still pretty chilly out there. we're mostly in the 50s. a couple of 60s. by about lunchtime we'll be in the low 70s in places like san jose. that will extend through the east bay, and then we'll wrap up. 08 for fremont. 83 in redwood city, and 77, unseasonably warm yet again today, in san francisco. we're going to stay nice and mild all the way through
9:34 am
saturday. then temperatures really drop off sunday through tuesday. today's work is brought to you by university of phoenix. let's get to work. >> so, do you know what today is? well, if you're going to work this morning, you should know it's national boss day. >> and there are of course all kinds of bosses out there. demanding ones, sweet ones, clueless ones, and grumpy ones. >> reporter: from the gruff mr. grant. >> you've got spunk. >> well, yeah. >> i hate spunk. >> reporter: to don draper. >> it's your job. i give you money, you give me ideas. >> and you never say thank you. >> that's what the money is for. >> reporter: some of the most iconic characters in tv history are the ones in charge. they can be clueless like jay peterman. >> i'm reading the most fascinating article on the most fascinating people of the year.
9:35 am
>> reporter: merciless. drive a hard bargain. >> when there was a deal, no one could close. so it's agreed. you'll be moving forward with this partnership. >> reporter: and some like the office's michael scott are just cringe worthy. >> people say i am the best boss. they go, god, we've never worked in a place like this before. you're hilarious. and you get the best out of us. i think that pretty much sums it up. >> oh, man, i miss michael scott. >> i'm telling you. so whether you like your boss or not, how can you at least get alot? tom is the president and ceo of lasalle network and she is the founder of angie's list. good morning. >> good morning. >> i don't like my boss's tactics but i have to get along with him to get the job done. how do you manage the relationship? >> you have to understand what the end goal is. the goal is to get the project done to make the company money
9:36 am
and you have to follow somebody's lead. someone is in charge. >> it's a relationship. you need to be willing to give feedback. i think sometimes we take what they say and don't actually have a two-way street and they can improve as well. >> we got feedback from some viewers. first one is from lauren in maryland. interesting. told me i should never miss a call on my company phone even if it means taking it into the bathroom with me. hello, how can i help you, pardon me while i flush. so how do you handle a boss like this? >> no one wants to talk to you while you're in the bathroom. don't take it so literally. you need to set expectations. the goal here is they want you to be responsive but don't take it too far. >> no phones in the bathroom. >> if i do, i'd have it on speakerphone for sure. >> good call. we got another one. ashley from portland, oregon e-mails when my husband's
9:37 am
grandmother passed away last year the first thing out of my boss's mouth when i told her i needed a day off from the funeral was, she couldn't have waited another week? how do you handle that? >> sometimes what comes out of people's mouth and what they mean aren't always the same thick. y thing. you can't take things so literally. people say things that aren't really in their heart. >> made her stay overnight saturday night on business trips because flights were cheaper and charged us vacation time for jury duty. that almost sounds illegal. >> right but honestly, you can create a culture of being frugal but i think that one is a little too big brother like. going through the trash can. but you can create fun incentives. we used to have one where we would turn in old pens to get a new pen. everybody did it top to bottom. >> how do you react to a boss like that. what do you do to say we've gone maybe a little too far. >> you put a little surprise in
9:38 am
the garbage can for them. >> hi, now. >> yes. >> there you go. angie, you mentioned getting feedback from your employees. do you like that as a ceo? when an employee pushing back a little bit? >> absolutely. in any role you're in you're evolving and you need that. >> but you're not a bad boss. >> you have to engage in that and start that practice because they may not accept it at face value but they might think about it later and realize you were giving them good advice. >> a lot of it is the presentation of how you do it. every action has a reaction. you can't go at somebody going 100 miles per hour at 100 miles per hour. >> do it in private. don't do it in front of a crowd. >> good advice. thank you so much. >> coming up next, candy that's good for you? we're shoeing over what's hot in health. but first, these messages. ♪
9:39 am
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9:42 am
we're back with what's hot in health. round up of the latest trends in fitness, food and nutrition. >> from adding flavor without extra calories to biking at your desk, joy bauer is here with great fines for us. good morning. >> good morning. i'm exciting to show you things happening in the food and fitness world. this first category really illustrates multitasking at it's best. are you ready?
9:43 am
>> sure. >> it's a bikes best. are you ready? >> sure. >> it's a bike desk. you workout while your doing your work. it's about 2,000 dollars and it's got a nice desk counter top. it has bluetooth capabilities. >> it's on the high end. >> it tracks your calories, your miles. this is called fit desk. it retails for about $300 at fit and they're starting this initiative called fit student and they're donating thousands of them to class rooms across the country to try to combat childhood obesity. so that's great. >> it shows when kids are moving at a desk, they have better concentration. >> that's right. and you pedal slow and steady. so you never get crazy winded so you can concentrate on your work. >> this say little bit cheaper way. >> this is called desk cycle.
