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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'll tell you what, if you happen to have the chance to manage a three-day weekend, stay home or work from home, take the day off, whatever it may be, we highly recommend you do it because the roads out there will simply be a mess. the traffic as you can see already backing up heading onto the bay bridge. and it's going to get worse. that's all because bart workers are on strike already picketing around the bay area stations. the striking workers leaving trains without a single person to drive them, meaning a lot of people are left without a convenient way to get to work. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on the nose. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. laura garcia-cannon is off today. we have live news and options scrolling on the screen for you all morning. issues remain and the parties are unable to bridge the gap. bart union leaders walked away
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from the negotiating table yesterday and have given no indication when or if they have plans to return. >> and, of course, it is expected to make the bay commute nasty out there. we'll take a live look at 880 in the east bay right now with extended carpool hours. make note here to try to help things easier, make it easier out there to get people to or from wherever they are heading. >> today we have kristy smith live at the lake merit station in oakland where picketers are gathering behind her. chase cain is in walnut creek where commuters are arriving early for one of the very few spots on the shuttle buses to san francisco. but we want to start with our traffic reporter, mike inouye, how is it looking out there? >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. here's a backup in the cash lanes off to the left. that often happens this time of the morning, but we're noticing a heavier volume of traffic. no major slowing through the maze, but i turned the other camera from the bay bridge
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metering or toll plaza lights, all lanes are open and sometimes the unusual flow is because they are not all open. they are all open. we'll track this and expect to see delays on the maps with slowing developing near the berkeley curve. so far you're at the limit. 24 could be a big concern as well. we'll send it back to you. so far early signs with more folks on the road making the commute to san francisco. no surprise. thank you so much. if you cannot drive to work, bart will have limited bus service at nine of its stations this morning. >> limited but at least they have a little bit of help there. the buses will take you directly into the city and then they will also take you home this evening. case cain is working hard for us with passengers already lining up to get on the buses trying to get over to san francisco. how is it looking now? pretty thick, i would imagine. >> reporter: absolutely, john. the line has exploded in the past half hour. they are already bringing in
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eight buses lining up to pick up commuters. you can see this line, at least if we're going back to count from when the buses have picked them, at least 200 people have been lined up here. bart is going to use between 5 to 15 buses at each of the nine stations on the east bay. we showed you the map a moment ago, this walnut creek station seems to be i credibly busy. it was one of the busiest when bart was on strike before. if we zoom up there, there's a worker checking people in and getting people tickets so once they get to san francisco this morning that this afternoon between 3:00 and 7:00 they can get back on the bus and head back to the station. but as we talked to people out here, we can tell you there's a pretty unanimous feeling nobody is very happy about this strike. >> from walnut creek to san francisco, i really depend on bart to get to work. so please get the trains running again. >> it's frustrating. i think the time it took them to even get this far was
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ridiculous. and we are just stuck. >> it just makes -- everybody has responsibilities, and outside of work they have their own lives and to have two-and-a-half hours to get in and two-and-a-half hours to get home, it puts a lot of stress on individuals. >> reporter: a lot of stress, indeed. a couple people out here in line are not too pleased to have to be up and about so early. one lady telling us she woke up an extra hour and a half early to be here in line. i've seen a couple of head nods of people here in line who have been hearing this live report and sort of shaking their head along in unison with what i'm saying. they are frustrating buzz the people are getting on the buses. the first buses have already rolled out now and they will continue to roll out until 8:00. if you're planning on using one of these buses to get into the city, we'll tell you the lines are long and people keep showing up every minute. so you may want to get here extra early.
