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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: democrats did not gloat. >> there are no winners here. >> reporter: as the senate got set to formalize, both sides looked ahead to the next round. steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. another live look of capitol hill and the senate floor where members are currently voting on the short-term bill to end the fiscal crisis. the house will vote next and republicans have agreed not to block the bill and just in the nick of time. we're less than four hours away from that fiscal crisis deadline. this government shutdown not only impacting federal workers but tens of thousands of contractors. they, too, have been out of a paycheck. nbc bay area kimberly terry is has the ripple effects of the shutdown. >> more than $500 billion a year to contractors. contractors who right now are struggling to make ends meet. darren stevens was supposed to start as a contract workers on
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october 1st. that's the same day the federal government shutdown. it was guaranteed work for two years but now stevens is taking side jobs here and there waiting for the federal government to resolve its issues, like other contractors and federal employees who will be pinching pennies until then. >> basically this whole provider it will help out tremendously on surviving. >> has it been difficult to survive the last couple weeks? >> it's gotten, it's slowly getting worse. >> reporter: nasa aim has 1,000 employees on furlough and waiting for any word of a deal in washington so they, too, can resume work. the president of the employees' union said many workers sought out short-term loans to pay the bill until they get back to work and also get back pay. live in oakley. >> now the tea party is getting most of the blame, one of the most powerful politicians in the country said all parties should
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be ashamed. dianne feinstein is not mincing her words. she spoke on the senate floor just earlier this evening about the financial impact to so many workers who live paycheck to paycheck. after addressing congress, she spoke to us exclusively from capitol hill. senator, across the aisle most of your colleagues from arizona who we're talking about here said this is a shameful episode in the nation's history. would you agree with senator mccain? >> well, yeah. i do. because it's all needless. i mean, keeping the government running and paying our bills ought to be pretty simple, direct things to do. >> we'll have more with senator feinstein, including her stern recommendation to b.a.r.t. employees. stay with us here at nbc for continuing coverage of the shutdown and debt ceiling deadline. if we receive news of a major development during this newscast, we will bring it to you. our website also is a great resource,
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talks under way on both coasts from washington, d.c., to oakland where b.a.r.t. and its union continues to hash out a deal at this hour. good news for commuters. the union made a promise they would inform the public hours earlier, if there will be a strike. nbc bay area from oakland with the latest on this developing story. cheryl? >> well, janelle, b.a.r.t. and union have been going at it. they can step out at any time and walk up to the podium and say they have a deal. right now there is no deal and the riding public is very impatient. all reporters got was a good morning from federal mediator george cohen as he walk under to the cal trans building this morning. he could be seen shaking hands with union members. giving an indication things
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might be going well. >> i think that mediator cohen has come in and he's doing a great job and he's come in and i think set a different kind of tone for the negotiations. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. spokesperson alicia trove. >> there's a gag order. i'm not going to go into any details except that everyone in caltrans we're talking. that's the best thing. >> reporter: talking about what, they can't say. b.a.r.t.'s best and final offer is on the table and the unions have countered. that's all we know. meanwhile, the public is getting weary. >> for all the people that are out of work, i mean, the cost of this thing, absolutely outrageous. >> reporter: my twitter account is being flooded with comments like, enough already. cut a deal. union members say they are also getting calls from angry b.a.r.t. riders. >> we share the sentiment of the commuters, we share the sentiment of the public. we are asking that this process conclude tonight.
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we can do this, we should do this. it is within our gras. . >> well, the people out there are frustrated and the ridership numbers show it. according to b.a.r.t. officials in a three-day period the numbers are down by 85,000 trips. again, anything can happen and if it does happen, we will be here live. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. it's fluid for b.a.r.t. and ac transit. in the past 30 minutes we learned governor brown has stepped in to help delay the threat of an ac transit strike. bottom line, there will be no strike as of right now. he's ordered a seven-day investigation to see if a cooling off period is warranted. that could lead to a 60-day cooling off period, much like what he did with b.a.r.t. in august. threatened that its drivers and mechanics would strike tomorrow morning if they don't reach a deal by midnight tonight.