9:44 am
this is $150 on amazon. it's small. it fits comfortably underneath any adult or child desk. >> that's great. >> the research that shows if you're sitting at your desk for hours on end it's really bad for your health. >> over here we have an eating category. lots of great new candies that are healthier though. >> it sounds like an oxymoron but in response in consumers wanting high quality ingredients the candy companies jumped on board. we have unreal, sun rich farms and lovely and amy's organics. they're taking out gmos and having no high fructose corn syrup and most importantly there's no artificial dyes and colors. >> so not necessarily less calories but healthier. >> yeah, you don't want to
9:45 am
gobble them down. you'll gain weight. >> it's still candy. >> i love flavored vinegars. talk about a way to boost the flavor in your food. >> one tablespoon is only 10 to 15 calories and the flavors are out of this world. i have a few for you to sample. >> i could do classes on this. it's expresso bean. i have it on light vanilla ice cream. >> try this body board? >> yeah, this is a da vinci body board. you're going to sit over here on your knees. i'll show you exercises. one hand over here and over here. we'll pull back. >> like a pilates board. >> right, for your core. try a different exercise like
9:46 am
this. >> how much does this cost? >> this is $395 retail but if you go to da vinci you're able to find exercise studios in your area that also teach you using it as well. stand up. so this is really fun. to get the your cardio, grab ahold and go for it. sorry, al. you can do the twist. if we want to dance together, drop one hand. >> joy bauer, thank you so much. >> break it down. >> coming up next, the advantages to raising -- >> can i fix that? >> the advantage of raising
9:47 am
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9:50 am
back now with the advantages of raisingilingual kids. more than one in five school aged children speak another language and that number is on the rise. >> there's proven benefits to being bilingual but it's hard for parents to maintain more than one language in the home. she is at teachers college and anna is the author of bilingual is better. they are both raising bilingual children. hats off. it's hard. >> you tried. >> it's hard because when your spouse is english only, it's hard to do. you have to commit to it from
9:51 am
the time they're born. >> takes a lot of work but what you would do is called one parent one language where your parent would speak only english to them and you would speak spanish the whole time. but you have to start when they can't talk back. >> right. when they don't know what you're doing. >> you'll have no resistance. >> so erica, we mentioned there are benefits to this. are they proven benefits for kids? >> yes. the most obvious one is the ability to speak to more people across generations and cultures and languages but-also cognitive benefits that are pretty strong including the fact that to speak two languages, when you're speaking one language, you're suppressing the other language. so you're suppressing all of it's rules so it's a workout for the brain and it turns out that bilinguals are better at multitasking, at zeroing at on if information they need to focus on and sift ought the
9:52 am
other information. >> anna, you were raised bilingual yourself. spanish and english. you're raising a 6-year-old now bilingual too. how do you do it for people that want to get started? do you have to be completely fluent yourself? >> i had the benefit of being raised in both languages. i don't remember learning either or and that's what i want to happen to my daughter as well. so as soon as she was born my husband and i speak spanish at home so all we did was speak spanish to her since day one. even when she was in my belly. and then always finding ways to motivate. you can't force it on them. i found that out the hard way. she did rebel on me but we keep going and we travel a lot. we have family overseas. so we travel to see them. >> i want to run through some of the myths about this. there's a lot floating about this. raising a child to be bilingual
9:53 am
leads to speech delays. >> no, that is a myth. they progress through the language development similarly. when children do have disorders they're not more prevalent in y bilinguals. so don't worry. >> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
too big. ♪ too soft. too small. ♪ mmm! ♪ too happy. ♪ [ male announcer ] at progresso, we've got a passion for quality. because you've got a passion for taste.
9:55 am
what a year. >> coming up, kathie lee and hoda most commonly misheard song lyrics when the ladies play who knew? >> is that what we're doing? >> and they're starting a campaign for the hall of fame. >> you guys are joining me to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks...