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case cain for "today in the bay." thank you, chase. now we take you live to the oakland ferry terminal where the first ferry is going to leave for san francisco. look at the line here growing, a few minutes ago there was nothing there. four extra ferries and more departure times have beened aed. the first ferry leaves at 5:30. bob redell is there talking to passengers right now and will have a live report in less than ten minutes. as we briefly mentioned earlier, caltrans has extended the carpool hours. we can tell you lanes will be running nonstop from 5:00 a.m. this morning, so they have already started, to 7:00 p.m. this evening. we can also tell you portions of interstate 80, 880 and 680 and the toll bridges are expected to keep extended hours, but it is not including the golden gate
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bridge. then over on the peninsula, sam transand call train will help people try to get to work. san tran buses will stop in san mateo county to talk riders to san francisco. as for caltrain, they will operate on regular service, but all trains including the baby bullet express will stop at the mill brea. this is expected to hurt the bay area economy. some 400,000 people ride bart each and every day. when they hit the road, that can slow down traffic considerably. the region lost $73 million per day in loss productivity and commerce during the last strike that went on back in july. the impact is expected to be much larger this time around, so brace yourself and plan
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accordingly. the unions are blaming bart management this morning saying they were this close to a deal before things fell apart. >> it got ugly quickly. kristy smith is live at the lake merit bart station where workers are behind you out on the picket line making themselves heard. good morning. good morning to you, john and marla. a lot of finger pointing and shouting going on this morning. both sides said this was something they absolutely did not want, yet here we have this morning on the picket lines. the bart trains are shut down for the second time in months. normally we would see people coming in and out after doing this for 30 minutes, but it is completely quiet except for the federal mediator brought in to rescue the talks couldn't do it. 400,000 riders are stranded trying to find alternatives. chase talking about that this
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morning, both sides seem to agree on the economic issues. the poison bill for how things are falling apart. the union said it could end up striping the employees' rights. and then the negotiations just blew up. >> we reached an economic framework. we moved to their direction on pension. we moved to their direction on health care. we lowered our wage proposal and then all of a sudden these issues that weren't discussed at the table are deal breakers by the district. we see it essentially as an effort to jam the unions and do exactly what they have done and just force us out on strike. >> what happened is the unions decided if they wanted to take the money that was on the table but not the work rules that were on the table. and they forced us to a
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situation where we needed to put an offer on the table that was black and white that included the rights that we had set forward. >> reporter: and some peoplekrdo driving by honking in support of these workers. others saying that, you know what? you make more than i do. and right now these workers being somewhat subdued. the people are still walking out here this morning. it is kind of an unusual sight. this is usually a very busy bart station. it is completely quiet here this morning. before we go, bart has said that their last offer on the table it is good until object 27th. the feeling we are getting from the union this morning is that voting on that probably won't happen. reporting live in oakland, kristy smith, "today in the bay." >> the cold, hard reality is going to be rough. >> mike, low the roads? >> we are looking near the bay
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bridge toll plaza. folks may be alarmed at first. it's a friday morning, 5:10, and we are looking at a backup in the cash lanes on both sides of the bay bridge toll plaza. we often see a heavier volume for 5:00 on a friday because folks try to get in early and out early. we are seeing a heavier flow through this area. meanwhile, we'll look at the maps with no major delays around the plaza. we are looking for 680 with the buses leaving walnut creek. no slowing for 680. we don't see any real problems right now for 24 toward the maze, but now we see the little yellow blips popping in near berkeley with speeds near 60 near the berkeley curve. that indicates a heavier flow this friday. meanwhile, a quick look at the south bay just fine. christina, we are pocking at a friday forecast because the
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weekend is coming. yes, it is. good morning to you. we are going to hold on to the unseasonably warm conditions and then things will stay that way. maybe you're waiting for a carpool or taking a bike to work, it is very cold out there this morning, but it's going to feel summer-like by the end of the day. right now we are at 44 in dublin and fremont. expect these numbers to continuously fall throughout the next couple of hours. after which time, that sun, our big energy source is warming us up nicely. 79 degrees in fremont. 76 in san francisco. coming up, we'll take a look at the weekend forecast and show you what's going on around the bay area. right now, back to you, john and marla. 5:11 right now. coming up on "today in the bay,"
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a new arrest after the death of a local criminal investigators. plus, we'll update you on the condition of sharks' player dan boyle who is responsible for a dangerous hit. and we'll tell you what many think about the bart strike, and it isn't pretty. that's coming up.
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i am very disappointed. >> angry workers are now looking for another way to get to work as bart workers are on strike. here's a live look at the backup building at the bay bridge toll plaza. definitely worse than it typically is, especially on a friday. no such thing as friday light this morning. this is definitely not the way commuters wanted to spend their friday morning. others are out in the cold waiting to ride the ferry across the bay into san francisco. bob redell is live at the oakland ferry terminal.