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the union says security and medical benefits top their list of concerns. but, again, that will not happen, that strike now that the governor just announced he's intervening. we continue our coverage of both strike threats on give you a heads up if either agency goes on strike. if a b.a.r.t. strike happens tomorrow, "today in the bay" will be on earlier with the latest news and traffic conditions. scary moments today for passengers on an alaskan airlines flight. san jose to hawaii with an emergency landing in oakland. the boeing 737 was on its way to honolulu this morning, but about 30 minutes after takeoff from the south bay, the crew reported a possible bird strike. the jet landed safely in oakland. 166 passengers and crew were able to get on another flight to the hawaiian islands. new details in the dry ice explosions at lax. police have arrested an airport baggage handler in this case. investigators say the worker,
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28-year-old decarlo bennett told them the whole thing was a joke. one bomb went off in an employee restroom on saturday and forced airline delays and the others exploded monday on the tarmac of the international terminal. fortunately, no one was hurt. but the explosions are raising concern about airport security. bennett is being held on $1 million bail and will be charged with possessing an explosive device near an aircraft. police are searching for three men wanted in a home invasion robbery in hayward. police say two gunman and another unarmed robber tied up a 23-year-old man inside his home in the cherryland neighborhood. then stole cash, jewels and other valuables. the victim's mother found her son, untied him and then called police. the victim was not hurt. sparks flew a crews battled a house fire in pleasant hill early this morning. the fire broke out just before 1:30 on dove court just west of interstate 680. the flames spread to two cars
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and caused their tires to explode. pg&e said some power lines also came crashing down. three people in the home got out safely. no one else was hurt. fire investigators are now trying to figure out what sparked this fire. the chp says drugs or alcohol were not likely a factor in last night's bta bus crash. it caused a huge backup on 680 in milpitas. five people were taken to the local hospital with minor injuries. after the bus hit the center guard rail. still to come, a change for the bay bridge light show. also one bay area charity says it's losing out as the economy improves. the struggle it's facing, just ahead. former secretary of state and a current stanford university professor, but you may be surprised to hear what condoleezza rice is doing next. . and i'm scott budman as the rivalry heats up over real estate. and sunny and warm here from the interior valleys right up to the coastline. coming up, we'll be tracking a
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few cooler changes for that weekend. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and that's about eight minutes away. we continue to follow our breaking news in washington, d.c. a live look now at the senate floor. the vote is under way to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. we'll continue to follow the story throughout this newscast. stay with us.
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breaking news from the senate floor. lawmakers there just voted to and pass the bill to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling. this is a short-term fix but passed the senate and now goes to the house tonight and just in time because we are just four hours from that debt ceiling expiring. of course, we'll be following this this evening and we'll bring you an update later in this newscast or during our 6:00 newscast. a lot of smiles.
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a pleasant on tech company. veeva systems went public today and saw its stock price boom. shares started selling at $20 and by the end of the trading day, it had nearly doubled to 37 bucks a share. veeva system cloud base software is used by some of the biggest drug manufacturers like merck, eli lily and bayor. two silkicon rivals will son be within shouting distance of each other. scott budman joins us from samsung to talk about growing rivalry with apple. scott? >> we talk a lot about the world becoming flat and how everyone around the world seems to want to be in silicon valley. s samsung which has plans to expand this san jose headquarters just today launching a new real estate assault against its rival apple.
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>> brightest minds in the world. >> reporter: after a vote of support from the cooper tino city council last night, apple spoke today about how its new campus being called the spaceship, will bring new jobs to cupertino and new products to consumers. >> we have the best team in the industry. we are very excited about what we have in our future product pipeline. and we think we're going to surprise and delight our customers. >> reporter: meanwhile, about six miles away from apple's next headquart headquarters, rival samsung was tearing things apart, preparing to build its latest silicon valley facility. >> we're very excited to join our top technology companies. >> reporter: these dozers making room for new jobs as samsung increases its presence here.
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>> i think samsung investment for this facility and the one they're building in san jose is their statement that they really want to be a significant player in the space theory. >> reporter: two rivals, two new campuses with many new products ahead. and with apple set to unveil its newest set of products, later on this month, it is already facing stiff competition from samsung when it comes to phones and its newly released smart watch. stay tuned. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> lots of growth going on. thanks, scott. new at 5:00, condoleezza rice ready to move from politics on to a whole new playing field. she has been selected as a member of the committee in charge of college football's new playoff system. rice is one of 13 people who will pick the four teams to compete in the playoffs at the end of the 2014 season. the former secretary of state is now a professor at stanford and a former at the university.