9:56 am
and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. moving forward this morning late last night the >ecupertino council unanimously approving the project to build the
9:57 am
four-story saucer-shaped building. apple says the project could be completed in 2016. as bart and its unions try to work out a deal to prevent a strike, ac transit workers may walk off the job in less than 24 hours. ac transit has asked governor brown to issue a 60-day cooling off period to prevent a strike. ac transit8g÷ workers say thelan to walk off the job at 12:01 tomorrow morning if an agreement is not reached. what a gorgeous morning shaping up. it's going to be warm later on this afternoon. well above average for this time of year. 77 on the way to san francisco. average is about 70 degrees. we'll have 82 in san jose. 86 for livermore, and 88 degrees out in fairfield. temperatures are going to drop off just a touch as we head throughout thursday into friday, and then we're really going to drop off as we get through the second half of the weekend into next week.,
9:58 am
hope you have a great day. if you are still heading out to work, mike has a look at your morning drive. stroo we still have a commute going here southbound 101 through san rafael. looked like there was an earlier crash. we moved our camera around. ben said it's right behind the tree. thanks. that tree has also blocked the clearing that seems to have happened. south 101 sluggish. the map shows you this one section through san rafael approach 5g80, and once you are south of there, you are okay. the east bay still slow. 880 through oakland, and also over the bay bridge. the westbound commute a little slow through fremont, but not a big concern. back to you. >> a little of this and a little of that. we're back at 10:26 with our next local news update. see you then. [ female announcer ] now you can turn pillsbury crescents
9:59 am
into an easy dinner with crescent dogs. just separate, add hot dogs, cheese, roll 'em up, and bake. lookin' hot, c-dog. pillsbury crescents. make dinner pop. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. wines day wednesday. it's october 16th. we are so happy you're here with us, today. kind of a little chilly day here in new york city, but i'm hot with hoda. >> of course we are hot! we have a big, huge, humungous pile of oreos on our table for a reason. >> yes. a group of students thought they seemed addictive to them. they put them to the test. >> they did them with a bunch of rats, like they do every test, and they found out that oreos
10:01 am
are as addictive as cocaine or morphine. >> how did college kids come upon cocaine? >> they didn't at orel roberts university where i went. that's for sure. >> oreos and cocaine on rats and had an equally strong addiction. oreos come in rows, the three rows that come when you get the package. it's so simple to take one bite, then two, then three. >> this is what i think is the funniest. they watched the rats. what the rats did -- they did this. they broke it and they ate the middle first. how crazy is that? i love that. see, this was higher before, when we started. i have no trouble putting that oreo right back. >> you don't? >> no, it's not -- no, no. i'm so glad. i have other things i have difficulty with. that's not one of them. i have to finish them. >> i like to eat them in the
10:02 am
privacy of my home. when you eat an oreo, your teeth show it. it's horrible. you have to be in private alone. >> it's the same thing with lamb chops at mary's, too. i went home after having them -- i went with my friend, karen. i have other friends than just you, hodie. >> i have a question. why wasn't i invited to the lunch? >> wi didn't think you would wat to go. >> there you go. >> we reached out to nabisco for comment. so far the e-mails and phone calls have not been returned. new hampshire elementary school has decided to ban a playground game called tag. >> which has been played since cave mothers said get out of this cave and go run around and tag each other. >> injuries have been caused because kids that were playing tag were tagging too hard and forcibly pushing a child on to the ground and causing swrr. >> or else they were running so fast they didn't realize where they were running and they were
10:03 am
running into things. >> okay. they said that the kids are not paying attention to where they're running. we decided to ban the whole game. >> everything has been banned now. what the heck are they supposed to do, play tiddly winks? we have a problem with childhood obesity in our country. >> yes. >> to begin with. they're getting rid of physical education in so many of the schools. >> wre. >> if a kid can't run and play tag -- here's an idea, ding, let's take the bully kids and get them off the playground and let the other kids who just want to be fun have fun and be good to one another. let's let them -- why are we going to let the minority destroy for the majority? >> that is the truth. a kid pushing too hard is the pain in the neck kid who does everything like that. >> nobody says anything. >> nobody does. >> we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. >> we're mad as bullies. we're sick of bullies. >> which goes to our next story, which is an interesting one. we have different -- different takes on this. workout mom. >> there's a workout mom who has a great body. she's been working out like
10:04 am
crazy. she has three kids and decided to post this photo of her and her children, 8 months, 3 years, 2 years and her headline is what's your excuse? >> in fairness, such a woman who battled bulemia at one time in her life -- >> you don't know that by looking at the picture. >> i'm a journalist. i dug deeper. >> you're right. >> so are you. >> she's a former pageant queen and fitness competitor. >> you don't like her right off the bat. tell me why, hoda woman. >> let me tell you why. anyone who says that at the top -- the headline at the top, which i've already forgotten. what is it? >> what's your excuse? >> nobody likes people like this. >> and i have a theory on that. >> why? >> because she's -- i'm not saying what she did is right or wrong. the reason people immediately have that response is it has a grain of truth in what she's saying. how many of us make excuses for lots of our bad behavior and
10:05 am
then we're offended when somebody says, well, why? >> i work out every day. >> yes. >> i don't like this. i'm not worried about my excuse or -- i just don't like -- >> you don't like the tone? >> when someone says -- >> i get it. i get it. >> come work out with me. there's a new machine. i would like to take a class with you. >> the tone, the way she said it. >> whatever motivates you. is this mama bully? bully is being used for everything. >> let's save the word bully for actual bullies. and maybe she wasn't being as thoughtful as she could have been, but -- >> by the way, she got millions of hit. we don't know how many million. >> they say 16 million. only 12,000 comments. some are complimentary. the last baby was eight months ago. >> she looks great. >> good for her. she does look terrific. others are angry. sometimes we have to look at why are we defensive about something? >> yeah. >> we should ask ourselves the question at least. >> i think so, too. >> be honest with our responses.