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bob, what's it looking like out there? >> reporter: well, marla, this is not what you usually see at 5:30 this time of the morning. it is 5:15, but this ferry is ready to go at 5:30. normally the first ferry doesn't leave until 6:00, but the san francisco bay ferry people knew the strike was going to happen and learned of some things from the last strike in july. so they added this extra ferry this morning. and you can see it is not anywhere near packed, but they didn't know what to anticipate. they are expecting there to be a packed boat for the 6:00 a.m. good morning. can i ask you a quick question? how much time did this strike add to your commute this morning? >> this morning, i just had to wake up an extra hour or hour and a half. >> reporter: have you ridden the ferry before? >> i have. i just rode it the other day
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when the bart was down due to technical difficulties. >> reporter: what would be your message to bart or management? getting up an extra hour early is not something you are looking forward to, i'm sure. >> i wish they would figure it out so we could sleep. >> clearly we have having technical difficulties with bob redell. we'll check in later to see how the bart and ferry ride is progressing. but right now people are up early this morning and are expressing their feelings off sounding off on social media. scott mcgrew is joining us now, no real shocker here, a lot of negative feelings on twitter and facebook. >> yeah, and text messages and tumbler blogs. there's a piece in the ss gate that's the second most read article. it is entitled, i will never forget bart. he writes, in my dream, all of the bart union workers got fired by management. every single bart manager was
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fired by the bart board of directors, and the bart board of directors were fired as well. looking at facebook, a lot of comments. twitter, too. katia writes, it's as ridiculous as our government was acting. be glad you have a job. manny wonders how many people would like their jobs. jeff points out it is not a job many would take, pointing out in some cases these jobs include cleaning the public toilets, working at great risk, on the high voltage systems that make it all work. no matter which side you are on, marla and john, it is clear that people are very angry and there are going to be no winners in this whatsoever. >> well, let's hope it ends soon. thank you so much, scott. breaking news out of east palo alto where crews just put out a three-alarm house fire. the house is on lotus way near 101 and broke out at 2:00 this morning. there were five people inside
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the home, but the good news is everyone did make it out okay. the fire did extend to the home next door and caused some damage next door. two firefighters are being treated for minor back and shoulder injuries. the cause of this fire is under investigation. and another fire that we need to tell you about this morning, dozens of people left homeless by the massive fire yesterday in redwood city. they are expected to learn when they can get their belongings or what is left of their belongings. the fire broke out early yesterday morning at this apartment complex on woodside road near kent field avenue. some of the people living inside that building had to get very creative to get out of the mess climbing over their balconies and traversing down to escape the flames. a total of four people were hurt, but the good news is all are expected to be okay. the fire marshall says that the fire started in an apartment on the fourth floor and then quickly spread because that building, get this, does not have any sprinklers. the cause of this fire does
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remain under investigation. and yesterday at this time we were talking about the calm winds out there. meteorologist christina loren, similar today? >> similar, another cold, cold morning with temperatures -- >> get used to it. >> i know, right? but they rebound so nicely in the afternoon. what will happen is we meet back here on monday to tuesday with the return of low clouds. so temperatures won't be as frigid to start, but the afternoon highs won't be as warm either. right now mostly in the 40s and 50s. it will be a cold morning. i want to make sure you're ready for that waiting in san francisco. by 9:00 a.m., 59 degrees. temperatures will be chilly to start the day. then by 6:00 p.m., 68 degrees as you make your way home. so temperatures are going to be very different, jumping by 40 degrees between now and this afternoon. that's a good idea to dress in layers for today. temperatures will be warm this afternoon. in the east bay, in particular, nice and the coast. you want to hit the beach, you get two more great beach days before temperatures really drop off. but you made it to friday. we have a gorgeous weekend shaping up. 79 degrees on saturday.
