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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> it could be backwards, it could be sideways, considering this is the same basic announcement we got last night and the night before and the night before and the night before. we know that trains are going to be running tomorrow. the question is, will they be running friday. about 10:30 tonight, george cohen came out to announce a postponement. the one-day guarantee of service has been made, here is the entirety of his statement. >> negotiations have been continuing. the parties are totally engaged, some progress has been made and the parties have authorized me to advise that on their interest and for the good of the public interests, trains am be running
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for the day tomorrow. >> and with that, he left. spokesman for saiu had been telling us all day and into the night they would be coming out here by 10:00 to let bart riders know what was going to be happening tomorrow. as late as 10:00, the spokesman i was speaking to said they should be out shortly. at about 10:30, the federal mediator came out instead of the spokesperson. does that mean anything? who knows. if anything happens, you look at it, try to come up with some kind of reading, what does it mean? we don't know. we do know that as of right now. the unions are still in this build i building behind me and they are talking and most importantly, bart trains will be running tomorrow. >> terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. something else we know, the threat of the strikes is keeping riders off the trains.
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the numbers proved that people are finding other ways to get around. over the past few days, ridership is down 85,000 trips from the average. now, for the latest updates on the bart strike threat, you can stay on top of it by going to, and sign up for breaking news alerts as well as find trends and alternatives should a strike happen. that's continuing coverage on the ac transit strike threat. late today, governor brown stepped in, essentially using his power to call off a possible strike. the governor ordered a seven-day investigation, which could lead to a 60-day cooling off period, you may recall, he took a similar action with the bart impasse in august. the director of the mtc weighed in on the strike threat today. >> you build your life around having some sense that you can get around in the bay area, that really matters and what's happened to people is deeply frustrating. >> the transit union has
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threatened to strike tomorrow morning if they didn't reach a deal by midnight tonight. thousands of bay area workers can go back to work tomorrow morning. that's because tonight one of the ugliest chapters in recent american politics came to an end. the government shutdown is over, and the debt ceiling has been lifted. here's a live look at the u.s. capital. a night filled with decisive votes and a presidential address. steve handlesman is in washington this evening with the details. >> good evening here on capitol hill. this looks like a major retreat for republicans. they backed down after being battered in public opinion polls. it's a win for the president, who refused to compromise on obama care. >> i want to thank the leadership for coming together. and getting this done. hopefully next time it won't be in the 11th hour. >> the next time is in just three months, the plan would reopen government through january 15th, with back pay for furloughed federal workers and
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raise the debt ceiling through february 7th. but america came close to default. >> this is pain inflicted on our nation for no good reason. the plan easily passed the senate. >> the motion is adopted. >> and the house, where most republicans voted no, and the tea party vowed to keep targeting obama care. >> we will continue to fight, we're not going anywhere. >> moderate republicans vow to prevent another debt crisis. >> here we are targeting the one guy who caused it all, ted cruz. >> the freshman texas tea party senator loves the fight. and the spotlight. >> i am encouraged by the millions of americans who want to get back to our free market principles, and stop this train wreck of a law, that is the biggest job killer in this country. >> after 16 days, all of government will be open. dea debts will get paid, but the partisan fight will go on. >> facing a tea party challenge,
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senate republican leader mitch mcconnell tacked on to tonight's deal, a $3 billion pet project for his home state of kentucky. a move that senate republican john mccain called disgusting. steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, steve. are you ready to see the rock? there it is. a live picture of it sitting in the bay waiting for visitors. preparations are now underway to resume tours at national parks across the country yes, including alcatraz. tourists have been turned away from the rock since the government shut down earlier this month. some visitors are going to retry to book their tours before they head home. including a couple that leave tomorrow morning. >> one of the highlights of visiting the area was to see alcatraz. >> are you going to try to go in the morning? >> definitely will be. >> muir woods and fort point
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will also reopen tomorrow. yosemite national park is welcoming visitors again, now that the government shutdown is over. public areas and roads opened in the past few hours, the visitor centers and the campgrounds will open tomorrow. you should call the park before you head over there to find out what services will be completely open. now to an nbc bay area poll, stepped up security on the cal campus. uc berkeley police are responding with late night patrols after five armed robberies in less than a week. most recent happened yesterday morning. most of the victims were students who were walking alone on campus. no one has been seriously hurt, but at least three of the students had their backpacks and cell phones stolen at gunpoint. >> be alert and aware of your surroundings when you're walking around to use our walk service at night, if you're moving around at night or to walk in a well lit area. >> so far this year there have been 39 armed robberies on campus, compare that to 51 last
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year and 40 in 2011. the suspect's description is similar in four of the five cases. it's a major artery connecting oakland to contra costa county, and drivers are about to get some relief. a big announcement about the usually congested tunnel. the fourth bore of the tunnel is scheduled to open one month from today. the tunnel contests of three bores, one of which changes directions, depending on the time of day. the addition means there will always be two bores in each direction. >> investigators will continue to inspect the planes forced to make an emergency landing in oakland today. the alaska airlines flight was on its way to hawaii. they may have hit a bird. the 737 landed safely in oakland. the passengers and crew were able to get on another flight. a berkeley law student accused of beheading a rare bird is headed to prison.