10:06 am
>> we don't like it when a doctor says you really need to lose 20 pounds. >> i hate that. >> what they're saying is something that might save your life and give you ten extra years on your life. or you've got to quit smoking or you're going to die from cancer. you don't want to hear it, because you like to smoke but it's the truth. >> people mad at us? >> both things are correct. they're speaking truths. you have to speak the truth in a spirit of love in order for it to be received. >> let's talk about "the voice." okay. this is -- no. this is the battle round. this is when we -- neither of us know who won these battle rounds because it was on too late, 9:00. so we're going to watch these battle rounds and then we're going to try to guess who won the battle round. here is the first one. ♪ don't want to close my eyes i don't want to fall asleep cause i miss you babe ♪ ♪ and i don't want to miss a thing ♪ ♪ cause even when i dream of you
10:07 am
the sweetest treem will never do ♪ ♪ i still need you baby ♪ i don't want to miss a thing yeah ♪ >> i would not want to be in a vocal battle with that girl. >> her name is cat, right? >> yeah. it's not just the way she sings, it's her personality and her performance ability. she's like watching, you know, bette midler and tina turner. >> did she win? she did. >> okay, we were right. >> anthony was terrific. >> he went home. no one even saved him. >> i'm sorry. >> team blake, monica versus ray. let's look. ♪ i don't need a whole lot of money i don't need a big fine car i got everything that a man could want i got more than i could ask for ♪ >> let's hear her.
10:08 am
♪ i don't have to run around i don't have to stay out all night ♪ >> no. ♪ cause i got me a sweet lovin' man and he knows just how to treat me right ♪ >> i would pick him, too. >> yeah, ray. the first note he sang, like a young huey lewis, when we first heard him. she's a lovely girl. nothing stands out for me. >> we're saying ray. >> roll the tape. let's see what happened. >> who is the winner of this battle? >> ray! >> what? >> ray! >> that's not fair. that is not fair. >> winner of this battle is ray. >> team blake moves on. >> steal. >> so exciting. >> not even involved in this and
10:09 am
i'm just -- bump bump. >> you can see carson daly doing his thing. >> we never congratulated him on his engagement. >> i know! >> we haven't seen him. he is one of the sweetest gentlemen of all time. >> he is one of the greatest. >> sometimes weddings and engagements don't work out but sometimes they work out for somebody else. >> kim kardashian has sold her engagement ring. >> see gave it back. >> kris has sold it. right. kris sold that rock. it's a honker. it was more than 16 carats. he sold it for $749,000. >> it went well beyond expectations at christy's -- they thought it would go between $300,000 and $500,000. the impressive diamond ring was fought out by two bidders in the back of the room. and one online bidder. that was the one who ultimately got it. i think it was some wealthy
10:10 am
sheik or something like that. >> wouldn't it be weird to get someone else's engagement ring, to have that as your engagement ring? >> to some people it's bragging rights about it. some people like to buy a celebrity's house and say -- >> weird stuff. even if it's a 70-something hour wedding. >> 72 days. >> was it days? anyhoo -- >> cosmo november issue, these are the worst cities for single women who are searching for a straight man. >> emphasis on straight. >> number four, baltimore. not great. >> nope. >> d.c. is number three. also thumbs down. number two, philly. oh, my god. and the worst city to be a single woman, looking for a straight man is new york city. >> and all the single ladies here are going -- >> that's what i've been telling you. >> i found my husband here in
10:11 am
new york city. you found a very nice guy that we've known as boots and shall remain named boots for a while. lovely guy. it is possible. >> you can. i don't think it's simple. it's a city that's so big and crowded and bustly but everybody is in little groups. it's not easy to meet people. >> yeah, yeah. we want to find out who that teacher of the year is, somebody that's just made a huge impact in your life. please -- hoda, please get a grip on yourself, all right? >> all right. >> if you have a teacher teaching a class between kindergarten and 12th grade and had a major impact on you, we want you to nominate them by submitting an essay. and a photo. >> somebody who is alive. >> yeah. to klg and hoda. a great prize. >> $10,000 in school supplies from you forget that teachers have to pay for their supplies.