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75 on sunday in campbell for oktoberfest. a lot of people wait all year for that event. also, the half-moon bay pumpkin festival looking really good. as we get into your saturday, temperatures will be nice and comfortable at 3:00 p.m. 71 degrees at half man bay. that's a very warm day for half-moon bay. if you want the sunshine, saturday is your day to get out there to half-moon bay. a couple more things happening in the north bay to tell you about, that's all coming up. i'll have the forecast for that. stick around. now back to you. >> i'll take it here in the traffic center. we are looking at the east shore freeway and the berkeley curve all moving smoothly out of the maze, but look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the backup is continuing to build for the cash lanes on either side of the fast track lanes. no metering lights. these are folks waiting to get onto the span. once you are there, the incline moves relatively smoothly. we have a disabled vehicle at 20
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near treasure island. there's a little yellow stretch there with the rest of the bay looking good. typical slowing for 580 through livermore. we'll zoom in as we watch this build. no problems with a build for the east shore freeway with the arrow pointing to 24 out of lafayette and the walnut creek area. there's the east shore freeway where we are watching for the early build, but so far it's looking all right. more heading to the richmond/san rafael bridge. all the way to oakland we have the hov lanes extended. but through oakland, 880 has the normal hov lane hours. that's different than the rest of the 880. right now the traffic flow is moving nicely there. walnut creek where the buttons are starting to leave, we'll track this and send it back to you. >> it is nice to still see so much green. oakland police say they have solved a high-profile murder case. a former boyfriend now stands accused of murdering local criminal investigator sandra coke. police making it official
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yesterday upping the charges against this man, his name is rapdy elana. he's been in jail for a parole violation since august. elana is accused of killing coke 30 years ago. she disappeared in early august. her body was found in a park several days later. we'll update you on the condition of sharks defenseman dan boyle. the player who slammed dan boyle into the boards will be attended an in-person hearing later this morning. max lapier has not played since tuesday's game when he was ejected for the brutal hit on boyle. he's been summoned to an in-person hearing meaning he could be suspended for five games or more. he'll be appearing in front of the league's disciplinary panel for this tough hit. look at that right into the boards. boyle was laying still-less.
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he is undergoing further evaluation. he looks to be doing okay, but there's no word on when he'll be act on the ice and playing for the team. as for the sharks, their winning streak is now over. they lose a shoot-out to the dallas stars last night. the final score, 4-3. >> we definitely hope boyle is back to 100%. >> very quickly. 5:23, following suit, the latest department store to say it will open thanksgiving day.
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we'll look live at the east bay as we look at the bart tracks in walnut creek where, of course, there will not be any bart trains running because bart workers have walked off the job. they are picketing right now in oakland. that's where kristy smith will be later many the show to give
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you an update from their perspective. 5:25. bart is on strike today. jcpenney is joining other big name stores in opening on thanksgiving. the company says it will open all of its 1100 stores at 8:00 thanksgiving night. jcpenney is also bringing back an old tradition. it says it will hand out millions of snow globes the following day on the so-called black friday. >> awesome. >> earlier this week macy's announced they will open on thanksgiving day. san jose's fairmont hotel will be shining in pink. the iconic hotel doing its part to raise awareness about breast cancer this month. the hotel's enter, lobby and lounge will be glowing in pink. and tonight guest rooms in the main tower of the luxury hotel will be lit up, so the design of the pink ribbon symbol can be seen on the outside of the building. that's a great reminder for women to get out to get the
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mammograms. it is 5:26. we have been talking about it all morning long, bart workers are on strike. we'll be back right after this break with comprehensive live team coverage.
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we begin with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at this. it is 5:29. we have been told the metering lights were just turned on. that's very early. usually they are not turned on until 6:10 or 6:15 in the morning. the bart strike has made a mess of the morning commute because more drivers are on the roads. now they are also at bay area ferry terminals. the san francisco bay ferry service is running extra to get commuters into san francisco. good morning, thank you for waking up with us. i'm marla tellez. laura garcia-cannon is off today. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we want to give you a live update on commute alternatives
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scrolling at the bottom of the screen to help you figure out where you need to go. bart workers went on strike at midnight. negotiations ended up breaking off well before then. not a lot of good vibrations with negative talk on this. the unions are walking out of the talks yesterday morning ending a marathon session to last about 30 hours. but very little to show for it. shortly after that, the federal negotiator personally picked by president obama said he is heading back to washington. he's throwing up his hands and says there's nothing he can do right now. well, we don't get to know about the talks or when they will resume. and that's leaving hundreds of thousands of commuters right now in the dark. and very much out in the cold having to find alternative ways to get to work. "today in the bay's" bob rendell is live where the first ferry is just leaving. bob?