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the only woman on the newly formed committee. the city college of san francisco has a new chancellor tonight. here he is. arthur q. tyler. tyler takes over as ccsf tries to keep its accreditation after a regional panel revoked it. he served as a special trustee overseeing compton community college before it lost its accreditation. he is also a former president of sacramento city college and was a vp at los angeles city college. tyler was in the military for 20 years and was the air force's anti-terrorism manager. it could be a vital sign of an improving economy. work to future. held a job fair today in san jo jose. last year, 800 people attended this same fair, but this year, only about 300 people showed up. some employers admit they now have to work harder to find employees. >> now it looks like there's more jobs out there, so less and less candidates and now we're being more aggressive and reaching out to the candidates
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themselves versus waiting for them to come to us. >> the biggest need in the home health care industry and retail and service businesses. at the fair last year little seizer pizza chain received 300 applications. this year, just ten. and some companies, such as macy's already starting to fill their part-time holiday positions. another sign the economy is improving. the silicon valley commercial real estate market is heating up. the vacancy rate at 10%. that is the good news. the bad news is,bcl it's putti the squeeze on a local charity. every holiday family giving tree collects and distributes more than 65,000 toys for underserved children in the greater bay area. they do their work in donated warehouse space. the warehouse they used last year is unavailable because it's part of apple's new cupertino campus. other former donors are also developing their properties to expand or sell. >> sort of have two economies here in the bay area. you have the high-tech world
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that's doing very, very well and then you kind of this whole popular out there that's underserved, that's struggling and we do what we can to help them out. >> family giving tree needs to find space for its holiday drive by the end of this month. if you'd like to help with the drive, you can visit let's take you outside and show you the bay bridge. live pictures of the bridge. now, the bay lights will now shine from dusk until dawn beginning next month. the lights will come on in a few hours. right now the lights turn off every night at 2:00 a.m. but the extended hours will begin on november 1 and go all the way until dawn and dusk. it's made possible by the nonprofit group, illuminate the arts which produces the show using 25,000 l.e.d. lights and the $8 million light project will be on display until march of 2015. >> bay bridge needs no lights now and lots of sunshine and blue skies.
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let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> another stunning day. it is definitely noted here. we did start off as expected. cold across those interior valleys with 36 degrees in santa rosa at 6:53 this morning. so, with the jacket in the morning hours to the shorts by the afternoon with 82 degrees by 2:53. we're also mild at the coastline. let's take a look at some of the warmest spots. we did have sf at 80 and halfman bay 77 and santa cruz also at 75. beginning it undergo some changes and we hope you did enjoy warmer weather at the coastline. what we have happening is cloud cover sneaking in to the interior west and right now that is starting to produce a few showers back here into the four corners. for us, we'll stay dry. mainly what we'll find is that onshore flow five to ten miles from san francisco to oakland and that will help to drop our temperatures, namely at the coast. but here's the best part. we are still going to keep some incredible conditions as we head throughout our thursday forecast. here's a first look.
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we'll start off clear and also koel cold inland. low 50s by the coast and then low 70s as we head throughout 11:00 a.m. for tomorrow. take you outside to that high definition sky network camera. here in san francisco with that slight onshore breeze. it will be getting cooler, including san francisco over the next 72 hours and then take you off here a little bit to the east. and you can see in emoryville no fog expected for tonight with no marine layer in place. with those clear skies generally overhead, we are expecting more cold temperatures to start off as we head throughout tomorrow. so, let's go ahead and get a look here up into the north bay and what you're going to find is 39 in santa rosa and 38 also in napa and 41 in st. hulena. temperatures to the mid-40s in the east bay and a morning to wake up and get the kids with a jacket to start and also 50 in san jose but as we head throughout the afternoon, those numbers are going to rebound and impressively. down here into the silicon valley, 83 in san jose and 81 in
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pallo alto and morganhill coming in at 84 degrees. then as we head off towards the east bay, temperatures comfortable with 84 degrees in livermore and 82 in pleasanton. san francisco down a little bit, along with pacifica and half moon bay and temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. so, really, right here across the interior bay that we'll see the biggest difference and the cooling changes for tomorrow. still looks great this weekend if you want to head off to the half moon bay pumpkin festival. temperatures in the low 60s with plenty of sunshine free saturday and sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on that seven-day forecast stays dry through tuesday next week with subtle changes in those temperatures. generally upper 70s to about 80 as you look ahead towards parts of next week. another october stunning seven-day forecast for us. >> pretty glorious, thanks so much, jeff. >> back in a moment and update our breaking news from washington, d.c. stay with us.