10:12 am
>> yeah. >> wasn't like that when i was growing up in the 1800s. scotty mccreery will be singing for us. >> he has had so much success. >> he really has. >> he's doing great. has a brand new album. has his truck, got his dog and got his woman. >> yes, he does. no matter how old they get, our children will always be our baby. >> we'll try to explain how to have happy children through the years. >> not as easy as it sounds. former idol winner scotty mccreery, becoming one of country's biggest new star. >> we'll speak to him and a lot ♪ [ female announcer ] she's the yin, and he's the yang. . . d he zags. if two types of people can live as one, shouldn't there be scents that do the same? that's why we designed two scents that alternate daily. new glade plugins scented oils customizables, inspired by the best feelings in the world.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
ask any parent and they will tell you they just want their kids to be happy shall right? how can you toeeach your toddle tween or teen to be happy? >> therapist and parenting expert tammy gold. >> welcome, ladies. >> hey, ladies. >> are kids sort of born with a certain tempermeament? >> it's a combination. it's an emotion. you can be born with an optimistic temperament, be bold or shy. experiences in their lives that parents, family, friends give them. we then build up all of these mood states like happy or sad or angry or cranky.
10:17 am
so it's a combination of nature and nurture. >> the word happy comes from happenstance. we are trying to coddle them to keep them from certain circumstances. how can they grow up and be functioning adults in a world that they have to deal with unhappy things? >> it's not coddling them but having them have failure. >> we have a whole new generation growing up that's never been allowed to fail. >> too much helicopter parenting going on. they're actually robbing them of the ability to feel happiness from kind of coming through traumatic events and feeling the other side and looking toward the optimistic view. >> it seems to me like my mom was happy, is happy. >> she's very happy. >> you wake up with someone who says morning every morning, everything is contagious. you can tell when you meet someone who is cranky and you meet their mom, it's like, oh.
10:18 am
>> definitely a link between a happy parent and happy kid. >> what if you're not happy? what if you're going through a tough time? >> you can go through a tough time because it's life. we model how we're resilient. you can model that you can get through it and still get up every day and be functioning and you're not hiding from the world. the kids then see oh, i can do that, too, and put a smile on my face and be part of the world. >> and explaining to them if they're old enough to understand what you're going through, why you may not be chipper so they don't understand why are mommy and daddy upset? explaining, you know, i had a bad day. i wish i could be cheery right now, but i can't. tomorrow will be better. >> what about the tweens and teens where they're dark and moody? >> it's so horrible. >> i will say that teens have so much. they have hormonal changes, the part of the brain where emotion is not fully developed yet. >> not until 25, they say now. >> not till 25.
10:19 am
>> wow! >> hormones, social pressure, peer pressure, all of that. >> what do you do? >> still, i think you model optimistic solutions to everyday problems. talk through them. ta talk, talk, talk. you can't hold them, talk to them, walk them through enough. >> how they're feeling makes sense. how can you help them recognize that they've got a lot of good stuff going on even though there's all this miserable stuff that feels like it's taking over. >> if kids are bullied, is it their parents' fault? >> that's a whole other segment in itself. >> i do believe if they're not being held accountable, they feel they can act any way. >> bullying is a learned behavior. we are not born a bully. you learn it somewhere. does it start at the home? it's possible. >> a lot of people don't want to talk about it much. the biggest difference has made every difference in my children's lives and my friends' children's lives, raising them to be accountable to a higher power. whatever you think that higher
10:20 am
power is. if you think you're the center of the universe, you act like you are. >> all those things will help to build happiness. how many times do you mess up the lyrics to a song? >> never. >> never? >> never. >> we're going to play this great fun name called who knew? guess who is here? >> elvis is in the house and we'll be sing along with country music singer scotty mccreery later. music singer scotty mccreery later[ male announcer ] if you're a rinse user, you may have heard there's a new rinse that talks about protecting, even after eating and drinking. crest pro-health has always done that. it's clinically proven to fight plaque and gingivitis. rinsing with pro-health after brushing can take your oral health to a new level. now that's the new you need. right from the beginning i could really feel it changing something for the better. i know there's been an improvement. my pearly whites, they feel really good. [ male announcer ] go pro. with the brand you can trust, crest pro-health.
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10:23 am
physical first album went platinum. now calling his newest album bright and polished. >> scotty mccreery sings his latest song for us. >> do you know who else is here?