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>> reporter: good morning to you, marla. it will be leaving at 5:30. this is earlier that normal. hey, okay, how much earlier did you have to get up? >> a lot. >> reporter: not a happy passenger. how early for you? >> too early. >> reporter: how much earlier for you this morning? >> oh, a couple hours. >> and your message to bart is -- >> why? >> reporter: the 5:30 ferry, which is unusual, never happens except this is an unusual time. they set this 5:30 ferry up that normally doesn't leave until 6:00. they have added the extra service here leaving oakland heading to the ferry terminal in san francisco. so they have actually added four boats this morning instead of having eight they now have 12. they have also added extra service. they have the 5:30 leaving instead of 6:00. how much earlier did you have to get up this morning? he doesn't want to say. how much earlier did you have to get up this morning?
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>> oh, about an hour earlier. >> reporter: your message to bart unions? >> get it together. >> settle this so we can all get back to work and be at peace. >> reporter: enjoy the boat ride into the city. because of the added service this morning, instead of being able to handle 6,000 passengers, which would be a typical weekday load, they will handle somewhere in the neighborhood of 19,000 to 20,000 passengers. i bring that up because talking to the ferry people to see how they handle this after the last july strike, it does seem like they are able and ready to handle the extra load of people that they are expecting this morning as a result of the strike. one more last question, how much earlier did you guys get up this morning? >> like a half hour ago. >> reporter: okay. how much earlier did cow hayou o get up this morning? >> not at all. >> reporter: okay. she's a normal early person. you can see it is not packed,
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but the 6:00 a.m. ferry could be a different story. so if you are thinking about taking the ferry into s.f., you may want to be prudent to get out here earlier than you normally would. 5:30 is not packed but it's getting ready to leave. the 6:00 a.m. could be a little more crowded. that was definitely our experience in july when bart went on strike then. reporting live in oakland at the s.f. ferry, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> way to get the spontaneous responses there. >> i think bob rendell may have set a record for interviews during a live shot. mike, what do the roadways look like? well, those people are moving a lot quicker than those here near the toll plaza. the metering lights are on. and typically they do not turn on until 6:20. on a friday, sometimes they don't turn on at all. look at the big backup near the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking at the backup and you see in the silhouette at the
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wa walker. this is coming off the berkeley curve. it is making its way there quickly off the eastshore parkway. we are seeing the slowing to the tunnel near 580 and 24. watch for that additional volume of traffic. the rest of the bay area is looking light and a typical friday for the rest of the bay. we are watching this big backup. back to you. all right, mike. here's a live look at the walnut eek bart station. this is where the buses are lining up to take people into san francisco. they started leaving at 5:00 this morning. there were hundreds of people already lined up. they already got on the buses. and now they are on their way to san francisco. so now this is coming in waves. you can see the line building there off in the distance. so now is the time if you want to head to the walnut creek bart station to get on the bus. there is not a line. buses are waiting there to take you into san francisco. this is one of nine stations
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across the bay area offering free round-trip bus service into the city. "today in the bay's" chase cain is talking with frustrating passengers who are stuck waiting in the cold this morning. he'll have a live report for us coming up in about ten minutes. and far lot of people in the bay area who don't have the option of working from home or taking the day off, carpooling may be your best bet to get around. the hours for the hov lanes have been extended trying to help out with this mess on several bay area freeways. that will be running from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., running nonstop. that means those carpool lane times will not expire at 9:00 a.m. per usual. they are in effect again for the entire day. it also includes portions of i-80, 880, 680 and all toll bridges with the exception of the golden gate bridge. and on the peninsula, caltrain will be doing what they can to get people to work.