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he was sentenced today to 190 days at a nevada state prison. during his trial, security video showed the placaville resident laughing and chasing the bird at the flamingo hotel, capturing him and then decapitating the flamingo. facebook flips the script. the new changes involving teenaged privacy. some say it's bullying, others say it's inspiring. a photograph posted by a sacramento mom that's causing controversy. why some men may want to hold the bacon.
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bart and its union say trains will run again tomorrow morning. bart and leaders have been at the bargaining table all night. they announced that talks will keep going as they try to continue to hammer out a deal. bart is running tomorrow. some teens already overshare and now facebook is making it easier for teens to share even more. the company announced today, teens can choose to share their posts with anyone on the internet. previously, teens between 13 and 17 were limited to sharing posts only with their friends or friends of friends. the lack of privacy standards means teens can spend more time on facebook. critics are concerned it puts kids at risk for cyber bullying and sexual predators and many
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teens may not understand how what they post today could haunt them as adults. a bay area mom is getting headlines because of her physique. many people are calling her a bully and accuse her of what they call fat shaming. maria is her name, she's surprised at the controversy. >> i thought that, wow, i look pretty good for having three kids. i didn't call you fat, i didn't say you're a bad mother, why are you so lazy. i say, what's your excuse. >> the pictures were seen more than 20,000 shares on facebook, which also include plenty supportive comments as well. you heard about made in america, how about owned in america. would you be shocked to find out the planes you fly in and even your local movie theater may be owned by the chinese? >> we could see more chinese firms buying out u.s. companies.
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it's a red flag, but why. >> stephanie troangh has more. >> some experts say the number of u.s. companies sold to chinese investors grow, so will the distrust toward china. >> a mother who says she was forced into an abortion, six months pregnant. accusations of chinese spies trying to hack their way into intel. the technology behind u.s. military drones. and now, the world's largest pork producer, smithfield bought by a chinese company, forced to apologize two years ago, after chinese media reported a subsidiary bought pigs tainted with an illegal additive,
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potentially fatal once consumed. human rights, espionage and food safety. headlines that have pushed some americans to either stay or grow more wary of china and the chinese. >> that's the way those who are gino phobic think, anything coming from china must be bad, it must be because the government is behind it. >> reporter: george koop began advising companies in china in 1978, he warns american political leaders and the people are worried about the wrong thing. >> the first fight is when china and japan and others lost total confidence in the american dollar and refused to buy any more treasury bonds. boy are we going to be in trouble then. >> the chinese alone earn $1.3 trillion in u.s. treasury bonds. 2012 was a banner year for
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chinese investors who spent $6.7 billion in investments. this year on pace to surpass that. these acquisitions including amc theaters, volvo, electric battery manufacturer, a 123 systems. chesapeake and smithfield, has prompted worries that tainted food could flood the american market. >> they're not going to try to get smithfield to taint their food, that's ridiculous. >> a smithfield spokesperson says the acquisition will have no impact on operations and there will be no importing of food from china into the u.s. there will be an expansion of jobs, adding to the current 400 hog farms and 200 family farmers across america that work with smithfield. a job is what cory got after posting this video resume
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online. he ended up in china for eight years. >> when i got there, it said, welcome to china silicon valley. >> where the san jose state graduate worked for lenovo, who had just acquired ibm's business. he described it as an eye opener for an american working for a chinese company. >> the heightened competitiveness of the country, and so many jobs migrating overseas and china has become the scapegoat as a whole. >> we have been demonized thoroughly. >> the world's largest te telecommunications equipment producer tried to buy a majority stake but the deal fell through. >> the consequence is that 3com
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is completely gone, here was a chance where he could have saved some american jobs if the acquisition was allowed. >> hewlett-packard went on to acquire 3com in 2010. >> you criticize china for corruption. you won't hear any rebuttal for me. >> but right now, americans only have room to worry about one government, their own. >> our own source of corruption. how money corrupts all the political campaigns. that should be a concern to us. >> while, the u.s. invested more than $50 billion in china last year, china only invested 10% of that in 2012 in the u.s. $5 billion. looking forward, it's estimated china could invest more than $1 trillion around the world during the next decade. the question now is, how much will come here to the u.s. stephanie troangh, nbc bay area
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news. take a look, a woman you'll see in the shadow in the video. take a good look, during the vote she suddenly walked up to the podium. you see her there in the beige pants suit and started screaming. the microphone wasn't on, but her outburst recorded mentions of god, the freemasons and the constitution. the woman is a stenographer for the u.s. house. u.s. capitol police say she was take tonight hospital for a mental evaluation. the lights on the bay bridge will shine from dusk till dawn. the extended hours begin november 1st, to make possible by a nonprofit group illuminate the arts which finances the show. the light project will be on display until march 2015.