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a san jose sharks player who suffered a scary injury will return to the bay area. dan boyle spent the night at the hospital in st. louis. he was knocked unconscious and laid on the ice for several minutes before medics took him off on a stretcher. in san jose doctors will evaluate his condition and the rest of the sharks are moving on to dallas for their game against the stars tomorrow night. hundreds of people gathered today in san francisco to show their care for cancer patients they don't even know. 800 volunteers were there to create comfort kits and packages, tees, socks, motivational cds to those
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undergoing chemotherapy. go to low-income cancer patients free of charge. >> when you're a low-income cancer patient you're undergoing without a support network that could help you out. even provider small, comfort items to someone who is facing a cancer treatment alone can be a big help and provides that comfort and support that's needed. >> about 1,000 kits were created today. in health matters, more proof that keeping your heart healthy keeps your brain healthy, as well. researchers from the university of pittsburgh looked at the brain scans of nearly 100 elderly adults. they measured the level of stiffness in their arteries and found the harder the arteries the more likely patients were to have plaque in their brain. now, the plaque is a symptom of alzheimer's disease. people were plaque were more likely to have high blood pressure, as well. oreo cookies are more addicting than drugs, would you believe that? according to a new study, the pleasure center in the brain of rats and found that oreos
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activated more neurones than cocaine or morphine. they say it's due to the high fat and sugar content in oreos. now, the study also found that rats like many humans eat the creamy center of the cookie first. in russia, divers have recovered the largest fragments so far of that meteorite that streaked through the sky in february. more than 1,600 people were injured by the shock wave and left big streaming holes in a lake experts knew where to look for the pieces. five feet long and weighing more than 1,200 pounds. it's huge for a meteorite but when it slammed into the earth's atmosphere it was 55-feet wide. we continue to follow our breaking news. ten minutes ago we told you about the senate floor vote. voted to pass the bill that would end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. what you're looking at now is the podium where president obama is expected to address the country at any moment. so, we will stay on the shot and
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hope the president joins us here. he will talk about what the senate just did about 15 minutes ago, which is pass that bill to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. >> that vote was 81 to 18. mostly republicans. those 18 who voted against it, congress, the house actually said it will vote next and republicans say they will not block the bill. this is just in the nick of time. we are 3 1/2 hours away from that debt ceiling expiring, which experts say would have sent the economy, the u.s. economy into a freefall, but, again, just in the past 15 minutes or so, the u.s. senate voted to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling and end this government shutdown, which has been going on for 2 1/2 weeks now. 800,000 furloughed workers would go back to work tomorrow and they haven't been receiving their paychecks. a very tense time for the u.s. economy. >> what happens now after the bill just passed in the senate, it will go over to the house of representatives where it is expected to pass. essentially what this does, it's not a short -- skauz me, not a
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long-term solution on the contrary, it's a short-term solution. both deals will expire in less than four months. in theory in three to four months we could be back in this position where there is a position between republicans, democrats and the tea party, as well. we're just waiting now for the house of representatives to step in. >> the exact deal said it would end the government shutdown until january 15th and raise the debt ceiling until february 15th. so, it is a short-term solution. and we could be back in this position come a few months from now. there was a one minor change to obama care, but, basically, the republicans didn't get anything they wanted. they wanted to defund parts of obama care and cut back spending, but that did not happen. just some minor adjustments to obama's health care reform law. really no big change at all. president obama, obviously, very happy that the senate passed this bill just moments ago. he is expected to go to the podium any minute now to address the american people and the nation and probably to thank
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lawmakers for getting this job done just in the nick of time. >> it's not official, we're still waiting for the house of representatives to step in here and let's turn it over right now to washington, d.c. listen in to the president. >> good evening, everybody. tonight, republicans and democrats in congress have come together around an agreement that would reopen our government and remove the threat of default from our economy. the senate has now voted to approve this agreement and democrats and republicans in the house still have an important vote to take, but i want to thank the leaders of both parties for getting us to this point. once this agreement arrives on my desk, i will sign it immediately. we'll begin reopening our government immediately. and we can begin to lift this cloud of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and from the american people. i'll have more to say about this tomorrow. and i've got some thoughts about how we can move forward in the remainder of the year and stay focused on the job at hand.
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because there's a lot of work ahead of us, including earning the trust of the american people that has been lost over the last few weeks and we can begin to do that by addressing the real issues that they care about. i've said it before, i'll say it, again. i'm willing to work with anybody, i'm eager to work with anybody. democrat or republican, house or senate members on any idea that will grow our economy, create new jobs, strengthen the middle class and get our fiscal house in order for the long term. i've never believed that democrats have a monopoly on good ideas and despite the differences over the issue of shutting down our government, i'm convinced that democrats and republicans can work together to make progress for america. in fact, there are things that we know will help strengthen our economy that we could get done before this year is out. we still need to pass a lot to
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fix our broken immigration system and we still need to pass a farm bill and with the shut down behind us and budget committees forming, we now have an opportunity to focus on a sensible bungt that is responsible, that is fair and that helps hard-working people all across this country. and we could get all these things done, even this year, if everybody comes together in the spirit of how are we going to move this country forward and put the last three weeks behind us. that's going to be my focus. i'm looking forward to congress doing the same. i want to thank the leadership for coming together and getting this done. hopefully next time it won't be t


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