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samtransbuss are stopping at all bart stations to take riders into san francisco. and instead of driving those trains and manning the ticket booths, bart workers are out picketing this morning. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live where the picketers were out early where you are, christie. a lot of frustrated workers wanting to get back to work. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. i have to tell you, john, i have seen a lot of people drive by honking their horns in support of the striking bart workers, but i just walked back to our truck a couple minutes ago and one side said, they are on strike? why? they make a whole lot more than i do. people have divided feelings about this. and even bart and the management said, you know what? this is not something we wanted. the union said it, but here we are. they are on strike this morning. i got here at 2:15 and they were already out here walking the picket line at the lake merit station. even a federal mediator couldn't save the talks that broke down
5:37 am
late yesterday afternoon after the threat of a strike came and went five times for weary bay area commuters. seiu is on strike this morning. it seemed they were close to economic issues but they said bart pushed back with a change to work rules to limit overtime and other things, like calling in sick, working four days and getting overtime on the fifth, bart wanted to change that. and other changes like changes to lek tropic pay stubs were made, but the union says it is about stripping workers rights. >> one thing they put on the table is they want people to work ten-hour shifts at any time, which affects normal people's lives. not that people can't work that shift, but this offers a framework and how is that done? do you sign up for it? is it seniority? so the thing that's amazing is
5:38 am
they put issues on the table, but for six months we weren't told these were primary issues. >> the unions decided to take the money on the table but not the work rules on the table, and they forced us to a situation where we needed to put an offer on the table that was black and white that included the rights we have set forward. >> reporter: and we're back here live. normally the lake merit bart station would be pretty busy by now. we have seen people coming and going, but the doors are locked. no one inside. the escalators aren't moving and the elevators aren't moving. no one here. we have not seen any commuters even come by to try, so they got word that the bart trains aren't rolling this morning. i want to mention that bart does have an offer on the table. and they wanted their union to take it to the members to have them vote on it. they have until october 27th to go ahead and do that, but from what we heard this morning from the executive director of seiu, it doesn't sound likely they are willing to do that.
5:39 am
reporting live in oakland, kristy smith, "today in the bay." >> based on what union leaders are saying, it doesn't sound like it's headed in the right direction at all. we'll take a look at the roads. mike has shots from the chopper. >> a lot of red taillights. >> things changed very quickly and dramatically at the bay bridge toll plaza. marla, you said that looks like a small city and it does. it's a growing city. this is the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. at times chopper will pan back and you'll see it slammed from 520 and 24 coming slow out of the tunnel toward 580 to the maze. this is a big deal coming over from points east. we'll show you the maps because that's a dramatic shot there. the air is pointing to the area coming through oakland. that's where the flowing is starting and the real big backup is near 580 westbound near north 880. we will see this overcrossing backing up to the curve. and also the east shore freeway
5:40 am
is slowing down right at the berkeley curve coming through emeryville to hit the brakes as well. this is changing very quickly and the sensors will change over the next few minutes. the rest of the bay is looking good. the south bay peninsula, no problems on a typical friday. 880 through hayward is looking all right just now. a look at the hov lane hours, so 5:00 to 7:00, the hov is observed. no solo drivers for most of the stretches. here at 580 out of livermore, a pretty standard pace heading through dublin and pleasanton. this is a closed bart line, so we'll track this as well through the area. then over to the area here near 880 northbound, we'll have a heavier commute with the hov lanes extending their hours today. christina, it is friday, so what's the forecast looking like? it's looking good, but for those waiting for buses or carpool or taking a bike to work, it is cold out there. it will be very summer-like to finish off the day.
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dress in layers. 50 in san francisco, 57 in richmond. by lunchtime today, temperatures inland will climb into the mid-70s. we'll end out the day at 84 degrees. i want to show you that seven-day outlook with pretty significant temperature changes as we go throughout the weekend. i'll take you through that forecast coming up right now. back to you, john and marla, with the breaking news. we have breaking news out of east palo alto with crews just putting to it a three-alarm house fire on lotus way near highway 101. that fire broke out after 2:00 this morning. there were at the time four people inside that house, but we're happy to report everybody made it out okay. the fire also did extend to the home next door. also causing damage there. [ inaudible ] >> two firefighters suffered minor back and shoulder injuries
5:42 am
during that firefight. and that caused or the cause of the fire remains under investigation. 5:42. we continue our breaking news coverage of this bart strike. >> that's right. people lining up very early this morning, much earlier than normal to try to get to work today. we'll be checking in with chase cain to see exactly how bart bus bridge is going for the riders in the east bay.