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>> it looks beautiful to see that. beautiful outside? >> yeah, it definitely is continually clear here at this hour, three days in a row of some awesome weather at the coastline, temperatures in the upper 70s today, to even 80 in san francisco, santa cruz at 76. pacifica at 72. we are starting to note some changes already beginning across the west. we're not going to see a significant drop in temperatures. but the cold air is starting to transition a little closer, and that right now is starting to get that onshore flow in gear. we're running 5 to 9 degrees cooler at the coastline, some of that pacific air is getting scooped up and getting pushed across the peninsula. beginning tomorrow we are expecting marked cooling at the coastal locations. still awesome beach weather. sunny skies, temperatures near the 70s. low 50s, and by the afternoon, upper 70s, and also low to
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mid-80s expected by 4:00 p.m. for the interior valley. outside on this wednesday, sky camera network, remember to look up the next several days. the full moon phase will be happening on friday, and we should have some clear skies for that. we take you off to the north again. fog free conditions right now, for tomorrow morning, as that sunrises at 7:20, any commuters leaving between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning, you are going to want those sunglasses handy, that sun is going to be extremely bright. take that jacket too, if you are anywhere here near napa, the coldest weather will be here. 38 degrees expected there. we'll see 39 in santa rosa, 42 in st. helena. falling not too far behind will be the east bay. 50 in san jose, very chilly in the extreme alma den valley. 49 expected in redwood city. daytime highs for thursday will rebound impressively, another day with a 30 degree increase by the afternoon.
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so, the jacket in the morning, and to be safe, the shorts by the afternoon, we'll have 83 in san jose, 84 morgan hill. throughout the east bay, you can see right near the bay we'll see mid to upper 70s. the slight onshore flow will get numbers down here tomorrow. some of the warmer air will get trapped, 84 in livermore, 82 president anton. 82 concord. san francisco will be comfortable with the sunny skies. it's going to go down about six degrees. 78 berkeley, 82 in sonoma. let's take a look at where we should be this time of year, not too bad when you take a look at those temperatures, right near the maximum temperature for october. for the low temperature tomorrow morning, we'll be about 5 to 7 degrees off the mark there, when it comes to precipitation, we have not seen 22/100 of an inch so far this month. we catching up to do. can you see as we head
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throughout friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, generally right about near 80 degrees inland, temperatures in the mid-70s by the bay, and 60s at the coastline return as early as friday. a real nice next several days coming our way. i did look at that 14-day forecast. >> we have been on this, and you may not like this, but right now the forecast model is pinning possibly some wet weather from about the 28th through the 31st which is halloween. it's still early out, the verdict is still out, keep that in mind. you heard it here first. >> early warning system from jeff. >> that's really killing us. >> still some time to catch up. why certain men may want to avoid bacon. back in a moment. so what can i get you?
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we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪
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♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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in house matters tonight, why making babies and bacon may not miss. the harvard school looked into men who eat a lot of processed meat like bacon and sausage. they had unusually shaped sperm. those who eat a lot of fish had the healthiest sperm. for some people, being a responsible drinker may mean sticking to one or two drinks when you go out at night. that easily behind someone beyond the legal limit for driving. according to a new study, alcohol levels in beer, wine and liquor served in bars and restaurants are often more potent than many people realize. a standard sized beer can range from 5 to 10% by volume. hard liquor can range from 10 to 15%.
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be careful when you're out there. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick talks about his foot injury. and dan boil has left the team. ahmad fareed joins us next.
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we're still talking about that really bad hit that dan boyle took last night. >> yes, really scary. we're looking for some updates on that as well. he took a nasty hit against the boards? st. louis. we do have an update on dan, he's doing much better now. he's flown back to san jose. he will undergo further treatment. lapierre who hit boyle told the st. louis patdispatch "i would e to apologize to dan." no word on what his injury is quite yet. let's go over to football now, colin kaepernick has been on the 49ers injury report, with
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a foot injury as of late. we now have an explanation as to why, and we have it from kap himself, if you believe him. >> a hang nail. >> really? >> yes. >> does it hurt? >> a little bit. >> pinky toe. [ inaudible ] >> both. >> i don't believe him. the foot industry is still a mystery. >> cal freshman missy franklin named the sports woman of the year at the salute to women and sports gala, franklin the third cal female to earn the honor. that will do it for sports, ahmed fareed, we have more news coming up after the break.
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an update to our breaking story. we told you at the top of the newscast, bart and its unions say trains will run again tomorrow morning, so there is no strike, but there's also no deal. bart and union leaders have been at the bargaining table all night around 10:30 this evening. not that long ago, they made a short announcement that will trains will keep running. they added no deal has been reached, they expect to negotiate through the wee hours of the morning. nothing has changed. there's no deal, the trains will run for the morning commute and throughout tomorrow. finally tonight, talk about a close encounter. check out the pictures from a helmet cam of a paddle border in southern california. yes, that's a shark, an eight foot long great white shark. the near run in happened earlier
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today off of manhattan beach. >> but you notice he kept his balance and recorded the whole thing beautifully. >> i would have been on my knees shaking. >> thanks for watching us at 11:00. we hope you have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. hey lena, what ya looking for? well, you've found delicious! ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪
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