10:24 am
>> across the street. >> getting ready to play a game with our fans "who knew?" >> you all screw up the lyrics to your favorite songs. can i put you to the test? >> yes. >> do you know your abba songs? >> abba. >> potato, potato. abba, abba. i'm here with some new friends at the nbc experience store. we're shoplifting and having some fun. give me some abba. here we go. ♪ having the time of your life ♪ ooh see that girl ♪ >> stop. what's next? ♪ watch that scene the dancing queen ♪ >> chicken? >> you don't know the lyrics to any of my songs. >> i have your cd. who wants a kathie lee cd? anyone? >> elvis, we'll check back with
10:25 am
you. >> i need a couple of dozen of those over here right now. >> i'm coming to bring them to those over here right now. >> i'm coming to bring them to you right now. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. needi'll give you 5. to change shampoo? a breakthrough from l'oreal total repair 5. it fights 5 of the top hair problems. it targets weak, limp, lifeless, dull and straw-like hair.
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my hair feels stronger with a healthy shine. total repair 5 from l'oreal. and then there's juicy chicken. the difference is best foods. best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy and so delicious. you can make dinner disappear. best foods. bring out the best. i made some missteps -- i switched to some weird bargain detergent instead of tide... but no matter how much i poured, our clothes were missing that tide clean we were used to. so i'm back with tide... and i'm back on top of the world. that's mytide. hello. good morning to you. i'm marla tellez. bart trains are rolling despite no labor deal. unions decided to nottrike today as both sides continue bargaining. they'll be back at the negotiating table at 10:00 this morning.
10:27 am
they are there right now, many of the. crews have put out a fire that broke out in a house overnight in pleasant hill. take a look at this. it's amazing video. it happened about 2:30 at dove court just west of interstate 680 near gregory lane. you can see the flames quickly spread to the white mercedes. it was parked right in the driveway. it even caused some power lines to come down. we're told everyone, ÷7elk goodness, in the homemade it out safely. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. temperatures reaching the upper 08s úcñinland. 88 in fair tealled. 84 in concorde. meanwhile, we'll hit the low 80's even here in san jose. upper 70s on the way to san francisco. we do have cooler weather in the forecast. we'll tell you all about it today at 11:00. we want to say good morning to mike. >> good morning. we have an unusual slowdown. look at the shot of the berkeley curve from emeriville and making it up to the right. we have that slow traffic making their way towards the bay bridge. a backup here. what happened is there's a crash that knocked over one of the sand barrels into the lanes, and there's cleanup work going on around the toll plaza. that is the low drive. unfortunately, the span itself moves smoothly. to oakland as[çm well. 880, slowing here. at 23rd a new crash may be still in theijk lane. clearing to the + 'v&der through downtown. back to you. >> okay, mike. thanks. we'll have more local news
10:30 am
coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00. we hope to see you then. ♪ all right. we're back with more of this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play "who knew?" and ready to sing all the lyrics you thought you knew, and don't. kathie lee is ready to hand out a hundred bucks to anyone who gets the questions right. and to those who don't, kathie lee's cd. all right. here to help me out in the studio is radio deejay, the infamous elvis durant. listen, you asked us about "dancing queen" the abba song. >> yes. you didn't finish it correctly. >> here is the question. here are the answers. what is the right answer? ♪ see that girl watch that scene
10:31 am
digin' the dancing queen ♪ >> no one uses the word digin' anymore. i can see why you got that wrong. >> all right. kathie lee? >> this lady is from north palm beach. listening to bon jovi's "livin' on a prayer," what does he say next? >> we have to start it. ♪ it doesn't make a difference -- >> we have to hear it for her to guess, everybody. here is your choice. if we're naked or not if we fake it or not if we take it or not if we make it or not. >> if we fake it or not. >> no, but, you know what? that is so unfair. >> the correct answer is if we make it or not. is that correct? >> that is correct. this game is going so well. >> where are you? i'm over here. talk to me.
10:32 am
>> this game is not going well. jon bon jovi showed up at somebody's wedding -- >> i saw that. >> you see everything. >> he walked her down the aisle. >> you've got me on that addictive oreos. >> i'm oreo free. to the 1968 single by the foundations, i hope. ♪ know that i look -- >> nope. >> build me up, butter cup and don't break my heart. >> wow. that was in a lot of keys. >> that was before her time. >> elvis, wow. can you believe she knew that one? >> 1968. kathie lee was the only one around then. kathie lee? >> she's acting like she -- >> i didn't hear what elvis said. >> nothing.
10:33 am
>> i'm sure it was brutal. >> it was, back to you. >> where are you from? >> i'm from proctorville, ohio. >> oh, i thought it was something else. which famous actor's name is often mistake for the lickers of a 1971 hit by elton john? >> "c," tony danza. >> yeah. talented man. >> correct, elvis? >> "tiny dancer." >> the name of the song is "tiny dancer." but everyone says tony danza. >> really? >> no one was happier than tony danza. we always mess up the lyrics. >> from keeps, -- queens, new york. listen to this 1987 aerosmith song and name the correct lyrics. ♪ dude looks like a lady, yeah >> what? one more time. ♪ do this lady.