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welcome back, everybody. 5:44. a pretty look from the bridge here, but on the roadways it's a much different story. check out the toll plaza. the backup extends all the way into berkeley. all the toll lanes are clogged
5:45 am
up as all the bart riders look for a new way to get into san francisco. now right here we do have some video to show you of the first ferry leaving the terminal in oakland just about five minutes ago. it was pretty backed with riders who got up extra early to get into the city. now bart stations are empty this morning because of the strike. early this morning bart workers walking off the job there on the picket lines. they say negotiations fell apart and they had no other choice but to strike. bart is providing little relief with limited bus service at nine of the stations this morning. we have a map of pickup locations on the screen right now. the buses will take you directly into the city. then when you are done, they will take you back home later tonight. chase cain is live in walnut creek where we are hearing you just saw a bart train go by with the bart strike going on. what's happening out there? >> reporter: i sure did. we are standing right underneath
5:46 am
the tracks. the train just zipped by a few minutes ago. it went to talk to one of the bart workers manning the buses behind me, and he said the train that just went by on the tracks is likely in training. we have heard a lot of talk about bart possibly training managers to operate the limited train service. we just saw a train roll down the tracks and the bart worker says he believes that's, in fact, training going on here on this line through the walnut creek station. as for the buses that are going on here behind me, you can see there are a couple buses there sort of pulling out. that white and green bus just stopped. that's the fifth bus that has left. that's the next bus to load up. then after that there will only be four more bhuses to leave frm here. they said the bus service will run until 8:00, but the bus service will stop when they have no more buses here. the lines were much longer a few minutes ago and asked people in line one question, do they think bart should be allowed to strike? >> i do not.
5:47 am
this wouldn't happen on the east coast, i think we are the only ones in california that allow this, so hopefully that will change. >> bart is such a critical infrastructure. it's just too debilitating. and it just shouldn't be happening. >> you know, i really feel that bart shouldn't be allowed to go on strike with the police officers and firefighters. because so many people in the bay area depend on bart. like commuters like myself, it really puts us in a bind. >> reporter: that was a unanimous verdict. every person we talked to out here waiting in line for the buses said they did not think bart should be allowed to strike. now, the buses are still rolling here for a bit longer. former buses and also taxis are parked here. the taxi drivers are lining up to take advantage of anyone who can't make it onto the buses or simply doesn't want to wait for a bus. that service will run until 8:00 a.m., but just four more buses and then this afternoon the return service is from 3:00 to
5:48 am
7:00 back here to these nine east bay stations. that's the latest live at the walnut creek station, cahase cane, "today in the bay." the man of the day, mike inouye, off lyou have a lot on your plate today. >> folks, we are trying to help you get a head start, but you didn't beat this. the metering lights there for the bay bridge getting onto the incline, once you pass the lights and you funnel into a few less lanes to get onto the span here. it is moving relatively smoothly, but this extends from the berkeley curve all the way back. the chopper shows you the bridge itself, but this is the backup out of the maze. this is showing the slower flow for 580 westbound and 24 slow to the scene. here's 580 to oakland. we are seeing yellow and orange coming through berkeley dropping
5:49 am
speed over the last ten minutes. the big backup is at the maze. use the san rafael bridge if you can, because the golden gate bridge into the city is moving fine. a typical slowdown westbound out of livermore and also 84. the tri-valley is looking pretty standard for a friday. a quick look at the peninsula, we'll see how things are shaping up. you can see the northbound 101 in palo alto, a nice, easy drive here. no problems for 101 or 280 between here and the city, but we're looking at the weekend and people standing outside at the bus stations. what does the forecast look like today? it's chilly out there, mike. happy to get reports from you. we'll have updates from him every ten minutes to make sure you can get to work in a timely fashion this morning, albeit hard for some people. as we head throughout the morning hours, it will be cold out there. if you are taking the ferry, you have to factor in the windchill
5:50 am
factor. and that means temperatures are going to be 57 degrees, but it will feel like the low 50s as you cross the water. by 3:00 p.m., 71 degrees out there in san francisco. so basically my message for the day is dress in layers because we'll see very summer-like finish across the bay area. two more days of unseasonably warm conditions and then temperatures tumble sunday into monday. 80 in santa teresa. 78 for fremont and 78 in oakland for today holding on to the mid-70s in san francisco and santa cruz for one more day. by tomorrow, we'll be back down to the low 70s. then the 60s return getting into sunday and monday. but there's a lot happening across the bay area. it doesn't matter where you live. it doesn't take long to get to petaluma with the tolay fall festival. a good time for kids getting in for $1 under 12. throughout the next couple days, temperatures will stay warm. we also have oktoberfest in campbell. make sure you wear your sunscreen and the half-moon pumpkin festival, we'll take a