10:34 am
>> do this lady? >> no. >> he's adorable, but he's wrong. >> the correct answer is -- dude looks like a lady. >> that's a good one. >> i know. aerosmith. you know, they're still making albums. they have one out in november. >> what -- these groups are all kind of hanging in there. they're coming back. >> well, steven tyler stuck with us because he was a judge on "american idol." people love their sound. their sound keeps on going. and we love aerosmith. >> well, elvis, we're waiting for you to give us your next little pick -- >> i'm here on thursday. >> you are? >> you're here all week practically. we love elvis. >> wear purple tomorrow too. >> i wore it today. okay. the fans from the plaza we'll play the mad mad madeleine food challenge and the prize after this. it will be big. thank you, elvis. ♪ cats are smart. maybe smarter than we know.
10:35 am
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shouldn't there be scents that do the same? that's why we designed two scents that alternate daily. new glade plugins scented oils customizables, inspired by the best feelings in the world. glade. s.c. johnson. a family company. time to play madelyn's challenge. >> getting our game on right now is nbc's health and diet editor, madelyn fernstrom. on my team we have grant pastor from buffalo, new york, and erica barbera from islip, new york, also known as the winners. >> lisa kanarska and heidi mcfarland from princeton, new jersey. >> we are ready, madelyn.
10:39 am
>> all about tailgating. question number one, look at the board. be ready to buzz in at any time. how many buffalo wings can you eat for 200 calories? >> what is the answer? >> say b. >> and three buffalo wings would be right. >> okay. have to buzz in quickly. >> he's from buffalo. that's why he knew that. buffalo wings. >> how many grams of fat are in one order of loaded baked potato skins with cheese? 45, 65 or 85? >> b. >> you would be wrong. >> c. >> you can steal it. >> c. >> 85 grams. >> i said that. you people didn't listen to me. >> share those if you're going to eat them. coming up next, next question, all of these foods are over 500 calories except one. is it the slice of pepperoni pizza, chili cheese dog or
10:40 am
six-inch meatball sub? >> we got it. >> say it. >> he says pizza. >> you would be wrong. you could steal. which one has lower calories? >> six-inch meatball sub. >> no. >> b. >> no points for that. 350 calories. the others are almost twice that. next, alcohol. >> i should know this. >> based on health guidelines, what count as one drink for women? >> the answer is beer. it's the beer. >> no, a. >> final answer. >> a, that is correct. 12 ounces of beer. >> i thought a fourth of a bottle of wine was one glass of wine. >> no. >> oh, hallelujah. >> in health guidelines it's five glasses to a bottle.
10:41 am
>> madelyn, i want to point out the score. it's 3-0. >> you have time to catch up. so how many football fields -- how many football fields would you have to walk to burn off the calories in four handfuls of potato chips? 30, 40 or 50 football fields? >> no. >> my fault. >> b. >> no, it's c. 50 football fields. a football field is only 100 yards. so you have to walk about 3.5 miles. >> this is another one. kathie lee, this has your name on it. only one of these hot drinks has less than 150 calories. which one? >> apple cider, hot cocoa or irish coffee? >> irish coffee. >> you would be wrong. triple or nothing.
10:42 am
>> hot apple cider. >> hard apple cider is correct. you win that. 150 calories. you win that point. >> loaded with calories. >> yes, indeed. you got the right answer. >> so is it over? >> it's over. and our winner is -- it's a tie. >> no, you guys win it. they get the prize. >> but we also have -- >> there you go. wouldn't you rather have that anyway? star has been rising very fast since winning "american idol." >> scotty mccreery has a song with us, for us. >> here's how switching from a restaurant dinner to an authentic italian dinner from bertolli can save you over $1,000 a year. the average restaurant dinner is over $10.50 per meal. a restaurant-quality meal from bertolli costs $5.00 a serving. so by replacing just one restaurant dinner a week
10:43 am
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[ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack defying, satisfying mmm. totino's pizza rolls. mm-hmm. hmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. now in two bold new flavors!
10:46 am
that apron. we're about to take you into "today's" kitchen for a healthy chicken stew to warm your stomach and your soul in a si
10:47 am
single pot. >> chuck hughes, host of chuck's eat the street. >> i like that. >> on the cooking channel, brought this recipe straight from his grandma's kitchen. i don't think we've seen you since we were with you in montreal. >> that's true. >> who are you? >> i'm amazing. this chicken -- >> it's seen better day. >> this is a one-pot wonder. this is what my grandma used to make around christmastime. it's one of those comforting, easy recipes you can do for under 20 bucks. >> feed four people? >> feed people for days. we start off by roasting the chicken. intensifying the flavors, getting a nice sear on there, good color. onion, carrot, celery. leeks and garlic. >> and whole clove. >> whole clove. nice and chunky. thyme, parsley. >> vodka. >> loads of vodka.
10:48 am
voed vodka, oreos. >> that's water, of course. >> water. peppercorn. >> how much of -- oh, olive oil. >> stezero. >> why is it sitting here? >> just to see if you're listening. >> i'm listening. >> we put this in the bottom to sear the chicken first, but we're good to go. >> how long do you cook that? >> let it go for an hour and a half to two hours. >> simmering or boiling it? >> simmering. that's a really good question. >> you want to make it fall off the bone. >> emulsify the fat if you boil it and then you won't be able to skim it off after. >> that's why i ask. >> once we have that, we've taken the chicken out. we have potatoes that have been par boiled. they're lightly cooked. pasta not cooked at all. let this go. you have the chicken here, which we just pull apart. my grandma typically would serve it with these very fancy celery
10:49 am
sticks. >> i like it. >> put this in water overnight and salt water and olives. really that's all it is. dress it up, put some chicken. you have to get that old-school parsley in there as well. >> you like the old-school stuff not the flakes. >> ladies, thank you so much. >> that's just the broth. >> i know. >> it will give you an idea of -- >> say hello to our friends in montreal. >> i will. dinner and music. country music star scotty mccreery sings for us. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> it was just a couple of years ago when scotty mccreery won "american idol" at the age of 17. >> wow! >> five months later he released
10:53 am
his debut album "clear as day" which became the best-selling album of any artist. >> second cd is already getting great reviews called "see you tonight." >> glad to see you today. >> thanks for having me back. >> it's been a wild couple of years for you, huh? >> it has. it has. we've been busy. busy is good. >> you took your time with this next cd. >> we did. >> you did some of the writing on it? >> i did. wanted to make sure i was an artist with this record and say what we wanted to say. think we've got cool tracks on this thing and i'm excited. >> what are you going to sing for us? >> we're going to sing what's out on the radio right now, the title track "see you tonight." >> all right. "see you tonight" scotty mccreery. ♪ girl you know i love talkin' to you on the phone
10:54 am
i could listen to your sweet voice all night long sometimes i can get by with a sweet dreams baby goodnight but this time well i don't wanna spend it alone no♪ ♪ so i'm comin' over i hope it's all right listen for me pullin' into your drive look out your window you'll see my lights ♪ ♪ baby girl i gotta see you tonight the way the breeze is blowin' blowin' you got me wishin' i was holdin' holdin' on to you so tight under that porch light girl i gotta see you tonight tonight tonight ♪ ♪ girl i gotta see you tonight tonight tonight ♪ ♪ i gotta couple hundred pictures of your pretty face
10:55 am
on my phone on my dash all over the place but i would drive a million miles just to see that little smile in real life baby it's worth the drive you're worth the drive ♪ ♪ so i'm comin' over i hope it's all right listen for me pullin' into your drive look out your window you'll see my lights ♪ ♪ baby girl i gotta see you tonight the way the breeze is blowin' blowin' you got me wishin' i was holdin' holdin' on to you so tight under that porch light ♪ ♪ girl i gotta see you tonight tonight tonight ♪ ♪ girl i gotta see you tonight tonight tonight ♪
10:56 am
♪ no i don't care what time it is i just gotta get a little moonlight kiss girl i can't help it when i feel like this there's only one thing to do cause baby i'm missin' you ♪ ♪ so i'm comin' over i hope it's all right listen for me pullin' into your drive look out your window you'll see my lights ♪ ♪ now baby girl i gotta see you tonight the way the breeze is blowin' blowin' you got me wishin' i was holdin' holdin' on to you so tight under that porch light girl i gotta see you tonight tonight tonight girl i gotta see you tonight tonight tonight ♪ ♪ girl i gotta see you tonig
10:57 am
tonight ♪ >> yeah! >>
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right now at 11:00 two sets of negotiations while bart and its unions return to the bargaining table out here with a strike threat looming. lawmakers on capitol hill trying to work on a deal of their very own to make sure the u.s. does not default on its loans. good &'çmorning, everybody. thanks, as always, for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. we are keeping an eye on the countdown to the looming debt limit. we are now less than ten hours away from a potential credit crash, but there's new hope the u.s. will be able to avoid defaulting on its loans within just the past few hours the senate has announced a bipartisan plan to raise the debt


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