5:51 am
close look at what to expect heading throughout saturday and sunday. we'll see significant differences between temperatures and your overall conditions for the weekend. 5:51, back to you, john and marla. 5:51 right now. we have new details about a gruesome crash that pinned down 6-year-old twin boys leaving one in critical condition. police say a 90-year-old man hit the gas instead of the brakes striking the young twin boys. this happened in menlo park yesterday afternoon on a busy santa cruz avenue in downtown menlo park. one of the boys was taken to stanford hospital in critical condition and this morning he is still fighting for his life. doctors there performing surgery for several hours. his twin brother only suffering minor injuries. horrified bystanders who saw the crash did what they could to help. >> everybody kind of jumped in, we all started pushing the car, and i'm just trying to get a
5:52 am
little bit of a window, a little bit of space to get his arms out from the the wall and the car. >> it hurts to see that. you're walking down the street with a child, i have a daughter that's 2 years old, and i would hate to be walking down the street and have this happen to my child. >> menlo police say the 90-year-old driver was trying to back out of a parking spot, but instead of reversing he had the gear in drive. he was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and he has not been charged at this time. 5:52, coming up, a little bit of a surprise with this. we'll tell you which singer makes more money per concert here in america than any other singer. that's coming up next.
5:53 am
♪ for a store near you go to
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5:55 am
you know who that is, right? that's kenny chesney. which artist grosses more in average concert sales in the u.s.? >> is it him? >> it is country star kenny chesney. he brings in more than $2.8 million per concert with an average ticket price of a little more than $78. and according to top 20 touri s tourists, close behind is taylor swift. and beyonce only grosses a little more than $1.7 million per concert. only. only. >> what also helps is if you sign the $50 million advertising deal with pepsi. i think she'll be okay come christmas time. scott mcgrew is joining us on this unusual bart strike with federal workers back to business. >> good morning to you. wall street motors right along there, john. investors pleased by the latest news out of google and ge showing profits. google says the amount of money
5:56 am
it makes is less, but profits were above expectations. so google shares this morning trading at an all-time high. verizon reported profits, too, but more interesting was the statement that the iphone 5c, the less expensive brightly colored iphone, was not selling as well as expected. earlier this year the wall street journal said apple had cut down on production of the 5c. well, here's a history for you, if i take one of those remote control drones and i fly it around the neighborhood park, maybe i'll put a camera on it. well, that would be perfectly fine. the government doesn't have any issue with that, but john and marla, if i did the same thing and flew that same drone over something interesting, like that big fire in redwood city yesterday, and we showed you video of it, that's against the law. because the faa says you can't use drones for commercial purposes. we have a helicopter that does the same thing, right? but that's legal because we have people inside of it. on "press here" we'll look at
5:57 am
laws and whether america is moving too slowly on this and if other countries are getting ahead of us in drone technology. that's the big next thing, but we could be falling behind. >> at least the government is not shut down. we'll take that. 5:57, bart workers are on strike. we'll be back right after the break with comprehensive live team coverage.
5:58 am
5:59 am
bart, bart, you're no good! >> bart on strike for the second time in just four months. right now bart workers are picketing as thousands of commuters try to find another way into san francisco. good morning, it's just about 6:00 on this friday.
6:00 am
thank you for waking up with us. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm watching the bottom of the screen here as we keep you updated on what's going on today. others are braving the early morning chill leaving oakland's jack london square across the bay and into the city. in fact, one of those ferries is scheduled to take off right now as we give you this live look at the ferry terminal in oakland this morning. and a lot of others bracing for that very slow commute as they hop into their cars and they deal with all the gridlock out in the bay area freeway. this morning we do have your commute completely covered. we'll check in with mike inouye in a moment and with chase cain to tell you how to get around. >> but first we'll go to christie smith where


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